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    does anyone know if Japanese women have Vitamin D deficiencies?

    There was a feature on telly a while back that investigated the fact that many Japanese ladies are far too skinny, allowing themselves as little as 1500 calories a day, or less - for years. Stands to reason they have lots of deficiencies.

    But, covering themselves up from the sun - who does it harm? Why all the hate? So long as I'm not expected to cover up and sweat with them, others can wear whatever they like as far as I'm concerned.

    As for Why don't they just used sunscreen - if they're outside long enough to watch a couple of tennis matches, sunscreen just isn't going to do it. The effect fades after an hour or so at the most and you either have to slap it all on again, or get burned (voice of experience speaking).

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    if a background check is still not complete after three days — often because the FBI is awaiting information from local law enforcement agencies — the sale is allowed.


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    MSF should carefully consider whether it is worthwhile to squander the goodwill they've accumulated through their good works in order to achieve a bit of short-term smugness that a few of its high-profile members feel they'd achieve by playing politics.

    I don't know whether to be outraged by that comment or scared by it.

    Outraged at the suggestion that people performing humanitarian work in a war zone should keep schtum about being bombed in a hospital in case the 'good guys' who did it no longer feel goodwill toward them (lotta good that 'goodwill' did them).

    Outraged at the barely-veiled threat - Don't rock the boat if you know what's good for you.

    Outraged at the suggestion that complaining about being bombed in a hospital is 'playing politics' or amounts to a display of smugness.

    Scared by the thought that CrazyJoe isn't the only one to hold these views in all seriousness.

    No credible person believes that US forces intentionally attacked a hospital.

    Is it any more comforting to think that US forces simply bombed the place without checking first? - and presumably in the past have bombed other places full of innocent people who do not have the voice and standing of MSF, that we were assured were all dangerous terrorists, insurgents and Bad Guys? Hard to imagine this is the first time this kind of thing has happened. Makes me think many if not all of those 'terrorists shooting at us from the ground' incidents were in fact just weddings after all.

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    Whenever you let your cat out alone, you're exposing it to the danger of running into this kind of sicko. Keep your pets at home, people.

    This may be more than one person if they're operating in Tokyo and Chiba, or the same person (working in Tokyo and living in Chiba?). Either way it/they need to be caught and dealt with as quickly as possible.

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    I have been here for 17 years, making back payments would not make it worth me staying here anymore.

    You've had a free ride for 17 years? And you want sympathy?

    Which is better? Someone who can't afford to pay a crippling back payment and flees the country, or someone who stays and pays into the system from now on minus back payments?

    Is this a trick question? Isn't the correct answer someone who has paid into the system so far like they're supposed to and continues to pay into the system like they're supposed to?

    Those of you whining that you 'won't be here to collect a pension' - you do realise that the kokumin nankin also covers you for disability pension? You don't have to be old and grey.

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    Isn't the whole non-Japanese residents should/shouldn't be allowed to vote/have to pay residence taxes a bit OTT? There is no suggestion that the non-payer in the article who lost his dollies isn't Japanese by nationality or doesn't have the vote.

    He was supposed to pay. He didn't pay. They confiscated his toys and put them up for auction where they'll likely go for a fraction of what he paid for them, and vote or no vote, he'll still be in debt.

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    Do you like paying taxes ?

    Of course not. But I know I have to, and it's fair that i should. I don't want to have to subsidise people who don't/can't pay because they've spent their money on stuff they don't need.

    the person who had his stuff taken probably collected in the past when things were good. Perhaps he has lost his job and has trouble paying all the bills. Perhaps if someone comes and takes away your things you might look at it differently.

    No one is going to come and take my things away, because I didn't fail to pay my taxes. If he lost his job and suddenly found himself on hard times, he could discuss the matter with the tax authorities. He could sell the figurines himself to raise the money, or he could sell something else that he doesn't care for as much - and that might fetch a bit more than the meagre amount those plastic dolls will fetch.

    The only fair tax is a tax on goods and services.

    No, that is the least fair tax, as it consumes a larger proportion of the income of the poor. Progressive taxation based on income is way more fair.

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    No sympathy at all. If you can't afford to pay your way (=pay your taxes), you can't afford to squander your cash on a hobby, whether it's geeky figurines or anything else. Pay what you have to pay first (what we all have to pay), and if there's anything left after you've met all your commitments, chuck it away on whatever takes your fancy.

    But seriously, if what this person 'cares about most' is a pile of sad little figurines, he needs help.

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    you remind me of Senator Diane Feinstein when she said that collecting call records doesn't count as surveillance if the actual conversations aren't recorded

    Private correspondence is the same as buying a lethal weapon? No. Your logic is lacking.

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    That depends on what your definition of a problem is.

    Nutters walking around with guns, shooting kids in schools, shoppers in malls, colleagues in offices, is a problem.

    the only way is to confiscate all guns.

    Hold on to that thought. It's the first good idea you've had in a long time.

    California, Oregon, Chicago and NY have some of THE most heaviest and strictest gun laws out there, but it hasn't done squat to curb a lot of the violence.

    In a land where guns are readily available in most places, having a few places where people have to register/go through a background check in order to buy is no more effective than the 'non-smoking' areas of Japanese restaurants, separated from the smoking areas by ... nothing. The only solution is to stay out of such restaurants and go to ones where the whole place is strictly non-smoking, if you want to enjoy your meal.

    Gun free zones and mentally challenged loons are the problems.

    The whole of Japan is a gun-free zone, and there's no shortage here of mentally-challenged loons, I'm sure. Why do you think the US has so many? And how do they get to kill so many people going about their daily lives? I've asked you before, and you've never given a coherent answer. Par for the course, but could you try? Why so many nutters in America?.

