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    and what about Israelis with Australian passports who fight with the Israeli army and then return to Australia?many would consider them to be terrorists of a sort...

    Not even close to the same. They are protecting their ancestral homeland. They are not trying to establish a Caliphate nor are they chopping off heads.

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    Then why are you claiming the officer saw him holding the cigars here:

    Not claiming, watch the video, also from the police report, Wilson said, he saw the cigars in his hand.

    You are making claims that the officer saw him holding the stolen cigars.

    Not me, that's what I read. But the police themselves have stated that the officer didn't know about the cigar store incident, and no one other than you has claimed that the officer saw him holding the cigars (which he wouldn't have know anything about anyways, according to the police).

    But there were other police reports that said, he did hear over the radio that Brown did steal and he had it on his possession. But at any rate, it doesn't matter, there is so much clutter and confusion, allow all the facts to come out in trial and then we WILL know the truth.

    Stick to the facts. Making stuff up doesn't help your case.

    Sorry, I don't make stuff up, just like everyone else. We are all speculating and going by what we read or seen on TV, you don't know more, I don't know more and everyone else on JT and in Ferguson doesn't know. The only people that DO know are the people investigating this incident. Trying to argue to prove a point won't solve or gain anyone anything, because we weren't there. Guessing and claiming we have the facts when we don't, doesn't help anyone's case. I'll wait until the press conference to find out, the real truth.

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    What video? There is no video of Brown walking down the street.

    No, but there are witnesses and a police report that said, he was in the street.

    Yet you are making claims - claims no one else has ever made anywhere with any shred of evidence -

    No one has any hard evidence either except for the approx. guess of the distance where Brown was shot. that he stole the cigars, that there WAS some sort of confrontation and that the officer fired his weapon and killed Brown, everything and in between, we don't know for sure. What the mindset of the officer was, if he killed Brown on purpose or if Brown started some kind of altercation. Those ARE the undisputed facts!

    that the officer saw him holding these cigars. You can't just make stuff up.

    I didn't.

    Didn't you say you are a journalist?

    Yes, sir. Doesn't mean, I am either right all the time and I can be wrong sometimes.

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    I haven't seen this claim anywhere, in anything I've read. Please provide supporting links.

    Watch the video, the cigars was in his hands. Also there are enough witnesses that said, Brown was in the middle of the street.

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    Baden said a lot of other stuff too, like that there was no evidence of an assault, disproving the officer's statement.

    Very true.

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    Definitely iconic and definitely underrated. Bush was an innovator and NOT a follower of the typical top 40 crap that permeated the radio waves and her music still today has proven to withstand the test of time. Great lyrics, great voice and a funky bass player. Wish I could see her, I'd pay big bucks to see this legend! Glad to see she's back!

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    The crime committed in the store was shoplifting/theft. So what crime was committed in the street?

    When the police officer confronted Brown for being in the middle of the street and second for noticing the cigars in his hand that he had stolen.

    Against a gun? I beg to differ.

    You may, but I have seen individuals THAT stupid, YES, that stupid to go up against a gun.

    That's good to hear. Or at least it would be if you didn't immediately contradict yourself: one kid is dead because of his actions .... personally, I do not believe the charges will stick.

    Exactly, it is sad that a kids life was taken, but that was because of his own actions that turned fate against him and yes, I DO believe the officer will NOT be charged. There is NO contradiction, just the facts. It doesn't mean, I agree or disagree, it just means I doubt he will be charged, but I could be wrong.

    And what charges are these that you don't believe will stick? What charges have been made?

    That the officer will be charged with murder or even negligent homicide. The Grand Jury might come back concluding the officer used "justifiable force", but this is speculation, nothing is concrete or set in stone.

    And that makes it OK for any random cop to shoot dead any random teenager, simply because of the colour of his skin?

