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    Colin Powell will have to wrestle with his conscience. There's no doubt that his reputation was seriously tarnished by his speech at the UN.

    I think he sleeps just fine. Also, he's retired with honors, the man doesn't have to do anything but write books, he's pretty much set.

    they don't vote 2. the intelligence they gave was misrepresented, cherry-picked or their certainty exaggerated. Their caveats were ignored. To whit: curveball, the aluminum tubes, the yellowcake... etc. etc.

    I always believed they should have just initially said, they wanted regime change and be done with it.

    Trying to muddy the waters much? It's about the initial authorization, not about pulling the plug on the troops once they've been sent in.

    Well, you couldn't just leave the country the way it was, once Saddam was toppled, we had to stay there to pacify the country so that there wasn't any vacuum for Iran to come in, but thanks to Obama and not establishing a SOFA agreement and letting ISIS grow like a weed, here we are now.

    Do you really care so little for the men and women in uniform we send in to harm's way that you'd brush of a serious discussion about accountability and what we've should have learned from he Bush-Iraq debacle as a "BDS cunard" (sic)?

    I don't believe the left care about our soldiers at all and especially this president. It's not about Bush for the left, it's about their benign hippie attitude towards ANY kind of military conflict, if it were up to them, they'd prefer to disband our military altogether.

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    The USA needs to GTF OUT of Okinawa, too.

    Yeah, that's exactly what China is hoping for as well.

    The USA can't even pay its senior citizens' social security and medicare after 2030, but it can be the cop on the block everywhere in the world.

    Thanks to our commander in chief, his policies have just made that much more of a bearer.

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    When GOP candidates blithely advocate attacking Iran with glib promises that it would be a cakewalk, caution is due.

    See, this is what gets me! No one on the conservative side wants to go to war, NONE of them, the difference is, they just won't allow Iran to threaten our allies and hopefully not take a more militaristic action towards them, then as a form of self-defense and protection, military use should never be ruled out. You wouldn't let someone punch out your little brother or would you just stand by and allow it?

    Did you even read the article? Nothing to do with liberals (a crappy red herring), for one, or about today's problems. It's about accountability.

    If you put it like that. Neither Obama or Hilary will be accountable for anything either, so I guess we should move along. Nothing is happening on either side of the political fence.

    it's not surprising you don't understand why the folks who are pissed off about this entirely avoidable debacle tend to "bring it up."

    People can be pissed off as much as they want, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld won't be accountable for anything, for one reason, there is NO reason. If you remember, Eric Holder did investigate them and he was hawkish about it and what happened, the case was dismissed, there was nothing to be found. Remember, we are talking about THE Eric Holder that did have an axe to grind, now if he himself as good as he can't find a single cloud of smoke, then that proves there was nothing for them to be accountable for.

    Oh, and the funny thing about the Arab Spring... how soon we forget:

    You can definitely thank Hilary for that, since she was the one that pushed out Mubarek and Gaddafi.

    Anyone not completely doped up on faux patriotism with half a brain in their head knew it was all BS.

    First of all, nothing wrong with being a Patriot, second as a patriot, I never bought into the WMD debacle, but I wholeheartedly supported the removal of Saddam.

    Sadly, that leaves out most people who sign up for the U.S. armed forces.

    So now you want to insult the intelligence of our soldiers?

    My sympathy is reserved for the people of Iraq as far as the undeclared war goes and its the same for the people of Vietnam. I got nothing left for modern American vets. Nothing at all.

    I'm not surprised, I feel the opposite, but I do feel bad for the people of Iraq that were murdered during the sectarian violence and as for the Vietnamese, they seem to be doing fine now many of them living quite successfully in the US.

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    The invasion of Iraq was predicated on lies that could have been refuted with simple logic and elementary empiricism.

    There is a lot of blame to go around.

    The U.S. and its client states were destroying Iraq through sanctions and periodic bombings for 12 long years prior to the invasion.

    And why were the sanctions imposed? You seem to be overlooking the atrocities that Saddam was committing an entirely different issue from the WMD debacle, but a valued one.

