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    How do young people moving to Tokyo cause population decline? I can see a population decline in the hinterlands, which is what I think this guy is trying to say, but a mobile population doesn't necessarily lead to a population decline.

    Plus, in 1979, a government official said the government was thinking of ways to decentralize the government so that fewer people had to move to Tokyo to work. 1979. 35 years ago. I guess we can safely say, Mission Accomplished!

    Posted in: Population decline is caused by a decrease in the number of women in their 20s and 30s, and the outflow of young people to Tokyo. We need to implement measures to stem the low birthrates and over-concentration of people in Tokyo.

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    all that refurbishing HAD to be paid for.

    If it was paid for by a private company (JR West), is there a problem? If it was paid for by a consortium of private companies (Wakura Onsen owners), is there a problem? If it was paid for by the town of Wakura, is there a problem? If it brings in high-paying customers from Kanazawa to Wakura Onsen, is there a problem?

    The main train to that area of the world stops before it gets to Wakura Onsen. People who want to continue on to Wakura onsen have to catch a bus or taxi and pay a bit more. If this train supplies alcohol and ambiance and pulls in some older, Richer, customers, it could be worth it, no? If it doesn't, then, well, wasted somebody's money.

    Posted in: Beautiful new luxury train dazzles with gold leaf and lacquer interior

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    Monaco hasn't had an army since the 17th century when it refused to join the arms race. Monaco gets the peace prize before Japan which has the world's 7th largest army.

    Posted in: Campaigners push for pacifist Japanese people to win Nobel Peace Prize

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    With all the safeguards the ex-general says is in place to prevent this in Japan, when it does happen, what will his excuse be? I'm guessing, 'The American influence.' Although I hope it doesn't happen.

    Posted in: Ex-JSDF commander: Mass murders by disturbed soldier could never happen in Japan

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    *why NOW ? *

    Usually on the anniversary of an unsolved crime the police put on a show for more information or tips. Since today is the 7th, it's what the police do. They definitely need more leads than a guy walking around a pachinko parlor and talking to a little girl. Who knows? He might've said, "Are you lost? Where's your father/mother?"

    Posted in: Police appeal for help to solve 1996 abduction of 4-year-old girl

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    How about having the penalty shoot out before the game starts? Then the losing team knows they have to score while the winning team can play awesome defense. You'd see some really neat fisticuffs then, my friend.

    Posted in: Is a penalty shootout the best way to determine the winner in the knockout stages of tournaments like the World Cup?

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    I read this as Be a Blank Stare... I guess it's much the same thing.


    Becoming a corporate drone can wait.

    Not in Japan; there's no waiting in Japan. Do it when you're supposed to or suffer the consequences. Even if you're a year out of college with no job, companies probably won't hire you as you're 'late.' If you're five years out of college, well, just ask a 45-year-old that has been laid off how easy it is to find work; even entry-level work.

    Posted in: 'Be a blank slate' - The way to get hired in Japan?

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    No place for the networks to insert several minutes of commercials.

    On the ground, where people live, soccer is one of the more popular sports in the US. Americans play it in school up through high school because it's cheaper to administer and equip than either baseball or American football; and has more health benefits - 90 minutes of running vs occasionally move (baseball) or possible injury (football). Americans just don't grow up to watch it on TV.

    Posted in: How come soccer has never reached the popularity of baseball, basketball or the NFL in the U.S.?

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    the 25-year-old Naka is a college graduate who's never had a job.

    So, what's the point of going to college? Waste time and money? Learn a marketable skill? By 25 most of my friends had been working part-time for ten years. We learned something about work and life in even the crappiest jobs so we started college - those of us who went - with a goal.

    Naka seems to be one of many young people who could have profited by not going to college but by getting a part-time job straight out of high school until they discovered what it was they really wanted to do.

    Posted in: Akihabara’s first rental nerd looking to cash in on his jobless status

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    Actually, my car is driverless 90% of the time (parked) but I'm sure if someone were to hit it with their car, I would be 10% responsible because my car was 'there.' So if a driverless car were to hit a parked driverless car, then who is responsible?

    Also, according to the US Supreme Court, if a corporation is a human, then maybe a driverless car can be one, too?

    Posted in: Some automakers are working with tech companies to develop driverless cars, but legal liability for accidents remains vague. In the event of an accident involving a driverless car, who do you think should be liable?

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    Where there is space, i.e. outside of Tokyo, there are outdoor cafés. One in my neighborhood is designated as the smoking area but the rest are open to intelligent people. All have patio umbrellas and a couple have signs that say "Watch out for tombi. They'll steal your food." If JT would get out of town once in awhile, they might realize Tokyo is not the only place in Japan.

