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    Let's not forget that those 10,000 people will speak with their friends and families back in the Middle East where they will have positive things to say about the US which will change a lot of hearts and minds of the people there. It's one of the most powerful methods of overcoming the rhetoric of the extremists in the region.

    Uh-huh...and once the liberals stop smoking the reefer, the unicorns will eventually disappear.

    Ah, I see you've reached Stage II where you just start swingingly blindly.

    Until a Dem/lib steps in my field of vision

    After you've talked yourself into a corner you'll hit Stage III where you abandon all of your talking points for a calm kind of "I win because I don't care that I've been proven wrong". Should take another 12 hours or so.

    If that were true, I prefer to deal with reality and stay out of the unicorn paisley realm, it's safer that way.

    I'm not sure Bass & Co. have a firm grasp on the concept of "laws."

    When it comes to this particular law that was passed and what the public is saying, I do. I think anyone that deals with reality, NOT the extreme liberal reality, but the real tangible reality, they would understand this is the worst move the president could make and just when you thought the president scorched the Earth and can't do further damage, he pulls another card out of his sleeve. Nope, not down yet!

    I get the same idea, Triumvere. The concept of laws seems to be getting mixed up with the concept of polling, or something to that effect.

    No, they're not.

    Obama last week slapped down as the House GOP The vote was 289-137 and surprisingly with 47 Democrats joining with the 242 Republicans in favor of the bill. Not to mention, you have about 32 Governers that do not want these refugees to come in.

    As the polling is concerned. Over 54% of Americans are against letting the Syrian refugees. The language is very clear and very direct.

    Now, let's move on. But who cares right? I mean, Diane Feinstein and Leon Panetta, so they are on intelligence committee and have the knowledge and the access to some of the most vital intel and so what if they are concerned and they know more than the president combined and will be around even after the president is gone (thankfully) soon. Obama is all knowing, all seeing Omnipotent and how dare these mortals defy the one true master?

    As for the laws we could fill and entire thread about GOP laws/methods that have been struck down by the courts including voter suppression laws, the new abortion laws, "religious freedom" positions, the refugee positions in this thread, etc.

    Voter suppression? Wow! When you guys were panicking about having IDs drawn for every person voting? What was the excuse of the doing so would indicate that the GOP are racists? As for abortion, wait until next year when the funding runs out, the provisions that fund the sale and distribution of fetal parts will be omitted from the new planned budget. Libs are on the clock and Obama got slapped in the face on immigration and thank God for that, otherwise we would be in a bigger mess.

    Their challenges to Obamacare have all failed, their rhetoric about impeachment suddenly dropped by the wayside when they got the majority in the Senate, investigations into Clinton and the IRS showed no laws were broken, etc.

    So what you are trying to say, the DOJ who's boss is Obama and Obama doesn't like Hillary, can't stand the woman and had she been convicted would have been a great thing for Biden, if he would have jumped in the race, he was more popular and more of a threat than Hillary and was endorsed by the president, but because Hillary, like her husband is one of THE best liars that I have ever seen on this planet, she slipped the noose once again, Biden knew, if she's not convicted and jumps into the race late, he would have had to raise all kinds of money and at that point, it would have been too difficult, not to mention, the man is still mourning the loss of his son. Obama had NO other choice then, but to back up Hillary. There was a reason why Obama backed Biden. He liked him, trusted him to continue the Obama policies and not Hillary. Hillary has been changing positions to keep up with Bernie and on issues even she wouldn't normally agree with. So now what is Obama to do? For one thing, he can't allow her now at this point and time to be indicted, so he told the DOJ to back off. How do we know this? Lois Lerner after everything she did and with all the evidence, she just walks, just like that. Now if you deal with reality seriously and honestly, if Lerner gets off free as a bird, there is no way on Earth that Hillary is going to be indicted on anything in that case. Now the president HAS to put all of his eggs in one basket with her, she is for sure the Democratic nominee. That's why they both walked

    The list of legal failures (that should never have gone forward in the first place) is astonishing.

