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    Well, that would be because Bush jr. was the worst president ever, who invaded a sovereign nation based on lies, and paid for it on the country credit card, while pushing policies that collapsed the economy,

    Ok, so then how do you explain Obama's lies, when it comes to ISIS being on the run (that was the worst lie)and being responsible for the practical birth of it, being warned and NOT doing anything. Afghanistan is looking good and their army is ready to handle the Taliban. Whatever happened with Syria's red line, Benghazi, we still don't know what happened. Wanting to loosen sanctions on Iran, God knows why? Doesn't want to interrogate terrorists and gather pertinent intel, but rather drone and kill the Islamists, but that somehow makes it better? And if you want to talk about credit $18 Trillion revolving maybe?

    and Obama, one of the best presidents ever,

    In your opinion.

    has fixed the economy, brought the country to prosperity,

    You can declare prosperity when the wasteful spending stops. High paying jobs are available when 53% of college grads can get a good job, when the corporate tax is cut as well the capital gains tax get the Black unemployment rate down from over 10% then you can declare prosperity

    achieved every goal laid out by republicans in their last campaign (with two years to go) and given the people health insurance (that even the 'pubs are admitting is working).

    Yes and wait until their 2015 adjusted employee benefits come out and they see their premiums skyrocket the last thing they'll do is smile, in fact, they will lose their minds

    I'm surprised you'd even ask for that comparison.

    Because what you are saying is a one-sided liberal dream based on HALF truths.

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    The deaths of 4 US diplomats far outweigh those of 130,000 civilians.

    That's the problem with the left, DEATHS only matter if the Dems can use it as a ploy to suit their political advantages.

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    Don't you mean if they don't tow the right wing line?

    No, I meant, LEFT WING line.

    Funny that is exactly what I think of the right wing as well.

    Well, we are opposites, got that out of the way, now we can move on. No need to bicker. I know where you stand and you know where I stand, leave it at that.

    Even funnier because it just happens to be how the right wing acts. Remember that famous line by republicans? "If you are not for us you are against us?"

    The interesting thing is, at least the Republicans don't dither and flop when it comes to spitting out the words radical Islamists, if Hollande and Cameron can say it, define what it is, what makes this president different? Is he afraid the alienate the Muslim community, is he afraid they won't like us? They will not call it for what it is and when asked the WH secretary always gives the worst excuses, so bad, it's just painful to watch. Or is he afraid to commit to something, so he would rather stick his head in the sand and pretend that all of this killing is not taking place, but he has time to interview 3 dimwitted nuts from Youtube? Jeez, this guy is just an embarrassment all over!

    The fact thing that I would call the right wing though process.

    If that were true, there wouldn't a lot of infighting going on in the party between the Tea party, moderates, established and the rhinos.

    Ah, that guy that came before him who opened Pandora's Box is not the worst? Just goes to show how much the right wing will take responsibility for........ nothing at all and blame the guy from the other party!

    As I recall, the Dems are the party that keeps blaming Bush for everything and when did his majesty Obama ever take responsibility or accountability for anything? Seriously!

    Funny. The doomsday prophecies of your right wing did not come true. Actually doing a lot better than under Bush any time ever.

    If that were only true. On the surface, Yes. But once you peel that onion back, you find a litany of lies, misleading facts about what really is going on in the country.

    WOW. I mean seriously. WOW. Seems like you have been bullying everyone else on this thread into either accepting your side of things or getting people to shut up.

    Actually, No, I did not. Please don't mislead and make up stuff. I merely said, I liked the movie and I think that Kyle was a hero as I do all the men and women that served and some here attacked me for having that point of view. I am allowed to think what I what. If you think otherwise about Kyle, the movie etc. It's cool with me and NO sweat off my back. But if everyone here can say their opinion and dislike mine, I can say the opposite as well.

    Yeah, I would say that you have done a great deal of bullying here. I just made a fe simple comments and you went on a diatribe about how wrong I was.

    And you didn't go on a diatribe attacking me?

    Typical, typical. Just like the right.

    Only 653 more days until the madness of Obama comes to a close.

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    You are the exact reason why I don't debate right-wing fanatics anymore.

    Because they don't the progressive liberal line?

    You don't listen at all or try to understand another thought process at all. No, no, no.

    I feel the exact same way about a lot, a lot of liberals.

    You are only thinking about how to attack instead of how to understand if you could be wrong.

