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    AKB48 & SMAP SMAP weren't invited to the Parade?

    Come on China, catch up to modern times!

    Oh Yea, they're still stuck in WORLD WAR 2 !!

    Posted in: China marks 70th anniversary of victory over Japan

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    Ban Ki-moon and Park Guen-hye are a pair aren't they ?

    Yea, go ahead and join the "We Hate Japan Day" in "Beautiful Smog Ridden" - Beijing.

    Yea, go and Glorify Mao Zedong's Ultimate victory at single handedly defeating those barbaric Japanese ALL BY HIMSELF!

    The actions by Mr. Ban is placing himself up next and personal with a Hostile Communist Party that has taken the Wrong Side of History by their Choice AND this is another attempt at Communist China to Unbalance the Status Quo by opening Old Wounds related to Historical Events that in most part are still questionable to this day.

    But, this will not go without consequence. You see, the U.S. is preparing Economic Sanctions for Communist China related to a laundry list of accusations and this little "Parade" that the UN-Secretary General had decided to participate by China's design has breached the point of how much tolerance the U.S. Has had with China. When we say "Resolve Your Differences Peacefully" -we mean it and NOT with threating Military Parades.

    Posted in: China calls Japan complaints about Ban's WW2 parade visit "irritating"

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    The UN Secretary-General is supposed to be impartial to Natinonal & World Politics - That's why it's the United NATIONS!

    And not the South Korea & Communist China's distorted vision of a New Asian Regional Order.

    Perhaps it's time we consider a new Secretary-General to The UN because it is clearly evident that Mr. Ban is not Impartial nor is he contributing to the Regional Peace in Asia by cozying up with Communist China's "We Hate Japan Day".

    Oh, maybe Mr. Ban and Ms, Park can Double-Date for the occasion.

    Posted in: U.N. chief Ban defends China parade trip after Japanese concern

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    Thank You President Obama!

    That was an honorable thing to do and I know The U.S. and Japan will continue To work very close to each other as Allies and our Tomodachi - Friends. :)

    Posted in: Obama says sorry to Japan over WikiLeaks claims of U.S. spying

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    If She goes to that FACADED Parade and cozy's up to Communist Chinese then WE - The Unitef States, needs to protest her actions and pull ALL U.S. Forces OFF The Korean Peninsula.

    She is going to start a Regional Conflict and besides why are we going to risk American lives so Ms. Park can satisfy her ego?

    This Woman is a Delusional Tyrant and if she is not careful and if she does not pick her friends wisely, she will unbalance the Status Quo and she might just start the next Asian Regional Conflict.

    South Korea you can do better than Ms. Park.

    Posted in: S Korean leader to attend China's celebrations of victory over Japan in WWII

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    Thanks, and the most frighting part about that dark scenario that almost got written into history, would've been the fact that Yasukuni Shrine would've had thousands of more names to add to the Book of Souls.

    Posted in: Abe's wife visits Yasukuni shrine

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    The reason people are criticizing (not bashing) China is not because the Communist Chinese Army made a film based on a True Historical Event (The Cairo Declaration) where they removed a key person - Chiang Kai-Shek of The Republic of China and replaced him with Mao Zedong - The Theocratic Communist Leader and Founder of The Communist Party in China.

    It wasn't cute nor funny nor comical in any way and its not like they replaced him with Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee either (that would've been funny) No - they replaced Chiang Kai-Shek with a Dark & Very "Real Evil" world adversary - Mao Zedong - A Man who annihilated Chiang's 30 Million Repuplic Chinese by famine and starvation and he executed all wealthy Chinese just to make sure nobody would raise a resistance against him while he ascended to power.

    BTW: The Social Media in Mao's Communist China is screened and carefully filtered and they also block Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google. So where's the freedom?

    Posted in: Chinese film on WWII summit lambasted online for distorting history

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    The Communist Chinese will say that "Chairman Mao" walked on water if they think they could get away with it.

    Seriously, wait until next month when they have their "Victory Over Japan Day" - they'll say something like: VICTORY OVER JAPAN featuring "Chairman Mao" who single handedly fought the Japanese in The a Pacific, forced a surrender and brought an end to WW2 - THEN the Americans dropped the bombes on Horoshima & Nagasaki just to catch up with "Chairman Mao" in order to "Save Face" and say THEY ended the War when it was actually our "Chairman Mao".