    How about the illegal attempts by libs to circumvent the system which brought on the legal wrangling would have never happened if the libs weren't too greedy for power.

    As for polling, the GOP has blocked measures that have overwhelming support like stronger background checks for gun purchases.

    You think ANYONE trusts THIS guy with any of our information?? Of course, they would block the measure. I don't blame them. Obama did enough damage and then on top of that allowing his minions to know how many guns I have? None of their business!

    In addition, their positions on gay rights, same sex marriage, abortion, immigration reform, etc., all put them on the wrong side of national polling.

    We have ISIS killing people, we just see growing tensions between Turkey and Russia, Russia and the US, losing face with all of our allies, Obama refuses to help another NATO ally, This president wants to shove a bunch of unverified muslim refugees down our throats without properly vetting them and you guys are worried about gay rights and same sex marriage? Wait, let me pinch myself if I just heard this correctly.

    They are in the minority in both polls and legal opinions and I suspect this is the reason for a lot of the "take America back" statements.

    Maybe that's why Trump is killing the Dems and as nutty as he is and the crazy things he says, the country is so sick and tired of this president, Mickey Mouse could win as long as he ran as a conservative. Trump can say anything and his poll numbers keep going up. Is Hillary still in the race? Haven't seen her recently on TV? You libs need to be careful. This might all come back and bite you so damn hard in the rear. I think now the people want their country back from the looniness of the liberal universe.

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    No, the list is zero. The administration hasn't broken any laws.

    Sure and Obama is the first White president, Bill Clinton never had sex with Monica, Bush never invaded Iraq, Hillary NEVER lied about anything EVER in her life and Reagan didn't defeat communism. See, when you live in the progressive unicorn paisley universe, reality is always what you want it to be.

    What bass is convenietly hoping is that we all have incredibly short memories and have forgotten the fact that "The Gang of Eight", a bi-partisan group of lawmakers, including four Republicans, came up with a comprehensive immigration plan/bill, and it passed in the Senate. But, Boehner, knowing it would also pass a vote in the House, refused to bring it to a vote, for fear of the "haters" like bass --aka The Tea Party types.

    Yup and why is that? Because after 7 years with this president and lies after lies after lies, why on Earth would the GOP trust Obama when throughout history Obama has never ONCE kept his word and before the GOP will make any concessions to this president, they need to good will and intent and they haven't. But to progressives wanting to have closed borders, wanting to have safety and security, wanting to have legal immigration, you are by definition a hater. This is the typical hollow cry the left uses to instill guilt and shame where there needs to be full condemnation of how liberals think that safety is back burner and NON-important issue.

    But what is really funny, is that Marco Rubio is also hoping the "haters' will forget about this, since he was one of the Gang of Eight, but has had to run from that, since he needs the "haters" votes to get the nomination.

    You mean the same way that Hillary wants everyone to forget about Benghazi and her emails?

    And bass says it is Obama who cannot be trusted. LOL.

    Yeah, I sure did.

    The majority of Amercians support immigration reform, and a path to citizenship.

    Americans support LEGAL immigration but they have to wait their turn and NOT jump ahead of everyone else that have followed the laws and they also demand that our borders are closed once and for all, particularly the people living in the border states.

    And, the vast majority also expect Congress to do their job. But, when a lousy 40 of so members of the "Freedom Caucus" keep that from happening, the President needs to act. Plain and simple.

    I see, so you want, the opposition to go against their constituents and against their principles, essentially abandoning them and become quasi-liberals in oder to suck and the tit of the Obama milk? Tow the liberal line in order to appease Democrats? I'll put it to you like this: When has Harry (trusted loyal dog) Reid EVER met with the GOP down the middle of ANY particular issue.

    Bass is hoping we've forgotten that not only are executive orders legal, they have been done by pretty much ever president ever.

