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    Paris was horrific, but why does that event spur Republicans to suddenly become concerned about the potential for domestic carnage when that carnage has already been happening across the U.S. for years and years with nary a peep from them?

    Most likely because it is more sensational followed by the appearance that it was committed on the orders of an organization several thousand miles away and plans on carrying out more such operations and has made open threats threats to the entire society they attacked where as the violence in the USA is generally viewed as targeting a specific segment, in general young black males, of the population and is more interpersonal in nature. So if you are not part of that demographic and you don't associate with that demographic then the threat level is perceived to be much less.

    The truth of the matter is that the response is disproportionate to the threat or risk, this is true for most things considered issues in society. The reaction to 9/11, at least state side was over done and now it is occurring in France. Look at Ebola and the hysteria that resulted and yet 30,000 people die every year from the Flu in the USA and there is really no hysteria over the Flu.

    Look at gun deaths in the USA and then compare it to Alcohol deaths in the USA and then put it into the context of 315+ million people and you start to realize that people are just overreacting to threats or perceived threats.

    How many weapons in the hands of gangbangers would have been more difficult to obtain if they were registered in a national database? More than one, I can assure you.

    More likely zero.

    Can you honestly claim cars are more difficult for criminals to own and drive because they are registered?

    Can you claim that cars are more difficult to obtain for people who don't have licenses or without insurance because the car is simply registered?

    Can you claim that cars are more difficult to obtain for illegal immigrants/undocumented workers because the car is simply registered?

    Can you claim sex offenders have a harder time finding victims because the victims have a registered residency address with the government?

    There is basically no evidence that registering cars causes people to drive safer or that it reduces crimes committed with or involving cars.

    There is basically no evidence that the sex offender registry works at reducing sexual assaults.

    So why would a gun registry be any different?

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    Kind of like how the Viet Cong did in Vietnam, and how the Taliban did in Afghanistan?

    Anyone who has studied military history would know that guerilla forces can only survive the long term by one of two ways, first they have such a large majority of the population on their side that the numbers simply overwhelm the state or two they have the support of an outside state. For example the Vietcong had the support of the North Vietnamese but more importantly for the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong they had the support of the Chinese who had sent over 150,000 soldiers into North Vietnam for the purpose of maintaining and rebuilding infrastructure that was destroyed by USA airstrikes; meaning they were able to rebuild what was destroyed as fast as the USA was able to destroy it, another key component was the amount of arms and ammunition the Chinese were sending to the North Vietnames and the Vietcong. Finally the Vietcong were pretty much destroyed as a strategic threat during and after the Tet offensive.

    The Taliban have only been able to survive because of Pakistan, everyone knows this. Without the Pakistani government, especially ISI, the Taliban would not be where they are today.

    The American soldiers of the US war for independence were only really able to survive the British because of the military and logistical support provided by Spain, Netherlands, and France.

    The idea that ISIS can be bombed out of existence is ridiculous. Kill them all off with bombs and you just make new enemies out of the relatives of the innocents who get killed when bombing ISIS. They then pick up the mantle of terrorism, and pick up where ISIS left off, continuing the cycle. Blood begets blood, violence begets violence, hatred begets a hatred.

    Just like how if you support the strong authorial governments of those countries will just create enemies out of the citizens who resent the government and will take up arms and the mantle of terrorism and pick-up where ISIS left off right?

    We bombed out the existence the NAZI's, we bombed out the fascists in Italy. We bombed out the ideology that created the Japanese society that let to the second world war in the pacific.

    To some degree you're right, but it also takes away their reason for wanting to do it. And left to themselves, they'll keep themselves busy. Why paint a bigger target on our backs?

    Where do you draw the line? Lets say we leave them alone and they still kill you because you mock their religion/ideas or you dare speak out against their human rights abuses, what then?

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    They are saying it themselves. And those who are afraid and want safety, preach for more interference in the Middle East Get out of the Middle East. Let the Middle Eastern countries sort out ISIS. It's only our problem because we've made it our problem. Let's stop the stupidity.

    All you are doing is delaying the inevitable. For example last year a study by a Jordan university found only 44% of Jordanians consider Al Qaeda a terrorist organization, 31% consider its Syria affiliate Al Nursa a terrorist organization. 62% consider ISIS a terrorist organization.

