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    More Political Propaganda from the Raciest Nationalists Politicians in China & Soith Korea.

    Is this the only thing they can Grand Stand upon?

    Besides,, I just watched on NHK that there has been over 1.2 Million Chinese Tourist visiting Japan since January 2014 ~ August 2014 - THIS YEAR!

    Does that translate to "We hate Japan"?

    *I don't think their propaganda is working very well.

    When NHK interviewd some of the tourist from China, the Chinese tourist said "We love Japan. We have no idea why our Givernment says such terrible things about Japan and the Japanese. So far everyone had been so polite and nice to us and Japan is so Cool!"

    Same interviews went for the South Korean Tourist and same answers, so it is very obvious and transparent that their governments are spitting out all this Hate and Propadanda and I am happy to learn that the people themselves from China & South Korea are traveling to Japan and seeing the truth for themselves and learning first hand that their governments are just full lies about Japan.

    Finally, there was study conducted by a French University that examined the population of China & South Korea immediately following WWII and the study discovered that the population in China and South Korea didn't drop hardly at all compared to the levels before the Japanese invaded China & South Korea, so where's all the massacring, rapes, and sex slavery comming from?

    The mathematics are just not in their favor - sorry and I do believe that Japan did not commit all of these "alleged atrocities" at the levels being reported by China & South Korea therefore I think we need China & South Korea to tone down the retoric and start working with Japan with a more clear and transparent point of view.

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    I like anything Apple makes.

    Since Steve Jobs took over Apple years ago and before he died, he really turned Apple around into the the most innovative technology company in the world.

    Samsung would still be in fighting Sony in the Television market if it were not for Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone and the iPad.

    These innovations by Apple revolutionized the way we look at life and these innovations changed our lives forever and I commend Steve Jobs, Tim Cook and the brilliant Engineers at Apple for taking us into a New Frontier.

    I personally own an iPhone, iPad, and the New MacBook Pro with Retina Display and I guess I consider myself a "Mac Man".

    I certainly look forward to seeing Apple's next new innovation wether that be an iWatch, iPhone 6 and any other innovation.

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    @Flowers - Sometime last August 2013.

    All we ca do at this point is call in Apache Gunships and go Street-to-Street in Tilkrit and Mosul and get ISIS "moving" - like get them moving out in the open so they can die exhausted!

    Hopefully that may bring an end to their self proclaimed Caliphate.

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    @WilliB Assad is a Shia which is why this Civil War in Syria started from the Very Get Go. Sunni Minorities were demanding a more open voice and they protested peacefully until Assad's Forces took to the streets and started gunning people down.

    *And lets not forget that Assad's Big Buddies are Russia and the Commies in China. They just happen to sell Assad all kinds of Military Toys like Tanks, Guns, Cannons, Fighter Aircraft, and Chemical Weapons.

    Washington knew he had chemical weapons and drew a "Red Line" for him not use them and how did Assad respond to Washington's "Red Lined" threat? He used chemical weapons on his own people.

    When Washington moved warships near Syria, Russia and China moved their warships in front of our warships.

    And how did Washington respond?

    They coward away and started negations with Assad...pathetic eh?

    ISIS was born out of these Rebels from Syria that we supported with Small Arms, RPG's, and Surface-To-Air Missile Launchers and now they're using those same weapons and a few from dead Syrian and Iraqi Soldiers to Sweep Across Iraq in the name of Sharia and eventually they will try and use those weapons against us.

    Hanging ourselves with our own rope is not the kind of Foreign Policy I expect from Washington, but that seems to be the norm these days.

    Are we all insane?

    Well, that depends on what you consider to be "sane".

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    First of all, Thoughts and Prayers to James Foley's Family.

    And according to other sources, ISIS has other foreign journalist detained that they are withholding.

    Secondly, Washington has 2 Choices at this point: 1. Escalate this into a full blown "Operation or Campaign" and put boots back on the ground to fight ISIS or 2. Leave it all to the Iraqis and Kurds to fend for themselves.

