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    Never ceases to amaze me that folks like you continue to refer to anyone who disagrees with you as a "liberal", and use the term like a curse-word. And, even funnier, is that you think the folks you aim your ignorence at are offended by it.

    To be honest with you, I'm not trying to offend any liberal and how they feel is totally irrelevant, I'm just point pint out the hypocrisy, libs do it all day, all the time, but when the opposite is done to them, then you called every slimy name in the book and whatever you say should be discredit and shunned. You guys like to dish it out, but when it hits you back, you guys cry foul. That is just something I will never understand about the liberal mindset.

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    As already pointed out, no definition of atheism allows for any degree of religious belief. Obama is a self-avowed Christian, which rules out the possibility of him being atheist.

    Really, he sure doesn't act like it, maybe he's the liberal Atheists version of what a Christian is supposed to be.

    Your continued insistence that he is an atheist is as weird as if I were to repeatedly claim that you are female.

    You never know.

    facts and the truth aren't as important to him as to the rest of the world.

    Yeah, Libs always say that when they get backed into a corner and get bombarded with facts.

    And it's not like he could change - he'd have to drop his vitriol against Obama, which is basically his identity.

    Coming from the person that has an anger issue and vitriol towards Bush.

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    as usual you are looking for a way to stir up controversy where there is none.

    Not at all, but I'm not going to listen to one-sided liberal bloviating.

    Abe was coming to Washington at the invitation of President Obama -- or did you miss the part in the article about the summit and the state dinner? So the invitation to speak to Congress was likely planned months in advance between the White House, State Department and Congress. It is not similar to the Netanyahu fiasco in any way.

    What I am saying was (if you missed it) it doesn't matter who congress invites or who the president invites, the branches can do whatever they want and if one side doesn't like it, they just have to deal with it.

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    What's with the Republican leadership inviting Prime Ministers over to cause trouble? Must be to galvanize the right wingers/tea partiers to go further to the extreme.

    No, we have 3 branches of government, all equal to each other and the House speaker has the right to invite any leader to speak out on the floor of congress, they don't have to mention or ask the president for approval. Nancy Pelosi went to talk to Assad when Bush was president and the congress was controlled by the Dems and against the WH wishes.

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    if you think President Obama is such a terrible liar, then what do you think of the ex-presidents George Bush Sr and Jr???

    All politicians lie, I get it, goes with the territory, but Obama is the absolute worst of them all when it comes to lying and if you want me to give you a litany list, let me know, it might take a day....or two.

    Anyway, this mess in Yemen with both Sunni Sauidis and Shia Iranians with their proxy war is only gonna get messier and bloodier. What should the USA do?? Make sure this BS does not spread to other countries in the region!!!

    As long as Obama refuses to listen to his generals and is opposed to sending ground troops in. this BS will only get worse. Had Obama kept our forces in Iraq and established a strong SOFA with that country, we wouldn't be here now and there would be NO Caliphate. That's on him.

    I know you like to play your tit for tat word games, but I'm not gonna play. But I have a question for you.

    You don't need to play, Just pointing out, how wrong you are, that's all.

    EVEVRY media continues to report that 911 was a terrorist attack, but not ONE of your precious media has been able to, or wanted to explain how a 262 meter high, 52 floor solid concrete building, #7, can free fall in 2.5 seconds by fire. You can't!

    First of all, I will NOT take that stupid, stupid trap, get off topic and get a warning from the Mods. but I will say this, that argument has been debunked, not only that, but Perdue University has conducted tests after tests on exactly that, since they are one of the most prestigious engineering schools around and their tests after 5 years concluded that without a doubt, there was no hidden bomb, the heat and the impact of the planes are the cause of the integral to weaken and to collapse. Now if you want to jump in that Kool aid pool with the Illuminati and Alex Jones crowd, be my guest, but I prefer to stay and believe the facts and stay clear away from the conspiracy middle Earth realm.

    there are lots of suckers out there.

    Fizz, funny coming from you to say that, but I will digress. Lol

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    "Cruz, after all, rose to national prominence by employing an ultimately unsuccessful strategy in 2013 to shut down the government unless Barack Obama’s administration agreed to repeal its signature health care law.

