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    I just go to Mickey-D's for their fries. In Japan, the quality of Mickey-D's has gotten worse. There are better places to eat. Burger King being one of the better fast food establishments (still waiting for them to come to Kyushu!!) and Wendy's have a better selection, real beef and overall better quality. Other than that, if Mickey-D's closed tomorrow, it just might be a blessing after the entire scandal.

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    It can be said, but it would be completely wrong, or complete nonsense.

    Because, you want to accept it as so? You can and you are entitled to your opinion.

    A white person who is concerned about systematic violations of civil rights of minorities by state and local law enforcement, and who voices those concerns would not be a white supremacist OR black supremacist. A black person who thinks it's OK to turn a blind eye to civil rights violations against minorities would be a rather strange duck.

    No, because we are all Americans and even though there is injustice in the world, you equally a lot of discrimination towards Whites and more so these days. Affirmative action was one flawed law in our system that in the beginning was necessary but now that rule divided the country more than anything else and the entire hiring practice. Holder will be remembered for exactly that, a selective racial divider and a partisan opportunist.

    Talked down to them? LOL. It sounds like you expect Eric Holder to patrol every polling place. (Are you serious?) Where was local law enforcement?

    Good Question? Funny, none of those bat-wielding guys were ever prosecuted, the case was completely dropped. Had it been the Klan and the voters were Black, Holder would have been there in a heartbeat! You know it and everyone else does.

    I think our Justice Department has far better things to do than to try to appease or assuage the concerns of white supremacists with regards to a couple of unarmed black men who scared white people by -- oh Lordy -- "talking down to them."

    And once again, Holder's version of justice is limited to Black people only (and pardoning criminals) But it's Ok to appease the Black Supremacists and the Black racists to further a one-sided unfair and unequal agenda? Holder knows, if he stays and if the Republicans retake the Senate, they will grill and filet Holder in the absolute worse (and rightly so) way until he sings like a bird and even HE knows he can't stonewall them forever. All I can say is, this day is long overdue and now that he is gone, that leaves Obama with 843 more days to go.

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    Lol! Boehner and his derelict bunch of zero work ethic Congressional Republican buddies are actually going to do something?

    Hmmm...who was the last president and commander in chief these past 4 years?

    When was the last time this bunch actually did something for America - besides say 'No!!' - 2008?

    When was the last time this president did ANYTHING besides getting something from the Norwegians and OBL?

    Someone help me here!

    843 days until the madness ends. Hope that helps.


    Right wingers are such woosies.

    Hey! It took 4 years for your president to even realize that ISIS is a potential threat and still they are coming to grips at how lethal, radical and smart they are. Now I am still waiting as to when the Obama admin. will actually do something to combat ISIS instead of telling them what they WON'T do!

    Remember that guy who could never admit anything wrong? Bush? Cheyney? Rumsfeld?

    Really, compare that to 6 years of Obama that has NEVER admitted to anything, let alone wrongdoing EVER. This the most narcissistic, self-centered, ego loving president EVER in U.S. History. No one comes even remotely close.


    Obama is a case of serial misguided leadership with narcissist mentality that deceived many bots as" change to nowhere". Blaming Bush game is getting too old and too cliche.

    Answer: because that is the only thing the looney left have, either that or grabbing at straws.

    His judgement in relying on face saving on the air coalition and Iraqi military with Kurd and Syrian free army that he once called "a fantasy group", is like a kid plays with war toy game. Well, many are dying, and he is still indecisive of the whole situation: manageable, short or long engagement, war or no war.

    Answer: Legacy and Polls are THE MOST important thing to the do nothing anointed one...and oh, there's Golf.

    The semantic game also should be over since the world will be in a long haul against these Muslim fanatic extremists. Shame!

    Answer: Bomb them as much as possible, scatter them like ants, Repeat process for another 843 days and let another sucker deal with the man-caused disaster.

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    I can't tell if that was supposed to be a response to my comment or not. Nothing you said seems to actually have anything to do with my post.

    No, it has everything to do with the topic and question, there is nothing to respond to really. We get your point, however, it's completely overshadowed when you completely try to dismiss the main point and that is, regardless of what the moderates do, they can speak out all they want, but they haven't done it in years and never to the point where they are aggressive in protecting their religion from the Jihadists that are giving Islam a bad name, now a few come out and want to speak out, it's too late when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of people across the planet. The impression of Islam is negative and that won't change anytime soon. If the moderates what to retake their hijacked religion, then they need to be equally as aggressive in denouncing this version of 5th century barbarism.

