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    As far as tipping goes, it is usually frowned upon in all parts of Japan.

    This is a common myth, tipping in certain forms is a common practice here. As a few examples, customers chartering tour buses often tip in Japan, as do guests at ryokans (Japanese inns). Heck, even doctors take tips in Japan, a practice that would be highly frowned upon in many other countries.

    Tips in Japan are often referred to as 'kokorozuke' (心付け) and placed in a special envelope before being handed to the recipient.

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    As some people posting above have said, in my home country I probably would, but probably not in Japan where there is a high likelihood of the police not taking a favorable view to me reporting my concerns, and possibly even implicating me in a crime.

    Many years ago I grabbed a pervert on a train and took him to the nearest koban (police box). The police were more interested in me than him, and I ended up feeling fortunate to get out of there without having charges pressed against me (this was long before Japanese authorities started cracking down on train perverts). After that, I vowed never to get involved again in that kind of situation.

    I have long suspected that police here intimidate people, particularly foreigners, who report concerns as a means of discouraging citizens and residents from reporting such incidents in order to keep crime statistics (reported crimes) low.

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    Japan on Thursday urged China to not focus on “unfortunate history”

    Hypocritical considering Japan's unwavering focus on its own suffering during the war.

    Imagine the outrage both in Japan and even among much of the U.S. population if the American government were to urge Hiroshima/Nagasaki/Japan not to focus on the "unfortunate history" of the nuclear bombs.

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    I see part of the reason for continuing the hunts as purely economic.


    I slightly disagree. At this point, the hunts seem to have very little to do with economics, but instead are being pursued mainly out of spite — and any Japanese authority figure who suggested a shift to alternative economic activity would be lynched by Japanese society at large for being unpatriotic.

    The hunts are now kept alive by a siege mentality and sense of defiance that has developed among people who feel like the people of Japan stand alone as victims pitted against an international community of ill wishers. They have become a symbol among many in Japan of the nation's struggle to maintain its "Japaneseness." For instance, in my children's Japanese elementary school the students were fed whale meat once a year with the educational aim of heightening their awareness of Japanese culture.

    This "us versus everyone else outside of Japan, we are at a disadvantage" mindset is an integral part of Japan's social fabric. It fuels much of Japan's competitive drive and success in business, sports and education, but also makes it difficult for Japanese people to relate honestly with people from the rest of our planet.

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    The revision will expand the scope of the ID numbers’ use by linking it with people’s bank accounts on a voluntary basis, benefiting tax and other authorities in the discovery of tax evasion and wrongful receipt of welfare benefits.

    Am I understanding this correctly? People will allow the tax authorities access to their banking information on a "voluntary basis" so that authorities can investigate them for tax evasion? Why would anybody, innocent or not, 'volunteer' their information.

    I am guessing that in the language of Japanese bureaucracy double-speak, 'voluntary' here should be interpreted as 'do-it-or-else.'

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    Budweiser and hot dogs for just 6,000yen?! OMG! I'm there!


    You forgot to mention the "classic American snacks" shown in the photo — corn chips (referred to as "nachos" here) and popcorn.

    With only 120 seats available, this could fill up fast.

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    A great example of this is a series of articles written by a foreigner under the pseudonym of "Richard Cory" in the Japan Times about five years ago.


    Some months ago, the daughter of the father who wrote the "Richard Cory" articles gave a Ted Talk on her abduction.

    This is something every foreigner with children in Japan should watch:

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    live 4 kilometers away from my kids, but haven't seen them for two years because 'she says no!' She got a new fella and told me he is their father now and there is nothing I can do about it.


    Truly heartbreaking. What a horrible situation for you, and even more so for your children.

    I know far too many people with Japanese ex-spouses in similar predicaments, and for every person in your situation there are many more in dysfunctional marriages to Japanese spouses fearing every day that they could be next and as such watch these sorts of Japanese family law issues closely. Japan's anti-foreign-parent bias has caused many to be disillusioned when it comes to this country.

    It seems like the Japanese government, and the foreign affairs ministry in particular, continually look for loopholes and workarounds when it comes to international agreements like the Hague Convention. This "online system" seems no different. Merely a way for the MOFA to give the illusion that they are acting in good faith, when in reality nearly zero families will benefit from this "solution."

