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    "Now Abey, Abey don't you give me My Number,

    'Cause I'm not anywhere that you can find me..."

    Posted in: Gov't starts sending out ID numbers for My Number system

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    This design makes a lot of sensu.

    Posted in: Folding fan emblem proposed for 2020 Olympics soars in popularity

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    Suspicion among Abe’s critics that the proposed legislation to ease limits on the military is a step toward gutting not only the charter’s pacifist Article 9, but basic principles such as respect for human rights.

    This is a laugh. There is no "suspicion". The fact that the LDP wants to gut the constitution is right on their homepage.

    Among the most egregious revisions:

    Changing Article 97 (fundamental human rights guaranteed by the Constitution are for all time inviolate) to an imposed set of "duties" (The people must respect the national flag, national anthem, and this Constitution.).

    Eliminating a constitutional provision forbidding the appropriation of public funds **"for the use, benefit or maintenance of any religious institution or association." **

    Freedom of speech would be curtailed: "engaging in activities with the purpose of damaging public interest or public order, or associating with others for such purposes, shall not be recognized."

    Allow the prime minister's cabinet to inact law without the Diet: "The Cabinet may enact cabinet orders having the same effect as laws," and all persons must comply with the directives of national or other public institutions.")

    What many Japanese realize is that the constitution was written for them, the regular people by transforming the country from a militaristic, theocratic autocracy where the average Japanese had little to no say over their lot in life into a (somewhat) democratic system of equality and individual rights. And for those who lost power (ie. the samurai families, royalty and business oligarchs) have been quietly seething ever since, for they truly don't believe in individual rights and liberties. They want to bring back the old days, when the people knew their place and did what they were told. And if the people of Japan aren't more proactive about it, the old boys may just get their wish.

    Posted in: Security bill debate masks deeper divide over pacifist constitution

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    Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam all have strong economic growth potential, and are promising destinations for Japanese exporters of railway systems.

    Said without the slightest hint of irony. Eric Lomax must be rolling over in his grave.

    Posted in: Japan pledges Y750 bil to Mekong nations as China prepares new bank

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    **Kagemusha **wrote: In a perfect world this would be great, but in the real world it would be telling a person that they should never lock their doors, leave all their windows open, not have a security system, or any security measures whatsoever...without their neighbors doing the same. It's just silly. Even having the JSDF as it is in in opposition to this clause and this clause is likely the clause that people are jumping on now as well.

    You've got the right idea, but your comparison is a bit off. The Japanese constitution has never banned defense of the country, only the right to wage aggression and war on other countries.

    So your analogy should be along the lines of:

    In the real world article 9 would be telling a person that they should never take their gun out of their home, never enter another's yard without permission nor with offensive weapons of any kind ,nor spy on one's neighbors in an effort to ascertain their wealth and worldly goods lest one begin to covet what isn't yours.

    Sounds like a world I'd like to live in. It's also something that was attempted in 1928 (and signed by a great many countries at the time) with the Kellogg–Briand Pact. The UN charter also has a provision banning countries from the threat or use of force.

    Posted in: Constitutional questions grow over Abe's military plans

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    This latest ore ore scam is going to the a ore mine.

    Posted in: 183 bogus phone calls over pension data leak reported

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    Disillusioned wrote: Nessy, the results show that, populations have returned to around 50-60% of what they were 200 years ago. Some species are more and some are less. However, there is no proof that the populations could be sustained if commercial whaling was resumed and resumed for which countries. Why should one country have sole rights of exploitation for profit over whales when many other countries are against the slaughter of them and use whale-watching as a lucrative alternative to slaughtering them? Furthermore, if you want to talk data, there is proof that there is no market for the meat of large scale slaughter of the whales.


    The question about resuming commercial whaling is:

    A) who gets to benefit if it's allowed again? Because for sure all former whaling nations can't take up the practice again and keep whales sustainable, and

    B) Where is the demand for whale products coming from? Don't need whale blubber for oil anymore. For cosmetics? For a smattering of oyaji who still remember and enjoy the taste of whale meat during the post-war lean years?

    Those are tough sells to the international community to allowed to slaughter large, intelligent mammals indiscriminately.

    The bottom line for commercial whaling is, there just isn't any demand to justify it anymore. Full stop.

    Posted in: U.S. high court won't hear appeal over anti-whaling campaign

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    A ministry spokesperson said the data only highlights the urgency that the government must deal with the very real issue of the population decline.

    Ha. Just love these Minister types spouting obvious government platitudes. Must deal with this situation urgently? Since the mid-1990s everyone with any kind of expertise including the United Nations has been screaming at the government to deal with this situation urgently. But as we all know now it's too late to deal with the situation and have any hope of reversing what will be a long, destructive decline of this country's wealth and prestige. It's not that the population is dropping by 240,000 as much as the population is now aging at a rate that will mean 40 percent of the population will be over the age of 65 within the next 25 years. That is the crisis the country faces.

    As for the issue of overcrowding in Japan,that is a completely man-made issue. Japan Inc., very purposely to consolidate power made business and industry focused on the Tokyo area, such that more than one quarter of the population now lives there. Get out of Tokyo and you'll see land as far as the eye can see. Where I live the population density is 17 people per square kilometer. If the government would share the wealth by spreading out business and industry centers throughout the country you'd see the problem go away.

