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    Terrorist attack my eye. Someone deluded with severe mental problems who blew a fuse. If we listen to the likes of Bass4, America is crawling with them.

    You don't have to listen to me, but regardless it wasn't a regular mentally disturbed loon, going bat **** crazy. It was a terrorist act, pure and simple. I just call it for what it is, that's all. Please don't hate the messenger, hate the message.

    terrorism the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

    A hatchet attack on rookie New York police officers was a “terrorist act” carried out by a self-radicalized loner who had been in the military and recently converted to Islam, police said.

    “This was a terrorist act,” police commissioner Bill Bratton told a news conference Friday, a day after the attack, saying he was “very comfortable” describing it as a “terrorist attack.”

    Has all the makings. Hit the nail on the head. Again, it was a terrorist attack.

    He visited websites that focused on terror groups such as Al-Qaeda, the IS organization and Shebab Islamists in Somalia.

    Radial Islamist site

    Police said Thompson’s Internet browsing history went up to and including the fence-jumping incident at the White House this week and Wednesday’s shooting in Canada, a day before the hatchet attack.


    Well, it seems like it is exactly what the Feds are calling this: A Terrorist Act.

    I rest my case.

    So what 'political aims' was this sad loner in pursuit of?

    A religious point against the infidels, the west.

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    Really! You can kill as many people with a rope in five minutes as you can with a semi automatic weapon?

    Strange analogy. It's comparing that to a beheading, how many heads can you chop off with one knife in a certain amount of time. Regardless a rope, a gun, a knife, cyanide, doesn't matter, dead is dead. Guns are not the real problem. If you want to take care of the problem, you need to build or actually rebuild mental asylums and check in the loons that could have the propensity to engage in a violent act, first off. Second, some states could use tighter gun restrictions like my home state that would also curb some of the violence, but just flat out taking all the guns away wouldn't do anything to curb the violence in some people that want to go on a killing spree. I don't care if one life is taken, murder is muder, that is the underlining issue.

    bass (May I call you basss?)

    Yes, you may.

    -- You failed to answer the question. How do these people get guns?

    I already said, most are stolen, from various places, the serial numbers are filed off making thrm alsmost impossible to find. There is your answer

    Could it possibly be because they are just so available? Be specific -- don't answer with some Charlton Heston talking point about "truth." By the way do you have any views about this that are your own? Or do you just go the National Rifle Association's web site to get your views?

    I love guns!! I own a few and I take my kids hunting and they also know how to shoot and use the firearm responsibly and if people aren't happy with that, well......

    You do realize you are being duped into spending your hard earned dollars on guns by the fire arms manufacturing sector for whom the NRA is a shill?

    Fine by me.


    So Bass, what is America doing wrong in your opinion, that it produces so many broken individuals?

    I just gave a brief explanation to Ivy.

    It seems his parents gave him firearms as a birthday present and encouraged him to kill wildlife.

    Maybe there was something inherently mentally wrong with the kid. If so, then he should have had a firearm and if his parents knew of his mental problem, they should have taken him to a shrink and be evaluated, they should also be held responsible to a point if they knew or were negligent.

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    Same old rhetoric you people always spout: so spare me your talking points. Have you no shame? There is no equivalency between semi automatic weapons and knives, ropes, bottles or bats.

    Of course there is. You can use these items to kill. Deal with reality.

    Do you hear yourself? I wonder why it is so easy for "crazy people" ( your words not mine) to get their hands on guns? You sound like some Medieval theologian debating how many angels dance on the head of pin?

    Yeah, when people are confronted with the truth, they tend to say things like that.

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    An adolescent would understand just how wrongheaded that statement is.

    How would they know, they can't even buy cigarettes.

    What is racist in any way about saying "I respect the Islamic faith and one reason is because I have many friends who are Muslims?" When the "Some of my best friends are ....." statement is used in a racist sense it is because if usually follows some criticism of the group as a whole.

    So then why mention it. Wouldn't it be sufficient enough to say, "I have friends" without the racial or religious label? Just sayin'.

