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    I think eventually the watch will do well, when the iPhone and iPad both were launched people said the same thing, I remember, people thought would would EVER buy a phone that has a media player and a camera attached to it? It's a waste and what if something goes wrong, then your entire machine is out of service. Yes, some people still want a separate pocket camera, but most nowadays just use their smartphone and with the iPad, it's a giant iPhone, who will use such a clunky device, virtually everyone has a tablet from Hospitals to Hollywood, investors and everyone else in between. The iwatch will eventually do well, I believe, but Apple is smart to release it online first to get an estimate on how many watches they need to make and backorder. I think Apple did indeed score another major hit DOWN the line. We just have to wait until the numbers come back to see.

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    No, I'm very clear on the meaning.

    Now that doesn't mean it's something to be proud of, but there are some rogue nations that clearly under no circumstance have a nuclear weapon, especially when they threaten to destroy their neighbors or another country.

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    Odd question. Countries have the right to say whatever they want.

    Unless they are rogue nations with a purpose to destroy another country.

    Same as Japan has the right to ignore them.

    Until the money stops flowing and then they are jolted to attention.

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    As usual, you always hit the nail on the head.

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    40km south of Fukuoka, was that Taiho Ramen of Kurume that you had?

    Oh you are already consecrationed my master!

    What are you guys talking about? You need to go either to the heart of Hakata or Kumamoto t! o taste true heaven. Taiho is good, but.....

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    That's an interesting statement. How can his fellow Democrats (legislators) have their facts wrong? Didn't the Obama administration provide the Democrats with details of the trade proposals?

    Listen, the president is not the almighty all-knowing, if his own fellow Democrats oppose him and feel some apprehension, that should tell you something right there, but as usual, I don't expect Obama to listen to anyone but himself. Why listen to the opposition or his own party? He's not going to reelected, so why should he care?

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    Here is their menu. Not a lot, but still better than nothing, if it turns out to be popular, they might expand its menu selection, but I don't expect anything with beans to be there soon. What gets me is TB serving fries, that's a new twist.

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    Mexicans try Taco Bell, with mixed results (most aren't impressed)

    They don't have to be, it's not Mexican food. TB wasn't invented or marketed to please only Mexicans.

    Of course mexicans dnt like TB. In CA, where I'm from, TB is the "last resort" especially if its a 24 drive-thru. That, or Del Taco 24 hr drive-thru. There plenty of other "real" mex-food restaurants to gorge @ too. (Pollo Loco- Thanks 4 the shout-out Senei258!) Most Americans can cook decent mex food themselves. & the ingredients are fresh/abundant @ most supermarkets.

    Exactly! So, so true. But if Japan really want to make a huge hit, I do think bringing in "El Pollo Loco" would catch on fast. It's light, delicious and simple and its chicken, not heavy on the spices and great on flavor!

    Eat American toxic junk, get cancer.

    You can get that anywhere, even in Japan. There are places here where I question the food at times as well. Can't be too careful about anything.

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    This is very interesting news. As a person born and bred in California, Taco Bell is everywhere. And yes, once in awhile, it's something different than the usual burger. Wish them well. It is the 3rd or 4th largest restaurant chain after McDonald's. Having said that, I really truly believe sadly they will have a tough time in Japan. Many Japanese are not as open to Mexican-style food, cilantro, beans might be a little off putting. I have seen so many times when we would go to restaurants or have parties whenever there was Mexican food served, especially if it had beans in it, more than often they would everything but the beans or not as much and I think I'm right, after seeing the Japanese menu none of the Japanese menu items have beans in them and the selection is very small, but from a strategic marketing point of view, it might be better that way to start off small. If it works they just might succeed and to all the fast food haters out there, you don't have to eat there and NO one is saying it's the best food, it's fast food or you have to eat it 3 times a day, 7 days a week. Every now and then, why not? There is nothing wrong with it and competition is great, especially in the food business. Also TB is really good after a full night of heavy partying, a couple of crunchy tacos will always hit the spot!

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    That was President AWOL Bush and the GOP-Tea. Well noted.

    I meant, from 2008 until the present. There I fixed it for you.

    Look at the "New Hampshire Republican conference that brought about 20 presidential prospects to the first-in-the-nation primary state". Woe betide the America, and the rest of the world, that goes over the cliff with that crowd.

