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    Each his own. I personally don't want religion near politics, but if people have and want to practice religion, why not. As long as they don't try to physically hurt people. Who cares?

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    It wasn't an insult, it was a statement of fact. You were either intentionally being ignorant about my comments, or unintentionally. Either way, it's ignorant. If you don't like that truth being pointed out, you should either stop being willfully ignorant, or try to read more carefully to ensure you are not unintentionally ignorant.

    No, it was an insult, pure and simple.

    That completely ignores the fact that no one has asked you to do this, it has nothing to do with you, and that in doing so you are making the problem worse, not better.

    I think eradicating or diminishing ISIS capability to launch attacks and to stop them from imposing their Caliphate and Sharia, the better we all will be better.

    Well, your posts prove quite clearly that you are not very good at judging the difference between right and wrong.

    I am good, but we just have a difference in what we value and view right from wrong.

    Three beheadings of people who went into the region. The imposition of radical Islam in THEIR region. Sorry, but your justifications just do not work. No matter which way you cut it, the US has no right, nor any responsibility, to be there. And being there will result in absolutely no good whatsoever to the US.

    I guess it seems like the US is not going about it alone and good for the international community to stop these animals.

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    And as a result you want to start a war, that will result in the deaths of thousands of innocents? Wow, talk about an overreaction. Tell me, do you generally also pull a gun on people who bump into you on the subway? Or burn down your neighbors house if he says something bad to you? Because those would be similar overreactions.

    Beheading someone is NOT an overreaction.

    They have killed three people, and you are advocating a war, with the above being the justification for said war. So it would appear that your biggest issue with them is that their religious affiliations scare you.

    And allow them to come to our shores, Europe, Australia and beyond to force us to comply with Sharia and in Australia they wanted to randomly kidnap and behead someone and in the UK, practically did, but you think, we shouldn't overreact, uh-huh....

    That would explain the overreaction alright.

    On their part, I agree.

    Not by America it doesn't. It deserves a harsh response by the law in the country where it happened.

    In your worldview opinion that's fine, you are entitled to your opinion, I'm not going to say anything.

    If the law in that country is not up to the task, then people would be better off not visiting a country where they don't have the protection of the law. But if the Americans start invading any country in which one of their citizens are killed, America will be at war with every country in the world.

    No, just the rogue countries and the radical ME.

    No, ISIS is provoking a war with the US. And the US seems to be falling for their ploy.

    Yes and they are threatening and have followed up on that threat to expand Sharia, if they want to keep on their side of the fence and spread it, fine. Leave the rest of us alone and when these pathetic losers come to our countries and threaten to kidnap and behead us, there IS ONLY ONE response and it should be condemned to the pinnacle.

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    ISIS was responsible for 9/11, Fort Hood, Boston, or the US Embassy in Libya that attacked us.

    ISIS was responsible for murdering 3 citizens, 2 US and 1 British. They practice a radical extremist version of Islam, they are an offshoot of Al Qaeda, they want to establish a Caliphate. They are from the same tree, same vine, therefore it is exactly part of the network or radical extremist Islam that was part of the bigger unit that associated and affiliated did the above attacks.

    No, it doesn't. Those people made a fatal misjudgment in the risk they faced, and they died for that mistake. Starting a war in which thousands of innocents will die is not a justifiable response, neither morally nor logically.

    Yes, it does reserve a harsh response. ISIS already started the war on the West and to be frank Islam itself.

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    There's released drone footage on the internet, accompanied by articles written by drone operators and frankly the quality is so amazingly awful that it is no surprise that the statistics show that they get the wrong target 90% of the time.

    Hey, as long as they get ANY jihadists that hang around for a smoke and the likeminded ilk, i'm cool wit it!

    Your post advocated deporting anyone who proposed Sharia law. That's not "radical Islam", that's proposing a change in the legal system. It is not a position I would support since I believe that Sharia law is fatally flawed and discriminatory, but in a society that practices free speech people should be free to propose the idea, if only so it can be publically addressed and shot down.

