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    There are more than enough cops in Japan and they work 12 hour shifts in my area.

    My daughter and sil are both officers and I know for a fact that young recruits and those on koban duty do 30-hour shifts. After promotion sil is now on basically 9-5, 5 days a week, but he still has to do his share of night duty (following a full day on duty) and weekend duty.

    There are not enough cops, which is probably why some losers get through the net.

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    I'm amazed at all the thumbs-down people are getting for pointing out that you're supposed to pay and that you're technically a thief if you don't. Also a bit surprised at all the thumbs-up my post got. Maybe because I said we cancelled. Well when we got a new telly, we started paying again. So now all those of you proud that you don't pay and are gratuitously rude to the collectors can thumb me down.

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    I am curious if anyone who has been a part of paying this fee has ever been able to cancel that payment. I have never heard that anyone has.

    When broadcasting switched over to digital, lots of people who hadn't bothered/gotten around to buying new tellies cancelled their NHK subscription. We did. All it took was a phone call, which was handled very politely, and a week or so later the unused part of our subscription fee was returned to the bank account it had been paid out of.

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    it needs protecting from rude people who are Korean that are posting vile evil stickers

    What's vile and evil about giving the directionally-challenged directions?

    Sticking up notices saying that the stickers are vile and evil and telling people to remove them, just because they're Korean, seems more vile and evil to me.

    I'd be more interested in seeing a photo of the Korean sign than the Japanese one.

    Mister Google is your friend. :-)

    I can't see anything objectionable in the round stickers. The square one seems to be a bit bigger and has 'Korea' printed on it in English, I can't really see the point of that.

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    Why is it silly to pay 300,000 yen for a couple mangoes, but oh so cool to pay 300,000 yen for a bottle of wine?

    It could be argued that the bottle of wine will keep, and in a couple of years can be sold off at a profit to some other fool who hasn't realised that wine is for drinking, while in less than a couple of weeks the mangos will be compost. Or manure.

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    Go to the Caribbean or East Indies and you can pick mangoes from almost any grove, pay a dollar for four

    But a return flight to the Caribbean would cost more than ¥300,000.

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    Crows are an important part of the natural ecology. Leave em alone.

    the hunters simply dump a large amount of steamed potato peels into a field and wait for the birds to come and feed.

    That isn't hunting.

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    I guess you are unaware of scholarships and the like.

    There are very few non-returnable scholarships in Japan. Certainly not enough to say that they are 'the system'.

    it is all about getting bums on uni seats and collecting their tuition

    I think you're talking about private schools and colleges - well yes, they're businesses and they need the money, and for some (not all) making ends meet is more important than maintaining high standards. (Though some private schools do have bursaries and scholarship programmes, so they aren't all about the money and nowt but the money). I'm talking about state education, which is already cheaper than private and has no problem putting 'bums on seats'. From comments you've made in the past about the academic level/social attitudes of your students, I gather you work in a 'bums on seats' place. That doesn't mean every other educational institution in the country is at the same level.

    I don't play silly little games comparing myself and trying to keep up or ahead of the Jones'.

    You mean like trumpeting about how independent you are, with your personal savings and private pension?

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    Japan killed 251 minke whales during the 2014 Antarctic hunt

    251 too many.

    the 12-4 majority judged that it wasn't up to snuff.

    The 12-4 majority judged that the whaling programme was not planned or carried out for purposes of scientific research

    ICJ criticized that the number of whales hunted by Japan was too small.

    No it didn't. It pointed out that although the initial quota was huge, the actual numbers taken were low and so were of little use in achieving the stated aims of the 'research' for which the huge numbers were claimed to be necessary (why else have such huge quotas?). Despite this, the icr made no attempt at all to revise its research aims - this is what the ICJ criticised.

    The whalers caught no fin whales during the hunt also no humpbacks, yet one of the stated aims of the 'research' is "modelling competition among whale species". They took only one species of whale, from which it is impossible to carry out any kind of "modelling competition among whale species", making it obvious that research was not the purpose of the harpoon fest.

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    No trash cans anywhere

    There used to be plenty of rubbish bins. I think it was the Aum sarin attack that cleared them off the streets.

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    You suggested FREE university. I guess you only want it for the few select that can afford juku, the right schools, the right prep tests and the like to get them through the process?

    I suggested subsidised university for those with the ability. As part of the same packet I also suggested more flexible curricula in schools and greater scope for non-academic kids to be successful without needing a university degree. I also suggested that juku should be shut down. If people think each kid is going to cost them a considerable fortune to educate to an acceptable level - at the moment that involves those juku, right schools, tests and the like that neither of us like - then they're less likely to think they can afford to have kids.

    a system where it is free for some but others pay? .... that is the system already


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    There were tears from some of the other infants as introductions were made

    Must have been baby republicans.

