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    The headline is sensationalist, but the truth is that this is standard advice for disaster preparation. No matter how efficient the government response is, it's sensible to be ready to manage on your own for at least a week, longer if possible. Depending on your own family situation, you should have a supply of baby formula and water, nappies, sanitary pads, pet food, medication, not to mention a supply of ready-to-eat/easy-to-prepare food, water, batteries, bandages and a radio. Also a gas-canister cooking ring and yes, TP.

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    an officer that has a license to kill

    We're talking about a plod in a backwater, not 007.

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    Mr cleo loves Kitkat, he buys them by the bag and I have to get in quick if I want one.

    They are very popular. You just don't see people eating on the streets.

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    Brown sealed his fate by stealing those cigars, everything else is irrelevant. Because had he NOT done that, he would still be here. Bottom line!

    I'm shaking my head at the obtuseness on display here.

    1) The police say Wilson did not know about the robbery.

    2) There is no evidence that Wilson 'saw the cigars in Brown's hand'. He pulled the youths over (and swore at them) for walking in the middle of the street.

    3) There is no evidence that the altercation at the police car had anything to do with the cigars.

    4) Not even in America does the law say that the penalty for stealing a box of cigars is summary execution.

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    When you don't know how the use the English language properly

    Have you heard any audio of Brown talking? (and coming from you, insistence on proper use of the English language is quite funny)

    and have your pants sagging, showing your underwear

    From the store video, it seems Brown was wearing tshirt and shorts, not exceptional on a hot summer's day. No sign of his underwear as far as I can see.

    bucking the system, listening to vile lyrics, taking a bad attitude towards women

    Walking down the street, yes that was Bad. No mention I can find of him listening to any kind of lyrics vile or otherwise, and no women in range for him to take any kind of attitude towards.

    and using profanity like it's a normal to talk on an everyday basis,

    I understand it was the cop who came along effing and blinding from the start.

    dropping out of school,

    Brown had graduated just days before.

    getting girls pregnant, having kids everywhere and then not willing to take care of them,

    How many kids did Brown leave?

    all fits into the narrative that Blacks don't care.

    No, what it all fits into is the narrative that when you see some people, you don't see individuals you see some Black people. In that little tirade you tell us much more about yourself than you tell us about Michael Brown or the section of American society that calls itself African-American. Shame on you.

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    According to Mr Belmar (St Louis County Police Chief), there was a distance of 35ft between Mr Wilson and Mr Brown when he was shot.

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    The street where his body was laying and the liquor store-both crime scenes.

    The crime committed in the store was shoplifting/theft. So what crime was committed in the street?

    6 Foot 4 inches and almost 300 pounds is NOT unarmed, NOT at all!

    Against a gun? I beg to differ.

    I'm NOT ruling anything or believing anything until the investigation is complete.

    That's good to hear. Or at least it would be if you didn't immediately contradict yourself: one kid is dead because of his actions .... personally, I do not believe the charges will stick

    Like I said, all over the place.

    And what charges are these that you don't believe will stick? What charges have been made?

    the fact is, there is a huge problem in the Black community here in the states.

    And that makes it OK for any random cop to shoot dead any random teenager, simply because of the colour of his skin? Because he might be in a gang? Because he might come from a single-parent home? Because he might drop out of school? Because he might make an out-of-wedlock baby? I think your statement would make as much sense - more, perhaps - if you omitted the 'in the Black community'.

    It's called a debate

    No, a debate is when you argue about a particular topic. What you do is drag in all kinds of unrelated stuff, claim people have said things they haven't said and veer off at unexplainable tangents. And your sarcasm radar is permanently switched off.

    People who need a gun to be a tuff guy aren't all that tuff.

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    Meaning that the shooting itself is a crime scene. The crime: stealing cigars

    The crime of stealing cigars did not happen in the street. I'm amazed that you say you work in journalism, your use of language is less than sterling. The shooting is an incident, possibly a crime. It is not a crime scene. The crime scene is the street, and the crime that occurred there is the killing of an unarmed youth.

    please look harder, it's out there, cleo.

    ... as a journalist, I have a bit more access to information.

    Come on, which is it? The information is out there for anyone who looks, or I have to be a journalist with a 'bit more access' to information?