    If they think they could get away with something like that, then I guarantee you they'd try it.

    Posted in: Chinese film on WWII summit lambasted online for distorting history

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    Well here we go again: China distorting the facts and twisting History around again - as usual.

    "Some Japanese politicians chose this day to visit the shrine, which honors ‘Class A’ war criminals and glorifies the aggressive war,” the ministry said in a statement.

    -WRONG - Try again Mr. Foreign Minister. The Yasukuni Shrine was constructed in 1869 by the order of Emperor Meiji. The Shrine was established to Honor ALL Japanese who have died in the service of the Emperor.

    “It demonstrates again Japan’s erroneous attitudes toward the historical issues,” it added. “China lodges its resolute opposition and strong dissatisfaction.”

    -WRONG Again - The Shrine demonstrates Japan's respect to those who died for The Emperor, Their Families, AND Their Nation.

    BTW Mr. Foreign Minister, What historical issues are you referring too?

    Historical issues from The Bonin War for when the Shrine was established? The Satsuma Rebellion? The Russo-Japan War? The Sino-Japan War? The Pacific War? You have quite a few Historical Events to choose from.

    The shrine does list the names of 2,466,532 men, women and children, including 1,068 war criminals; 14 of whom are considered A-Class, HOWEVER, there is not a single human body or human remains inside Yasukuni Shrine.

    That's right - nobody is buried there.

    Those War Criminals that China keeps pointing at are buried at their ancestral graves in their ancestral hometowns and NOT at Yasukuni Shrine.

    Mr. Foreign Minister, please unblock your Google and do some "Historical Reasesrch" before popping a cork next time?

    Gosh, this is why young people in China are so brainwashed & mislead by their own Theocratic Maoist Communist Government to hate the Japanese & the young Chinese will never learn the truth for why the Japanese really visit the Yasukuni Shrine and it's NOT to pay respects to War Criminals - it's to pay respects for those who died for Japan & to pray for World Peace.

    Posted in: China denounces Japanese ministers' Yasukuni shrine visits

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    Care to elaborate?

    I can tell you that China's "Historical Map" claim of the Senkakku Islands was illegal & challenged by the International Community by offering China to make their claim at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and China refused to take it up with the ICJ and instead they established an Air Defense Zone (ADIZ) over the ENTIRE East China Sea which is international waters and air space, plus a Chinese Destroyer locked its Weapons Radar onto a Japanese Coast Guard Vessel while it was on routine patrol near the Senkakku Islands - That was China's 1st attempt at trying to change The Status Quo.

    South Korea has also overlapped ADIZ's in The Sea of Japan including and over the Takeshima Island and they illegally placed a military base on the Islet and there has been repeated calls from Japan for South Korea to dismantle the base and remove themselves from the Japnese Islet and they have bluntly refused to leave - That is South Korea attempting to change The Status Quo (anything to do with Comfort Women Ms. Park?). When japan sent a team of politicians to talk to the South Koreans on the Japanese Takeshima Islands - Ms. Park responded by scrambling S. Korean F-15 Fighter Jets & threatened to shoot down the helicopter and kill all the lives onboard. Real diplomatic of her eh?

    While on patrol in the South China Sea (international waters) the USS Cowpens was nearly rammed by a Chinese Warship just 6 months ago because the Cowpens was on a routine deployment patrol - China's 2nd attempt tat changing the Status Quo in the South China And now they are making a 3rd attempt at changing the Status Quo by dredging sand onto coral reefs in The South China Sea and by doing so, they are not only planting military bases on these reefs that an accommodate Fighter/Bobmbers, they are destroying the reefs and the environment all around The Spratley Islands, just to make Land, Air, and Sea Base Claims over the ENTIRE South China Sea - Again their 3rd attempt at Changing The Status Quo.

    So, when has The U.S. attempted to change the Status Quo?

    I am just curious.

    Posted in: Mixed world reaction to Abe's WWII statement

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    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated and I quote:

    "We must never forget that there were women behind the battlefields whose honour and dignity were severely injured."