    You know, like so many of the general attacks that you make. (Example: An entire African-american community that is "out of control" and rioting and looting, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    Which in the urban cities is true. Just look at the crime and murder rate in Chicago (which I was specifically speaking, keep it straight now)

    Even though I am not a Muslim, when I see the Islamic faith disparaged in any way, it is precisely because of my respect for and close relations with Muslim people in my community and circle that I feel compelled to speak out.

    I wish you would feel the same and have the same fire and passion to denounce and speak out about radical Islam at every turn.

    The fact that Dearborn has the highest percentage of Arabs and Muslims of any U.S. city, and the fact that I grew up and lived in Dearborn for many years helps to establish a basis of direct experience.

    Your point being?

    You have offered an infantile response for which you should be ashamed.

    No, I am a realist and see the situation for what it is and the crime that was committed was a terrorist crime, nothing less and any person that would say otherwise is not dealing with reality.

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    Wow, it sure is entertaining to watch idiots erect their own straw men to go to battle with.

    I think it's worse for people to conflate any political issue and meet it head on, sounds like more excuse making to me.

    I have a theory about some of those who use this forum to smear Islam. And I speak as one who is not a Muslim, but who grew up among very many as friends, classmates, and neighbors. (Do you have any Muslim friends? Perhaps you don't even believe that is possible.) The theory is this: The extremists among those who call themselves Muslim and the extremists among those who are rabid anti-Islam are very much alike: They want to draw the rest of humanity into a war to satisfy their own purposes -- believing that such a war is inevitable anyway.

    BS! No one is saying that. You just made the outlandish argument equal to, "I have many black friends too" once a person goes down that route, it actually confirms that a person is more than likely racist or a closet racist that is too afraid of admitting it. If you have friends of ANY ethnic or religious group it's not really necessary to list off their race or nationality. I have many female friends, therefore, I am not anti-woman. Come on, Yabits!

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    More mindlessness. The gap between a "stabbing spree" like the case in Akihabara is measured in a fair number of years. The same is true of mass-killings in other modern, industrialized societies. However, in the US, the gap between such incidents can be measured in days -- often in single digits.

    Well, it depends which country and what crime we are all talking about. You are mixing (as usual) apples and oranges, not surprising. Japan has more suicides, Europe has more assaults and knife attacks, it's all relevant to your environment.

    So, how many other modern, industrialized societies make it so easy for a 15-year-old "narcissistic loon" to obtain a gun? That's a very large part of the issue.

    And back to you, How many loons can get a knife in many industrialized countries?


    when will the USA wake and realise that they have a major gun attitude problem? they have vertualy no gun control you can buy anything you want have sh*t loads of ammo without regulation?

    I'm from California, we have very strict gun rules and gun control, the same goes for Chicago, however many gangs obtain guns through robbery because almost all the guns that are confiscated are STOLEN, so it's NOT like they can go down the street to their local 7-11 and purchase a firearm.

    wow, how insane !! yet again another high school shooting when will they wake up and say enough is enough or is the government spineless to stand up to the National rifle association and the gun groups.

    Never will happen. Too many Democrats are gun holders themselves as well as their constituents.

    I have begun to dislike the TV programs that we import from the USA, why? well 90% of them have gun or violence in them, or sometimes both!! The UK has become more aggressive and violent over the last decade, could it be that we follow trends on TV? or game consoles? it seems that way.

    You can dislike anything you want, but many people do love watching US shows, if not, the UK and other countries wouldn't get them-PERIOD. But they demand and the networks provide. If you don't like it, you can watch something else or turn off the TV. The same goes for gaming. There is a reason Grand Theft Auto is THE most popular game around. But the many of the programs in some relation reflect todays culture and the way we live worldwide and crime shows, action and medical shows are a big hit among the public. We don't live in the days of Gilligan's Island or Leave it to Beaver anymore.


    Every mass shooting death in the U.S. is on the heads of these gun apologist obstructionist.

    Actually, you are wrong on all points, with all due respect. The problems are not the guns. The problem lies with the individuals. If you look at the crime stats of people that perpetrate crimes using other weapons, you would be just as amazed. So should we band knives, ropes, bottles and bats? It's the crazy people that get their hands on these things. It's NOT on my head, I have nothing to do with these idiots that do these crimes.

