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    do you understand the difference between legality and morality? I'm guessing not.

    I most certainly do, but what you think is moral another person might not think the same.

    The dentist killed for the heck of it, over and over, revelled in it, bragged about it, yet you defend him and his rights?

    Apparently, you just glossed over what I was saying earlier. I am not defending the man as far as him killing the lion, meaning, I wouldn't do such a thing for the sport or the fun of it unless I was going to eat it and I wouldn't, that's just not me, but if this guy was allowed to shot the animal and he was allowed to hunt, then he is within his rights, but what he feels or how he feels about an animal may be different from how you see and view how an animal should be treated, I'm not saying that you are wrong, not at all, but I think you need to see it from another perspective. I try to see it from the angle of an animal activist, but also as a hunter. The only thing that really got me angry is that people are trying to kill this guy, ruin his career and that's way too over the top and overkill and as a society, we shouldn't do that to anyone, right or wrong, otherwise, we just have complete and total anarchy.

    That's all I am saying.

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    It seems that Americans surely love hunting animals all over the World as many have rifles. Someone says hunting animals is one of sports but it is idiot. It should be banned.

    What about if you hunt them for their meat and what if the people want to consume animal meat? What is the difference between lion meat, beef, pork or chicken? Or are you advocating we all should go Vegan now?

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    He made the trip from the US to Africa, hired guides to lead him to his prey, armed himself and set out to lure the animal to where he could get a shot at it, went out again the next day to finish it off. There was nothing 'coincidental' about it. OF COURSE it was intentional. OF COURSE it was premeditated.

    But seriously, I hear a lot of animal activists that say that, but can ANYONE say that wasn't coincidental?

    The sad thing is that the fuss is only because he killed the 'wrong' lion, not that the sad excuse for a human killed at all.

    But doesn't he have that right to go hunting if he has a license and the country where he is doing the hunting allows it? To be honest, I don't see the allure with having animal heads hanging on the wall, but that is just MY own personal feelings, but again, putting aside the emotion, doesn't the guy have the right as a licensed hunter with the permission to hunt any animal that is NOT on an endangered list for the sport of it?

    We know he gets his jollies from killing unsuspecting animals, posing beside their dead bodies with a big stupid grin on his face, then sending body parts back home as trophies.

    That may be, but is that a crime?

    How is he any different from whoever it is in Kobe who is currently going around decapitating domestic cats?

    But now you are making an Apples and Oranges comparison. Killing cats in Japan is illegal and should be. Killing lions or other wild game if allowed is not a crime. Again, if this guy broke the law and if they gave the guy a year in prison and a hefty fine, I think that would suffice, but the animal activists want to hang this guy, want his blood. Actress Mia Farrow put this guys address on Facebook, seriously, what the hell is that? If I were that guy, I would put out her address. These people are nuts, if you take a step back and look at the madness, it's as bad as killing the lion. People have lost their minds trying to attack and harass this guy. People should allow the justice system to take its course and let it play out. but personally and physically attacking this guy and his workplace and giving out his address is nauseating and it's really showing how far down the drain we are going as a society. You don't justify bad behavior with more bad behavior and two wrongs don't make one right.

    As someone who has previously declared his own penchant for 'sport' killing, I'm not surprised you might feel uneasy.

    When I hunt, I hunt and the animal that I hunt is consumed, I use the meat. I don't hunt for the sheer fun of it. Also, I eat meat. I eat chicken, pork and beef. These animals are slaughtered as well. Either way, if I hunt the animal or a farmer takes the domestic animal that most of us in the world eat, the result is the same. Is that equally a crime? Because if we go by your argument, then none of us can eat any kind of meat, poultry or seafood. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, I understand and totally respect that. My wife doesn't really like meat, if it were up to her, we would eat meat once a year, but I love my meat and whether I buy it at the market or go on the occasional hunt, I don't think as long as you consume the meat it should be a problem or that we can only be selectively outraged about the killing of certain animals.

    Killing for the heck of it, whether it's a lion, polar bear, domestic cat or whatever, is SICK.

    I agree and you won't get any arguments, disagreements or disputes from me about it.

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    I find it odd the outrage on the killing of this lion when minimal attention goes to the aborted baby body parts. Also very strange the POTUS comments on the lions candle but never a word on Kate Steinle.

    This is a shame and as pointed out not very sporting. I'm no anti hunter, it actually has benefit on some species but the game needs to be used otherwise it's just a kill. Trophy kills are senseless. Then again, human encroachment culls are in the same category. Wildlife needs its territories and humans need to maintain those.

