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    Shanique Smith

    @Frungy This isn't about Wilson, it isn't about Brown... it is about the ongoing racism and persecution of African Americans going on in the USA.

    You hit the nail resoundly on the head. Another one bites the dust. At this rate Black males in the US will soon become extinct. They should be put on the endangered species list.

    @John Constantine Dillon Taylor, was of mixed race. Hispanic and white. He was referred to as being white. The headlines I've read said, 'White man killed by non-white cop. The cop is not black, but is of mixed ethnicity just like Taylor. Don't know why you are spreading propaganda.

    He drew his gun, which Brown had grabbed and twisted until it dug into Wilson’s hip, Wilson testified. “I said: ‘Get back or I’m going to shoot you,’” Wilson recalled saying.

    Hulk had the gun pressed into the 6' 4 midget cop's hip and the cop never got shot. This cop who had a gun pressed into his hip told the youth to step back or he would shoot him?

    Dead man tells no tale.

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    Shanique Smith

    @ WilliB

    That is quite a grand statement.

    The 'grand statement' is not exclusive to this incident. It blankets the multiple murders committed in the name of the law against black men. Even a twelve year old black male is a threat and needs to be wiped from the face of the earth. I am yet to see a white cop charged for murdering a black man. Why can they shoot, but not fatally or taser and apprehend white offenders but murder black offenders?

    Have you reviewed all court cases to arrive at that? And regarding the current case, have you seen the same evidence that jury has seen? Or did you just form a judgment based on some newspaper reports?

    I have an idea of what the jury saw. The prosecutor allowed the witnesses to be discredited without putting up much of a fight.There were 12 people who made up the grand jury. Are you confident that all twelve agreed to indict the cop? If just one member of the jury thought that he should be charged then there is room for doubt. Think about it, according to the man-made law, if eight said he should face charges, and four opposed he would be indicted. And he is.....


    OJ it was a predominately Black Jury that let him, so you tell me

    That's the difference with blacks called to duty; color doesn't mar their sense of justice.

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    Shanique Smith

    PM Abe, you are missing an arrow. There should have been four arrows. Even if your three arrows policy work the outcome is meaningless without the fourth arrow. The fourth arrow would be the arrow that ensures that the workers at the bottom of the economic scale feel the effects of the abundance at the top (big corporates profits). You were honest enough to say that those at the bottom should be feeling and not (and not are feeling the trickledown effect. What measures do you have in place to make that 'should' becomes a definite 'ARE'?

    I hate politricks.

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    Shanique Smith

    There is no justice for Blacks in the US. Even if the police had just walked up to the youth and shot him in the head in full view of a thousand onlookers he would still have been acquitted.The people were right about the prosecutor. As a prosecutor most of his arguments were in favor of the accused. At least they didn't say the murderer was innocent, just that the prosecutor didn't do enough to unravel what really took place. I wonder if there were nine blacks and three whites on the grand jury with the same evidence, would the decision be the same?

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    Shanique Smith

    The caller said the boy was pulling the gun in and out of his pants. “I don’t know if it’s real or not,” the caller said. The boy did not make any verbal threats toward the officer or point the gun, but reached into his waistband and grabbed it after being told to raise his hands, Tomba said.

    The price of innocence. Obviously this kid was playing around, but eventually played around with the wrong set of people. This was a twelve year old kid obviously thinking like a twelve year old. Little did he know, that to the cops he was a killer black thug with a gun.

    < > Sorry kid, I guess you should have been white then you would still be alive.

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    Shanique Smith

    Shoganai Obama. It had to be. This is the only way Hillary Clinton will be the next president of America. It was ordained and so be it. Prophesy has to be fulfilled.

    You had one hand tied behind you in carrying out your duties, now both hands are tied. It's for a reason. Whatever happens to the economy and the country in the next two years time is to convince the American people that the GOP is not the answer. It is to their (GOP) own detriment that they have won, and only time will tell.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the next president of The United States of America in 2016.