    So again, how will we get out of this ditch that the Dems and Obama drove us in???

    You'll notice Bass always says stuff like this, but when asked for clarification, he'll reply with a question along the line of 'why are blacks facing tougher times than ever then?'

    Because I never get an answer from you libs, that's why. Or you didn't notice that?!

    • a completely unquantifiable reply, without any links or anything whatsoever to support his claim.

    I always provide links and besides, if you live in the US, all you have to do is see the country around you to know that everything is mucked up. For that you don't need a link, but you do need to be able to deal with reality and not being a partisan.

    Read all his posts - they all give opinions,

    As we all do on certain topics.

    but he never gives anything with any numbers, anything with actual figures to support his claims. Just a bunch of Faux speaking points.

    I think you are reading the wrong threads then.

    No one is actually foggy on the history of the GOP-Tea, except those who rely on a Fox Lobotomy.

    So now the truth hurts all of a sudden?

    The GOP-Tea isn't new or old, it's always the same. Look at the cluster fest at New Hampshire reported here and all of 2012. Death March to 2016 is mislabeled, it should read Brain Dead March to 2016.

    So what do the Dems have to offer besides an old 67 year old with a credibility deficiency problem?

    The resume of the GOP-Tea is a matter of record. Poor America, the legacy of AWOL Bush. (Bush lost his authorization to be a pilot for failing to meet attendance and physical examination requirements.)

    Funny, Obama did about a year or two in the Senate, voted present on issues, never served his country, is confused about our allies, can't even under the difference between "Corp. and corpse" the man is a constitutional lawyer, but knows absolutely nothing about, except how to manipulate it. That's what we got from hope and change. Chicago ghetto style politics?

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    "It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power." ― David Brin

    This is why I have very little love for most politicians.

    The kooky GOP-Tea is attracted only to wealth and power.

    As equally the Democrats are attracted to power, socialism and dependency.

    The American public can see all too clearly how many yo-yos are grabbing for the wheel to drive the GOP-Tea off another cliff taking everyone with them.

    For the last 6 years, this country has been painfully trying to get out of that ditch since flying over that cliff the president took us over.

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    again wrong on facts. First by Sheldon you mean Sheldon Adelson who contributes millions to republcans not democrats. Please try to get the characters correct.

    And I apologize, that was a honest mistake, I meant to say Fred Eychaner. Hey, I'm human too.

    Second the Koch brothers have stated that they will contribute nearly $900 million to the 2016 election.

    Good for them.

    That amount is so huge it dwarfs anyone else. Soros is a petty player. 80% plus of billionaire contributions to politics goes to republicans. It is totally lopsided. Facts.

    No it's not. You got Katzenberg, Amy Goldman, Stryker, Chambers, many, many in Hollwood and Silicon valley, so when you add that up, that kind of cash will rival ANYTHING the Koch brothers can dish out.

    That is why the republicans are such puppets of the rich. Proof of that, the recent law passed by the republican congress to give a $280 billion tax break to the richest 5000 people in the USA. Fact. You are sadly and completely misinformed.

    Actually no, the Democrats, the people that I just mentioned and Hilary included have their claws deeply rooted in Wall Street and greatly benefit from the same tax breaks. I know Dems don't like hearing that, but I would have a lot more respect for them if they would just admit the obvious. This is why I say when it comes to stuffing their pockets, both parties are carbon copies of one another.

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    South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham: “You go over there and you fight them so they don’t come here.” - article

    When it comes to ISIS and radical Islamists, Yes! I completely agree or like most libs, you guys just want to wait it out to the point where the problem unmanageable.

    There's another example of the GOP-Tea, just not paying any attention to the consequences of their private wars of profit and selling the same punch-line as their twisted version of wisdom.

    Obama didn't pay attention to his military advisors when he was being advised to take action against ISIS and also was incognito when ISIS was growing in numbers and now we are all paying for the consequences because of lack of wisdom and caring except when it comes to the presidents personal legacy.

    More proof these deluded war profiteers will say anything to make a buck on blood.

    Obama did the same thing, by throwing our allies under the bus, thousands of people died and for what? His and Clinton's legacy? We don't even want to talk about Hilary's deal when it comes to making a buck.

