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    25% of the population have been to see this in under 3 weeks?! Wow.

    I dunno. My wife is Japanese, my neighbours are Korean. The neighbours are lovely people and they all get along just fine. My wife does consider Koreans slightly inferior, in the same way I might think New Zealanders slightly inferior - as a kind of good natured banter that has no seriousness to it (except in the Kiwis case, which is obviously true).

    I do think there is an inferiority complex at play in SK though. I went to Seoul in 2000 for a couple of days and really liked it, but I noticed Koreans referring to Japan a lot. I hadn't been to Japan at that point, so it struck me as odd that there was this constant dialog of comparison to Japan - from tour guides at the Royal palace, to shop assistants in music stores. They seemed very keen on constantly clearly establishing their differences to the Japanese as a sort of universal subconscious mindset.

    This is not intended as a bashing, it's merely an observation based on my experiences only.

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    There's some real gold in what these guys are saying here. I feel as though the veterans of the IJA like these men aren't heard enough - especially if they make wise and pertinent contributions like this.

    I believe he does not need to pay a visit to Yasukuni at the price of ties with China and South Korea, if he hopes for safety and peace of mind of the Japanese people,

    That's gold.

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    And once again, you miss the biggest point. Did Williams walk onto a platform and jump off for all those around to be splashed with and the driver traumatized for life, likely to escape debt or other responsibilities?

    Williams' suicide is far more public and affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide - it's suicide on an epic, global scale, and you offer 'RIP, a sad loss', but the bloke who steps off the local train platform in Tokyo is a selfish coward?!

    Nigelboy was right to call you out on your staggering double standards.

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    It's amazing that people will still come on and sympathize with the people who did this as though they were the victims,

    Mirai Hayashi

    I hate to say this on the day that Robin Williams died, but anyone who takes their own life is simply a coward.

    And yet you said it anyway. Wow. The ultimate self-centred egocentric view of the world. No empathy, no sympathy, just a reflection on how it makes YOU feel. The inconvenience of it, the affrontery of it.

    I just want you both to know that I think your response is a shameful one. I hope you never suffer depression, or get so desperate in life that thoughts of ending it come to the fore. Because at that point will you realise the awful truth of what people go through in the low ebbs of their life. There are many, many complex reasons why people get to points of despair like this, and I doubt cowardice is one. In fact, I think soldiering on through utter despair and mental torment is the exact opposite of that.

    Shame on you.

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    Simple, don't get tattoos.

    But everyone wants to show their individuality so they can be like everyone else.

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    Worth watching the episode of 'The Pacific' that showcases Peleliu to get an idea of the horror of that conflict. Truly shocking.

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    That's terrible.

    I feel sorry for all involved, and especially their families and friends.

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    I think one thing is certain in all of this: the US is deeply committed in this region and it may become one of the most stressful and demanding political and military commitments it has given the unstable nature of China and the murky nature of it's true intentions.

    China are certainly intent on throwing their weight around in the region, but the extent of that remains to be seen. They are currently bullying some of their smaller/less powerful neighbours with territorial claims,:


    and with a festering national vendetta against Japan they seem hell bent on restoring national pride somehow, despite the fact that the rest of the world has grown up and long moved on.

    So, the US has a tough gig here. It has a complicated and intimate relationship with Japan built over the last 60 odd years that means it is deeply committed to Japan's safety, and if push comes to shove, it will have to honour that relationship.

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    I wonder if they actually sincerely believe this rubbish? Perhaps they are so deluded by this self serving propaganda they dish up all the time, that they have actually convinced themselves of it's truth.

    If they weren't so dangerous, it would be impossible to take China seriously because this isn't all that different from the kinds of stuff that North Korea come out with.

    Oh wait.

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    The escalation of Japan-China tension is not in U.S. interests.

    I don't think it is anyone's interest, least of all China. Why would you risk all of that for a couple of pithy islands long gone from your control? It's the definition of stupidity.

    The U.S. obviously needs Japan as its most important ally in East Asia, but it also needs China, not only for economic and trade reasons but also due to global and regional security issues.

    You seem to think this is a one way street only. The US is China's biggest single country trading partner, and Japan is it's 3rd biggest. Would China really start a war with 2 of it's 3 biggest trading partners? I would have thought not, because It's the definition of stupidity.

    But the one thing the U.S. does not want to do is get forced in a war with the PRC because the SDF shot down some plane over Senkakus, and the security treaty, by specifying in case of an attack the U.S.