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    Shanique Smith

    I thought the town was the 100,000. Didn't know it was the twenty-six assembly members. The assembly members did not vote on behalf of the town. I guess the nineteen who voted 'hai' are protecting their interests/shares. The voices of the people go usual.

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    Shanique Smith

    @FightingViking.. Sign in a store in Tokyo : "No dangerous subjects" - better be careful what you say...;-)

    One up for the Japanese. 'Subjects' can be used to refer to people. A subject is an individual who is subjected to the rule of an elite.

    @ Yakimo...I understand your point, but if the sign is intended for people who speak English it is only fair that it be written in English and not Engrish. If danger is involved it may take some time for the person who is reading to understand, resulting in injury/fatality.

    Nonetheless, I think that sentence is very poetic.

    Today is under construction. So be careful what you put in it. As tomorrow you will have to live with it.

    On a more serious note. Signs like these should help English teachers better understand problematic areas for their students. Why not give more summarization activities. Start with the long sentence ( “Please understand that, due to maintenance, the waterfall in the outer garden is not flowing today.”) and ask students to summarize using four words? See if you get back the same result as here. Take the opportunity to explain the whys and the why nots. Take the positives out of the negatives. Let your students summarize other sentences. A lot of natives do not spell correctly (outside of British and American spelling) so I wouldn't bang spelling. Natives frequently confuse their/there, your/you're, whose/who's to/too, and the list goes on.

    Some commenters write, "Ask a native speaker of English for help." Here they are thinking like a Westerner and not like a Japanese. Can't really expect a Japanese to act the way you think. Culture clash. From experience, there is absolutely no way that a Japanese will ask someone they see passing or someone they are familiar with, to check their grammar. If it is a school situation it is expected, but not otherwise. It would be like saying, You are better than me."

    Why does Engrish happen? Because the main focus is having blonde blue eyed American teachers to gape at, while using learning English as a front. Not dissipating anytime soon. Sorry, qualified teachers who do not fit the profile.

    Okay, enough for today's construction. The Best Ever Maid.

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    Shanique Smith

    Considering the present state of the English teaching industry, not even my worst enemy would I encourage to go to Japan and teach English. The whole industry is going downhill. It is just an all round money making venture for the companies. They will wrangle every penny they can from what the boards of education pay to have you. Due to its profitability there is a plethora of companies now taking on dispatch roles.

    Unless you go through the JET program, there is a 90% chance you will be underpaid and can only barely survive, living from paycheck to paycheck. Cost of living keeps going up and wages/salaries are decreasing. The dispatch companies and eikaiwas will try to reassure you by telling you the most positive things, but as soon as you fall in their trap you'll see their true colors come shining through.

    Some companies are very crafty and give a very low and a not so low salary range. Rest assured that when you are in their traps you will be given ridiculous reasons you get the very low end. Some only pay for actual teaching hours even though you are present at the school and performing other duties.

    The boards of education and ministry ignore the deplorable conditions under which ALTs/NETs work even though they might be aware of them. They just behave like the three wise monkeys. See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil(Western interpretation...turn a blind eye). As long as there are some English speaking individuals in the classroom they can claim English is being taught and all is well.

    I could go on and on, but I'm going to reserve some for another time.

    In conclusion, presently, teaching English as a Second Language is just a backpacker's job with a backpackers pay, as Mr. Noidall stated, or if it's not about the money you could go and pretend to be volunteering.

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    Shanique Smith

    Anyone who is offended by this sign needs to take the ice bucket challenge with a few bricks in it. All the websites that are created/translated to assist non-Japanese use the word 'foreigner'. I have never seen nor heard any outbursts about this.

    If a 'foreigner' passed a group of 'foreigners' who were doing something out of the ordinary, and he/she was relating it to another 'foreigner', they would use the term 'foreigners'. Not tourist, non-Japanese, etc, but foreigners (hypocrites).

