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    Why is it when Japan tries to get 1 thing entered into the UNESCO committee for a vote suddenly China and South Korea have issue with it?

    Did you all know that China and South Korea were opposed to Mt. Fuji getting on the list? Also the Yuzu fruit which was cited by UNESCO along with Sushi as a Japanese World Cultural Heritage Food was opposed by South Korea because South Korea claimed that the Yuzu Fruit is actually a Korean Fruit they call Yuya. DNA testing proved it was 100% originally cultivated in Japan before the Heian Period.

    The audacity of South Korea and China goes beyond absurd.

    The Senkaku Islands should be named as a Japnese UNESCO World Heritage Site. That will put an end to the persistent incursions by Communist China AND the Spratley Islands as a Republic of the Philippines UNESCO World Heritage Site - Then the Philippines can demand that Chinese Airbase to be dismantled and removed immediately without question or recourse.

    Finally, in Honor of my Fathers Generation who fought in Vietnam -and with the Vietnamese Governments support: The Khe Sanh Airbase & Battlefield in Vietnam should also be nominated and put on the UNESCO list as well.

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    So, Apple lost about 16 Million Dollars in that 5 hours outage at iTunes?

    Meh - No big loss to Tim Cook.

    Along side his Gold Apple Watch, he probably has 16 Milion Dolars in the ashtray of his Aston Martin.

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    I've heard all the PRO's & CON's regarding "The Apple Watch" and as splendid and as marvelous as this little device may be, keep in mind that this is a "Consumer Electronic" device and it is evident that it will expire in about 8 Months starting after April 24th meaning the Next Generation Apple Watch will be introduced probably before next Valentines Day.

    Conscience of that fact, I have humbly decided to pass on purchasing the watch and not because of the price tag (no not the 18K I am not that crazy) but because it will essentially go into a jewelry box once it expires.

    Well, if any of you guys do actually go out and purchase this watch, do one favor for me?

    Raise up the watch and yell: "Khaaan! Khaaan! Khaaan!"

    I just love that scene in "The Wrath of Khan" and I thought I would do that one day if technology ever came around to having computers on our wrists like in Star Trek - LOL

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    My thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery to Ambassador Mark Lippert.

    It's not an easy job being an Ambassador in a region where Hard Lined Nationalists like North & South Korea are consistantly at the boiling points with not only themselves but Friendly Neighbors like Japan.

    Our Diplomats & our U.S. Armed Forces are trying to hold together the "Status Quo".

    My concern at this point was how and why the South Korean Government knowing this guy is a "Domestic Extremist" allowed him to remain on this "Reconciliation Committee" and gave him an invitation to this event and knowing his past (2010 he threw a piece of concrete at the Japanese Ambassador) would be within arms reach of a U.S. Ambassador.

    The second he walked through the doors, he should've been stopped and turned away and or arrested right on the spot, but why wasn't he? Why is the South Korean Governemt apologizing for allowing a known "Domestic Extremist" into a forum without being searched and within reach of a U.S. Ambassador?

    Is it because South Korea is at odds with the U.S. over our close friendship with Japan - a Country they detest?

    Sorry, but I am not accepting South Korea's lousy apology for allowing this known Domestic Etremist into an event and within arms reach of a U.S. Ambassador without searching him for weapons and then condemning an attack that THEY allowed to happen via negligence? It's almost as if they knew this was going to happen and it was a shot at the U.S. who allies with Japan over a petty squabble regarding questionable issues stemming over 70 Years Ago during World War 2.

    Even though North Korea is pouncing on the opportunity to Rub It In Our Noses, this attack had little to do with North Korea.

    I blame it all on South Korea.

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    Hezbollah is fighting ISIS?

    OMG! Hell really has frozen over...

    Or has all this morphed into Good Muslims vs. Bad Muslims?

    Feudalism vs. Extremism?

    And where do the Jews in Jerusalem fit into this equation?