    I totally agree. It just goes to show you how insane and delusional we as a society have become. I'm not sure if the killing of this beloved lion was intentional, premeditated or just pure coincidental, but you have in the US organizations like Planned Parenthood harvesting baby parts and all the while posing as something that they are evidently not an undercover group exposes them for what they really are and what they do and now they want to go after the people that made the video, but not the people that are doing this inexcusable act, but it's perfectly Ok to try to extradite this guy and possibly give him 15 years for killing a lion??? This is just complete madness gone totally amok!

    Walter James Palmer, the murderer of Cecil the lion, deserves prison just as ivory hunters who kill elephants.

    Perhaps, but 15 years? That's overkill. One year perhaps with the possibility of parole and some harsh stiff penalties should suffice.

    What a disgusting human being, if this wretch can even be considered a human.

    I think the act is more wretched than the person, we don't know anything about this person, none of us are perfect.

    Zimbabwe might feed Palmer to the lions, but that would be cruel, the lions don't deserve such rancid meat. Right now the FBI should track and trap this despicable freak before he kills again for his sadistic pleasure.

    This is just madness, getting the FBI involved in this. Once he's extradited, he should get a fair hearing, his side should be heard and the ruling and subsequent punishment should be based on the facts and NOT on emotion. Do I think he should be incarcerated, I do, however, people are getting so worked up over this and having their priorities all over the place is seriously frightening.

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    And lets not forget, the Zionist pioneer terrorism, which is an everyday horror for the Palestinians,

    But Palestinians terrorism is ok?

    are supported with a million dollar a day gift from the good ole USA. "But they're our terrorists" everything's cool bra.

    Don't know about cool, certainly not, calling all Israelis terrorists is at best a laughable joke.

    It's also worth pointing out that while the extremes of Judaism and Islam are very clear here, the influence of Christian extremists in the US who view the events in 'the holy land' through the prism of the second coming shouldn't be underestimated.

    I understand, but what does that have anything to do with the child being burned to death?

    A former GOP strategist, Kevin Phillips, wrote an excellent book called 'American Theocracy' outlining just how influential and damaging this extremist end of times Christianity is.

    Hmmmm, if that were true, then Christianscwould be making news of daily radical atrocities in a horrific scale, which is not happening.

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    Paid for with American tax dollars? Get it right, the Israelis killed that child with American dollars and it is sick making.

    Why don't you put the blame on the people that DID the actual crime. Israel will always be an ally of the US, has been a strong one and nothing will change that. I just wish you would show the same outrage towards Hamas and the radical Jihadists that have hijacked the Palestinian government wing.

    So get your 'pro' bull* in line with the truth. They burned a baby to death with US Tax dollars for their "god". Degusting.

    Yes, it is, I totally agree. It's just as bad as suicide bomber going into a wedding and blowing himself up in the name of God.

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    Time to stop the billions to Israel's religious slaughter.

    Do you condemn the Palestinian aggression equally?

    The GOP-Tea can't get enough of playing lap dog to Israeli slaughter with American tax dollars.

    And many Western nations fund and side with the Ultra-right wing of Hamas and could feel nothing but joy to see the end of the Jewish State.

    Sickening. A child burned to death for the Jewish God?

    Yes, it is, very sickening, but what about a person blowing themselves in the name of Allah? Does that get and equal condemnation from you as well?

    Obviously the Democracy of Israel is working really well. Killing children for their God? How many taxpayer dollars from Americans killed that child? All of them. Idiots.

    I feel the exact same way about the forces that want to destroy Israel and the PEACEFUL Palestinians (meaning Hamas)

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    The simpleton cries for another GOP-Tea dummy to destroy the world.

    I think Obama already scorched the US enough. Trump couldn't possibly do worse.

    Jesus Trump answers the call for another decade of destruction. The GOP-Tea has their Messiah, and Trump epitomizes the worst of the ignorant and the best of the arrogant racists who dominate he GOP-Tea.

    Racists, how so?? For the last 6 years NO one has uttered the words Race or RACISM more than the Democrats and liberals, NONE and especially this president with his racist friend Al Sharpton. This administration by far has played...overplayed...played out the race card issue.

    Rock-On Jesus Trump, your idiot followers can't wait for another BushWar on America.

    As much as I dislike Trump, I would seriously doubt he would allow Iran to obtain a bomb and I believe he would do whatever is necessary to take ISIS out and judging by the polls, seems like the people are behind him.

