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    From this distance, this flowers look more like peach blossom.


    But don't forget to get close up and treat yourself to their scent.

    Maybe my sense of smell isn't that great but I hardly smell anything from sakura. Ume and chinjouge, on the other hand, are really fragrant.

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    Abe went shopping at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo and spent about 40,000 yen. Abe told reporters he wanted to see firsthand how the sales tax hike was affecting consumer spending.

    Another one of those 'Let them eat cake' moments courtesy of yet another hereditary politician born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

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    Bland, stodgy, and with little nutrition as 99% of it is refined/polished. Much prefer the fragrant, light rice such as basmati.

    I agree. I like the aroma and the fluffiness of basmati. I'd like to eat brown basmati but that's impossible to find in Japan and white is already more expensive than it should be.

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    Afternoon tea for 4,900 yen???!!!!!

    Sweet mother! Doesn't sound like they'll be serving PG Tips or any of Mr Kipling's cakes.

    (subject to tax and service charge)

    A euphemism for 'excluding tax and service charge'?

    It makes me happy that there are people who can afford all this.

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    Ain't gonna last long with the strong winds in my area!

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    First of all, congratulations to the newly-weds in England and Wales.

    gokai-wo-maneku (face one):

    I hope it becomes legal in Japan so I can marry my partner.

    I wouldn't hold my breath. A recent survey showed that nearly half were against same-sex marriage. The 'good' news is that the younger generation and women were more accepting. Here's to hoping that the old fogies die off soon. As far as Asia is concerned, I see Taiwan, Vietnam and Nepal way ahead of Japan in future progress on the legal rights of gays.

    gokai-wo-maneku (face two):

    According to phychologists and sociologists, gays are 3 to 5% of a population. How did such a small group of people become such a big topic of social discourse?

    That's like saying foreigners in Japan make up only 2% of the total population but should just shut up and put up with any crap thrown in their faces.

    Homosexuality is a sin of convenience.

    Yeah, and in MY opinion, bigotry is a sin. Look, if you are against same sex marriage, then just don't get married to someone of the same sex. It's as if you enjoy peeping into other people's bedroom.

    in many places they are free to live their lives in peace, and practice their lifestyle choice.

    First, please tell me when you DECIDED to be straight (I'm talking to the straight half of you)? Secondly, in countries where same sex marriage is legal, gays and lesbians still get physically abused and...wait for it...murderded because of their sexuality. I've never heard of anyone being killed for being straight.


    EXCELLENT ! Like Eddy Murphy said: " That means MORE girls for ME" .

    Does that include lesbians?!


    Since the dawn of time and the creation of the first human beings, marriage has been a sacred union between one man and one woman, who form a family through their union and the procreation of children.

    Oh pleeez! If we're talking about Adam and Eve, then there's a helluva lot of incest going on! Marriage, sacred? I don't get that impression when I see people like Britney Spears and a whole host of other people getting married and divorced willy-nilly. Elizabeth Taylor really did take advantage of this 'sacred union' stuff! And please tell me why on earth so many Japanese celebs get pregnant, and THEN decide to get married (and divorced 2 years down the road). And I sure as hell didn't see any babies being produced during Hamasaki Ayumi and Utada Hikari's first marriages? Perhaps they should have had their heads hit with the bible.

    flaunting their sexuality

    What, you mean all that flaunting you see in music videos and those half naked women at carnivals? Yes, very gay!

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    In other words, Park can see right through that tatemae BS. Simply smiling isn't going to cut it when you stab people behind their backs.

    Posted in: Seoul unmoved as Japan hails bridge-building summit

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    Christ, what next, AKB48 on the cover?

    Posted in: Anna Wintour defends Kim Kardashian choice for Vogue cover

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    How friggin stupid, but again, this is one of the few countries that sides with China so go figure!!!!!!! Nut cases belong in the nut family!

    Yeah, I personally blame China for this movie being screwed up. Tomorrow, I'll blame the rain on the Chinese too.

    Posted in: Indonesia bans Hollywood epic 'Noah' over Islamic concerns

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    I read the article over and over again, and I can't find one single mention of China. And yet, the first three posters have to bring up China. tyvtgo1US, now I undertsand your tactic. If nobody mentions China, then you bring it up yourself, thus giving yourself another chance to rant and complain, and generally make yourself feel better.

    Here's some news for you. You can't blame China for every single damn problem on this planet. This Crimean problem starts and ends with Russia. Find another problem.

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    If the rent was substantially reduced and if there's nothing bad about the area, then yes.

    Posted in: Would you move into an apartment or house where the rent had been lowered because a bloody murder or suicide had occurred there? Would living in such a place freak you out?

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    What I would like to see are substitute holidays whenever a public holiday falls on a Saturday. Absolutely wasted and pointless.

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    Not too keen on her fashion, but I can think of other 'role models' who are a lot worse - like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. I also have to say that she is at least a real musician and singer. And I do agree with oldman.

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    Perhaps China has a new southern ADIZ and forgot to tell the world?

    I'm glad you can think of ADIZ at a time like this. But I think the passengers' relatives and friends have more important things to worry about than ADIZ. Perhaps you can console them by telling them this. The passengers would also include 4 Americans (including one child) - just for your information.

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    He fires four shots AFTER he hears his girlfriend scream???!!!! What shocks me even more is the fact that he was allowed out on bail.

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    “China and Korea are countries that, even if they lie, don’t feel pain in their hearts. But we Japanese do feel pain if we lie,”

    Rolling on the floor laughing!!!!!!!!

    Some hearts must be mighty small! Go on, I dare you. You won't have a single friend left.

    I'm just waiting for the resident Japan PR spokesperson, Nigelboy, to give his/her take on this.

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    elbuda mexic:

    No, no surprise here, screw with people long enough and KARMA will come back to haunt you!!

    Once again, your hate and bitterness to everything Chinese rears its ugly head again. How is this karma when INNOCENT people (which may have included children) were murdered? There could also have been ethnic Tibetans and muslims in that station too.

    Please stop making these sick remarks just to get your point of view across. I have little love for the Chinese government, but I don't enjoy hearing about innocent people getting their throats cut. Do you ever feel sadness when you hear of Mexicans being decapitated or hung from bridges? Perhaps you'd like to spend more time trying to think of ways how your won country can solve its problems. Please stop it with the higher moral ground - the natives in Mexico weren't exactly treated nicely, were they? Perhaps Muslim terrorists are ok as long as they don't attack your country or USA.

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    He is an American first, no matter what his ethnicity is. I think the Chinese media needs to realize this.

    Locke was viewed as a trailblazer in highlighting the PM 2.5 particulate matter carried in the thick blankets of smog pervading China’s capital.

    Good for him.

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    Well who would have thought?

    Posted in: Hundreds protest dropped charges over Fukushima crisis

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    Yes, the cost of using mobile phones and mobile internet is so expensive here. Last time I was in the UK, I used a company which provided free (yes, FREE!) mobile internet. All I needed to do was spend only about 2pounds for their SIM card, and I borrowed someone's USB dongle. To claim internet credit, I had to watch ads - but really I just clicked on them with the volume set to mute and let it run in the background while I did some work. I had over 1.5GB credit to use. And as for mobile phones, anyone can just buy a cheap mobile phone in UK and a top-up card for 5 pounds. In Japan, I have to spend a minimum of 3 times that amount. The cost of plans here is the main reason I don't have one or a smartphone.

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