    Anyone's but their own. Graham is like the serial killer who blames the voices in his head for the destruction of so many lives.

    At this point, both parties are slowly destroying America in their own ways, the thing is, the Dems are speeding up that process.

    "Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. . . . Senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?"

    You should say that to the man in the oval office.

    "Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, whose brother, President George W. Bush, authorized the 2003 invasion of Iraq, declined to say whether he would have done anything different." - article "The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with a Republican" - Winston Churchill

    And it should be an option if all else fails, good on him.

    The guy isn't saying, "if it HAS to come to that" -- he is LITERALLY saying he wants to bomb Iran, NOW, and that the president needs to realize the US should.

    So my question is WHERE DID HE SPECIFICALLY SAY he wants to bomb Iran under any cost.

    You asked for proof of people calling for war, you were given it, and then all you can do is backtrack and say, "Well, jeez... you think when a kid says he'll kill his parents he's serious?"

    What proof? Where? Again, who specifically?

    Sorry, bud. Your boys want war, and so do you if you do not support peace.

    So now you personally know me and what's in my head? Because I'm a Conservative, I am for war by default and there is absolutely NO WAY I want peace...... ROFL, keep telling yourself that.

    Defying Obama's plan to REDUCE any threat Iran poses, but still demanding Iran stop it's nuclear program or face war means you want war.

    No, it means, I think we should impose harsher sanctions and bring them to their knees, which is what they are designed to do, punish and once they are willing to give up their nuclear program unconditionally, then you proceed with talks and negotiations.

    That's all there is to it. You say, "IF it comes to that", but the thing is, that's what you and yours are pushing for.

    As a final *option. You do understand the word *Final?

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    You see that in these men? I'm VERY concerned that electing a GOP candidate will weaken our ties with our allies and will embolden our enemies.

    Obama already just did exactly that.

    Terrorists could potentially be waiting 575 days to carry out major strikes.

    No, they don't have to wait, Obama already gave them the keys. Now it is on them when they make their first move.

    The Republicans already have a very bad imagine problem with most of the rest of the world as it is.

    As if that's important what the world thinks. This is why Obama is such a terrible president and a horrible screwup.

    The American people know that which is exactly the reason why Obama got reelected.

    And they have now buyers remorse, that's why they got rid of the Democrats in the House and especially the Senate as a clear message to Washington that they are tired of failed liberal policies.

    The ironic thing is that the poorest hick states, that benefit the most from handouts, are states that vote Republican.

    And look at California cities like Modesto and Riverside filed for bankruptcy.

    After all, people of lower intelligence and education get sucked into the fear sold by the Republicans easier than those with intelligence.

    So then why are so many educated college Ivy-league graduates about 46% of them either not finding a job in their field or moving back in with their parents or winding up changing their major altogether? Why is it, you less entrepreneurs coming from the college educated world as opposed to many in the South that are self-employed and do fine. Obama is college educated and look at the disaster he created for the country, but then again, all the states with college educated Republican governors seem to be doing mostly well, so that should account for something.

    Worst, any true American should look very carefully at the attitudes of pompous certainty in all of the most vile prejudices they bring to every political event and childish scrawl. The mirror is there, look if you dare, these grotesque renditions, the Dorian Gray of the GOP-Tea for all to see.

    I think you meant the Democratic Party, generally speaking.

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    Hmmmm, not impressed.

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    I'm not entirely convinced that any of these candidates truly loves America.

    I think it would be safe to say they love America enough to protect it from its enemies foreign or domestic and not just sit on their a** and wait and hope that nothing happens when our enemies are hoping for just that nativity.

    I also have questions about their supposed "devotion" to Christianity. One of them wasnt even born in the US. Just sayin.

    If you have "a" parent that is a born US citizen, you are still American, just sayin' Also, what's wrong if they have a deep devotion to God? Everyone has a right to believe or worship as they please, now if they sit in the oval office and govern solely based on the Good book then you have a problem.

    "The world is a more dangerous and more tragic place when America is not leading"

    It's a fact, like it or not.

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    You're not making any sense though. You say you agree that whoever is in charge after the next election, nothing major will change.

    Meaning if it is and established Washington candidate, meaning: deeply rooted.