    Where were the WMD when Iraq could have used them? They were not there. That is not rocket science. In fact, the nation the U.S. invaded was already bruised and beaten.

    And yet, Saddam and his murderous sons wreaked havoc across the country, even with the sanctions in place, he still used chemical weapons to gas his people, where is your outrage about that?

    Bush and his gang knew this and yet they foisted a war of hysteria that was unequal to anything in living memory, even the idiocy that led to the American defeat in Vietnam.

    Actually, the war in Vietnam wasn't really a defeat, but I know the libs want to paint it as such, but as for the war in Iraq, what was far worse after the invasion was the sectarian violence which was the overwhelming reason the country was completely torn apart, because after the surge was initiated by 2007 the country was starting to come back to normal, which Obama was handed a pretty stable Iraq, NOT perfect, but a semi-functioning government.

    There is no question that Bush, his cohorts and the Republican Party are the low dirt you can think of for what they did to Iraq and the Americans they sent to fight there.

    So then you should surely feel the same about Obama and the seething and underhandedly sneaky Democrats that allowed ISIS to explode and flourish and dominate the region, killing on a horrific and massive scale, what they are doing to that country is beyond despicable and not to mention, the president doesn't care one iota of these people and our allies especially. Will he aid them? Will he arm them? No, he won't. But I know you feel equally as frustrated as I.

    There is nothing good that can be said about the American rightwing in regard to Iraq.

    So what can be said about the left when it comes to Iraq?? You hopefully have been watching the news, right?

    But not much good can be said about the so-called liberal establishment. They went along with the hysteria. I do not mean the gutless politicians like Hilary Clinton and John Kerry. I also mean the seemingly enlightened media like PBS and seemingly rational people like Oprah Winfrey. She was a hysterical supporter of Bush's war. And after it was shown there were no WMD in Iraq, that it was a lie, she invited Bush on her show and gave him a great big hug.

    You were doing good until you started to veer off on Oprah and PBS...

    That is just off the top of my head. The Liberal sellout on Iraq was on a grand scale. The people who stood up to Bush were few and far between. That's just in the US.

    Believe me, NO one misses Saddam, it was a good, NO great thing to have disposed of that evil tyrant.

    The Labour Party under Tony Blair sold out to Bush. Canada sold out. Western Europe sold out, with a few exceptions. One surprising exception was the conservative government of France. It was a brave stance that earned vicious attacks from the U.S.: the sort that are now being used against Russia.

    So how is Europe doing as far as radical Islam is concerned? As for France, they and the UK were pushing and leading the way to oust Gaddafi, you're ok with that though, right?

    My sympathy to the US veterans who had to fight in this immoral war. My biggest sympathy goes out to the people of Iraq.

    I don't think the war was immoral, however my heart goes out to the veterans and all of our brave men and women that fought and for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and the sadness that they have to deal with a commander in chief that could give a rats a** about them, but 2 more years, we will get over this hump as well.

    Forget about those 4,491 U.S. troops killed in Bush's war. What about the four who died in Benghazi?! Let's get our priorities straight!

    If you don't think the 4 who died in Benghazi is equally as important, then why worry about 4,491 troops? It's all relevant.

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    chaney & Rumsfeld should be in jail cells in the Hauge now!

    If that's the case, then Obama should be serving a life sentence right now, that is, if you really want to be a NON-partisan.

    I feel sorry for the men/women in the US forces that died, were injured & the mentally traumatized. And especially for the many Iraq people who paid & continue to pay the highest price.

    Same here.

    Iraq was/is such a colossal mistake, anyone who cant see that needs help seeing the obvious!

    It was, but I do think the world is better off without Saddam, No one misses the butcher of Baghdad!

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    Take the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, for example, that was concocted by the Johnson administration as a justification for expanding the Vietnam War. In recent years, the Bush administration propagated a rumor that Saddam Hussein's Iraq had stored piles of weapons of mass destruction and that in cahoots with international terrorists attacks against the U.S. were imminent.

    I'm going to say this for the record. I never truly bought into the record of the whole WMD, let's face it, the Bush admin. was in it to remove Saddam, which was totally fine with me and which I fully supported. Having said that, the intel that the Bush admin. received from various international allies at the time DID seem credible, but now we know the intel was faulty. even Bush later admitted he was wrong and takes full responsibility.