    So why is Park Guen-hye STILL BARKING about this so called and alleged "Comfort Women" issue. Despite that lack of evidence PM Abe conceded to Park and offered a special apologetic recognition that is still disputable by all means of the standard.

    And within the same statement (and directed at squarely at China) PM Abe stated and I quote:

    "Also in countries that fought against Japan, countless lives were lost among young people with promising futures. In China, Southeast Asia, the Pacific islands and elsewhere that became the battlefields, numerous innocent citizens suffered and fell victim to battles as well as hardships such as severe deprivation of food."

    Does China get it now? Here's your apology and I don't know how much further and how much more The Japanese have to go or say to apologize?

    What would make China and South Korea happy from this point forward? Do they want what's left of a 95 Year Old Aging Japanese Population put in prison for being drafted by the Japanese Government and ordered to Shoot and Kill Chinese and Koreans during the War? Sorry but we (The U.S.) already executed their Leaders & The War Criminals who forced their population into that nightmare and ordered 16 Year Old boys to fly Zero's (Kamikaze's) into U.S. Carriers and forced troops to Banzai Charge into a line of gun fire until they were shot to death or ordered to blow themselves up with hand grenades inside caves like Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima.

    What does China and S. Korea want at this point? More Political Leverage? More Islands? More Money? More Japanese Territory?

    They got their apology - Loud and Clear.

    Now China and South Korea can make the "Right Choice" and accept Japan's apology or they can continue to be counterproductive and continue to harass Japan on alleged Historical Events that cannot be changed just in order to "Unbalance The Status Quo" in the Pacific Region and that will be "Their Choice" and their choice to make all by themselves, but beware China & South Korea; ANY attempts at using Historical Events in order to alter the "Status Quo" will be met with U.S., Japan, and Australian Deterrence.

    Posted in: Mixed world reaction to Abe's WWII statement

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    Well as usual, China is being counterproductive and this is their way of keeping things at "the boiling point" in the region and furthermore this is their way of getting attention.

    Posted in: China says Japan should have made 'sincere' WWII apology

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    At this point I could really care less what China has to say and as predicted - It wasn't a "sincere apology".

    I am certain that this "Choice of Attitude" from China will be the pretext China will use to try and unbalance the Status Quo in the Pacific Region.

    For now, I am more interested in how the U.S. Ambassador - Caroline Kennedy felt about Shinzo Abe's speech today?

    Did his words far enough and did Washington feel Japan has atoned for their aggressions from WW2?

    Did we sense Japan's steadfast sincerity at keeping Peace with Honor?

    I know I sure did.

    Posted in: China says Japan should have made 'sincere' WWII apology

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    Actually, The Japnese have been teaching their children about the horrors of War (mainly WW2) and they have been very transparent about the reasons Japan went to war. Japanese students are very well educated on the impacts and the aftermath war.

    Did you know that both Peace Parks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki draw over 1 Million visitors a year?

    Out of those 1 Million Visitors - 66,000 (2/3rds) are Japanese Students from all around Japan visiting the Memorials and speaking to the survivors and talking about the War.

    Is that not educating "The Truth" like right in front of their eyes about WW2 and the cost for going to War?

    If not, then I don't know what or how more transparent the Japanese can be.

    Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing

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    On the contrary Japan has done more than just apologize.

    And there is something about the Japanese if you all have not learned by now living in Japan is that the Japanese do not engage in Bragging Rights - it's just not in their culture.

    But I can tell you that in addition to Millions of Yen paid out to Koreans and Chinese who suffered under Japan's Militarism during WW2, Japan also built Airports, Schools, Roads, Bridges, Railways, and Industrial Infrastructure inside South Korea and China - Post WW2 at No Cost to those Nations. Plus the Japanese had sent Milllions in economic aid to Post-War China and South Korea AND North Korea.

    Did they get 1 Thank You from The Korea's or China?

    Nope - Just more rhetoric and bitterness.

    Japan has contributed SO MUCH to 3rd World Countries around The World after WW2 because they really are remorseful and reflective of the events that their former government and they have not rattled a sword at ANYONE since then.

