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    Hispanic and African American women are the fastest growing entrepreneurial segments in the U.S. for the past 5-10 years. They represent more than two million of the roughly eight million women-owned businesses in the country. African American and Hispanic women are three to five times more likely to start a business compared to whites. For most minority women, the problem isn’t entrepreneurial appetite, it’s sufficient financial and social capital resources to lean on. The impact of single parent households is a significant impediment to many entrepreneurial black women.

    I think you're right and it is mostly Black women, NOT men. There is also a trend that these women are voting more conservatively as well and the same goes for Hispanics, most are not a monolithic group and don't vote one way. But needless to say, there are many single parents, mostly women that do rely on government existence, the problem is that many use it as a crutch and NOT a short-term stepping stone. Under Clinton he was able to get welfare for about 6 months and now under Obama it's jumped more than 32% in the last 4 years and the main reason for that os Washington has reduced the qualifications necessary to receive welfare.

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    Let's clarify that: Real conservatives would want maximum participation in the voting process as much as possible. Genuine traditional conservatives wouldn't be for any change that would discourage people from voting. Liberals naturally also share this goal of max participation. We don't want anything that hinders an American from voting. (That's why states like Oregon and Washington allow voting by mail -- and have the highest voter participation rates by far.)

    Both sides play this game. Both sides want and will go to arms length to get as many votes as possible. I just get peeved when I hear libs and Dems wanting to suppress ANY Americans right to vote, when that is a flat out lie. I have never met anyone that thought, murmured or eluded to that fact. I just hate partisan politics, the problem is, liberals and particularly now more than ever in our history are so overly charged with partisanship it's baffling.

    Although most blacks have been voting Democratic, the critical factor is how many blacks and Latinos take the trouble to show up at the polls to vote. That is a major factor why Barack Obama received the largest popular majorities for a 2-term president since Dwight Eisenhower. And that fact explains the drive by conservatives to enact Voter ID.

    So then you are basically saying Blacks coming out in droves to vote for this president the way they did was due to the fact that he was Black, let's cut through the BS. The problem with most Blacks, the only thing they see or care about is voting Democrat, they don't know anything else or want to, but have the Democratic party helped them in any way, absolutely NOT, in fact, Blacks are in a more destitute state then ever before. Obama has NOT addressed the issue, even CA. Congresswoman Maxine Waters asked Obama to be proactive in the Black community. Blacks are NOT natural Democrats ideology wise. They have nothing in common with liberals for the most part. They are socially conservative on most issues, they are for lower taxes and many are small business entrepreneurs. There is NOT one thing you can tell me where Blacks have benefitted or become more prosperous these last 5 years.

    I regard statements where a person purports that they know what the majority of another race "believes" to be very revealing. (Especially in light of the simple fact is that most black-Americans do not receive government assistance.)

    Out of birth wedlock is through the roof with Blacks about 71% the highest of any minority group in the U.S. most Black homes are run by a single parent and you're telling me, these mostly women do not get government assistance of any kind? I know you don't believe that, NO one would. I know that for a fact. You are absolutely wrong and believe me when I tell you, I know more about this than you think, believe me.

    It is such a condescending and often racist mindset that is pushing to put roadblocks in the way of low-income folks -- many of whom are minorities -- so that fewer show up to vote on election day.

    How many times will keep repeating that nonsense? Race, religion, age, nationality have nothing to do with it. Voting dead and illegal do. I'm telling you, the race card WILL NOT work anymore, no one is listening to that. Now that is condescending of the highest order! Dems can try to spin it, just like they do when they say, people love Obamacare, but the polls reflect the exact opposite.

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    "officials who are more concerned about high unemployment than about the threat of future high inflation."

    Really? Since when? Now this is a serious NEWS FLASH.

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    LOL, I guess nobody explained to Bass that the burden of proof lies with person making the claim. You claim widespread fraud, you prove it.

    Which I did, but as with most liberals, you seem to believe in what you want, NOT what is.


    I don't believe anyone should be tolerant of the utter dishonesty and lack of integrity coming from what passes for the conservative movement today. Back to the topic...

    Since when have Democrats been honest these last 6 years? Come on, let's be serious now, April 1st was two weeks ago.

    When you ask them for evidence of the size and scope of the "problem," all they can provide is stuff like three dozen allegations in states with millions of voters, in a nation that has held elections for over two centuries. They are completely taken in by the flim-flam from VoterID Central.

