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    My thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of these kids that met such a horrible & dark end to their young precious lives.

    This job that the divers are doing is an unnerving task that will probably require them to get some therapy and counseling after all the kids have been recovered and I can only say that the divers are Hero's to say the least.

    As far as the Captain and his crew that abandon all those kids just to save their own a**'s - I just hope they understand that no matter how much the law punishes them for their inactions - they will have to face their own conscience for the rest of their worthless cowardice lives.

    Not sure if I can even find the words anymore...

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    It's clearly obvious that the inner circle of Oyaji Doctors find it insulting that a gifted 30 Year Old Scientist made the breakthrough discovery of STAP Cell Research I often coin as "Immortality" that they have failed to deliver in the past and to cite her research as "Flawed" due to a breach in protocol is an unfortunate setback to this study.

    I think RIKEN should move forward with Obokata and her research with STAP Cells (if you'd like to live longer and healthier).

    BTW: If there is ever a need for a live human specimen to conclude that STAP Cells do work then give me a tap on the shoulder - I'm all for that immortality thing :)

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    About 26 Million Dollars a day is being spent on this search.

    Less than 9 Days and the Flight Data Recorders batteries go dead and we won't be able to find it.

    Yea, satellites are locating lots of Junk and nothing related to this plane.

    What gives here?

    There should be SOMETHING related to this plane floating up towards Australia according to the ocean currents in the Southern IO.

    Like that Seat Cushion they always tell you to use as a Flotation Device, Suite Cases, Cloths, Carry On Luggage, Serving Trays, Needless to say a Human Body? - Something.

    We're chasing shadows here.

    This plane landed somewhere or it crashed on land and the Malaysian government has too much invested tourism to lose to admit they have a jihadist problem manifesting in their country.

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    Filing a lawsuit is not going to change the almost certain fact that MH370 has somehow disappeared into the abyss.

    I know from my days serving in the U.S. Navy that it's almost impossible to search for anything during High Winds and Heavy Seas. Believe me, the most experienced and veteran sailors still get Sea Sick during those conditions, plus the search planes are unable to go aloft due to the extreme turbulence and very low visibility.

    The fight now is against time. The Flight Data Recorder only has about 9 Days left in the battery before it goes dead and stops emitting the audio beacon.

    I really hope they find it soon.

    Finally, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the passengers. Watching their grief on TV is so heartbreaking and I wish we can deploy everything the world has to offer find ther Father, Brother, Mother, Sister, Husband, Wife, or Child so we can bring some kind of closure to their suffering.

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    So, what would've happened if Kim actually Won the Gold?

    Would South Korea still do the right thing and still site the 2 Judges that should've recused themselves from judging the competition due to their questionable history of corrupt and bias judging?

    I think not.

    Actually Kim should've never have had a Gold Medal (in my opinion) to begin with. She didn't break any Olympic World Records like Mao Asada did in Vancouver did she?

    Kim - You got trumped by a Russian in Russia.

    Besides, If anyone had any misjudgment placed upon them, then it was Mao Asada in Vancouver . She should've been the one awarded the Gold Medal. Of course she never complained about because she's got more class than that.

    The only way judging the results can ever be changed is if the Russian Skater was is found to have bern doping before the competition.

    Enjoy your Silver Medal Kim - now you know how Mao felt wen she got trumped over you for her deserved Gold Medal in Vacouver.

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    My thoughts and prayers to ALL the Families that have had their emotions RIPPED by this incompitent Malaysian Government and the incompitent Malaysian Airline Officials.

    The Nerve and Audacity of these People and PM Razak!

    Oh, it IS apparent that PM Razak has other motives to suddenly squash this investigation and recovery operation and I believe his motives (and Malaysian Airlines Motives) are very self serving.

    One, they are losing billions in tourism and Malaysian Airlines is losing money as a result of their FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE!

    Two, Mr Razak doesn't want to admit that Malaysia has a problem with Islamic Extremism and Jihadism AND it's possible that the Captain and his co-pilot had turned off the transponder and took Flight 370 on a Joy Ride somewhere into the IO.

    Three, Mr Razak and his Administration have put themselves in a position that makes the world to believe that they know something they're not sharing with investigators OR they have tampered or destroyed evidence that does lead this investigation to a hijacking.

