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    It will also eliminate changing trains in Nagano (about a ten-minute layover wherein everyone runs to the shinkansen tracks) and compete with the airlines and, I think, successfully.

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    This whole scenario really fries my buttons. When Riku was 3, the Child Welfare center knew he was being neglected. They KNEW he was being neglected: he had marks on his body signifying possible abuse. What did the Child Idiot Center do? Handed him back to his father so his assbutt father could starve him to death.

    At least the School tried to find Riku - once when he was supposed to start school and once when he was supposed to graduate.

    we believe that child welfare centers are not adequately equipped to deal with cases of abuse and neglect such as this one

    Then what have they been doing for the past NINE years (from when they KNEW Riku was abused)? Nothing? That Child Welfare Center's employees should all be transferred to a less busy center. Like the one in Tomioka, Fukushima.

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    What's in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet

    • Shakespeare

    Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

    • Gertrude Stein

    Hello Kitty is not a cat

    • Sanrio

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    The crapola you can learn if you read JapanToday's articles. After reading that we Japanese have less serotonin than the rest of the world, I thought BS. So I checked it out.

    Asians (of which the Japanese nation is a part, much to their dismay) have just as much serotonin as the rest of the world but the distribution is hampered by the relative lack of Long Genes to transport the serotonin. From the Economist (which was a heck of a lot easier to read than the academic articles I read)

    On average, the Asian Americans in the sample had 0.69 long genes, the black Americans had 1.47 and the white Americans had 1.12.

    That result sits comfortably with other studies showing that, on average, Asian countries report lower levels of happiness than their GDP per head would suggest. African countries, however, are all over the place, happinesswise. But that is not surprising, either. Africa is the most genetically diverse continent, because that is where humanity evolved..


    Joan Chiao and Katherine Blizinsky of Northwestern University, in Illinois, found a positive correlation between higher levels of the short version of the gene and mood disorders (China and Japan have lots of both) and with collectivist political systems. Their hypothesis is that cultures prone to anxiety tend towards systems that emphasise social harmony and away from ones that emphasise individuals' independence of each other.

    Now that is an interesting observation and explains a lot about the detailed plans we Japanese need in order to have a relaxed weekend.

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    I don't know how they stay in business

    Spend a couple of hours with your hand in the right place and you can earn a few thousand yen. Plus, there are people on this island nation that make quite a bit of money playing pachinko. I'm talking over 500,000 yen a month. That's how they stay in business.

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    Best way to commit a murder in Japan is to not bury the bodies on your own property.

    Posted in: Suspect pleads not guilty to killing Swiss-based Japanese asset manager, wife

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    Osaka Doug

    The hotel staff did call the police after he failed to pick up his stuff. How long after he set out to climb a snow-covered mountain in the middle of winter (?) is not mentioned in the article.

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    mostly below detection levels


    Plus, isn't the 100 becquerels double the limit from before the nuclear accident?

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    I'm pretty sure the Consumer Affairs Agency was called by a disgruntled customer with the delicate Japanese palate we all have who took one bite of his boiled beef and spit it out saying, "This is no Matsuzaka beef!" And the store manager cringed in the background.

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    on the long-contested islands,

    They're only long-contested if you happen to be Japanese. The Russians know who the islands belong to.

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    First the PET bottle is ground up into fine bits and then more and more until they can make thread out of it.

    I used to have a really warm pair of gloves made of PET bottles and a friend had a shirt of the same material.

    Here's a YouToob link: that explains it more completely.

    Posted in: What suggestions do you have for reducing the amount of garbage that gets thrown out each day?

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    I've never seen the Beatles or the Rolling Stones described as an "all-male" group. Why the necessity of such on a Japan-centered news site for SMAP?

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    How do young people moving to Tokyo cause population decline? I can see a population decline in the hinterlands, which is what I think this guy is trying to say, but a mobile population doesn't necessarily lead to a population decline.

    Plus, in 1979, a government official said the government was thinking of ways to decentralize the government so that fewer people had to move to Tokyo to work. 1979. 35 years ago. I guess we can safely say, Mission Accomplished!

    Posted in: Population decline is caused by a decrease in the number of women in their 20s and 30s, and the outflow of young people to Tokyo. We need to implement measures to stem the low birthrates and over-concentration of people in Tokyo.

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    all that refurbishing HAD to be paid for.

    If it was paid for by a private company (JR West), is there a problem? If it was paid for by a consortium of private companies (Wakura Onsen owners), is there a problem? If it was paid for by the town of Wakura, is there a problem? If it brings in high-paying customers from Kanazawa to Wakura Onsen, is there a problem?

    The main train to that area of the world stops before it gets to Wakura Onsen. People who want to continue on to Wakura onsen have to catch a bus or taxi and pay a bit more. If this train supplies alcohol and ambiance and pulls in some older, Richer, customers, it could be worth it, no? If it doesn't, then, well, wasted somebody's money.

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    Monaco hasn't had an army since the 17th century when it refused to join the arms race. Monaco gets the peace prize before Japan which has the world's 7th largest army.

    Posted in: Campaigners push for pacifist Japanese people to win Nobel Peace Prize

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    With all the safeguards the ex-general says is in place to prevent this in Japan, when it does happen, what will his excuse be? I'm guessing, 'The American influence.' Although I hope it doesn't happen.

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    *why NOW ? *

    Usually on the anniversary of an unsolved crime the police put on a show for more information or tips. Since today is the 7th, it's what the police do. They definitely need more leads than a guy walking around a pachinko parlor and talking to a little girl. Who knows? He might've said, "Are you lost? Where's your father/mother?"

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    How about having the penalty shoot out before the game starts? Then the losing team knows they have to score while the winning team can play awesome defense. You'd see some really neat fisticuffs then, my friend.

    Posted in: Is a penalty shootout the best way to determine the winner in the knockout stages of tournaments like the World Cup?

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    I read this as Be a Blank Stare... I guess it's much the same thing.


    Becoming a corporate drone can wait.

    Not in Japan; there's no waiting in Japan. Do it when you're supposed to or suffer the consequences. Even if you're a year out of college with no job, companies probably won't hire you as you're 'late.' If you're five years out of college, well, just ask a 45-year-old that has been laid off how easy it is to find work; even entry-level work.

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    No place for the networks to insert several minutes of commercials.

    On the ground, where people live, soccer is one of the more popular sports in the US. Americans play it in school up through high school because it's cheaper to administer and equip than either baseball or American football; and has more health benefits - 90 minutes of running vs occasionally move (baseball) or possible injury (football). Americans just don't grow up to watch it on TV.

    Posted in: How come soccer has never reached the popularity of baseball, basketball or the NFL in the U.S.?

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