    Which took a lot of guts, may not have been the best idea, but it showed that at least he was going to fight the law and the implementation of it tooth and nail.

    Cruz’s all-night talking tactics seemed so absurd that even leaders of his own party denounced the strategy.

    Because they realized that Cruz had guts and unlike the majority of the spineless GOP members, he showed that he has guts and will take a stand for his party and for his constituents.

    Earlier this year he pushed his fellow Senate Republicans to cut off significant funding for the Department of Homeland Security without a full repeal of the White House’s executive actions on immigration.

    And Cruz has never been afraid to dial up the heat on his rhetoric, once referring to Obama as “the most radical president this nation’s ever seen.”

    And so what's the difference. Obama does the opposite by calling the GOP congress terrorists? So Obama can use rhetoric, but Cruz can't.

    Cruz is the stereotypical narcissist. Breaking government, dismantling national security efforts and a taste for green eggs and ham has defined this most dangerous of sociopaths. Thin skinned and slow witted, Cruz has the appeal of a mad bomber mixed with the derangement of a messiah complex.

    So then he is essentially no different than the president who is by the way a narcissist, has the absolute worst ego, selfish, lies through his teeth, inconsistent and is underhandedly sneaky, not to mention Obama thinks he's the smartest man on the entire planet.

    Americans have had a good long look at this angry greasy pinch faced liar.

    Getting a bit racial there buddy, be careful....

    Cruz represents a grossly swollen tick of evangelical venom sucking upon the government benefits and rewards he so sorely criticizes. Angry and a hypocrite, nice guy.

    And so what do you call our Atheist, socialist president that defies virtually every law and constitution of the US and tries to circumvent it at every chance he can get and thinks he can rule by decree.

    The GOP-Tea does appeal to everyone; even the angry pinch faced greasy liar evangelical groupies, that's nice too.

    It seems more and more to me by reading these kind of comments that you have a problem with Hispanics.

    Fun for a piñata, but this Canadian piñata is filled with razor blades, poison pills and an endless supply of useless. One thing the American can depend on from this bug exterminator candidate; a nearly two years long tedium of one idiotic complaint after another followed by endless threats of destruction of his own doing.

    I really love how Cruz is pissing the left off so much and even some of the weaker right, just love it. As long as he can pose to a formidable threat to both sides, he's got my vote.

    The GOP-Tea says Cruz is off the charts in many areas and everyone has a good example of where that begins. Usually when Cruz starts talking. What a funny angry greasy deranged narcissist candidate the GOP-Tea has in Cruz. Mission Accomplished.

    Ok, so you have a problem with Hispanics, but the man is not your typical Washington politician, what's the difference between electing him as a first timer and Obama who was a first timer? If you look at both their records, at least Cruz was consistent on every point, fiery, loud and definitely outspoken, pisses of the rhino established GOP and scares the Dems, goes against the mold and is a breath of fresh air from the typical Washington stagnant pool of lemmings.

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    I don't take credit, but as I have always said, unemployment benefits are on the rise and we have one of the highest in recent memories, which implies a stagnant working economy.

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    More AP bull crap. When are some going stop taking everything the MSM says as truth.

    So if virtually EVERY media around the world reports this, they are all wrong, completely?

    No one has any proof that Iran is supporting the Houthis, and Arab experts say the Houthis don't need Iran's help and wouldn't accept it if offered.

    And you don't have proof to say, otherwise, in fact, you seem like you are implying that the intelligence agency wouldn't have a clue, but you do????

    But I welcome anyone to show me, as I have found none.

    And why would the intelligence agency show their hand or give all the information to our enemies. Just like Iran would never divulge where every centrifuge of theirs are.

    Poor little Drone master Obama has lost his puppet in Yemen and wants it back and, as proven of many US Presidents, will lie to do it.

    All leaders lie, the thing is, Obama is a master at it, I will give him credit for that.

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    One of the best presidents ever!

    on the Cartoon Network probably, I think so.

