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    I guess that is why we still have cars being built and sold with 12 cylinder engines that get less than 20 kpg, right?

    That's not what most people think of when they think of a car, nor what most people want to buy and run. Maybe the folk who want as much bang for the buck in their cars are the same folk who drool over automatic, kill-em-by-the-dozen weaponry?

    Yet the basic argument remains the same; even that souped-up, 12-cylinder engine vehicle, used as it's supposed to be used, doesn't kill anyone. (In the hands of a speed-loving moron it's a different story....) Your average everyday gun, used as it's supposed to be used, efficiently puts a hole in whatever it's pointed at. That's its purpose.

    Posted in: Divided America: Gun views fractious even as fewer bear arms

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    Where the guns WEREN'T used properly

    They were used in accordance with the instructions; Aim and pull the trigger. And they did exactly what they were designed to do, i.e. put a neat hole in whatever they were pointed at.

    The purpose of cars is to transport people rapidly from one place to another, so 'we both know' that car makers try and make cars go as fast as they can, right?

    The purpose of cars is to transport people in comfort and safety from one place to another, with as little trouble as possible. We all know car makers try and make cars as safe, comfortable, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly as possible (or at least they try to pretend that they do). And there are speed limits to prevent idiots driving as fast as possible.

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    9,053,585.84 exit EU

    8,357,156.16 stay EU

    Where do you get those numbers? The vote was 16,141,241 (48.1%) to stay, 17,410,742 (51.9%) to leave, a margin of 1,269,501.

    If the vote had been the other way, and the "leave" camp had lost by 700,000 votes, you would not bring up this issue at all, would you?

    The issue was indeed brought up by Nigel Farage before the voting, when it seemed likely Leave would lose.

    (16th May) The Ukip leader .... warns that a '52-48 result would be unfinished business'... he would fight for a second referendum on Britain in Europe if the remain campaign won by a narrow margin next month.

    What's good for the goose (aka turkey voting for Christmas)...

    Posted in: Turmoil deepens as Scotland threatens to block Brexit; 11 Labour Party members quit

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    Which do you prefer, a screeching, indecipherable scream of idiotic nonsense in your left ear, or a screeching, indecipherable scream of idiotic nonsense in your right ear?

    Posted in: Which do you prefer: the Japanese or U.S. way of conducting election campaigns?

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    The Scots have good reason to be miffed. One of the arguments that helped swing the vote in the Scots referendum away from independence was the threat that as an independent nation Scotland would not be part of the EU. Now they're being told that as part of the UK, they will not be part of the EU.

    Posted in: Turmoil deepens as Scotland threatens to block Brexit; 11 Labour Party members quit

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    There could be unstoppable demand for a re-run of the EU referendum if Remain wins by a narrow margin on 23 June, UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said....."In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way." (17th May)

    Meanwhile -

    A petition on the parliament website calling for a rerun of the EU referendum has gathered more than 2.6 million signatures in just over 24 hours....Such was the demand to sign the petition that the website crashed as a second petition, urging Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, to declare the capital’s independence topped 100,000 signatures.

    Posted in: Cheers, jeers and fears after Britain votes to exit EU

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    Will be interesting to see how this goes down.

    And down is the way it is going.

    Old Chinese curse - May you live in interesting times.

    Posted in: Global markets plunge as Britain votes to leave EU

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    wearing heels will help “Japanese women become more confident”

    How does a woman feel more confident when she has backache, aching calves, blisters and bunions?

    simply “throw away your heels,” arguing the freedom it brings can unlock the mind

    There, fixed that one for you.

    a certificate that allows them to become high heel instructors

    The World. Has. Gone. Mad.

    “It might help us catch a hunky guy,”

    It don't take crippling yourself to catch a hunky guy. And if it did, why on earth would you want him?

    Posted in: Fashion police want women to wear high heels

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    Perhaps thats the reason why women here prefer americans and europeans instead.

    Except that they don't, of course. Of the total of 6046 Japanese women who married non-Japanese men in 2013 (the latest year for which Wiki gives figures) 2543 married Asians; 393 married South Americans, 1405 married men from the US or UK, and 1705 married men from 'other countries'. Meanwhile in 2010 (the latest year for which the government gives figures) 670,007 Japanese women married Japanese men. A ratio of well over 100:1 in favour of home-grown men.

    Meanwhile, in the US the Census Bureau reports that 7.4% of married households have one foreign-born spouse, which would seem to suggest that a significant proportion of Americans prefer non-Americans.

    I couldn't find any figures for the UK, unfortunately.

    Of course that pretty little thing in the Roppongi bar will tell you she prefers men like you....she's paid to make you feel happy.

    Posted in: Fewer Japanese seek marriage amid worries over income: poll

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    Many liberals believe calling an Islamic Extremist terrorist torture

    I very much doubt many people consider calling anyone anything is torture.

    Reading some of the straw man-flavoured stuff some people write could perhaps be classified as torture.

