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    The only (lame) reason I have seen is to avoid typhoons that usually start later in August. The real reason is likely to be television viewing figures but I am not sure why the Japanese should care that much.

    The super-cynical view is that by having the Games cover August 6 and 9, 2020 -- the 75th anniversaries of the atomic bombs that ended WWII -- the eyes of the whole world can be on Japan (with a moment of silence before an athletic event, perhaps) and Abe and his pals can wallow in victimism on one of the biggest possible stages.

    People, including athletes, collapsing from heatstroke is small potatoes compared to such a coup.

    Posted in: Let's make Tokyo best Games ever, says Abe

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    This article has to be one of the most ridiculous Abe/Toyota weak-yen puff pieces yet.

    Let's do a thought experiment: what if it were 120 yen to the dollar, as Abe, Kuroda, and the Toyota board of directors want?

    Energy prices would be 20% higher -- and we would see even more morale-destroying penny pinching than we do now!

    Is this what we're supposed to take away from this article? If the yen is strong, export companies profits aren't high enough so the employees have to suffer. If the yen is weak, we can't afford to splurge on energy, so... the employees have to suffer.

    In what scenario do the workers get to have well-lit, well-cooled, convenient, pleasant places to work?

    Posted in: Lights off, hold the elevator - Japan Inc's answer to the rising yen

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    I can write the conclusion to this expensive Environment Ministry study right now:

    "Hold the Games in October. What were you thinking with July and August?"

    Posted in: Gov't studying ways to prevent heatstroke, cool down streets during 2020 Olympics

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    Japan’s exporters reaped windfall profits over the past few years as government efforts to kickstart the world’s number three economy sharply weakened the yen. That was good for firms such as Toyota and rivals Honda and Nissan because repatriated foreign profits were worth more when the yen was weak and it boosted their competitiveness overseas.

    It's as if the authors of this article want us readers to think things like, "Please, Abe and BOJ, please weaken the yen even more so that Toyota, Honda, and Nissan can make even more profits while my standard of living drops!"

    Posted in: Toyota's Q1 profit dented by yen rally, North American sales drop

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    A sharp rally in the yen is threatening profits at major Japanese firms as it makes them less competitive overseas and shrinks the value of repatriated profits.

    Good catch, JeffLee. A sharp rally in the yen is exactly what an airline, for whom internationally-priced fuel is a major expense, should be wanting to see, because it reduces their costs tremendously.

    But we should no longer be surprised to see sentences like this one, copy-pasted with tiny variations, inserted into article after article by what I imagine are Abe/Kuroda/LDP content censors. I can't think of any other excuse for such shoddy journalism.

    Posted in: ANA cites 'terrorism' in reporting 20% quarterly profit drop

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    Toshihiro Nikai, 77, a big spending advocate

    Well, sure. Easy to spend other people's money when they're the ones who will still be alive and working when the bills really come due.

    Posted in: Abe, eyeing lengthy rule, to opt for stability in cabinet reshuffle

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    Are you 80 years old in a nursing home and haven't driven in 20 years? Well just wheel yourself down to the nearest DMV (the ones the GOP hasn't closed) and renew that puppy. Are you 20 and never had a car so you have no license? Hitch a ride with a friend for a 3-hour drive to the nearest card issuing body. Are you a single Mom who takes the bus and has a kid and works regular business hours during the week? Well, sorry. Disabled? Come on down. Gotta stop all this fraud.

    SuperLib, well said. Voting has nothing -- absolutely nothing -- to do with driving an automobile. It is disgusting that Motor Vehicle departments have any part at all in the election process, whether as registration locations for voters or as issuers of identification demanded of voters.

    If municipalities are so determined to identify voters when they come to vote, then have city hall prepare identification for the voters on their rolls, which can be brought to the polling places and marked or surrendered once the vote is cast. That way everyone -- young, old, poor, rich, disabled -- gets exactly the same service.

    I sometimes think voting should be done entirely by mail so that every voter has the same opportunity. Mail a ballot to everyone on the voting rolls, and the voters mail the ballots back with their desired candidate selected.

    This might be a problem for the homeless, but we could have them register somewhere (shelters, perhaps) and pick up their ballots there. It would take longer to count the votes, but it would be worth it.

    Posted in: Trump suggests Nov 8 election could be rigged

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    why would any company agree to a wage hike when the cost of living/ inflation is near zero.

    Wage hikes should occur when employees become more productive. Produce 100 widgets per week this year and 101 wiedgets next year, and your wage should rise by 1% because you produced 1% more.

    having inflation at a healthy 1~2% would force companies to raise wages.

    There is nothing "healthy" about destroying the people's savings at a rate of 1-2% per year. Such inflation would result in wage increases, but they would only lag the price increases that negate the value of the raises, so the workers would still be worse off.

    The ideal is that increased productivity leads to increases in wages, but no increase in prices. Everyone (except for the debt-ridden government looking to devalue what it owes to its creditors) comes out ahead.

    Posted in: Kuroda says BOJ will ease policy again if necessary to hit 2% inflation goal

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    “We always examine risk factors for the economy and prices and will take additional easing steps if necessary to achieve the price stability goal. I’ll explain that together with Japan’s economy, prices and monetary policy at this meeting.”

    You will need to "explain" that, because it takes a George Orwell to call a 2% rise in consumer prices every year "stability".

    Posted in: Kuroda says BOJ will ease policy again if necessary to hit 2% inflation goal

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    Here's to hoping the media dont go into overdrive hyping the athletes and raising expectations to the level of near hysteria (again).