    Washington has really failed on Foreign Policy around the world.

    Thirdly, Washington had a chance to stand on that Red Line in Syria, take down Bashier Assad and we wouldnt have this ISIS problem would we?

    You all know ISIS are those Sunni Rebels from Syria right? The same rebels we tried to arm and its also speculated that some ISIS Fighters are former members of Sadam's Sunni Regime that were ousted during "Iraqi Freedom" and now they have all come to reclaim what they believe is or was theirs at one point in time - Iraq.

    They are using the "Islamic Caliphate" as the platform for their Sweeping Campaign into Iraq and these ISIS Fighters are really pissed off and they are willing to die at any given second in the name of Sharia.

    Not to mention, Iraq still holds the 2nd largest Oil Reserves in the world, therefore, the worlds wealth is still sitting underneath all that sand as well.

    There is really no way to stop this madness unless Washington makes the regretful decision to send American Troops back into Iraq, get back into the fight, finish the job, and finally Secure the Borders.

    That is the only sound way to Secure the Peace and Secure the Oil Reserves.

    Finally and perhaps in the future, Washington will a actually stand firm on its Foreign Policy instead of giving the world "Lip Service" in order to just hang on to the "Status Quo".

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    I don't think China and South Korea have any problems with the Japanese visiting any Shrines whatsoever - especially in their own Country.

    This not at issue.

    What is at issue is THIS Shrine in particular.

    But I have to admit that when the Japanese snuck in those 13 War Criminals Names into the "Book of Souls" at Yasukuni (in the dead of night in the 1980's) - I think that is what set the pace for all the bitterness we see today between these Asian Giants.

    Why did they have to do that? What was purpose of that?

    Why mix PM Tojo's Name in with Sakamoto Ryoma's?

    Ryoma a well Admired & Noted Hero to most Historians and Tojo a noted War Criminal - I just don't see the logic and that still baffles me today.

    What's done is done and unfortunately and according to Shinto Law, once a name is entered into a Shrine it becomes 1 with that shrines Kami (God) and can never be removed.

    Again, I just don't see the logic in it all.

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    Japan needs to be very careful about giving things back to Communist China - That could establish an unwanted Geopolitical Proxy of "You gave that back, now give us this back..."

    Keep in mind that Japan has already apologized to Communist China & South Korea for alleged "War Atrocities" and since then, Japan has unfortunately set a bad precedence for themselves (that is why America never apologized for dropping the bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki - Bad Proxy)

    Besides, making appeals or demands to The Imperial Court is something the Japanese will not accept from China or South Korea.

    The Imperial Family is at The Heart of the Japanese Culture and tampering with their culture will only result in a simple: "No, but would you care for some Green Tea?"

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    What a Fantastic Idea!

    I can see the Storm Brewing in the Teacup already.

    I hope the J-Embassy is ready for the onslaught of Dirty Water Bottles and Uniqlo in Beijing needs to Rig the Burglar Bars in preparation for the Wild Commie Maniacs soon to be Looting and Pillaging...

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    I laughed so hard until I WAS CRYING!!

    I can't wait for Sanma or Hamada &Matsumoto to get this guy on their J-Celeb TV Circuit Shows!

    "Blah Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaa Wha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaa..."

    Too Funny!!

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    I think the message being sent to China is now Loud and Clear: "BRING IT ON!"

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    Well, Japan Lobbied for the Olympics with their long drawn out lectures on how "Safe" Japan is and their "O-Mo-Te-Na-Shi" -They Won it - Now they Own it.

    Nobody said the Olympics come cheap. China spent the money, Russia spent the money and if Japan insists upon making second decisions with Venue Changes and Stadium Design Changes due to budgeting costs or other Nationalist Reasons without consent if the IOC - then the IOC will rip the Olympics away from Japan and award the 2020 Games to Istanbul and this generation of Japanese will not see another chance to host the Olympics for another 50 Years.