    Why then do you constantly post partisan rants against Obama,

    I am not a partisan for the record, I just despise it when liberals can't own up to their mistakes or admit when their party is wrong, I have very serious fundamental problem with that.

    remind us of how many days he has left and tell us how you can't wait for the madness to be over?

    Because I can't this president and his policies have been bad for this country and abroad and I can't wait until the day he is out of office. That has nothing to do with being partisan, that's just dealing with reality.

    As you agreed, the next leader will do pretty much the same. I don't get why you're so excited at the prospect of a new leader.

    As I said, I just don't want another Washington elite, I want someone that will think about the people and put the country first and not partisan politics.

    Like most Republicans,

    I'm not a Republican for the record.

    he's just excited to be irrationally angry and and to rail against the next Democrat in charge.

    Actually, no. As I said, the Democrats are exactly where the Republicans were in 2007, sorry, but if ANY Democrat would get elected to anything in the next election cycle it would be miracle and at this point, that luck is running out very, very fast. Could Hilary win, there is always that chance, but it is just a chance.

    Doesn't matter who it is, or why, just need to be angry at someone else instead of working for change in your own party.

    If you believe for one moment that the Dems are a sound party, you have been sold a basket of worms. Obama and Hilary can't stand each other, but they are trying their best to be civil in front of the cameras, when Obama was asked the other day if he would support Hilary, there was a lot of dodging coming out of Obama's mouth. There is still a bit of bitterness from 2008 and also the Obama admin. is scared that if Hilary were to get the presidency, she would probably govern more to the middle and not enough to the left and might undo some of the radical policies that Obama implemented, thereby, threatening his so called legacy, if you want to call it that. And remember, Hilary has a very steep uphill battle and a lot of questions to answer that are coming up and she WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DODGE ANY OF THEM and that seriously has her campaign staff worried. Right now she is in a very closed off and controlled environment. Having staged lunches, not answering any questions from the media, she can get away with that now, but these questions will NOT go away and she will have to confront them all.

    Nah, not John Bolton at all, nor John McCain (maybe it's a 'John' thing?), and not the "I always look like I just cried in the closet" Tom Cotton, or any of the others who commit treason against your own nation.

    Treason??? Seriously? You meant, Obama, but please continue....

    And certainly not Louie Gohmert, who says, "I think it's time to bomb Iran.

    You libs crack me up. So to use the analogy when parents say to their kids, "I'm going to kill you," do they follow through on that threat always? You guys try, try so hard. No Republican, Libertarian or independent wants to go to war IF there is NO REASON for one, again, there are other ways around it. Keep trying, Smith. Lol

    I'm hoping and praying the president will realize that... and that maybe he’ll start being more helpful to Israel instead of slapping them around as an unwelcomed visitor and start treating them like a friend.

    As he should, without a doubt, the same goes for the Saudis, Jordan and the Egyptians.

    And maybe once he starts doing that he’ll realize we do need to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities that we know of and anything that they move to fix, we bomb that as well.”

    If it HAS to come to that and if it reaches critical mass, all options were exhausted and the Mullahs really would go through with that, YES, of course!

    And those are just DIRECT admissions of wanting war, bass.

    This is why libs and Dems are not taken seriously and as the party of jokers. You guys just make stuff up and run with it, from racism to abortion to whatever suits your narrative and can help you guys further your destructive ideology on the country. And even John Bolton didn't ask nor demanded or suggested to go to war, I met the man 15 years ago in NY and even then, the guy never advocated any aggression or suggested hostile action should be taken towards Iran. He has repeatedly stated there are other ways to bring Iran to its knees without military action first.

    Forget the fact that you and many Republicans have directly stated you want to derail peace deals but will stop Iran by any means -- which means war.

    I feel like you guys are just upset that the Republicans are not screaming for a war. Guess what, everyone is tired, even Republicans, you just hope they long for a war, stirring up the pot so that, they will never be elected to anything, that's exactly what the Dems want and the funny thing is, the GOP is NOT taking that bait. War is the absolute finally option and I mean, FINAL. So all you libs need to stop shouting that the GOP wants a war, it's not going to happen.

    But yeah, bass... you guys don't want war at all.


    Really, she won't.

    You never know, but I doubt it, but then again, I was wrong when I thought the GOP couldn't get the House back as well....