    This is true, because of the death threats she's received from the mob and why should she if she is in fear for her life, she shouldn't have to go underground and worry about possible reprisals.

    If she were a kosher eyewitness I'd expect her to go to the police, not to call in anonymously to some radio show. Anyone can make a phone call and claim to have seen something. Zero credibility.

    Oh, please! Europe is a great blend of melting pot?? I don't think so, not even close

    No one is claiming Europe is a melting pot, and it isn't any more relevant to this topic than Japan or Asia or South America or Antarctica is. We're talking about America. Do try to stay on topic.

    There is a problem that NO ONE wants to talk about socially and even many of the libs here on JT and that is the gang culture and the high out of control single Black family homes and births out of wedlock and the killings of Black on Black crime.

    Was Brown engaged in gang activity when he was shot? No. So gang activity would seen to be irrelevant to this particular incident. Was Brown from a single-parent home? I don't know, but he took his father's name and his father appears to have been around, so again, irrelevant. Was this a black-on-black crime? No it wasn't, so again, irrelevant.

    Are you sure you're in journalism? Because you seem unable to stick to the topic at hand. You're all over the place.

    you should see what the cops do in Brazil and South Africa, but again...


    if a big guy like that were to attack me and there was no other way out...

    There is no evidence at all that there was 'no other way out' for the officer who shot Brown. Far from it. But we get it, you're a tuff guy.

    When you have a gun.

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    No one was killed in the store

    Don't try to be cute, bass. You have said more than once that the street on which Brown's body was left lying for hours was a 'crime scene'. So, what crime was committed there?

    There are conflicting reports on both sides

    Sorry, but I cannot find any links to all these eyewitness reports that say Brown was rushing the officer, or that the officer appeared to be in any kind of danger. Would you like to point me in the right direction? If not, I can assume it's because there are no such eyewitnesses? All I can find is 'evidence' from someone who played sports with Wilson and wasn't at the scene, and some woman who phoned a local radio show and wouldn't give her full name.

    My brother is a cop, I have been on many ride alongs reporting on gangs

    American cops are allowed to take relatives out with them when they're working?? Wow. How totally unprofessional.

    like with every profession you have some bad apples

    Like the ones who shoot young people dead who are some distance away and unarmed.

    Sorry, cleo, but the main cause of death for Black teens is other Blacks

    I really do not care what colour skin any person, cop or member of the public, might have. It's just not the way I see the world, sorry. We're all just people. What I see is Americans killing Americans. If you see things differently (and I understand lots of Americans do) ... well then, so much for the myth of the 'melting pot'.

    cops killing people is not out of control as you might think

    This one appears to have been.

    Before you say something, try and go out and do what a cop does and see what they see and let's try again.

    My daughter and her husband are both cops here in Japan. Granted, different culture altogether, but they are both appalled at the idea of drawing a gun on an unarmed member of the public standing at a distance.

    I too, am trained in the usage of firearms, I totally understand the power of a gun.

    The relevance of that statement being ....? As far as I'm aware you are not in the frame for shooting Brown or any other young person, either legitimately in order to safe your own life or the life of a member of the public, or in panic.

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    The crime was committed when Brown went into the store and stole the cigars

    That would make the store the crime scene, surely. Not the street with a dead body on it.

    If the officers life was indeed in danger

    If the unarmed youth was indeed several yards or more away from the police officer, it's hard to imagine that the police officer was in any danger of getting his hair ruffled, never mind his life being in danger.

    and felt that his life was in serious jeopardy and the officer felt the need to use his firearm in order to save his life, then the shooting was justified

    So....any twitchy, paranoid cop that sees a monster in any and every youth of greater than average build with perhaps a sassy mouth and, who knows, maybe a shoplifting habit, is justified in shooting to kill any and every well-built young person who gives them a bit of lip? Any cop who gets jumpy around what s/he sees as the lower classes has no business being a cop.

    There can be a very wide gap between "indeed in danger" and "feeling that his life was in serious jeopardy."

    It's the same reasoning that got Yoshi Hattori killed in Louisiana. The same reasoning that gets far too many young people legally killed in Florida by adults who 'feel' threatened. The difference is that a cop is supposedly trained to deal with such situations with greater maturity and responsibility. To protect and serve, not to panic, aim and fire.