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    A more important job at home? No judgement though, right?

    If she makes that decision, then yes that is her judgement. She might decide that going back to work and earning money to pay for their education is more important. That would be her judgement, too.

    I decided to ignore it because I know how the system works here and know that unis here wouldn't scale back on student enrollment numbers.

    There would be no need for private unis to scale back on enrollment numbers. If the academically gifted were the only ones getting non-returnable grants to go to uni, the rest of the students, the not-so-gifted, would either pay their way as they do now (ie their parents pay, in most cases), or opt for the less academic avenues, vocational learning, trade, etc., that were also mentioned as part of the package.

    And rather than just leave it at that, you have to comment that you think what you have trumps what I have? There's that judgement again...

    And I'm assuming that you think what you have trumps what I have. Am I wrong?

    Gee, three kids... would that make my life trump yours?

    Not if you didn't want them.

    doesn't matter as long as each is happy with what they have

    Again, I don't see what you are seeing the need to take issue with. You made your choices, I made my choices, we're both happy (aren't we?). So what's the problem? How do my choices threaten you?

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    The tax thing and what you first wrote and what you wrote later was not the same. You seemed to suggest that both people were not taxed - they are. When one is working.

    When both are working, both are taxed. When one is working, the one who is not working gets a free pension and the one who is working gets tax/health care subsidies to support the one who is not working. Splitting the family income between the two, removing subsidies and having them pay their way would go a long way towards dealing with the problems you and I have with regard to non-working, childless women who at the moment are getting a free ride.

    If folks can afford to have someone stay home, great. But they need to pay to support that choice. I have zero issues with women staying home - and eating sweets and watching TV - if they are paying for that choice. This has been explained before.

    I don't care if hubby pays, just so long as ordinary working people don't have to. As I say, we are on the same page here.

    my suggestion wouldn't mean teachers work longer hours

    lol. Wishful thinking. This is Japan.

    If parents aren't around, day camps. Just like home.

    It might be just like your home, but I have no experience of day camps. I have no idea if they're good or bad.

    Times have changed Cleo. Surely you can see that with your daughter, who works FT, no?

    She works FT but is at present in the middle of a 3-year ikuji kyuka, so she's at home with a one-year-old and a soon-to-be 4 year old. For the first child she took just one year off and learned for herself that it was not long enough. In another two years, who knows? She may decide she doesn't want to put her toddler in day care, that she can do a better and more important job at home chasing after two tinies than out on the street chasing villains. Either way it will be her choice and she will have the full support of both sets of parents whichever way she chooses.

    I read the ability comment but...

    ....but you decided to ignore it because it didn't suit your platform?

    I know you were a mom when I was a child. It was a long time ago. You know,around the time VCRs first came out, microwaves weren't an everyday thing... Setting your kid in front of the TV to play games for hours on end...

    You crack me up, you really do. Sorry to burst your time bubble, but VCRs and microwaves were around and an everyday thing long before I was even married, never mind a Mum. I'm not sure if you're accusing me of sitting my kids in front of the TV to play games for hours on end (I didn't) or informing me of modern parenting practices, but those game machines have also been around a long, long time. We choose not to have one in the house until we reckoned the younger of our kids was old enough to control his gaming urges.

    At least I've got personal savings and pension.

    Each to his/her own, but I think what I have trumps what you have. We've made our choices, you're happy with what you have, I'm happy with what I have, and we'd both be happier if we had more of the things we treasure?

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    japan have to protect her children and should build its capabilities to destroy the opponent

    Collective self defence isn't about destroying the opponent, it's about attacking someone else's opponent.

    SamuraiBlue - I'm not saying that Article 9 should never ever be reviewed, just that in its present state it hasn't stopped past PMs (Koizumi) from using the Self-Defence forces in a manner that was not self-defence. For the sake of the personnel in uniform, Japan needs to stay well away from 'collective self-defence' aka helping America fight its wars of aggression.

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    So according to the site, people spend just 16,000 yen for housing?

    This is what happens when you use averages. Obviously there is no way people are paying 16,000 yen for housing.

    When you rent, you pay a fixed sum every month. That's expenditure. Let's say A pays 50,000 yen a month rent on his little one-room flat.

    When you take out a housing loan, the value of the property is offset against the loan; your monthly mortgage repayments count as a transfer of assets, not an expenditure. Let's say B repays 150,000 yen on the loan on his detached suburban.

    In sensible terms, the average amount spent on housing by A and B is (50,000 plus 150,000)/2=100,000 yen.

    In accounting terms, since B is supposedly just moving his assets around and not actually incurring an expense, the average amount spent on housing by A and B is (50,000 plus 0)/2=25,000 yen.