    I agree, Yubaru. Every time the Japanese are in a sports competition, I find myself torn between supporting the athletes of my adopted country while a small part of me wants to see them lose just so that the insidious media can get its comeuppance. .

    Rio “is a very important moment for us,” Murofushi told The Associated Press. “If the athletes do well in Rio, then more attention would be coming from the public, and then, throughout Tokyo 2020. So it is very important for athletes to compete well.”

    And props to Murofushi for supporting his team while making sure to use words like "if" and not placing too much pressure on them or taking medals for granted.

    Posted in: With Tokyo 2020 on the horizon, Japan aiming high in Rio

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    I really wish media pundits and executives would stop setting medal "targets", particularly ones that are wildly above past performances, for these over-stressed athletes. It's one thing for an athlete to boast that he "thrives on pressure"; it's quite another to say it about someone else.

    Hearing this kind of talk makes me miss the empty pronouncements of "we'll do our best, but so will our opponents" and "on any given day, anything can happen" that you typically hear from seasoned veterans. They well know the pitfalls of over-promising. I too would love to see Japanese athletes get a lot of medals, but it's like they won't even be able to enjoy it because of all the pressure the media puts on them.

    Posted in: Japan Olympic chief seeks 2020 lift-off in Rio

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    This article starts with a horrifying incident of Islamic terrorism, then jumps to a shoehorned-in desire for baggage checks on the Shinkansen as if they could somehow have prevented the suicide by an elderly man with zero connection to Islam or terrorism.

    It's as if the Powers That Be are so desperate to bring about their desired police state that they'll connect the most ridiculous things in order to justify what they have always wanted to do.

    Posted in: Will IS militants target Japan next?

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    Once again we see a pro-LDP slant in every article, and I'm not just talking about Abe slanting his hand upward in all his photos.

    This phrase here:

    boosting hopes for more monetary stimulus

    "Boosting hopes"? Surely just as many people were selling off their yen in fear of more monetary stimulus (or, to correct the LDP bias there as well, in fear of more currency devaluation).

    We continually see the positive word "boost" (and today we also see "shore up") used for all kinds of LDP-desired things like consumer price levels and inflation rates. A moment's thought shows that these are not things that benefit the public one bit.

    Also, there is a typo in the article:

    a program known as “Abenonics”.

    I only wish more members of the public had said "Abe, non!" ... but not enough of them came out to vote.

    Posted in: Yen slips as Tokyo stocks jump on renewed Abenomics hopes

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    “I know people near Toulouse. I’m happy to ride nearby with the red bib tomorrow,” Arashiro said in French.

    Big, big props to this guy for being able to communicate in French this well. And going by his name, he's Okinawan. I had never heard of Yukiya Arashiro before, but now I'm a fan!

    Posted in: Japanese rider Arashiro feels at home in the Tour de France

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    Do candidates in any other country make a special appearance before elections just for the benefit of a foreign press club? I've looked and have been unable to find anything comparable in any other country but I stand ready to be corrected.

    There is less of a need for a "foreign press club" in the west because many if not most major news organizations in the US/UK/EU/etc. hire immigrants as part of the regular staff..

    Article Unavailable

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    The impact of the sudden inflation is said to be as strong as the punch of a professional boxer

    I wish someone had said this to Abe when he got elected, because the statement is just as true when talking about economics.

    Posted in: Air bags inflate at a speed of 100 to 300 kilometers per hour. The impact of the sudden inflation is said to be as strong as the punch of a professional boxer,

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    At least in people's homes they have choices about whether to cool their rooms and, if so, how to do it.

    In the workplace we have no such choice. Here in my office, just back from lunch, it's 29.3 degrees indoors. Computers everywhere; no fans running. I'd take a big pay cut to have things at a civilized 21 degrees like we once had.

    Also, I think the main article has an error:

    “If you reduce the set temperature by 1 degree the rule of thumb will be that consumption will fall by 10%, so a circulator will enable a reduction by 30 watts.”*

    The consumption should fall if you increase the set temperature, because the air conditioner will not have to cool the air as much.

    And if we could get indoor air temperatures from 28 down to 23 for a mere 150 watts per cooler, then it is shameful that companies won't shell out the money so that their employees can work in a reasonable environment. They have surely saved at least 150 watts per room when they switched from tube-screen computers to flat-screens and from incandescent lighting to LEDs. Divert that money to cooling the air. I've got sweat rolling down my chest here and I'm sitting at a desk doing zero physical activity.

    Posted in: Seeking power conservation measures while battling summer heat

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    The conservative fund had long kept the majority of its cash in super-safe and super-low return Japanese government bonds, generating anemic returns.

    These "anemic" returns would have been just fine if the currency had maintained its value and consumer prices had either stayed flat or had fallen slightly.

    Posted in: Huge Japan pension fund sees worst loss since financial crisis

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    Falling prices may sound like a good thing for consumers but they tend to delay spending, which in turn hits firms’ hiring and expansion plans, which is bad for the economy.

    Please stop copy-pasting this paragraph into article after article in the business section. It is biased LDP propaganda and isn't even true. When was the last time you put off buying a liter of milk because it might be one yen cheaper a year from now?

    Posted in: Japan clobbered by weak inflation, business confidence

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    Why are they concealing the name of the school,

    Streisand Effect. If they name it in public -- and they really shouldn't have even given the city it was in -- other kids, particularly technically proficient ones, might go looking for that file in hopes that it has been shared somewhere, and then the 24 kids whose data was leaked might get bullied even more than now.

    Posted in: Teacher accidentally leaks names, health records of students on school website 


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