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    It's funny, because on other topics you will take an ENTIRE group of people to task for the acts of a few extremists,

    Just as equally as you guys attack conservatives over certain issues and here we go once again with the hypocrisy speech.

    but when it comes to guns you insist the US is no worse than... Somalia, for example.

    If the US were on the same level as Somalia, you would need a cable News Channel 24/7 dedicated ONLY to gunshot victims

    With guns, though, you absolutely canNOT deny there is a problem in the US. Just look at the frequency of gun-related deaths compared to other nations -- and not just Somalia or war zones, but nations at peace and with relatively little crime and no access to guns like the US has.

    Ok and you have in other countries without guns knife attacks, clubbing, beatings and other physical assaults, so we should NOW ban people as well.

    But no, when faced with those facts, you destroy what little credibility you had with responses like: "I leave that to Dems and liberals and the Sainted anointed one.... I think the crux of the problem is, the anti-US crowd WISH it to be a fire and danger zone so no one will go, but sadly, it's NOT working."

    No, sorry. I'm not destroying anything, all I am saying is, when you have a maniac on the loose, if they can't get their hands on a gun, they could use other weapons to inflict damage, like let's say....oh, a hatchet for example.

    Also, NOW all of a sudden the Anti-US crowd cares? Well, you know what they can do with that care...

    You cannot see that a person who is against lax gun control laws is not 'Anti-US', which invalidates your arguments on the whole.

    And how does it invalidates my argument? I'm a law-abiding citizen, if you want to change the law for the people that violate some of the gun laws fine, but leave me and my guns alone, it doesn't and shouldn't apply to me.

    People are spot on when they say "this is not news", or, "Just another day in the US", etc. -- because this kind of thing happens there on an almost daily basis, when it should not. You simply cannot deny it. Period.

    Not denying it, but how many knife and beatings go unreported? Why the media doesn't cover how many people have died through the act of physical violence? But we can shift the focus to guns? What a convenient scapegoat.

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    It's the impression of those who don't know very much.

    Great! Please that insightful comment on to all the liberals out there.


    I notice that you and a few others of like mind now jump in on stories with speculation about what Obama, the Dems - or even better, just liberals (your term) in general - would have thought, said, or done.

    Just going by their predictable record, that's all. Nothing more.

    As an intellectual activity, it possesses certain flaws, like playing yourself at chess and then gloating when you win.

    I'm too busy working in the real world to play chess, let alone by myself.

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    Therein lies your problem: You believe the world revolves around you.

    Actually, NO. I leave that to Dems and liberals and the Sainted anointed one. I travel a lot, been to over 28 countries and have been to 38 US states and this myth that the US is some lawless place like Somalia is utterly ridiculous and without any merit. I think the crux of the problem is, the anti-US crowd WISH it to be a fire and danger zone so no one will go, but sadly, it's NOT working.

    There are folksat Marysville-Pilchuck, VaTech, Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc, etc., etc., etc., who have seen people get shot. It's only a spin of the lottery wheel whose turn it will be next week.

    You can say that about anything and anyone, you think tomorrow is promised to you? Think again, Yabits. We never know when or how we will check out.

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    And to die in, prematurely, should you find yourself in the sights of an easily obtainable firearm being flaunted by an angry, suicidal person.

    Which is a very small percentage. You have more people in the US dying in vehicle accidents than gunfire. Making those kinds of outlandish statements is so over the top delusional. I have never seen anyone get shot or any heavy hard hitting violence and I know many police officers in California and the majority of them never had to use their firearm. Yes, there are cities in the US that you should be careful and heed with caution, but overall, it was a great place to grow up.

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    More moronic idiocy from the right. We're delighted this guy had to resort to a hatchet. Who knows how many he would have killed if he had access to a firearm.

    How so, habits? I'm totally befuddled by that remark! I was under the impression that you guys want to take everything away from law-abiding citizens, but you don't say anything about hatchets?


    It's not surprising to see the rightists turn this into an anti-Obama rant. What do you expect him to do? Declare war on all Muslims. It's also not surprising to see a gun love-in.

    Hmmm, No different then when you guys bash Bush on EVERY single issue. I expect a declaration of war on RADICAL Islam. Seriously, you libs are hilarious.