    Oh, give me a break! NOT like this! If the shoe was on the reverse, Democrats would lose their minds! This president has overused his executive powers to circumvent the laws in order to pass his progressive radical agenda. I'll say this, I'm not sure what the outcome will be, but with this and with Gitmo, he does have a serious fight on his hand. The peoples prerogative is that they have made it clear about the fears and apprehension they have about letting refugees in against their will. Heck, the WH doesn't even know where the majority of those children are that came in from South America, the Children that Obama thought he could just wave his magical Obama wand and grant instant amnesty to 5 million illegals unit the Supreme Court had to splash some ice cold water in his face reminding him, we have 3 branches of government and Obama cannot do whatever he wants, even if the thinks he can.

    But it's only when the president is black that the some people think it's illegal.

    Carson is Black. Strange! Seriously, don't go there.

    Obama is handling this situation masterfully.

    If the broader definition of that is that he is telling the American people to screw off and couldn't care less what the people think and worry about their concerns and fears, then I guess, Yes.

    Precisely what ISIS wants is to portray their statelet and their suicidal war as a titanic struggle between incompatible cultures, thus forcing pious but non-violent Muslims to choose sides. Shamefully, the majority of the GOP and a small minority of Democrats are aiding the ISIS to achieve their purpose.

    So what you are saying is that denying the refugees legal status in the US is a recruiting tool? ROFL How so? Taking in refugees will help keep us safer? Good Lord, thank God for the medical advances for hallucinations.

    A major goal of the ISIS is to attract Muslims from around the world and to retain those already there - not just fighters, but doctors and engineers and other professionals. It is precisely those who are fleeing, or at least trying to. No doubt, the biggest cheer for the intransigence of Republican governors and the shameful vote of the House comes from the ISIS leadership.


    The ISIS is bleeding cash; reportedly, half of its previous cash came from one-off raiding of Iraqi banks, and its oil revenues are depleting rapidly - not least due to a lack of skilled technicians. Obama is quietly watching them bleed.

    Obama isn't even watching his daily foreign policy briefings and lost track of all those kids from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Well, so much for that....

    Not drawing attention to them - emphasizing the ephemeral nature their movement is destined to be - is the most efficient and effective way of bringing the conflict to a close. They've already hit their high-tide mark, and just like the Roman Empire, cessation of expansion guarantees collapse.

    And now I truly understand as to why ISIS was able to gain ground the way they did. When liberals think like this, it's understandable that Obama thought just out of sight and out of mind and perhaps it will go away. I guess we can all say with certainty that NOT only did ISIS NOT go away, but the caliphate has grown in size and strength and that the recruitments of ISIS members has grown and expanded throughout the ME.

    Trust in Obama's Hawaiian roots: no drama, results.

    Now I see why Trump is ahead and giving excellent to his base.

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    You guys are the ones who believe stuff like this.

    Just as you believe Obama is the best president the US has ever had. Give me a break, but it does make for a great joke.

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    Please explain how he has broken the laws in these cases, and given the US's checks and balances why has he been allowed to do so?

    Trying to legalize 5 million Illegals by bypassing congress, operation fast and furious, Obamacare and way too many others to list and we don't need to get off topic, but it would be safe to say, the list is a lengthy one.

    On an aside, I'm glad to hear you've come around and are no longer using 'progressive' as a pejorative;

    Maybe, you have been absent recently, I still do.

    it really is a positive word, isn't it. Re your use of 'liberal', do you mean 'anyone whose opinions I don't like?


    With an extreme rightist like Bass who disagrees with anything liberal, it ends up being the same thing.

    No, I just disagree with looney far-left progressive liberalism.

    This is the answer I was expecting to get. You simply can't or don't want to deal with the issue.

    No, I do and have. I have repeatedly have stated my objections to Obama's benign plan to force the people against their will to take in refugees with individuals planted among them that want to kill us.

    ODS or something else is hindering your neural networks.

    Hmmm. Not really, I think this is though the problem with the liberal progressive brain.

    Let me try again, just for fun.

    I agree, let's!