    The larger the proportion of home-buyers in the equation, the lower the average amount supposedly spent on housing.

    The same sleight of hand works with education expenses; people with no kids will have 0 education expenses, while a family with a couple of kids in school/uni are definitely not managing on the laughable 10,000 yen a month figure given in BuBuBu's link.

    The figures are less than meaningless, they are statistics.

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    Why cant we help our allies?

    Because Japan's current allies include a warlike nation with a history of false-flag ops, covert ops and sheer barefaced lying in order to start wars of choice. Japan should not lay herself open to being obliged to put the lives of her young people on the line in a battle of someone else's choosing and making.

    This isn't about going to war with some enemy half-way around the world. The Japanese government will not allow that anytime soon even without Article 9.

    They already sent troops to Iraq when it was a war zone, and sent ships full of fuel to support the US war effort in the Middle East, which was a direct violation of the spirit of Article 9. Japan should not be fighting America's (or anybody else's) wars. Seriously, no one is attacking the American homeland, and America does not need any help to protect her own lands, they spend more on military hardware than the rest of the world put together and no one with any kind of a brain is ever going to even contemplate any kind of military invasion. Abroad, she tends to be the aggressor not the defender, and fights the kind of fights that Japan should not touch with a 100-mile long plastic bargepole.

    If attacked, Japan has the right, the manpower and the hardware to defend herself without any change to the Constitution.

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    plenty of women at home who can easily be out earning their keep and paying taxes.

    The topic is What changes are needed to stem the falling birth rate, not Who should decide how other people spend their time. I really don't care if other people decide to go to work or stay at home if they can afford it, any more than I would care for other people telling me how I should spend my time and/or my money. The taxes thing I addressed, but you seem to insist on telling me I'm wrong - and then agreeing with me.

    Why not add more hours to the day and cut the number of days that kids attend a year? This would give families longer holidays to spend with their kids.

    I think that would be a very good idea, except that we know those 'longer holidays' would not be more time for parents to spend with their kids, because the parents would still be working all hours. It would end up with teachers having a longer working day, plus more days working over the year because they'd get roped in for extra 'club activities' to keep the kids off the streets during those longer holidays when parents aren't around.

    Stay at home moms, from what I have seen, often spend far less time with their kids than working moms

    Then what you've seen is different from what I've seen and experienced personally.

    There is where we disagree. Unis are letting in students who clearly have no business being in uni as it is. Making it free would only make it worse

    Again, you're reading only what you want to read and ignoring what I'm saying. I specifically said that uni should be free for those with the ability. Not for kids who clearly have no business being in uni. And i said that non-academic kids should be given other avenues. Again, you're taking issue on something we basically agree on.

    I do believe that the attitude of "everyone should go to uni" needs to change and be done away with - here and home. There is nothing wrong with a trade but there is a whole lot wrong with a society who is raising people to believe that uni education is the be all and end all

    No issue with that, I agree completely.

    Because let's be honest, many moms ARE spending their days eating bonbons and watching TV

    No. You described a bunch of 'yummy mummies' getting together for lunch - that's a break, not a whole day lounging around, and not every day. As a working lady, are there not times when you want a bit of R&R? Why should a mother be any different?

    You were a mom is a very different time Cleo. Things have changed. Washing machines take less time, some have roobma, some have dish washers...

    lol How long ago do you imagine I was raising my kids? Reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to them by gaslight and gathering firewood to heat the bath? Spreading rushes on the floor and taking the laundry down to the river?

    The good news is, the government is actually thinking of scrapping the benefits for parasite wives.

    That would be good news, but I won't hold my breath waiting for it to happen. When the DPJ got into power that was one of the first things they suggested, and it came to nothing.

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    In three and a half decades here, I have never seen a 'Japanese only/No foreigners' sign in the flesh, as it were. Then again I don't frequent red-light districts. I've never been turned away from or refused a booking at a hotel/ryokan on account of not being Japanese, though a few places have refused to accommodate a vegetarian, whether Japanese or non-Japanese.

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    It is more like a sudden rise in sea level, rather than an actual wave

    One way it was explained to me that was quite graphical and easy to understand was this:

    Next time you're having a bath, fill your washing bowl to the brim with water. That's the sea. Dabble your fingers in the water, see the ripples spread to the edges of the bowl, a few of them slopping over the edge. That's ordinary waves on a beach. Splash your hand about a bit more, see how more water splashes over the edge. That's storm waves. Kick the bowl over, watch all the water surge out at once and carry away your towel, soap, shampoo bottle. That's a tsunami.

    Where the washing-bowl explanation differs from a real tsunami of course is that the water from the bowl flows harmlessly down the drain, while the water in a tsunami, after it's surged up over the land, will return to the sea causing nearly as much damage on the way back as it did on the way in.

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