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    Oh who does Mr. Aida think he's fooling here?

    This was a clear and concise Swipe Right in Face at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

    Riveting & Revolting for a Japanese Citizen.

    Dont believe me?

    Go ask the nearest Hippie.

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    "... a lot of countries took part in that war."

    The only Country (other than The United States) that actually engaged the Imperial Japanese Army & Navy was Australia. They sent the HMAS Canberra (D33) to assist The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal, but unfortunately the HMAS Canberra was sunk during The Battle of Savo Island and she rests next to American and Japanese warships at the bottom of "Iron Bottom Sound".

    The British tried to get back in The Pacific War, but the bulk of their forces where defeated & driven out of Singapore and their entire Pacific Garrison taken prisoner by the Japanese before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. That knocked Great Britain out of the Pacific War.

    The United States took on 99.9% of ALL of the decisive engagements against the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy & WE defeated them Island by Island, Plane by Plane & Ship by Ship.

    Again, Mao Zedong and his useless Revolutionist coward in the slums until WE Liberated The Chinese and drove the Imperial Japanese OFF Mainland China.

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    Oh why stop with the Japanese Communist China?

    Don't forget to celebrate Victory Over The U.S. since Communist China was directly involved with supplying Troops, Weapons, Pilots, & Warplanes to North Korea that directly contributed to the United States losing over 26,000 Young Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Marines during The Korean War. AND pat yourselves in the back for sending 100's of Chinese Military Advisors while under the directives of Mao Zedong to shoot down Dozens of U.S. Aircraft and 52 Bombers during "Operation Linebacker" over Hanoi during The Vietnam War. Any idea where our POW's and MIA's are China? You should know, you took several captive into mainland China never to be seen again.

    Besides, Mao Zedong was just a Street Thug cowering in the hideouts of Shanghai with his useless band of Communist "Revolutionist" until The U.S. Drove out the Imperial Japanese OFF mainland China.

    Let's not distort history here, The Communist "Revolution" during WW2 was about as useless as The Fench Resistance in France and again it wasn't until The U.S. Rolled into Paris that France was Liberated from the Nazi's.

    It's just regretful that we Liberated those ungrateful, distrustful, backstabbing, murdering, genoicidal Communist Chinese in China.

    Very Regretful.

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    "China says it has every right to drill in the East China Sea"

    Not when their siphoning Gas & Oil out from the Japanese side of the line violating their 2008 Exclusive Economic Zone Treaty with Japan.

    Look, simple rules of when it comes to dealing with Communist China: #1 - Any Promise made by China is a Promise Written on Water. #2 - If You offer China 5" they will take 15" and if you compromise to 15" they will take 6 Feet.

    China wants it ALL - They want The Pacific Region as envisioned by Mao Zedong in the early 1950's and they want the Worlds Economic Wealth, and then the Moon, then Mars and if they have their way The Entire Solar System and I wouldn't be surprised if they are already planning to rename the Roman Named Planets to Chinese Names and probably have already planning to rename Jupiter to Zedong - The Forbiddden Planet (or something crazy like that).

    Anyway, Good Job Japan - Stay on your guard.

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    Shall I remind you that Mao Zedong committed acts of genocide by murdering over 40 Million Chinese after WW2 in an all out effort to bring the Comminist Party to power?

    The Chinese Government disputes those numbers but that's history So who's White-Washing history now?

    Also, we did not "invade" Korea nor Vietnam - we were attempting to STOP the spread of Communism into the Asian Region by an all out attempt at bringing Freedom & Democracy to the Korean Peninsula and Vietnam but again, thanks to Communist China and The Communist Soviet Union (Russia) at that time - our Faithful Attempt at bring Freedom & Democracy to the entire Korean Peninsula and Vietnam was defeated.

    And Flowers - A Human Being is a Human Being, plus the average age of a U.S. Soldier is just 19 Years Old - Our most precious blood was lost due to the expansion of Communism in Asia and I will never forgive China nor Russia.