    Finally, we (The U.S., Australia, China, Japan, and Britain) wil continue the search. We are bringing 2 U.S. Navy ships to the area that will be carrying "Towed Array Sonar". This Passive Sonar Device will be towed behind the ships while submerged and it will be used to detect the Flight Data Recorder that is sending out an Audio Beacon right now as I am typing this post. The Flight Data Recorder will continue to emit the Audio Alarm (which sounds almost as loud as a car alarm) and the Towed Array Sonar wil pick it up and we'll locate it.

    The Flight Data Recoeder will transmit its audio alarm for another 10 or 12 Days or so. After that, the battery goes dead and we won't be able to hear it. There is no Satelite beacon unfortunately.

    But I am confident that we will find it - THEN the truth will be known!

    And as for PM Razak and Malaysian Airlines: They'd better pray to their Allah that the truth separates themselves from what comes out of the Flight Data Recorder, because if there is any indication that they did indeed tamper with evidence or destroy evidence or try and obstruct the investigation - Then I can assure ALL the families sickened by this Malaysian Government and their incompetent Airline - There will be Hell To Pay!

    And not exactly from The U.S. but from Comminist China.

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    I feel sorry for Taiwan (Republic of China) that their PM took a BIG UNILATERAL STEP out of the democratic process on deciding to go forward on HIS Trade Pact with Communist China

    Of course Xi and his Communist (1 Rule Party) will take the same steps as Vladimir Putin just did with the Ukraine when their President made the same Trade Pack with Russia.

    The PRC will wait until Taiwan begins to descend into chaos and then move the PRC Military in just like Pitin did with Crimea calling it an "Annex for Security".

    Only this one will be coined as "Comminist Security".

    Oh Wow, if the PRC takes Taiwan, then guarantee theyll have the Senkakku Islands and the Okinawan Shelf AND most of the Western Pacific all to themselves.

    And what will Washington do? Try and toss them out of the G-7? Or G-20? Or sanction China?


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    Problem with this situation is trying to use Land Based aircraft to conduct a search in the IO that's has a 7,000 - 12,000 nautical mile search grid.

    The planes can only search about 2,000 miles out, then they have to return or they'll run out of fuel and become missing themselves.

    What we need are Aircraft Carriers deployed to the IO from many countries.

    Russia, France, China, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, India, Thailand, Spain - all have Aircraft Carriers.

    Let's get serious and stop wasting efforts with short ranged aircraft and FIND THIS PLANE!

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    Well, here's the deal, Mao Asada had several disadvantages going into these Olympics.

    Mainly the rivalry between Kim & Mao that the Japanese Media put on Mao and the astronomical expectations placed upon the Japanese Olympians during the race up to the Olympics.

    Could a more frozen over ice rink cause a triple axle landing to go astray? I think Ice Skating Experts & engineers would have to answer that question, BUT the Russians knew she would be performing the triple axle in order to Medal and was there been a plot by the Russians to cause Mao to lose that opportunity? Coming from a country that specializes in sleazy geopolitical land grabbing plots - Probably.

    Home Turf Advantage does play a key role in the Olympics and we learned that when China used 13 Year Olds in the Gymnastics during the Beijing '08 Games, lied about their ages, their parents confirmed they were 13 and then the Chinese produced fake birth certificates and called their parents crazy and stupid. Nevertheless, they went on to collect their Gold Medals.

    So, what can Japan do in 2020 to gain the Home Turf Advantage? Overwhelm the world with kindness I guess because the Japanese are too honest to be as sleazy as China and Russia.

    BTW: The IOC is the 3rd largest & most corrupt entity in the world - Following the UN & the G-20.

    Mao should continue her skating career as an Olympian. I think she has what it takes to get the Gold. I actually think she was robbed of her Gold Medal in Vancouver because she did break the Womens Figure Skating Olympic World Record in Vancouver, but had to settle for the Silver. Therefore Kim shouldn't be crying over the loss of a 2nd Gold Medal in which she should've never been Medaled Gold from the beginning.

    The Russians took advantage of their Home Turf and got what they wanted - Gold Medals.

    And I am sure Brasil & South Korea will play on some kind of sleazy Home Turf Advantage for when the corrupt IOC comes to their home towns bearing Gold Medals.

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    Knowing whether or not Megumi is actually alive or dead will remain a mystery as long as North Korea remains a hostile Communist "Kim" Regime backed by Communist China.

    There are just too many Walls and Barriers both politically, economically, and militarily that will prevent Mrs. Yokota from ever seeing her now 50 Year Old Daughter.

    The bureaucrats in Washington say they've "addressed" the issue with Communist China about the North Korean abductions, but what fruit if any, have those meetings harvested? Nothing. Why?

