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    I really wish Japan wouldn't waste so much time on this issue. Does it really expect NK to do an about face and say, "Yeah...we were totally pulling your leg back in 2002 when we said they were dead. They're alive, LOL." Twelve years later NK is clearly still not nterested in doing anything about it and Japan has gotten nowhere. Money well spent.

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    ...the IHA beat her into depression and seclusion.

    That could be right, and probably is. On the other hand, maybe she had some mental health issues in the past that weren't disclosed. Or she could have ended up depressed regardless of her lifestyle. These JT pages are filled top to bottom with horror stories involving Japanese people from all walks of life that suffer from depression and other mental health issues.

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    I'd be surprised if China's media efforts have any positive impression on the US - at least in terms of folks at "street level." It has failed miserably in whatever claim it has in Tibet; Americans have always been sympathetic to Tibet and China has tarnished its image with what it's done there. And China's attitude towards Taiwan and recently HK? Not a positive impression. There are simply too many more important territorial disputes out there - West Bank, Kashmir, etc., for the US to care much about these Islands...

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    To get off on this sort of thing you have to be a sad, lonely loser of such epic proportions it is simply not even fathomable to even the most lowly members of society.

    Posted in: Man arrested for pouring urine from PET bottle on girl

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    women being tied up with ropes and male patrons whipping them

    "This is not what I meant by 'womenomics," said Abe.

    Posted in: New trade minister hit by S&M bar scandal

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    Interesting that the driver's main reaction at that time was not panic or "please save her life," but a totally irrational response of accusation and calling the authorities. Very interesting set of priorities in that person's mind.

    Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads

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    I'll never defend NK for all it does, but if you're a tourist and your idea of a good time is to head to NK to spread your religion and drop a bible on a table every now and again in hopes of saving souls, knowing full well that sort of thing isn't tolerated, you kind of deserve what you get.

    Posted in: N Korea frees U.S. man; 2 more still detained

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    Two observations: Why did the cops take the time to weigh this dropped load? Second:

    unloading 17 sacks

    Something tells me a lot more than 17 sacks were unloaded given the amount of porn we're talking :-)

    Posted in: Pensioner arrested for dumping 200 kgs of porn in park

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    How does the magazine expect to effect any change at all to this alleged behavior if it doesn't even identify this Company X? One wonders why it even bothered to publish it at all.

    Posted in: Kansai taxis flout laws in quest for more lucrative business

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    "Pull my finger," said Abe.

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    Obuchi’s political funding oversight body had spent about 3.6 million yen over five years from 2008 at a clothing shop run by her sister’s husband

    Wait, so the funding oversight boy was the one that misused funds? What's next, a story about a criminal that's actually a cop? Oh, wait, that happens all the time... Never mind.

    Posted in: Obuchi apologizes after political funds misuse reports

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    I've seen a lot of criticism of U2 since this incident, but not a lot of criticism of Apple, who in my opinion is the primary party to blame. It's their platform, they funded this scheme, and used the album "release" to promote their products during the iPhone 6 launch. Lots of bands would have jumped at the chance to shove their music down the throats of hundreds of millions of people but it was Apple that allowed U2 this prize.

    Posted in: Bono apologises for free U2 album on iTunes accounts

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    Tanaka was hoping for the Cy Youngest award but due to injury he'll have to settle for this. He also wasn't eligible for the Goldest Glove award.

    Posted in: Yankees pitcher Tanaka, model Rola among winners of 'Best Jeanist Awards 2014'

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    I disagree that search results can infringe on someone's rights. It's no more than just a list of various sources (that might infringe on rights). It's like holding a newspaper liable for match-fixing simply for reporting the score of a fixed match. I think the court should simply have said, while the results themselves are not illegal per se, there are instances where the harm of a particular search result can outweigh the good, and in those limited cases the courts have discretion to order the results deleted.

    Posted in: Tokyo court orders Google to delete data linking man to crime

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    You rarely if ever see a police car actually give chase the wrong way down a street; it only increases the level of danger. But comments critical of cops are a dime a dozen on this site so I'll just end there.

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    At some point the discussion needs to turn away from the old "society is changing and yet we still work too hard" to the fact that Japan is more or less a society run by functioning alcoholics. When you wake up more or less hungover every day, your motivation to do something new and better yourself is non-existent. You get dressed, deal with the hordes of people and noise, and slip into your cubicle comfortable with the fact that you can zone out for most of the day.

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    Who is writing the commentary here? It appears initially to be part of the survey but as I get through the article it becomes obvious that his/her own comments were not from those actually surveyed but rather from his or her own opinions about the places - a couple of which this author commented on while admitting never to have set foot in the place... Next time comments from those that actually responded to the survey would be more interesting and helpful.

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    LEDs are also commonplace in computers, TV, watches and mobile phone screens.

    And let's not forget vehicle headlights - LEDs have made cars look pretty cool lately.

    Posted in: 2 Japanese, American win Nobel Physics Prize for blue LEDs

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    Lay judges will also be given the option of withdrawing from jury duty if they feel they are unable to cope with the presentation of graphic evidence.

    Seems to me this would undermine the purpose of the lay judge system, being judged by your peers, etc., and therefore undermine the right to a fair trial. I can predict a certain segment of the population, particularly elderly women like this plaintiff, will simply cite an inability to cope with such photos and then be excused from jury duty. And then you basically have murder trials with juries that are missing a demographic - a demographic that may very well be beneficial to a defendant.

    Posted in: Court rules against lay judge in suit over stress caused by crime scene photos

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    No evidence is presented of anything brewing – which doesn’t prove, however, that nothing is.

    Interesting the word "brewing" is used in this sentence, because this type of silly statement brings to mind Bertrand Russell's teapot. (Showing that if he claimed there was a teapot orbiting the sun in outer space, it would be ludicrous for people to believe him simply because they can't prove him wrong.) Bottom line here is that if there is no evidence of a threat, as the author above admits, why even spend the time writing about this bizarre fantasy of ISIS committing crimes against Tokyo?

    Posted in: Could Islamic State reach Japan?

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