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    As Pandabelle indicated - most wasabi bought & consumed in Japan (and elswhere) is not wasabi.

    Usually it is a concoction of horseradish, mustard & food coloring. When I heard this a few years back - my sister in Australia told me - I said to her that may well be the case in plebby Oz, but in Japan we(most people here) only use the real mcoy. Shock / Horror to discover on my return that we the people have been misled.

    I'm sure many of the self titled Nihon Ryori aficionados are also unaware, that the subtle/not-so-subtle volatilities of wasabi they so longingly love - are not that.

    As for mixing soy-sauce (I'm a ponzu snob - esp yuzupon) and wasabi, fake or real, each to their own.

    Of course high-end sashimi should be treated as the delicacy it is and care taken with condiments - meaning using real wasabi sparingly.

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    west co - the situation in syria / iraq are completely irrelevant in this discussion - strawman supreme.

    This articles focus is amnesty's criticism of Japan's human rights recognition esp those of police detainees. The U.N. also has been critical of the same processes, which all indicates that there is more than likely a realistic cause to further analyze, discuss and pursue the truth in seeking justice for those who deserve it.

    Japan's detention system is wrought with irregularities and open to abuse. This is not based on hearsay and is well recorded. The Japanese legal world is one of the biggest critics of the Japanese system.

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    As the national broadcaster of the people - NHK - their cowering is evident by their reluctance to tackle the hard stuff.

    I was particularly disappointed last year at the personal / professional attack last year on Closeup Gendai anchor Hiroko Kuniya after she questioned LDP Suga. I felt so sorry for her being bullied and beaten in such a manner.

    The pathetic apologising by NHK president Momii to ldp could not happen in any major democracy I'm familiar with.

    If this is the voice of the people, I shudder to think what the voice of the govt is.

    Self-Censorship is a furphy. It's Aimed Censorship - no two ways about it.

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    All Fuel cell / Hybrid / Electric only technologies will succeed in the long term. This is a given.

    Hanger-ons to gasoline / diesel as the viable future, will be following the path of B&W cathode ray TVs.

    Costs will decline, infra-structure will progress, technology will develop.

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    Ch3 -

    point 1 - the democratic world is not america

    point 2 - research a little wider re the details in america

    point 3 - the current situation in Japan has been criticized by many Japanese esp legal fraternity

    point 4 - what is your point?

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    volland - I think it's entirely appropriate to comment on a subject even if we have not been directly affected.

    It's called "taking an interest in our wider community".

    Heaven forbid if we can't offer opiniions on Fukushima because we were / are not there or impacted directly.

    And as citizens living here we have a right to comment and as lay-persons or interested observers we don't have any obligation to solve the problem - as opposed to the govt & tepco inc.

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    I agree warispeace.

    The fact that the chickens are fed yuzu peel creating a citrus flavour & aroma egg doesn't necessarily produce a healthier egg or a happier chicken.

    In reality, Yamasaki farm chickens are battery hens just like the majority of chickens in Japan (and elsewhere), and fed processed food, hormones, medicines etc in cramped unnatural conditions.

    Now if the article focused on one of the excellent free range egg farms of Kochi, then I'd have much more to cackle about.

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    Completely different origins, but this dispute is so similar to that of the northern territories, in that one of the contending parties is actually in possession of the said islands, ie they have citizens living there and the state controls and monitors the sites.

    In such a case, it will be impossible for Japan to reclaim sovereignty by any peaceful means, as the current govt of Korea and any future administrations have far too much to lose domestically. A return would be suicidal and possibly put related members and officials in deadly situations.

    And I am for one assuming there is no way a military solution is being entertained, which leaves the existing state to remain as it is.

    I'm not arguing who has the best historical proof, maps, records etc, right or wrong, I'm just saying there's no way Korea will give Takeshima to Japan.

    The only very weak chance for change, is for a pact of shared administration to be created, but I doubt that will happen for the above mentioned reasons.

    World History- from ancient to modern - is littered with territorial disputes with winners & losers. This is no different and in this case Korea is the winner and Japan is the loser. And no amount of crying is going to change that.

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    When I first came here, my nice middle-aged neighbours had a moggy called "cat".

    At first I thought it was a nickname and they were saying "cat, cat" like some people say "here kitty" or "neko-chan".

    But no, it's real name was "cat" - they thought it was cool to have an english name.

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    rik314 - sorry to hear your kids suffered under the "relaxed education" era. I hope they are doing ok now.

    However I'm of the belief that it's individual schools, their principals, teachers, auxillary staff, and school community's way iof thinking and acting that has a much greater influence on a child's education. The way in which htey interact with children, they way in which they organize and execute a rounded curriculum, the way in which they use the time and resources available to them, the way in which they can elaborate upon what they see as desirable educational goals (in short what are the roles of schools and needs of kids). While schools are constrained by the ropes of Monbusho and the blinkereed expectations of society, from my experience & observations, the good schools, while accomodating such bounds, are able to think and act outside of the box and offer stimulating opportunities. Sadly many schools don't and for fear of failure or ridicule, follow the standard line - often preached by PTAs - that more rote learning in more classroom time is best.