    And if you haven't figured it out by now, I am a Patriotic American who LOVES Japan and as "childish" as you may characterize my posts, the fact is: I will state my opinions and I will say the things that those cowards in Washington are too afraid to say because they're too worried about their stock portfolio's going bust, but since China's Economy is about to hit the skids snyways - they might as well grow a spine and start defending Japan instead throwing them candy and empty promises.

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    Mr. Chenyong Hua - In 1950 Your country under the leadership of Mao Zedong invaded Korea with over 1.3 Million Communist Chinese Soldiers and along side 26,000 Russians and killed over 36,000 American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines and over 2.5 Korean Civilians killed - Where is our apology? Where is the remorse from YOUR Communist Country for all innocent that your country murdered?

    In 1972 Communist China again under the leadership of Mao Zedong directly Supplied Surface to Air Missiles, and Anti Aircraft Guns to North Vietnamese - Trained, and with Communist Chinese Military Advisors on the ground - engaged and shot down over 17 B-52's during "Operation Linebacker" killing over 136 U.S. Airmen and an additional 134 Aircraft with pilots either being killed or taken captive and still listed a Missing In Action (MIA) - Where is our apology? Where is your remorse?

    Saigon fell to North Vietnam thanks to the direct intervention of Communist China leading to the deaths of over 50,000 U.S. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines lost during the entire War in Vietnam. Where is our apology? Where is your remorse?

    The Japanese was defeated, bombed, nuked, and their leaders hung by their necks until their deaths. They have repeatedly apologized for their sins during World War 2 & since then they have not risen a Sword nor Fired 1 Shot at ANYONE AT ANY GIVEN TIME since the end of World War 2. They have honored and kept their promise and they hold no grudges AND THEY HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN!!!!!!!

    Take a real good look in that mirror Communist China and ask yourselves if you were ever apologetic or remorseful for YOUR SINS during The Korean War and The Vietnam War and have those sins been forgiven?

    I'll let History adjudicate that question.

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    I have the Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel - Black Leather Band - Classic Bucke and I wear it all day and I really like it.

    It fits real nice on my wrist and it has a Premium Look and it feels like I am wearing an expensive watch because the Stainless Steel has some weight to it but it doesn't feel heavy or clunky.

    When screen is off - the watch appears more like the Men's Carteir Tank watch.

    The user interface isn't hard to figure out and the APPS bubble in out and that's really cute and fun to use.

    Making a phone call on it is interesting, but dictation on the Text APP sometimes doesn't work but Ian sure there's a bug fix coming in on OS2.

    I use the Workout App to do workouts and the Apple Watch has really motivated me to says in shape.

    I am excited for Warch OS2 BUT Apple needs to add Tokyo to the Time-Lapse - they completely forgot about Tokyo!!!

    Come On Apple! Tokyo is the most Awesome City in The World yet you casually forgot to add Tokyo as a Time-Lapse Watch Face?

    Funny how Shanghai and Hong Kong made the Time-Lapse Watch Face but not Tokyo?

    Guess I'll have to keep my "Solar" Watch Face or customize my own Tokyo Warch Face for when Apple releases Watch OS2.

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    I thought I would chime-in and help you out with helping you understand why most posters here have reservations when it comes to China and their motives.

    And You have made a lot of good points however your points are side-stepping 1 single aspect about China - The Fact that China is a Communist - 1 Party Ruled Maoist Doctrine Nation that does not believe in a Democracy nor do they allow their people to voice themselves on how the people would like to decide their Nations future by having Free & Fair Elections in China ; nor will the Communist Party ever adopt a Democratic Constitution along with a Bill of Rigjts for their people. This form of government is Despotic and Dangerous not only to their own people but to their own future as well.

    And Yes, China has made several direct threats to the Asian Region & International Community.

    They told the Ukraine when they purchased that old Kuznestv Soviet Class Aircraft Carrier (now the Liaoning) a few years back that their intention of purchasing the carrier was to turn it into a floating Casino.

