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    Not just Cleo, Bass. You do tend to dash off a reply without reading the comment.

    No, I did read, I was just interjecting which meant, I as adding to the original statement or are you saying it's illegal to do so?

    It is possible to watch a sports match without getting partisan. I'm a football fan - I love the game. Enjoy the spectacle. May the best side win.

    Hey, it was a joke. Come on, of course, I'm for the US, but you have to be a fool to discount or disregard Japan as being an irrelevant team. I give credit where credit is due. If Japan wins, so be it both play well and both deserve to win.

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    Excellent work, bass! Now, when a Republican supporter here tells us what happened "on Obama's watch" I fully expect a non-partisan such as yourself to jump into action and provide just as many background details as you do above.

    Sorry, if the truth hurts.

    Obama is right to make of of Republicans because Republicans are a joke.

    With Trump at the helm, I think so.

    Donald trump slanders Mexicans and the whole host of wannabe's say nothing.

    Why? They have no responsibility to what Trump says, that's on Trump and Trump alone.

    There's leadership for you.

    We have no leadership in government from either parties.

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    when you read first take a nice deep breath and try to pay attention to little words like likely and most. It might help your comprehension and prevent you writing meaningless, irrelevant replies.

    Being condescending again? Yawn, Ok, so because YOU think they're irrelevant?

    Non-Americans with no strong ties to Japan can surely root for whoever they want?

    My point being, perhaps the stronger team which was the US for the longest time FIFA ranking number one, but dropped to Number 2 since 2014. But looking at the odds, I say, root for the possible stronger team. I wish Japan all the luck though. ;-)

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    Ask 99.9% of these flag-lovers to volunteer down at a food kitchen for an evening or get off their lazy butts to go and vote and you'll get a 1001 excuses.

    I'm not so sure about that. I know enough people that would do that and I personally, worked in a lot of soup kitchens and know many people that would gladly volunteer to work with the needy. I don't think it's fair to accuse people in this case that in this case, Americans that wouldn't get up to help their fellow Americans. 20 years ago definitely, but now the millennials of today...I'm still pondering...

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    Interesting. Here in the states, like probably many other countries, the move is towards more natural/less-processed foods, which is why chains like Chipotle are doing so well, especially among millienials. But, in Japan, they have "red-colored buns", "cheese made of tomato powder", and "last year's big hit black burgers". Why the difference?

    Not only that, but Japan could like in the States make more skinless chicken versions, whole wheat buns, use zero trans fat. Was really happy and surprised when General Mills announced that they will stop adding all artificial ingredients to their cereals by 2017 and thankfully, America is picking up fast on that trend and Japan, for some strange reason is still behind. In the States most places like Mc Donald's and Burger King bake their Apple pies and Japan fries theirs. Japan has the know how and the absolute capability to change this and yet they don't, I just can't understand the rationale behind that marketing thought process.

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    Why? This is Japan Today, it's likely most non-American posters have stronger ties to Japan than to America. With England out of the running, why not root for Japan with the rest of the family?

    So what happens to those that don't have a strong tie to Japan and are non-American?? Jus' saying'....

    I love both teams. The US team plays a "football" style with emphasize on physical strength, strong hit and lighting speed. Japan plays a "yoga" style with emphasize on calmness and collaborative teamwork. Both teams have all good technical skillful players on both defensive and offensive lines.

    I agree! Sad that the game will be on Monday, gotta work. :-( But I'll keep my phone alerts on!

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    On the last Republican watch we saw thousands of Americans killed on US soil by jihadists.

    This is very true and at the same time in 1998 we had a Democratic president that squandered the opportunity to take out the greatest Jihadists that caused the death of those 3000 people on 9/11.

    Thousands more Americans were killed overseas.

    This is also very true and now we NOW currently have a president that oversaw the birth of the most vicious, inhumane and brutal group of Jihadists spawn up with a belief that the world should be thrown back into the 7th century and follow Sharia as the law of the land.

    They oversaw the biggest recession in our lifetimes and almost caused a global economic collapse.

    Yes, again true and we also had Chris Dodd (Chairman of the Senate Banking and Housing and Urban affairs committee) and Barney Frank (Chairman of the House financial Services committee) both were advised by the previous admin. of the concerns they had about Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac writing these loans with rock bottom low interest rates that essentially NO one could pay back in the end giving to anyone that wanted a home and by the way Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac are at it again and who is the current president residing over another possible loan scandal buildup.

    Republicans put 3 million Americans out of work in less than 6 months during their leadership and spent trillions of dollars on war.

    And now we have 47 million Americans on food stamps for OVER 37 months.

    Why would we go back to that? It all happened on their watch.

    I agree and now we have another bungling and polarizing president that wreaked havoc on the economy, the social infrastructure and increased the racial division in this country with the lowest and most stagnant wage growth since the great depression. We want to get away from that, but we have to wait 493 days until that miracle can happen.

