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    Don't mention fans!

    Abe, you're supposed to be abroad. Why aren't you working?

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    I hope he doesn't get caught with an orange in his mouth!

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    Exactly. This is NOTHING compared to what is happening in Hong Kong where locals are getting really fed up. The government (read Beijing) has been pressurized to scale back these multiple entry permits to mainland Chinese because they were coming into Hong Kong, clearing the shelves of anything you can think off, causing severe overcrowding on the trains up to the border (if overcrowding in HK can get any worse) and causing a litter problem around Sheung Shui near the border. Not to the mention that locals need to buy these products for themselves.


    According to a programme I watched the other day, the Merries factory in China produces EXACTLY the same diapers, but still, the Chinese customers want the ones made in Japan, even if it means paying double.

    Had this been the UK, these three would have absconded by now.

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    Apart from business trips when I have no choice, I just have no desire to go to USA anymore because of the stupid fingerprint and facial scan crap. And I would advise others to not come to Japan (and Korea?) for the same reason. What next, our footprints? Notice the visitors are mostly East Asians - people who are so used to being monitored. Yeah, a big bloody yokoso.

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    All we can tell from this is that Gates's wife's father's name is Chan.


    It's amazing how, like the Japanese (and most probably the Koreans), they go all 'sugoi' when they encounter a caucasian speaking their language. Asians don't get any biscuits when they start speaking in French or German.

    I'm surprised they've even heard of FB.

    Zuckerberg had an horrendous accent but people could still understand him.

    Good on him for learning, but I'd have thought after 4 years his accent could be a little less thick.

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    Good on them! I think the old folks who realize they're being set up should go along with the plan and then let the police handle it with their own trap.

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    This kinda reminds me of the situations you hear about in China where people involved in accidents are simply ignored by passers-by. There have been many cases where they try to help the victim, but for some reason (eg the victim's relatives want money) they get into trouble and are accused of either making things worse or even causing the accident. There was uproar when most people ignored a child who was run over by a car. People in general are scared of getting involved and they don't want to make things worse.

    But as Mirai says, I hope the driver does apologize to this brave man. If it weren't for him, the driver could have been attending a funeral.


    You see a guy cutting an unconscious woman's top off and an open AED pack next to him and all you think is chikan!??

    You'd think?!

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    It's as if they're stuck in the 19th century!

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    She was pushed. But then again, nobody told her to stand on the edge of the cliff.

    She didn't do anything much different than the OBs

    True. So can we go and get all the others now? Mind you, there won't be a single Japanese politician left! But well done to Obuchi for not crying and screaming!

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    Silver spoons again!

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    Like a big slap on the wrist and an extended school detention for a naughty boy.

    White privilege.

    Ironically the sentence was given by a black female judge.

    'gross negligence'??? If it wasn't so tragic, I'd be laughing at what the judge said.

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    Obuchi's departure won't affect nuclear reactor restarts

    And why should it? It's not as if the citizens' opinions matter. The government will do what they want.

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    Is Makoto Sakurai even this guy's real name

    According to (English) Wikipedia, his real name is 高田誠 Takata Makoto. A rather ordinary name, wouldn't you say? If it wasn't go to be Sakura, it would have been Kiku or something else like that. When I first saw him, his face reminded me of the comedian Amano Hiroyuki from Kyaeen, but fatter and funnier! In some of his videos, he looks ridiculous in that old fashioned western garb.

    I can't read all the Japanese properly, but does the Wikipedia article say that he is actually against laws combatting child pornography?


    They have special privileges other foreigners and Japanese do not have

    And please can you tell me what those privileges are? I keep hearing about them but I still don't know what they are?


    A lot of Japanese are u aware but Taiwanese also get special privileges in Japan which are not available to others. For example, they are permitted to drive in Japan using a Taiwanese driving license while the rest of us need an international driving permit.

    Just out of interest, how long are they allowed to do this for? Is this permanent or what?

    You know, I'm pretty mad that I can't work in Australia whereas New Zealanders can go there anytime to work without restrictions. I'm pretty mad Canadians can enter USA freely unlike, say, Europeans. I'm also mad that Irish people have special privileges in UK too! And blah blah blah. Can someone please tell me what the Zainichi Koreans have that others don't. I don't think they can vote, whereas any Japanese who has lived in Seoul or Hong Kong for a specified time has the right to vote in local elections without ditching their citizenship.


    He is a Samurai.

    Oh puleeeez. Pass me the bucket.

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    I'm sure glad this man is getting more publicity. His other videos on Youtube show what a hideous person he is. I remember several years back when the Filipino couple were deported back to their home country but their 14 year old daughter was allowed to stay since she was born here. He and his gang decided it was a good idea to demonstrate and shout at the girl. These scumbags are nothing but cowards and bullies. One group that attack are children.

    And it's all very easy to try and pick a fight with someone knowing full well that the security men would stop anything immediately. How about picking a fight with Antonio Inoki somewhere where noone else is around. After all, Inoki has been making exchanges with the North Koreans. Any chance a tub of lard would knock down Inoki?

    And just what exact 'privileges' do the Zainichi get? Don't tell me, the right to stay here permanently. I hear they lose that right if they leave Japan and don't come back within a certain time - which makes them no more special than a PR like me. Or is that special privilege not having to submit their fingerprints and have their photo taken at Narita airport? Big deal.

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    One of my Japanese friend's brother who lives in Thailand always buys some Japanese rice to take back to Thailand. And here's me who always brings back brown basmati rice to Japan whenever I visit my home country! (And it's so cheap). No ridiculous 778% tariff.

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    The UK's terrestrial channels have had FREE streaming via the internet for years. Mind you, there's not much worth watching here anycase.

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    Is Abe trying to get FB to spy on the activities of its users in Japan? Better not criticize Abe on FB.

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    Yes folks, two female party members decided to step down rather than give the Communist loving DPJ and the other toadies of Communist China better known as Kazuo Shii and his ilk.

    Two politicians resign due to their own stupidity and it's because of the Chinese or communists. Oh yeah, also, last weekend's typhoon was because of the gays.

    Had these women been DPJ, you can bet your life the LDP would have done the same. I'm sure LDP and Republicans have a lot in common - hypocrites.

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    No Korean or Chinese translation is necessary in sign

    I agree, considering that the vast majority of selfish smokers here are Japanese. You know, the smokers who throw cigarette butts everywhere, smoke in enclosed spaces with children and basically who demand that every other person help pay for their medical treatment. People are entitled to suffer during their final years of life with breathing problems and lung cancer if they wish, but please don't drag others into this.

    I'd give anything, including letting people smoke on the streets, if it meant I could enjoy my meal in peace in restaurants without having to breathe in obnoxious fumes. Being aware of the threats to one's health from smoking isn't a western thing. Hong Kong and Singapore are miles ahead. This needs to be publicized world-wide leading up to the Tokyo Olympics.

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    you -> who

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