    Putting a gun to someone's head and telling them to convert and Oh, by the way, after the person converts, THEN chop of the persons head has absolutely NOTHING to do with free speech. NOTHING. If it were free speech, the people, the moderates, the Christian and Yazidi population would and should have nothing to fear, if that were really true. But we know it's NOT.

    Who is this "they"? That's the point you've never been able to address satisfactorily. How do you tell a moderate Muslim man in an Islamic country like Syria from a fanatic Jihadist from a drone 500m up in the air? You can't, the CIA can't, the NSA can't, and "military intelligence" (that most famous oxymoron) definitely can't.

    Hey! LOL, if you say so. Anyway, someone who preferably cut off someone's head and would allow the person of any faith live alongside in peace and harmony.

    Start by reading President Eisenhower's farewell address in 1961, and then keep reading another 50 years worth of documents, then come back and post again.

    I did and don't need to again, it's not relevant with what we are dealing with now. I like to stay current circa 2014

    Excellent idea. The US can lay off for 4 or 5 years and we'll try something else, because after 13 years of the war on terror there has been no real progress.

    As I said, there is nothing else. Unless the West bows down to Sharia, they won't let up, ANY idea of the Jihadists wanting to live side by side and existing in peaceful harmony is hysterically laughable and ludicrous. Never going to happen.

    The Boston Marathon bombing still happened, there are more than half a million dead, and for all that pain and suffering the world is actually LESS safe and LESS stable, and it has provided Russia and China with the moral authority to invade sovereign nations and point to the US and their allies and say, "You guys do this all the time!!".

    But we also had 6 years of THE most wimpy, pacifist, narcissistic and most selfish President ever and that's why a lot of this happened under his watch, but the good thing is... Only 850 more days to go until the madness ends.

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    “If you can kill a disbelieving American or European—especially the spiteful and filthy French—or an Australian, or a Canadian or any other disbeliever… including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him,” said Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, the group’s spokesman.

    “Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military,”

    That is the final nail for me. The faster we can send these guys to waiting virgins, the better off we all will be!


    IS radicals call for the death of US civilian... and in response US extremists on these very forums respond by calling for his death.

    You mean US civilianS. No, we are calling for the elimination of all radical Jihadists!

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    My exact thoughts. The sooner, the better.

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    Obviously, you didn't read what I wrote. Let's try this again: 9/11, Fort Hood, Boston, US Embassy in Libya those were attacks on US soil, therefore, they did attack the US, not to mention, they beheaded 2 US citizens, so it does deserve a harsh response.

    So yes, we have not only the right, but a moral obligation to eradicate this filth.


    As always your posts are excellent examples of not seeing anyone else's point.

    Right back at you, buddy.

    Earth to Bass4funk, he's talking about the radicals, not their victims. The victims are identifiable, the radicals are anonymous.

    I know.

    What this means is that there'll just be a repeat of the situation in Afghanistan, where a drone from 500m is trying to identify a bunch of guys based on male pattern baldness and a fuzzy photograph that's 40 years out of date, and then "precision" bombing them resulting in dozens of innocent deaths... plus that they got the wrong guy.

    Amazing, so you know more about the military, drones, NSA and the CIA. I had no idea.

    ... the far right? Ironic since last time we discussed this you were advocating for the suppression of free speech, and such rampant xenophobia that you'd rather kill innocents than have a foreign neighbour. The point is that if there's anyone here who exemplifies the far right it is you.

    You know, I don't want to get my post deleted, but I'll say this as nice as I can, I was never against FREE speech, I'm against radical Islam. I hope you can understand that. As for killing, I'd rather we do away permanently with ISIS or as many as we can. They want to die so bad, I'm all for Obama obliging them.

    And the ONLY reason that the US is getting involved is because the US economy is so far in debt to their military-industrial complex that if they stopped blowing up other countries for 10 years the US economy would sink like a stone.