    Nothing wrong. It's a movie, it was a great movie IMHO. I'm just defending my right as an American, I liked it, you will not change that and if you didn't like it for whatever political reason, it's fine by me, you have that right. But for some reasons when people don't stand shoulder to shoulder with Libs and tow the line, you are seen as the Devil. You think what you want, I'll do the same.

    You just sling mud and do what every right wingers does;

    You mean NOT having a monolithic thought process? I guess, good on me then.

    **What about Obama? What about Obama? **

    He's the worst.

    You are not here to debate. You are to here dictate and no matter what anyone ever shows you, you will never change your mind at all because you are too busy trying to be right. Now, that is my last word on the matter.

    Actually, NO. I'm not trying to be anything, but I won't be bullied into thinking that what I think and believe is wrong, that's my biggest objection. You can believe what you and so can I. And that's my last word on the issue.

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    And what if Abe paid the $200 million? What then? Then Japanese citizens would be kidnapped right and left, to be ransomed for as much money as their captors could get. Paying the ransom would have made Japanese travelers less safe. Abe knows this quite clearly, paying the ransom is probably the only option which could not be considered, it would be fantastically foolish.

    I agree, but I think now sadly they will do the same to the other just out of pure spite and anger. I hope not, but these guys are all about shock and horror. Just sick!

    These two men went to Syria of their own free will. They read the travel advisories issued by their own government which recommended that travelers not go. The reporter, Gotoh, stated quite clearly on video that he would take personal responsibility for his own actions if anything were to happen to him. The other was a mentally-unstable buffoon, whom Abe and Japan have more or less ignored, even after knowing he had been abducted some months ago. If you're gonna be dumb, then you gotta be tough.


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    Sad if true.

    A good way to alienate more of the worlds population. ISIS days are numbered....

    That would be sad news, I agree, if that were true. But the only way to fight radical Islam is if the world can call it out for what it is and go after these guys with full force and absolute will to take the gloves off and kill as many of these guys as possible and starve them financially as well as well. If the world doesn't understand by now they don't play by the rules and will kill you without a thought, then they are living on another planet.

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    It is often difficult to tell what is foolish. Many have detailed the foolhardiness and fecklessness of Cheney's War President. Others have pointedly referenced Mr. Eastwood's recent film on matters of context, e.g. the rationale behind the Iraq occupation. Still others march lock step with the comforts of country first and my country right or wrong. There is no attempt to determine "foolishness" in Mr. Eastwood's film, that isn't Mr. Eastwood's purpose in 'Sniper'.

    So now we are trying to psychoanalyze what's in Eastwood's head? Give it up, dude. You're taking it all too seriously.

    Lionizing a sniper who went to BushWars as a matter of choice, not a draft, has its place. Telling the story of America in Iraq has its place.

    He did what he was supposed to do, got the bad guys and protected his men. Good on him for doing a brave and noble act.

    Mr. Eastwood isn't interested in that story and that isn't foolish, that is his absolute right and he seems to live with it very comfortably. Good for Mr. Eastwood.

    So you think you know more about war and what Eastwood went through or the connections and people he's spoken with or interviewed?

    Those who fail to understand their history are condemned to repeat it. Mr. Eastwood isn't interested in that either and that is also his absolute right.

    I hope you scrutinize Obama and hold him to the same accountability. How dare he drone strikes these terrorists, not even arresting them, just shooting them from the skies. Where is your outrage?

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    A handful of hostages are murdered and it's all over the media. The US slaughters hundreds of thousands and there is hardly a mention. Death is the same, however it's delivered.

    Truth be told, I honestly don't even know what to say on that comment, but WOW! Bertie, sometimes you just amaze me truly. SMH

    Who knows what is going on?

    There are crazies everywhere. Whether the crazies known as ISIS are backed by covert US/Israeli operations we don't know,

    Wrong. Try kidnapping, extortion, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, those would be more accurate and good areas to start looking.

    but I do wonder why the ISIS is getting all this publicity.

    You should try looking up the jihadist sites on the internet, there are hundreds of them and all are trying to outdo each other. That's where it's all coming from.


    The rightists tend to have very short memories.

    But the leftist even shorter actually.

    The Iraq invasion will go down in history as the most catastrophic and ugly episode in US foreign policy history up to this point.

