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    He could have been carrying any type of weapon and the result would have been the same. Guns don't kill people, people kill people and have been doing so since we were able to pick up a stick. ....Guns aren't the only weapon people kill each other with.... pillows (yes pillows)

    You're saying that if the boy had gathered his friends and cousins in the dining room, pointed a pillow at them and squeezed it, the result would have been the same? Three dead and three critical? With a pillow?

    Crazy is not the word.

    Do you want to ban guns altogether

    That would be a start.

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    Fighting - It's Office 2011 for Mac, which I think is the latest available. I complained to Microsoft about it (actually I asked their support staff very nicely what I was doing wrong to have my documents constantly slipping into American) and they didn't seem to think it was any kind of problem, so I'm not expecting them to fix it in the new Office for Mac due out next year.

    Maybe it's because it's the Japanese version - high time Microsoft fixed its apps so that they integrate with the language of the OS.

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    Actually, in "Word" you can choose to use either American or British English with "centre" being perfectly "correct" in the latter.

    Then you write a word in Japanese, switch back to English - and it's American. Microsoft seems to think this is a feature, not a bug. But it bugs me no end.

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    Very meaningless indeed.

    How is it meaningless? The figures show that Japan has a much lower rate of people caught just carrying knives than the US has of people actually using knives to commit violent crime. Seems pretty obvious then that Japan has very much lower knife crime than the US has. So your statement (I think it was a statement, your grammar is ...... unique) that (Japan has) more stabbings is a complete falsity. Interesting that you find facts and figures 'meaningless'. Especially when they show that you were wrong.

    we are both doing well, then that is good news for the both of us.

    And I hope it continues that way, and that your love of lethal weaponry does not backfire on you or your family. Good luck. (Though I don't wish you any luck at all with your killing of wildlife. May your hunting barrel be forever bent and your sights forever skew-whiff. Bambi Banzai!)

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    if you think just because you have more stabbings and NO guns and if that equates to you as living in a civilized world, so be it

    Again your journalistic skills seem to have mangled that sentence beyond recognition, but I take it to mean that you think that I think Japan has more stabbings than the US. It's very difficult to find meaningful information on this (google seems to bring up reports on specific newsworthy incidences, not national statistics) but one figure I did find was 5000 violations of the law prohibiting the carrying of a knife with a blade in excess of 6cm without good reason. That's not 5,000 stabbings, but 5,000 people carrying blades they shouldn't be carrying. And including the stabbings, of course. 5,000 in a population of less than 150 million.

    Compare that with the US where there are over 32,000 incidences of knife crime (defined as *assault or attempted aggravated assault that involves the display of—or threat to use—a knife) annually. That's over six times as many incidences of actual violent knife crime, including stabbings, in a population twice the size. Do the maths; you're well over three times more likely to get stabbed or threatened with a knife in the US than you are in Japan. (Scroll down to 'Knife Crime')

    So, fewer stabbings, no guns - yes that is much more civilised, and life here is good.

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    Can you guess what Japanese phrase he punched into his electronic translator?

    Something on the lines of その通りにして? (sono tori ni shite) :-)

    If it were up to me legislation would forbid companies from such misuse of language, and the government as well

    I'm glad it's not up to you, then. No one has any monopoly on any language regardless of whether they're a native speaker or borrowing, and language is far too dynamic to attempt to put a straitjacket on it. Down that alley lies Newspeak.

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    1) I can protect my family in and on my property from any lethal intruder

    Without guns so freely available in your society making it so easy for any potential burglar to be a lethal intruder, all you would need to protect your family is a good lock on the door. And maybe a dog with a big bark. That's all I have or need, and I feel perfectly safe. But then I live in a nice civilised society that isn't awash with guns and where school massacres do not occur so frequently that they evoke nothing more than a tired 'What, again?' response.

    2) I can hunt larger and more dangerous quarry

    There you have your feeling of tremendous power over life and death. (Ever read the comments on JT about the cat mutilators that pop up now and again? What appears to be the natural progression from taking pleasure in the killing of furry creatures?)

