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    The people fought the war but aren't allowed to be at the parade in honor of it.

    Posted in: China to hold big military parade, but ordinary folks can't go see it

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    Good. I hope this becomes a trend.

    Posted in: 15-year-old murder suspect sent back to prosecutors

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    Schopenhauer wrote:

    Since Japanese yakuza in tradition does not kill ordinary citizens not to say of children. If yakuza do not exist in Japan, crimes involving ordinary citizens would increase a lot more.

    This is nonsense. I think you've been watching too many yakuza movies.

    The yak are dirty nasty people. They do kill ordinary citizens. If you own a business and they want a slice of your profits they'll shake you down and make a life a living hell for you and yours if you don't comply.

    Ever been a foreign prostitute held against your will or ever have to prostitute yourself to pay off a loan of your own or your family's from these scum.

    Ever have these guys breathing down your neck when they force you to give out contracts to companies that they want you to "support"? I think not.

    They bankroll and put lots of people in desperate situations. They're tolerated up to an extent in Japan but they are loathed by many, especially those whose lives have been touched by these scums.

    Posted in: Police on alert over split in biggest yakuza gang

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    These 200 residents stopped and won't allow the "Environmental Destroyers" to completely erase any chance for these towns to have a future.

    Once these places become known as nuclear waste storage sites no sane family with children or teenagers would ever move to them. Hardly any people would ever consider moving there.

    Posted in: Protesters block inspection of waste disposal site in Miyagi

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    The Japanese govt. should just completely ignore their punk media.

    They should also begin referring to China as "our lesser counterpart" from now on since they exhibit the maturity of infants.

    Posted in: Japan protests China news agency's call for emperor apology

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    What I don't understand is what took so long for the Japanese bar association to get behind opposing this?

    It's in the final stages of being accepted or not accepted.

    This issue has been on the table for a long awhile now. Are they slow readers or something?

    Posted in: Lawyers join opposition to controversial security bills

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    Perhaps ISIS and extreme muslim fundamentalists have something to do with it.

    Posted in: Global insecurity and refugee crisis linked to climate change - expert

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    Why not keep Bond Scottish Swiss white and create a NEW black super spy character and movie?

    Have all the movie writers gone to bed? Get to work and quit being so lazy!

    Posted in: Time for black or gay 007, says Brosnan

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    These harmless kinds of things is what I used to really love about this country.

    Now a little bit of T and A on TV causes outrage.

    Take me back to the 70s Japan that wasn't so uptight.

    Posted in: NTV pulls online videos depicting sexy rugby players after complaints

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    If I were Abe I wouldn't go to this Japan bashing event either.

    China would love to rub this "commemoration" into his face.

    Posted in: Abe to skip China visit during WWII commemoration

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    Should've had the death sentence anyway. Good riddance.

    Posted in: Man serving 18 years for killing 17-year-old girl commits suicide in cell

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    Where's the volume knob for China. I'd like to turn it off.

    Posted in: China slams Japan after Abe's wife visits Yasukuni shrine

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    His emphasis on expanding the military's role and the constitution was his big mistake during his first term.

    It looks like he's making it again.

    Posted in: Businesses want Abe to focus on economy, not military bills

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    The US aided South Korea when N. Korea and subsequently CHINA stormed through S. Korea to begin the Korean War.

    Perhaps South Korean President Park Geun-hye has forgotten that many of the US forces were stationed in JAPAN and used the bases here to help repel the North Koreans and Chinese.

    Japan was an ally that helped the US assist S. Korea. Japan and S. Korea were on the same side in that horrible conflict.

    I think the S. Korean people and their government have lost sight of who their real enemies are.

    Posted in: S Korean leader to attend China's celebrations of victory over Japan in WWII

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    I've always been a proponent of a 4 day work week. Three days off a week is almost half the week spending time with the family and/or doing what you want. Great to have this choice! Kudos to Uniqlo.

    Posted in: Uniqlo to try 4-day work week from October

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    Don't award them anymore Olympics or World Championship tournaments until they SHOW that they are transparent, honest and stop covering up their self-made disasters.

    Posted in: China slammed over lack of transparency after Tianjin disaster

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    If they build casinos, they should build them out in the inaka like they do on Indian reservations in the US.

    The influx of people and money will create all kinds of additional business and job opportunities like hotels, concert venues, card dealers, transportation improvements (utilizing the overabundance of local airports and roads already built).

    They've been trying to tackle the outward migration from the countryside due to lack of jobs and this would be one good way to reverse the trend. They don't have too many other ideas on the table.

    Posted in: Casino bill enactment to be deferred

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    Maybe I should start sending people and their families to gulags to be torchered, worked to death and executed.

    Shoot someone with anti-aircraft fire? How do I get one of of those peace prizes??

    Posted in: Indonesian foundation defends awarding Kim Jong-Un peace prize

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    I don't give a hoot if China censors everything in their own cesspool land but when the US and other nations censor their own productions to sell out and bow down to the Chinese then that's even worse.

    Sony and their ilk are perpetuating China's heavy handedness. Grow a backbone for godsake.

    It's allowing the Chinese govt. to dictate to other nations and peoples. I didn't vote in this totalitarian regime.

    Leave the finished products/movies alone. If they don't like them the way they are then they can stew and watch the crap they produce in their own country.

    Posted in: How Sony sanitized Sandler movie to please Chinese censors

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    I was watching it live when it happened and it was absolutely terrifying.

    A wave, just after he got knocked off his board, blocked the camera's view for about 20 seconds so you couldn't tell what was happening, whether Mick was dead or alive.

    I was so glad to see him climb up on that jet ski alive unharmed.

    This was the last thing anyone expected to see.

    Posted in: Surfer fights off shark during South Africa competition

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