    Took the country out of a recession,

    But has one of the highest deficits ever and not to mention a $18 Trillion debt and rising.

    brought the stock market up to high levels,

    Then again, we have the highest corporate tax rate out of ANY country in the world, so we have more companies leaving the US, even the film industry hardly make movies in the states, especially the giant blockbusters, whereas before more than half of the movies were filmed in the states, but it's too expensive now.

    lowered unemployment

    So Blacks and Hispanics that overwhelmingly voted for this guy have record unemployment numbers, companies are letting people off, 46 million on food stamps for over 37 months. Oh...and then there is this...

    So much for that argument.

    faster than his opponent even claimed he could, kept gas prices down and so on so on.

    Yeah and you probably think it's good to put the oil industry out of business in the states as well. Thank God, they are going up slightly as much as I hate it, I want to get off of ME oil.

    Of course I don't expect you'd know any of these, living in bubble as you do.

    No, I live in reality. I left the bubble when I left NBC.

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    Ted Cruz, liar and bully. The worst idea the GOP-Tea has had since Palin's psychiatric meltdown. A lying smarmy grease faced pinch nose complainer.

    Could be, on the flip side, we voted for another 1st term inexperienced senator and a great orator and look what we got, look at the mess we got ourselves into, but in 593 more days, that nightmare will go away!!!!

    Great telegenic appeal though; Cruz's angry pinch face and sweaty greasiness is the hobgoblin of the GOP-Tea gargoyle template.

    Sounds a bit racist, be careful....

    Angry, certain and sociopathic. Cruz's derangement is so palpable it's a wonder he's risen from bug exterminator to Senator from Texas, or maybe not.

    Now you know how many of us feel about Obama, welcome to our world!

    If a caustic religious ideologue makes a good president, maybe Iran can offer Mr. Cruz a position.

    More like Obama seems to warm up and is fascinated with cozying up to religious Islamists over anything else, including our allies, if anything, he should move to the bosom of their arms.

    Personally, I am tired of all of these Washington politicians or career dynastic ones on both sides, at least Cruz is a different breed and is not the typical Washington type, do I think Cruz has a of now, No. Even if he gets the nomination, he doesn't have the money and it would be an uphill battle to unseat Hilary and I really like the guy. At least he doesn't use a teleprompter that is refreshing. But I do think he does have a better chance in the future. At least he's not a moderate, because a conservative moderate just can't win, we need a real conservative to compete with a clear vision, but Cruz does have a chance in the future once he's a bit more seasoned.

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    If I had a choice, and if I were a big supporter of capital punishment, I think the firing squad or a bullet in the back of the head the way they do it in China is the fastest, painless way to go.

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    This line says it all. Another stooge for the Wall Street/ corporate cabal.

    So that means you're throwing Hilary under the bus as well.

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    It's not an ad hominem attack. Studies have shown that conservatives in America in general are of lower intelligence than liberals.

    yeah it was! But honestly, The funny thing about virtually all these studies are conducted by liberals, so please excuse if I don't hold my breath.

    People who buy her books are simply a way of seeing just how many stupid people there are. Just pointing out the facts.

    But reading Noam Chomsky or Obama's or Churchill's books will really educate me? ROFL

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    I'm not sure as to what you are referring, since once again your comment doesn't actually match the text quoted.

    Just stating the facts. Just saying why she's so popular with the right and why she bugs the heck out of liberals. Those are facts, now you not liking her or insulting her, that's a persoanl opinion.

    But if you are trying to say that millions of people are exposing their low intelligence by buying her books, then yes, you are entirely correct.

    Again, another personal opinion and another ad hominem attack. Try again....

    The government did get out of the way and the market created a near global meltdown, leaving governments, taxpayers, and workers to foot the bill. The free market brings a lot of prosperity, but it can't have absolute authority over decisions all of the time, especially during a crisis that it created.

    Does Chris Dodd and Barney Frank conjure up any memories?


    They all follow the same process: 1) distort an issue, 2) predict it will destroy America, then 3) say patriots are needed to save us.

    And that's exactly what the Dems are doing?

    Pick Fox News, Rush, Hannity, Coulter, Ingram (she literally loops this technique all day long). It's all the same, and it's very, very profitable

    Just like the Dems using race, the so called war on women, Bush attacks, WMDs, same thing.

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    Ann Coultair only appeals to those without enough intelligence to realize that the content of what she writes is half lies, and half appealing to fear. Well, with some overlap between the two.