    Exactly! The point is, every leader in the FREE world sees it and calls it for what it is: Radical Terrorism and this president just for the life of God, will NOT call it that. He doesn't want to give in to the euphemism of the word as if it will absolve him of having ANY attachment to the war on terror. For Obama, the ONLY thing that is important to him besides his family is his partisan politics.

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    I totally agree, but I know Obama will label this a misguided individual with an axe to grind ( pun intended ) now the left will call for banning all hatchets as well. Anyway, I hope these people recover, that's just awful.

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    Like an answer from heaven, we have a woman (Guilfoyle) on Fox News who says young women (of voting age) should not be worrying their pretty little heads about politics and would be better off not voting.

    The thought of so many intelligent young women -- only one of whom needs to cancel out the vote of this Guilfoyle character -- makes me smile.

    Has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with emotion.

    What a bold face lie! Guilfoyle she never said, they shouldn't vote, she meant, when you become of age, most people don't know or understand politics until they are more mentally matured and understand the issues properly instead of voting based on emotion, which she is right, Emotion is what got us Obama in the first place. Many of those same voters now who are older and understand the process and have lived under this president, have buyers remorse and this is the underlining problem. Just with drinking alchohol, you shouldn't be allowed to vote until your 21 by then you should be emotionally and mentally ready. That was her exact point. Yabits, you are amazing! Stop twisting other people's words to suit your narrative.

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    No, it's time for Canada to show the world how to respond to an attack without panicking, freaking out, and running around like a bully beating innocent people up in their freak-out.

    By all accounts, they seem to be doing quite well so far.

    I think you're confusing "bullying" with taking "NO crap!" Which is something until this current president took power. First Canada would have to seriously build a military if they want to show them anything, since we are literally defending them. What they got was lucky.


    So, one guy shot and killed another in Canada, and society goes crazy. On average, 32 Americans are murdered with guns every day. What's the difference between this and the other several dozen shootings that presumably happened that day? "This was TERRORISM!" those easily spooked would say.

    Well, actually that is not true at all. You are making an apples and oranges comparison. The difference here is that there is a religious component attached to this, the guy was a recently converted Islamist turned radical and in the name of Allah, decided to wage war against Canada and it's allies, manly the US. So it IS without a doubt a terrorist attack. Everyone said it was a terrorist attack, Harper said it was, Obama, I think another workplace disgruntled worker misguided.

    If this guy was a terrorist, he must of been at the bottom of his class at Jihadi school.

    Oswald was at the bottom and look what he did.

    To terrorize, you need to sustain a long-term plan which eliminates the feeling of security of the populace with the goal of the populace finally giving into your demands in exchange for a return to normality.

    The very definition of the word: Terrorism

    The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political gain.

    Which he did. A lone wolf perhaps, he caused chaos and mayhem and panics yes, a terrorist nonetheless.

    The shooter was in Ottawa to apply for a visa, indicating his rampage was likely spur of the moment.

    Great, so now we have a jihadist and a psycho-maniac as well.

    I'm sure the proper authorities are checking up on his background but also that they do not worry to much that this is the beginning of a sustained campaign - rather, this was a spontaneous action by a nutjob. Happens every day, and we don't call it terrorism unless the perpetrator is Islamic.

    Maybe that you and are are NOT aware of, but I assure you that in the files of this guy, the word terrorism is ramped.

    Take, for example, Byron Williams, who had a deep hatred of liberals and liberal organizations. He was on his way to two of these organization with his car loaded with numerous guns and a suit of body armor when he was stopped by the CHP while speeding and weaving in and out of traffic; a subsequent altercation with the CHP left four officers hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Williams told officers he had been hoping to start a right-wing revolution by killing “people of importance” at two liberal organizations. This was clearly planned and intended to be sustained - a campaign of terror against liberals. He was later convicted of murder but not of terrorism; in fact, there was no discussion of terrorism at all.

    Which brings us to that reality in all that you prove, the guy was a bat fleece.

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    Pity it's not the traditional British Hallowe'en but the Americanised version. Can't have everything I suppose. I think they like this version of Hallowe'en because of the dressing up element rather than the ghost stories and dunking for apples.

