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    Some people think the US should be FREE for any person or anything to come in whenever they like. Just get rid of all the borders in North Amerca. Heck, why are we even a country? Every country is allowed to be a country, but the US shouldn't be a country, this is why, allowing another looney liberal and more disastrous progressive policies that plunged us into this abyss! We have one careless fake and putting another one in the WH would be a detriment to the existence of the entire country.

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    "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." - Donald Trump

    Maybe he's playing to his base.

    Funny, if most of the protesters were Trump, then we can all breath a huge sigh of relief! Trump has more Mexicans supporting him than previously thought! Kudos!! Know all along the media was lying about it.

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    Conservatives have not been educated that concrete walls cannot be electrified.

    I think Democrats and progressives haven't been educated on the reality of raw man power, the gun, and the rule of law.

    I'm more worried about the wildlife - humans can pass borders with proper ID, but the Mexican wolf (as one example) would have its habitat fractured. Perhaps the wildlife can learn to transverse the tunnels that will undoubtedly be built.

    As in the case with the California smelt where thousands of farmers were denied water to feed their crops, the breadbasket of the West, farmers had to suffer in order to protect a fish. I believe in conservation, but not when it involves taking food away from someone that wants to work, pay their bills and take care of their family. This again, is the reason why liberals have everything completely backwards. Animals before people, no wonder more and more people are RUNNING to Trump, this is complete madness!

    Obama has given up after he couldn't even get something as simple as funding for gun violence research passed.

    I wish he would have given the same amount of effort to speak in Chicago about the out of control Black on Black violence that crippling the city, but then again, we all know how selective the anointed one is.

    Keep in mind he didn't even start pushing for stricter background checks and regulations until January of this year. Libs like to embellish stories, huh? Right...

    As I said, given his history, No one trusts this guy. I don't blame them

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    Jeez, you're actually for the wall... I don't think even Trump is actually for the wall. He clearly knows how to work his base though

    No, he's been for that wall for over 25 years. He was just never in power to push for it, but this coming November, you never know....

    And what did conservative voters do when they heard this? They rushed out and stocked up on guns. And conservative politicians have been playing their religious base for decades. Not to mention that being a conservative gun-totting bible-thumper is a choice, where as being a woman or Mexican isn't.

    You libs always love to embellish stories. But I don't blame them one bit, if Obama can't find a way to change the 2nd amendment, he'll go around and find another possible way like maybe making it easier to prosecute gun sellers, so given this presidents past, people wouldn't put it past him, that's why people were flocking to the gun shows like crazy.

    I don't hate her. I just think she's just a run-of-the-mill, status quo politician. I think it's time for a change, but I'd rather deal with four more years of status quo than plummet into disaster.

    I think most people would vehemently disagree with that logic.

    It bears repeating, but Trump has no real plan. He's even admitted it himself, saying he'll get "the best" people to advise him once he's in. Try imagining any other candidate running for president saying that. Can you take them seriously.

    Given Hillary's history in politics, I really don't want any part of that woman near the WH.....again.

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    A myth started by guess who? Trump. He provides no evidence for it, and his supporters don't ask for any...

    It matters not when you think about it. What matters is, they did riot.

    This isn't about Republicans vs. Democrats. It's about Trump and Mexicans.

    Yeah, but many of the Mexicans that were there were burning the American flag and carrying the Mexican flag? I need clarification, these people are NOT Americans? And what does Trump have to do with burning the flag? Are we not all Americans?

    I don't condone violence, but when you accuse an entire group of people of being criminals and rapists, you're going to make some people mad.

    Some people???? What they did was disgraceful and an embarrassment.

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    They have nothing better to do. This is what kids do these days with a $80,000 University alumni education. Ahhhh, the party of peace and tolerance and diversity (supposedly)

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    Sanders is not for ridiculous walls

    Which is why he will NEVER be president.

    and bans on Muslim immigration and he doesn't make blanket statements about women and other races.