    There's a strong possibility that a "China/NK threat" can be such cry wolf. And there's an ample reason for that.

    In this particular situation, I'm not buying it. NK is selling a lot of their Nuclear technology to Iran, they are very active and that country is a very unstable and it's leader even more so as well as China. I would rather error on the side of caution that is the only thing that keeps us all safe. Japan was an ally and we never thought at the time we would ever go to war with them and look what happened, so you have to excuse me, but I won't rule anything out especially when it involves NK or China.

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    But you don't need to worry about any aggression from NK or China.

    Because YOU say so? Apparently, you know a lot more than the Pentagon, NSA or Japan.

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    Sorry, this is because of the irresponsible actions of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

    Not true, ISIS or what was formally Al Qaida morphed into ISIS after the Arab uprising where Obama was told by senior Pentagon commanders that ISIS was exploding on to the scene, he did nothing, he didn't send troops, nor did he establish a SOFA agreement with Iraq, ISIS happened and grew under Obama's watch, he is the sitting president at the time, therefore he's at fault or do you want to cherry pick? In that case, it was Bush that recommended to Obama after he asked him for advice on getting OBL, Bush told him to use SEAL Team 6, if you go by that, then Bush should actually get all the credit if we go by your logic.

    As we know from Yugoslovia, it's better to have a bad government that's stable than chaos and power gaps.

    So basically, it was ok for you to watch the massacre unfold on TV, feel bad for these people, but Oh, well.... Nice Peter, very nice...

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    Shall we go through the list of claims the GOP and FOX News have made for the last 2 years, only to have them be disproven?

    You mean before she hid and disclosed most of actions and records or after she was subpoenaed to turn over her servers and ALL of her emails. I'll give you this, Hilary is a sly pardon the pun "Fox" and is not dummy to ever allow herself to be caught in an uncompromising situation.

    Or should everyone forget about all of the sensational, made-up headlines and get right behind the exact same group of people again?

    Don't even go there, seriously....

    You guys have a credibility problem. We can debate this issue all we want (and we will), but it's mostly for people who take a strong interest in politics. Like us.

    Is that why all the polls against Hilary are negative because she has a credibility issue, it's over 51% that's not good news for her and for the Dems and the bad thing is, this is coming from the voters that matter the most, "the independents."

    The other group would be Republicans firmly entrenched in the bubble. For everyone else, I think they're waiting for you to actually produce something.

    Again, I'll admit, Hilary made sure to use a lot of bleach this time.

    Now if we can "pretend" for a second that this is all politically motivated....

    As politics go, both sides play this game, the Dems would and will do anything they can to make ANY of the Republican nominees look bad, with Jeb Bush it's proving a lot more difficult for the Dems to find something because he's pretty clean, but they will keep trying, that's politics, everyone that has an understanding of politics and the entire political system knows this.

    How do you get this to stretch out to 2016? We know Republicans are insisting that the emails be released in batches. Those outside of the bubble understand that it's to create multiple headlines over a period of time.

    At the same time, because of the dire situation the Dems are in, it is very plausible to think that the Dems realize they are getting a massive beating in the polls and decided to release these documents. There is no way the WH wouldn't know about it, they have to give the authorization for it and they did. They need a win and this is a good time and a good distraction for their mounting problems.

    Your biggest challenge is that Hillary doesn't yet have a challenger on the Dems side to help you go after her. The GOP candidates have the same issues of not releasing 100% of their emails so they won't really be able to attack her unless they are talking to other bubble dwellers.

    Problem is, the GOP doesn't have a creditability problem like Hilary meaning, Hilary was the S of S during Benghazi and she and her foundations and contributors and money trails are the front and center issue that the public is interested and want to know, because there ARE many that like her, so if the Dems think they can turn this around and deflect the issue, NOT a chance in heaven it'll work, they can completely forget that.

    If the emails get released over 6 months then the clock is ticking. That will get headlines, and in the articles the GOP can plant seeds like, "We don't have 100% of the emails so we don't know if she ordered the CIA to kill those 4 Americans herself." Maybe you can even stretch that for a year.

