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    More tuna die at Tokyo Sea Life Park

    I suppose the park really is trying to imitate the oceans! How ironic.


    You've conducted an in-depth survey, with careful comparisons with the staff in other countries, of course.

    Have you actually been to zoos in Japan? The monkeys are mentally disturbed. Pacing up and down. No reaction when you look at them. I never go to zoos or dolphin shows in Japan. Never. It's like pet shops - you pay and you only encourage them.

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    So I wonder if those who spew they hatred on here about the J people and the J govt will fall under this campaign. Directed at no one in particular smithjapan

    Please direct me to the poster who has called Japanese cockroaches, or the poster who wants to see Japanese killed, or the poster who enjoys heckling at young schoolchildren. There's a lot of gas coming out of that cake hole.

    However, Kamikawa told reporters that the government has no plans to introduce new legislation at this time

    Why I am not surprised. Making it look as if you're doing something and pretending you're giving a damn, but doing sweet F.A.

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    I'm surprised Yukawa is still alive. He seems well-fed (there is no point in masking their faces - you can see them without pixels in every other news site). I don't like to see people killed but he was playing with fire.

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    The surcharge might fall, but the total fare won't change.

    Yes, it's amazing how some of the basic fares to Europe were so low when the fuel surcharge was at its highest. I can just see the airlines raising the basic fare to compensate for the drop in fuel surcharge. Doesn't matter how much the surcharge is, the total fare (and that's the number which is of any relevance to passengers) will be about the same.

    The surcharge goes on quickly, and comes off slowly...

    Not sure if it's really true, but that's how it feels.

    If the price falls to $50, we should get fuel refunds.

    I don't see that happening with Japanese airlines but I did once get a partial refund, to my surprise, from Taiwan's China Airlines.

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    Let me get this straight. If he'd murdered someone, would his name and face still be kept a secret? The public have a right to know who to look out for in these cases. If really puzzles me how a 19-year old can get off lightly because they're a 'minor' while a 16-year old is old enough to marry.

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    How about Narita airport? All the years of traveling to Japan, it's very rare the immigration people have ever asked or said anything.

    I've never understood the point of those checks at Narita Airport station. It's as if terrorists or other criminals don't have any form of ID to show.

    Japan hasn't done anything on the international scene to actually show up on the radar screen, so, as others have pointed out, only local terrorists have shown any interest in the country.

    Maybe they should just hire a tv crew to stop foreign looking arrivals and ask, "Why you come to Japan ?"

    Perhaps, but I for one am grateful that the re-entry cards I have to fill in everything I come back to Japan no longer asks the question, What is the purpose of you coming to Japan. I get sick and tired of having to write 'Because I live here'.

    Why all this enhanced security, fingerprinting and mugshots,

    No idea, but I wish the EU would do this to all citizens of USA and Japan.

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    Some of the China/Hong Kong/Macao numbers are skewed by the fact that a good chunk of the travel to the latter two destinations are mainland Chinese doing shopping and gambling tours.

    I don't know whether mainland Chinese are counted as international visitors to HK and Macau or not (you maybe right), but there is NO way HK and Macau visitors can make a dent in the number of international visitors to mainland China. Do you know what the population if HK and Macau is? And not all of them want to visit the mainland.

    Miguel Gonzalez:

    Wow, didn't know there were so many Japan haters on here!

    This isn't about hating Japan or not. This is people giving their honest opinions. If the truth hurts then that's not our problem. Take it as you like. Anyone can come to Japan.


    I visited Japan last October and found it wonderful, not as expensive as I was expecting, blew that myth straight away, London is far more expensive,

    True in some respects - the Underground is ridiculously expensive as are many hotels and restaurants. But like Tokyo, if you know which restaurants to go to, then you can get by. But as a vegetarian, I find nothing in Japan beats London. And the museums in London are FREE. I hardly ever go in Japan because of the high prices. And if you don't want to eat out but cater for yourself, nothing in Japan beats the supermarkets in UK - price-wise and choice-wise.

    Who was it who said travelling in Japan was cheap? If you've ever been to South Korea, Taiwan, HK or China, then you'll find out what cheap means. And high-speed rail is a fraction of the cost compared to Shinkansen.

    And distance hasn't affected the numbers in China and South Korea. Last time I looked at a map, China was even further from the Americas than Japan, and only about an hour closer to Europe than Japan.

    Oh, and by the way, isn't it about time the inns at Shirakawago started using the internet instead of depending solely on the phone and fax? I know that they're quite popular with foreign tourists.

    In Japan I usually go for the cheaper business hotels (I'm only sleeping there, I don't need luxury items). Last time I went on business in the north, I got a cheap place (with wonderful wonderful vegetarian meals - a rarity in Japan, and very impressed by presentation and imagination) and spent 500 yen to use the onsen and rotemburo in a more expensive hotel. There are plenty of things you can do to reduce your expenditure, but it helps a lot if you know the country and the language. However, it's a sad fact that, for those living in Japan, holidaying outside the country can be even cheaper when you factor in travel costs.