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    No, you need to take the emotion out of the argument, I know there is good and bad in every religion, but the religion of ISLAM has a very bad reputation, that's a fact, take everything else out of the argument. Regardless of what the moderates do, it's a little too late to give Islam a good impression.

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    It is not a complaint about racial inequality or, more specifically, unequal treatment under law that makes one a white supremacist. But a white person who asserts that African-Americans who make such observations and complaints are "Black Supremacists" is where they reveal themselves.

    And the same can be said, the opposite as well.

    You don't appear to have a working understanding of the purpose and function of the U.S. Department of Justice. They only involve themselves when the evidence shows that state or local law enforcement are not applying the laws fairly and equally in a color-blind manner.

    I'm fully aware on how the system works. So you are making my point for me, the Black Panthers were harassing many Whites that wanted to go into the polling station and they stood in their way, blocked them, talked down to them and intimidated them, NOW where was Holder? Hmmm, NOWHERE to be found... As for the rest, I think you are trying to see what you want to see, but outright racism? I highly doubt it. But you are seeing more Black on White crimes where Whites are being more assaulted in recent years.

    we can be 100% certain that the officer would have spinned the event to make the black guy seem as dangerous as possible, justifying his use of force. And every white supremacist would have been behind him 100%. All for a seat-belt violation. (All police on patrol need to be equipped with body cams. Period.)

    So now you speaks for every officer? What if the officer is Black and as you claim many Blacks are dangerous, what would he be considered as? A sell-out? An Uncle Tom??

    I know of no such video. The only video I have ever seen does not appear threatening at all to me.

    That's you. But that's NOT what the people say that went through that frightening experience? Or do you want to say, because Whites are making the complaint, it should be disregarded, but if it's the other way, it should be investigated? Yes, bias justice, racial....NO WAY! Lol

    But, then again, I harbor no innate fear of dark-skinned people. Besides, if any person is acting pushy and "thuggish" in front of a polling place, that is a matter for local law enforcement to handle. are too funny.

    If data or evidence shows that local law enforcement is ignoring the violations, especially if they are ignoring them based on any kind of favoritism, then it would be a matter for the Justice Department. To fault Holder for not getting involved in this shows gross ignorance of the process.

    No, I fault Holder for being selective and racially bias and like Sharpton uses it to his advantage. If there is somehow injustice towards Blacks, he springs into action, anyone else, take a hike. Anyway, I'm just glad that his divisive rule is finally OVER!!

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    And? How does that change the fact that it's not too late?

    If you thing the radical Islamist will come to their senses and have a sit down and a pow wow, I would say, I have a bridge to sell you.

    You obviously missed the point of what I was saying. The fact is, anyone can pervert religion to their own nefarious means.

    Yes, but radical Islam is the main topic and radical Islamists are the people that are causing death and destruction across the Middle East towards other Muslims and soon to be coming to the West near you soon.

    A few hundred years ago, the Christians were doing it with their holy wars. Still the same religion, still worshiping the same bible. Some Muslims are doing it now. That does not mean the religion is bad, and the fact that only an extremely tiny miniscule percentage of them are perverting it this way basically goes to prove that it's not the religion that is the problem. The problem is those who would pervert the faith.

    If the problem were so small, there would NOT be a war and bombing going on and other ME countries wouldn't be panicking now.

    It's so hard to know how to respond to your comments, when your reply does not match what I've said, or even what you've previously said.

    Because you are trying to dodge, weave and want to cherry pick, that's why.

    I can never tell whether you're being willfully ignorant, or if you really just don't understand the original comment. Your reply above has absolutely nothing to do with my comment.

    Neither and trying to hurl insults doesn't help your argument.

    I'll try to spell this out as simply as possible.

    1) There are certain groups, such as the Westboro Baptist Church, and the KKK, who preach hatred in the name of Christianity.

    But they are NOT beheading people, they are a small, very small congregation and the majority of the members are from their own family. They are nutty, vile and rude, but their problem is, they just don't know when to keep their mouth shut. That's about it, NO beheadings from them or the KKK.

    2) We do not condemn all Christians for these small groups who preach hatred in the name of Christianity.

    No, but the Christians are not the people that we have to be worried about when we get on planes, trains, buses or in a crowded place where some maniac will come and blow themselves up in the name of Christianity.

    3) As such, why is it alright to condemn all of Islam, and all Muslims, for the hatred preached, and murders committed, in the name of Islam?