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    Come on people, we're talking about Morrisey, I'm a big fan of his music as well as the Smith's, but seriously.... But as far as the groping issue, what can you say, it's the TSA a total and useless organization (as to why we need them now since most of them aren't doing their jobs well anyway is way beyond me).

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    Trumps appeal, and assumed fan base approval, is a product of infatuation with fantasy dictators who can do no wrong, care nothing if they do and dismiss all opinions except their own. (See: AWOL Bush/Cheney 2000-2008 for illustration)

    No, Trump's popularity stems from the outgrowth and dissatisfaction with Washington, the politicians and of course, Obama and the last disastrous 7 years.

    to crown a clown dictator and then imagine the buffoon can somehow ignore the electorate, ignore their failures and ignore the warnings of disaster that surround the real world execution of buffoonery as policy.

    You have just single-handedly described and summed up Obama to a tee!

    The GOP-Tea poll numbers don't illustrate Trump's credibility but the fantasy world that has consumed the GOP-Tea politically, morally and intellectually.

    You do know that Hillary is polling at 57% disapproval rating now and all because of her.....credibility.

    Some can easily propose that since this selling of fantasy worked so well in creating the three Trillion dollar disaster of AWOL Bushwars why not let another intellectual midget front the same bombast without any reflection on the destruction this delusion has already created only seven years ago.

    But what about the $19 Trillion that Obama accumulated and added on to the debt and deficit. Why NO mention of that?

    Again, what the polls show is the core belief of GOP-Tea zombies is a complete lack of interest in the consequence of this type of arrogance; an arrogance that works so well in the alternate reality of comic book heroes and creates so much real destruction in the lives, societies and fiscal fallout from hubris and ignorance.

    That arrogance falls along bipartisan lines, both parties are EQUALLY guilty of this.

    Those who believe Trump would be a perfectly good dictator are correct. Too bad the dictatorship they crave is as much a failure of intellect as the hair piece Trump now wears as his crown of thorns.

    We already have a clown, a tyrant and a president with supposedly so much education and absolutely NOTHING to show for it. But thankfully, his reign will soon end.

    Jesus Trump thinks his roadshow of ascending to the office of President will entertain a few morons but that is the formula his TV shows have followed for the past decade and sadly fewer and fewer can tell the difference. Even Trump, who is his biggest fan.

    Now that's something Trump and Obama have in common, they both looooove the camera and the limelight. Because in the end, the ONLY thing for these two that is the most important thing is stuffing their self-centered egos.

    Now, you may disagree with the basic premise of Obamacare - that insurance should be available to all at affordable prices, requiring sacrifices by some portions of society - but to pretend that the former can be achieved without the latter is infantile.

    Wait until the Cadillac tax kicks in, then you'll see real serious problems start to pop up and it won't be pretty.

    This is what a significant portion of the GOP-leaning electorate desire: all cake and no vegetables. Choose any important subject

    Yes, let's!

    immigration, Iran, global warming - heck, even funding something as basic as highways

    In 2008 when the Dems controlled all 3 branches of government, the Dems could've passed a bill to fund the reconstruction of the highways and the rest of our crumbling (mostly in the East Coast) infrastructure, but they didn't and now you libs one to put that of the GOP, unbelievable!

    and you'll be met by mouth-frothing, Gadsden-flag-bearing zealots who equate compromise with mortal sin. Their behavior has clearly affected those who represent them, and hence the current sorry state of the GOP.

    Hmmm, killing a lion produces outrage and condemnation and the man who did it is being harassed and excoriated and they want to throw him in prison for 10 years and yet, what Planned Parenthood is doing gets a pass, especially knowing what we now now about that place.

    The Donald is merely a symptom; the cause is that segment of the American electorate. How it will end, nobody knows,

    Once the politicians start to listen to the people.

    but what is sure is that September, when Congress reconvenes to deal with the nations highways, pass a new budget, raise the debt ceiling and debate the Iran deal,

    So once again, Obama doesn't want to cut on spending, but wants to raise the debt ceiling....again??? And so the debt grows.....

    will be a rather thrilling month with only a tad over a year to the next presidential election. My guess is that nobody in the GOP will survive the coming carnage looking anything presidential.

    I'm more worried about the bludgeoning that Hillary is getting from the media, if this trend continues she might not even get the nomination...I hope.

    "nobody in the GOP will survive the carnage." This will benefit Hillary. As I have been saying, you'd better get used to it guys, "Madame President" !

    I think Hillary should use the song for herself or better, the Eurythmics song "Would I lie to you?"