    One thing what I truly love about her is that she really knows how to enrage liberals, which means, the truth always hurts.

    Anyone who thinks that her writing has any merit at all is simply exposing their intelligence levels for the rest of the world to see.

    So that's the reason why her books are best sellers. Apparently millions do. But hey, you don't have to read them. You can always read that book Bill Ayers wrote for Obama. the title escapes me.....

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    I Googled "Elizabeth Warren lies" and found your source. FYI, Ann Coultair is not exactly a quality source of information.

    Actually, her analysis on Dems and liberals is spot on usually.

    But going back to my first point, if these are the only "lies" you can dig up on her, I'd say she's in a pretty good position.

    She's too far to the left, so far, she would go in a circle. There is NO she could get the votes, raise the money or get the nomination (although I wish she would) it just won't happen, she's too radical for the left.

    Her tough stance toward Wall Street and the banks will hurt her chances though. She's one of the few politicians trying to reign them in and hold them responsible.

    Never will happen.

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    So, socialism means letting the rich keep more of their money while keeping the middle class down. Interesting.

    'The rich living in the US in the 60s and 70s would have knelt down at the feet of a president like Obama, Republican or Democrat, for allowing them to keep so much of their money and not imposing 70% or higher tax rates on them. It's Socialism, Jim, but only as the nutty right know it.

    Yeah, but that's not what's happening to the middle class.

    I see. What percentage of your income the government takes is dependent on the cost of fuel. Why have the taxes for the very rich fallen much more sharply than everyone else over the last 30-odd years?

    To his credit, that's an oversight that slipped the Dems and they are trying to correct it. If then we will be taxed more on interest rates in general, very high.

    Do only the rich pay more for rising fuel costs? Are you also going to bring in the inflation red herring? Doesn't inflation affect everyone?

    Sure, but it hits you more in the gut if you can't afford it. That's what I'm talking about.

    I truly recommend a study of what socialism means.

    I already know, thanks for the tip though.

    The US right throw it around like calling kids 'fatty' in the playground or to rile up the slack-jaws who reach for the well-polished shotgun above the fireplace when they hear it but this isn't a Fox audience or a Ted Cruz prayin' get together here. Use words correctly.

    No, that's why you guys are so misinformed, but I'll tell you what, you have a lot more DEMS watching Fox than you do conservatives msnbc. So for the overwhelming majority of Americans, yes, they do.

    They won't have to. Cruz has already discredited himself by his self-serving, destructive political tactics and loony policy stances. Even the establishment GOP can't stand this obnoxious person.

    And that's what the established GOP needs, someone that has backbone and is not afraid to speak the truth and be as ruthless as the Democrats.

    Cruz knows he's not gonna win. It's obvious. He's doing it for his constituents in Texas. Bass funk. "Gay marriage again, IS NOT a top priority, nor should it be. "

    It may not be a priority for you but for a couple who aren't getting the benefits or rights associated with that, health insurance, right in medical decisions and so on its probably a huge things..

    Besides its a civil liberty thing.. However I think it's pretty simple and as far as priorities there is a straight forward answer.. Just allow it. Tomorrow.. A couple of consenting adults not closely related yadda yadda regardless of their gender can get the same rights as a male and female have had until now.. Done on to the next thing.

    This is what these religous people don't get.. Religous freedom should mean you can choose based on your belief what you participate in, what book you read, who you date, if you want to use birth control blah blah for etc yourself... However that doesn't allow you to then push your belief on to others.. It should be extending the most freedoms to the most people.. Not pushing a personal agenda, especially a person belief for which there is no substantive supporting evidence. He doesn't have to win now, he's still very young and has more than enough time. Hilary on the other hand, this is her last shot.

    The first to hop in the 2016 clown car. Who's the next 'intelligent' GOP candidate to step up? Ben Carson? Bobby Jindall?

    Clown car? Obama and the entire Cirque Du Soleil have given us the best comical time of our lives over the last 6 years, actually can't wait until they cancel the show.

    History is not going to record kindly the Republican party and their decent into madness.