    That's the fault of the Jihadists and the moderates that, so far have NOT speaking on this issue years and years ago.

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    This is the common complaint of the white supremacist:

    So you HAVE to be a White Supremacist to make a complaint about racial inequality?

    Any black person who seeks out and demands equal treatment under law -- and who points out the multitude of examples of how that his not the case are misconstrued and misrepresented as "black supremacists." And we see a clear example of this in the above quote.

    It's true. I have NEVER seen Holder investigate any of the Black on Black crimes of many of the inner cities particularly in Chicago. I have NEVER seen Holder prosecute many of the White on Black crimes like the Knockout game where the majority of victims are White. I have NEVER heard Holder speaking about those injustices, nor have I heard Sharpton for that matter as well. I wonder why?

    Where is the video evidence showing this was the case? All we have are the allegations and gross distortions of racist whites, and who can trust them?

    Excuse me, there is absolutely NO WAY that you can point out that EVERY White person that went in to the voting station were racists. Come on...Lol Just watch the video and you see how thuggish and pushy these jerks were. Yabits, you're digging again. These thugs were intimidating White voters into voting one way, violating and scaring innocent people and block them from exercising their right to vote. But I know if it were the reverse, you would be elated if Holder would investigate the Klan for doing the same thing, because that would be racist all of a sudden.

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    I'm not going to get sucked in on debating the Ferguson case. This is about Holder resigning and the incredible division and like Sharpton is a total instigator and nothing could make me happier than the see this guy leave.

    I believe Holder was right when he famously used the word "cowards" to describe many Americans. That's what really riles the white supremacists: He hit them close to where they live.

    More like the Black supremacists like Holder, Obama and Sharpton can do nothing more than stir up race relations in this country. America elected a Black president and without the White vote that would have NEVER happened, that goes to show you that MOST Americans don't care about color, but when Blacks constantly whine about injustices and some may in fact be justified the majority however are way over the top far-fetched. Yabits, Holder NEVER prosecuted those Black Panther thugs that were harassing people at the polling stations, getting in peoples faces. Why didn't Holder aggressively go after them and charged them with a crime of voting harassment and intimidation on public property? Had it been a White Supremacist, he would have gone tooth and nail to investigate and charge them. That's the problem with Holder, he's racially selective especially when it involves the African American community. Good riddance, we need an AG that is a uniter and NOT a divider.

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    It's not too late. Better late than never. And while it's still only a little, it's a good start.

    It's too late, this should have taken place years ago. Now it's to the point, where the damage and the negative image of Islam is beyond tainted and for anyone to look at Islam as a somewhat peaceful religion will take a generation, provided that, they completely renounce violence. The ball is in their court.

    Change has to come from within, and that's where this change is coming from.

    !.7 Billion against a few outspoken ones? Good luck with that.

    So can the bible, if people want to twist the teachings that way.

    But the Bible doesn't advocate beheading someone because they are an infidel or a NON-believer

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    Since Brown's shooting there have been over a dozen police shootings of unarmed African-Americans, and the Justice Department has nearly all of them under close scrutiny.

    So before Holder leaves, he wants to use the race card one last time to intimidate lump all officers under one monolithic group. But all the African Americans that were shoot at, I guess they were all innocent right? All of them? Ok, Yabits. LOL

    What a far cry from the do-nothing, look-the-other-way AGs of the recent past.

    Do nothing? Ahh, because they were color blind?? I guess you mean the AG that weren't racially bias and did their job according to the law and NOT cherry pick or used color as a way to abuse the system.

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    Not really, when you compare their numbers against 1.7 billion muslims. It's just a few nutters.I

    And a couple of thousand of these few nutters from the 1.7 Billion Muslims are throwing the world into complete chaos. The entire ME region is falling apart. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran (trying to get Nukes) and what is the impression that these countries leave? Islam doesn't have a great reputation around the world and I am not interjecting MY personal opinion, but that's a fact. Whether you know well about the religion or not, with the violence going on, the average person has a total negative impression about the religion.

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    The group called Muslims have not done this either. Some people who are Muslims have beheaded some people. Again we are stuck with your inability to recognize that just because all A are B, does not mean all B are A.

    No, not at all.

    A. The beheadings are done by radical jihadists who practice a violent version of Islam.

    B. The peaceful moderates also practice Islam.

    Conclusion both belong to the Faith known as Islam. peaceful or not. This is the religion that we are talking about and the religion that has everyone up at arms and sadly, the violent jihadists are giving the entire religion a bad name, that's a fact.

