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    Interestingly, the plane was flown by a U.S. pilot since no Japanese pilots have a license to fly a Zero. Not too surprising since none have been built for decades.

    Video of the flight

    Backstory: Zero fighter plane being prepped for first flight since WWII

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    My wife and I got both our kids through fertility treatment. Costly, yes, but in more and more cases, there's no other option.

    One simpler option - for women - is don't wait until your late 30s/40s to start trying for kids. Check up on when and why female fertility declines. Ditto for the guys.

    Cracaphat - I've heard the same thing - one friend and her hubby were trying to start a family for 8 years, decided to quit, and she was pregnant a month later.

    Stress, high hopes, pressure and high expectations all work to reduce the chances a women will conceive.

    Best to relax in every way possible.

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    Extra funny: Cruz has promised to "repeal every word of Obamacare."

    I'm not quite sure why because he signed up for it.

    So did his wife.

    They're both on it. :-)

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    I interviewed Eddie in Tokyo for an article in 2006 when he was Wallabies coach and the team had just gone down to SA (I think) and he was under fire from the Oz press.

    I was wondering why he was in Japan - it turns out his wife and I think his mum are Japanese. 

    Interesting to know and would explain why he speaks Japanese. 

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    Really impressive performance from Japan.

    Great stuff! Onwards and upwards. 

    Posted in: Japan bows out of Rugby World Cup with 28-18 win over U.S.

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    That was a good solid performance from both teams. Handling errors were minimal, defense - especially the Scots - was superb, and in one play there were 15 phases.  The Scots got a couple of lucky breaks, especially the try from a turnover, but the Japanese showed again they are really getting their game up there. 

    Loved the try saving tackle from Goromaru on Tommy Seymour just before the break - that was awesome - like being hit by a car - BOOM!

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    Wah? I thought the GOP controlled both Congress and the Senate and wielded more power than they have for years - and they still fail to do anything constructive?

    What's up with that?

    Posted in: Obama gets Iran deal win as Democrats amass enough votes

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    I stopped going to McDees fast food restaurants when I realized they don't sell food. 

    Posted in: McDonald's Japan slides to Y26.22 bil first-half loss

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    "Republican pollster Frank Luntz said Trump could siphon off enough votes as a third-party candidate to cost the party the White House.

    “If you tell me Trump is running as an independent, I will tell you that the next president will be Hillary Clinton,” said Luntz,"

    That's amazing.

    A lunatic fringe extremist like Trump pulling off such a significant number of conservative voters  that the entire party goes down?

    If that's even remotely possible it goes to show how many nutjob conservative voters there are out there in the heartlands. But we already knew that.

    This looks like the beginning of the end of the GOP even before the debates start.

    Trump will have enough support to get into the 10 candidates permitted on stage for the GOP debates.  He'll shred the other 9 who will be too petrified to attack him if he is actually nominated and wants a Veep. While he's doing that, he'll out-extreme all of them, his support base will swell proportionately, and all the other candidates will be pulled even further to the extremist fringe right - if that's even possible. 

    Cruz - who let's remember is the ultra extremist who led the charge that actually shut down the government - will be left looking like a moderate, while most of the rest - including Jeb - will look like Liberals in Trump's shadow.

    As I've said many times before: conservatives NEVER learn. They are making exactly the same mistake they made in 2008 and 2012: putting up largely un/under-educated extremist candidates in a debate schedule that sees them tear themselves - and their party's hopes - to pieces.

    The key to their ongoing record of election year failure is education, or rather lack if it.   

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    Interesting timing in Japanese politics at the moment. The Diet/parliament has been pushing through highly contentious security bills that will broaden the activities Japanese forces will be able to engage in. That didn't go down too well - 2 nights of protests outside the Diet building, PM Abe getting hammered from all quarters, then, suddenly Abe announces a complete re-think of plans for the huge white elephant Olympic stadium (forecastle to be the most expensive sports stadium ever built).

    Don't look there (at the security bills), look over here instead! 

    Probably a smart political move but reality is Abe is getting hammered for both

    Posted in: Abe's support rate plummets after defense bills pass lower house

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    But what happened to the 11 brand spanking new sports stadiums that were built in Japan prior to the soccer world cup it co-hosted only 4 years ago?

    Posted in: Tokyo Olympic venue shaping up as world's costliest stadium

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    "Japan is a rich country, but it doesn’t have cash to spare. More than two decades of economic stagnation have left the government saddled with debt, and the rapidly aging nation faces soaring pension and health care bills."

    Heh? Japan's a "rich country" that is "saddled with debt." Yup, that makes sense. Japan is the most heavily bankrupt nation on the planet. Hardly "rich."

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    Conservatives, the conservatives think they have no choice but to slam this deal because Obama's behind it. Fox News, Rush Limbough and the GOP Talking Points tell conservatives they must spread the same lies and misinformation .....because Obama's behind it.

    The programming is too strong....thinking is banned....exercising intellectual rigor is anti-American on issues like this for all conservatives..... because Obama's behind it - which he's not since as some posters have already stated this is multi-nation pact so the conservatives screwed up yet again and proved yet again they're not fit to run a lemonade stand let alone the US government. 