    And a year is a long time for people to think and make up their minds and formulate opinions, in other words, if you are a Democrat, this is NOT a good thing at all, in fact, it's very bad to draw this out, which is something that the GOP wants

    The bigger question is how you can start a 9th investigation that will bring you into 2016? That's the key. The GOP needs to find a way to be able to say, "Hillary is leading the polls while being investigated for XYZ."

    A shoe in? Hardly, Hilary has most of the Dems in her pocket about 86% and why? Because she is it! She is THE candidate or do you think Warren or Saunders can really challenge her? Maybe Warren could, which is something the GOP is praying for. But the majority of the Dems are NOT happy with Hilary, the same as 2 years ago, the GOP wasn't happy with Romney, but you do the best with what you got and hope for the best.

    Now that I think about it, a 9th investigation is really the only way to go, right?

    Hey, if the left can try continuously to get Bush and Cheney brought up on trumped bogus charges and indictments of so called war crimes against humanity, whatever that means, why are the libs all of a sudden crying foul now? Because they feel they have a sense of moral responsibility to the world or to their party and political careers?

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    maybe you should have read past the headline. You would have seen the part that Stuart mentioned -- this material was just upgraded to "secret" TODAY. But don't let that stop you and the folks at FOX News from going balistic on this, even knowing it is not news.

    If it's NOT news then why are you mentioning it? Apparently it is as a matter of fact. Libs have been more vocal, in fact, they're pushing Hilary to be more forthcoming with all this.

    It makes a great sound-bite after all.

    Uh, huh....

    Fox News, as usual aiming to both toss red meat to its audience and appear responsible, explains the situation here.

    Aiming??? LOL. I think it's more like the libs and Dems are really starting to sweat and it's really showing. More to come!

    Whether weapons were shipped out of Libya has not been confirmed; if they were, under whose behest, the reason for their transfer, and their final destination have not been confirmed. And, most importantly, this has nothing to do with the riot that killed the ambassador.

    Actually, it does have a lot to do with the secretary of State and if she WAS giving the order to stand down or someone GAVE her the order to stand down from the very, very top, in other words the president and it's a smoking gun, that would be an impeachable offense.

    Good luck digging, though!

    Well, Yes! It will be a very difficult job since Clinton destroyed thousands of her mails especially the mails regarding Benghazi or even handing over her servers, not going to be easy at all.

    It'll keep your mind off other, more important questions such as whether the Bush administration deliberately fixed the intelligence that led to 4,000 US deaths in Iraq - and that all prominent GOP candidates for president today say was A-OK.

    Uh, news flash, we all know what Bush's roll was during the occupation and it's over, he's not running again, so please let us keep the focus on the candidate that is currently running that that has had her hands to her elbows deep in shrouded mystery as to her dealings with Benghazi, her shady contributions and money trails and her achievements as Secretary of State or lack of...

    Americans will once again vote for the lesser of two evils. What a country.

    At least we HAVE a choice and with all our strengths and faults, wouldn't wanna trade it for anything else.

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    Really the Americans can leave and take their money with them.

    Be careful what you wish for?

    Am not worried about a Chinese invasion and the SDF will protect us.

    Against a million man army? Sorry, but not a chance. I don't even think you believe that.

    If we become the Ryukyu Kingdom again than we will have our freedom but be broke. Better to be a free person than an owned person mo matter how comfortable. The American patriot Patric Henry said "give me liberty or give me death".


    Maybe we should go directly to the United Nations and ask for our freedom from the foreigners.

    You can't even get Obama to send troops to aid our allies in the Mideast, what in the blazes are you expecting?

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    Don't know if anybody's noticed. Ain't nobody attacking.

    Yet? Apparently, you haven't noticed what China is building in the straits, but Of course China is wants to have a beautiful harmonious relationship with Japan.

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    Amazing! With everything that is going on, this guy is trying to make this a front and center issue. 47 million Americans on food stamps, I'm sure they are so equally concerned about this indisputable fact.

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    You are in no position to make the claim 'Unlike the European News paper!