    And China and The Korea's had better understand that despite their "Choice" not to accept Japan's Apology (pending their remarks) Japan will protect their respective boarders and they will work with The U.S. at maintaining "The Status Quo" even if that means engaging in Collective Self Defense in order to help out a friend.

    Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing

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    Shinzo Abe did address the Comfort Women issue by stating that Japan remembered: "...women behind the battlefields whose honor and dignity were severely injured..." - That sounds like an apology to me.

    Plus he used the words "Profound Grief" for the millions killed during WW2. - Again, that sounds like an Apology to me.

    Finally, he said, "Japan has repeatedly expressed the feelings of deep remorse and heartfelt apology for its actions during the war".

    ALL sounds like an Apology to me.

    Guarantee you will never hear Washington use phrases like that with respects to the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    But then again, The Japanese have never asked nor demanded an Apology from The United States, but if I were the President I would offer it voluntarily do to the Human Suffering just like the Japanese have for the past 70 Years since the end of WW2.

    History cannot be changed by just words alone, but if China and The Korea's do not want to accept this Apology from Japan then that is their "Choice" not to do so, and that means they plan to use Historical Events as a Pretext to change the Status Quo in the Asian Pacific Region and possibly attack Japan someday based upon Historical Events that cannot be changed.

    Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing

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    Spoken like a true gentleman and I believe he was very sincere in his remorseful speech today.

    And keep in mind, that The Abe Administration did not start the events that led Japan into World War II

    Therefore I continue to see no reason and no need for Shinzo Abbe to apologize and I 100% agree with him that future generations and I'm sure he is meaning future administrations of the Japanese government should not have to keep apologizing for crimes against humanity that they did not commit.

    Those individuals in the Japanese government during World War II that did commit crimes against humanity were prosecuted by the United States and they were punished accordingly.

    But I am sure China and South Korea will "split hairs" on his words and they will spin this as they usually do as this not being a "sincere" nor the word "apology" came out of his mouth, and the cycle of this never ending rhetoric that comes out of China and South Korea will never end because ithis issue the only political leverage that these 2 nations have against Japan in order to acquire - illegally - the wealth away from good and sincere Japanese.

    Well done Mr. Abe

    Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing

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    @ Kenny Iyekawa

    That's impossible.

    Hypothetically Speaking, and if this is the standard moving forward, then every single nation that has gone to War throughout history MUST apologize for going to War no matter the method nor the outcome of the War - Win or Lose - All current and future Administrations of every Nation that has gone to War must develop a practice of apologizing for going to War.

    Ok - Sorry for going to War: Great Britain, Mexico, Tripoli, Union & Confederates, Spain, Germany, Germany again, Italy, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and The World on Terror?

    Did I miss anyone?

    Oh, and Sorry Mankind for Darwin pointing out that we really are the smartest tool using fire making animals on the planet.

    Posted in: Ghosts of WW2 haunt East Asia as Abe prepares statement

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    I just want to know why the Abe Administration has to apologize for events that were never initiated by the Abe Administration?

    The events of WW2 where initiated by the Tojo Administration under the blessings of The Emperor.

    The Chinese and Koreans keep saying "The Japanese Government" but which government? Tojo is dead and so is Emeror Hirohito.

    Should The Obama Administration apologize to The Japanese for a decision made by The Truman Administration for the Fire Bombings of over 60 Cities in Japan and for the Atomic Bombs being dropped on Hitoshima & Nagasaki that killed

    Posted in: Ghosts of WW2 haunt East Asia as Abe prepares statement

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    Ok, let me this correct: The Male Suspect - a 24 Year Old; severs off "the unit" of a 42 Year Old Male whom the suspects Wife was having an affair with at the time of the attack.

    Well, judging by the suspects extreme violence in this case, it doesn't surprise me to learn why the suspects wife was having an affair. She was probably ready to end the marriage because that kind of behavior is not normal by any standards of conduct unless rape is involved then I understand the severing of "the unit" to ensure that doesn't happen again.

    But this guy was just venting rage beyond what is to be considered the normal way of handling things.

    Posted in: Man cuts off love rival's penis; flushes it down toilet


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