    I seriously don't believe he was shot because of his skin color that is NOT KNOWN nor is that a FACT. Just like we don't know the state of mind Brown was in, if he was acting the way he was to the cop because he was White.

    Because he might be in a gang? Because he might come from a single-parent home? Because he might drop out of school? Because he might make an out-of-wedlock baby? I think your statement would make as much sense - more, perhaps - if you omitted the 'in the Black community'.

    I don't need to, most Americans understand the meaning.

    No, a debate is when you argue about a particular topic.

    No, it doesn't have to necessarily be assigned to one specific topic.

    What you do is drag in all kinds of unrelated stuff, claim people have said things they haven't said and veer off at unexplainable tangents. And your sarcasm radar is permanently switched off.

    Just like the majority of people on JT. I agree.

    People who need a gun to be a tuff guy aren't all that tuff.

    Tell that to the guy that tries to mess with a person holding the gun. ;-)

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    How many squeezes and how long? Every person should be allowed to squeeze at least 5 min. each.

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    From reading what is available, Wilson didn't radio in to report the shooting for quite a long time after it happened. From the looks of things, he lost his mind.

    Now you're trying to Psychoanalyze me?? You don't know that. Personally, I believe Brown lost his mind to even think of putting his hands on a cop and bitch slappin' him. That was his biggest and dumbest mistake and it was also his last.

    And so the reason for not putting out any incident report is that it would be too self-incriminating. There's just no logical way to explain the officer's actions in light of so many witnesses.

    Again, we don't know what they know or what evidence he has or given! but I think for some odd reason! Wilson might walk! because the evidence seems quite shaky from the looks of it, but don't quote me. I'm just saying from the optics of it, I don't think he will be indicted.

    Pretending or speculating that some special professionals are going to come up with an explanation of events that runs contrary to what the eyewitnesses report is rather infantile and pathetic.

    That is your personal opinion, Yabits.

    Most ordinary citizens have the expertise needed to evaluate basic evidence. It's why we have juries.

    But you need to be chosen to be on the jury! NONE of the eye witnesses will serve on the jury.

    The police delaying the incident report only makes their case worse -- and provides ample reason why the public should not trust this particular group.

    Again, you don't know what they are don't behind closed doors or what the conversation between them and Holder is. I personally think they are examining every single angle and evidence in order to make and come to the proper conclusion.

    Wilson's first two years were on a police force that was so awful in its relations with a majority black community that it had to be completely disbanded. Wilson lost his job there before hiring on with the Ferguson police.

    And here we go with more lies and garbage about the White man who's a cop and just basically took the job to stalk Blacks in order to kill them! ROFL! It'll be interesting to see what kind of background Brown had. He was already a thuggin' criminal in the making. We already know he was a thief. I'm sure there is more to come on the kid.

    Imagine the audacity of walking down the middle of their own residential street. Send in a white cop who lives nowhere near and is known by no one to harass, disrespect and physically abuse them, just to show them who's boss.

    You talk a lot about race. How about a Black cop that lives nowhere near and is known by no one to harass, disrespect and physically abuse them, just to show them who's boss. What would you call that kind of person? Uncle Tom?

    And murder them if they oppose such treatment.

    If they assault a peace officer, then whatever comes that assailants way, is their fault for creating that situation.


    The crime of stealing cigars did not happen in the street. I'm amazed that you say you work in journalism, your use of language is less than sterling.

    Oh, really? Again, with the ad Homs, Cleo? Come on....

    The shooting is an incident, possibly a crime. It is not a crime scene.

    The street where his body was laying and the liquor store-both crime scenes. Yes, we both agree.

    The crime scene is the street, and the crime that occurred there is the killing of an unarmed youth. 6 Foot 4 inches and almost 300 pounds is NOT unarmed, NOT at all!

    Come on, which is it? The information is out there for anyone who looks, or I have to be a journalist with a 'bit more access' to information?

    It's out there and please go look for yourself. It's out there for the public. I get mine a little different way than you and most people here.