    Actually, I can, because it's my job as a pundit, so I can definitely make that assertion.

    There is more information flow from every political angle compared to majority of the liberal sites that have been a dominat force and stable in European politics for years.' The very fact that you tried to lump together the papers of European countries as 'liberal' is mind-blowing.

    What can I say? I know a lot of people don't want to deal with the facts.

    Try your native language to start - the majority of British papers are conservative.

    If that is true then CNN, msnbc, the NYT and others are in actuality conservative. I gotcha! ROFL. I thought it's a May, 22nd and NOT April 1st.

    By the way, I think 'the European News paper' should be plural ( I'm pretty sure of more than one newspaper in the continent of Europe ). As for 'muddling through languages', I'd recommend a less slipshod approach to work. Can you really 'muddle through' Polish, Welsh, Greek or Finnish?

    No, but I can in the languages I'm fluent in which is more than enough.

    But utterly unsustained. Which makes it a failure. A "surge" is a pattern that rises quickly, and then just as quickly peters out. That's NOT how insurgencies are won.

    What a bunch of BS! Iraq was stable after 2007, it wasn't a shining pearl of a country, but the Obama admin. was handed a stable somewhat functioning country where life was coming back and where the people held their first democratic elections. Obama could have left a sizable force and tried to push with a SOFA agreement, but he didn't, he got the troops out and ignored everyone on his staff and allowed ISIS to explode onto the scene. By the way, I had no idea you are a veteran war militarist expert.

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    'You take my words out of context. Unlike the European News paper! There is more information flow from every political angle compared to majority of the liberal sites that have been a dominat force and stable in European politics for years.'

    That depends on how you look at the context. It's all relative.

    That is really impressive. You are able to make a judgement about the media in all of those countries with I don't know how many languages based on your astounding multi-lingual talents.

    I speak 4 languages, but thank you anyway for that kind comment.

    How's your Dutch, Danish, Hungarian or Polish? Can you read Greek? I'd put my mortgage on no.

    I can't your write, but I work and correspond with 23 individuals and yes, we do have a Danish and Hungarian as a matter of fact. Nothing I can't dissect or get another person to translate. Seriously, muddling through languages doesn't need a rocket scientist. Come on now...

    Stop talking about Europe as if it were one entity. It's astoundingly ignorant.

    I never did and by the same token, please stop lumping all conservatives as one monolithic entity.

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    Well if you parrot the same misinformation then expect to be tarred with that brush.

    If that were true, problem is, FOX had the least amount of retracted stories more than any other news outlet, so sorry to disappoint you, but that's another reason as to why they're so successful.

    Whoaa there that's a mighty back peddle from your FOX talking point that "Obama witdrew the troops".

    But unlike any other president, Obama didn't care what the aftermath would look like, he just wanted to leave, not caring and still not caring about the ramifications of his actions or lack thereof...

    Rubbish. FOX have certainly convinced you of such tripe. It was the Europeans that took out Gadaffi, and this isn't on topic.

    The Europeans took him out with the pushing and the political wrangling from Hilary Clinton, which if my memory serves me served in the Obama admin. Therefore, the disposal of Gaddafi was lead by the Europeans with Clinton at the helm steering the ship.

    Much as you revisionists would desire, reality states otherwise.

    For example?

    Bush destroyed Iraq with his demented invasion.

    So if you really want to be honest and completely correct about history and pass blame, how about we blame the Brits and the French for the Sykes-Picot agreement because that's when all of our problems really started when the Brits and French carved out that country. Had it NOT been for them, we wouldn't be in this mess now, so please give credit where credit is due.

    This event was arguably the catalyst for every uprising and descent into chaos we've seen as per the Arab spring since that date.

    Very true.

    The chain reaction may have degenerated further under Obama's watch, but to lay the blame at his feet for everything, coupled with your shrugging off the responsibility of the Bush Co admin that clearly touched off the blaze and zero critical commentary at the time is beyond intellectual dishonesty. It's absurd

    No one is blaming Obama for everything, but ISIS did happen under Obama's watch, he could have listened to his generals, he could have taken action against ISIS against Assad, against the Mullahs, he chose not to. That was 110% his call. And to Bush's credit, he at least acknowledged there were mistakes and he took responsibility for it and still constantly visits with many of our wounded veterans. Where is Obama, haven't heard Obama visiting our injured troops, not even to the point Bush did. Is he meeting with them, does he have a foundation for our troops, does he support our military, better yet, do they respect him? Do they think he's a decisive and strong leader? If you think that about this president, then you must really like comedy.