    Posted in: Psychologists behind CIA interrogation tactics deny torture

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    If an employee earns more than 1.3 million yen, she has to pay into the public pension

    All registered residents of Japan between the ages of 20 and 59 are obliged to pay into the public pension (kokumin nenkin) scheme regardless of earnings, unless they are paying into a company scheme (which includes a kokumin nenkin component)(=Category 2 insuree) or are registered as the dependent spouse of an employee paying into a company scheme (=Category 3 insuree).

    If she pays into the public pension fund, the amount of annuity that she would get when she retires or when she becomes disabled is more than the amount she would get out of "free pension plan" of her husband.

    If she pays into the company's Employees' Pension Insurance scheme she likely pays more than the kokumin nenkin premium (spending on how much she earns) and the company pays in an equal amount, so she gets more than a person enrolled in the kokumin nenkin. If she is part-time, a contract worker or self-employed she is not eligible for a company scheme and is obliged to register under the kokumin nenkin as a Category 1 insuree; when she reaches pensionable age, she gets exactly the same as the 'free pension housewife'; the housewife is registered as a Category 3 (i.e. non-paying) insuree under the kokumin nenkin scheme.

    Posted in: Fewer Japanese seek marriage amid worries over income: poll

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    Any employee, male or female, married or singe, is taxed only of his/her annual salary is more than 1,030,000 yen. The taxable amount is the excess amount above 1,030,000.

    It isn't only income tax paid (or not) by the individual. A woman married to a sarariman and earning under the fixed amount gets a free pension and is included in her husband's health insurance, and her husband gets an extra tax allowance on account of her being a dependant. A woman who is single, or married to someone who is not a sarariman, gets no free pension no matter how little she earns, and is obliged to sign up for the more expensive national health scheme. And women married and single earning over the fixed amount get to pay towards the free pensions of their non-earning sisters married to sararimen (as do men, of course).

    Posted in: Fewer Japanese seek marriage amid worries over income: poll

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    for us to tell these people not to eat dog meat is indeed imposing out cultural imperialism on them

    How about telling these people not to steal other people's pets, not to cram frightened animals into tiny cages they can't even stand up in, not to leave animals in these cages for days with no food or water, not to beat them before they kill them with no thought of providing a humane death?

    Yes, asking these people to adhere to a basic modicum of humanity is 'cultural imperialism'. Right.

    It isn't about what people eat. People eating any kind of meat disgusts me and I want no part of it. It's what happens before that is the big problem. It makes me feel ashamed and dirty to belong to the same species as these thugs.

    Posted in: China city holds dog-meat eating festival despite protests

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    Apologies I incorrectly assumed your husband was a Japanese passport holder, and your children likewise.

    You assumed correctly; they all have Japanese passports. My son is the only one with the right to demand a UK passport (he was born after the UK law was changed, granting UK citizenship at birth to the overseas-born offspring of UK mothers - my daughter missed out by a matter of months.) I don't see why or how non-UK/EU passport holders should expect special treatment?

    Nato has always maintain peace in Europe

    Not always - only since 1945. There was quite a bit of rumpus before that. Funny how you don't mind being beholden to the US for defence, but find the idea of cooperation with EU neighbours anathema.

    Posted in: Japan is one of several countries hoping that Britain votes to stay in the European Union on Thursday. What's your stance on the issue?

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    So put one reason forward for remain...

    United we stand?

    Much less chance of WW3 starting in Europe?

    After a Brexit vote the pound would plunge, slashing my pound savings. (That alone is enough reason - for me).

    Who wants to be a tiny, windswept island (half an island, if Scotland opts to stay) that can't trade because the big boys will concentrate on trade with the EU? (Obama has said as much).

    how about maintaining national sovereignty? Control of their own destiny and legal system? No desire to finance other, less fiscally responsible countries?

    How about working together for the greater good?

    do you think your family, husband and children have the same status that the other citizens of EU states?

    Trying to look past the grammatical foibles of that question...My husband and daughter do not have the same status as members of EU states, because they do not have and never have had UK citizenship, nor the citizenship of any EU member state. duh. My son was born a UK citizen, and has every right to walk into the UK (or any other EU state) and demand the same rights as any other citizen. What's your point?

    Born in the UK, yet I hold a Japanese passport

    you mean you chose to give up your UK citizenship? Your choice, nothing to do with EU membership. Why would you chose to swap your UK citizenship for Japanese, if your life is in the UK? Makes no sense, if you'll pardon my French. Or do you mean you were born to Japanese parents in the UK? Maybe you should consider applying for UK nationality?

    Posted in: Japan is one of several countries hoping that Britain votes to stay in the European Union on Thursday. What's your stance on the issue?

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    Noro is no joke. Wouldn't wish it on anybody, and it's spread so very, very easily. All it would need is for one infected person to touch the food, crockery or cutlery before the meal was served. Poor kids. And teachers. And poor whoever got the job of cleaning up.