    How is it a pity? Cultures change and evolve, nothing wrong with that. And yes, we do the ghost stories and dunk for apples as well. Hey, we even make a badass apple-coated caramel treat! Gotta try it! There is something positive in all of this.

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    What are you talking about? In your hatred of the UN, you've obviously never actually looked at how it works, and what it does. Strawman much?

    I've been to the UN 3 times. Interesting place, more like .Cirque Do Soleil highly entertaining, you go home and reminisce about the good time you had. As for a strawman argument, why? Because it doesn't fit with your narrative?

    The only one of those that is true of ISIS is the beheading of one or two US citizens. Hardly an excuse to kill thousands of innocents.

    So you agree, we should send in ground troops to kill them, I think so as well.

    I thought you were a journalist? How can you not understand the difference between past tense, present tense, future tense, and potential tense?

    More like you just don't want to answer the question. Which is it? They are our friends, they want to kill us OR they want to have a smoke with us? You're all over the place. Again, what should we do about ISIS, because they are and they will try to kill us given the chance. What is your solution? I would like to hear from someone like yourself who has more expertise in the matter than ANY of Obama's senior generals, my bad. Lol

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    What does that have to do with the fact that it was UN sanctioned and led?

    The UN wasn't leading anything. Ok, on paper perhaps.

    Only if you believe in 'might makes right'. Because you most certainly do not have that moral right.

    Depends on your definition of what moral is or what it means to you.

    So you think getting OBL was wrong too, I guess. We went in unannounced. You think the Pakistanis would have given him up? I seriously doubt that!

    1) Yes they are! They regularly threaten to fire missiles at the US. They even test these missiles at times. They have nuclear weapons! Do you not read the news?

    They didn't come and bomb us, behead ANY US citizen, attack any of our national interests. Not even close.

    2) ISIS isn't trying to blow up, radicalize, or kill you. They are almost as far as you can get from the US geographically, and have made no overtures outside of their area.

    No, of course not, ISIS is a misunderstood of highly educated people that want to establish trade, technology and goods with the West and are a strict advocate in human, religious and woman's rights. The beheadings were done by Lucas THX studios as a NSA ploy to give them a bad name.


    And by doing that, you only increase the likelihood of ISIS coming out of the Middle East and attacking you.

    Thought you said, they are not trying to kill us? Which is it?

    When that happens, innocents will die in the US, and the burden will be on you and every other war-mongerer out there who is facilitating this situation to happen

    So we should just leave them and hope to smoke a shisha and eat some dates with them?

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    Erm, Afghanistan anyone?

    Where Obama had 3 surges and had more people killed under his watch.

    I would agree if you were speaking of protecting yourselves. When someone invades your country, you have the right to attack without question.

    And when that country or a religious faction of that is trying to destroy because of who you are, your way of life, values or how you believe. Then you have the right to fight back.

    But you are speaking of invading sovereign nations, not defending yourself. In which case, you most definitely should go in with the backing of the UN, and not unilaterally.

    Absolutely NOT, after dealing with radical Islam on a global scale, we have the right to root them out, take them out by any means necessary, but as long as the president is hesitant and wants to send a vague message and do tiny pin strikes, not only will he embolden the enemy, he's further encouraging them.

    Maybe so, but that's still their prerogative. I don't see the US invading North Korea to save the people there, who have been suffering the abuses under the Kim regime for three generations. There are plenty of other despots elsewhere in the world as well.

    Terrible analogy. NK is NOT trying to blow up, radicalize and is trying to kill us. Any country that has been trying to kill us so far has been dealt with.

    The fact is, no one asked for Team America World Police.

    They don't have to, we are like it or not.

    I know this was a very painful article for Dan Hodges to write, but spoke the truth.