    Then as I said, in that case it goes both ways, discounting the overwhelming liberal bias media, which I know all to well about. The same can be said about libs thinking in their over exaggerated heads that conservatives don't want minorities or the elderly to vote. So both sides are suffering from mental paranoia.

    Thanks to candidate Barack Obama, greater numbers of Americans belonging to minority groups are becoming more active and swinging more elections over to the Democrats. What can be done to stop them?

    Most Blacks are going to vote Democratic NO Matter what, which is sad, as Blacks are suffering most from Democratic policies. Chicago, Philly, Detroit, L.A. And other liberal controlled city or state, Blacks and Hispanics are doing poorly in these areas and as long as they believe, the only way to achieve prosperity is by sucking the tit of big government, they will always destined to be poor.

    Create a phony problem that these American voters are accompanied by hordes of illegal voters. Make it appear that their legally cast ballots are tainted.

    Phony? As in the war on women, conservatives hate minorities, they hate immigrants, they despise Blacks, they hate the president because he's Black and on and on and on....except these bogus allegations that Dems love to whine about, claiming this is how Republicans feel about these issue is hilarious to say the least. But voter fraud is NON-existent. Being a native Californian and seeing this my whole life, I guess what I was seeing all these years was my eyes playing tricks on my and every news coverage over the last 30 years was a complete lie. I mean, we have over 4 million illegals, but, yes, they are illegal, but other than that, they would never engage in voter fraud. It's just impossible. One thing I love about liberals, when they lie, they really know how to embellish. ROFL

    "Fix" the problem by creating a process which will levy a tax anyone who doesn't have a picture ID of the type specified by the conservative proponents. Create bottlenecks by limiting the number of places that can issue the new ID card, as well as limiting their hours of operation. Create as much of a roadblock to real American citizens who tend to vote for Democrats, but don't have a driver's license or passport, as legally possible.

    Again, that whiny argument has played its course. Once 5 years ago, you guys could make that bogus charge and many ignorant people would buy it, but now, the public has thank God finally woken up to the reality that Dems are desperate and will do anything to hold on to the power. Sadly, it's not working this time. Dems getting ready to lose big in November is due to failed Democratic policies. You guys dug your own graves and trying to weasel out of another lie that Voter ID is intrusive is flat out ludicrous.

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    Bloomberg the megalomaniac still trying to force his leftard agenda on the people. I wonder why the IRS hasn't investigated his campaign donations...

    That's he's still relevant is a shame, but methinks that this new mayor, de Blasio is going to be worse. Heaven help the great state of NYC.

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    I would have described Angus Young as the 'lead' guitarist...

    I second that.

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    The "hotair" site provides no statistics about voter identity fraud. It merely reiterates my point that any such ID should be a universal requirement and free. Bill Clinton's (and Andrew Young's) idea is to put a photo on social security cards. I don't see that as a bad idea at all: having the card serve at least two purposes. A driver's license should not be used as a proof of citizenship, so everyone would have to obtain the new photo-social security card.

    It doesn't have to. You want to call it, then the same can be said about Republicans being racist, where are the stats to back up that accusation? It's all in liberals minds.

    Just because people die (or move away) and the state or local government fails to remove them from their list of registered voters, it is no proof whatsoever that these dead folks are showing up at the polls to cast votes. Oh, "truth-the-vote" does provide evidence that the problem is insignificant: in the link below they find only 34 cases combined in Ohio and Florida that they could turn over for further investigation. That's 34 cases out of millions of voters in each state -- and even then, those 34 cases are simply allegations, not proven cases of intentional fraud.

    Then likewise, you can't provide a shred of widespread evidence that it doesn't exist, despite what the majority of the liberal media prints.

    Again, the clock is ticking on you guys and all the squirming will not prolong the inevitable.

    @wolfpack said it best:

    It never ceases to amaze me how Democrats are always separating out people and attacking them. First it was blacks so they enslaved them and later imposed Jim Crow and poll taxes on them. Then it was the lesser non-contributing citizens so they came up with Eugenics and Planned Parenthood so they could cull out the undesirables. Then it was the Jews so they attacked the corporations and money lenders. Then it was the Christians and the Left is attempting to drive them out of the public square. All this hate and division for the sake of power and the never ending desire to control other peoples lives.