    Since Iran has been fighting ISIS along with the Iraqi Shiite's will Israel forgive Iran, Hezbollah, and form a Bond with Palestine?

    The time is now to think really hard for the Leaders in The Middle East.

    ISIS believes they are fighting a Cosmic War based upon the apocalyptic chapter in The Quran and they are determined to bring "The Crusaders" to Dabiq in Syria for all out conflict. Very Bizarre, but that is what they are reaching for and that is why President Obama is hesitant to send in a Full Blown Invasion Force - The fear of another suicidal War like we faced against The Japanese and the Kamikaze or the determined Communization of Vietnam by The NVA & Viet Cong.

    It's not a joke with these guys and if we go in, there's not much chance for success if we can't determine who is a Good Jihadist from the Bad Jihadist or who's the lesser of 2 evils...?!?

    Good Lord, the GOP in Congress are crazy if they think they can try this again. I watched the entire War in Iraq unfold and many people called me a crazy liberal for being in decent of Bush's decision to invade Iraq but descent was Benjamin Franklin's position during the signing of The Constitution because The Bill of Rights was abstained at the time. Subsequently, he signed The Constituion but not without griping about it first. I was the same way towards "W" when he was determine to "Take down Saddam Hussain", and what happened? Just as Saddam warned, "...You'll Be Opening The Gates Of Hell..."

    And the GOP think they're gonna gallop right back into Iraq with Jeb in the Oval Office for a sequel?


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    The Democrats in Washington have had an interesting history of controlling Military Operations during War - right from The Oval Office.

    The Generals and Admirals hate it, but it has proven successful at times.

    Take for example "The Battle for Khe Sanh" during The Vietnam War; President Johnson set up a Situation Room in The Oval Office. He had current and up to date battle maps and he was controlling all of the Air Strikes right from The Oval Office. The battle between The U.S. Marines & The Vuet Cong raged for weeks and eth the help from the Air Strikes, it eventually was a success for The United States and along with The Marines, President Johnson was credited for winning that battle.

    If The White House plans to repeat what is known to some as "The Johnson Strategy", then The White House should think about Liberating Raqqa, Syria and Mosul, Iraq from ISIS.

    It would require intensive Air Strikes, Attack Helicopters, U.S. Special Forces, and 3 Battlions of U.S. Marines to go in a Liberate these towns from ISIS.

    Liberation is the only way to draw a clear battlefront in this campaign.

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    The Grammy's need to file an indefinite Restraining Order on Kanye West and charge him with Tresspassing next time he comes within 100 Feet near The Grammy's.

    They can't afford to have that Moron interrupt the show next year.

    Besides Beyoncé Knowles (even though she was awarded a Grammy) is not entitled to a Grammy just because she releases a Single or an Album.

    Beck is a highly respected artist and his album was very good and he along with Sam Smith both deserved their Awards.

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    Lieutenant Kaseasbeh will be in our hearts forever.

    Our thoughts and prayers to his Family and especially his Dad who went out there before this horrific news reminding ISIS that Kaseabeh was a fellow Muslim Brother like themselves, yet he was doing his duty as a pilot and following orders from his superiors - he pleaded to them to show amnesty to Kaseabeh, yet we learned later that ISIS had already committed this horrific act and they never came back later to apologize nor show any remorse comsidering he was fellow Muslim.

    At this point I don't even believe that ISIS are even Muslims themselves..

    Allah nor Muhammad could never look into the eyes of mankind and condone this - They would decry this as a Sin.

    A Sin against Islam and a Sin against all Humanity itself.

    ISIS is not Islam and this Califate Al-Bagdadi is a False Prophet to God.

    He is Satan himself in my eyes, and he has brainwashed the minds of lesser educated people to believe and follow him into his Culture of Murder and Doom!

    I can only pray that they see the light and turn away from that Demon.

    I am happy that Jordan and the rest of the Islamic Community are helping us (The United States) to Annihalte - as Kassebeh's Dad put it - Islamic State and restore the good name of Islam.

