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    Yet again, Obama schools Republicans on how to maturely manage diplomacy.

    Posted in: Ukraine rebels hand over MH17 black boxes, call ceasefire

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    Smith - "Now that all the black boxes and bodies have been confiscated and evidence covered up? Thanks, Putin"

    Q: If Putin knows he's guilty, what makes you think he - or anyone in his position, for that matter - would leave all the evidence sitting around on the ground just waiting for investigators to find it and pin him to the wall?

    Stalling investigators and saying he'll cooperate when he really isn't - it all makes sense,.

    Posted in: Putin promises to cooperate as blame for MH17 crash piles on Russia

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    "U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the missile system used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines jet was “transferred from Russia in the hands of separatists”.

    John Kerry's outraged?  He's the guy whose government has handed $121 BILLION to Israel - primarily to buy US weapons - since WW2, including $3.3 billion this FY.   And let's not mention military aid the US has handed to Egypt and other despot-run nations. 

    Tmarie - "Russian missile, trained by the Russians and perhaps done by a Russian. Putin has more blood on his hands and as much as he can try and deny it, he is responsible for what has happened to these poor people."

    Do you also think the USGOV has blood on its hands for supplying weapons to Israel that have been used to kill innocent Palestinians for decades?

    Or the British, French, Australian, German and other govts doing the same thing? 

    What Russia has apparently done is nothing new. Killing 300 innocent people in an airline is little different from having your weapons kill 300 innocents in a marketplace. BTW, I'm not defending Putin - just saying that what he has apparently done is common practice.

    Posted in: Putin promises to cooperate as blame for MH17 crash piles on Russia

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    Japonaise, what about the fact that Gazans are being hit by shells fired from ships, attacked by planes, and invaded by the Israeli army tanks - all of which Gazans have none of???

    It's not even close to a fair fight - it's outright murder and US conservatives now have serious blood on their hands. 

    Posted in: Israeli military destroy Gaza tunnels

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    Heh, now the Israel lobby in America - which counts pretty much every conservative politician in the land - finds themselves in a bit of a quandary.  The nation state they blindly supported due to a few lines in the Bible has now shown its true colors: baby killers and ruthless invaders.

    Good luck with supporting Israel now! 

    Obama was right all along to keep Israel at arm's length.  Looks like the conservatives have screwed up.


    Posted in: Israeli military destroy Gaza tunnels

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    Wah - ! 

    Could this be the same 'nuclear watchdog' packed with govt.-appointed pro-nuclear industry 'experts'?

    Posted in: Nuclear watchdog says two reactors in Kyushu safe to switch back on

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    A man of courage.

    Good to hear he's busted through this barrirer.

    Deserves at least another bronze? :-)

    Posted in: Ian Thorpe reveals he is gay in TV interview

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    Fizz, - "And drone and spy on everybody. Yeah, what a hero!"

    Re: drones - would you rather another boots-on-the-ground invasion?

    It seems you'd be pretty much alone in wanting that.

    Got any better options besides drones that you'd like to tell us about?

    Re: to spy on everyone - do you think Obama started this?

    Ever hear of the Patriotic Act, enacted under GWB?

    Posted in: House Appropriations chair: Obama border security request too high

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    My cousin was in the building opposite CTV when the quake hit and finished up pulling bodies of some of the Japanese students out of the rubble. :-(

    Posted in: Abes honor earthquake victims

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    And now, while hundreds more continue to die in Iraq, we have twinkletoes bush retired and taking it easy painting pictures in Texas, and war supporters like Bass4funk, BGood, etc. going off about troop levels and withdrawal timetables and whoever knows what else absolutely trivial stuff that is not going to make a shred of difference in the long run, while also  wasting oxygen and everyone's time blaming Obama, who:

    1/ did not vote for the war

    2/ did not want the war

    3/ cannot control the war for reasons entirely beyond the office of the POTUS.

    It's sickening.


    Posted in: Obama sending 300 more U.S. troops to Iraq

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    Bass4funk - "No, Bush was already starting a slow withdrawal gradually, but was going to leave a sizable force their to maintain and to further stabilize the country. Obama had it made, all he had to do was follow up on it, he didn't do it and the rest (as we say is) is history

    And on the subject of history, it's very clear that - like bush - you have very little concept of it.

    The 3 main tribes in Iraq hate each other.  That was a well known fact decades before 2003. Saddam did a 'good' job keeping them apart.

    bush's invasion completely destroyed that balance, and the fact is, any invading nation would have had to "leave a sizable force there to maintain and to further stabilize the country" pretty much on an ongoing basis/forever to prevent ...exactly what we are seeing today: sectarian violence.

    This would have meant a long-term U.S. occupation of Iraq with U.S. soldiers under threat and being picked off virtually every day - as was happening.

    Also, as has happened, U.S. support at home would collapse.

    Bottom line is America cannot stay in Iraq forever, no matter how much pundits like yourself might think it 'necessary.'