    When Obama said, conservatives love clinging to their guns and religion, that quote wasn't a blanket statement?

    Trump has no real stances on issues because they change whenever it's convenient, including his stance on the Iraq War btw. (Hint: He was for it because the first gulf war wasn't "done correctly.")

    Then you must really hate Hillary. You can't get more of a flip flopper than her.

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    And this is why poor honest Doanld is facing a forty million dollar fraud charge at the New York Court this Srping. Because the liar bigot is so kind and honest.

    Listen, if Hillary can possibly slip the noose and get off for a lot worse, then I don't think Trump has anything to worry about. $40 million lawsuit, that's Chump change for Trump. How much do you think he spent on his campaign so far.

    Trump isn't anti-establishment, he's simply pro-Trump. He's an opportunist who's shown countless times that he'll do anything to boost the Trump name and his ego. You have a serious blindspot if you think that doesn't include playing establishment politics once he realizes it'll benefit him.

    So what you want to say is Trump and Hillary are pretty much of the same coin?

    If you're really anti-establishment, Sanders is the only choice. There's also the Green party but unfortunately they're not a viable option yet. You just have to look at their records to see what these candidates really stand for. Sanders has dedicated his entire life to the ideals he preaches. Take a good honest (emphasis on honest) look at Trump's record and see the difference.

    Sanders ideas would NEVER work in America, but it would completely bankrupt the economy. This is the last thing America needs is a committed socialist.

    I don't think Trump supporters really care about this. Surely they've heard of Trump Steaks, his "products" manufactured in Mexico and China, his liberal use of immigration laws to replace American workers, etc. That hasn't changed anything, I doubt a quote about the housing market will. They just want the wall and they'll vote for whomever promises it to them.

    Here we go again! Clinton supporters are No different. Do they care about Benghazi, her shady donors to her foundation, her questionable run as secretary, so basically, it's the exact same thing. No matter what dirt they find on Hillary, it won't dissuade her voter base, so why would think the opposite from Trump supporters?

    Of course. It's only natural that your party, which is 89% white, would be far less racist then the other party, which has most of the minorities and a majority of the women. Just common sense, really.

    And the party of tolerance and so called racial harmony are smashing, looting and using violence, beating up people and most of them are minorities? But they get a pass, right? White racism is vile and evil, minority racism is understandable and acceptable, isn't it?

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    Many people will vote, but not for the looney lame reasons liberals hope that stupid Americans will be falling for delusional rants from the left about the wall. Another reason for Trump's popularity because he takes the wall issue seriously as Obama took the Iraq war seriously and good on him!

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    "The Art of the Weasel

    That would be the Clinton's.

    If you had cash you could take advantage of some banks unloading the bubble real estate. Hard to get a loan and for those that could get the loan down payment was 20% minimum.

    To Trump's credit, he took advantage of a bad situation to turn a profit. I don't see any problem with this, whether you like Trump or not, he's not apologetic for being rich and making money, he tells it like it is, Romney was trying to hide his wealth and was ashamed to admit it, the Clinton's will never go into detail about their finances and how they exactly accumulated their wealth. Romney and Clinton are too sneaky and scandalous out of fear of alienating people. Trump is just his honest self and that's why the people trust him and this ploy won't succeed as well.

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    The beauty of this type of thinking is Clinton caused George W. Bush to destroy the US Economy. Delicious in it's pasting the blame thing it does

    He did and Obama furthered that cataclysmic destruction. No wonder we're in a world of dog poo poo!

    The poor are in the way, just like the Disabled American Veterans in front of Trump Towers swept away by Trump, so blame the poor and stir the racism of his base. How utterly transparent this bigot is.

    What a load of crap. Without a doubt, the Democratic Party has morphed into the liberal party for the affluent, the so called educated and the dirt poor and the GOP have become the party for the worker, the middle class, fiscally and socially conservative. If anyone is racist without a doubt, it's the Democrats. They are the ONLY people that would make gender an issue, ageism, racism categorizing people in different blocks. Trump has more endorsement from the veterans and the NRA than any Democrat could hope to give. When the Dems and Hillary support a racist group like the Black Lives Matters group, it should tell you who these people really are. Leftist hypocrites.