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    This pilot died with such Valor and Courage.

    I saw the images and I saw defiance in his face looking out at those MURDERING THUGS!!!!

    My thoughts and prayers to the Father, Mother, and Family of this pilot - Your Son was a Hero - A True Hero!

    May God bless his soul.

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    I've been a strong proponent for Japan's Military Expansion for about as long as I have been posting on this site.

    Japan should without hesitation move on legislation in order to protect the lives of their citizens ANYWHERE they are threatened.

    These twisted and diseased maniacs who call themselves ISIS have taken a Respectable Religion and perverted it into Culture of Murder and now they have declared "Open Season" on all or any Japanese they may come in contact with or abduct.

    China and South Korea are probably against this move, but hey - anytime China & South Korea want to join the rest of the world in fighting Global Terrorism then jump right on in and join the fight. However, they seem to keep within their boarders and point outwards at the Japanese over World War 2 when they should be helping us fight World War 3!!

    Japan needs to move on protecting their citizens from Terrorism, Communism, or any other "ism" that threatens the safety and security of the Japanse People.

    And we, The United States of America; will stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends - The Japanese People and offer any support they may need.

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    My condolences to the Wife and Family of Kenji Goto.

    Kenji was a very special person in this world and his love for helping others will remain in our hearts for a very very long time.

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    We are ALL utterly unerved and completely stifled at the savage & horrendous murder of Kenji Goto.

    This murderer "Jihadi John" and his Cult of Killers will very soon meet their maker - rest assure of that - is comming very soon.

    As soon as we know the status of that pilot we are going to do something (The U.S. and our Allies) that we have done yet in this War and that will be seen very soon - Stay Tuned we are going to turn the tables on this Killer, his Boss, and their army of blood thirsty rejects!

    Thoughts and Prayers to Junko Ishido and her Family - You are all in our hearts and we The International Community feel your sorrow. Also thoughts and prayers to Haruna Yukawa's family who also had to endure the same suffering and pain. Your Sons were good Men to the world.

    Nobody should ever take s Respected Religion and pervert it into a Cult of Murder!!

    But that is what ISIS has done and they stand alone in the Islamic World. Allah has no room in heaven those who murder the innocent just because of their nationality and turning a blind eye to their plea without the chance for amnesty.

    God willing - they will pay with their rotten lives for their Sins!

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    Assure this, if Goto & The Pilot dies - Rishawi hangs.

    One innocent Man is already dead and his family in dispair.

    How far does ISIS want to go with this ordeal?

    They'd better think this through very carefully if they intend to see to the end of their Caliphate.

    ISIS nor any hostile entity who wage terror and genocide should never underestimate the vaste financial and intelligence gathering resources of The United States and their Allies have throughout The Middle East.

    Because there will be a day of reckoning for those who do.

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    Well, if this deal goes down, it will probably have to go down like this:

    The Jordianian Govt will want to ensure the Pilot is safe before handing over Al-Rishswi, so ISIS will have to let him go first.

    After the pilot is let go from ISIS and he is safe, The Jordanians will need to let out Al-Rishawi and ensure she makes it over to ISIS safe because they will still have Goto.

    After Al-Rishawi is safe, ISIS will then need to let go Goto and ensure he makes it somewhere safe - like the nearest International Airport or the nearest safe town to Westerners (wouldn't want him tossed out of a car just anywhere).

    Hopefully, it will go down that way.

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    Japan is frighten by China and they should be.

    China is a Nuclear Armed Massive Military Giant that sits on a massive land mass bordering what? 4 Seas?

    Japan is a small, peacful, Non-Nuclear Armed Nation and has a much smaller self defense force compared to this Fierce Nuclear Armed Communist Nation that fears Japan might someday might visit a little Shrine?

    Wow, I had no idea that a Fierce Nuclear Armed Giant like China has so much fear in a little War Shrine that is not even located anywhere within 1,000 miles from their respective boarders (not including ADIZ's).