    What specific law is the Obama administration breaking in this case? (Specific in this case does not include matters related to Obamacare or Iran, as journalists at the Washington Post would undoubtedly know.)

    Plastic, Sad to say this, but liberal pot shots are a waste of time, seriously.

    Obama last week slapped down as the House GOP The vote was 289-137 and surprisingly with 47 Democrats joining with the 242 Republicans in favor of the bill. Not to mention, you have about 32 Governers that do not want these refugees to come in. This is a bipartisan issue, you libs can't...sorry...don't want to face the truth to this that over 52% of Americans polled, think the president is out of bounds for forcing the issue. These Governers are looking out and need to follow their constituents wishes, in doing so, is defying the will of the people! E should definetly take in the people that were persecuted the most which are the Christian and Yazidi minority first and foremost and then take our time vetting the Muslims and making sure that in no way shape or form our security is jeopardized. That shenanigan games you guys play at calling anyone a racist simply because they are worried about a possible terror attack which can and will happen if we all are not vigilant. The garrulous name calling the left engages in calling the GOP racists is really falling on dead ears, When the likes of Diane Feinstein and Leon Panetta (some of the bluest liberals) come out and tell this idiot his policies are making the country less safe is a complete mind blower! But I wouldn't expect you libs to talk about that part. Just lets fall off the cliff with the president. You libs are all in lock step with this guy.

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    Yup, much better we let "leaders" that compare refugees to "rabid dogs", write our laws for us. LOL

    Had NO idea that the president writes laws, but knowing Obama......

    Conservatives will tell you that we have to invade a country, topple its leadership, destroy its infrastructure, render its people desperate and homeless, and imprison and kill the civilians. All in the name of humanitarian intervention.

    What about the Democrats that also signed off on that? So initially you could say it's a bipartisan decision. Also, why are you not upset about the sectarian violence that was the main cause of death or Muslims killing other Muslims.

    Yet when it comes to true humanitarian intervention, such as rescueing refugees, they are the first people to do a 180 and become isolationists

    Well, I know liberals don't care and are willing to play roulette with everyone else's life. So now because the majority of Americans and a lot of prominent liberals are speaking out like Feinstein, Panetta, Merell, these people are not flaming conservatives and they even vehemently disagree with this looney lack of strategy.

    Please enlighten us as to what specific law the Obama administration is breaking in this case.

    Pretty much everything from Obamacare to the deal that is a joke with Iran and the list is just endless. But we'll eventually get back to that topic sure enough.

    Not sure what the issue is here. If it's the law then those governors have no business breaking it. Time to move on.

    Ahhh, so that's why we can never get the country in order, you just said that breaking the law is ok. So if Obama and Hillary can do it, then, the rest f the country can do it as well. Brilliant!

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    So states lack the authority to refuse refugees but so called 'sanctuary cities' are allowed to defy Federal law?

    Translation, "who cares what the people want?" Elections have its consequences.

    You can't have it both ways.

    You seem to forget we have laws that are just for the society and then there are laws for liberals only and they can break them whenever they feel like it.

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    You know it tears my heart about when I see what is happening over there. However, I don't like the idea of Japan opening their doors to them. If Japan wants to give money and housing elsewhere than so be it. As bad as I feel for them, I see opening the doors to them creating major problems in years to come for Japan. American and Europe have seen these problems. They don't deal with these problems well but continue to accept them. Please let these countries take them in and God knows, I hope that they do to help them.

    I couldn't agree more. Well said.

    Anyone with a milligram of intelligence knows that Japan shouldn't take refugees.

    The Arab countries should be the first ones, not Japan, Europe or America.

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    Seeing as America created the situation which led to the existence of the refugees, they have a moral obligation to take in some of them.

    I'm going to take that comment as an early April 1st fools joke.

    And don't forget, there isn't a terrorist problem because of refugees,

    Even though there are ISIS fighters mixed in with the refugees.

    there is a refugee problem because of terrorists.

