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    To the person who wondered what was wrong as long the rich boy could provide for the kids: Being a parent does not mean throwing cash at the babies' faces. You're going to have to spend time with each baby - does he have enough of that? After all, he was hoping for a 1000 kids or so.

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    If I were stinking rich, I certainly wouldn't advertise it.

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    Forget about the babies for a moment. I heard that he was in possession of TEN passports!!!! Japan doesn't allow dual citizenship for those above a certain age, let alone decuple citizenship. This alone needs looking into.

    So Thailand wants this man? Let's see whether Japan is willing to cooperate.


    The only thing that stopped me from writing his name and uploading links to photos of his face is the thought of censorship on JT. I am surprised. But yes, you can find details about him on Japanese forums. Do the Japanese media really think that even the Japanese don't know how to find out about these things.

    Let's see if money wins in the end.

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    Don't tell me, Ryukuans and the Ryukyuan languages don't exist anymore either. In fact, everyone living in Japan is Wajin. Isn't that right, Kaneko?

    Posted in: Even if there are Ainu, they are no more than Japanese who are descended from Ainu. All they do is insist relentlessly on exercising their rights. It's absurd, and I can't explain it to the taxpayers.

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    the ones that simply cannot resist an "oyaji gyagu" whenever the opportunity arises

    And like other oyaji gyagu - not cool or funny. Eyes rolling, in fact.

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    Oh come on, we all know his name and what he looks like. The media in the rest of the world hasn't held back so why has the Japanese media? Privacy, you say? Had this been a non-Japanese, his face would have been plastered everywhere in Japan. This is just like the case of the Japanese woman who kidnapped her daughter from her father who had custody and got caught in Hawaii. And how did he make it back to Japan? The media certainly kept it quiet.

    At the moment, he may not have done anything illegal, but I just think it's morally wrong to be having so many babies. Wasn't he intending to have 10 a year? Or was it 100 a year? As Tahoochi says, something stinks here. This guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and thinks he can do as he pleases without consequences.

    Thailand’s military government, which took power in May, has given preliminary approval for a draft law to make commercial surrogacy a criminal offense.

    Yeah, thanks to this selfish excuse of a 'father'. Regulate it, yes, but I don't believe it should be made illegal.

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    You get murderers and kidnappers put on the Interpol list. Why the heck was he put on the list? Making a mountain out of a molehill.

    I'm surprised the prosecutors couldn't fabricate any evidence. Or have they learnt their lesson after the Nepalese guy and the other Japanese 'criminals'. Getting cold feet now?

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    Why not just advise her to sell a kidney, and be done with it?

    Because once that kidney's sold, it's gone for good. Your womb will still be with you after your pregnancy.


    but with so many children and babies in children's homes and orphanages around the world literally crying out for someone to take them home and love them, I don't see the point.

    I do agree that people should think about adoption more as there are so many unwanted children. But the Japanese, unlike say the Chinese and many in the west, are not into adoption.

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    I don't think Russia would be at the top of the list, but nonetheless it should have been included. And I noticed USA was in the list - despite it being located nowhere near East Asia. That says a lot!

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    What Japan did was not the worst. Study history.

    You're right. There are lots worse than forcing women into prostitution, men into slavery, bayonetting live people, doing autopsies on people still fully conscious, subjecting people to chemical and biological toxins, beheading people, raping women and children, etc. Maybe you'd like to share some examples of all things worse than that.


    If the pope were visiting Nagasaki or Hiroshima and comforting the people there, you'd be totally silent, I bet.

    Furthermore, the past few generations of Japanese born after WWII had absolutely nothing to do with the atrocities committed during those awful years. It is history now and should be regarded as such, not like something that's still going on today.

    As long as you get people like Ishihara, Tamogami, Abe and Hashimoto trying to worm their way out of one big nasty episode in East Asian history, it will always be in the news. The more they try to deny what happened, the more it stays with us. And yes, I do feel sorry for most Japanese - they deserve better than these lying politicians.

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    Perhaps his friend (and yours?) Tamogami-san can rescue him in person?


    Jesus, I thought that was a woman in the photo!

    But yes, people like Tamogami and Abe can lead the way and fly to Syria themselves to save this guy. After all, they want the freedom to fight in wars - please lead the way instead of asking others to go head first.

    This guy gives me the shivers with all those military photos, his uploads of Yasukuni and photo-ops with Tamogami. When you play with fire....

    It will be interesting to see how Japanese society reacts if or when he comes back (dead or alive). I remember when an aid worker and some other non-military Japanese nationals were caught out in the Middle East a few years back. Upon their return, they were ostracized and treated harshly in a very sickening, but typically Japanese way.

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    Urinara fantasy.

    Plenty of wagakuni fantasy from this country too but I don't see you whining.

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    And thank goodness I just booked my summer holidays for September!

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    You don't normally flee if you've done nothing wrong.

    Posted in: Driver fleeing from police injures 3 pedestrians

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    I don't know who you're talking to. You seem to be taking bits of my words, and then you mention coffee. To me, the whole point of organic is that they don't contain pesticide residues or other undesirable chemicals. I don't think there's anything healthier in it - I just prefer to eat less chemicals. This is hardly catering to snobs. With the price of organic stuff in other countries like UK, even the lower class can afford to buy them.

    That demonstrates that all you know about Japan is Lawson and Aeon and you've never been to one of the many coffee roaster's.

    I was referring to soya milk, and then you go and quote me on coffee again. Can you not read? And I don't do my shopping at convenience stores - I hardly ever find anything I like there.


    So I stick with almonds.

    Suddenly it's a big no-no to blend almonds with water? But I'll ask you again, do you ever eat anything out of a bottle, jar or other container? Or are you on the paleo-diet? Good on you if you are, but life is damn boring if people didn't have the occasional treat and have some ice cream, cookies, coffee, potato chips and what have you.

    I'm saying the superior solution is to simply go fresh, and not have all of your food choices made for you by corporate marketing schemes.

    Usually nobody makes choices for you - you make them yourselves. I don't think eating McDonalds is exactly healthy, but nobody is forced to eat that crap. People go there out of their own free will. The only time when you don't have a choice is when farmers don't grow organic fruit and veg and there is no other choice but pesticide-laden stuff.

    And is organic fruit and veg junk food too?

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    Many of us have already asked JT to make a separate crimes section for news involving crimes committed by the police. These articles are cluttering up the crimes section. While you're at it, please make a separate crime section for those involving politicians.

    Posted in: Cop arrested for filming woman taking bath

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    Obon season is a time to express our gratitude to loved ones who have passed on before

    So you never think of your loved ones outside O-bon. My grandmother's tombstone is thousands of miles away and I'll visit only when I can, and that won't include O-bon. That doesn't mean I think any less of her.

    As for my summer holidays - I'm taking them in Sept.

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    The Japanese don't need the organic movement to enjoy their junk food - they're already eating it.

    Almost everything his company sells is a processed food

    So I gather you only eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and nothing which comes out of a bottle or carton? Good luck with that.


    Thanks for your comments. Almond milk is another thing I love.

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    Well Abe can fly the plane himself!

    Years ago, I went to the museum at Chiran. It was a disgrace that they used Buddhism to further their cause. Absolutely disgusting.

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    And who is arguing for Okinawan independence from Japan? And of what relevance is your comment to the southern kuriles?

    And which person, living in the Southern Kuriles, is asking for the islands to go back to Japan? The people in Okinawa hardly speak their own language anymore, have been lumbered with the US military and their prefecture is still one of the poorest, if not the poorest. They deserve more if they're to be treated as part of Japan - but then again we all know how they were treated during the war.

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