    The party of tolerance is looking not so tolerant and hasn't been for a very long time, but racist, anti-religious, white hating and wanting to take the rights away of Americans. What a shame.

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    $50 million down the toilet and to think, he could use the money for something much better.

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    You did not. You posted a 2008 opinion by Justice John Paul Stevens. You seem not to understand the difference between facts and anecdotal opinions.

    My home state

    Now, if you want to shuffle around these updated facts, be my guest, but there is NO way that you can tell me as a resident of CA. that voter fraud is a ruse.

    It's been there, it's been for years and it's getting worse and the people are tired of it.

    The VoterID card is designed (in theory) specifically to prevent the kind of fraud where one person attempts to cast a vote as someone else -- that "someone else" being someone who has legally registered to vote and is on the rolls. Where are your stats indicating how voter impersonation has been a problem?

    I just did, again. Again, it matters not if you dance around it. Everything, thankfully is already set in motion to change.

    There are many other types of electoral fraud practiced by both major parties: Voter intimidation -- which an ID card will do nothing to prevent; vote-buying -- which an ID card will do nothing to prevent; misinformation -- ditto; misleading and confusing ballot papers -- ditto; misrecording of votes -- ditto; misuses of proxy votes -- ditto; destruction/invalidation of ballots -- ditto; and tampering with electronic voting machines -- again, which an ID card will do nothing to prevent.

    Sure, I agree, so it would be best until there can be an adequate system that covers all these issues, it takes time to sort out and to come up with a valid solution, but until then, we should make it impossible for ANY illegals to vote or to get dead people to vote and we should create stiff penalties for anyone violating these laws, regardless of what political side you are on.

    Republicans hate democracy.

    If that's so, Blacks would have never been emancipated, EVER! But I think Dems hate personal freedom.

    They know if everyone votes they lose. The numbers of old, white, tired and angry old men are going down while the rest of voters are going up.

    Sorry, won't wash. Apparently, if you haven't seen the Republican Party lately. If you make that preposterous and outrageous claim that Republicans are racist towards minorities, then the opposite can be said, that Democrats and liberals are racist towards White Republican and conservatives. You guys use the race card constantly, now right back at you. You guys are intolerant of White people. So I guess, you guys are equally as hateful and racist.

    Voter ID laws are meant to stop voting, the excuse about voter fraud is insane.

    If you were living in California you wouldn't say that.

    It is the same as the whaling story on JT, the excuse for killing whales is research but the fact is quite different.

    How did whaling edge itself into this topic?

    The tired LDP politicians and the tired Republican politicians have much in common. They are living in the 1950s for one.

    Sorry, we're living in the 21st, liberals like you are angry because unlike now, in the 50s we had something like responsibility, pride and accountability, strong work ethics, love of country and American exceptional ism. If your liberal policies really were working, why then are the Dems getting ready to being thrown out of office. Why is it that over 56% of Americans think we are on a wrong path? The race card doesn't work. People oppose this radical presidents policies, NOT his skin color, but because that's the ONLY thing liberals have in their arsenal and the one thing that works for them is the RACE CARD.

    Seems like many people do want to go back in some ways to the 50s


    And there are countless studies, like the one completed in Ohio in 2013 which found that fraud was alleged in 0.002397% of the millions of votes cast there. And the report was done by the Republican Secretary of State. There was even a massive study under George Bush that said there was no evidence of any meaningful voter fraud that could impact anything. Anyone can do a search for "voter fraud studies" and see countless cases where the results show voter fraud is virtually non-existent. The articles dominate the top of the search engine results.

    If you want you can believe what you want. Liberals want and can believe what they want. Evidently, you guys think Obama is THE greatest president ever, that in itself speaks volumes how out of touch Dems are with reality.

    We've entered a phase where Republicans know they are in a bubble and they can what they want, even if it's been reported as untrue countless times in the real world. And then there are the other Republicans who just lie through their teeth and they just don't care because they're in survival mode.

    How exactly are Republicans in trouble when they are getting ready to lose the Senate and possibly gain more seats in the House, not to mention local state elections?!

    Another example is the Republican war on abortion being framed as a women's safety issue.

    So you're ok with aborting a full term baby, meaning: that it can survive on its own out of the womb? Again, I'm strictly talking about "full term."