    Posted in: Why are there so few open-air cafes in Japanese cities?

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    I think the police would have an easier time getting a conviction if they arrested him for attempted murder rather than murder, since the daughter isn't dead yet.

    Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing 15-year-old daughter in Fukushima

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    Anyone who has needed off-the-manual information at a store of any kind in Japan knows this to be true. Ask a man and get a wasted hour of teeth-sucking. Ask a woman and get the answer. Usually. Unless the store demands the women get the information from their (male) superiors.

    Posted in: Men being outperformed by women in workplace

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    Are there other kinds of windows besides glass? Wooden windows, for example?

    Posted in: Glass windows and toilets found broken at Saitama aquarium

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    So it is going to be called Kindai Dai in Japanese? Not to confuse it with Kindai (Kanazawa University ~ the Kana being 'gold' thus also having a 'kin' pronunciation.) Or will it be called Kin Dai 2? Kindaidai? Kin Die! Die!

    Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name

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    I asked a retired Japanese banker who worked for 20-plus years in New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai why Tokyo wasn't a financial hub. He said that language was a big part. Those cities can find workers who speak more than one language for even a secretarial position.

    Not just language in the office but in doing something as simple as calling a stationery store to order up a ream of paper ~ the foreign executive in Japan who doesn't speak Japanese probably can't do it whereas in Hong Kong or Singapore, English would be acceptable.

    How will Masuzoe handle that particular problem? By limiting Japanese nationals who work in the Special District to those who can speak three language fluently?

    Good luck to him and I hope he succeeds. I also hope he realizes the entire country has to change, not just a special district ala Dejima.

    Posted in: Tokyo governor unveils plan to lure foreign business talent

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    I wonder if the next step is to allow the suspect a lawyer to sit in on all interrogations. That would really put a crimp in their 99% conviction rate if the suspect was defended by a lawyer. It would force the prosecution to do some investigation for something called 'evidence.'

    The man in today's news who was convicted of killing his 5-month-old son because a judge thought it odd he didn't call the police was released because medical evidence didn't match up with the crime. The man mentioned in this article who was framed by the police, the prosecutors, and two of the three judges.

    Defense lawyers and taping interrogations might've prevented these police-generated injustices.

    Posted in: Police may film interrogations under new proposals

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    I would agree with Harvey if he were to leave Japan; leave it for the Japanese and never come back. Probably won't happen because his home country scares him so. Or is he the 'right' kind of immigrant?

    I, on the other hand, enjoy hearing different languages in a supermarket or hearing people speaking Hindi in an Indian curry shop, Spanish in a Mexican restaurant, or Korean in a Korean BBQ rather than, again and again UK or US Teen-English (Like, you know?).

    Also, if you think about it, the very English culture of fish and chips originally came from, are you ready? Immigrants.

    A Jewish immigrant, Joseph Malin opened the first recorded combined fish-and-chip shop in London in 1860

    (Wikipedia, of course.)

    And yes, there are downsides to people of different cultures lurking in each others' countries. There are ignorant people everywhere and I suspect, if Japan were to be as accepting of their own minorities (who are culturally and genetically the same as non-minority Japanese), it will be forced on them by finances rather than being politically correct or listening to non-Japanese insist on cultural diversity.

    Posted in: Tokyo must embrace diversity and inclusion to avoid a bleak future

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    Perhaps idiot Kono doesn't understand the meaning of require. That's being polite. I'm sure the Fuk Labor Bureau thought that if they just urged high schools to snitch on their graduates that later they (the Fuk Lab Bur) could say

    We had absolutely no intention of forcing people to disclose their diseases or disorders. We're sorry for having invited misunderstanding.

    Thereby avoiding all responsibility; just as they hoped. Do they also urge high schools to require students with HIV, polio, and other diseases to reveal their medical history? Does the Fuk Labor Bur realize that Japan is in the 1950s when it comes to diseases like cancer & epilepsy? i.e. Shame on the victim Oooh, keep away. Unclean! Unclean! In other words, the Fuk Labo Bureau are idiots.

    Posted in: We had absolutely no intention of forcing people to disclose their diseases or disorders. We're sorry for having invited misunderstanding.

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    Great story that I'm sure he'll being dining out in the izakayas all over Nichinan.


    No one stopped to pick up the old man?! People really suck sometimes.

    Late at night, a disheveled old man with one boot on, messed up hair, wet clothes, waving in the dark on a desolate road. You'd pick him up?

    Posted in: 71-year-old man gets swept into sea, shows up at home a day later needing cash to pay for taxi

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