    Last time I checked the Liaoning, I didn't see any Slot Machines on the flight deck but plenty of Fighter Aircraft performing launch and recovery maneuvers in the South China Sea and when the USS Cowpens went to investigate, they were ordered out of the South China Sea by the "Floating Casino Liaoning" and they almost collided with a Chinese Naval Warship that cut directly in front of USS Cowpens.

    And I am not totally biased here because I have been to China 4 times and I didn't like what I saw when I was there & nobody really needs to open a History Book to know what Communist China is up too and I would never defend their sick & twisted facaded agenda of Communist Regional Expansion and Domination the Pacific Region

    Investors are pulling out of Communist China and soon Communist China is going to find themselves isolated, sanctioned, and wondering why they have become their own worst enemy and believe me that is not a matter of "IF" but "WHEN".

    I hope this helped you out.

    BTW: I still wanna see that floating casino.

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    I have come to the conclusion that China really is their own worst enemy.

    How can China accuse any other nation of provocation when THEY are invading the South China Sea with "Land Reclamation" provoking Vietnam, The Philippines, Australia, and Malaysia THEN they incur upon Japan's exclusive Economic Zone's violating s 2008 Economic Agreement with Japan and then they they turn around and begin the incursions of The Senkakku Islands - hence accusing Japan of provoking confrontation by exposing China's attempt at Domestic Oil Exploration cutting back Foreign Importation of oil?

    You can't have it both ways.

    This is another sneaky distrusted attempt by China at trying to change the "Status Quo" and this is why Foreign Investors are Bailing on China - They simply don't trust China anymore and I have asserted many times that ANY Promise made by China is a Promise Written On Water.

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    Well Admiral, welcome to the hardest job you are ever gonna have in your Naval Career - Retaining the "Status Quo".

    Currently you have 7th Fleet and U.S. Forces in Japan (Yokosuka & Sasebo) at your Command and whatever China brings to your desk in an all out effort to change the Starus Quo, don't forget that Douglas MacArther and Chester Nimitz pivoted their Legacies at keeping The United States a Peaeful yet Powerful Force in the Asian/Pacific Region. You will also be charged with maintaining the Freedom of Navigation in the Pacific Region & to keep Japan safe per our Treaty with Japan Post WW2 - that's our Promise.

    With that said, God Speed Admiral!

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    Look how China's Military "Land Reclaimation" (Invasion) of the South China Sea has rattled their own markets.

    Their unilateral actions has triggered Foreign Investors to become too nervous to trust China anymore and they're starting to Bail on China.

    China's own Greed & Corruption will soon become their own Worst Enemy and without a Democracy in place to stabilize the populace & keep the Government in Check with a system of Checks & Balances - they'll soon be looking looking for someone to Kingpin and attack.

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    Why would his ratings plummet?

    They should be Sky Rocketing!

    Shinzo Abe may not have done the most Popular Thing in Japan but there is no doubt that he did the Right Thing by advancing Japan forward with these New Security Laws.

    I mean come on people - This was inevitable due to China's Persistent Incursions. Take a look at the South China Sea situation - It's become a FULL BLOWN Military Intervention by Communist China!

    That's alarming to me and everyone in Asia & The U.S. should be Very Concerned too about this situation and BTW - Where The Hell is the U.N.?

    Look at how China's Military Intervention of the South China Sea has rattled their own markets. Their unilateral actions has triggered Foreign Investors to become too nervous to trust China anymore and they are starting to Bail on China. Sooner or later China will become their own worst enemy and when that happens that's when the fireworks start.

    Furthermore, The Japanese have lived under this "Security Umbrella" of The United States for over 70 Years and it's time they realize that the U.S. may not respond to Japan if they come under attack by an Out of Control China - even though we hold a Security Treaty with Japan - Washington may take an unusually neutral posture at trying to keep the Status Que and Japan cannot take the risk that the U.S. May not help.

    Undoubtedly, Shinzo Abe will need that "Yamato Spirit" when the time comes for him to exercise that New Security Law to ensure Japan's Safety & Security throughout their respective Land & Sea Boarders AND to help a Foreign Allied Nation of they come under attack if needed.