    Obviously a lie, but if they don't admit to it and enough people join in on the BS then they have strength in numbers. Oh, and if you aren't for it then you must enjoy seeing women get hurt!!! ;)

    Hey, the so called "war on women" is equally a lie as much as the "voter fraud" debacle. I hope you're aware of that.

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    "Myth" might not be the right word; "apocrypha" and "conjecture" better suit the phony claim. The biggest myth of all is the one that goes: "If minorities voted Republican, their problems would be solved."

    Myth?? Apparently, you haven't been to Chicago lately. Last weekend 34 people were killed. That's astounding! One city. Of course the crime rate in Chicago is through the roof. Everyone knows it except liberals and the President. Well, they know, they just want to ignore it and it's mostly black on black, that's not a racist thing to say, it's just a fact. No one is saying if Blacks vote Republican their problems will go away, however, they will understand that the philosophy of Conservatism is Self-reliance, less government and that it's up to them to forge out their life and destiny.

    The stats on fraudulently-cast ballots indicates the problem to be insignificant. I guess you purposely failed to provide a source that can prove otherwise.

    I did. But Ok, so you just don't want to accept facts. It's ok, I know first hand growing up in Los Angeles, seen, been through it. Regardless what YOU choose to believe, I hope and pray that they enforce the law and make it mandatory to cut down on electoral fraud in this country.

    Anyone living in the United States, as I do, reading that statement knows it to be a bunch of crap. The truth is that there are almost no daily activities that require an ID to be shown. The purchase alcohol usually requires an ID, but not to prove nationality, but age -- which in my case is not needed because they can clearly see I am over 21.

    So you don't need to show ID when buying liqueur, a car, when you show up at the airport to get your ticket, when you use your credit card, when the police pull you over? How about when you travel? Sorry, you're dancing. Every store, every clerk is different and it totally depends on the individual. You need ID pure and simple and listening to liberals like you make a thousand excuses keeps proving my point time and time again, you guys just want ANYONE to vote, legal or illegal! living or dead! bottom line. These days are slowly and thankfully coming to an end, but even your fellow Bill Clinton supports it. At least there are a few rational Liberals that understand the importance of it.

    The driver's license I carry is not actually an "ID," but proves I have passed the requirements to drive a vehicle in my state (Georgia). I carry it for the same reason I post my business license at my place of business -- the law requires it.

    That's Georgia, California is the largest state and I assure you that the tendency for ID courrption is high in my home state, no question about it and the same goes for Nevada as well.

    The LAST thing the people who cynically endorse these Voter ID measures want is a simple, free process that would not do anything to suppress legally registered American citizens from voting. They want to create a bottleneck by making the ID card as inconvenient to obtain as possible.

    "The last thing?" Yeah, for Democrats. Sorry, NO one is buying that, just like if you oppose Obama, you're a racist, you oppose Hilary, you're sexist. If you oppose Obamacare, you hate the elderly, you oppose voter ID fraud, you're a racist. With you guys, it can NEVER be about policy, it's always some other excuse. I think finally, the people are waking up and realizing that liberals are a whiny bunch. Nice try, but it's time to seriously stop this president and the madness in Washington.


    Exactly! You get it. Dems just can't stop the partisan rhetoric and the constant lies. But thankfully, people are opening up their eyes.

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    And yet, the Democrats and the president want us to believe the people and the public in general are very happy with the way the country is headed, but as you said, to LGBT rights to the bogus "war on women" the White House is focusing on subject matters that are NOT a major priority for the average American. Unemployment, creating jobs and cutting taxes should be the main and central issue.

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    I'm with you buddy, my kids love it, but for me, well you covered all the points.

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    Hillary will be president, for the simple reason that the right will shoot themselves in the foot by spitting so much vitriol in the party leadership campaign that they have no hope of winning the presidential campaign. Just look at 2012 for an example.

    It's NOT a shoe in and Hilary has too much baggage on her, notoriously the Benghazi scandal. If you think she can just shake that off, it will be an even bigger issue if she runs, the Republicans will pound her and this time, shunning the cameras and NOT answering will NOT be an option. As for winning elections. What happened in 2010? What will happen this year? Dems are in the exact same position that the Repubs were in 2006, sorry and at the rate the way everything is turning out, within 2 years, Democrat will be a curse word.

    But other than that, she will likely be the most qualified person ever to be voted president, having been with Bill for eight years, then having her more recent political career to add to that experience.