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    Are you sure of population count? 150 M is almost twice Japan's population. Where all those people living?

    The population of Japan is a little under 128 million. At 156.6 million to be exact, the population of Bangladesh is nowhere near 'almost twice'. Most of those 156.6 million live in ....Bangladesh.

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    take some of these vets out of retirement and give them a job, carrying a firearm patrolling the schools, you won't have this problem

    Problem? I thought you said there was no problem? Lives aren't being threatened, you said. Everything is cool, you said.

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    Its not about having something to hide. Its about being treated like a criminal.

    How is it like being treated like a criminal? When you enter or leave the country you're obliged to prove who you are. If you buy a poison (rodenticide, etc.) in most countries, you have to provide ID and sign for your purchase. Why should the purchase of one potentially lethal item (a firearm) be any less restricted than the purchase of another (rat poison)?

    Only a person buying rat poison for a purpose other than killing rodents would baulk at being identified. Why should a person buying a firearm for legitimate purposes be treated any different? Aren't you proud of your 2nd amendment rights? Why not raise your head and smile for the camera?

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    your lives aren't being threatened

    That's what the people at Virginia Tech thought that day in 2007.

    it's what the people praying in the church in Charleston though that day in June this year.

    It's what the students in their high school cafeteria thought before their classmate opened fire that day in October 2014.

    It's what the children and teachers at Sandy Hook school thought on Dec 14 2012 before the gunman started shooting.

    I could go on...and on... but it gets repetitive.

    We're cool, and you're cool, everyone is cool.

    See above. There is nothing 'cool' about being put in an early grave, or losing a loved one to a madman, just so that you can retain your 'right' to go out and take pot shots at Thumper and Bambi when the mood takes you.

    these moonbats would find other alternatives to kill you. If you want to kill someone, there is always a way to create carnage.

    Then why is there so much carnage in the US, and not in other countries of similar economic and developmental standing? Why are so many Americans (in your view) bloodthirsty loonies?

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    Having the vendor record every sale of a potentially dangerous item and submit a weekly report of ammunition sales to the police sounds very sensible. The law-abiding, respectable Americans who want a gun merely to practice their sports marksmanship, or to add to their collection, or to keep safely locked away unloaded in a gun cabinet as a home protection measure, should have no problem. Same with ammunition, if it's being used responsibly there's no problem reporting how much has been sold.

    Makes one wonder what the law-abiding, respectable gun-owners simply availing themselves of their 2nd Amendment Rights have to hide?

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    I had something call long grain Carolina rice

    Long-grain rice is not the same as short-grain rice. Short-grain is a variety called Indica, while the short-grain, stickier type preferred in Japan is called Japonica. Saying you don't like 'American' rice because you ate some long-grain rice grown in America, is a bit like saying you don't like 'American' fruit because the apple you ate wasn't the same as the persimmon you were used to eating in Japan. It's a different thing. If you prefer persimmons, that's fine, but it doesn't mean apples are 'disgusting'.

    The rice grown in California (originally brought in by Chinese labourers, apparently) is Japonica rice, short-grain, sticky and indistinguishable from short-grain, sticky rice grown in Japan. Carolina rice is long-grain or medium-grain. I imagine what America wants to sell to Japan is short-grain.

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    The 210,000 yen salary appears to be the national average, so it must be higher in Tokyo if the going rate where Yubaru lives is so low.

    Interesting to note that even in this traditionally female job market, male nursery teachers get paid more: av. 1368/hr for males, 1247/hr for females.

    Males work an average of 175 hours/month for 240,000 (plus 640,000 annual bonus), while females do an average of 172 hours for 210,000 (plus 570,000 bonus).

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    the government was determined to accurately explain the merits of the system.

    Like it accurately explained the merits of their 'we don't need no darn Constitution gettin' in our way' law-passing fracas?

    the system will cut away red tape

    ...and make it easier for Big Brother to keep his eye on us all.

    a free photo-ID My Number card that can be used from January 2016 in place of a driver’s license and other forms of identification.

    But we already have perfectly adequate driver's licenses and other forms of identification....

    the risk of bulk information leaks is low because management of information will not be centralized but divided among agencies.

    So instead of one big centralised leak, we will have as many small localised leaks as there are agencies?

    there is a risk that some people will be unable to receive their tax rebates when the consumption hike goes into effect.

    This one's easy. Don't implement a tax hike on foods and non-alcoholic drinks in the first place.

    who is to pay for the machines’ installation has yet to be decided

    Another easy one. There is 100% certainty that WE will pay for it, whether it's through our taxes or through higher prices at the check-out.

    with My Number identities can easily be confirmed.

    Until people start losing them or misplacing them, scammers start copying them, persuading folk to hand them over 'to check the details back at the office', issuing dummy cards.....

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    If you go with Roman Catholic's definition of vegetarian, then you can still eat fish.

    As far as I know (I have a few Catholic friends) the Roman Catholic church doesn't have a 'definition of vegetarian', it has abstinence from meat (on Fridays, or during Lent, or whatever the local version is). Completely different thing.

    Posted in: 10 vegetarian foods you can order at almost any Japanese restaurant

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    You wouldn't believe all the great stuff that happens in America every day

    You'd be surprised. But none of that great stuff makes those 10 people any less dead, nor does it make the other 294 people killed in mass shootings in the US so far this year any less dead.

    It doesn't matter how good looking I might be, how well-toned my muscles might be, how much philanthropical good work I might do, how kind I am to animals, if I've got a cancer eating me from the inside out, I'm not doing too well. And if I won't even acknowledge that the cancer is hurting me - if I revel in my 'freedom' to be terminally sick - there's not much hope.

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