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    So the Cold War continues with an apx. 20 year break.

    Posted in: Ukraine cheers U.S. vote for military aid; Russia outraged

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    What's the fun of being in the navy now?

    Posted in: No more drunken sailors: Canadian Navy bans drinking at sea

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    I'd really like to see this become widespread and standard on all devices.

    Posted in: With WebRTC, the Skype's no longer the limit

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    The judicial system here should really make this a heavily punished crime. This not only endangers the lives of the people on the train but also anyone who may be near the tracks with high speed rock projectiles.

    18 years old should be old enough to know better and should spend time in jail or be fined heavily.

    Posted in: Student arrested for placing rocks on train tracks in Ibaraki

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    Absolute about face and a big fat two-handed slap in the face to the populace. Him and his ilk promised structural reform.

    He's returning to his original platform of "beautifying Japan" and prettifying past right-wing thinking and state Shintoism. This is not what the voters want.

    He needs to follow through on all three of his arrows or this country will be (fill-in-the-blank here).

    Posted in: Abe pivots away from painful reforms

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    The Cove was and The Interview will not be shown here. Now this Unbroken.

    I'm sorry but I've read of a few rare incidents of cannibalism by soldiers starving and dying on the islands, so i disagree with the shinto priest who claims that there was absolutely non during the war.

    I find this increasing whitewashing of history to be maddening.

    As far as censorship is concerned, I'm not seeing much of a difference between China and Japan when it comes to content that runs counter to their political agenda.

    Posted in: Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' strikes a nerve in Japan

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    Surfing down in Kochi. Some hot sake and sushi with the local cuties. Really.

    Posted in: British Embassy seeks suggestions for Prince William's Japan itinerary

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    Not this non-sense again. When he stepped down the first time in 2007 I was so glad to see his "Beautiful Country" campaign go with him.

    Now he's going back to it and going to shove this down everyone's throats after this money wasting election.

    I really wish he'd follow through on his original promises of reform with his "3rd arrow" which seems like it will never see the light of day.

    Looking more like smoke and mirrors to cover for his push back to the extreme right.

    Posted in: Abe's base aims to restore past religious, patriotic values

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    Well you don't 税.

    I'm glad they chose this. Although depressing, it was the straw that broke the economy's back and perhaps Abe's (at least for the present).

    Posted in: 税 chosen as kanji character best representing 2014

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    I think what he was riding was a powered parachute. It has a little motor-fan which makes it a bit different from a paraglider.

    Posted in: Paraglider snagged on power lines for 3 1/2 hours before being rescued

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    Rogen responded by promising to remove three of four burn marks on Kim's face, and reduce the "flaming hair" by 50%. But he said he could not meet all the demands.

    "The head explosion can't be more obscured than it is because we honestly feel that if it's any more obscured, you won't be able to tell it's exploding and the joke won't work," he said.

    This is such a beautiful quote.

    Posted in: Sony CEO ordered 'The Interview' toned down; Rogen objected

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    I see Sony has acquiesced to NKorea's threats. Weak.

    Posted in: No coverage at 'The Interview' premiere

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    Put child in other room. Let child cry until sleep/calm. Let child live. Repeat cycle.

    Posted in: Mother suffocates 4-month-old daughter to death

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    I'd like to congratulate the two Japanese and the American on their prizes.

    Posted in: Nobel men

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    Ad blockers are a direct result of the obtrusive ways these ads keep popping up and it's getting worse. You reap what you sow.

    Give the people what they want and they will come. Not being able to read an article because the whole damn page is covered by some ad is not what I want.

    Posted in: Internet giants wage war on pop-up ad blockers

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    I wish JT would properly refer to her as "retiring", "moving on" or even "quitting".

    I know in Japanese they refer to this as "graduating" but I really wish they'd use the proper English terminology here since this is an >English< news source.

    Posted in: Minami Takahashi to graduate from AKB48 in Dec 2015

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    For a about a seven period, Mahliki and the rest of the govt. sat on their asses.

    They bickered and showed uncompromising factionalism and never got their act together in order to lead their country while the US forces were fighting.

    Now that the US has pulled out they want more weapons and air power. They had it for a long period. They wasted the opportunity. They needed to and still need to get their act together.

    Posted in: Iraqi leader asks U.S. for more air power, weaponry

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    Let them build their white elephants.

    But if the bobsled/luge events were moved to Nagano that would be a substantial increase in cost to see those events for the SKoreans.

    It's a tough call. I'll leave it up to them.

    Posted in: S Korea rejects idea of sharing 2018 Winter Olympics with Japan

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    I'm glad to hear this. Hopefully this brings back vitality, enthusiasm and some sanity to the movement.

    Posted in: IOC passes votes on bidding, more sports and TV channel

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