    A lot of people in the middle east don't disagree with ISIS which means they are not going to do anything. Al Jazeera Arabic had a poll of and found that 81% of them support ISIS.

    ISIS believes in world domination, if they successfully conquer the middle east they are not going to just stop in the middle east. Do you really think that if the west or the far east was to do a complete pull out of the middle east that ISIS would leave the rest of the world alone?

    So, you're proposing genocide?

    If it comes to that yes. ISIS is a genocidal force of that nature, if the population of the middle east has as strong of support as we are seeing for ISIS and ISIS does take control of the middle east you can bet all your money that genocide may become a requirement in order for the world to survive.

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    Sure death is death, but apparently you missed the fact that none of the victims of this knife attack died.

    But to be fair there are plenty of mass knife homicides that occur all around the world each year, like in Australia where 8 people where murdered with a knife at the end of 2014. You had the five people who were stabbed to death this year in Hyogo Japan.

    So it is really more luck than anything that it was only the attacker that was dead.

    Posted in: 4 stabbed, attacker killed at California university

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    Notice it was by the police. I guess the ordinary gun-lovers did nothing to protect these people.

    Yeah so? Still a firearm that was used to stop someone from hurting/killing more people.

    Why are you expecting an ordinary gun lover to protect these people when the gun laws in California prevent gun owners from carrying firearms on school campuses or even being within 1,000 feet of the school without the schools administration permission?

    And as we saw last month in Oregon nobody legally had a gun at campus other than the shooter

    My understanding was there was one person who was legally carrying a firearm on that school's campus that day but choose not to seek out the shooter because by the time he was aware of what was going on a SWAT team was already on the scene.

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    Good thing he didn't have a gun. Otherwise, it would have been 5 dead -- at least 5.

    Well no....most people who are shot by firearms survive their injuries. You have the mother's day parade shooting in New Orleans where over 10 people were shot and no one died and then you had the Chicago basketball court shooting in September of 2013 in which over 10 people were shot and no one died. Odds are you will survive being shot.

    The victims survived.

    Only because of the law enforcement officer being their to physically stop the attack.

    example where an attacker doesn't have a gun and therefore couldn't commit murder.

    No the attacker could have committed murder just that the attacker was physically stopped before he could and immediate medical attention was provided to those who had been stabbed preventing them from succumbing to their injuries.

    the difference is that this young man would have easily ended those same lives, had he had a gun.

    So in other words a stop-gap for the problem that is not going to go away regardless of gun laws.

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    and those maniacs who run that terrorist organization are not only criminal but hypocritical.

    Don't have a lot of love myself for wayne la pierre myself but come on they don't physically put the guns themselves into people's hands nor do they as an organization carry out violent crimes. You can argue that the result of the policies they are for result in people being hurt or killed but that is true with all policies. Should every group be declared a terrorist/criminal organization because people get hurt or killed because of it?

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    Anyone want to guess why?

    Probably because he is a celebrity in Japan and not in America meaning his economic future is much stronger in Japan than in the USA? Look at his entire career so far in Japan, why would anyone want to give up that type of career they have in Japan to move back to the USA or any country for that matter where they would not have such a career?

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    Connery, Dalton, and Craig are my favorites. Brosnan would have been one of my favorites if it hadn't been for how weak the movies are, Goldeneye is really the only one worth watching and the orgasmic Russian assassin chick almost ruined that movie for me.

    As for Lazenby......I just don't like his voice or how he looks.

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    Consider yourself fortunate in having a partner who considers you attractive enough to worry that other women might take an interest in you.

    Only a woman would consider it a good thing or an honor for a guy to have such an insecure partner.

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    Second, it is a wonderful thing that Sweden is a civilized country, where this guy could not gain access to a gun that would have enabled him to kill, oh, 15 or 20, or even more.

    If I'm not mistaken but technically Sweden still allows it citizens buy brand new Fully Automatics and Gatling guns.

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    People who are frustrated that food costs more in Japan than other countries should go to other countries and get cheaper food.

    Are you suggesting that they leave the country personally to do that or are you suggesting that they place an order, either through online or over the phone, in a different country and import it? If you are suggesting the latter well that only becomes practical/economical with the TPP otherwise you pay the massive tariff that basically makes it cost just as much if not more than the locally produced food.

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    Who says it's common sense - if it was that common, they would have known not to do it.