    But if events of the past few months have shown us anything, it’s surely this. There is only one thing worse than the United States acting as the world’s policeman. And that’s the United States not acting as the world’s policeman. And today the United Nations is now as effective at enforcing peace and the rule of law as the old, defunct League. We spend a huge amount of time in this country debating the failings of the European Union. But compared to the UN, the EU is a model of excellence in international governance. Forget Jean-Claude Juncker and Herman Van Rompuy. In the course of human history there cannot have been a more ludicrous or hapless-looking figure bestriding the world stage than Ban Ki-moon. “Leave it to Dag,” people used to say about the legendary Swedish secretary general, Dag Hammarskjold. Today few world leaders would so much as leave their washing up to Ban. The UN is no longer fit for purpose. In fact, the UN quite clearly no longer has any idea what its purpose is. The best that can be said for that benighted organisation is that it’s morphed into an extension of the Red Cross. At its worst it’s morphed into a poor man’s international ACAS. Syria, Gaza, Nigeria, Libya, Iraq, Mali, Ukraine. The idea that the UN could have influence in any of these crisis zones would be laughable, if the events there weren’t so horrific. The ritualistic statements of support from Ban Ki-moon for the people of these regions have effectively become a death sentence.

    Just some of what he said in his article.

    Maybe not, but in invading and killing innocents, you are increasing the hatred, and justifiably so. For every innocent person you kill, you create someone who has every right to hate your country.

    Yes, you keep saying that, I will submit to you that as long as the radical Jihadists continue to encourage attacks on the west, then we have to do everything in our power to displace or kill them. It's that simple.

    They'll just never get it.

    Most terrorists Never do!

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    Three teens act like fools, and the Right determines the whole world is unsafe.

    Maybe, after the botched attempt by radical Islamists in Australia to kidnap and behead someone, anyone and film the grisly act or the shooting the other day in Ottawa or how about the last couple of beheadings? Oh, and then there is the guy that beheaded his co-worker a few weeks ago, but for you guys, it's work place violence or disgruntled workers. So it's actually the left that WANTS to drive home the narrative that nothing is going on while in other countries, more sober and rational leaders are saying the absolute truth and calling it what it all for what it is: radical terrorism. Reality determines these current events.

    When did conservatives become such pearl-clutching woosies?

    More like, when will Democrats grow a spine and some serious *****!


    If there is to be action taken against ISIS, it should be taken by the UN, not by an country unilaterally, or as a group.

    It will NEVER, EVER happen, the useless UN can't even agree on what actual terrorism is. Besides, we don't need a consensus to ask permission if we are allowed to protect ourselves or not. It's just mind numbing hearing that garbage!

    But really, this is a Middle-Eastern problem, and should be handled by the Middle East. Western meddling will only cause more hatred against the countries who are invading.

    First, these guys won't do anything, they never have and never will, the radicals will destroy, enslave, torture, kill anyone that stands in their way, even the moderates don't have the numbers or frankly the will to stop these people. They already hate us, they have hated the West for thousands of years, so it's not like the hatred will subside in any way. Barack Hussein Obama tried that in Cairo, remember? Didn't work out so well for him and all of us.

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    LOL! When it's determined that the manufacturers of a voting machine are Republican supporters -- Oh well, it's just "normal" politics.

    So you are saying, if they ( the manufacturers ) were Democrat supporters, then it would be better? Yabits, you are THE MOST partisan I have ever encountered, tow the line? No, not you!

    Let us not forget that, in the history of the American republic, only once has a party gone to the US Supreme Court to prevent a state from hand-counting paper ballots to determine the intent of the voter. And that was the Republicans in Florida in 2000. And, lo and behold, they got five corrupt, partisan judges to go along with them.

    Ok, we have NEVER in the history of the Republic had a president that stifled our individual freedoms and that by constant executive order rammed things through, put the country in an $18 Trillion debt. Conceded to our enemies, spyed on the American people, used the IRS to threaten any conservative with incarceration in order take out donors from entering an election cycle and to have the head commissioner lie under oath saying that NO curruption took place, to being complacent in the death of 4 people in Libya including our Ambassador and again stonewalling and having a coverup because of fears of giving the admin. A political Black eye and to potential scare off voters. Point is, ever political party has it's flaws, don't make it as if Democrats and particularly THIS president are innocent and noble law-abiding politicians. The Republicans are in NO way perfect, but compared to this current president, they seem like Cub Scouts.

    Misogynists can wait for their answer until hell freezes over

    So you don't want to answer the question? Lol, thought so,

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