    Wishful thinking and a very, very long stretch.

    She'll likely be even better than Obama, and he's pretty hard to top, being one of the best presidents in modern history.

    What?? ROFLMAO!


    U.S. politics have become image based rather than content based. We need to know how candidates are going to make citizens respond to them and their ideas. And what their plan is to turn the country around. U.S. economy is slowing and still facing a slow recovery from the recession that ended few years ago. U.S. can expect substantial increase in federal budget deficits in less than decade because of weaker economic growth. U.S. have the potential to growth around 2 percent per year over the next decade. What U.S. needs is a pro-growth strategy for the economy. U.S. need to move forward on the Keystone Pipeline in a safe, responsible way. Plus a fix for the healthcare bill involving free market principles, including the opportunity to buy insurance across state lines.

    I agree with you 110% Spot on!

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    What was it that Clinton said, a few years ago? "Deny, deny, deny..."


    Yes, the complaints about voter fraud have zero merit or credibility. Thank you. The citizens of Washington and Oregon have voted to allow their citizens to cast ballots by mail. And their system has been working just fine -- with the highest voter participation rates in the nation.

    I guess you just purposely glossed over the stats. But I can provide more if you wish and just try to read through it. 33 states already require voter IDs and they seem to do just fine. No ID, NO vote, it's just that simple. Being from California, I know there is a serious problem with voter fraud. We have over 3 to 4 million illegals and probably you would say, that is also not true as well.

    Obviously, some people have never heard of fake IDs. Also, the vast majority of things that people do each day do not require an ID. I might face a situation once a month at best where I am asked for my driver's license.

    So why carry an ID at all? What if the police pull you over? How about when I want to buy a house, a car and what if I want to use my credit card or when I want to purchase alcohol? How about an airline ticket. That is a bunch of crap, you need to use your ID for almost everything, on a daily basis, voting is and should be NO different. Again, the people complaining about it are the same people that want to cheat the system, otherwise they would be mute about it. No one complains about showing ID for anything else. We all know what's up. This year is and will be a horrific year for Democrats and they need to up the anti as much as they can. They can pretty much kiss off the Senate and in many local elections as well.

    Is an American citizen of voting age -- one who has legally registered to vote -- no longer eligible to vote because they don't have a driver's license or passport?

    Because of fraud whether it's credit card, bank, voter, whatever, you should have a picture ID. President Clinton fully supports it, last I checked, he is a Democrat.

    We've come over 230 years as a country without a specific ID for voting. If conservatives were serious, they would be in favor of a national identity card for EVERY citizen that could not be easily falsified.

    I heard that is a possible idea on the ballad.

    But they are not for that. They want a special ID just for voting for those people who don't have a driver's license. Their shameful facade is easily seen through.

    Why not? You don't have a drivers license, then you NEED some other form of photo ID. Seems fair enough to me.


    It isn't just a myth that Chicago has had such a well earned reputation for corrupt elections. But ask a Progressive and they will look you in the eye and deny what everyone knows to be true.

    Yes, that is another reason why the city as most other liberal governed big cities are out of control, because they don't acknowledge the problem as well as they will lose again big time this mid term, but asking the average Democrat, they would never admit it. Something must be wrong with Americans for wanting to kick the liberals out of office. It's called "waking up to reality." They hate it and the ONLY that they can do is scream foul.

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    When the right-wing expresses sheer lunacy so blatantly as you do above, it's no wonder they're on such a downhill slide.

    I think you have that backwards. There has been enough evidence, but to be brutally honest, when Dems use the race card, the so called "war on women" card and going against legislation to impose strict voter ID, it's all about getting the people angry and to have them go out and vote Democratic pure and simple. These complaints are bogus, have zero merit or credibility. EVERYONE can see through this facade. It's so ridiculous, I can't stop laughing. You need an ID for everything else in life, voting should be no different and a no brainer. It's just that simple and that painless. Any opposition exposes the real agenda behind liberal opposition to this rule. We've been on a downward spiral for the last 5 years and with this president and party at the helm with their radical policies for another 2 more years. I don't see us coming out of that spiral.