    If she were a kosher eyewitness I'd expect her to go to the police, not to call in anonymously to some radio show. Anyone can make a phone call and claim to have seen something. Zero credibility.

    It's pretty much all conjecture at this point. I'm NOT ruling anything or believing anything until the investigation is complete. Fact is, one kid is dead because of his actions and one officer MAY be either vindicated or could possibly get indicted, stand trial and if found guilty, will probably spend the rest of his life in jail, but personally, I do not believe the charges will stick, but I could be wrong. If he does walk, I guarantee you officer Wilson will be sued and taken to a civil court. This is exactly Rodney King part 2 all over again.

    No one is claiming Europe is a melting pot, and it isn't any more relevant to this topic than Japan or Asia or South America or Antarctica is. We're talking about America. Do try to stay on topic.

    My daughter and her husband are both cops here in Japan. But it's perfectly ok for you to veer off the topic, I guess as if Japan policing has anything to do with American policing.

    Was Brown engaged in gang activity when he was shot? No.

    You are right, but he did steal a box of cigars, which was bad enough.

    So gang activity would seen to be irrelevant to this particular incident. Was Brown from a single-parent home? I don't know, but he took his father's name and his father appears to have been around, so again, irrelevant. Was this a black-on-black crime? No it wasn't, so again, irrelevant.

    No, it's all relevant. I am afraid you don't understand the complexity of the Black/White conundrum in this country. It has everything to do with it. Yes, Brown had both parents, came from a decent home, but the fact is, there is a huge problem in the Black community here in the states. Blacks want to blame Whites and everything else, but themselves. They don't want to take personal responsibility and accountability for their actions, nor do they want to or EVER really address the high murder rate and Black on Black crimes, the high incarceration rate, the gang culture, school drop out rate, single mothers and kids born out of wedlock. These are the REAL problems that most Blacks and the race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson NEVER want to seriously address or talk about. These are guys are total Charlatans! Pointing the finger at other people (in this case Whites) is far easier to do as opposed to pointing the finger at yourself and looking at your own mistakes before shoving the blame to others.

    Are you sure you're in journalism? Because you seem unable to stick to the topic at hand. You're all over the place.

    Yes, I am and I can do that. It's called a debate.

    There is no evidence at all that there was 'no other way out' for the officer who shot Brown. Far from it.

    Again, we don't know that, we didn't hear Officer Wilson's side of the story.

    But we get it, you're a tuff guy.

    That's right, with or without! ;-)

    When you have a gun.

    Even more so!

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    That's why I love the freedom of money, you can do and buy anything with it. Kudos to the guy.

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    Exactly! The problem is that, in our system NO MATTER what you believe, even in a shooting like this where it seems a little over excessive, nevertheless, every person, even a peace officer is presumed innocent under the law until proven guilty, but the Sharpton's and the Jackson's can bring NOTHING to the debate, they ONLY bring devision and hatred. Also, Msnbc should be ashamed of themselves to pay that idiot that kind of money and allow him to be an activist AND allowing him to be the White House liaison and still get paid by the network. It's a conflict of interest and in violation of every journalistic rule. He is either one or the other! But again, we are talking about Msnbc, so I really shouldn't be surprised, they are operating on a tiny pulse, barely holding on. They need something to keep their abysmal ratings strolling along.

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    Yeah, and it's a shame we can't hold cops to a higher standard.

    I think it's equally shameful that these thugs think they have the right to disobey ANY law they want, whenever they want.

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    Why, because you refuse to hear an opposing point of view?

    Dr. Baden was in charge of this one. The two were a team. Prior to the press conference where they presented their findings, they marked all of the gunshot wounds on the anatomical diagram. There was one wound visible on the rear side -- highlighted in RED. This is not something that any assistant, no matter how qualified or not, would have been able to do if Dr. Baden didn't concur with the finding.