    If I could get a gold nugget every time I've heard that. That was said in 2010 and you guys ended up losing the House, you didn't learn and said that mess and the result, you guys lost the Senate last year and still hard-headed you guys thought you could influence or oust Netanyahu and that blew up in your face, so given the Republican record so far, the history seems to look very well in the opinion of the PUBLIC.

    Still, the Republican primaries are the finest comedy available. Late night comedians should donate their earnings to charity on election years given the free material supplied by GOP crazies...

    Buddy, we feel the same about the Democratic primaries and this time around you guys have quite a few hilarious contenders, Bernie Sanders? Joe Biden??? Too funny, but I really wish you guys would bring back John Edwards, that was serious liberal comedy at its very, very best.

    Obama owns a business? Because the business owners are the ones deciding about high paying jobs, and since Bush and the Republicans put 3 million people out of work in the last 6 months of their Presidency the balance between owners and workers have tilted heavily in favor of business.

    Yes and under Obama you have over 9.5 million people that left the workforce and that have either went on unemployment, thus raising the rates and putting more of an already over loaded entitlement growing culture OR many people and many under 30 are moving back home and living with the parents. Not to mention with a 40% corporate tax rate the highest in the modern advanced world, there is NO way large corporations can bring in new jobs and with 46% of young graduates NOT being able to find a job shows you exactly how bad this guy is. No gubernatorial expierence, never had a job, was a community organizer, we elect this guy to lead us and he did just that, all the way into the ditch.

    They have been able to push down wages and strip benefits all while the GOP lives in their fantasy world where Obama is blocking them from spreading the success to their workers.

    You want wage increase, how? So this president is not creating any jobs, but part-time low paying jobs and on top of that wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, this why so many business owners are either letting people go or they close shop or just not hire anyone.

    We live in the new economy where the largest private employer pays wages so low that their workers need government assistance, and the profits benefit the richest family in America.

    When you have a stagnant and sluggish economy and over tax the corporations you are inhibiting growth. Companies are less reluctant to hire people and many have to resort asking for government assistance, which is something a healthy economy won't do.

    Look at Uber....worth billions overnight and part of their success is due to workers being independent contractors who get no benefits, not even social security matching. This isn't a business struggling to survive, it was built with cost savings on the backs of their employees.

    So now you are basically saying the old Obama line, "you didn't build that."

    They built the McJob characteristics into their business plan and they are being fantastically rewarded for it.

    You aren't looking for a President to create high paying jobs, you're looking for him to protect workers from capitalism that's been skewed by imbalance.

    Actually, No

    That's the irony of it. But hey, let's give Uber a tax cut because, gosh, I'm sure they will raise commissions for their drivers and grow the middle class, huh?

    If you can let the market take care of itself and get it (the government) out of the way, the economy will be just fine.

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    Elizabeth Warren? I'd chose her over Hilary actually.

    Oh, I so wish the Dems would nominate her, That would be the end and that coffin on the Dems would be signed, sealed and delivered.

    I predict that we will see a lot of hypocrisy exposed from Republicans who were so quick to go on for months about Obama, an American-born citizen, being able to become president, but will try to push the fact that Cruz is not American-born under the carpet.

    Hey, now you know what it's like when you guys droned on about Bush on a daily basis, even after 6 years. As my dad would say, "suck it up!"

    Republicans might have gone on for months when Obama wouldn't show his birth certificate but we know who controls the press

    The Left.

    coherent and lucid arguments have never been your trademark but this is a nadir.

    Yeah, I hear libs say that all the time, when they have nothing to bring to a debate. Keep hurling, Jim.

    You agree that the rich have done well but argue the majority have seen their incomes squeezed by tax among other things.

    I am talking about the top 5% to 1%

    Do you define the rich pulling ever further clear of the majority who stagnate or go backwards socialism?

    Under this socialist President, Yes. Meaning, this president is keeping the middle-class down for sure.

    The rich living in the US in the 60s and 70s would have knelt down at the feet of a president like Obama, Republican or Democrat, for allowing them to keep so much of their money and not imposing 70% or higher tax rates on them. It's Socialism, Jim, but only as the nutty right know it.

    We are not living in the 60s and 70s where gasoline was a buck! Geez, talk about incoherent argument.