    It's already been a proven a simplistic and incorrect model. The highest achieving standardized test scoring prefecture is Akita - and it has been well noted that it's approach to education has not been to follow the ideas of the "enlightened ones" and cram the kids with more nonsense. In fact individual Akita schools have been highly praised and researched for their "relaxed" styles, group teaching, small classes and focus on the kids "as the center of education" approach.

    If anyone believes a few extra hours a month on odd Saturday mornings holds the key to success in life, then they needs to do some of their own serious re-evaluation on what constitutes education.

    And of course jukus will thrive on all the uncertainty, prerssure and stress placed upon children - pitting all against all - in the ugly scramble to supposed superiority by drilling kids to get the passes required for higher elevation, appeasing the parents who pay handsomely for this.

    Glad my daughter's old enough now to have missed the return to the clouded notion of more is more and more is more best!

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    Last night I asked my elderly friend - a doctor - whose pacificist father was a doctor dragooned into the war and rotted to death in New Guinea - this question after reading it yesterday.

    His answer was "Guilt".

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    volland - re reading - you will note gas stations greater ability to service is mentioned.

    sangetsu - hydrogen was mentioned - fuel cells. & the studies you mentioned are not supported by all.

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    Some very very cheap packages out there for smart phones.

    My new(?) model was 3 years old, so it was ¥0. I had a new i-pad thrown in for nix, and the monthly cost is minimal.

    I never wanted a smart phone but had to change, and now I'd never go back to a small screen flip keitai.

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    Who would have thought that the president of an aerospace - defense consultancy based in Japan, would be supportive of the govt's desire to increase and modernize it's defensive / offensive / military capacity.

    It's not like there is any sniff of a vested interest in hte air.

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    I have had discussions a few years back with Chinese University students and teachers here re the "Sanko Sakusen" campaign under the guidance of that cheerful historical figure General Okumura.

    It seems all / most Chinese people know of these atrocities. I was surprised when discussing this, when one Japanese teacher joining in on the discussion, mentioned that well, yes - but The Chinese Nationalists (Chiang Kai & buddies) killed many too. As if somehow that exonerated the Japanese Military.

    With the endless stream of "Buts" that gush forth from locals, it's no wonder that Japan's wartime past doesn't stop haunting the nation.

    The Chinese friends I've made here have forgiven (I think) but they haven't forgotten.

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    Reformed - I'm waiting for x-ray vision specs.

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    mocheake - actually I like the zaniness of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant's name. And I like their music too. A real guitar band.

    Do you know how they got their name - one of the members (I think) heard mentioned the name of The Damned album, " Machine-Gun Etiquette" and thought it to be michelle gun elephant.

    Makes it even better.

    And imo Plastic Ono Band couldn't have been named better.

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    Very dry & wry humour. Love it.

    Esp when marxist(?) founder Furusawa said he bought a Benz off the proceeds. Classic!

    On another note, something I never thought about at all as Valentines has always been such a light affair, was when my friends son said the other day he hates valentines day. He is late 20s ~ 30 I guess and has never had a girlfriend or even been on a real date. He's a nice guy but very shy and a bit nervy. For him it reinforces negativities and inequalities and that he is missing out on what millions take for granted. In his case he actually wants to find love, happiness, grow a family etc, unlike many who apparently aren't interested. I made a joke about it with him and we all chuckled a little, but I could feel his sadness.

    Just gotta find a nice girl to introduce him to, but ....hmmmm!

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    All Stale bread.

    Rightfully or Wrongfully the N.T will never be "given" back by Russia. No amount of costumery and kabuki will change Russia's stance.

    Fact - Russia occupies the isalnds with 10,000s living there - and increasing I once read.

    Fact - they have way too much to lose - strategic zones, resources and of course "face". Could you even begin to imagine the domestic hell a return would create for any Russian president. Who would do that?

    Fact - Japan has little to bargain with (that we know of).

    Sabre rattling days are as the title indicates - a play for the natives, a nationalistic charade.

    Being humble and accepting a smaller piece of the pie is probably the only realistic chance Japan has to secure any title. And I'm not suggesting Russia is right, just saying how it is.

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    CH3 - thank you.

    But I disagree. Yes - all have blood on their hands - ALL. There's no escaping it.

    But I can't go past the words & actions of Weizsaecker (posted earlier). It's not about apportioning blame to allay condemnation from other undoubtedly guilty parties.

    It's about confronting ones own demons. Others will have to face there own at some stage (China?....), but grasping the negativities of ones own history, showing understanding and contrition will in the long term realize the catharsis necessary to progress.

    Sure, all the information re the horrors of war is not to be trusted 100%, but using examples of that and others terrible actions to waterdown and / or deny, is simply copping out.

    At the moment the topic is Japan's war time acts of terror. So Japan should deal with it.

    Read Weizsaecker.

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