    Because, we got a U.S. Foreign Policy Team that 1. Lays down No Ultimatums to Communist & Dictator Regime Leaders & 2. Cow Tows to Communist Powers that owns their debt.

    So, where does that leave the Japanese Government and The Yokota's? - Helpless.

    And who knows what state of mind the now 50 Year Old Megumi Yokota would be in IF her mother actually had the chance to see her face to face after spending almost 4 Decades with "The Kim Regime".

    I applaud The Yokota's for trying to do what our so called "Powerful Government" has failed to do for so many years and coming up with the same pathetic excuses every time the Korean Abduction Issue comes around.

    And if people were to ask me, what would I do to get North Korea to own up to the truth?

    Simple, I'd impose No Fly Zones over North Korea.

    I'd arm the skies with flying droned and I'd rattle the Commies Cages everywhere throwing that "Status Quo" into a Tail Spin!

    That's right! I'd put a Gun to the head of "The Status Quo" because THAT is the only thing holding Japan and The Yokota's and the international community from ever getting ANY issue resolved with Communist China & The Kim Regime.

    Posted in: Parents of abductee Megumi Yokota meet N Korean grandchild

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    What a sad sad ending to an incident that could've been completely avoided have not the Dive Captain left the Dive Team and instead, he should've stayed with the dive teams site and called for help once he knew the dive team wasn't going to make it back up and a storm was approaching.

    Sorry, but I still blame the Dive Captain for this act of negligent homicide.

    Thoughts and prayers to 2 divers who died and to rest of the duve team who survived this horrible experience.

    Posted in: Body believed to be missing Japanese diver found in Indonesia

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    I think it's obvious at this point to say that someone in the cockpit turned off the transponder and took the plane on a 4 Hour Joy Ride.

    4 Hours at 35,000 is a long Joy Ride that probably took the plane anywhere over Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, or back over Malaysia or over the Malacca Straits, Andaman Sea to the Bay of Bengal.

    Good Luck!

    Posted in: Malaysia: No debris at spot shown on China images

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    Let me translate what the "Grey Zone" really is:

    It's often coined as "The Status Quo".

    The Status Quo in Asia, is the Economical & Geopolical status that had been in place in Asia since WW2.

    Currently The United States are the retainers of The Status Quo and the U.S. wants the Status Quo to remain in place & as it is, because it allows the U.S. to continue trade surpluses with Communist China while within keeping U.S. Military Bases in the Asian Region i.e. Japan & South Korea.

    Communist China wants to change the Status Quo because by changing or deflating the Status Quo will allow China to further their expansion of economic territory throughout the Region and eventually push the U.S. Military out of Asia

    Who would this impact? Everyone who breaths Clean Air!

    Japan & South Korea and the rest of Asia are steadfast to retain their territories, however, China is also steadfast at aquirimg more land & wealth from their Asian Neighbors with Ancient Maps, ADIZ's, Fishing Zones, & Redesigned Maps in their Passports in order to advance their Economic & Political Agenda - Hence change the Status Quo.

    The Senkakku Islands & The Spratley Islands all have vital resources that China needs in order to advance their Power. Will they acquire them? That depends on the attitude of Washington.

    Nobody wants to give up what's been theirs for Centuries, yet China has more than just the Moon on their radar and if China wants it then they expect neighboring countries to just give it up without any economic bennefit from the country that is being incurred upon by Communist China.

    Sooner more than later, if the U.S. doesn't start making ultimatums towards China, then the U.S. is certainly going to drop the Ham Sandwich with the Status Quo.

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    Well of course General Raudzali Daud is now retracting his remarks that the plane was going off course - He'd be found guilty of negligence if he's had this data all along and failed to share that with THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!

    What is the deal with Malaysia lately?

    How can you allow a Commercial Airliner to go off course, lose radio contact, track it and say you tracked it and THEN deny that you tracked it?

    Was someone simply sleeping at the switch in the control tower and just doesn't want to admit it?

    Or did Ultraman steer the plane off course?

    The FBI and The Commies in China need to get EVERYONE in General Daud's Staff and probe their freak'en brains until sombody owns up to the truth!

    My thoughts and prayers to the families.

    Posted in: Malaysia says it is not sure which way jet was headed

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    My thoughts and prayers to the People of Sendai, the Miyagi Prefecture and to the People of the Tohoku Region.

    It's interesting to look at an empty space of land that used to be filled with Homes, Schools, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Coffee Shops, Markets, Pubs, Kids Playing, Old People walking around together, a Mother cleaning her house, and a Father working at his desk with his family picture on his desk.