    Please,stop reading Think Progress and, please Frungy

    The US tries to coat this capitalism killing agenda in moral terms, but anyone with half a brain can see that the US agenda here is economic, not moral.

    And your documented proof of that is.....?

    The U.S. never learns that Muslim extremists aren't keen on them playing world police. Extremists like ISIS are like shark teeth: they grow back over and over again. This conflict will be in vain just like the gulf wars and will make the innocent be the sufferers once again.

    And when we don't play the police ( much to my dislike ) you see after 4 years of what happens.

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    This is based on the failure of logic that:

    1) Radical Islam can be identified

    3 people were recently beheaded, I think that's more than identifiable.

    2) It needs to be dealt with by the US

    Because NO one else will and what is the solution to deal with radical Islam in Europe? The rise of the far-right which is a cancer in itself and That's the solution radical extremism, Naziism?

    The fact is, today's 'friend' is tomorrow's 'radical enemy'. Assad was the enemy last year, now he's a friend? Saddam was the friend in the '80s, then in the '90s he was the enemy? The West has shown that they have no clue who are friends and who are enemies in the Middle East. The Russians figured this out decades ago, and got out of Afghanistan.

    I agreed with you up that point.

    They are laughing at the Americans trying to fumble their way through an unfixable mess in the Middle East.

    They can laugh all they want, no one gives a fig what Russia thinks.

    Except that you are preaching acting when they haven't attacked the US or other countries

    9/11, Fort Hood, Boston, US Embassy in Libya those were attacks on US soil, therefore, they did attack the US, not to mention, they beheaded 2 US citizens, so it does deserve a harsh response.

    If those people want to go to places where they may be beheaded, that is the risk they take. No one is making them go there.

    True, that doesn't give a green light, nor justification to chop someone's head off and to think there won't be a response is pure ingnorance on the part of the Jihadists.

    To start a war based on some people's misjudged risk is ridiculous. You are preaching the deaths of thousands of more, because these people want to be able to go into a pit of vipers and come out unscathed? Ridiculous.

    Either way, we can't allow or should ever allow the jihadists to think they can harm innocent people with impunity humanitarian workers, Jornalists, civilians and US politicians.

    No, I don't think that. I'm just not misguided enough to think that bringing war to them is going to make them want peace.

    No matter what happens, they will NEVER want peace until Sharia is implemented everywhere in the world.

    I'm also not misguided enough to think that bringing war to them is going to lower the risk of attacks, when anyone with a brain knows that it only creates new terrorists out of people who wouldn't have been terrorists in the first place.

    No one has ever said that, but you kill enough of them to slow them down, dismantle their senior structure, take as much fight out of them as possible. Everyone knows that you can't eradicate them, but we need to never allow these attacks to happen on such a horrific scale.

    And they'll bring it right back to you. Live by the sword...

    That's ok, they can live by their 8th century way of life and and use their sword, I'll live by US 21st century with modern firepower.

    Leave the vipers to themselves. No good has ever come out of meddling in the Middle East by western nations. Never once.

    If they keep Sharia regulated to their country and leave the WEST alone, I will agree with you and if they don't, they they need to be stopped.

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    Horrible idea. Stay out. Let them work it out themselves. It's a religious war, and any country backing it is backing one side of a religious war. Add this to the fact that the side they back may very well turn into their enemy at any given time in the future.

    The best and only way to deal with radical Islam is to hit them where it hurts the most and attack their senior top leader structure. If they want to kill themselves, I could care less, once they start killing our people and attempting to plot terror attacks across the US and other countries, we need to act, there are already "military advisors" (special forces) I don't know why Obama keeps saying that instead of what these men are? Maybe he thinks special forces sounds too intrusive, strange.


    Since the US is largely responsible for the situation in the first place, with various covert and overt activities, it is hardly likely that its tactic of "Shoot up everything in sight" will make it better.