    Gosh this little shrine must house a Massive Spirit in it that totally freaks out the Chinese to the point they must Massively Armed themselves and persistently try to aquire harass, intimidate, and threaten the Japanese AND they must have a set of ROCKS in the South China Sea that somehow have exotic Tuna?

    I hear in China that there is s Massive Portrait of a man in the front of an exotic city known as "The Forbidden City".

    I read that this Man (who is portrait on the front wall of this Forbidden City) wiped out 40 Million of his own democratic Chinese people in order to establish a Communist Party in China and then test detonated Nuclear Weapons in order to bring his newly founded Communist Nation to Full Power and Glory and then he immortalized himself on their Forbidden City's wall just to remind all the subjects who pass by and wonder "Why can't we vote?" "What is Liberty?" "Does my opinion really matter?"

    Well, I am certainly happy that Japan's Good Friends - The United States is well positioned in Japan and with Brand New Radar's and a well devised "Nuclear Dome" over Japan just to make sure "Our Friends" remain safe from this Paranoid Fierce Nuclear Giant!

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    Well one thing is for certain, if Goto & Kaseasbeh are killed then al-Rishawi will certainly hang and ISIS doesn't get their "Tokyo Rose" (no offense to the real Tokyo Rose).

    The ISIS Leaders have the worlds attention.

    They should do the right thing and think this situation through very carefully.

    Like try being sensible for a change?

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    These demands are obsurd and geared to just prolong the inevitable and to increase ISIS's Bloody Propaganda Campaign they're selling as a Caliphate.

    I can assure you all of this: If Goto and or this Pilot dies, Rashawi will defiantly hang. And lucky for her that she will just hang and not suffer a blade around her neck.

    Oh BTW: U.S. &,British Intelligence are moving in on Rambo Ninja. They will take this sick and twisted puke off of this planet the same way we took out his mentor Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

    They underestimate the vaste resources The United States and our allies have in The Middle East and we will take them out.

    It's not a matter of "If" but a short matter of "When"...

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    Yes it's amazing that Japan must scramble "their fighter jets" in an all out effort to protect their property when WE - The United States are supposed to be protecting by abiding by the Peace Treaty that we forced Japan to sign that WE - The United States would honor to "Protect Japan's Property" and boarders.

    So why aren't WE The United States scrambling OUR fighter jets in order to protect Japan and abide by the same security treaty that we forced Japan to sign in good faith that The Japnese have honorably upheld since the end of World War 2 ?

    Japan is a Non-Nuclear Weaponed Nation consistently being harassed, tormented, and threatened by Nuclear Armed Giants like Communist China and Pro-Communist Russia who claim rights to property that does not belong to them nor within their respective boarders.

    Again, why aren't we sending our jets aloft? That's my concern.

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    PM Abe should not get involved in Middle Eastern Affairs.

    The complexity of the Middle East goes far beyond what the Japanese are capable of dealing with unless Japan plans to send Military Hardware and Advisors to Iraq along side the U.S.

    And I hope the Washingron did not pressure PM Abe to get involved in Mid-East affairs.

    Besides, Japan has enough to deal with China, South Korea, and Russia trying to steal their property away from them at every corner possible.

    Serious lessons learned and unfortunately at the cost of human life - it just ain't worth it - not even for the U.S. to be this heavily engaged.

    I just imagine what kind of world we would be living today without the need for oil.

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    Apple was so smart to wait on releasing the Apple Watch until after CES 2015.

    Let everyone see what "follows" Apple and then wait for Apple to show the world the way.

    Yes, I agree, Samsumg is a Leech to Sony and Apple and it's pathetic to look at Samsung's products without having to stop and think, "Ok, what did they copy this time?"

    CES is a nice little show for all the Secondary Manufactures that are struggling and racing to play catch up with Apple, but just wait, the moment is upon us - Apple Watch, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, and there's One More Thing, but ill keep it under wraps for now.

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