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    Slamming, Babling, Military Drills, and Saber-Rattling will get absolutely nowhere folks.

    China will just keep pushing forward until the U.N. Security Council votes on a Militarty Resolution to halt ALL of China's activities around the Spratley Islands.

    THEN Naval Blockades may be established, but little too late for that since Washington fell asleep at the switch and let China complete the "Island Reclaimation" or for a better sense of the word "Invasion".

    And you all have heard China's response - They're not gonna budge now that they are all comfy and cozy on their new islands.

    The mistake The Philippines made; was back in the early 1990's when they persisted for the U.S. Military leave The Phillipines.

    Mt Pinatubo eruption pretty much sealed the deal, but there was time to offer a alternative base relocation, but we just didn't feel very welcome in the Philippines, and if we still had an active U.S. Military Naval and Airbase like we had in Subic Bay & NAS Cubi Point - The Phillipines wouldn't be having this problem with China on their back doorstep would they?

    The Japanse in Okinawa had better take serous consideration before demanding the U.S. Military leave Okinwa because I guarantee Okinawa - it won't be a matter of "IF" but "WHEN" The Communist Incursion will be at their doorstep.

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    Scrapping the current plans & design for the Olympic Staduim in Tokyo had more to do with unhappy Japanese Citizens who are expecting a design that reflects Japanese Culture or a Japanese Iconic Image.

    And you can't blame the Japanese for how they feel right?

    After all, they do have over a 1,000 Year Cultural History in Japan that the Japanese cherish as part of their entire existence on this planet.

    With that said, this is a Big Deal for the Japanese and their National Pride is riding on these 2020 Olympic Games.

    I am willing to bet that's the Japanese will gladly spend 250 Bill Yen IF the stadium is designed by a Japanese and it reflects an Iconic Image of Japan.

    My thoughts were a stadium built that peaks upward and then designed to look like Mount Fuji.


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    Gosh Japan, what took you so long?

    What was Japan going to do? Wait until they get attacked by China or North Korea and THEN decide to enact Security Laws?

    I believe for most Japanese, they have been living under the Security Blanket of The United States for so long, that they had become short sighted to the Clear and Present dangers that surround their small ocean boarders.

    Don't get me wrong, The U.S. Will help Japan (it's in the Pacifist Constitution) but thanks to Wall Street - to an extent. Plus the Japanese cannot depend on The United Stated forever and frankly with the Soft Tone from Washington towards China and North Korea lately - The Japanese Government had to make a Sound Decision to Secure their Country from external threats and incursions, its Land & Ocean Boarders AND to "Get Ready" just in case.

    The Kamakura Shogunate may have repelled the Mongolian Invasion thanks to a Super Typhoon. However, the Japanese cannot count on another Super Typhoon to repel a Chinese or a North Korean Invasion.

    And if you all think I am just talking smack, then mark the words from a voice who lived during The Roman Empire:

    "He is best secure from dangers who is on his guard even when he seems safe." - Publilus Syrus 32BC

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    What choice does the world have right now?

    Iran is the only Arab Country that has the best capabilities to get the most heavily involved at fighting Islamic State and continuing sanctions simply inhibits Irans ability to do this. Iraq needs their help and this is the only way.

    And Benjamon Netanyahu needs to Cool His Jets with all this "Iran = Armageddon" talk and furthermore, Netanyahu needs to contribute more to Peace in the Middle East instead of Fear Mongering the Oil Salivating Republicans in Congress.

    And don't think for a moment that these sanctions on Iran aren't about Oil. The 2nd Largest Oil reserves are contained in Iran. 1/4 of the world oil comes out of Iran (or it used too) and remember when Gas was on .98 cents a gallon? Follow me here? Wonder why Oil SHOT UP after Bush & Cheney invaded Iraq & slapped heavy sanctions on Iran and it had nothing to do with the The Ayatollah coming to Power - It was The Ayatollah telling that Oil Gang known as OPEC where they can shove it because he wasn't gonna play their game.