    So you suggest, we just keep allowing them to behead people? You heard what happened in Australia and now the trickle effect in Europe and the broader West. You think walking away will have them thinking. Now we really want peace? Or is it better to wait until someone is beheaded on TV in our own countries and then take decisive action? I prefer taking the fight to them, you'd rather wait until they are here and then engage the enemy. The heck with that!

    I feel strongly that the only way forward is to begin building a world were we value substantive evidence based policies while putting the protection of human rights at the pinnacle, in that you are free to believe what you like but not free to enforce your belief based ideas on other people, as by definition they are not supported by evidence.

    That's all nice and cozy, but please tell that to the people that are chopping the heads off of people. You make a valid point, but realistically, it ain't gonna happen, sadly.

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    Generally speaking, people who want to secede are making emotional outbursts and they tend to come across as nutjobs. They wrap themselves in names like "patriots" as an excuse for their extremism.

    More like the giant states being California and New York being hijacked by the tree hugging EPA Silicon Valley, nutty wood crowd that sees itself as the elite of humanity and therefore has every right to treat the rest of society as degenerates is beyond insulting and deplorable.

    Liberty like the freedom to have ABORTIONS. Got it, wingers.....

    Abortion is not the problem, if any, it's LATE TERM that we are talking about?

    Yep. They hate federal interference unless it suits their ideology. Live free.....unless you want an abortion in which case we need the government to prevent that. Stop spending....but don't touch the military. Don't trust the bureaucracy....unless it's to print useless voter ID cards which puts the government between you and the ballot. Protect the Constitution....unless it's trumped by the Bible. Believe in Democracy....unless it votes against you then you should shut down the government.

    What a hock of crap! The problem is the Fed gov. Has been trying to long to tell average Americans what they should eat, how they should live, how they should pay for their healthcare. Taking too, way too much of our money, trying to dismantle our military, while our enemies are building up theirs, creating more debt. Trying to cheat the voting system, the politicians lie and cover up everything bad that happens to our people overseas, they allow the gov. to spy on us, they send the IRS to lie and to find anything they can, they refuse to allow us to worship the way we like and yet, they call themselves Democrats.

    That's the reason why some states should be allowed to secede if they want, the liberals can have their outrageous tax hikes, their vegan food and live with their smugish attitudes!

    Their fight is just too important to live up to the ideals they say they believe in. They are saving America, after all.

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    It depends on how the operation unfolds. If it becomes too difficult to eradicate the senior top ISIS structure with drones, which realistically cannot be done, sooner or later you will have to utilize ground forces. There are already more than 1000 special forces present and if the fight becomes more intense, they will increase the number of special forces and they need to increase the bombing raids to instead of 160 a week which is a joke to about 160 a day and not just your basic military soldier is not going to get the job done. No one wants to see an escalation and a long drawn out conflict, but you might have to plan another military surge to weed out these scum.

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    Unless the US is explicitly requested by a country to be there, they have no right to be there.

    As long as these Jihadists are killing Americans, we have not only the right to be there, we have every right to put a bullet in their heads.

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    Exactly! What the hell is he thinking?

    The Americans really need to get out of and stay out of the middle east. The last year alone has shown us that it's impossible to tell who is good and who is bad, so let them sort it out themselves.


    As usual, you always to hit the mail dead center. 110% agreed!

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    That would be great. All the Blue states would turn eventually into 3 world status, California and New York might do well as long as the entertainment industry thrives.

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    I remember once when celebrity Jenny McCarthy said, she wanted her sone to be circumcised because she thought her decision to circumcise her son was the right choice and I hate when women think, they know what is the best for men.

    She said the following:

    “If you don’t know what an uncircumcised penis looks like, you will once you baby boy is born. When I saw my son’s for the first time, I thought it looked kind of like a wrinkled french fry. I had the hardest time knowing that I would have to be the one to tell the doc, “Go ahead.” How could I do anything to cause him pain? But I did, and my main reason was that I wanted him to have a pretty penis.”