    More bad news for Clinton!!!

    And if John Kasich starts to climb the polls, then she'll really have serious problem.

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    The GOP's best bet will be Benghazi. They don't have much in the way of policy success and their approval ratings are pretty bad.

    Funny!! I wouldn't talk. Hillary is sinking faster than the Titanic and sinking with independents, starting to sink with Democratic voters, as much as Benghazi should remain opened, she is doing a fine job at destroying herself and her ratings.

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    '16 is going to be their craziest offering yet. The party must surely implode under the weight of its' own gargantuan stupidity. Americans deserve better from their two-party system

    Sifting through the rhetoric, the good thing about these candidates is, there is enough good ones which hasn't been the case in over 28 years. How many do the Dems have in terms of quality....? Maybe the closest thing would be Jim Webb. Now if Trump will kindly get out of the way, so that we can do business.....

    Yes, dingbats... you know, nitwits, kooks... look it up.

    I did and it described the Democratic Party to a tee! Thanks for the heads up!

    To be fair, 1/3 of Republicans favor the Iran deal. 54% oppose.

    You're talking about the April article in Politico? Nice try. Normally, I stay away from über progressive echo chamber lib sites, but they did get one thing right.

    Virtually NO Republican supports this deal!

    A sane party would see the opposite numbers. But the Republican party is broken.

    That's true and Hillary herself is a broken piece, her lies are costing her dearly now.

    Americans, BTW, support the deal.

    Top Republicans vowed Wednesday to do their utmost to scrap President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran as the biggest pro-Israel lobby prepared for an all-out campaign to pressure wary lawmakers into rejecting the agreement.

    As Congress opened a 60-day review of the deal, Republican U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner told reporters: "Because a bad deal threatens the security of the American people, we're going to do everything possible to stop it."

    Schumer told reporters as he left the hearing that he was still deciding. "It's a serious issue and I'm studying it carefully, giving it what it deserves," he said.

    Several Republicans said the Cabinet secretaries had not eased their concerns about several issues, particularly the ability to "snap back" sanctions if Iran violates the deal and the system for inspecting Iranian nuclear facilities.

    Senator Ted Cruz, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, said the agreement would provide Iran with billions of dollars that would be used to murder Americans and their allies

    A lot of Americans sadly can't find Greenland on the map, can't read, don't know who the Vice President is, don't do enough political research and watches a liberal 98% slanted virtually one-sided viewpoint, that's the reason they support the deal. Come on dude....

    Sadly what's not a joke is watching in real time Hillary's poll numbers sliding down. Talk about Schadenfreude!

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    Donald Trump is the inevitable result of 20 years of right wing Republican hate politics.

    If that IS really true, which Republican is spewing with hate, don't bomb throw, where is the HATE or more precisely, who is hateful?

    The Party has built a hate-messaging machine focused on personal attacks, usually tasteless in nature. They have slurred opposition to them as Nazis, Communist, and un-American.

    No different than the Democrats using the race and the women card at every chance they get. Isn't the president that is a Democrat, the very party that prided itself in being a White Nationalist and Racist party, so they say they have changed, but now they uses government entitlements to enslave Blacks and keep Hispanics down by increasing their dependence on big government. They don't wear sheets, but their social message literally amounts to the same thing.

    Trump is the puss festering atop the open sore on the body politic of America.

    Can't argue much on that point.

    More grist for the mill: Huckabee just said the Iran nuclear Deal will Lead Israelis to 'door of the oven." This man is not presidential material. So why does he say such filth?

    Filth?? I think you were referring to Obama, the man that made a disastrous deal one that is dangerous and counterproductive for the entire Mideast, not to mention the Israelis and the Sunnis, first of all, Obama was NEVER fit to be the president, but nonetheless, we have him now, but thank the heavens he'll be gone soon and hopefully we can get a person in the WH that is worthy and presidential material.

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    That's a pity, a real alternative in a field of mostly dingbats.

    Dingbat? So what does that make Bernie Sanders then?

    From what I've seen so far he's a relatively moderate and competent Republican with real relevant experience and actually has worked with Democrats in the past.

    Actually, they all did, but let's not allow the facts to muddle up the issue, shall we...

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    Cruz is so deeply offended by the gay marriage decision that he's holding hearings to place term limits on justices and he also wants them to be subject them to popular elections to keep their positions.

    As an American, he has that right, there are many people that agree with him on this position.