    Posted in: Japan's population continues to decline in 2014

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    What a great way to fix the pension crisis! The system is 'hacked' (still using Winny are we, public servants?) which leads to, "We're sorry, it seems someone else has already claimed your pension." for millions of retirees.

    Posted in: Japan pension system hacked; 1.25 mil cases of personal data leaked

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    Hear, hear, smithinjapan and HongoTAFEinmate.

    Japan can cry me a river for it's whiny complaints about being subject to exactly the same non-tariff trade barriers they've subjected the world to for decades. Except in this case, the concerns are actually deserved (Japan Inc. having incompetently blown up a nuclear reactor, poisoning half a prefecture and a good chunk of the ocean). You'll just have to expect the world has no reason to trust Japan's word on safety over this matter.

    Posted in: Japan takes S Korea to WTO over Fukushima-related food import restrictions

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    Applications will be examined by a special “additional event program” panel.

    Any chance people other than loyal LDP oyaji will be on the panel? Didn't think so.

    Posted in: Tokyo opens bidding for sports to be added to 2020 Olympics

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    To what are you comparing Aussie cheese to; Japanese "natural cheese?" Give me a break. Also, many people prefer that their steaks taste like, oh I don't know.... beef. Rather than a mouthful of fat.

    Posted in: TPP negotiators agree on rules for six categories

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    The drone was made by major Chinese manufacturer DJI, other local reports said.

    Good grief, Japanese media. What on earth does the drone manufacturer have to do with this story, except for yet another chance to slander China by association?

    Posted in: Drone may have been on roof of PM's office for days

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    @Gary Raynor

    I don't know what McDonalds you are eating at, but the quality and service here in Japan is bar none the best I've ever experienced, and I've eaten at my fair share in North America, Europe and other places. The size of the burgers is the same, the freshness is far superior and the burgers look exactly like they do in the poster. That's something that definitely can't be said for the US or Canada. The staff there just don't care.

    Posted in: McDonald's Japan forecasts Y38 billion net loss for 2015

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    The "Monde Selection" awards are not in any way a true series of awards. Companies pay to submit their products to the company, they are rated based on taste / quality and then given a "gold" "silver" or "bronze" rating which the product company can display on future packaging.

    Posted in: Fukushima bottled water wins Gold Quality Award in Monde Selection

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    People need to stop qualifying the behavior of the restaurant (if the story happened as reported - and I have seen no evidence not to believe it) as being anything but discriminatory. A Japanese person was removed from one (prime) area of a restaurant and moved to the back. Then every other Asain was herded to the back of the restaurant while caucasian customers were allowed to sit where they liked. Qualifying this discriminatory behaviour with any sort of excuse "This happened to me in ___ country!" "Perhaps he was confused for a rude Chinese customer" or whatnot is just as wrong as the original event in question.

    Discrimination is discrimination, period. Whether the excuse is "Chinese tourists are noisy", "Greeks are lazy workers" or "Gaikokujin don't know bathing rules" are all used attempt justification for discriminatory behavior. And it needs to stop here. Call the behavior for what it is and stop its propagation straight out.

    Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel

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    One has to wonder, "Why not before?" and "Why now?", especially with Abe and crew still visiting Yasakuni and talking about "modifying" the government's past war statements. Perhaps this might be a "tit for tat" deal between the countries, where Abe gets to address the joint congress and (at US insistence) provides an unequivocal apology to it's neighbours?

    One can hope.

    Posted in: Japan's long wait to address U.S. Congress

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    This is a lovely (not) leap of faith here, to go from broken leg to "succumbing to pneumonia" a year and half later.

    But hey, sign me up in suing my former employer when letting me go from my job leads months later to me being hit by a bus while on my way to a job interview.

    Posted in: Parents of schoolboy liable for Y15 million after wayward soccer ball leads to man’s death

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    I understand that those who are young, bi-cultural Japanese tend not to think of the term "haafu" as that big of a deal, as it's something they can both identify with (being of two cultures and languages) along with the ability to cling to a label that may off certain advantages when living in Japan.

    That said, one must never forget that the word exists for a reason - simply put, because a majority of Japanese simply cannot understand nor accept that "being Japanese" is something inherently learned by one's surroundings (Japanese language, culture etc.). "Haafu" is simply the more politically correct word, replacing "konketsujin" and "ainoko" when they became too "kawaiiso." The fact that there is a word to differentiate between two Japanese, based only on the appearance of one (and only if your parent hailed from a non-mongoloid heritage) is as reprehensible as that fact that some Japanese still differentiate between Japanese and "dowa", or "same as Japanese" (the politically-correct term for the burakumin. "Same as Japanese?" If they were in your mind, why wouldthe word even BE created?

    Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015

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    As a survivor of the 3/11 disaster I can assure people that the Self-defense forces were boots on the ground only hours after the tsunami hit. As were international rescuers within 36 hours. That aspect of disaster management at least was learned by government officials from the Kobe earthquake.

    Posted in: Sendai to host 5-day U.N. conference on reducing disaster risks


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