    My pleasure. :-) 

    Posted in: Obama relishes Iran deal; warns Congress not to stop it

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    A-heh. :-)

    The Commumity-organizer-in-Chief's administration has been "talking with the enemy" and done a deal.

    That's called "diplomacy." It's what grown-ups do and what the Republicans would be completely unable to accomplish. They'd all be singing along with John McCain "Bomb Iran, Bomb." 

    The GOP should only be considered potentially viable to run the country if they agree to drop the child bombastic rhetoric and start acting like adults with regards to international diplomacy. 

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    None of this (what some people are calling) "economic blackmail" would be happening if respective Greek governments had better managed the country's finances.

    I doubt there's a single EU nation that wants< to bail Greece out again. I'm not sure whether other EU nations are obliged to provide financial assistance to other member couriers, but that's largely beside the point now. This financial crisis isn't any other EU nation's specific problem, but collectively it's all of their problem. 

    The other countries are creditors and want their money back - and have every right to do so. I think a key point is they now all acknowledge they aren't< going to get their money back; which means this next bailout will be more of a gift than a loan - given by governments that don't really want to give, don't have to give, but will anyway.

    Based on that, I think the other EU nations that are participating in this bailout deserve a whole lot more credit than they are receiving, as - at least to me - they want to preserve the unity they created the EU for in the first place. 

    Posted in: Critics on left and right slam Greece debt 'coup'

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    I think the high construction costs will fade from the spotlight when athletes start dying. The Olympics will be held between July 24 - Aug 9. That's around when the temperature hits 36-38 deg C.

    This is an insane time to hold a major sporting event. Just think athletes coming in from colder countries who are not prepared to compete outside in temperatures that will be borderline 40 degs if not hotter. And the people who placed the bid for Tokyo mist have known this.  The outdoor events won't be a display of peak performance, more like survival skills.

    Incompetence and negligence at its finest. 

    Posted in: Olympic stadium to cost Y252 bil, sports minister says

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    FANTASTIC news, exhilarating, in fact. :-)

    History is pivoting right in front of us.

    Absolutely amazing to see how (relatively) quickly attitudes have changed in just the last decade - especially in the US - wrt this issue, which shouldn't even be an issue IMO.

    Looking back, first slavery got the boot. Then opposition to mixed race marriages (illegal in America until circa 1965?). Now opposition to gay marriage.

    We are on a roll! 

    Key point I came to realize about gay marriage is that it's way more than just a gay rights issue - it's a human/civil rights issue, which - to me - puts the drive to legalise GM right up there with the civil rights movement in the US in the 60s, only in a different area. 

    This is big stuff. Epic.

    PS: Funny to see so many heads exploding on the Right. 

    Posted in: Supreme Court ruling makes pride parades historic, jubilant

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    Is this going to be Rodney King all over again?

    Posted in: Gunman kills 9 people in South Carolina church

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    Jeb bush: “I hope I’m not going to get castigated for saying this by my priest back home,” Bush said. “But I don’t get my economic policy from my bishops or my cardinals or my pope.”

    Climate change is acidifying the oceans, melting glaciers, changing rainfall patterns, affecting seasons, etc.

    Um, how is any of that in any way related to "economic policy"?

    He's already going off the rails and it's only day 1 of his campaign. :-)

    "In the Italian version of the 192-page document, posted on Monday by the weekly magazine l’Espresso, the pope again backs scientists who say global warming is mostly man-made and says that developed countries have a particular responsibility to stem a trend that will hurt the poor the most."

    That's why bush is critical - like most conservatives, he rejects facts-based scientific data and prefers instead to believe the lies spin by Faux news and other conservative blowhard media.

    On the other side of the aisle, we get this: "But Vice President Joseph Biden, a practicing Catholic, invoked the pope’s encyclical at clean energy conference at the White House on Tuesday. “Usually encyclicals are only issued on what the church thinks are incredibly important initiatives,” Biden said. He cited a growing consensus about the need to fight climate change, adding, “This doesn’t only have a moral component to it, it has a security component to it, as well as it has an economic component to it."

    Now that's smart. Realize climate change is an issue and do something about it - as Obama has been doing for years to his immense credit - do not ignore a problem your own scientists are clearly stating is a problem. 

    Even the US military recognizes the threat of climate change to global security.

    Meanwhile, pretty much all we get from the Right is flawed logic, dangerous ignorance, and a refusal to do anything.

    Posted in: Jeb Bush says pope should steer clear of climate issue

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    Bass: "What a bunch of BS! No, they want an affordable alternative where the system doesn't burden other tax payers.That's what they want."

    Haha! If the Republicans really wanted an alternative healthcare system they would have proposed one by now. Paul Ryan's your man for that and - wait! - to date he hasn't proposed anything, in fact he hasn't even planned any meetings to discuss it.

    What's this telling Americans?  It's telling Americans that this bunch of GOPpers don't give a rat's ar*e about Americans' healthcare.

    And what's the end result of that? People fending for themselves and those without the means to pay for treatment possibly dying..

    Sorry if that's uncomfortable to digest but that's reality - the GOP doesn't give a toss about Americans' health.

    And with you constantly going on about your situation, your business and your financial situation. It seems pretty clear you don't give a toss about other Americans' plights either.

    No wonder your country is heading down the tubes! 

    Posted in: Jeb Bush launches presidential bid


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