    As we all know. non-Japanese are not usually welcomed at some establishments. The proprietors merely went out of their way to tell you they are different, and you should not hesitate to enter and share in another part of their culture. Sure they never dreamt of this reaction.

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    Shanique Smith

    If the queen didn't intervene it would have been a different story.

    Posted in: Scotland leader quits; queen urges unity

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    Shanique Smith

    Go Abe. "Everything is under control". Just like the Fukushima plant. The only thing you have going for you is your adeptness in creating delay strategies. Until your focus changes from making the rich richer to really helping the less privileged, your boat will sink.

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    Shanique Smith

    Let's face it. Japan is having an outbreak of Chikungunya (CHICV). The same mosquitoes that spread dengue (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus) are the same mosquitoes that spread CHICV. The symptoms for dengue are similar to that of CHICV.

    Therefore, in light of what is happening in other countries, I would say the Japanese medical doctors are making incorrect diagnoses. I think they know, but are scared to admit it. Their borders are supposed to be secured from new diseases.

    Posted in: Officials spray insecticide in Ueno Park after new dengue fever case

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    Shanique Smith

    Let's take a closer look at the Ferguson police department.

    Justin Cosma, was transferred to Ferguson after hog-tying and injuring a twelve-year-old child who was in his driveway checking the mailbox;

    Dan Page was transferred to Ferguson after he publicly declared his hatred for Blacks, among other groups;

    Eddie Boyd III faced allegations of hitting children. There was sufficient evidence to support the allegation that he struck a 12-year-old girl in the head with a pistol. The St. Louis police chose to** demote him**. He was transferred to Ferguson under questionable circumstances.

    Then we have officer Wilson who joined the Ferguson police after the city council in nearby Jennings disbanded the police department and brought in new officers over three years ago because of the poor relationship between cops and residents.

    What are the implications here? Mostly whacko cops are placed at Ferguson police department.

    This will tear at your heart. Watch at your own risk.

    This will open your eyes:

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    Shanique Smith

    @bass4funk I'm not a denier. I am a realist.** Sensenotsocommon**, provided you with a credible enough link above. Here is it again.

    I tried not to let ethnicity factor into my previous comments on other threads, but now it would be almost impossible seeing that the caption is 'race' related. Citizen on citizen crime is somewhat different for me. All my previous comments were made condemning a police officer who should have acted differently from a civilian. He is supposed to be trained in using techniques to de-escalate a situation. Not escalating it, because he knows whatever happens he will not be in any 'hot water'. The Ferguson police's vocabulary seem to be limited to "freeze" and "I'll kill you." Where is the psychological training? Cursing and calling the individual derogatory names? The incident should not have been escalated pass the car scene. The Ferguson police seem to think they are above the law, so they act in whichever way they please.

    Here is one example why I didn't condemn the officer based on ethnicity:

    Why didn't they also test if the officer had drugs in his system. The youth having drugs in his system is questionable. Do you realize that the officer's report will come after most of the evidence is gathered?

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    Shanique Smith

    "Potentially, it could invite Wilson to appear...."

    Wished they could have invited Brown to appear too. People are acting as if they don't know that there is one law for Blacks and another for Whites. A lot of the crimes Blacks are charged for would have been overlooked if the person was White. The Blacks have already committed a crime, just for being Black. Many will scuff at the remark, but it is the truth.

    Therefore, when crime statistics are quoted, it's quite meaningless to me. How many of those charged are falsely charged? What was the least of these 'crimes'?

    In regards to the Ferguson shooting, if the witnesses were speaking on behalf of the police officer, most of the commenters here would not be talking about contradictions in story. They would argue to the point that all the evidence smoothly blended in. The police contradicted themselves as to whether the officer knew about the shoplifting incident before the murder. Everyone accepted they made a mistake, and whatever explanations the police gave were okay.