    Furthermore, Former PM Mori needs to go. This Man's mouth is a Loose Cannon and he is (and has been) a Huge Liability to the Japanese Olympic Committe as long as PM Abe keeps him as Chairman - The IOC doesn't like him, I do not like him, and he's simply a liability to this organization. I don't like what he said to Former President Bill Clinton to Bill Clinton's face, I don't like what he said about U.S. Forces in Japan. I think he's a Raciest, and Hard Right Nationalist and Japan should rethink at having him chair that organization.

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    COWARDS! - Come Forward!

    They should come forward and debate their "point of view" Face-to-Face with Ms. Shiomura.

    LOL - they're probably a bunch of Mama's Boys anyways.

    Besides, I admire Ms. Shiomura for her courage and determination and I hope she presses forward with her willingness to help Women in Japan to get a fair voice and free of discrimination.


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    What I find interesting about these "Encounters" is that to date, there has not been any Fighter Jets from either side, going up against each other.

    Have you all noticed that its usually a Fighter Jet vs Surveillance Plane(s)?

    I am only guessing that the reasoning for this, may be that Fighter Pilots; may actually engage each other in an Aerial Dual, Lock Radars on each other - leading to a Fighter Pilot deploying a Stinger Missile (fearing for his life) and in turn downing one of the Fighters - hence creating a serious international incident sparking rebukes from either side that one started the agression causing the loss of the Fighter Jet and possibly the death of the pilot resulting in sanctions and other forms of economical punishments to one side or the other.

    I can only speculate it all has something to do with that "Status Quo" thing which neither side wishes to disrupt as it feeds their economies.

    ...just something I've been observing lately.

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    Cracking down on the Internet will certainly boil over with people's tempers, but hoping for a revolution is not likely to happen anytime soon.

    I just don't think the Chinese have the nerve like the Ukranians to take to the streets and die for what they believe in and that tells me that most Chinese are satisfied living under a communist government (or they're just cowards).

    Besides, there are too many multinational corporations that have big investments inside China and they certainly will not let anything to change the "Status Quo" which feeding their economies.

    I wouldn't even expect Washington to back a rebellion inside China based upon the economical impact of losing the Status Quo.

    Its going to continue to be a sad reality until the Chinese People muster up the nerve and the belief that they will have to to start dieing for Change and Freedom.

    It's not going to be graciously handed to them via Twitter, Facebook or Webo or whatever the hell they use over there...


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    My thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of these kids that met such a horrible & dark end to their young precious lives.

    This job that the divers are doing is an unnerving task that will probably require them to get some therapy and counseling after all the kids have been recovered and I can only say that the divers are Hero's to say the least.

    As far as the Captain and his crew that abandon all those kids just to save their own a**'s - I just hope they understand that no matter how much the law punishes them for their inactions - they will have to face their own conscience for the rest of their worthless cowardice lives.

    Not sure if I can even find the words anymore...

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    It's clearly obvious that the inner circle of Oyaji Doctors find it insulting that a gifted 30 Year Old Scientist made the breakthrough discovery of STAP Cell Research I often coin as "Immortality" that they have failed to deliver in the past and to cite her research as "Flawed" due to a breach in protocol is an unfortunate setback to this study.

    I think RIKEN should move forward with Obokata and her research with STAP Cells (if you'd like to live longer and healthier).

    BTW: If there is ever a need for a live human specimen to conclude that STAP Cells do work then give me a tap on the shoulder - I'm all for that immortality thing :)

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    About 26 Million Dollars a day is being spent on this search.

    Less than 9 Days and the Flight Data Recorders batteries go dead and we won't be able to find it.

    Yea, satellites are locating lots of Junk and nothing related to this plane.

    What gives here?

    There should be SOMETHING related to this plane floating up towards Australia according to the ocean currents in the Southern IO.

    Like that Seat Cushion they always tell you to use as a Flotation Device, Suite Cases, Cloths, Carry On Luggage, Serving Trays, Needless to say a Human Body? - Something.