    I rest my case.

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    Neither are the Muslims.

    Which religious group have done more beheadings within the last 6 months? Christians? Jews? Atheists?, Buddhists? None of the groups. Now to be fair, the majority of Muslims don't behead people, I get it, but every radical Jihadists does at one point or another and recently, they've ratchet it up a notch. When you ask ANY person on the street about Islam, the first thing that comes to people's minds are violence, beheadings and the oppression of women, it may not paint the entire picture, but that is ultimately what comes to a persons mind when they think of Islam, negative thoughts. That IS the perception that they have given to the world. If more moderates would speak out, that negative perception might not exist, but as such...

    It's most likely a religiously motivated attack. But it's fairly obvious the guy is a nutter. The average person, including the average Muslim, does not chop off someone's head because the person doesn't want to come to their religion. This guy obviously had some issues.

    We all know that, but he was of the Islam faith and said he did it because they wouldn't convert, so we have a nut who is Muslim that that gave Islam a bad name....again.

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    That's why I love liberal humor, dry, but funny and when the flame is turned up on the ice, they start slipping, sliding and weaving around with tons of excuses. Like the kid on the block that lost the bet, you one fair and square and the kid still tries to pick a fight. Holder brought nothing but racial division to the country, selective in what he and his master felt were injustices done to Blacks, but everyone else, it's not as important or relevant and the list goes on. I'm just excited that this is one book in the failing saga of the Obama admin. that is slowly (and happily) coming to a close.

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    And @Frungy. It's widely known that muslims are treated pretty well in the US. Show me the widespread attacks against American muslims.

    That's right. Most that I know are doing very, very well. There isn't a widespread attack on Muslims, however the US is more careful with the Muslim and are more suspicious given the events that happened 13 years ago and the radicals in Europe, the US is taking precautions and measures are in place to make sure that kind of tragic event never happens again. If you want to call it profiling, then that's what it is and they should.

    And that would be an entirely false comparison because Christian nutters are privileged. They know that they won't be fired for their nutty religious statements.

    They are not beheading people.

    Just look at the anti-abortion "Christians" standing outside clinics yelling death-threats at women and girls, and the police do NOTHING.

    They are not annoying, rude and obnoxious, but they are not on a massive killing spree and beheading people.

    This guy was fired, and that's a scary level of discrimination... more than enough to set off someone with underlying mental issues.

    Maybe he wasn't a good employee, maybe he didn't follow company rules. The employer is NOT obligated to keep him on the job with pay if his performance is not within company guidelines.

    Have you walked outside an abortion clinic? You don't have a point. Those "Christians" threaten violence against dozens of people every day, and have carried out murders, kidnappings, assaults, and bombings.

    Yes, some doctors were killed and their were threats, but how many killings did Chrisitans do in the NAME of religion within the last 13 years? How many kidnapings and the threat of violence on a massive scale by Christians were committed over the last 13 years compared to Muslims killings and attacks. Chrisitans will not issue you a death penalty sentence if you don't convert, unlike radical Islam that will.

    These are very valid points

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    Sounds more like another American nutter than a Muslim extremist who's only available weapon to vent was a knife?

    No, more like a radical, Muslim extremist, enough with the formalities and let's call it what it is. Just like when Eric Holder called the Fort Hood shooting "workplace violence," what a joke.


    So this guy was fired for being a Muslim and trying to convert others... wow, I can think of a half dozen of my American colleagues who would be out of a job for trying to convert me if the same logic was applied to Christians.

    Yeah, right. Make a list and let's compare how many Christians within the last year have beheaded people and match that to the Jihadists that beheaded thousands and thousands of Muslims and Non-muslims, I'll bet that list of Muslim radicals will go on for miles.

    My point is that this guy lost it because he'd been fired for doing something that his Christian colleagues do every day.

    Beheading people???

    He's still nuts for deciding that the solution was to kill random people, but there's an underlying issue here that discriminating against Muslims seems okay in the US playbook right now, just like it was okay to discriminate against Russians during the Cold War.

    Different. The Russians although wanting to impose a Communist ideology across the Globe weren't forcing people to adopt a religion that is oppressive towards women, female castration, non-believers, other religions, advocates public beatings, tortures, praying, eating a certain way.

    In that sort of environment, where someone is subjected to daily stress and discrimination just because of their religion it is inevitable that someone will crack.