    Bass, reality says America cannot stay forever.

    Reality says at some point America must bring its soldiers home (yes, this is partly political decision but it's also one based on economics.)

    Bass, reality also says U.S. engagement in Iraq has failed.  U.S. soldiers and Iraqis and others have died in vain. And it's not because of strategy, numbers of troops, dates and paces of withdrawal.

    No, U.S. engagement in Iraq would NEVER have succeeded in the first place.

    History tells us so, and if bush and Cheney had bothered to read their history books prior to invading, they may have realized this too.

    Ditto for Afghanistan.

    From this viewpoint in 2014, bush/Cheney's decision to invade both countries looks even more tragic - clearly they had no idea what they were doing. 

    And your point about having more troops in Iraq shows you have no idea either. 

    Sorry about that.

    Posted in: Obama sending 300 more U.S. troops to Iraq

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    Wolfpack - "Hmmm... maybe if Obama hadn't left early to help with his re-election campaign, all of those people slaughtered by ISIS and the threat to US personnel never would have materialized in the first place. I guess from Obama's standpoint, the ends justifies the means."

    And I guess from your viewpoint, US troops can just stay in Iraq for like, forever.

    Time to wake up, Wolf.

    Bgood41 -"Obama band aids the cancer of Iraq, thus showing the community organizer's foreign policy that he can handle after folding the tent and turned Iraq into Iranian and its proxy government."

    Sorry bud, your boy George was the one who created the conditions that allowed Iran to become the strongest nation in the region.

    You voted for GWB? That makes you partially responsible for this disaster, time to man up and admit you screwed up. 

    MarkG - "Iraq is hell today It was not hell 3 years ago. Iraq was left as a finished operation and neglected since."

    LOL! But really, this isn't the time for jokes. 

    Strangerland - "Very, very little of the world supported the US in its invasion of Iraq. Particularly as the UN had weapons inspectors in the country who had unfettered access to search for WMDs. But the US got all angry because the weapons inspectors weren't finding the WMDs, so they unilaterally decided to enter the US, without world support. And of course we all know why the weapons inspectors weren't finding the WMDs - there weren't any to be found. So no, the US invasion wasn't the right thing to do, as pretty much the whole world knew at the time, and knows even more so now."

    Great post. Couldn't agree more. 

    Posted in: Obama sending 300 more U.S. troops to Iraq

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    Wolfpack - "....this president who studied Constitutional law, but rules like a Monarch, his progressive far left ideology has been quickly eroding the very fabric of the US in every possible way..."

    Game's up, Wolf. You're sounding just like the talking heads on Faux "News."


    Wolfpack - "no other president has ever used his phone and pen as much as this joker."

    Busted again - GWB issued more executive orders than Obama has at the same point in their presidencies.

    Also, way more US diplomats died in Embassy attacks during GWB's reign of terror than died in Benghazi, so don't even try to bring up Benghazi.

    BGood41 - nice try to lay the blame on Obama for the deficit.  Strangerland totally laid waste to your argument.

    Sorry you got busted, too.

    Serendipitous - "He (Obama) wants women to have equal pay, he wants to raise the minimum raise, and improve education."

    Conservatives hate this kind of stuff. The GOP leadership especially hates the idea of their conservative flock getting a better education because then Faux News - sorry - the official media/PR arm of the GOP - won't be able to so effectively tell the conservative troops what they must think on any particular day.

    Bass - "Ok, that's one, but now he can't do anything else positive or productive because he has now has both hands tied behind his back."

    Here we go again - near compete blindness to reality. 

    Google what Obama has done, he's been an effective, pro-active president on many fronts.

    • passed a landmark Dem-dream-for-decades healthcare bill, 

    • massive spending on alternative energy

    • tightened vehicle emission regulations

    • No New Wars (<-- that in itself is monumental,- Q: which modern US president >hasn't< got involved in a war?)

    • he actually acknowledges global warming (<-- again, huge)

    • he's come out in support of gay marriage (<- first US prez ever to do this)

    • the fact he's (half) black and won the top job to become the most powerful person on the planet - think what that did and has done for minorities not just in the States but all around the world. Inspiration, dreams....skyward. 

    And he's done all that and more in spite of brick wall, racist opposition from the opposition that at times has voted against bills they previously supported - and sometimes even wrote! - because 'Obama supports it.'

    Nice try, but again - you just got BUSTED. 

    Posted in: Obama calls Republican opponents feckless obstructionists

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    Obama's built an impressive track record on the environment, new vehicle emissions standards and coal plant regulations among them.

    The conservatives can blow all the hot air they like about Obama not consulting them and using executive orders, but they would have only have said 'no!' anyway, so they gave him no choice. 

    Key point to me here is that Obama actually realizes and acknowledges climate change is real and that humans are causing it. AND that we must work together to mitigate it.

    There's none of this waffle being peddled by conservatives about sun spots, earth cycles, etc.