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    We don't know what happened.

    We do know that a police officer shot and killed an unarmed youth. You've said yourself more than once that this was 'a crime scene'. So what crime do you think was committed here? If the officer was justified in shooting and killing an unarmed member of the public, doesn't that mean there was no crime? What crime do you think was committed?

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    The idea of living in a high-rise condo in downtown Tokyo makes for a nice daydream.

    Wow, they lost me in the very first sentence. More like a concrete nightmare. One of the last places I would choose to live.

    I'd choose where I live now - well, I did choose, obviously. Definitely not the city, not downtown, not high-rise. If you want more city-like amenities (the shopping facilities mentioned in the article, plus green spaces and parks for kids) I understand the outskirts of Inzai in Chiba fit the bill. Matsuyama has a nice, laid-back atmosphere, as does Toyama which also has plenty of fresh seafood if that's your thing. I think people in the survey named the place where they live - like CrazyJoe reminds us, Home is Where the Heart Is.

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    the father had thrown his son into Masaoka's arms as he saw the second wave of mud and rocks beginning to cascade down the hillside. He then watched helplessly as the suffocating tide swallowed both the child and his would-be rescuer. The bystander said the grief-stricken father remained where he was, just shouting his son's name. He was left unscathed by the landslip that claimed the young boy's life.

    That is so sad. That poor father. He thought he was doing the right thing.

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    So who is the biological mother?

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    I'm not going to listen to an uncivilized rioters to impede a proper investigation

    Do you have any reason to believe that the eyewitnesses who said Brown was not moving towards the police officer when he was shot were uncivilized rioters?

    I hope you know that after Brown was killed that whole street became a crime scene

    What crime was committed, do you think?

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    How did you celebrate the Relief of Mafeking? ; )

    Didn't even hear about it - no telly, remember. :-)

    And when we did get a telly, there were no programmes until the afternoon because of course everyone was too busy to sit and watch it during the day.

    I remember my Mum buying special photo paints to turn B&W photos into colour photos.

    And when I got my first summer job as a teenager and splurged the money on a new-fangled transistor radio, my Mum couldn't stand the endless pop music blaring out and went round pulling all the electric plugs out of the sockets trying to find the one my radio was plugged into.

    It was all good. But now is way better.

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    I have vague memories of looking through a neighbour's window watching them watching the telly, before we got our own.....walking to the public phone box at the end of the street to make calls before we got our own (party) Mum being ecstatic to get her own electric washing machine with automatic wringers....keeping milk and butter cool on a dampened concrete shelf in the pantry before we got a fridge....having one small room in the house dedicated to coal storage for the fire and hot water....recording episodes of Coronation Street on a reel tape recorder for my Mum when she couldn't be home to watch it....and not all that long ago, phoning home to the UK stopwatch in hand because anything over a few minutes cost an arm and a leg.

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    Yes I am and yes I do, though sometimes is the operative word. With the kids grown and far-flung, it's great being able to keep in touch with them and other far-distant friends and family. We live in very convenient times, and I don't think I would want to go back.

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    What is a "recycling shop" and why would anyone break into one...?

    Basically, a second-hand shop where people go to sell stuff they don't want and buy stuff that other people didn't want. A good proportion of the stuff is essentially brand-new (still in the original box, seals unbroken etc.).

    The Japanese custom of gift-giving twice a year means lots of folk have good-quality stuff that doesn't suit their taste or style, or that they already have plenty of and would rather have cash for.

    If you have one near you, it's probably worth a wander around every so often. You can pick up some real bargains from among the chaff. Brand-new quality towels, bedding and tableware, but also other stuff - brand-name bags, kimono, game soft/hard, sports gear, jewellery. In recent months I bought a new air-purifier/humidifier at less than a third of the retail price, and for years now have been using an exercise bike I bought for ¥2,000 (retail price pushing 100,000yen) - not brand-new, but whoever had it before me hadn't used it much.

    I suppose breaking into one is a bit like breaking into a pawnbrokers...?

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    I agree with both Strangerland and Jeff. No one else's business assuming that the rights of all (and especially the child) are properly protected; but with so many children and babies in children's homes and orphanages around the world literally crying out for someone to take them home and love them, I don't see the point.

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