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    I don't understand why it's so difficult to switch - do American school students not use SI units in science lessons?

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    invoking his abiding faith in God as he effectively kick-started the 2016 presidential race.

    Is he going to pray and ask God for solutions when the going gets tough?

    By the way, show us your birth certificate.

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    World number one Novak Djokovic extended his lead at the top of the ATP rankings

    How can he extend his lead when he won the same tournament last year, beating the same Federer in the finals?


    1. Novak Djokovic (SRB) 13,205

    2. Roger Federer (SUI) 9,205

    As it was just before the tournament. In fact the lead has narrowed slightly since every single player now ranked 3 to 7 did better at Indian Wells compared to last year.

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    I'd call the police too....the fashion police. Talk about embarrassing.

    Posted in: Police called after Okayama teens dress differently for graduation

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    Tall, white and often blonde young women dominate the runway, with a foreign look that is now commonplace in Japanese magazines, shows and advertisements.

    This says a lot about Japanese society itself. Have a look at the fitness magazine, Tarzan - the two main models in each issue are always two stick thin caucasians. The Japanese are still putting caucasians at the top of the beauty ladder. They need a bit more self-pride (and a lot less plastic surgery).

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    The English signs are for the visitors, not for the Japanese people. And that's the very point they're making. It's uncomfortable to see so many signs that they don't understand.

    Hate to burst your racist bubble, but there's a LOT of English wording out there which is not only wrong, but is just written because it's cool, and not for the benefit of English speakers. Eg the JT ads for smoking manners (perfect English but I bet less than 0.1% of smokers in Japan speak English better than Japanese). And it's crazy seeing an old Japanese lady with the words 'juicy' written on her shirt - please don't tell me she understood what it meant. If the Japanese knew what certain English words meant or how bad the spelling and grammar were, most English words would have disappeared from Japan ages ago.


    I consider it a kindness that they've posted in English as much as they have. If you're going to live and work in Japan, learn Japanese.

    And how about the tourists (most of whom come from Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong)? If the government is trying to lure more visitors (and the mainland Chinese have LOADS of cash), then you're going to have to do something to make them feel more welcome.

    There are many destinations popular with the Japanese, like Hawaii, Guam and Saipan. And the Japanese can go there and speak nothing but Japanese because a lot of the service industry have Japanese speakers. Are you saying they should stop this? Already I see few Japanese actually interact with the locals because there's little attempt at even English. I visited a French-speaking tourist place - a large percentage were Japanese, especially in my hotel and yet I never heard one of them attempt to speak any French. I was the only one to do so.

    Those men in the photos look unemployed.

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    Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka meet in an evening match between former No. 1 players.

    Yikes! Get the ear muffs out!

    Posted in: Murray, Nishikori advance; Wozniacki upset at Indian Wells

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    So, where are the eggs?

    Posted in: First ever Easter Kit Kats in Japan feature 13 types of carrot-flavoured cuteness

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    It's no use having encryption when you can actually log onto other people's account. Last year, there were problems with Yahoo (which they have kept very very quiet) and while trying to log onto my account, I got diverted to someone else's. As I tried to log off, I was sent to someone else's account and then another. And of course, my own account was seen by other people. Fortunately, no big damage was done - but Yahoo weren't forthcoming about this serious breach of security.

    Posted in: Yahoo sees 'end to end' email encryption by year-end

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    Oh so if I read you correctly here, then you think gay partners who get married should be given special treatment not afforded to opposite sex partners who marry?

    WHO SAID THAT? Nobody is asking for special treatment. Just equality.


    This means that if you earn enough to be able to have your childless spouse sitting at home warming your slippers, you get to pay less tax and the shortfall is essentially paid for by others many of whom will be earning less and who cannot afford such luxury

    Cleo, dear, I know you're not exactly that supportive, but wouldn't it be better to channel your energy more towards making sure straight women who are living the life of riley, with no children to look after and living off their husbands' salary chip in too? Why not petition to have divorces made illegal, married straight couples forced to have babies? But then it's much easier to deny gay people their rights. If you're worried about unfair 'tax benefits', start with those who are enjoying them first. Nobody is getting tax benefits for being gay and never will.

    As it stands, a gay couple could be in a loving relationship for 40 years, and yet when one of them dies, the other has absolutely no say in the funeral preparations, or any legal stuff. Hell, even a long lost relative of the deceased would have more rights. That is frightening.


    That's a fair point. Some people assume that everyone, including straight people, will have to marry someone of their own sex. If people don't like same sex marriage then don't have one then. But mind your own business.

    I watched one of Ireland's advertisements on this topic - imagine a straight guy having to knock on everyone's door and asking each stranger whether it's ok for him to marry his girlfriend. This shouldn't be a decision made by strangers.

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    I read she was brought up by her Chinese stepmother (who I assume was her father's second wife), with or without his help.

    Posted in: Father of TV personality Rola convicted of health insurance fraud

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    HellyKitty (!):

    In most countries, people don't eat cats or dogs - I don't see them becoming extinct anytime soon.

    Posted in: World chefs: Vegan cookbook author extols dairy-free life

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    Can Putin make killing off rivals any more obvious?

    Just reading some other articles about how young Russians were worshiping their idol, wearing T-shirts with his face and with words like khachu putina. Yuck!

    Posted in: Nemtsov a possible 'sacrificial victim,' investigators say

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    You've got to wonder, if the Philippines wasn't still a third-world country in desperate need of cash, would they actually be so silent about their own suffering during the war.

    Posted in: 70 years on, survivors keep memory of Battle of Manila alive

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    Kei owns David Ferrer

    Apparently not.

    Good to see those in their thirties like Federer, Ferrer and Serena (at the AO) still winning titles.

    Posted in: Ferrer beats Nishikori to win Mexico Open

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    I know it's William who is on the official visit right now, but wouldn't a much more apt comparison be the Crown Prince of Japan to...the Crown Prince of Wales, William's father, Prince Charles?

    Well, I don't think there'll be much conversation if you paired William with Aiko.

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    Prince William got taken to Tsutaya??

    where kids made an animation with the prince as a manga character (with a fuller set of hair). I'd love to see them try that on a member of the Japanese imperial family.

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    I thought the locals didn't want more from China.

    Posted in: Japan tourism industry to take 3,000-strong delegation to China

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    Great news! (as I butter my toast with eggs on top)

    You didn't read the part about saturated fats and animal-based foods, did you?

    Posted in: Cholesterol no longer a concern: U.S. experts

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    Amazed nobody's said it yet,

    Why? Not everyone is religious.

    Posted in: Leonard Nimoy, famous as Mr Spock on 'Star Trek,' dies at 83

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