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    It wouldn't be the first time Obama acted like a first grader, but when it's thrown back in his face, now all of a sudden he's thin-skinned.

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    A quick hypothetical to a non-partisan. Hilary or Trump? No evasions, please. Hilary or Trump?

    If it really were to come down to that: Definitely Trump!

    IS was formed in response to the US's actions! What short memories people have. Let's invade Iraq, Syria and Libya to fix them up (i.e. let's test our soldiers and new weapons in real situations). Oh, hang on, they are now worse than ever before. Let's sell Iraq, Syria and Libya our weapons so they can defend themselves. So the cycle repeats itself.

    Obama was told back in 2009 of the growing threat of ISIS and was given the proper recommendations as to how to deal with them, Obama rejected all of it, left ISIS to fester and his NON-involvement and unwillingness to engage the enemy and take the fight to them as a monumental error on his part and the rest as they say is history.

    Under Obama America's standing in the world has improved greatly but the GOP seems to find this offensive and thinks communicating, negotiating and using diplomacy is a sign of weakness.

    That is a complete and utter lie. When you have Jimmy Carter, one of the worst presidents ever (after Wilson) and tells you our standing in the world has been greatly diminished, your ears should perk up. Spying on the Germans, the French, NOT supplying weapons to the Kurds, Yazidis, the Ukrainians, turning his back on the Saudis and the Israelis, allowing China to build artificial Islands and to destabilize the entire region and his overall foreign policy has been a huge disaster.

    Anyone with half a brain can see the Democrats are on the right track.

    Yeah? How?

    Their supporters tend to be well educated and live on the east and west coast.

    If that's true then why are a large majority that voted for Obama the first time that are now in their mid 20's now having buyers remorse about electing this guy, because many are now married have their own families and have bills to NO jobs, paying student loans and are in debt. People and employers are cutting back work hours to about 30 so that they don't have to pay benefits. How are our public schools doing? The teachers union is extremely progressive left and we rank pretty much at the bottom when it comes to education and most subjects. 40% of people in Baltimore can't read about the 8th grade level, so if you think Dems/libs should get a pat on the back thinking that this failure is success, they all need to get their heads examined.

    The other 50% of the population in the middle need to apply for a passport and visit some other countries. In 1992 just 7% of Americans had passports.

    I have been to 23 countries, seriously....they're not missing out on anything.

    In 2002 it was 19% and in 2012 36%. So, still, only about 1 in 3 Americans have been overseas! Amazing statistic for a country that seems to love trying to help other countries by invading them. It would be interesting to know the percentage of passports issued by state......

    One reason also is that Americans work hard, they don't get 6 to 8 weeks vacation time that allows them to travel extensively like their European counterparts and for a large percentage of Americans, traveling is not that important.

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    That is hilarious! Best job growth in decades,

    Hmmm...until you factor in about almost the same amount of people that took themselves out of the job market. Still over 40 of graduates can't find longterm employment and then there is the baby boomers that retiring at a very fast rate now. But I'm not expecting the WH to comment on any of these issues. So still no mention about high wage jobs or high employment in the gas and oil industry, no mention of that either, Oh, I keep forgetting, these are jobs where you can make too much money.

    deficit levels down by huge percent,

    But there is still the issue of the $18 Trillion debt that will bloom to $20 Trillion when this guy is out of office.

    no stupid republican wars started,

    But we have ISIS, an unstable and unpredictable Iran, China and Russia and Putin who is studying the legality of the Baltic we go...Radical Islamists everywhere, what did Obama again say about his Red Line threat?

    no letting OBL attack us again(because Obama killed him while Bush let him go),

    As well as Clinton and special forces had him in their sights and at the last minute he pulled back, don't forget that as well.

    USA standing in the world much better than 8 years ago,

    Our enemies hate us, our allies don't trust us and to my amazement and befuddlement Jimmy Carter himself of all people said, our standing in the world since Obama has been in office has greatly diminished and our relations soured.

    millions more of Americans on healthcare, healthcare costs moderating finally, and on and on it goes.

    That's why 57% of people hate it, hate the rising cost of the premiums and just wait until the Cadillac Tax kicks in, watch that number rise!

    Only someone living in a bubble of spin would say these results are a nightmare.

    Or people NOT willing to deal with reality.

    The nightmare was 2007 and 2008 when Bush nearly collapsed the US economy.

    So who will fix America from 2008 and 2017????

    Wow, it is HILARIOUS to watch you guys panic!

    I have personally no reason to panic, but I am worried for my fellow Americans.

    You canNOT deny the joke the GOP field has become, and if you try don't forget who's polling at #2 -- your buddy Trump!!