    You told me that you read the European media frequently ( you said you had the ability to read many languages ) for your job as a journalist.

    Yes, I do as a matter of fact, but that doesn't mean, I try to influence politics internationally and just because I read these publications doesn't mean, I agree or that they are always right or in lock step as in the liberal realm where independent thinking is seen as counter productive.

    You passed judgement by saying the US media was the best.

    You take my words out of context. Unlike the European News paper! There is more information flow from every political angle compared to majority of the liberal sites that have been a dominat force and stable in European politics for years.

    You don't bother with the British media? Hmmm....

    I do all the time, you just don't realize it or you just don't want to realize it.

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    There you are again peddling your FOX obfuscation points.

    Code for: they uncovered yet, another Obama Pinocchio lie.

    The Iraqi's themselves booted out US troops under a deal signed with Bush. Only a fool would blame Obama for the mess he inherited from the Republican Party.

    During the Sunni uprising in the beginning of 2009 Maliki wanted the US forces to leave, but he also wanted a small sizable force of 30,000 troops, Obama (wanting to get out of that country as soon as possible) suggested 80,000 troops or more KNOWING that Maliki wouldn't agree to that and that's when that was the signal for Obama to leave ASAP and NEVER considered the consequences and fallout of total pull out OR he just didn't care what happened as long as he gets the troops out and whatever happens, none of our concern.

    Happened on his watch, 110% is he not only responsible, but had Obama listened to his Generals up in the Pentagon, this bloody and sectarian war probably wouldn't have happened at least on a massive scale. I know you libs just don't want and will never fault Obama on anything, he is the holiest man to have ever walked on this planet since 2000 years ago. Honesty in life is sometimes a difficult thing to expect, Obama should learn that.

    I thought you were a high-flying journalist.

    I was referring to the public, thank God!

    No respectable journalist would trust the rightist, ranting, Murdoch-owned tabloid on air with a barge pole.

    Interesting, but once again, you are wrong and if you don't like it, don't watch it, very simple, but they are doing something right, otherwise they wouldn't get under this admin. skin so much and it shows when you have the most powerful man in the world grinding his teeth about a network that is powerful and there is absolutely NOTHING he can do to shut them up or get them off the air. I'll say it again, when I was starting up in this business, the only thing that you had that was close to being conservative or a venue that would give traditionalists, conservatives and libertarians some airtime was CNN Crossfire with the old late Bob Novak that was it and the rest was especially on TV 100% liberal news and talking points. So yes, thank God for FOX and Murdoch for showing another side of the coin instead of an ONLY liberal POV and with all the other networks pointing left and far left, what is wrong with a network that is a bit more conservative and that allows both sides equal airtime and has pundits from all political perspectives, which other network does that? None of them....CNN a little bit, but that's it.

    I recommend the Murdoch-owned Sun if you want to be kept out of the dark on any British matters. A pity the News of the World went down the sewer - it would have been right up your alley.

    I wouldn't really know nor will I pass any judgement as I live in the States and concerned with the plight of what goes on in my country.

    American foreign policy is basically "let's interfere anywhere and everywhere we can".

    Since everyone else won't do it, but will complain that something needs to be done, just as long as they don't have to get involved in any conflicts. This is another reason why I could care less what ANY country thinks about us. We do what we think is right whether if it is to help others or for the security of our country. I'm perfectly content with that. Perfect, absolutely NOT, but without the US, **** starts to fall apart as everything is right now of our non-involvement in the world.

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    Once again, the libs are out in force with skewed rhetoric.

    1) So little Bush could finish the job big Bush didn't

    And your substantial proof to back that up is....

    2) To secure cheap oil

    Even though most of the Oil we get is Not from the Middle East

    3) To bring lots of money to the war machine

    If that's true then why is Obama cutting the military, where is the money going besides Hilary's pockets?