    More like, the left are the ones that will keep it alive and their Bush syndrome, but that's ok, but somehow when Benghazi comes up, 4 people that lost their lives is totally irrelevant, when Obama releases a known deserter like Bergdahl is exchanged for some of the most violent extreme radical terrorists, pulling all of our troops out of Afghanistan, knowing full well that the Taliban will come back virtually immediately, doesn't care about Islamic terrorism, won't define it, didn't care about the growing threat of ISIS, all that too shall go down in the history books as well. Unless the left just want to play partisan politics as usual and think above of any faults and scrutiny.

    Obama inherited a foreign policy car crash from the disgraced administration which went before him ( along with an economic car crash thrown in for good measure ). The turd Bush dropped in this part of the world is still attracting flies.

    Yeah, but once the Sainted anointed one leaves us, who will clean up the scorched mess they will inherit once he leaves behind which will take far longer to clean up?!

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    So, we are agreed. Historical perspective is important. That took a while but we got there in the end.

    No, we didn't agree, I never said that, please don't put words in my mouth and be disingenuous. I am just saying for people like me, Obama has been good, very good, but for lower and middle America, quite the opposite.

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    Lol, you use Fox as your news source?

    Yup! Either that or listen to 95% of liberal one-sided echo chamber. Been there, done that. NO, thank you!

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    Fair enough. ROFL

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    Funny how living in LA makes everyone a bloody expert on everything.

    The left in Hollywood sure do think that, that's for darn sure!

    Funny how everyone is allowed to say what is good or bad, in free societies. Funny how no one is lecturing Hollywood or telling them what to do or not do, (except the Republican Party).

    But it's ok for liberals to criticize Conservative directors. Double standards, of course NOT.

    Comparing BushWars, Written and Directed by Dick Cheney, as it wove the biggest fantasy in American history from more lies and sham patriotism to "Triumph of the Will" is half the fun in an obvious critique of 'Sniper'. Far from bizarre, it's a useful bit of satire.

    You keep repeating that, so where is your outrage about Obama and his war in Afghanistan, who had more people killed in the first 3 years of Bush's 8 years? Surely, you must despise him as well, right?

    Eastwood makes plenty of simplified moral plays. American audiences love that. 'Might makes right', 'the good guy wins', 'gets the girl', 'mistakes were made', 'sorry, but we go on'. That's not a knock. Movies are a great escape.

    "Movies are a great escape." You said it, so you should take it with a grain of salt, watch it or don't and enjoy your life.

    Eastwood isn't doing evil. He's got a red hot hit and no one's looking for subtlety or nuance, they just want to feel better about the real life disaster of BushWars. Films can help with that and make pretty good bank. Who's harmed?

    I think there is so much stuff happening in America with Obama, foreign policy in ruins, the middle class, Obama and the upcoming new premiums, their personal safety, radical Islam and with hearing all of the problems and how the president is being difficult on virtually every level, it's good to be able to get out and escape the world for a few hours and one way of doing that is to watch a movie and we have dozens of choices to choose from and this movie happened to hit home with a lot of people, it has nothing to do with feeling better about Bush. Leave your Bushsyndrome and put it aside, please.

    No film is going to undo the Iraq disaster, that also isn't Hollywood's job.

    They are not trying to do that. They don't need to, history will do that.

    So, they're pretty much sticking to the script and making a hero fantasy tale from the scrap heap of tragedies in Iraq. That gets jackasses in the seats. Kudos.

    Hey, Hollywood and our president is the expert on that for sure.

    Do you mean ignorant? Or does Obama sport a fake mustache, toupee, and trench coat when dealing with Middle East issues?

    No, I mean the man is incognito when it comes to dealing with radical Islam.

    Slate has always been a paperless thing. For 18 years.

    Good for them

    I agree with you there

    Who's says we can't agree on anything?

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    Propaganda films like these only fan the flames of division and promote an US vs Them thought process.

    Oh, please, I'm from LA, it will only divide the Hollywood looney left, the libs just don't like it because the movie is doing so well at a time when the ME is completely falling apart. King Abdullah is dead a major ally (who actually couldn't stand Obama which was reported by none other than my former employer NBC and reporter Richard Engel (No surprise there) and the Yemeni president is under House arrest and wait until our troops leave Afghanistan, it'll get only worse and this president not only doesn't care and is incognito when it comes to the issue, but Obama does take his priorities very serious. When you snub the PM of Israel and take high priority to interview a woman that loves to bathe in a tub of milk and Fruit Loops, you have some very serious disturbing mental philosophical issues.

    Only Hollywood, right-wing fanatics and military suppliers profit.