    We're chasing shadows here.

    This plane landed somewhere or it crashed on land and the Malaysian government has too much invested tourism to lose to admit they have a jihadist problem manifesting in their country.

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    Filing a lawsuit is not going to change the almost certain fact that MH370 has somehow disappeared into the abyss.

    I know from my days serving in the U.S. Navy that it's almost impossible to search for anything during High Winds and Heavy Seas. Believe me, the most experienced and veteran sailors still get Sea Sick during those conditions, plus the search planes are unable to go aloft due to the extreme turbulence and very low visibility.

    The fight now is against time. The Flight Data Recorder only has about 9 Days left in the battery before it goes dead and stops emitting the audio beacon.

    I really hope they find it soon.

    Finally, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the passengers. Watching their grief on TV is so heartbreaking and I wish we can deploy everything the world has to offer find ther Father, Brother, Mother, Sister, Husband, Wife, or Child so we can bring some kind of closure to their suffering.

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    So, what would've happened if Kim actually Won the Gold?

    Would South Korea still do the right thing and still site the 2 Judges that should've recused themselves from judging the competition due to their questionable history of corrupt and bias judging?

    I think not.

    Actually Kim should've never have had a Gold Medal (in my opinion) to begin with. She didn't break any Olympic World Records like Mao Asada did in Vancouver did she?

    Kim - You got trumped by a Russian in Russia.

    Besides, If anyone had any misjudgment placed upon them, then it was Mao Asada in Vancouver . She should've been the one awarded the Gold Medal. Of course she never complained about because she's got more class than that.

    The only way judging the results can ever be changed is if the Russian Skater was is found to have bern doping before the competition.

    Enjoy your Silver Medal Kim - now you know how Mao felt wen she got trumped over you for her deserved Gold Medal in Vacouver.

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    My thoughts and prayers to ALL the Families that have had their emotions RIPPED by this incompitent Malaysian Government and the incompitent Malaysian Airline Officials.

    The Nerve and Audacity of these People and PM Razak!

    Oh, it IS apparent that PM Razak has other motives to suddenly squash this investigation and recovery operation and I believe his motives (and Malaysian Airlines Motives) are very self serving.

    One, they are losing billions in tourism and Malaysian Airlines is losing money as a result of their FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE!

    Two, Mr Razak doesn't want to admit that Malaysia has a problem with Islamic Extremism and Jihadism AND it's possible that the Captain and his co-pilot had turned off the transponder and took Flight 370 on a Joy Ride somewhere into the IO.

    Three, Mr Razak and his Administration have put themselves in a position that makes the world to believe that they know something they're not sharing with investigators OR they have tampered or destroyed evidence that does lead this investigation to a hijacking.

    Finally, we (The U.S., Australia, China, Japan, and Britain) wil continue the search. We are bringing 2 U.S. Navy ships to the area that will be carrying "Towed Array Sonar". This Passive Sonar Device will be towed behind the ships while submerged and it will be used to detect the Flight Data Recorder that is sending out an Audio Beacon right now as I am typing this post. The Flight Data Recorder will continue to emit the Audio Alarm (which sounds almost as loud as a car alarm) and the Towed Array Sonar wil pick it up and we'll locate it.

    The Flight Data Recoeder will transmit its audio alarm for another 10 or 12 Days or so. After that, the battery goes dead and we won't be able to hear it. There is no Satelite beacon unfortunately.

    But I am confident that we will find it - THEN the truth will be known!

    And as for PM Razak and Malaysian Airlines: They'd better pray to their Allah that the truth separates themselves from what comes out of the Flight Data Recorder, because if there is any indication that they did indeed tamper with evidence or destroy evidence or try and obstruct the investigation - Then I can assure ALL the families sickened by this Malaysian Government and their incompetent Airline - There will be Hell To Pay!

    And not exactly from The U.S. but from Comminist China.

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