    Wound does NOT indicate an enter/exit, it could also indicated bruising. So basically, all rounds were to the front of the body.

    All are human, wield power, and are therefore corruptible, especially when it comes to protecting their own.

    The same goes for the thugs and homies that run around in the streets. They will ALWAYS protect their own.

    I might consider a guy like Serpico to be honorable in that he was willing to testify against his fellow officers -- who were corrupt.

    That was a totally different era. At that time, almost 80% of the police force in NYC were totally corrupt. Frank Serpico was one of the few honest cops at THAT particular time.

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    Sharpton was told to simmer down, the racist and instigator that he is. Funerals are always sad, but had Brown NOT been so stupid and been thuggin' around the way he did, he would still be alive. Now the funeral is over and we can see how the rest of this will unfold and I sure hope to hear officer Wilson's side, whichever way, the man deserves a fair trial as he is allowed under our judicial system.

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    Come on Bass, don't be a brick. Syria's sovereignty is as legitimate as US's or UK's or any other country, including Japan. If US even as much as engages is a surveillance fly-over without Assad's consent, then they should be shot down.

    Syria is NOT that stupid, the fury and that would rain down on them would be legendary.

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    I have worked with and have trained law enforcement in the area of technology forensics -- the recovery of data from computers, smart phones, etc. to be used as evidence in trials. (I actually ceased working with one major organization because they were only interested in data that would convict, and would not consider data that might prove innocence. In my view, an unbiased investigation means looking at all the data and considering it from both sides. So I know how some police departments and prosecutors heavily bias themselves in this area.)

    Then if that is the case, then you also know that most are honorable. Most of my friends are cops, I grew up in a family that majored mostly in criminal justice and the vast majority are good people. Again, every profession has a few bad apples.

    If the Ferguson police are professionals, they should have had an incident report out long before now. The public -- the ones who pay their salaries -- has been kept waiting, which should not be excused. I believe the cops are now waiting for some miracle to happen -- like the Twinkie defense -- that would enable them to defend their officer and department in light of the obvious physical evidence. And the evidence is obvious. Once the officer left his car to pursue the unarmed jaywalker, he was not in any immediate or reasonable danger of losing his life. He kept firing for some other reason -- probably anger. If an officer is in real danger, their first response is to get on the radio and signal for help -- not to leave the car in pursuit.

    I never said, every department works like a greased wheel. I too, think in many areas they bungled in many areas, again, mistakes happen.

    Also, you want to make Wilson a racist now? But if that is true, then he is NO different from Sharpton/

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    Don't try to be cute, bass.

    You'd be surprised, I'm VERY good-looking for the record.

    You have said more than once that the street on which Brown's body was left lying for hours was a 'crime scene'. So, what crime was committed there?

    Now who is being cute? Meaning that the shooting itself is a crime scene. The crime: stealing cigars. That is what you would call it once the police tape everything off.

    Sorry, but I cannot find any links to all these eyewitness reports that say Brown was rushing the officer, or that the officer appeared to be in any kind of danger.

    Then please look harder, it's out there, cleo.

    Would you like to point me in the right direction? If not, I can assume it's because there are no such eyewitnesses?

    You can assume whatever you like, there are two sides, NOT my sides or theory. I wasn't there, so I cannot say, except for the reports that I have read. But as a journalist, I have a bit more access to information.

    All I can find is 'evidence' from someone who played sports with Wilson and wasn't at the scene, and some woman who phoned a local radio show and wouldn't give her full name.

    This is true, because of the death threats she's received from the mob and why should she if she is in fear for her life, she shouldn't have to go underground and worry about possible reprisals.

    American cops are allowed to take relatives out with them when they're working?? Wow. How totally unprofessional.

    That is your opinion. I wasn't joy riding, I was working, so YES, it was professional.

    Like the ones who shoot young people dead who are some distance away and unarmed.

    I am not talking about a very tiny minuscule minority.