    Posted in: Mass norovirus food poisoning at nursery school in Shibuya

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    Many izakaya's or smaller establishments don't want to bann smoking because they are afraid to lose customers.

    The izakayas and smaller establishments are already losing customers - the non-smoking customers who don't want to sit in (and breathe in) filthy stinky air. More than once I've walked out of the supposedly non-smoking section of an izakaya/bar/restaurant after we've been seated and even after we'd placed our order, because some suicidal fool in the smoking section - just a table or two away - thought it would be fun to light up and spoil everyone's evening. And we made sure the management knew why we were leaving.

    Why not ban cigarettes anyway?

    Good idea.

    What happened during the alcohol Prohibition?

    People drank in secret, where no one would twig what they were doing. I'd be fine with smokers doing that. Let them go and smoke in the privacy of their own home, where people engage in other antisocial or embarrassing habits they don't want others to know about. Just make sure none of the smoke escapes out of the ventilation. Turn off the kitchen fan, seal all the doors and windows, and put a bag over your head just to be sure. If I don't know, I don't care.

    Maybe the day will come when admitting to having a smoking-related disease will be as embarrassing as admitting to having an STD. At least you can pick up an STD through carelessness, or a few minutes of stupidity; a smoking-related disease takes years of dedicated stupidity to develop.

    Posted in: Would you support a total smoking ban in public places?

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    I can't think of a single reason put forward by the Brexiters that isn't based on lies, xenophobia/racism or both. Stay.

    Posted in: Japan is one of several countries hoping that Britain votes to stay in the European Union on Thursday. What's your stance on the issue?

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    oikawa - if the estate is 100 million, you deduct the deductibles (30 million +6 million x3=48 million) and input the remainder, 52 million. That should give you the figures I quoted above.

    it would then be incredibly easy to circumvent IHT by adding heirs, and would be unfair as some people would be paying much more tax (even though they're dead) than others just because they had fewer dependants.

    I think the point is that if you're dead, you can't pay any tax. It isn't a death tax, it's an inheritance tax, i.e. the tax is levied on those inheriting, not those dying. And in a progressive tax system, it seems fair to most people that someone inheriting say one-fifth of a 100 million yen estate should not be paying as much tax as someone inheriting half, or even the whole estate.

    It would also defeat the point of IHT

    That depends on what you think the point of inheritance tax is. If you think it's simply to rake in taxes by the fistful, then yes allowing the estate to be spread about thus lessening the tax revenue is weird. But if the purpose is to prevent the accumulation of obscene amounts of money and property in the hands of a few uber-rich families, then getting the families themselves to spread the assets thinly to avoid tax by voluntarily increasing the number of heirs works very well. At the same time, if the family chooses to keep as much as possible in the family, then the taxman steps in and takes an amount that may or may not be equal to what would have gone to the extra heirs.

    Posted in: Dead money: Battle for Japanese inheritances heats up

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    what's the difference between your kids spending your inheritance now (before you die) and later (after you pass)

    Spending it now, I get to enjoy it. Later, I don't. You answer your own question - I'll get more pleasure out of it that way, being able to see my family enjoy it.

    Why should the latter be taxed and not the former, given that the activity is identical?

    Whether I spend it now or leave it for later, I doubt my fortune would be enough to get the taxman to even pay attention, never mind enough to get him drooling. I'm in no danger at all of catapulting my kids into the 'idle inherited wealth' league.

    if you had an estate worth 100 million, and left it to a wife and 2 children, you would deduct 30 million, plus 6 * 3 heirs, which comes to 48 million, and pay tax on the remaining 52 million, at 30%, which would be 15.6 million. Would that be right?

    I don't think that's quite how it works. The tax is levied on the recipient, not the estate. So if you have an estate of 100 million left to a widow and two children, you have basic deductions of 30 million + 6x3=48 million. The tax payable on the remaining 52 million is 3.4 million for the widow and 1.45 million for each of the children, for a total of roughly 6.3 million. The rate is 15% because each portion is less than 50 million.

    If there are three children, the widow's portion stays the same and the children are each liable to pay 10% of a third of 26 million, or 866,600 yen. (You can put the numbers in and it does the calculation for you)

    This doesn't seem to take into account the spouse tax mitigation system, which as I mentioned earlier means that the spouse has a deduction of 160 million, so that in the above example the widow would pay nothing in tax at all. Hmm. It seems the Tax Agency says different things depending which page you look at.

    So if there were no inheritance tax in Japan, would you be really sad?

    Not a lot makes me 'really sad''s mainly really bad things like trophy hunting, FGM and juvenile cancer, not necessarily in that order. So I don't suppose I'd be really sad if there were no inheritance tax. But I'd much rather the guvmint tried to balance the budget by taking a fraction of their money from the idle rich than by taking a proportionally much larger amount from the working poor.

    You could always donate some money if you weren't happy that the government didn't take any from you

    Like I said, I doubt the taxman will get much joy out of me when I go. I won't lose any sleep over it.

    Posted in: Dead money: Battle for Japanese inheritances heats up


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