    That the current US president failed to address the problem years ago when he was a advised to do so, but now that he's sure that the reason they are killing people is due because of climate change.

    These are people whom by their very definition are anti-conflict. They are not the ones you need to worry about.

    Once they are properly vetted, monitored and deemed not a safety or security risk, by all means and Japan should do the same.

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    Japan does not consider its system broken so why are they using the term "fix". Seems typical of the west, if Japan doesn't do it as we do then Japan must be wrong.

    Japan and only Japan should decide this, I hope they stand firm.

    I wish liberals would take the same position when it comes to most in the US not wanting to accept refugees. If Japan doesn't want them or feels it's a serious security risk, then that is their choice, it should be respected the same way that many in the US feel equally apprehensive.

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    These appear stupid to me with their diatribes. Has trump forgotten that the 9/11 attackers didn't scheme and plot at a mosque; they did it at a flight school.

    Even then, there were a lot of suspensions about that, the way they were meticulous about the mechanics of the plane, a bit unusual than the average flight student. That was the first red flag,

    The Paris attackers were inbred, just like timothy mcveigh. Look at half the squad of IS; they're from Europe, Australia, and America. These guys know this; the media knows this.

    All the more reason to infiltrate the No go Muslim areas, break up these cells, interrogate and use any tactics that the police need to use to combat the radicals and all the more reason to take our time with letting these people in.

    The only people who suffer from their "attempts to make us safer" are the common joes and janes. All this is to keep us afraid, on edge, and at each other's throats so the world puppeteers can further their control by eliminating more civil liberties in the holy name of safety. I'm not buying it.

    What a bunch of crap. I'll say this, you don't have to be afraid, No one is saying this, but you need to be vigilant and the people that become complacent are the ones that become often the victims.

    Do you conservatives really think Obama will invade the USA?

    That would depend if the man is a US citizen or not.

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    @RabidGaijin Well said my friend! Islam causes problems wherever it is.

    To be fair, I think you meant radical Islam. I don't believe the vast majority of Muslims are bad, however, not enough of the moderates speak out loudly enough and you do have a large segment that believes in radical jihadism. Having said that, everything that you listed does show without a doubt that all these past crimes were perpetrated by Muslims and then the left get into a hissy fit when the public feels uncomfortable with a mostly Muslim refugee group that the president wants to let in blindly and won't even properly have these people vetted. And because of his own stupid policies that don't make a bean of sense, he wants to sit and lecture people, the media, the GOP instead of having a real debate or a townhall meeting with the people. But he won't and we all know why.

    All the delusional liberals on here are just having a big competition with eachother to see who can leave the most ridiculous extreme-leftwing comment possible.

    Without a doubt.

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    You should counter that with another link to

    He should be. After what he still doing to the nation, of course!

    I was going to mention would be lost on him

    You mean that Obama should be impeached? No, we're all squared away.

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    You win best post of the year. Magnificent and on point.

    That Hillary has absolutely screwed up more than anyone in the history of people ROFL LOL!

    Ok, after Obama then, my bad.

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    As soon as you quoted "Slate" the debate was over. Why not just quote Mother Jones or the Daily Kos if that's not the case. Now, I will say, Trump does take the bait and for some reason can't resist or tries to refrain from sticking his foot in his mouth. But the man like Obama can never say or admit the truth if he is caught red-handed in a lie and told to walk it back. These guys are not like that.

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    If TeaRUMP and Carson really cared about American lives, they would promise to build lightning rods over every half mile radius of America, each at least 100 yards tall. They would seek to ensure that every American man, woman and child has cheap and easy access to boots with one-inch thick rubber soles! Instead they want a Soviet style surveillance system on Americans based on their faith, even though I am sure lighting bolts still kill more innocent Americans on their own home turf with the exception of a fluke back in 2001.

    Ok, so what were you really trying to say about Trump or Carson?

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    Again the GOP Shia-Tea has shown its prejudice and ignorance.

    I had no idea that based on the history of the peopl that are trying to kill us to take special precautions and with good reason amounted to being prejudiced.