    Then that person needs to be locked up and prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows and if they go around chopping off peoples heads, they should be locked up forever and do hard, hard time on top of that.

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    So stupid. They should deal with their jihadist preachers at home, with their sprouting Shariah courts at home, and with the all the "Jihadi John" type UK passport holders who will return to bring this to Britain, instead blowing up building in Syria.

    The thing is, sooner or later you will have to send in ground troops to eradicate the Jihadists, it's Nonsense to think just because it's an idea, you can't thwart these people, it might take a generation, but the main thing is, with the technology we have and if you engage the enemy as nasty as they are doing with no holds bar, you can NOT only win the offensive, but you would strike fear and terror in them. You will not win ANYTHING if you go in half ass and want to be selective about your targets.


    I agree.

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    We are celebrating two things: 1) Six awesome years with conservatives, which certainly include the white supremacists (especially), with their panties in a bind. (Those who are truly color-blind can really respect Holder.

    Sorry, no dice. No one cared that Holder was Black, only the Hawkish liberals that had nothing to hold on to and needed a scapegoat, started to play (typical and usual) the race card.

    Fort Hood: He called it workplace violence and NOT what it was, radical terrorism

    DOJ Secretly Targets Fox News Reporter, James Rosen: not only that, but surveilling his parents?

    In the James Rosen case, the Justice Department claimed it did not violate the press freedom of the Fox News Correspondent as he isn’t press. Instead, the DOJ argued, he was an “aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator” in a spy ring, for having receiving classified information about North Korea from an intelligence analyst.

    Evidence of Rosen’s spying consisted of an e-mail to Rosen’s source stating he wanted to break “news ahead of my competitors” and that they could “expose muddle-headed policy when we see it—or force the administration’s hand to go in the right direction, if possible.”

    The Department of Justice knew Rosen had not committed a crime by simply asking Stephen Jin-Woo Kim for his opinion on the expected North Korean response to the then-pending U.N. condemnations of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile tests. By making the claim, however, to a federal judge, that Rosen was criminally complicit in the release of classified information, by the manner in which he posed questions to Kim, the DOJ deluded the judge into signing a search warrant. The warrant, when executed, allowed the feds to read Rosen’s private emails. By way of the emails, the feds were led to Fox News telephone numbers in New York City and in Washington, which they since have admitted to monitoring.**

    Weather Underground Pardon:

    The Weather Underground, a far-left organization, was founded in the late 1960′s. It’s main objective was to overthrow the American government. Several bombing attacks were initiated by the group and were mostly against government buildings and banks.

    Opposition to Second Amendent Rights

    Need I say more?

    Treatment of Terrorists as Criminal Defendants Instead of Enemy Combatants

    This is what got me tee'd off the most! Giving terrorist the same rights and willing to spend tax payer money to defend terrorists and classify them as a common criminal???

    Fast and Furious

    Black Panther intimidation

    IRS Lois Lerner scandal

    And the list goes on and on.....

    But when a Black thug is killed from the police that was involved in a robbery, now we have to set the wheels in motion to do a thorough investigation, because a crime was committed.

    We've seen horrendous racist shootings in the U.S. recently -- one of the most recent is the horrendous shooting by a South Carolina state trooper of a black man at a gas station -- for which the trooper has lost his job and his now facing criminal charges. Thanks to the dashboard video that ALL cops should have, in addition to a body camera.)

    We still don't know the exact details, but soon we will.

    2) The fact that Holder is not yet OUT. Obama gets to pick whoever he wants for the next AG and, if the Republicans don't confirm him or her, Holder stays IN!

    No, Reid is already seeking a possible replacement and also, the Senate is looking more and more like it will possibly fall back to the Republicans, Holder can smell the heat coming and the Dems are feverishly looking to find a replacement. Yes, if they don't find one, he stays, but the sharks are circling the boat and he's in serious need of a raft.

    I predict more conservative bound panties. (Yeah!) Couldn't happen to a more loathsome bunch.

    I predict, NO actually, there have been a lot of celebrations of his departure, one of the worst AG in US history, Happy and ecstatic.

    The thing that makes me smile is the shock on liberals faces when Holder announced he was stepping down and part of that decision is in part because the Republicans might possibly take back the Senate and that would leave Holder in a very awkward position to set him up for scrutiny of his possible bias and one sided prejudiced justice. Main thing is, we can all breath a sigh of thanks that the worst AG, the most derisive in US history is finally gone.

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    You have got to be joking?!

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