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    This brazen display of flesh is absolutely disgusting. Bits and pieces hanging out for children to see. This could be detrimental to family values and a civilized society. People scantily dressed in bright, gaudy colours, strutting their stuff. Lord have mercy. Where the heck are the god-fearing people? Oh wait, I'm confusing this with a price event. That's ok then. Carry on. No wonder there are few objections from the posters. I just hope gay men don't have the gall to do this.

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    People fleeing poor countries at war - refugees

    People leaving poor countries and entering western countries legally - migrants

    White people from western countries going elsewhere - ex-pats

    Hence, Brazilian migrants in Hamamatsu, and American ex-pats in Roppongi

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    The last time I went to US territory (very rare nowadays, given the whole process of going through immigration and checks and the rudeness of staff), I had the option of the good-old fashioned pat down and I and my partner were the only ones who opted for this. I hope we also get that option in Japan.

    I wonder what would happen if a man went through the scanners with a stiffy.

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    What we're seeing right now with the Republicans' campaign is a DREAM COME TRUE for the Democrats. A total mess that will make the GOP implode even before the Democrats get a word in edge-wise.

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    How dare people suggest bribery! That's not very patriotic. Nigelboy, you tell'em

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    Black, gay man with a gun kills two white people = hate crime . . . .

    Unless the killer is a black gay man and said something like 'You damn white honkies', I don't see why it should be classified as a hate crime. Yes, another horrible horrible gun crime which no doubt bass4funk is already getting defensive about. You may enjoy having guns floating around everywhere but I'm sure glad they're not legal in Japan or in my home country - and as such shootings are much less frequent.

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    This is all one big game and ego-trip to prove to grandpa that botchan can re-beautify this country.

    Posted in: Businesses want Abe to focus on economy, not military bills

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    Taro Aso, said Friday that recent moves by China to allow its currency to depreciate are a concern

    I'm having a hard time figuring how he manages go keep a straight face and mouth when Japan is also allowing the yen to remain weak. Pot, kettle, shoe, foot.

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    That's all very well, but has Abe given the go-ahead.

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    Not surprising most people have mentioned mostly food. I usually bring back a few small bags of brown basmati rice, a big 1kg tub of pure peanut butter (and other nut butters) which cost a fraction of the hydrogenated muck you get here and other vegan stuff. Next time I'll need to bring some Brita water filter cartridges - once again, less than half price back home.


    You're not allowed to bring meat. Of course that doesn't stop people.



    I hear some Japanese people bring that back from abroad as punishment to their colleagues and friends.

    Posted in: For our readers who live in Japan, what are some items you always make a point to bring back to Japan after you return from a trip abroad?

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    Djokovic are getting on a bit.

    For someone who has already won the Australian and Wimbledon this year and who has reached the final of Roland Garros, he's done a bit more than most players, don't you think? Next you'll be saying Serena Williams is too old to play tennis (you do know her results during the past 4 Grand Slams?)

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    Sweet mother. I'm so relieved she doesn't represent my country.

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    Some people are easily pleased or duped. I'm not surprised ore-ore scams are doing bigger and bigger business here every year.

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    Forget about Halloween. Can we have Xmas decorations NOW. I can't stand the wait.

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    when I criticize conservatives

    Like when?

    Like when conservatives aren't conservative enough:

    The man calls himself a conservative?

    Forget about Hilary Clinton for the moment. ANY democrat is a shoo-in for the race to the White House given the circus freak show that's happening right now on the Republican side.

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    Did I miss the apology?

    Posted in: China denounces Japanese ministers' Yasukuni shrine visits

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    The Chinese have never, in general, had this general aversion to adoption that you see in Japanese society. I know of many Chinese who have adopted members of family.

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    Yes indeed. But also, didn't Murray play his quarter-final match AFTER Nishikori played his (someone correct me if I'm wrong)? So why isn't Murray "tapped-out"? And Nishikori beat Nadal 6-2 6-4, or something like that. It didn't go to an epic 5-setter.

    He beat Nadal, which is pretty amazing,

    As much as I like Nadal, he's been beaten by lowly-ranked players left, right and centre ever since he came back from his long lay-off. So this isn't surprising. Not one bit.


    If Murray wins, he is British. If he loses, he is Scottish.

    Oh puleeez, get over it.

    I personally was pretty disgusted (but not at all surprised) by NHK's tennis coverage. I know what BS stands for. Instead of calling the programme 'ATP Masters 1000', they might as well call it the Nishikori Kei Show. I had the TV on in the background on the night before the match with Nadal, and they were still showing a repeat of Nishikori's previous match with Goffin. Next morning, 'coverage' started at 7:30am on NHK, but with the Nishikori-Nadal match delayed due to Djokovic's match, guess what? Instead of showing the match going on then, BS decides to show the Goffin match again (making it a second repeat at the very least). Only when Djokovic was on the verge of defeat did they start showing his match live, down one set and 3-3 in the tie-break, and then......they stop the coverage again. This is a number one player, for god's sake. They did show Djokovic with match point against him and him eventually winning that set, but then again decided to show Nishokori stats and repeats again, starting from his very first match!!!!! I mean, FFS, SHOW SOME LIVE TENNIS!!!

    What is NHK going to show tomorrow morning, now that there's no Japanese player? Here's an idea, skip the final and show some Nishikori matches from earlier this week.

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    Ahh, yes, Mountain Day in August. Obviously right around Obon holidays.

    Yeah, having a holiday within a holiday, just like doing sweet FA when a national holiday falls on a Saturday.

    Posted in: One year to go until Aug 11 becomes Mountain Day national holiday

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    I'm really enjoying reading the comments from people like shopenhauer, christopher glen (beck?) and trueokinawa. It's like watching the circus freak show put on by the republican candidates so far - their own narrow-mindedness and freakiness makes it so enjoyable. You don't need to fire back because you know they're scraping the bottom of the barrel when the argument veers towards 'marriage to animals'. The US now permits SSM. Perhaps these bitter folks could find sanctuary in a muslim country.

    To quote McD, I'm loving it!

    AU user:

    Marriage does includes COVENANT with God. Marriage in the eyes of religion and God, always mentioned the conjuntion "AND". ... that is Marriage have SEXUAL actions, PROCREATION (unless otherwise a mom cannot conceive due to medical reason) and REARING CHILDREN as them (parents are also children of GOD).

    So, let me get this right - atheists and even people of other religions aren't allowed to get married then? How about infertile couples (pass the message onto Abe and his wife, and also twice-married Angela Merkel)? And couples who have no intention of having children or couples in their eighties (where the husband can't get it up).

    And who am I to say that there was something weird about Anna Nicole Smith's marriage to her 'elderly boyfriend'?

    parents are also children of GOD

    Oh puleeez, spare me the sermon. I'm an atheist, and yeah, don't really care if you think I'm going to burn in hell. That's your problem.

    Posted in: Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward to begin legally recognizing same-sex partnerships

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