    So now, if I support a Moore movie, I'm a patriot, but if I support Eastwood, I'm a fanatic? ROFL Please, try again.

    As an American, I am ashamed that we are still doing this.

    As an American, Im proud, and I hope, dearly hope the trend continues.

    And I think a lot of Americans are as well, that is why there is a huge debate over it in the States. SMH at you Clint Eastwood. Go back and talk to the chair.

    The exact opposite can be said as well, because if you were right, the movie wouldn't have even remotely made it out of the stall and apparently there are more people that supported it than I previously thought, good for them. Keep it up and Americans shouldn't be ashamed of supporting the movie, their troops or their hearts when it comes to their personal beliefs.

    Slate doesn't sell papers. It's an online magazine.

    Hey, I'm older and I'm still not used to this paperless thing, it happens. But I appreciate the reminder.

    Hair (1979) -- I'm sure you'll love it.

    No, I preferred Apocalypse Now (1979)

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    I saw that as well on Fox that the video seems to have been edited, but if these guys were beheaded there is one Islamic site where they show the actual beheading and there is no editing with this one. I won't name the site, but from watching the previous beheadings this site is a very clear confirmation of it without a doubt

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    Very strange. There were various reports that came out on Fox was that the video was or seems to have been edited, if that is the case, what does that mean and why would these guys do it?

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    Popular entertainment requires box office. Mr. Eastwood isn't the World Court. He's an expert in what makes box office.

    At the end of the day, it's still a movie,

    Is anyone actually surprised a positive spin on a complete disaster with war profiteers driving the narrative and a President who couldn't bother to show up for work, not the first time, is somehow not going to need a red carpet reboot?

    No one is surprised and people don't have to watch it, the few people on JT that didn't like it are in the minority and that's fine, Who are you to say, what is good or not? If someone likes it, fine, if not, that is ok as well.

    That red carpet is rolling across the deserts of the Middle East and Africa and straight into the green zone of Hollywood bank accounts because no one wants to be bothered with parsing who knew what and when. That's not Hollywood's job.

    Who are you to say what Hollywood can do or what it can't?

    Hollywood's job is to make a decent buck off fantasy and no one is going to tell Americans what fantasy helps them feel better, except a canny marketing department and Mr. Eastwood's deft touch.

    Apparently, you don't seem to understand that making movies is an art form and how they achieve that through recreation and reenactment and to try to capture something historical or to simulate a certain time period or social situation is truly a difficult and not an easy thing to accomplish and as with any art, it is completely subjective. There are people that like Moore's movies, I find them trashy, some like horror, some love, love stories, some like documentaries and fiction or non fiction, we are all different. And one way you can tell what the masses like is through ticket sales and demand. This movie is breaking the record, so what? You have the power of the purse and if you don't want to support the movie, don't go and see it. But don't condemn others that want to see it. We all have different tastes and that should be respected,

    Is 'Sniper' "All the President's Men"? No. It's what Hollywood does, an especially Mr. Eastwood. It panders to half truths wrapped in slogans the audience isn't challenged by and can easily accept and cheer for.

    You weren't there when Eastwood made the movie and you didn't see who was on the set, who helped advise him what was true or not what was said or supposedly how a conversation was, the audience doesn't need to be challenged on anything, it's entertainment, a movie based on the life of Kyle and that's all it was. Remember: it is not a town hall meeting where they take Q and A.

    That's why there was such a big audience for the BushWars, Written and Directed by Dick Cheney. Where's Mr. Cheney's Oscar? Bush/Cheney wove the biggest fantasy in American history from more lies and sham patriotism than "Triumph of the Will".

    Ok, now you are going into bizarre territory.

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    Paying them is about the single worst thing that can be done. It gives them money with which to fight, thereby causing the deaths of many, in order to save the lives of two. And on top of that, it tells ISIS that kidnapping is a good way to get money, ensuring that they will kidnap more in the future for financial profit.

    It's sad for these two guys, but they made their choice, and unfortunately they will pay for their bad choices with their lives. I feel for their friends and their family, but let's not pay for their lives with the lives of others.

    This is a defining moment, I almost never agree with you on anything, but on this, you are 100% correct on every point. That's just about all they are going to do with the cash. $200 buys you a lot and they definitely won't use it to build a proper and much needed infrastructure for that country. And if they are released, you know full well that money was exchanged, there is no way they would release them otherwise and that will encourage them to kidnap more Japanese and demand even higher ransom money. I really feel for these guys and their families but they made the conscience decision to go there and they knew the risk.