    Personally for me, I think it's there for a reason and just leave the child alone, if you practice good hygiene, who cares? With the exception of people that are religious, I feel that when the boy is an adult, he can make the decisions for himself as far as what he wants to do. But that's just my opinion.

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    I bought a phone that I use only in America and use it as a 'Go Phone'. Perhaps I won't have to do this? Is this plan only for the iPhone 6 series or the 5 series as well? Anybody know?

    No, it's only good for iPhone6.

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    You can't seem to grasp that "freedom of religion" is NOT a universal value. It is a value that the US and several other countries support, but in an equal number of countries religion is not a free choice.

    I and MOST people understand that, but we are living in the 21st century and NOT the 8th and when you start castrating women and chopping off peoples heads TO the point that's affecting everyone around you and add to that kidnapping and parading innocent people on TV and killing then to make a point is immoral, out of line, file, inhuman and needs to be condemned in the highest. If these people want to kill themselves, go for it, but once they kill our citizens to make a barbaric point and in other countries that aren't even Muslim, forcing them that Sharia is the way, should all have their citizenship revoked and kicked out if they want to be radical like that vile Anjem Choudary should be kicked out immediately, you don't want to adhere to the laws of the majority, get out. It's that simple.

    The simple fact is that the MAJORITY of people in Syria are Muslim, want Sharia law and want what goes with that.

    No, you mean that's what the radical Jihadists want.

    This is democracy, but the problem you seem unable to admit is that it includes cultural values that you do not support, namely that there is no freedom of religion.

    Sorry, Frungy, but you are wrong. Freedom of religion doesn't include mass tortures, killing little kids and mutilation on a mass scale. Even Al Qaeda of all people denounced ISIS and it's twisted perverted interpretation of Islam. That is pure barbarism at its absolute vile worst.

    And this is where we come back to the main point, that the US is intolerant, incapable of tolerating other cultures and engaging in cultural colonialism.

    You could make that argument if the US and the UK were beheading people, mutilating women, cutting out tongues and forcing people to adopt the Christian religion or else they will be crucified. Then your point would be valid. But that's not the issue here. These Jihadists are pure evil.

    End of story. You cannot handle their culture so you're bombing them and killing them. That's intolerance at its most quintessential.

    It's not the end until these people are dead, overrun, pushed back into a cave and like before you can't kill an evil and twisted and perverse ideology, but you can decimate, keep them on the run and keep them in a disarray and Obama and Cameron are doing the right thing, sadly this should have been done a long time ago and I hope they increase the attacks. There are already over close to 1000 special forces (Obama calls them military advisors) on the ground. Everyone in Syria and Iraq have a right to have peace and to not have to worry about bowing down to Sharia.

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    No, they could leave. Just like the woman in a burqa could choose not to go to the USA. This is the point you seem incapable of accepting.

    That didn't make sense? Why would these people leave their country? How about ISIS stops beheading people and letting people worship the way they want to worship-simple!

    So you're advocating deporting people forEXERCISING theirRIGHT to free speech?

    I never knew that beheading someone was freedom of speech. So a crucifixion is an act of love then, I guess.

    No, they don't. No more so than Americans have the right to wear a biking helmet into a bank, or refuse to pay taxes. The majority of people in that country are Muslim and want Sharia law. That's a little thing called democracy.

    When you massacre people on a large scale, the proper and more accurate assessment of that kind of situation would be considered " A Slaughter"

    So far, in the space of a single paragraph you've argued for the suppression of free speech and against democracy.

    No, I have been arguing against the persecution of minorities, regardless of race ethnicity or religion, I'm denouncing female mutilation or castration, beheadings, shooting of kids, crucifixions and on and on. This is nothing more than 8th century outdated moronic barbarism, pure and simple. Has absolutely NOTHING to do with free speech. All the more reason why Obama should send in heavy ground troops to weed these guys out and shot them.