    It is long known and long taught that fires produce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide when carbon is being burned in an oxygen environment. The only time you could possibly burn carbon and not have carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide is when you have a complete combustion of carbon, it is not a guarantee but a strong indicator of complete carbon combustion when you have a solid blue flame.

    Posted in: 7-year-old girl dies of carbon monoxide poisoning in tent

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    Private correspondence is the same as buying a lethal weapon? No. Your logic is lacking.

    Yes considering all private business transactions are a form of private correspondence. If you don't consider purchasing of products or services a form of private correspondence then you would have no problem making all your transactions public, including what you bought, how much you bought, the price you paid, from whom you bought it from etc....

    Posted in: San Francisco's last gun store closing doors for good

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    You say that, but you are still making the logically fallacious arguments, so either you are doing it in a deceitful manner, or you lack the capacity to understand the logic behind it.

    You say that but you have yet to prove they are logically fallacious arguments.

    Go back and find my quote to 'what a ridiculous attempt at logic'.

    I already have and you haven't proven that they are fallacious arguments. Superlib and Smith tried to shame gun owners by pointing out that they are OK with sacrificing other peoples lives to enjoy a hobby or a toy as they put it. I merely pointed out their hypocrisy and seeing as they are OK with sacrificing peoples live in order to enjoy an alcoholic beverage why should gun owners be ashamed to say they sacrifice other peoples lives in order to enjoy firearms, especially when it kills nearly two and half times less people than recreational consumption of Alcohol? As I have stated before if the only acceptable cost to enjoy the pleasures of life is zero then we are all going to live very boring lives. It is not a fallacious argument to point their hypocrisy.

    The second point you claimed was a ridiculous attempt at logic is not a fallacious argument. Pointing out that claiming what a product or service is designed to do or is intended for becomes a much weaker argument when you know that over 99.99%(literally) of those purchasing the product or services are not using them for what it was designed or intended for. To further prove that point I gave you a scenario in which you have a product/service that is not designed for or intended for homicide or assaults or other malicious activities but over 99.99% of those purchasing the product/service are doing so with the goal of malicious activities and the Japanese government wanted to the ban product or service because of it.

    Would you say the argument that it isn't designed to kill or injure people is stronger than the argument that the product/service, although not intended to hurt people, is overwhelmingly being purchased for the intention of malicious hurting/killing people and therefore should be banned?

    That's not what I claimed. I claimed there are so many holes it would make swiss cheese jealous. If it were so easy to point them out, you would already see the holes in the logic.

    Oh yes it is, if it had as many holes as you claim then it would take you no time to find them and it would take you less time to explain them. The fact that you are claiming it has that many holes would suggest you have already found them which means all I'm asking you to do is point them out, it would take you two or three sentences.

    They've already been pointed out multiple times. Why waste time explaining something that someone doesn't have the capacity to understand? I learned Quantum Mechanics in university - I wouldn't waste time trying to explain them to 98% of the population, because they wouldn't get it, and I'd just be wasting both of our time.

    No it hasn't, again you are spending more time and effort not trying to explain something. It would take you less time to just explain how they are fallacious arguments.

    Everything that has been said by gun nutters has been shot down multiple times by myself and many other people. If you don't get it, then you either don't want to, can't, or do get it but pretend you don't in order to push an illogical agenda.

    What is it that I have said that has been shot down?

    Are you done comparing apples with oranges?

    @therougou - How it is an apples to oranges comparison to point out that the odds/risk of dying from driving to the movie theater is greater than dying from a gun shot at a movie theater? Superlib's claim is that the odds of his kids dying at the movie theater is to high to risk the lives of his kids over. If that is true than that means anything and everything that poses just as high of a risk or even higher risk to his kids lives while going to see the movie would just be as unacceptable to him if not more unacceptable him. So in order for him to have any credibility he would have to find the car ride to the movie theater to be more unacceptable to him than the danger posed by firearms. Surprise surprise he doesn't. I have called him out several times on why anyone should lose sleep on lets a 1 in 10 million or 1 in 200 million odds.

    Posted in: Gunman in Oregon massacre committed suicide

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    I'm more than happy to explain it to those with the mental capacity to understand.

    Well its a good thing that I do have the mental capacity to understand.