    Neither Rump or Carson has any authority or power except to taunt bigots to reckless action.

    Liberals invented the word bigot, literally and because they want to keep America safe, they are now labeled as bigots? Then so be it.

    As stated previously, these two Republicans are simply shouting "fire" in a crowded theater.

    Better than a president that would let the building burn down including the people inside the building.

    Worst they are providing the roadmap for their ignorant band of fascists to assault and threaten innocent people. These two irresponsible losers are promoting a lawless vigilantism to act independently and with lethal force.

    What about the innocent majority of Americans that don't want these refugees, I guess, the loving unicorn pails Democrats could care less about how they feel.

    At some point these calculated threats are simply pouring gas on the fire of their racist followers.

    Hmmmm, I'm a conservative and I'm not racist, in fact, I could care less what you are or how you look or what God you worship, but I am totally against allowing these refugees in, in one giant slump. That to me is negligent and totally carelessly irresponsible on the part of the left.

    At some point they must be charged for inciting illegal and lethal action against innocent American citizens.

    So then why let these people in. Build a refugee community out in the desert and take your time vetting them and when they check out, then let them in.

    This is no longer "freedom of speech". Rump the Great and Carson are promoting hate and violence and the Republican Party is their enabler.

    Oh, well, the progressive left smothered that like gravy on a turkey since Obama came into office. I'm surprised you didn't...or failed to willingly acknowledge that.

    There could be no better recruitment of radical extremists than these two bigots.

    Sorry, Obama is waaaaaaaaaay ahead in that dept. in fact, he might be one of their best friends and instigator.

    But this is what the GOP Shia-Tea would have as the standard of behavior for their fans and ordinary citizens.


    Rump should be arrested after Atlanta, Carson should be more intelligent in his hate speech, but neither have the right to threaten innocent Americans in their schools, homes, work or places of worship.

    If that's the case, Obama, Hillary should all be San Quentin serving a life sentence in the general population.

    But, again, this is what their calls for prejudice and violence in the ears of their fans amounts to. Americans should be deeply ashamed or these bigots not attempting to send them to the Oval Office.

    I think they are more ashamed of Obama at this point and time.

    We read the confirmation of the intellectual capability of the GOP Shia-Tea and hear the calls for racism as they ripple through the taunts of Republicans.

    But the Democratic Party keeping minorities depended on the government is not racist, but teaching self-reliance is? Wow!

    In the end, have they no shame?

    If anyone should be blamed for having ZERO shame, it's Barack!

    Or are these few deranged bigots seeking validation for their hate?

    Isn't Obama the man that seeks acceptance and love from everyone, that's the everything for this guy. Inferiority complex, methinks.

    This then is the real danger of Rump and Carson's play to the political base of racism.

    So what's Hillary's and Obama's excuse?

    Hopefully these are few but that isn't the real danger. Incensed by the racism of Rump and Carson, these few have fired on mosques in The States and one famously called for the slaughter of innocents in a utube rant that urged random slaughter.

    The jihadists have been slaughtering people for thousands of years, to make a stupid argument that Trump or Carson put more fuel on the fire is Just absolutely laughable.

    These aren't Americans.

    But Obama is??? Don't go there.....just don't.....

    These are the bigots who hide behind the Bill of Rights in their persecution of innocent Americans. How different this from ISIS? Zero degrees of separation and the Republican Party thinks this is their pathway to power?

    Isn't Obama supposed to be an adjunct professor who supposedly knows the constitution and how it works.

    How shameful, how un-American.

    I agree!! 7 long painful years and one more to go!

    But, after AWOL Bush's war based on lies? There's no bottom to the rhetoric of hate. ISIS has proved that. Will the GOP Shia-Tea provide the next example? Perhaps they already have.

    The lies that Obama and his minions have spent telling the people over the last 7 years is making even the most loyal Democratic in his cabinet cringe with the way he has been faltering around with his disastrous and bungling foreign policy. Again, when you have hardcore Democrats like Diane Feinstein complaining about Obama's handling of foreign policy, you know it's time to seriously panic!