    By the way Kc, how much time have you spent or what have you done for our veterans?

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    That depends, if the fence is electrified Won't work Genius. A 2000-mile electrified fence? That's what fiberglass ladders are for.

    And with the National guard in place in addition to the Border patrol agents, they'll be waiting with cuffs, razor guns and bullets.

    the border guards use lethal force OK so you want the border guards shoot to kill just for jumping the border. Desperate poor single Central American mother with her child and the child gets greased by a sniper bullet.

    If you break the law, Yes. I would expect them to do the same, if entered their country illegally as well.

    California (which could be its own country and home to the world's smartest industries and companies)? Nice cherry picking.

    What on Earth are you talking about? California used to have the 7th largest economy in the world until the Democrats destroyed it, I remember how the states was a bustling and shiny star and now the only place with ANY decency in that once great state is Orange County, the last refuge of orderly, cleanliness and not over saturated with BS PC!

    But if California does it means a whole lot of indispensable aerospace industry as well as such companies as Google and Apple down with it.

    Oh, please! What has the Aerospace industry done sine Obama's budget cuts? Ask anyone in Northern California how they feel about the tech geeks, you can't even buy a bachelor for under $2000 it's insane! They ruined the State to the point if you don't make over 200K a year it's not worth living there and at the same if you go down to SF you can't breath because the stench will drive you to insanity because it's a sanctuary city and all the homeless and illegals congregate there you can't even shop or take your family out without worrying that something could happen to them.

    It would ruin American if California floated away.

    As a Californian with the debt that my state has and with the progressives Liberals that poisoned it, floating away would be too good for it. It should float away from the rest of the US and should deal with its own whacked insanity issues.

    Texas has a conservative leadership now, but they are king on wind energy (they don't want to admit they are actually fighting global warning).

    The wonderful thing about Texas is, I never liked Austin,

    Heh. The Dems have lost the House and Senate . . . . hopefully they will lose the White House if the bickering between Clinton / Sanders continues. Popcorn anyone?

    The GOP won't in most likelihood lose the House, on the other hand the Senate might be tougher to Hold. But if it's any indicator, Dems usually never learn, they always tend to overreach and think they know everything and then they always need someone with more experience to bail them out of their mess.

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    that's because both Obama and Bush NEVER intended to build a wall OK, I get it. You are for displacing American Indians (again). Old white conservatives are cruel.

    That baseless guilt argument will definitely not help liberals in this election.

    We have a president that ran the country into the ground. And this November when he leaves on Air Force One for the last time, finally, the champagne bottles can pop!!

    "It will" meaning! Trump is serious about this, with a wall Yes, and so are Mexican hardware stores about the ladder (it's good for ladder and shovel sales). Take your pick- climb or dig.

    ...or boats. Via the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico. Where there is a will, there is a way.

    Exactly, goes for the US determination to keep them out as well.

    That depends, if the fence is electrified, the border guards use lethal force if they don't comply and if you put enough agents out there and the National guard, the treat of illegals will be greatly diminished, greatly.

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    They tried building a smaller version of the wall under GWB (Obama and and Clinton as senators signed on) and it could not be done. The wall cannot be built.

    That's because both Obama and Bush NEVER intended to build a wall. They were both open border people, Trump is not, that's the reason why he makes people nervous because for over 25 years that I can remember, this always a thorn in his side.

    And even if they do (which it won't)

    "It will" meaning! Trump is serious about this, with a wall, you have NO country. GO to Mexico and enter in illegally and watch what happens, they are extremely strict when it comes to immigration, but here is the thing, once a wall is built OR if not, if they triple the amount of border patrol agents along the border states which would help exceptionally.

    it just means more business for ladders and shovels. Some conservatives like to claim that millions of Mexicans are just flowing into the USA regularly and stealing the jobs of the important white people. They can think that and even if it were true (it's not) the wall would not change anything (...again even IF it could be built, which it cannot be)

    If you liberals want to think that, go ahead. You guys also said, the GOP wouldn't take back the House and the Senate, Trump will never make it past March of 2016. Keep hoping, it's the only thing that the Dems have left.