    The Republicans don't support Paul's stance toward the Middle East, so he won't get the support he needs from them.

    I like Paul's ideas, but as a person and his stance on foreign policy, Sorry. The man is dry as a bowl of beef jerky, he has problem with smiling, has a temper problem and has a thin skin, Obama and Hilary are already thin-skinned people, really don't want to go through that again.

    As for the Democrats, some of them might prefer his stance on the MIddle East, but he's too much of a nutcase on almost every other issue to get much support there either.

    Don't worry, He'll never get the nomination.

    Still want to see what Hilary stands for.

    The Tea Party will mostly serve to splinter the Republicans, which in recent years has mostly been defined by not supporting whatever Obama supports. Republicans can't and won't come together to find what they are actually in favor of, at least not soon enough to win the presidential race.

    Oh, I am sure they will.

    Clinton will get in, not because she is great, but because she is good enough, and all her dirty secrets are already known.

    Really, so why didn't she turn over her servers? Why did she defy a Federal court order subpoena to hand everything over? Why did she hand over her emails that she wanted only and why when she turned over some of the Benghazi files, why were a bunch of files missing? Why no answers about her campaign contributions? Why won't she give reporters, ALL reporters an interview and answer many of their questions?

    Interesting for someone who has nothing to hide. ROFL.

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    Good god -- they had to oust Carly from HP, because her strategy was a disaster, especially the acquisition of Compaq, which she forced through against strong opposition. So now she is qualified to determine America's foreign policy? The Republicans truly are their own worst enemy.

    Hmmm, so what makes Hilary a better candidate? Because she's a woman or better yet. A Clinton?? She's not qualified because she was ousted from HP. Under Hilary our Ambassador and 3 others die, still under suspicious circumstances and that is ok and makes her qualified? Lol Libs are hilarious!


    Geez, for once I finally agree with. Now you're really making sense! Right on point!

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    "The Republican counterparts are not better by any means, but at least you know what you're getting into." - comments

    Translation: 'Is the point that some welcome a perverse corruption of Democracy for their own gain'?

    Both parties are pretty bad, this particular admin. is by far the worst.

    Translation: 'The GOP-Tea is a rapist, but they are the rapist Americans know and enjoy.'?

    Forcing massive governmental overreach to overtake people's lives, that is rape.

    Translation: 'GOP-Teas are a disaster every American knows them to be so vote disaster GOP-Tea'?

    So you guys lost the House and the Senate and practically most of the gubernatorial elections?

    If this is an example of wisdom from the GOP-Tea cheerleaders maybe someone less psychotic should make the political pitch? Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to be urging destruction but what are the GOP-Tea fanboys even saying?

    We really wouldn't know what she would do, but honesty and integrity is definitely something she is not or known for.

    Seriously, this is like the arsonist claiming he didn't have enough petrol. Rage on misogynist fascists and hand out the shovels? What is the frame of mind of someone who cheers disaster? Maybe a GOP-Tea stooge? Who can tell? As yet the only party shrieking global destruction as an election platform already brought global disaster with their AWOL President.

    That would be Obama himself.

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    “The other Republicans will criticize the president and Hillary Clinton for their foreign policy, but they would just have done the same thing — just 10 times over,” Paul said . . . he said, and “just may want war instead of negotiations.”

    Where was it that Paul said, he wanted war?? We are talking about Rand Paul now.

    We have met the enemy and he is the GOP-Tea. The world has seen the AWOL President Bush lead the world into a global crisis with the GOP-Tea religious wars of private profit.

    For religious reasons? What proof do you of this?

    Americans may have one chance left,

    Actually, and to be blunt, if Americans really want change, they won't vote for a Hilary or Bush and a Washington establishment candidate, that's if there is a candidate that puts America first, but to continue and have a 3rd Obama term would be disastrous for the country.

    the chance that the GOP-Tea would squander in endless wars to profit their corporate masters.

    Question, what is it with you and war? No one is talking about war and sadly, if you think Hilary wouldn't use a military option, she is definitely NOT an Obama, so on that part, I think she would, if it is necessary.

    Will Americans again be led into the raging maelstrom of a GOP-Tea Presidency?

    Or will they be lead by lying constitutional law breaking Democrats?

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