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    I'm not so sure. The pings that they have been hearing is the best promising indicator so far, NOT concrete, but promising nonetheless. But the Bluefin reached it's maximum depth limit yesterday. There is a possible scenario that if there is possible wreckage in that particular are that it can go down another 1 to 2000 meters. Not impossible to retrieve, but NOT easy, it would take a lot of time and painstakingly challenging. I really want to be optimistic in this, I think there is hope, but anything is possible.

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    Never had tapes on the fretboard and never heard of anyone doing that. Agree with the hours practice everyday. Making the time is the hard part.

    Dang! That's so old school, I respect that. It makes you a better player all around and feeling comfortable with your intonation instead of trusting the tape. Must've had a really good teacher. But I think, they wanted this concert to be perfect and since most of them are beginners, they didn't want ANY mistakes, the tape will ensure that. Not my method, but in this country perfection means everything. Also, you need to factor in the prestige that goes along with playing a cello, violin, viola or Piano. I don't think they would ever allow the princess to play a trumpet or tuba. She's a lady and she should play an instrument that in their opinion reflects that and that means usually stick to string instruments. I'm so busy now these days, but I would love to study the bassoon, love the instrument and one of my favorite woodwinds.


    I envy you.

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    You've got to be kidding me. Did the thing have an exploding tip or something?

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    The act of owning a gun is irresponsible. Therefore all gun ownership is irresponsible.

    Crap! For me, I think it's irresponsible NOT owning a firearm! I'm a legal and responsible gun owner, if you don't like it, it's your right and your opinion, but I feel comfortable and safe with mine. I could care less what the left think about it as long as they don't try to take my rights away and don't bother me, they can hoop and holla all they want. By the way, that argument doesn't work anymore, "Piers Morgan" tried it already NO one listened to him and look what happened to his show.

    From those who would place their selfish desire to own guns over the betterment of society that would result in getting rid of them.

    Sorry, doesn't wash! We just had a kid last week, slice and dice his way through a couple of students. When you have a crazy and deranged lunatic out there, it doesn't matter, they will find a will and a way to hurt or kill you.

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    Let's just ignore the complete and utter drivel that comes from thinking that someone's political party should be determined by the color of their skin for a moment, for the sake of argument. If what you say is true, that they have nothing in common with the Democratic party, then wouldn't the Republicans be better off trying to bring them into the fold by changing their policies, rather than trying to eliminate them from the entire process by changing voting rules?

    Yes, it's true. Blacks and Hispanics are mostly conservative people. They are mostly against abortion, same sex marriage, church going people, entrepreneurial, want lower taxes. The main problem is, the Republicans didn't do a good job at pulling these people in, that's a fact. And today's Republican Party is NOT the old party days of Pat Buchanan. You have people like Allan West, Colin Powell, Condolezza Rice, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal and the just goes on. These are the new faces that reflect that diversity and going by your own argument, you think these people are wrong for wanting smaller government, lower taxes, a strong military. They don't seem to have a problem with making mandatory laws that everyone should carry a valid ID.

    Again, if what you say is true, it really doesn't say much for a party to which they should belong if 98% of them won't vote for that party.

    Blacks and Hispanics haven't benefitted much from the party of dependence, if you want stats, I'll get it, NO problem. Minorities have suffered more under this president than ANY other president in history.

    And just to be clear, I don't agree with what you say as being true, I'm just pointing out the fallacies if it were.

    You mean, you don't want to accept the facts, I get it. Some people don't want to acknowledge, liberal, blatant failure.

    At recent article from the Washington Post.

    NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous said Sunday that black Americans “are doing a full point worse” than when President Obama first took office. “The country’s back to pretty much where it was when this president started,” Mr. Jealous told MSNBC host David Gregory on “Meet the Press.” “White people in this country are doing a bit better. Black people are doing a full point worse.”

    The black unemployment rate was 12.7 percent when Mr. Obama took office. While the unemployment rate in the U.S. as a whole is below 8 percent, the Labor Department reported the black jobless rate was up from 12.9 percent to 14 percent for December. The worst during Mr Obama’s first term was in September 2011, with 16.7 percent unemployment for blacks — the highest since 1983, the Department of Labor reports. The black teen jobless rate hit a staggering 39.3percent in July 2012. The NAACP, the National Urban League and the National Action Network, among others, met for the second time on Friday to discuss a “black agenda” for the president, Politic365 reports. The coalition stated it will urge Mr. Obama to mention an urban jobs plan in his State of the Union speech on Feb. 12.

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