    All this Human Life was sept away - just like that.

    When I see this area, it reminds me of a flower bed, but with all of the flowers missing.

    That's all I can say about Tohoku Daishinsai.

    Posted in: Emperor, Abe speak at memorial service as Japan marks 3rd anniversary of disaster

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    First of all: My thoughts and prayers to all the victims families who are going through this turbulent time.

    Secondly, What we have here are some variables: Mechanical Failure, Weather, or a Terrorist Attack.

    The plane took off loaded with fuel, climbed up and leveled out at cruising speed, reportedly turned around back to Malaysia, and then vanished from thin air.

    So, let's look at variable 1 - Mechanical Failure: Not very probable considering the pilot did not radio any problems and this Boeing 777 was a Brand New Jet right off the line. So, that rules out Mechanical Failure.

    Variable 2 - Weather: Most Aircraft will climb up to 35,000 feet during the cruise, therefore, unless lightning strikes upward and with such an ark of lightning that's powerful enough to knock all the power out of the plane including the radio and sending it plummeting to the sea is highly improbable.

    Variable 3 - Terrorist Attack: 2 Individuals reportedly boarded the plane with one way tickets and Fake Passporrts to Communist Smog Filled Bejing China for what? Vacation? Beautiful Malaysia isn't enough that 2 Individuals have to use Fake Passports and "Sneak Into" Communist China? Isn't usually the other way around? Nobody in Malaysia Security thought that 2 Malaysians really kinda dont match the photograph of an Italian and an Australian and they just ushered them right on through Security without double checking those passports?

    Variable #3 is becoming more realistic than 1 & 2.

    The plane was probably traveling at its standard 638mph or Mach .84 when it somehow either blew up and disintegrated or it took a nose dive into the Sea hitting the water a Mach 1. That would be the same as hitting the ground at Mach 1. I wouldn't expect any survivors.

    Finally, If this does turn out to be a terrorist attack, then China has a serious problem with Islamic Extremism & it seems to be spiraling out of control in Asia. China needs to deal with this issue no matter what the stakes are and if China needs any help with Counter Terrorism, then feel free to call on the U.S. - We got plenty of experience with smoking Tango's out of their holes.

    Again, thoughts and prayers to the families.

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    Oh Yes, we don't want Muslim Children to get confused and think Allah and Ultraman are actual living beings that share the same spotlight in humanity right?

    Are we missing some logic here? ...never mind.

    Anyway, I read an article on Yahoo News about a year ago that Jesus was actually Japanese!

    They tied the theory that in Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper" painting; Jesus was eating "Unagi" - Fesh Water Eel and at that time in Biblical History (as painted by Leonardo) Fresh Water Eel was only found in Japan.

    Therefore, Jesus was Japanese ->


    Posted in: Malaysia bans Ultraman book over use of Allah

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    Yea, I gotta BIG PICTURE on how this "Revised Apology" is going to Fan Out:

    It's going to go from "Were Sorry" to "Sorry about that.." to "Sorry?" to "Gomen"

    or the Crowning Touch: O-Mo-Te-Na-Shi: Omotenashi!

    Sorry, would you like some Green Tea?

    Posted in: Japanese lawmakers call for revision of wartime sex slavery apology

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    The hardest thing the Chinese government will have is trying to sell this propaganda to Chinese under the age of 35 .

    I know several Chinese here in America and when I go to ask them what they think about Japan, they tell me they Love Japan.

    They go in to tell me that Chinese in China have to go along with the government otherwise the government with do bad things to them.

    So, good luck selling this "I Hate Japanese" propaganda to millions of Chinese that drive Toyota's, listen to AKB48, own "Hello Kitty" toys, eat Sushi, and shop at Uniqlo.

    Posted in: Japan says it is puzzled by new China WWII national days

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    This is why it's never a good thing to go to War.

    What the conquered calls a "Massacre" the conquers will call a "Campaign" or perhaps an "Operation".

    In any sense of the word and no matter how ugly the outcome is; in War - everyone loses a Son, a Daughter, a Brother, Father or Mother. The carnage of War turns us into bloodthirsty animals craving for death to the enemy and to destroy everything the enemy is - Their Lives, Their Language, Their Religion, Their God(s), Their Culture, Their entire DNA Sequence!

    H.G. Wells put it in a better perspective in 1914 when he released The World Set Free:

    "Mankind is the tool using, fire making animal."

    Keep at that diplomacy thing...

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