    Whining without doing - or without coming up with a half decent solution - is the stuff of losers, and something conservatives subsequently excel at.

    In fact, conservatives' general attitude can be neatly summed up in this video clip - which is why the GOP needs to be locked out of power for the foreseeable future. 

    “Rollin’ Coal” Is Pollution Porn for Dudes With Pickup Trucks


    Posted in: Obama claims progress on curbing climate change

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    Bass - "But that's the difference, you guys don't care where the money comes from because it's NOT your money, so why would you care as long as someone pays for it. This is why we have so much debt, because the politicians like you just react impulsively and say, we need to do this, implement this and never have far-sight about the long-term costs."

    Hey wow! I'm a politician now? :-)

    "Typical liberal logic at its worst as usual."

    Bass, when you have calmed down from your usual emotional outburst, you might like to try to understand that a key reason America has 'no money' is because misguided individuals like yourself voted for wars you couldn't afford.

    It's people like you who are the problem, not Global Liberals. 

    Thanks for finally seeing reality. :-)

    Posted in: Obama says U.S. should offer paid maternity leave

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    President Obama is proposing a strategy that will genuinely help American families?

    Conservatives will no doubt object to it.

    As they always do. 

    Posted in: Obama says U.S. should offer paid maternity leave

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    The bush/GOP/conservative screw-up continues.

    None of this would be happening if bush and co. hadn't invaded, in what has become the biggest foreign policy balls-up in US history. 

    Of course, our conservative friends will wail 'don't blame bush!' without realizing that without bush and his Neocon buddies - America wouldn't have gone in Iraq in the first place.

    I never supported the invasion in the first place, and believe America should get out.  Virtually every other invading nation has already packed up and gone home. 

    Retreat?  No.  They realize there's no point throwing good money after bad.  The US public also realizes this - support for boots on the ground is on the ground.

    Posted in: Obama sending up to 300 military advisers to Iraq

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    Willib, most sensible thing I've ever seen you write.

    Keep it up. :-)

    Posted in: Iraq crisis stirs fears Afghanistan could be next

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    Easy to spot the guilty parties - the ones now wailing about how bush is still being blamed for Iraq. Bush, the guy who ignored the reports coming out of Iraq from the team searching for America's WMD/gas that they couldn't find it, and who ignored the worldwide protests (remember them?) and invaded anyway to create the biggest foreign policy screw up on US history. 

    Often these people are the same ones who are also trashing Obama's foreign policy. (hypocrisy, anyone?)

    The Neocons and their conservative supporters totally own this.

    Don't blame the Dems. They only voted based on the info coming out of the DoD after being filtered by the bush govt.

    Posted in: Iraqi forces battle militants for control of oil refineries

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    MarkG, wolfpack, sorry guys, the time for selective conservative amnesia is long gone.

    Bush and co started this pointless war, threw billions of good money after bad, didn't equip the troops properly (remember the thin-skinned humvees and troops scavenging local towns for bits of metal to up-armor their vehicles?), then bush (not Obama) signed the bill to start the withdrawal. 

    Also, don't forget which country (US) and GOP conservative 'icon' (Reagan) supplied the poison gas/WMD to Saddam through which special envoy (Don Rumsfeld - GOP) in the early 80s, and then invaded Saddam's country 20 years later to find it.

    Also, be careful not to forget which president's administration (bush's) would have known the shelf life of that poison gas (early 90s) since Reagan's government would have contracted out the manufacture of the gas and would of course have records showing when the effectiveness of that US-made WMD expired (early 90s, around the time of Gulf War 1.)

    Following that, be sure not to forget that in 1993, bush, rumsfeld and co. actually invaded a country to look for the US-made poison gas that they must have known was not dangerous.

    So, yes, you are right: they were basically invading a country to look for their own poison gas/WMD.

    Of course, you will also be well aware the same bush administration declared 'mission accomplished' before it ever was, never found the WMDs ("smuggled out to Syria, or was 'north, south, east, west of Tikrit' or something), while the war created 4.25 million Iraqi refugees (both in and outside their borders), killed who knows how many thousands of people, dragged America's reputation through the mud, created millions more enemies of America, emboldened and strengthened Iran and destroyed their worst enemy (Iraq) for them on the US taxpayer's dime, sucked more than a trillion $ out of your economy, ratcheted up US debt to levels never before seen, gave China even more control over America through that same debt burden, led to the deaths of  5,000 of your countrymen and women, and injured and maimed thousands more, creating a long term financial drain of having to pay for the lifetime healthcare of those same veterans.

    And then, as a parting 'sayonara' gift to their country and the world, the fiscal incompetence of the same bush administration tanked the global economy.

    So, congratulations, your sticking up for what is a catastrophic failure is well and truly noted.

    But, yeah, you're right - blame Obama.


    Obama - wisely - opposed all of it, and then had the whole disaster chucked in his face when the abysmal failure that was the bush administration failed to finish the job. 

    Posted in: Iraqi leaders to blame for army's collapse: U.S.

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