    So it seems gun ownership either fosters, or is an expression of, abject fearfulness plus bloodthirsty megalomania. A bit of a chicken-and-egg situation; is it the underlying psychopathy that leads people to want guns, or is it the presence of guns in society that creates the mental disorder? Probably a bit of both.

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    But NOT that deranged.

    It's the free and ready access to guns that puts the sparkly edge on the derangement, bass.

    I'm not talking about ONLY guns. The country is falling apart because of his radical leftist policies

    And that is at all relevant to this discussion because why? if you want to bring the Obama administration into this please explain what effect it has had on gun murder rates, because that's the subject under discussion.

    After you

    Ha! No way you're getting me in that nasty dark corner with you two.

    Owning a gun doesn't make me have less respect for life.

    Lemme see, someone who's quite prepared to take life and has equipped himself to do so, even taught his kids to do the same, against someone who isn't and hasn't....

    I'd rather hunt for my deer chili and you'd rather buy your meat in the store.

    Can't remember the last time I bought or indeed obtained any meat anywhere. Why? Because I respect life and see no need to take it.

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    they don't post all of the killings by other methods than guns in America

    With a murder rate of 4.7 per 100,000 (that's 14,827 murders in 2012) posting them all would smother all the cats on the Internet. The murder rate in Japan is 0.3, less than 500 a year. That's including all the jilted lovers and raging teenagers.

    the end result is the same a dead person

    No Alpha, in this particular case the end result is at least three dead and several more in a critical condition.

    If it was a person close to me, I frankly wouldn't care how many others were killed in the attack, since my only concern would be for the person involved that I cared about.

    No point continuing the discussion then, perhaps you should go and sit in that cold, dark corner bass has been occupying. You and I aren't even on the same planet.


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    you have been on this site many times and have seen the numerous cases here in Japan on the jilted lover going off and killing the object of their desire or hariming their family members. It happens and that is a sad fact of life.

    How many of those jilted Japanese lovers were teenagers? How many of them went off and killed a whole group of people sitting at a table? Now compare the total number of incidents in Japan with the number of shootings in America.

    How many people do you think the Seattle boy would have been able to kill without access to a firearm? Yes, if he was intent on killing he would have found a way, but in how many instances is it likely he would have calmed down while considering his options, and decided it was a stupid thing to do?

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    WHAT made this kid go off? That is really the more important question in all of this.

    Girl trouble. Which in any other civilised society would have been worked out in a way that did not involve killing and maiming. He used guns because guns were there to be used.

    there must have been signs that this kid was a little bit out there.

    Of course there were signs. He was a teenager. It's exceptional for a teenager not to show signs of being a bit deranged. A good few years' growing to do before he became rational and fully responsible for his actions. That's why they're called minors, not fit to marry, vote, drink or sign a legal contract, and that's why the law is supposed to protect them, not to say it's OK to have lethal weapons put in their hands.

    It's broken NOT because of the guns, never has been, what's breaking America is the current admin.

    Heavens above, why didn't the rest of us see that?? It's so obvious, starin' us in the face, there was not a single school shooting in America before Obama got himself elected.

    Oh hang on.......

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    Alpha -

    This shooting case is not about gun control, the proper steps were followed, but the individual shooter wasn't rational enough to know you don't use guns to solve problems.

    Then take the guns away. It might not stop your twice-deported-but-still-coming-back hardened criminals, but it would stop hormone-guided teenagers from blowing their schoolfriends away. If the 'proper steps' were followed, and still a teenager was allowed to shoot his friends dead, then could it just possibly be that the proper steps aren't working?

    bass -

    I care about life just as much as you or anyone else.

    Not when you can't see the difference between 30 deaths and one death, you don't.

    I was just saying, it doesn't matter what was used to kill a person. A gun or knife, or club or whatever object a person uses to take a life, one or many, the result is the same

    Are you deliberately being obtuse?

    (1) Who's counting? Is an utterance claiming that it doesn't matter how many people die. It has nothing to do with how they die. You asked, Who's counting?