    It's sickening that US citizens can use 'ugly rhetoric', and as harmful as it is and can be ugly rhetoric is a reality of free speech that most people in any country are willing to accept, albeit begrudgingly. However, when candidates for the US presidency use hate speech, which I know is also probably protected by the laws, the harm is magnified. Many of these candidates are saying the US is a divided country that needs to be unified, but their hate speech is dividing the country even further.

    To be fair, both sides are guilty of this.

    The US needs to cover up the Statue of Liberty. It's sad to see US extremists being led by candidates with anti-American values, at least the values the US has preached to the rest of the world it has.

    If you take Trump and Hillary out, there shouldn't be any problems.

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    Clearly the drums of the neo-con war profiteers silenced reason and the near and dear friends of AWOL Bush and Cheney made a dandy profit.

    Really? And how did they profit. Seems like Hillary and Obama are doing well financially as well, given the fact they are profiting from progressive left that are pouring millions into their parties and campaign to stay out of any conflict, even if it is detrimental to our livelihood in the long run.

    Will Americans again return these crack pots and arrogant narcissists to control foreign policy?

    Well, the sure don't want a *ussy for a president after this one is gone.

    The world should pray not. For now, how many generations will pay for AWOL's crimes that unleashed the specter of radically primitive religious madmen? Will Bush and Cheney ever face prosecution for their crimes?

    How many will pay for Obama's lack of will to capitulate and confront a growing ISIS with an established caliphate and NO matter what happens, this jerk will further endanger us by forcing the country to accept thousands of refugees that are Muslim and with definitely some that are radical that will become sleeper cells until the moment is right to strike.

    Still, Bush assures the public he sleeps well on the graves of the children of the Middle East.

    And Obama as well for all the Christians and Yazidis he failed and was unwilling to help.

    How many Americans are ready to do the same with a new GOP Shia-Tea administration possessed with religious extremists of their own and war profiteers salivating at the prospect of Americans paying more blood and treasure to achieve no demonstrable benefit except to the bank accounts of the Republican coconspirators?

    But America really wants to go that route on electing another president that thinks and cares about himself and his ideology, his Nobel and his seat on Fallon's couch and just leave all of these perplexing problems to the next president to sort out. But in hindsight, we don't have to stress out about this man anymore when he leaves the WH for the very last time.

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    Yeah, yeah. So not brave then. I can see why you like him - he changes his views on this situation with the wind.

    As I recall, wasn't it a Barack Hussein Obama that threatened Assad with the now infamous Red Line threat and then walked it back and the same man that said, ISIS was on the run and that Al Qaida was defeated. But the main difference is at least Cameron will call out ISIS and not give any BS excuse, like him or not is irrelevant. The man is calling the terrorists by what they really are and Barack chastises the media and the press and gives boring lectures of why his so called plans at defeating ISIS is working. Before I used to laugh at the guy, but now, the man is starting make me wonder if he's working with a full load.

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    So, the US has been bombing for a year but it took the Russians getting involved and stealing the limelight to get any serious efforts from America.

    This is exactly what happens you have to follow the Rules of Engagment and then some.

    The US was able to cut Iran off from the SWIFT banking system in a heartbeat. What was the holdup/difficulty here? Mixed priorities IMO.

    You have a stubborn president that is about to leave office and worries more about his legacy than to worry about ISIS and the war on terror. It's not going to happen and Obama could care less.

    Posted in: In taking economic war to Islamic State, U.S. developing new tools

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    Cameron is just saying whatever the rightist headbanging cannibals on his backbenches want to hear in the hope they won't eat him over the EU referendum. Brave my arse. They're already heating the pot.

    Yeah, yeah...well in the meantime, I hope he does whatever it takes to dispose of ISIS. By any means necessary.

    Posted in: Cameron pledges to outline strategy against IS this week


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