    And on the Dems side, you have a joke of a socialist Bernie Sanders, who is equally as embarrassing as Trump, but to his credit at least Sanders is honest about his vision for America and that he is a huge entitlement, redistributionist. I do like that about him, unlike Obama and Hillary who would lie to save their own skin.

    He's definitely going to make the major debates, and I can't WAIT to see those with him on them... man are you guys toast! hahaha.

    I feel the same about Bernie, should be one of the best debates to watch and I wouldn't miss it for the world!

    here we go again, accusations, insults, and lies. Seems to be the MO.

    Seriously, you expected something else from them??? LOL

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    Cocky as Obama is and with 497 more days left in office, I wouldn't give Obama a grain of salt, soon this nightmare too, shall pass. At this point, who really cares. And yes, the sad thing is, the majority of voters are politically ignorant, on both sides, voting for Obama and supporting Trump. Now that is a serious mystified assessment of the situation.

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    US, ladies, you got this!

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    I was listening to Sean Hannity today and got a kick out of him justifying to his white audience that nothing was wrong with Trump.

    I don't want him to run, but the anger, the passion, the despair and concern he has for his country is legitimate and the things he says is what a lot of people want their politicians to say and at least he has the guts to speak his mind and not afraid of political correctness and on that, I can't fault the guy.

    But then I thought....aren't conservative, white talk show hosts pain killer addicts? I know Rush Limbaugh had a problem.

    Rush is not running for office, but if you think that is an indication of being disqualified to run, remember, we had a president that had sex problem, so....

    But I'm sure some of them are good people.


    Ah, the good old Republican Party and its candidates -- and is if more needed to be said Trump's standing has actually gone UP in the party since his racial outbursts!! That says it all about the people they field, and those they adore, folks.

    I wouldn't laugh, you have on the Dems side a guy that wants to tax the rain, one that is a chronic habitual liar, a socialist....yeah, the last thing I would do is mock the GOP when the Dems have their own clown car slowly stacking up.

    Calling Mexican illegals rapists (although some are good people) during your announcement to run for President is just a bad way to handle things.

    Sometimes the truth is tough to swallow.

    That, along with his insane birther record and continued harassment of the President, shows he's got some kind of imbalance when dealing with race and culture.

    As far as the birther issue is concerned, I'm with you, the rest about illegals, the border he's pretty much on point.

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    Sorry bass but Republicans are racist, although I'm sure there are some good ones.

    Colin Powel, Kevin Jackson, JC Watts, Condolezza Rice, Larry Elder, Ruben Blades, Bobby Jindal, Bruce Willis, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Geraldo Rivera, Dwayne Johnson and the list goes on..

    That was just a few and racially diverse group of Republicans and you are meaning to say without a single shred of evidence that these people are racists? Please don't start digging now....

    I kind of like my new outlook thanks to Trump. I'd never really thought of defining Republicans that way but technically Im not incorrect.

    Then you must hate Al Sharpton, hypocritical as MSNBC is (and I know for a fact they are) they still keep one of the most derisive and asinine racists around. But he gets to stay. This is why, I have a very low patience threshold when it comes to libs. Their hypocrisy knows NO bounds.

    Actually it's like minded Republican closet rednecks who are doing the spinning on this site.

    Had no idea, the above mentioned people were all racists, fact, didn't know they were all supposedly white.

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    Oh I'd love to see your source that says the majority of rapists are illegal aliens

    No, you weren't reading my sentence correctly. Let me break it down. The majority of rapes that were committed by ILLEGAL aliens were of Mexican origin.

    That is not saying anything incorrectly derogatory about Mexicans in general at all, but this is another reason why we need that border sealed. We are talking about illegals, NOT about the legal and law-abiding Mexicans which are the majority

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    They’re the latest to distance themselves from Donald Trump following his remarks about Mexican immigrants.

    Wasn't Trump referring to the 'illegal' immigrants? The illegals are riddled with legal issues from drugs, rape, to murder. That is fact. Welcome the new age of PC.

    The problem with companies like Macy's and Univision, NBC they are in breach of contract and as much as don't really like Trump, on this he's got my full support. He's suing the pants on this and may very well win. Good for him. But as you said, being PC nowadays will cost you your job, life or career.

    Trump defined illegals not by the fact they broke immigration laws, but speculated that they are also rapists.

    But he's right. The majority of the rapists that were caught and arrested were illegal, so he should just shut up about it to appease the Mexicans and Liberals???

    And he was specific to Mexicans. That's trying to define a group by the worst possible potential and people rejected that. It's the same mechanics racists use.

    So now he's being punished for telling the truth? Ok, gotcha.

    Insert any group in there and technically it's not incorrect since it only takes one rapist. Imagine if I said that Harvard grads were rapists...but I'm sure some of them are good people. Technically I'm not lying but you'd probably ask why I'm going after Harvard grads like that. Breaking an immigration law doesn't mean you are any more or less likely to rape.