    I really do not care what colour skin any person, cop or member of the public, might have. It's just not the way I see the world, sorry.

    Me as well, but that is not the reality of how the world sees color.

    We're all just people. What I see is Americans killing Americans. If you see things differently (and I understand lots of Americans do) ... well then, so much for the myth of the 'melting pot'.

    Oh, please! Europe is a great blend of melting pot?? I don't think so, not even close, but I will say that I do agree with you that the killing is sad, but the problem is deeper than that. There is a problem that NO ONE wants to talk about socially and even many of the libs here on JT and that is the gang culture and the high out of control single Black family homes and births out of wedlock and the killings of Black on Black crime.

    This one appears to have been.

    And it could possibly be OR NOT, we just don't have all the facts in yet.

    My daughter and her husband are both cops here in Japan. Granted, different culture altogether, but they are both appalled at the idea of drawing a gun on an unarmed member of the public standing at a distance.

    Like you said, different culture, you should see what the cops do in Brazil and South Africa, but again, different culture.

    The relevance of that statement being ....? As far as I'm aware you are not in the frame for shooting Brown or any other young person, either legitimately in order to safe your own life or the life of a member of the public, or in panic.

    I have a license to carry a concealed weapon and if a big guy like that were to attack me and there was no other way out...


    so you are someone who don't listen to others?

    Since when do most of you libs to other opposing views, without dismissing them, honestly now.

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    You know you can't just make stuff up right? The police themselves said that the officer was not aware of the theft of cigars when pulling over Brown.

    Sorry, but there are reports and a police report that Officer Wilson DID receive calls by the dispatch that the cigars were stolen, but the initial reasoning for pulling him over was for being in the middle of the street.

    And therefore, the theft cannot be the catalyst.

    Let's take that argument to task, say you are correct. It is still a crime to steal, which is theft, which makes you a criminal.


    So if people cannot read through the oodles of comments, is that my fault? Of course not, then if people have a problem, they should cut and paste, I do that to with some of you guys, also, I Do have a job and I enjoy making money which means, I need to work and I go back periodically when I get a break.

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    Inventing crimes now, are we? So the yellow tape that the police used to mark off the scene was because of people not allowing facts to come out in court.

    No need to invent anything. Again, you don't know what will or what will NOT be presented as evidence. You are not the defense lawyer or the prosecutor. They would never tell the public that.

    Yes, and he has every reason to lie.

    OR every reason NOT to lie.

    And we have every reason not to take his story at face value. Eyewitness testimony and, more importantly, the physical evidence has to match up.

    And there were witnesses that counter the opposite. Again, Wilson has his witnesses, either way, we don't know.

    Some things are beyond speculation.

    This is why we have professionals that are trained in this field and know what they are doing. You and I are not in the legal law enforcement and we are NOT both lawyers, so for us to speculate has NO impact on the case.

    An unarmed person who is increasing his distance from a police officer -- remember that Brown was at least 30 to 35 feet away from the car -- means that they are less and less a direct threat to that officer. What is speculation is to pretend that he was when simple common sense dictates otherwise.

    And let's NOT forget he's a thief and criminal, you forgot to add that part.

    You are contradicting yourself in the same sentence.

    Yabits, don't try it, please, it's not going to work.

    There can be a very wide gap between "indeed in danger" and "feeling that his life was in serious jeopardy."

    We don't know! But from officer Wilson's and some of the evidence so far points to Wilson's felt his life was indeed in danger, meaning, if he doesn't use his firearm, he's DEAD. No Gap!

    It is a fact that Brown was increasing his distance from Wilson and his vehicle -- meaning with each foot of separation, the less the armed officer could be said to be in jeopardy from the man that he was pursuing. Wilson got out of the car and pursued the unarmed man. All of the eyewitnesses assert that.

    As I said, we don't know for sure, all that will come out in the trial.