    Look I'm just a dumb Country Boy from Texas, but I can tell ya'll Sanctions on Iran are useless, senseless, and fruitless.

    Honestly, we need Iran. We need their support at fighting ISIS and I don't want to see Young Americans die senselessly against the most Vicious Islamic Militants the world has ever seen, but if this enemy can be fought by another Muslim Faction that knows them better than we do and if lifting sanctions opens the Arab Spring - then by God do it.

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    This is why Communist Countries like China sooner or later (sooner rather than later) need to recess their markets and sell off.

    You NEVER Bull-Run your Markets without having a Major Sell Off of stocks or fall back into a Recession to cool off your markets.

    China's market has been so strong in the past 12 Years thanks to the outsourcing of American Jobs to China and China's continuing "Cheap Labor Market" plus over 90 Million Chinese who own personal stocks, and that is fine, but they didnt to SELL when it's time to SELL.

    Instead they simply withheld their stocks in hope that their values would increase in order to sell later at a heigher value and without a timely sell off or a recession - All the Foreign Investors Bailed on them and now the Chinese Government just placed a 6 Month Ban on selling off any stocks. Now they can't sell anything and their stock values will soon deflate.

    LOL - Can't wait to see the final outcome when 90 Million Chinese will soon learn that their stocks aren't worth spit, people's money lost on a stagnated & deflated market, and the Juan starts sinking like a stone cast into the sea.

    In the meantime, the Japanese Yen is gaining momentum on the Juan and the U.S. dollar needless to say.

    Get ready for the riots Beijing.

    BTW China, still not interested in that Democracy thing?

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    The Japanese are gonna have to face it sooner or later that if they want to Win these Soccer/Football Games against these Tall & Big Gaijins, then they may want to put all that "Visual Nationalism" aside and start mixing in some of those "Hafu's" onto their teams (Half European - Half Japanese or Half African - Half Japanese).

    They need Bigger Players. I mean look at the size and body mass differences between the Japanese players and the Americans - The Japanese just got steamrolled out there.

    Technique works great and all that fancy foot-work, but what can do when some 6'1" Wall of Ragging Gaijins come charging at you with their own techniques?

    You get kicked & knocked to the ground or that short goalie watches the ball fly past her after being kicked off a leg that is 3 Feet longer than hers.

    Anyway, Excellent Effort to The Japanese, but I sort of knew this outcome.

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    Eventually - All Empires Fall.

    Usually by the their own corruption or by the wrath of their own people.

    That's not my opinion - That's a Historical Fact.

    The question will be: What side of History will Communist China stand on?

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    There is no Miscnveption - it is very clear:

    Find me 1 sunken Chinese Warship at "Iron Bottom Sound" in Guadalcanal or The Coral Sea or Midway Islands or Leyte Gulf or Samar or Vella Gulf - any sunken Chinese Warships?

    Who routed the Japanese through the Surigao Straits and subsequently sunk the Battleship Musashi in the Sibuyan Sea?

    Certainly not any Chinese Warship.

    Find me 1 dead Chinese Soldier on Saipan, Guam, Pelilu, Phillipines, Ieo Jima or Okinawa?

    They had the troops, why didn't they help?

    China was invaded by Imperial Japan and placed under Heavy Occupation until the U.S. came to China's rescue.

    The only contribution that China played during WW2 and for the U.S. and their allies was allowing us to use their Airfields for refueling - and that's it.

    Mao Zedong and his group of Comminist Rebels were hiding and cowering until the U.S. drove the then Imperial Japan to the point of retreat and it was only THEN the Communist Rebels came out and started fighting with simple rifles and small cannons.

    And THAT as their Legacy during World War 2.

    Laughable and Pathetic.

    Knowing how Communist China was going to turn on the U.S. the way they did Post WW2 (Korea & Vietnam) - I feel I like we should've just left the Japanese Garrisons on mainland China so they could've kept those Rat Communist Chinese from attaining a Nuclear Weapon.

    I am curious how that hypothetical would've played out through history.

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