    If it was a white youth murdered under the exact circumstances, and it was brought to the public's attention, the outcry would have been different. The youth would not have been painted in such an ugly manner. If the officer was Black and did the same thing to the white youth he would have been prosecuted already.

    After the shooting in Ferguson, the officers went and confiscated every phone and camera of people who admitted to witnessing the murder. I don't recall hearing this happening before in police shooting cases.

    If Brown was so tough, why did he run in the first place? Only to turn around and charge the bullets? The people who keep repeating this over and over need to check their psychological state of mind.

    Africa-Americans have little trust in the justice system, because it keeps failing them.

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    Shanique Smith

    Heaven forbid some of these stingy companies may have to increase the meagre wages they offer to attract more staff. I cringed when some family restaurants in my area recently advertised on their door that they had upped the wait-staff wage to 810 yen/hour. $7.80! Outrageous.

    Exactly so. There get more on welfare than at some of these places that work them to the bone.

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    Shanique Smith

    Wow!!! This really knocked me. I know there is hate for certain groups of people, but I never expected such an 'in your face', attitude by officers of the law.

    **“I personally believe in Jesus Christ as my lord savior, but I’m also a killer,” said Dan Page, a 35-year veteran of the force." **

    He said that in 2012, with a video to prove, and nothing was done about it until now? What's really going on with these Ferguson cops? They don't hide their hatred.

    They know that they are **'above the law' **so they murder and injure without a thought. How else to explain why they are never charged for obvious crimes?

    The incident on September 20, 2009, where they arrested the wrong man, is a glaring example. The innocent man was taken from his vehicle without any explanation, booked and placed in a cell. For no apparent reason he was mercilessly beaten by cops while in the cell. When the officers satisfied their thirst for blood, they then went to more closely check the identity of the man. Then lo, and behold! "We have a problem here!" Yes, they had the wrong man. The footage from the camera in the cell was mysteriously damaged.

    Instead of making it right with the man, out of utter contempt, they charged him for getting blood on their uniform. The innocent man wasn't bleeding when they accosted him, yet they sought to file claims for property damage, because they beat the man so severely they had blood all over their uniforms.

    A civil suit was filed by the man, who did a Cat Scan after the incident, which confirmed he had a concussion.. A federal magistrate ruled that the man'sinjury was 'minimis' (too minor), to warrant a finding of excessive force.

    The Ferguson cops should name themselves, 'THE UNTOUCHABLES'

    Posted in: Police officer brands Ferguson protesters 'rabid dogs'

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    Shanique Smith

    Funny how some people are aware of the value of their lives, but not the value of someone else's life. He should resign himself to life imprisonment.

    How people like these (plead guilty with no motive) should be sentenced: Ask him to resurrect the dead man. He can't. Life imprisonment. The guillotine, execution chair or lethal injection would contradict what I implied.

    Moral: If you cannot give life do not take it.

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    Shanique Smith

    @ Frungy

    Looking at the locations they start about 20cm apart, decreasing to about 10cm, in a rising patter from right forearm to the right eye showing a leftward drift. This pattern should be familiar to anyone who has been on a shooting range. The first shot hits where you intend, then the gun kicks back and rises by a about a degree (in the hands of a moderate experienced shooter - an expert can manage a tighter grouping) and the next shot is a little higher. At 10m one degree is about 18cm, which matches the wound pattern.

    Very interesting observations.

    I have never fired a gun, so I'm learning here.

    However, from your speculations, how would you account for the wound in his palm if he didn't have his hands up? Also, seeing that the teen was very tall, if his head wasn't bent forward at, at least a 70-90 degrees angle, how could he be shot in the top of the head?

    What kind of logic would you put to that?

    I'm wondering why did the officers, immediately following the shooting, went around and confiscated videos and photos? They are not state property. If videos are so important, why wasn't Wilson wearing one in the first place?

    I know the officer will walk, but not as soon as I thought. It's going to the ** grand jury**.

    Posted in: Autopsy shows Missouri teen shot 6 times, including twice in head; unrest continues

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