    The crime that was committed was an emotion:

    Brown's robbery, I agree, as well as the rioters. It was all based on pure emotion, which solved nothing, but made these people look bad.

    a crime of rage. Brown smacked Wilson in the face in order to get away from him,

    Which was his THIRD problem after robbing the store and standing in the middle of the street.

    and Wilson became enraged at the humiliation, and left his car to pursue, shoot, and murder Brown.

    Or after he shoved the officer back into his car beat him and taunted him and bum-rushed him and making the officer feel that his life was endanger, which resulted in Wilson pulling out his firearm and needed to use deadly force.


    No it wasn't.

    Yes, it was, once he stole those boxes of cigars, his whole life turned for the worst.

    The officer did not know of the cigars when stopping Brown.

    He did hear over the radio dispatch that there was a robbery, saw Brown in the street and saw the box and put two and two together.

    Therefore the theft of the cigars is not (and cannot be) the catalyst. The catalyst was the officer stopping Brown.

    No, correction, theft is EVERY reason for a cop to stop you and arrest you and if you put your hands on him, walk up in his face and use bodily harm and feels his life is in danger, he has every right to neutralize that threat.

    That would make the store the crime scene, surely. Not the street with a dead body on it.


    No one was killed in the store, but as protocol the police will go in ask questions, get information and depending what was stolen get fingerprints if needed.

    If the unarmed youth was indeed several yards or more away from the police officer, it's hard to imagine that the police officer was in any danger of getting his hair ruffled, never mind his life being in danger.

    But we don't know that. There are conflicting reports on both sides, that's why there is an investigation and once that has been completed, we will know more. So before I weigh in, I won't say anything. I'm just saying, the officer is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    So....any twitchy, paranoid cop that sees a monster in any and every youth of greater than average build with perhaps a sassy mouth and, who knows, maybe a shoplifting habit, is justified in shooting to kill any and every well-built young person who gives them a bit of lip? Any cop who gets jumpy around what s/he sees as the lower classes has no business being a cop.

    My brother is a cop, I have been on many ride alongs reporting on gangs, you have no idea of what you are talking about and the dangers that cops face everyday on the streets. I really understand they have a very difficult job and it's not easy and 98% cops are good people! but like with every profession you have some bad apples.

    It's the same reasoning that got Yoshi Hattori killed in Louisiana.

    That is not an once dent that happens on a daily basis. There are many cases in the world where people were killed by police officers even without a firearm.

    The same reasoning that gets far too many young people legally killed in Florida by adults who 'feel' threatened.

    Sorry, cleo, but the main cause of death for Black teens is other Blacks and cops killing people is not out of control as you might think? Have you seen the stats on how many cops are assaulted? Probably not! Before you say something, try and go out and do what a cop does and see what they see and let's try again. It's easy to criticize cops when you are looking from the outside.

    The difference is that a cop is supposedly trained to deal with such situations with greater maturity and responsibility. To protect and serve, not to panic, aim and fire.

    Which they are. I too, am trained in the usage of firearms, I totally understand the power of a gun. And that's what most cops do, they are very well trained to protect and serve. so we are in agreement.

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    We do know that a police officer shot and killed an unarmed youth. You've said yourself more than once that this was 'a crime scene'. So what crime do you think was committed here?

    The crime of getting emotional and not allowing the facts to come out in a court of law. The officer is still presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He has that right and his side of the story should be heard before a Grand Jury. We don't know in detail as to ebb and flow of the altercation and what was said EXACTLY. We don't know all the details, and to guess or speculate is totally irresponsible.

    If the officer was justified in shooting and killing an unarmed member of the public, doesn't that mean there was no crime? What crime do you think was committed?

    The crime was committed when Brown went into the store and stole the cigars, that was the catalyst of all this. If the officers life was indeed in danger and felt that his life was in serious jeopardy and the officer felt the need to use his firearm in order to save his life, then the shooting was justified.

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