    You killed their people, about 250 000 of them. Does that give them the right to rule the USA? No. You don't have a point.

    So how many people did the Chinese, UK, Australians, Canadians and so on and so on, in every country and every indigenous race suffered under colonialism, EVERY person. The US is not the only one. You and I have nothing to do with the past. If anyone is the real victim it's the people that are trying to stay alive in Iraq and Syria, the innocent people. Moving on...

    The ISIS are the majority. Democracy is rule of the majority. Don't like it... well, tough luck, it is the position that your country officially supports.

    Actually, it does matter, you don't have a say in it and Thank God, Obama is finally doing something and I really hopes he turns that place upside down and gets as many of these fighters as possible. Finally the president woke up. By the way, ISIS doesn't make up the majority of what people want, they just make up of the majority of people that if you don't see things their way, they will just chop your head off.

    Ah, and here we have it. You want Muslims thrown out of Europe, but you sure don't want Christians in the USA.

    I don't care who you are what color or what religion you practice as long as you are a law-abiding citizen, do as you like, but that is NOT how many radical Islamists live. They have a rebellious and defiant attitude this is my religion, take it or leave it, refusing to conform and following the rules of the majority. So most definitely, I want the violent radical Islamists out, YES, that is correct.

    Seems like I was right on target with my comment about you rather killing people than letting them MOVE in.

    The radical Jihadist all need to be shot.

    Wake up, the US isn't a cultural melting pot.

    Yes, it is. The US has over 245 different Nationalities, not only is it a melting pot, it's a deluxe pizza

    That lie has been repeated so often, but that doesn't make it true.

    Well, then you should go there and look for yourself. We have more people still trying to get in from every part of the world, everyone is welcome, every religion, every race as long as you play by the rules. We are the most racially diverse country in the world. I don't know what you have been getting your lack of info from.

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    You mean you CAN'T answer that, because the example I gave is freedom of religion. For the Muslim woman removing her burqa infringes on her religious freedom, but her choices are conform to US culture or die.

    I did. You are basically saying, everyone HAS to conform to Sharia and their twisted perversion of Islam and if you don't and you get your head chopped off, shot, buried alive, tortured, it's your fault. The Iraqi Yazidi and Christian minority just have to suck it up and tow the line? You are something else. Personally, I will smile every time A sniper pops one of these jerks and they get the hell carpet bombed put of them. This is madness and it has to stop!

    So they have a choice, they can leave. But you'd rather KILL 90% of the population of a country than offer asylum to the 10% who do not want to follow the state religion... yeah, that's real logical. what about the Europeans that are being overrun by the radical Islamists, they should all leave as well? Hey, if these guys want to kill and behead each other I could really care less, but when they tell the majority of the populated country that they reside in Europe for example and tell them, they all need to convert or die. NOT only should they be kicked out and have their visas revoked, but they should be put in prison for even suggesting it. These NATIVE Christians and Yazidi have every right to follow their religion the way they want without having to worry about losing their heads in their own country....Amazing!ds in their own country....Amazing!

    I'm glad you think that they can keep their own country, how magnanimous of you!! You truly are kind to GIVE them what they already own. I don't agree with how they run their country, but that doesn't give me the right to walk in there with a gun, kill a mass of people and then demand they do things the way I want.

    When they kill our people, yes it does.

    Yes, it is okay with me. Because all the other options are far, far worse. Things, like money and possessions, can be replaced. Lives cannot.

    Yes, yes, we are in total agreement, please tell that to all the ISIS members. There is still time.

    And that's the equation here. US intervention will kill more people. Offering asylum to Syrian refugees? No real cost, actually a net benefit.

    Hey, you Europeans have enough room, you can take them in. We have enough of our own refugee problem.

    The real problem here is your willingness to kill strangers rather than accept a foreign neighbor.

    If that were even close to the truth, the US wouldn't be the multi-culture melting pot it already is.

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