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    The children tend to be more ashamed of their own failings than angry at their tormentors or the adults who fail to protect them.

    Although peer relationships are a major catalyst for teen suicides, from my first-hand experience in Japan, parents, teachers and coaches are also a major source of the shame and inadequacy children feel regarding their own failings. I know personally of teen suicides that from what I have been told resulted from this sort of pressure and abuse.

    For instance, teachers post student grade rankings on bulletin boards for all to see and attempt to shame students into getting better grades, parents continually goad their children, relentlessly comparing them negatively against their friends in terms of grades/abilities/physical attributes, and coaches persistently demean young athletes with verbal attacks on them personally (ie. "You're stupid!").

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    Crosses what line? I think it's weird myself, but if someone wants to do it, they can go ahead.


    Crosses the line clearly into weird/creepy territory. But I fully agree with you, if someone wants to do it that's their prerogative.

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    Creepy. I'm am quite fond of dogs, but referring to one (and treating it) as one's child crosses a line.

    I once lived next door to a very self-righteous, abrasive woman in the U.S. who treated her ankle-biter as if it were a human child, scolding/reasoning with the dog, and even wiping its rear end after it had done its duty.

    The woman had never had children, so I am guessing that to her the pet was a surrogate in place of a child — the woman's maternal instincts run amok.

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    This is not an "adult amusement establishment." It's a place that provides information for free about soaplands, deli-heru, pin-saro, etc.

    Extending on what @kickboard wrote, the signage in this photo indicates that this establishment offers free information (無料案内) on adult entertainment businesses (fuzokuten) through online services such as MAN-ZOKU Net and Pokepara (ポケパラ).

    The MAN-ZOKU Net website, a play on the word "manzoku" (satisfaction) and "man", has listings from 19,147 adult entertainment businesses featuring 171,691 girls.

    Pokepara advertises information on various types of 'cabaret clubs' (キャバクラ).

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    Japan has one of the lowest rates of female workforce participation in the developed world

    And as just one prime example of Japan's low female workplace participation, the picture posted on JT yesterday showing a a meeting of cabinet ministers at Abe’s official residence — not a woman in the room.

    If Abe really wants to increase workforce participation, he should probably set a better example.

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    Trump will have effectively and single handedly destroyed the GOP.


    Although trump has played a major role in destroying the GOP, I certainly wouldn't go as far as to give him ALL the credit.

    A large portion of the blame for making a laughingstock of the GOP should also go to the overwhelming majority of GOP politicians who have been actively courting support/votes/money from the dark side of American society — Tea Party activists, gun rights advocates, holier-than-thou evangelicals, xenophobes, homophobes, the one percent, and the list goes on...

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    Some foreigners at Tsukiji have, on the other hand, obstructed business by their actions (ie. licking/tampering wit the fish rendering them unsellable).


    Here is the video with the foreign tourist licking the fish at Tsukiji:

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    I had never heard of Jason Atsugiri, so ended up watching his routine on YouTube.


    The humor apparently derives from the stereotype of the continually gesticulating and irate foreigner who doesn't quite get Japan. Not my cup of tea.

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    High heeled boots, mini skirts and machine guns. Dressed to kill.

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    the USA never ever apologized for Slavery


    That is a bit of an apples and oranges comparison. While the U.S. government certainly should have apologized for slavery back in the late 1800s or early 1900s when former slaves were still living, at this point there is nobody left to apologize to. The perpetrators and direct victims are long gone. Japan still has an opportunity to do the right thing with respect to the few victims still alive.

    Also, in the U.S. there is no attempt by high-ranking politicians to deny or put a positive spin on slavery, nor are textbook authors pressured to omit aspects of slavery for fear that students would feel less proud of themselves as Americans. (Conversely, I and many others ironically feel pride at being willing to discuss past wrongdoings. Also, this is true of many Germans I know, for instance, who proudly denounce the Nazi regime.)

    There would be public outrage if a politician were to make disparaging remarks along the lines of "many slaves chose/preferred/were better off with slavery" or "the slave trade was run by private operators and the U.S. government had nothing to do with it." That outrage is sorely lacking here in Japan. If a high-ranking U.S. politician were to water down the horrors of America's slavery, the public would most certainly demand an apology.

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