    (2) Do you seriously, truthfully, honestly believe, that if this teenager had walked into the school canteen (after asking his friends to meet him there) armed with nothing more than his fists or even a knife, that the result would have been the same? Three dead, several others critically injured? A whole school and community traumatised? Be honest with yourself, bass, if you cannot be honest with the rest of us. Remember why you don't go hunting armed with just your fists and an elastic band.

    Stop making it a gun issue that if you get rid of the guns, the problem will be solved, it will NOT.

    It would solve a good nine-tenths of the problem.

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    Del Boy is fictional???

    Steve, you just destroyed all my dreams. ;)

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    1) If has now been shown that the shooter was an illegal alien. Who had been deported back to Mexico twice from the US for selling drugs and other crimes.

    I thought he was a member of a Native American tribe? More right to be there than any of the white boys.

    According to the strict gun laws in place in CA, he should not be allowed to own a weapon. But, he got them from wherever he did. Probably using the various alias that he had, so many that even his father-in-law didn't know that the name he knew him by was not his real name

    You're on the wrong page, Alpha. He was a school kid. His parents gave him guns. No father-in-law in the picture.

    So Cleo, you are saying that just let them "duke it out" until the last man is standing. Don't you think it would have been just as tragic for the school to see one of their popular students either kill someone by hand? Who says just a knock on the head would have satisfied him?

    Oh come on, grow up. That's not what I'm saying at all. Two teenagers 'slugging it out' in the classroom or school yard would soon be stopped by a teacher if not by the other kids, with much less harm done (a couple of bloody noses and battered egos) than actually occurred in this case (3 dead now, and several more critical). Maybe it's a reflection of your society that you cannot see any alternative to people killing and being killed.

    It's sad, very, very, sad.

    If you are mentally fit and your state allows you and pass the proper rules and guidelines, why not?

    This boy was considered mentally fit (or as mentally fit as any teenage boy), his state allowed him and he seems to have passed the proper rules and guidelines. Then he went to school and shot people dead. That's why not.

    I have not seen anyone in MY city get shot or seen ANY hardcore violence. I do hope that clarifies your confusion.

    Yes thank you, it clarifies that you will write whatever you think makes your point at the time, regardless of whether it's fact or fiction.

    California has one of the highest populations in the union, so it depends on where you go. There are areas where I just would not go at night.

    You do understand that the murder rate is independent of population size?

    So, let's get this straight, in spite of its ever-so-strict gun laws, California is a place where its citizens are afraid to walk at night (in some areas) because of the high crime rate, is that what you're telling us? So the strict gun laws only work in places where people are nice to each other anyway? Not very effective laws, are they?

    in California, you will not be able to purchase a gun if you are mentally unstable

    That's the definition of 'strict'? You can't buy a gun if you're certified? That's it??

    Alcohol kills more people on a per capita basis in UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, USA than guns do on a per capita basis in the USA

    First of all, while I enjoy a tipple, I see a huge difference between social or recreational drinking and alcoholism, which is a disease. If alcohol killed schoolchildren like guns do, I'd be more than happy to forsake my 'right' to drink myself silly to protect the kids.

    So now let's look at some figures.

    Alcohol-related deaths in the UK, 2012: 12 per 100,000, most being habitual drinkers in middle to old age.

    Gun-related deaths in the US, 2011: 10.3 per 100,000, 10% of those being children and 48% young adults.

    One more point: a drinker drinks himself (or herself) into that early grave; a person with a gun points it at others before or instead of himself.

    And before someone comes up with the old 'but what about drunk-driving, that kills innocent people' - DUI is illegal. As should owning and/or allowing children to handle a lethal weapon be.

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    NO one in their right mind of a tragedy would say to ANY parent, let alone to their face what you just uttered. When you make statements like that, it completely disqualifies you from the discourse.

    The amount doesn't matter. Who's counting? 1 body or 30 bodies. "Dead is dead."

    Regardless a rope, a gun, a knife, cyanide, doesn't matter, dead is dead. Guns are not the real problem

    Once your dead, who cares how the person died.

    Your words, bass. And you are correct, it does disqualify you from rational discussion.

    Ever see what's left of a 6-year old kid shot multiple times at close range with a high-power rifle?

    As a matter of fact, yes.