    The worst part is that there is actually talk in GOP circles, given the circus that the nomination to run in 2016 has become, of bush having a third term!

    But having a Clinton Second term, technically a third term (since she was secretary of State) if you want to count that, that is somehow acceptable with the baggage she has and the falling popularity?? You are joking, right?

    It is extremely unlikely to happen, as bush said himself he is out of politics (until recently), but they are actually now proclaiming bush a hero because of his wars, and at the same time trying to blame Iraq on Obama, as though bush did not create ISIS.

    Which Bush didn't do. Iraq started really going bad in 2006/07 when Bush to his credit with Gen. Petraeus launched the surge which turned everything around and was hailed a success. Iraq was stable, there was some signs of life coming back, perfect, of course not, but the fighting was drastically reduced to the point where people could walk on the street and then Obama came in 2008 took out all of our forces, did NOT leave a sizable force and didn't establish a SOFA agreement with Iraq, NEVER listened to his generals in the Pentagon, was advised 3 years ago to take action of a growing ISIS didn't do anything, didn't help the Kurds, the Christian minority and the Yazidi's, still wouldn't send ground troops even special ops to take out as many high value targets and senior leaders, did he do that, NO. Did ISIS expand and flourish on his watch, YES. So of course, Obama is 110% responsible for it. If you want to make the argument that Bush started this, fine, then put your partisan hat aside and give credit where credit is due and give Obama props for allowing ISIS to grow on his watch.

    Was hilarious the other day when a university student grilled Jeb Bush about his brother creating ISIS --

    the guy was a total deer-in-headlights and had to run away.

    That's because he thought, do I have to seriously take this child serious, what a joke he thought.

    What was more hilarious was when the girl tried to sound as if she was intellectually smart by saying (when she ignorantly shouted at him your brother created ISIS and he replied "is that a question?" and she said, "you don't need to get pedantic to me sir." Bush said, "wow pedantic" We respectively disagree, he followed up. Shut it down, made his point and went on, good on him.

    Blame Middle Easterners for the situation in the Middle East?

    Of course, since they did MOST of the killing and are still continuing to kill on a massive scale.

    That's such an American-centric view.

    More like a harsh reality viewpoint.

    The US created Saddam. Didn't you see the picture of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam?

    Yes, so what? Wasn't a secret. We did supply weapons to Saddam to ward off a very shaky and unpredictable Iran. Remember, before the war, Japan was an ally as well and look what happened.

    And the US created Iran with the overthrow nearly 70 years ago. That also makes us responsible for the war between them.

    Perhaps to a point, but now how about giving blame to the people that are killing now, put the blame where it really should stand and that is with the people that are right now as we speak killing these people all over the ME and it's definitely NOT the US.

    Good to see the FOX talking points back again from williB. Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant old lad.

    Thank god, without them, we'd really be in the dark because we would have an all and only Liberal outlet to get news and information from. Democracy...uh-huh!

    Posted in: IS militants slaughter collaborators after taking Iraqi city of Ramadi

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    Every time is see or watch USA TV programs they seemed to be full of violence guns and deaths, and most times when I watch the news, geause what, news from the USA, guns and violence, and they say they don't need to tighten up on the gun laws, WRONG!!! just the other week that cop (allegedly) shot that guy in the back whilst he was walking away, its not a good image for the USA is it?

    They don't need to do that, the gun laws are fine the way they are, IMHO, but every now and then and it's been quite awhile, these gangs get into fights, which is common, but to have this kind of a brutal fight is NOT the typical norm. I'm from California where biker life is the norm and just part of everyday life, most of the guys I met were pretty cool, at the same time, you are nuts if you try and disrespect them, Yes, there are some bikers that are jerks, but a lot of them aren't and I don't think it's fair when people try to demonize and vilify EVERY single biker. If people don't like the image, who cares. Also, you have Hells Angels in pretty much every part of the world, even South Africa.

    Posted in: 9 dead in Texas shootout among rival biker gangs

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    Seriously, who cares what the critics think. Go by your own judgement. Looks good to me, can'r wait!

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