    I'm sure each candidate will have their say on Obamacare, but I'm also sure one question that will be asked will be their alternative, and none of them will have an answer. I want to see all 10 participants say, on national TV, that they don't have one even after all these years.

    There are many ideas and ways to gut, trim and fix Obamacare so that it is more affordable and costs less for the patients.

    It's important that younger people, who tend to be Democrats or left leaning independents, really see this stuff for themselves.

    Left leaning independents, what in blazes are you talking about. Stay off the progressive sights.

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    Trump epitomizes the current GOP.

    How so?

    On the surface he is less polished and calculating, but his views are pretty much in line with the fear and hate mongering of his peers.

    What hate?

    Fox's debate quandary is, in a way, a product of its own making.

    I see, so FOX shouldn't be allowed to hold ANY debates, but CNN and msnbc should?

    Fox helped to create this many-headed beast, each head attempting to outdo the other in spouting the extreme rhetoric with which Fox has poisoned public discourse in America.

    Really, like what?

    The only GOP candidate who isn't campaigning on a reactionary platform is Kasich, and he won't make the debate stage.

    Oh, so what makes Kasich stick out above all the others?

    All pretty funny until one realizes the desperation behind it: These candidates are desperately seeking attention so as to be selected for the debates, but Trump is sucking up all of the oxygen.

    I guess since Hillary is slipping in the polls, especially in popularity and NO one is paying attention to her.

    As humorous as the videos are, the situation the GOP has gotten itself into is more so by magnitudes.

    Really? According to the latest polls, Clinton is not doing good at all.

    So one can only pray that The Trump love will fizzle out soon.

    I just want to make sure that the candidates get a full viewing. I want to hear Ted Cruz say that he doesn't support Supreme Court decisions that go against God.

    But at least he would respect the court and not undermine or circumvent them the way Obama has been doing.

    Bush will obviously be good for an out-of-touch moment, like when he said Americans need to work longer hours.

    Interesting how you libs once again and as usual love to spin and distort things to suit your narrative. For one thing his comments were taken out of context. Because many employers can't afford to cover all of their employees, some have had to resort to cutting back their staff hours to under 30 hours a week, if over, you have to provide healthcare insurance, so either they lay off staff and give their staff insurance or keep all their staff and only cut their hours. Which is another reason why we have so many Americans working 30 hours or less to avoid paying these high out of pocket costs of Obamacare. So when Bush said, he wants people to work more, that was in the context of 40 hours a week with the idea of strengthening the private sector, creating higher paying jobs, basically, getting back what the American people lost since Obama took office. Stagnant growth, wages down. This is what the people have been getting for the last 7 years.

    I'm hoping the Rubio will rail against the Cuba deal and I'm literally praying the Huckabee turns his time into a sermon.

    I hope the Castro brothers won't be around when Rubio gets to the podium.

    Scott Walker doesn't have a lot of experience and he won't be able to dodge questions like he does with reporters.

    Don't worry, He's not Hillary, he'll do just fine.

    I also want to hear them all say how horrible Obamacare is and I want them to make it very clear that they want to strip Medicaid from people who will be watching.

    No, just make more the premiums affordable and explain to the people what's going to happen when the Cadillac tax kicks in.

    Most of them will come out and say that Christians should have the right to refuse anything to people they don't like.

    Athiests do it, so why not Christians?

    In terms of social issues the US is more to the left than it was even just a few years ago and the GOP candidates will be in the minority on just about every issue. I want Americans to see that.

    That's not necessarily true, just because many Americans are adapting and opening up to certain issues, regardless of what all the progressive far left thinks, the country is still by large conservative generally speaking.

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    At least they can get SOME relief from this heat, but If you think that's bad, these kinds of pools in China are 3 times as packed.

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    In my travels, it has been my experience that as a generality, people outside of the USA value quality of food much more than do Americans. As a rule, Americans value quantity of food over quality.

    I don't know what you've heard or where you've been but that's not even remotely true

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    Credit where credit is due, PEPFAR is one of W's greatest accomplishments.

    Wonder once Obama is out of office if he'll make regular stops to Africa and spend a lot of his time there, helping the people spending his own money on doing what he can to help the people like Bush is doing.

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    About half of the things on the list are in my mother's bathroom and lavatory in the UK. She also has a washlet loo, just in case anyone brings up that old chestnut too.

    I think washlets are becoming more common all of the place. 10 years ago, you could say it's a unique thing in Japan, but not anymore. The same thing goes for a spray wand. In the States many homes now have a sink wand. However, I do like that you can control the bath from the kitchen, that is a cool feature

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