    I'm sure it doesn't, but you can clearly see that if push comes to shove, they are going to support Japan. It's no accident that the US has so many military bases around Japan and other parts of Asia. If China attacks, the US will help Japan to defend their territory, end of story.

    China might desperately WANT to take those islands from Japan, in fact I'm sure they do. Pride, bruised ego, vendetta, all of that childish stuff seems to be at play here. But to do so would be very, very stupid. They will lose more than anyone else.

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    why U.S. is neutral on the issue?

    I think you need to do more homework. The US have stated very clearly they support Japan on this issue, and will help Japan defend the islands if need be. They are very clearly not neutral. Here you go:


    Here is the pertinent Obama quote:

    "Our commitment to Japan’s security is absolute and article five [of the security treaty] covers all territories under Japan’s administration, including the Senkaku islands,"

    Reality is China holds the power of decision in the Senkaku/Diaoyu dispute, as Beijing is the only player than can choose to further escalate the incident

    That's clearly NOT the reality at all. Japan itself has a powerful and sophisticated military, and when backed by the US, combine to present a far stronger force than China has. Sure, China can choose to further escalate the incident, but you are delusional if you think China will prevail in such a conflict.

    If China chooses to push the situation to the point of war, China may stand a chance of victory against the U.S. or Japan in a limited war, but the benefits are overshadowed by the costs given thriving Sino-Japan and Sino-U.S. economic relations.

    Now you are talking a little more sense, partly. In short, China would be unbelievably foolish to escalate the conflict. Not only would they lose that conflict, the economic and political isolation would be catastrophic.

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    Lets make it clear, In the 1971 Okinawa agreement, the U.S. awarded Japan only administrative authority over Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, not sovereignty. Sovereignty was specifically not transferred.

    Right. But they didn't award administrative authority to China, did they? Nor sovereignty.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

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    treat this as Japan's acknowledgement to China's claim.

    Of all the posters here at JT, I find you the most bizarre and cryptic. I consistently find it very difficult to follow your logic. Which is not a criticism, so much as an observation.

    China know Japan are going to monitor incursions into their territory, so two questions seem a little obvious:

    1. Why go into their territory?

    2. Why complain when they react the way all sovereign nations would?

    China really are diplomatic imbeciles in my humble opinion.

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    Israel now admits the soldier was killed in action, not kidnapped.

    And by an Israeli bombardment, no less.



    Yabits, you support violent resistance, which means you accept the consequences.

    I love these kinds of comments. Typed, with scant doubt, by one who lives in a peaceful, democratic, ruled-by-common law country that likely has never been occupied and subject to crippling sanctions and brutal reprisals, and whose worst issue might be the slightly elevated rate of unemployment, or the rising price of a bunch of bananas.

    If your country was occupied and controlled by a foreign power SuperLib, what would you do?

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    And a reasonable assumption would be that those 75% represent how the total population would have voted. A poll that asked 75% of the population would have a 0.1% error at 99% confidence.

    No. They chose not to vote. Therefore you can't assume anything about their voting preferences.

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    The only surprise about that is that a US President has acknowledged it.

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    Tony Abbott take note.

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    Mike O'Brien

    Hamas recieved 44.45% of the vote in 2006, beating second place Fatah by 3%.

    Yes. But voter participation was 75%, meaning the actual number of people that voted for them was around 32%.

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    Yabits is absolutely right.

    I think what people who focus all of their attention on Hamas fail to see or realise, is that Hamas are a symptom of the situation in Gaza and The West Bank. The oppression and complete mistreatment of Palestinians for a long time now has given rise to desperation and a willingness to try ANYTHING, providing it offers the chance of improvement from a miserable and desperate situation.

    It's very convenient to taint the Palestinians as people who trend towards terrorism and violence because that makes the Western World read the media reports of mass killings of civilians in Gaza with a little less discomfort. You see it here on JT - people who have more than likely never met a Palestinian, or been to Israel just casually comment that they should be 'wiped out', or conveniently equate Hamas as all Palestinian people, so as to justify their position.

    If you treat people like dogs for long enough, they will do just about anything to get out of that situation - and will consider actions they WOULDN'T OTHERWISE under normal living conditions. It's under such conditions that extreme groups like Hamas can exist.

    Israel has been allowed to get away with this for too long. The world turns a blind eye to what it does, and that's both Internationally irresponsible and continues to perpetuate the cycle of violence.

    And for the record, I absolutely recognise the State of Israel's right to exist, and my position has nothing to do with any kind of dislike for Jews whatsoever.

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