    Running a country and (Trump's) running a business (into the ground) are two different things.

    We have a president that ran the country into the ground. Trump is by all means not a perfect candidate, but at least he cares about the country, that's one of the main reasons for his allure and growing fan base.

    Trump does not understand how government runs and his (in)effective experience of running a company is not compatible with what is required to running big government

    Most of Washington doesn't understand how it's supposed to run, let alone how the people think and that's both parties.

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    Yes. They should all leave. WWII ended 70 years ago. They take up much needed space and hold down the economy. Move to Guam as was promised and as has been paid for by the Japanese taxpayer.

    No, don't think so. As long as you have China and North Korea hovering like Vultures over Japan, we shouldn't leave, but I do think there needs to be a better system in dealing with out of control military officials, a curfew maybe, better cultural education and sensitivity classes, language learning, anger management, limiting alcohol consumption etc. I think these are necessary and critical first steps in dealing with a very complicated issue.

    Personally, I think America should have kept Okinawa. It is strategically very important.

    I agree.

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    Smith my friend, the American forces will be better used to defend the PI. Japan has the 3rd largest Navy in the world! The PI has no Army, Air Force or Navy to speak about for defense.

    I see. So how many ground troops does Japan have compared to China's and North Korea's million man army ground force?

    As for my family the Americans killed them without mercy.

    I'm very sorry to hear that, really, but that's war and bad as it is, both sides suffered tragically, but you think if US forces left Japan, this country is totally prepared to take on countries like China, NK or even Russia for that matter by itself? Think about that for a minute....

    The PI is not inferior, they have no money for a large military. The US should help them.

    Japan has a larger target painted on its back and nothing would make the Chinese and North Koreans more ecstatic than to see American military leave Okinawa or Japan altogether.

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    The panel will be led by Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., who endorsed Clinton, and include Sanders’ allies such as Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., civil rights leader Dr. Cornel West and environmental activist Bill McKibben.

    Couldn't have picked a more partisan group.

    By contrast, the Trump camp claimed they could punch more guys in the face and have a riot to prove how stupid being politically correct is.

    And yet, compared to the Anti-Trump protesters, there are very few videos or reports to support these allegations.

    One party of diverse ideas discussing a public platform.

    That would be a first in 8 years.

    Then there's Trump, selling the Presidency for guns and threats

    And then you have the woman in the pantsuits selling lies and cover ups.

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    Sometimes its better to take a swing. Rather than to just keep retreating and retreating and retreating and . . .

    And apologizing and going overboard with political correctness.

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    What on Earth would China want with Okinawa?

    Closer proximity to the mainland

    Posted in: Okinawa governor requests meeting with Obama

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    . . . no matter how many innocent people get killed.

    I still drive a car, although millions of people are killed every year, I still swim even though thousands of people drown every year, I still eat peanut butter, even though thousands of people die from some form of nut allergy. So to answer your question, Yes.

    The Second Amendment is very clear.

    America is a slaughter house and no one can stop the billions the gun industry makes from their weapons of mass destruction. FREEDOM!

    Slaughter House? I think progressive liberalism is far more dangerous, especially when it involves our FREEDOMS.

    Trump, of course, Trump's efforts to make guns available at the 7-11 will be well rewarded, such a nice man, bringing his NRA death storm to American Losers, as Trump likes to call them, Trump's Losers and their Weapons of Mass Destruction. Just like the Forefathers imagined.

    Nice try, but the violin heart-tugging music isn't going to dissuade anyone that believes in the sanctity of the 2nd amendment.

    Posted in: Gun rights group NRA endorses Trump for president


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