    And you still say it's OK to have guns in the hands of anyone who hasn't been officially declared insane? I note that higher up the thread you also say. I have never seen anyone get shot. and I never witnessed any violence from guns. Which is it, bass? You inspecting the remains of a kid shot at close range, or you never having seen anyone shot, never seen anyone use a gun in a violent manner?

    I'm from California, we have strict gun rules.

    Not strict enough, it would seem. The gun murder rate in California is 3.4 per 100,000 (all murders, 4.9), which places it 12th out of the 50 states plus DC. Seems the law does little or nothing to stop people shooting each other.

    What is your definition of strict gun laws? Cos if the laws allow kids and the mentally unstable to have access to guns, there is no way they can be considered strict.

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    Who's counting? 1 body or 30 bodies.

    The families of the 29?

    I still feel safer in the US, even without my guns.

    Maybe the kids in that classroom felt safe too - until they weren't.

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    I'd hand it in. If I lost a large sum of money I'd hope someone would hand it in - do as you would be done by. If it wasn't 'clean' money, I wouldn't want to be the one holding the bag when the bank robbers/drug dealers/arms runners/political secretaries came looking for their ill-gotten gains. I wouldn't want to be done by by the likes of them.

    Hand it in to the police, do the proper paper-work, go and pick it up in 6 months' time if no one claims it or 10% of it if someone does, then spend it with a clear conscience.

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    taking away the rights of the majority to own a weapon that you have to buy legally and withing the guidlines

    ...blah blah blah blah.

    The root cause of this killing was the fact that a kid was messed up in the head.

    And he killed using a legally-obtained, licensed firearm that you think he should be allowed to have. In any non-crazy country not awash with guns he and the cousin may have resorted to fisticuffs over the girl, all over and done with and the bruises healed within a week. Instead.....

    It's crazy, simply crazy. Like Strangerland says, we're trying to reason with a bunch of alcoholics ...who have been let loose at a free, all-you-can-drink party.

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    If you don't like guns, don't buy them.

    I wonder how many guns the people who got shot had bought.

    Bottom line, he was a nutcase and he was intent on killing.

    More likely he was a normal teenager with normal teenager raging hormones who had been gleefully handed a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If his parents and society at large had spent a bit more time helping him get through the normal problems every teenager goes through instead of telling him guns are the answer to everything the outcome would probably have been very, very different. Maybe the girl-stealing cousin and/or the jilted boy may have ended up with a bloody nose and/or a black eye, nothing more.

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    I have NO idea.

    The obvious answer isn't just staring you in the face, it's hitting you over the head and pummelling you in the chest.

    Raising whole generations of kids to believe that guns are a good thing, their gawd-gibbun right and the answer to everything, wouldn't have anything to do with it, yer think?

    So what's your point, my dear?

    Whenever you start losing an argument you start telling us that we weren't there, we don't know the facts and so can't reach any conclusions. My point is that we can understand a lot from what we do know, from the facts that are out there. Those facts being that this kid was given access to lethal weapons by his parents, and the law allowed this.

    We are going with reality and the reality is,....

    ..that Americans are shooting each other like there was no tomorrow. (A self-fulfilling prophesy...)

    the more mental asylums we would have, the better we could lock up potential loons, once it has been determined that they have a mental problem

    Once it's been determined a person has a mental problem, the word potential is surely no longer appropriate. So in your ideal America, you'd have these institutions all over the place to lock up people who have done no wrong, but potentially might? How are you going to find them? Compulsory regular mental health testing? Folk telling on their non-conformist neighbours? How does that fit with that much-vaunted idea of the 'Land of the Free'?

    Doesn't matter, murder is murder.

    Shooting up a whole school is no different from a single stabbing? Seriously??

    if someone wants to kill you, it doesn't have to necessarily be a gun.

    It's like a broken record, same daft arguments over and over. So, to repeat Jimizo's question, why take a gun with you when you go hunting? Why not kill that wildlife with a broken beer bottle? Why not arm your kids with a potato peeler instead of a firearm? After all, if they really want to kill Bambi, it doesn't matter what they use, right?

    Also they handle firearms very well.

    So apparently did the teenager who shot up his school.

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