    I doubt whether the Chinese are that much better in English than the Japanese, but they're less shy when approached by strangers. Being shy doesn't help in anyway. Oh, and how increasing the number of restaurants where you don't have to breathe in cigarette smoke? If Japan is not careful (judging by Masuzoe's indifference), China will actually have the upper hand (yet again) when it comes to smoking regulations. Hong Kong is miles ahead in this respect, but then again, I think the local government there actually gives a damn about children's and other people's health.

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    Nigelboy, please tell us that the US publisher has it all wrong about the sex slaves, uh, I mean, comfort women. Everyone's just out to get Abe and his right-winger pals, right? Ch3cho has got the ball rolling for ya!

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    and to support freedom of expression.

    A pity there aren't many people supporting freedom of expression in Japan. The irony.

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    Did Le Pen also mention about freedom of speech without the fear of getting shot dead or physically assaulted? Because that happens in Japan (whenever one criticizes the Imperial family or the right-wing). Abe has been very quiet on these issues and about the recent wave of anti-Korean demonstrations advocating the killing of Koreans. Politicians have been shot here too for getting out of line. This isn't much different to what happened when certain magazines included satirical cartoons. Weren't some comedians prohibited from making political jokes on NHK? It makes me sick when Abe goes on about how terrible the incident in France was, when he himself is driving this country back to the 'good old' days where censorship and archaic punishment were rife.

    Instead of making more babies, why not just let the population go down. In the long term, quality of life will be better without everybody being squashed into trains or cubicle-sized apartments. I don't see the Scandinavian countries suffering from a smaller population. If the previous governments hadn't squandered money on bridges to nowhere, let corruption go unchecked, let people appreciate the quality of life and actually planned for a better future instead of living and spending like there was no tomorrow, Japan wouldn't be in this mess. Immigration or babies may solve the problem in the short run, but this will just put the nation back into a pyramid scheme whereby the population will grow endlessly.

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    Does that include blowing cigarette smoke across the guests' faces? I mean, doing anything to provide a cleaner place for people to enjoy their meals would be too difficult a challenge, as the governor himself has said. Hmm, maybe when Japan gets another Olympics....

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    Two watchdog groups oversee implementation of the law, one directed by the prime minister.

    I've always thought that watchdog groups should be impartial and free from government meddling. But then, looking at the direction this country is going, and how NHK is becoming like CCTV of China, I'm not really surprised.

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    I remember the original series. I loved the scene where the elderly Kizzy spits into that cup and offers the drink to a former acquaintance.

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    But a Turkish intelligence official told The Associated Press on Saturday that a woman by the same name flew into Sabiha Gokcen, which is Istanbul’s secondary airport, on Jan. 2

    Jan 2? Really? Am I missing something?

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    The NHK collector.

    He still comes round to my place. Every time, it's a different person (I think), despite my saying that I don't have a TV and having put a sign on the doorbell saying that I have absolutely no intention of watching TV. I just don't bother answering the door now (and I don't care if they start tutting and huffing like one of the last guys).

    Kids going to school in shorts in the middle of winter.

    I still see that. Back home, my brother had to endure this when he was a kid. Thank god I never had to do that. I remember last year I saw a really tall elementary school boy on the train. The shorts were ridiculously short and he had a jacket on - he just looked as if he was wearing nothing on the bottom half.


    Speaking of hair, do you remember when they didn't bother routinely shaving anything but their faces?

    I remember the days when the men here didn't shave their eyebrows. Wasn't here when hair was still black, but I do wish the Japanese would stop doing things just because everyone else is - especially blonde - they're not westerners. When I first knew I was going to come here, I dyed my hair back to my original hair colour (dark brown to black) because it couldn't grow back in time. I was shocked when I came here and literally everyone had dyed hair. I was so glad I'd gone back to black. I have no intention of following the crowd.

    1. Everyone went to school and work on Saturday mornings (21.5%)

    I bet a lot still do. Otherwise, when a public holiday falls on a Saturday, we'd all get a substitute holiday. Absolutely wasted. About as useful as a pedestrian crossing in Japan.

    the weak yen made imports prohibitively expensive

    Imported stuff is STILL expensive. And that's excluding highly taxed foodstuff, like non-Japanese rice.

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    I so miss real bread, period!

    I'm eating good quality, reasonably priced wholemeal bread here before I return to Japan. These Yamazaki lunch packs are packed with sugar and devoid of fibre and nutrition.

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    I'm all for these English-speaking villages as long as it's open to all and there are UK/US supermarkets selling things at UK/US prices!

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    Horrible to hear that she was held for THREE WEEKS. Even three minutes is terrible.

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    I'm always a bit puzzled as to why any SD card or microdSD card says it can hold such and such an amount of GB, but you actually get access to far less than that in reality.

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    Thank god I don't come back until after the rush.

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