    But even after every logical fallacy has been shot down multiple times in multiple debates in multiple places, if someone still continues to spout fallacious arguments, they have shown that they don't have the intellectual capacity to understand a logical argument.

    You honestly think your absolute positions that you take are not fallacious arguments?

    Name/list the fallacious arguments I have made.

    You know for someone who claimed it would be so easy to point out the holes that it would make swiss cheese jealous you would think it would take less effort/time to just point them out than it would be for you to make such passive aggressive insults towards me.

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    Makes one wonder what the law-abiding, respectable gun-owners simply availing themselves of their 2nd Amendment Rights have to hide?

    You always have to love this type of argument and that is if you are not guilty of anything then you will willingly give up your right to privacy when the government demands it.

    In the words of Glenn Greenwald:

    “We all need places where we can go to explore without the judgmental eyes of other people being cast upon us. Only in a realm where we’re not being watched can we really test the limits of who we want to be. It’s really in the private realm where dissent, creativity and personal exploration lie.”

    People who downplay the importance of privacy typically say "I have nothing to hide" but will then not publish their social media and email passwords.

    Another quote from Gleen Greenwald:

    “When we think we’re being watched, we make behavior choices that we believe other people want us to make," he said. "It’s a natural human desire to avoid societal condemnation. That’s why every state loves surveillance -- it breeds a conformist population.”

    Cleo you remind me of Senator Diane Feinstein when she said that collecting call records doesn't count as surveillance if the actual conversations aren't recorded. The best part was when after saying that people started to demand that she published a list of the people whom she spoke to everyday and her response was that she would never do that.

    That may be true, but who the hell needs an assault rifle?

    @Laguana - Need is not a requirement in order to own or use a product or service for non-malicious reasons, besides life is so much more than just needs. You don't need to go skydiving, you don't need to have casual sex, you don't need to drink Alcohol, you don't need a car that goes faster than 55 mph, you don't need to eat meat, etc. Can you honestly truly say you live your entire life on the most basic of needs and there are zero "luxuries" in your life?

    If any other single object in America resulted in a similar amount of deaths, year in and out, the outrage would be huge, demand for action immediate, and lawsuits would bankrupt any entity involved. But not with assault rifles.

    According to Senator Diane Feinstein assault rifles kill an average of 45 people and wound 55 people each year in the USA or a per capita casualty rate of 0.03 per 100,000 when rounded up. So yeah anything that resulted in the deaths of 45 people out of 300+ million people is not going cause that type of outrage, demand for immediate action, or law suites that would bankrupt any entity involved........

    Posted in: San Francisco's last gun store closing doors for good

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    Because of the intervention in the middle east.

    Great, now do you honestly think that not intervening at this point is going to stop them?

    Posted in: Japanese man shot dead in Bangladesh

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    Waste of time - anyone who hasn't been able to understand the explanations until now, doesn't possess the intellectual capacity to understand any new explanations. Sometimes you just have to accept that some people are not very smart.

    @Strangerland -No it is not a waste of time at all; Explain why what a product is designed for or intended for is more important than the outcomes of its actual use in society?

    If those things are the same, then use any one of them to defend yourself instead of guns.

    @SuperLib - Again what is the danger to movie goers in the USA? The USA sells over 1 billion movie tickets, that means even if you have 5 homicides you are looking at what a 1 in 200 million odds? Why should I or anyone else lose any sleep over a 1 in 200 million odds? Lets add 95 people being wounded by gun fire at movie theaters, now you are looking at odds of 1 in 10 million. Why should I or anyone else lose sleep over a 1 in 10 millions odds?

    The point of listing the above objects is to point out they have access to deadly objects with almost no regulation preventing them from legally owning them and you would be terrified if they were to make an attempt on your life if they used any one of them and you don't lose any sleep over it. Again you are just one slight turn of a wheel in a motor vehicle from some crazy going into oncoming traffic.

    Again the car ride to the movie theater is more likely to kill you or your children than some person with a firearm is at a movie theater and you don't lose any sleep over it. If you don't lose any sleep over the car ride to the movie theater than why should anyone lose any sleep over the possibility of a firearm in a movie theater?

    Posted in: Gunman in Oregon massacre committed suicide

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    Because intervention in the middle east has worked so well so often, right.

    Considering ISIS is spreading beyond the middle east............

    Posted in: Japanese man shot dead in Bangladesh


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