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    Hahaha... no one on the left is panicking, I can assure you. On the contrary, bass, it's you loosening your collar due to the accumulated sweat from trying to defend this guy. We WANT Cruz in there because it is a 100% guarantee the Dems will win.

    Sorry, Smith. I used to work at NBC and I have a lot of contacts and friends in L.A. and I know for a fact with what Hilary is doing, the Dems are seriously worried. You believe what you want, but the Dems want this to go away and they are pushing her to comply and so far, she is being her typical stubborn self and THAT my friend is her undoing and the Republicans have a lot of ammo to go after her on the debates and it won't be pretty, so the ball is in her court. The GOP welcome this and the Dems want her to give up and open up about everything.

    This is Cruz we're talking about!! A guy who last week spent a good deal of his time demanding legislation that DOES NOT EXIST be repealed, since he can't even check the facts! A guy that has spent a lot of his time demanding Obamacare be repealed when every single prediction of his about it has been proven dead wrong, including job creation, I might add, which brings me to your next point:

    Which he should.

    More jobs have been created than in a LONG time, and certainly far more than under Obama's predecessor.

    Really so then why are food stamps up in the country? Why up 47% for 37 months? 50 million! Why if jobs are so great that in Seattle they want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for low paying jobs, putting many restaurants out of business over half a million people across the city. If Obama created HIGHER paying jobs, people have more money to spend, which means more tax revenue, more growth, more employment and that's not what's happening, also why are Blacks suffering more under this president than any other president? Try again, Smith.

    You guys don't like that, and especially because all the GOP fear-mongering that Obamacare would take away jobs when in fact it's given them. Oops! Won't see that reported on Faux News (hence you aren't aware or admitting it).

    What jobs? In fact, Obamacare is more unpopular than every before.

    I LOVE that there are huge calls from people US-wide for Cruz to show his birth-certificate, and for Republicans saying "Where he was born is no big deal" after the crap the birthers pulled with Obama. Serves them right!

    As I said, it was stupid to think that about Obama, like him or not.

    And if you want to talk about panicking, bass, talk about your own beloved GOP -- they are now spending hundreds of thousands on adds attacking each other, with the new Freedom Caucus being attacked by pro-Boehner people, and them in return raising money to try and oust the speaker.

    That probably won't happen and diversity is good. So let me ask you, if Hilary falls through the cracks, who else do the Dems have??


    Center-rightists are quaking at the Tea-Party candidates, and the TP candidates are insuring the party is fractured to the point where the GOP cannot possibly win in 2016.

    Well that's not true, the people that will decide the election are the MODERATES, please remember that and both are NOT happy with either party and especially with this president, it's a free for all and anyone that has a clear message and can get the country right on track will win the presidency.

    So, no, we're not panicking, bass, we're laughing, and we'll be laughing for quite a few years to come.

    Oh, Smith if that were even a bit remotely true.

    I remember you telling us how the rich such as yourself have done well under Obama while others have been squeezed.

    That is correct.

    New wealth has been redistributed to the rich, not the poor, for the last 30-odd years and this hasn't changed under Obama.

    Yes, it has and Obama and the Dems have imposed more taxes on everything, what do you think Obamacare is if people can't pay it, what do you think that penalty fee is? It is a hidden TAX.

    Where is the socialism outside of the fevered imaginations of the Fox bobble-heads? As you told us, the rich have been doing quite nicely under this Chicago-style Hugo Chavez.

    That's the sad thing, when Dems can't even see it, you know you have finally reached rock bottom. Again, 595 days until the madness of Obama comes to an end.

    If that were true, it would have been good for the country.

    What do you mean, of course it is, that's the reason why the country is now one big cluster...... When entitlements grow and expand and when unemployment grows, when you don't have HIGH paying jobs and food stamps grow, it means, you have a stagnant economy and I am talking about the workforce specifically.

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    I predict that we will see a lot of hypocrisy exposed from Republicans who were so quick to go on for months about Obama, an American-born citizen, being able to become president, but will try to push the fact that Cruz is not American-born under the carpet.

    And for the people that thought that, they were nuts. I always believed he is an American, having said that, I do believe he is a committed Socialist.

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