    So now we are going back to the apples and oranges argument?

    Before the World Cup was played in Japan there was a Japanese politician who said Japan needs more doctors to handle all the rape the foreigners would cause during the event.

    Unlike Japan, there is NO record of foreigners past or present that are going around raping women.

    As a foreigner in Japan it was insulting. I'm sure he could tell me that foreigners have raped before, so...

    Yes, it was insulting, but your comparison is weak. Most Mexicans are not rapists, even the majority of illegals, however the majority of the rapists were Mexican illegals.

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    Obama has been a great president, and I imagine in light of his "bucket list", with no more elections to fight, that there is more to come, and more to follow on the back of his common sense reforms when others take the reigns.

    Imagine what the next president has to do to overturn a large portion of that madness, at least we can get back some common sense once he's gone.

    Either way, there's a long list of changes you can believe in - like them or not. Nobody cares what insanities the Republican Jihad Party scream from the asylum anyway, they're a spent force of old racists on the cusp of extinction.

    The best thing about the Obama presidency is that in 495 days, he'll be person for the history books. His reign will finally come to a glorious end.

    And personally, I think Obama's a living legend.

    Yes, he has been. He'll be right along with other legends like Wilson and Carter.

    Republicans still pack a punch, no doubt. They have been successful changing the election process which helps them keep power.

    And likewise to the Dems.

    The excessive gerrymandering helped them win the House despite having a million fewer popular votes.

    So what was the bogus slander that the GOP supposedly hate Blacks, hate women although Obama has less women working for him than any other president.

    The new voter suppression laws, especially those looking to reduce participation by younger voters, will help them hold on for a bit longer since younger voters lean Democrat to a much greater extent than Republican.

    Because when the Dems campaign on a charade that voting for them they will promise entitlements, income equality code for: income redistribution and that's why a large portion of the young voters that voted for Obama in the first cycle that were 18 are now almost 25 and a large portion of them have turned independent and few conservative now that they have families of their own and have seen the hopelessness of the job market. So you are right when you talk about the YOUNG voters and the former Obama voters.

    They jury is still out on their attempts to reduce the number of black people voting since it's had the effect of polarizing them at this point.

    Blacks will vote for Dems by default and as long as they and as long as they vote for the party of entitlement many will remain in the economical state they are in.

    Once the election tricks run their course, then the GOP will have to change and moderate a bit which will help them grow again.

    They don't need to change, the Dems won't, so the people need to decide and that's why more people are becoming Independent which makes perfect sense.

    I'm looking forward to that. I grew up respecting the GOP (80s kid with Reagan as President) and it would be nice to see them get back into the game again.

    I feel the same about the Old Democratic party.

    In a very short time they've turned into a party that cannot produce legislation unless it's a social issue, and even then they are finding the times are changing and they are on the wrong side of that.

    I don't think I have enough space to jot down all of the disasters the Dems have contributed to the country over the last 6 years, both parties are slowly falling into the abyss of irrelevancy but one thing that the Dems are horrible at is the art of negotiation with our enemies, one of them being the new relationship with Cuba. I'm all for normalizing Cuba, but this idiot of a president could have waited until the Castro brothers were dust. Did he talk about their political prisoners being tortured? Repression and human rights? How about allowing and paying their people in US dollars instead of worthless Pesos? How about allowing the people to vote in free elections or travel whenever they wish?

    This is the problem with the Obama admin. First priority, look out for your own party, establish a legacy, then second worry about your legacy. Sums up what Obama is all about-himself!

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    Obama will go down as one of the greatest Presidents ever.

    Actually the worst, with very few accomplishments, but he will be remembered for other things like being divisive and polarizing.

    Historians rate presidents on their long-term impact and effect on our nation. As such, the only thing really safe to say at this point is that Obama will go down primarily as the first non-white president. That he won, not once, but twice,

    Pretty much sums up the Obama legacy so far.

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    Kudos to the US women, knew they would pull it off!!!

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    According to a new CNN/ORC poll, 63% support the Court's ruling upholding government assistance for lower-income Americans buying health insurance through both state-operated and federally-run health insurance exchanges.

    The poll is a bit unclear, wha they should have and failed to mention those 63% are the growing number of people that can't find work and have seen their wages decrease under Obama and that is another reason why you see unemployment, health benefits on the rise, since he can't create jobs, substitute that for more entitlements.

    Slightly fewer, 59%, say they back the ruling which made same-sex marriages legal in all 50 states.

    Whatever, the law is past, let's move on, I hope now all the whiners can say America is a just country, we are not racist because we have a Black president and we don't discriminate against Gays anymore. Now we can put this all aside and take a break.

    Support for each ruling is sharply divided by party, with most Democrats and independents behind both, and most Republicans opposed to both

    And that's ok. Each to his own.

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