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    They don't need the movie to motivate them to hate. As recent events have shown. ISIS and the radicals could care less where you are from. You're still an infidel. Equal opportunity terrorists.

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    Thanks for your balanced analysis of the State of the Union speech.

    Please, don't thank me, I was more than happy to give my input on the anointed ones painful and empty hallowed out speech.

    It demonstrates levels of critical thinking, objectivity and selflessness only a Pulitzer-deserving journalist would be capable of.

    You flatter me, but one day I hope.

    We are so privileged to share these same golden threads with you.

    As you should and like wise, JT wouldn't be the same without you guys. Kudos.

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    The Bush Administration, as you noted, kept up such a constant drumbeat -- including big-time help from media outlets like Fox News, that a majority of Americans did mistakenly believe that Iraq was somehow tied to 9/11 and/or at least had WMD. I mean even Hilary Clinton voted for the war. How do you expect Chris Kyle, I rodeo cowboy from Texas, to decide that he was fighting an "immoral cause"? Come on.

    As if Fox News influenced Bush to do anything. They did no more influencing him than Sharpton and msnbc influencing Obama as someone who worked for NBC I can tell you, the media at least when I was at the network didn't tow the line for any president, there are always reporters that admire or might favor a president for whatever reason, but unless they are on an opinionated talk show, their job is to just report the news and nothing else. We can go back and forth on the issue of 9/11 Bush, whatever. I was for the war, you weren't and leave it at that. You will always have people that were for and some that were against it. To me any person that served their country gets my greatest respect and gratitude. But I think to mock Kyle like that is very distasteful and low to say that about a fellow soldier. I personally have absolutely no problem with what he did.

    Wasn't the whole reason for the invasion to rid the country of WMDs? (Which didn't exist) We all know it was Dubya finishing off what his paw didn't in 1991.

    We don't know that for sure, if there is a smoking gun that he said or was thinking that exactly is pure speculation, but what is not is that at least Saddam is gone, that is the main thing. No one misses the butcher of Baghdad. Good on him for that.

    Absurd reasoning.

    How so? That's how I feel. I'm entitled to feel the way I want.

    The same old trick always used to silence dissent. Yet known war expert Sarah Palin gets youre praise?

    Hey, Equally you have Joe Biden that supposedly knows virtually everything. The left praise him

    I know, it would be great though if only people who revere war-making were allowed to discuss it, none of us hippy critics. And the topic of his piece was a war movie.

    So when have you ever seen a soldier in a Hippy movie?

    He also touches on the horribly corrupt politics that led to that deeply misguided war and then about how Hollywood turns war stories into entertainments devoid of politics.

    That's why I love my country so much, we have the freedom of choice and to watch what we want and if I want to watch a Woody Allen movie I can do that as well.

    “That doesn't mean Vietnam Veterans didn't suffer: they did, often terribly. But making entertainment out of their dilemmas helped Americans turn their eyes from their political choices. The movies used the struggles of soldiers as a kind of human shield protecting us from thinking too much about what we'd done in places like Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos.”

    If you don't like war movies, you have the absolute right to watch something else, obviously you and many others that think like you are wrong, the movie already picked up a several Academy Award Nominations and broke the box office record. It did $90.2 million in ticket sales which is NOT shabby at all, in fact, it's better than good.

    Ever read Tim O’Brien, the Vietnam vet who has translated his experiences into some of the best books written on the subject? He wrote this about what war stories should be and it’s exactly the opposite of what Eastwood (and nearly all of H-wood) has done:

    No, but I will check it out, I love a good read and enjoy hearing different perspectives on issues like these.

    “A true war story is never moral. It does not instruct, nor encourage virtue, nor suggest models of proper human behavior, nor restrain men from doing the things they have always done.

    That depends on what the underlying message is and if you think the movie glorifies war, then you are wrong, the movie is more about Kyle, the aftermath and the trails and tribulation that come with war.

    If a story seems moral, do not believe it. If at the end of a war story you feel uplifted, or if you feel that some small bit of rectitude has been salvaged from the larger waste, then you have been made the victim of a very old and terrible lie. There is no rectitude whatsoever. There is no virtue. As a first rule of thumb, therefore, you can tell a true war story by its absolute and uncompromising allegiance to obscenity and evil.”

    Thanks for your opinion. I though thought it was a great movie, great man.

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