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    I'm surprised Tatsuro Yamashita didn't make the list.

    Posted in: Japan’s 10 best singing voices as chosen by people in the industry

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    I feel terrible for Tanaka. He is one of the best pitchers to come along in a very long time and was having an MVP year. And now this. It sucks for any pitcher to go through but what a waste in this case...

    Posted in: Yankees pitcher Tanaka optimistic about rehab

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    Nonomura visited the hot springs 106 times last year

    That's 2 visits a week, all year long! He must be one cleeeeeeean dude after hitting the onsen that often. As for sobbing and shouting nonsensical phrases in reaction to being asked about dubious expenditures, that's par for the course whenever I'm called in to explain an expense report...

    Posted in: Sobbing politician resigns; faces charges for misuse of funds

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    On Twitter, it generated more than 580,000 tweets in the space of a minute.

    That's almost how many goals Germany scored in the same amount of time...

    Posted in: Brazil's World Cup humiliation smashes social media records

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    Hilarious how the video shows mothers on the street commenting on on how much of a "meiwaku" these girls caused without considering what seems obvious; i.e., the girls were drugged and couldn't move. Only in Japan would an 8 minute spot on such news focus almost entirely on how horrible the manners are...

    Posted in: College girls tipple, then topple en masse on Shinjuku street

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    Call me crazy but I really think size matters. They look so small compared to their counterparts; it's like watching kids vs. grown-ups at an undoukai. And with the score here and the last match where they couldn't score against a team with one less guy, they played like it too...

    Posted in: Colombia send Japan packing with 4-1 victory

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    Japan got a PR boost by cleaning up trash at the World Cup, but perhaps they should clean up the trash in their political representatives first.

    Posted in: Tokyo assemblywoman heckled on why she isn't married or having children

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    Assuming "pepper" is there to showcase Japan's technology prowess, why have it use a grayscale Kindle display straight out of 2007?

    Posted in: Clean energy

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    Hi sign includes the company name NEET株式会社, so I assume he is in fact employed by that company and is thus very well "in employment."

    Posted in: Akihabara’s first rental nerd looking to cash in on his jobless status

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    I admit Japan does many things well, including the manufacturing of electronics (although their prowess has become pretty irrelevant over the past several years), but the survey isn't saying much:

    All participants were between the ages of 20 and 59, with middle or upper-class incomes

    So Dentsu just refused to count responses from those with lower incomes? Or refused to ask them? Yeah, this survey seems legit.

    Cars... Japanese marques are still the go-to choice for many looking for reliably-made transportation, eco-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles, or a lightweight rear-wheel drive sports car.

    Agreed, Japanese are great at making, with a few exceptions, bland-looking autos that are reliable and eco-friendly yet fail to look remotely cool or provide drivers with an invigorating, fun driving experience. What 9 year old has a poster of a Prius on his bedroom wall?


    The blurb in this category mentions Japanese food only. How is this even a legitimate thing to ask? Of course the Japanese are the best at Japanese food! And they are pretty good at making decent dishes of other cuisines as well (although I've never once had a really good burrito in my 8 years spent searching for one in Tokyo). But I refuse to believe that folks from 17 different countries said that Japanese do "food" in general better than anyone else.

    Things that should have made the list: Awesome toilets, fireworks and service.

    Posted in: 10 things Japan does better than anywhere else

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    I like reading this story if only to imagine his quotes being spoken in that wonderfully funny voice of his.

    Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan

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    I can see how this is a complicated debate; while there is something to be said for a new, state-of-the-art stadium (which fans in sports markets in which such stadiums were recently built can certainly appreciate), the existing National Stadium is one of the nicest looking buildings in all of Tokyo and, in my opinion at least, still looks more stunning than the spaceship-wannabe that is currently being debated.

    Posted in: To demolish or design: Japan split on 2020 stadium

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    Yes, if you are comfortable putting your dog in a stroller you should have no qualms about putting your child on a leash.

    Posted in: Should you put your child on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in

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    Paul, they loved you when you were 64. Not so much now.

    Posted in: McCartney concert cancellations leave promoters penniless

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    What a relief. Whenever I cross there I always think, "This place could really use some more ads."

    Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya scramble crossing to get huge new advertising screen

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    Unless there are companies that are willing to sponsor the new teams, this could be difficult

    That Japanese teams are so closely associated with their corporate owners has always bothered me. I can't imagine the MLB being nearly as fun to follow if a corporation had the identity presence on a team as it does in Japan. I shudder to imagine if the NPB rules were followed in the MLB... "Google Giants," the "Nabisco Athletics," the "Chevrolet Tigers." Who would ever want to root for them? Not to mention all the corporate logos & trademarks that dominate the Japanese baseball helmets and uniforms. I'm biased of course but I think there would be more of a following in Japanese baseball if the teams did like they do in the MLB and emphasize their association with a geographic region rather than drowning their identity under corporate sponsorship.

    Posted in: Abe's new plan to beat deflation: more baseball teams

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    the poll also found that 65% of women reject those proposals outright.

    I may not be great at math, but isn't this a pretty good success rate? If a guy hits on 10 chicks, 3-4 of them will not reject the proposals outright. [Slams chu-hai, takes off wedding ring, heads out to street.]

    Posted in: 80% of Japanese women report being hit on by strangers

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    Police are analyzing security camera footage from the station as they continue to search for the urn’s owner who will face charges of improper disposal of human remains.

    It's entirely possible the decedent's last wishes were to have his/her ashes placed in his favorite spot. (I admit it's odd that this would be Miyahara station, but then again this is Saitama and there aren't exactly a lot of scenic places one would want to rest for all eternity...)

    Posted in: Urn containing cremated remains found in train station coin locker

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    I've heard many a Japanese boast about the abundance of food varieties that exist in their culture, but nothing surpasses the number of sexual fetishes they have.

    Posted in: Taxi driver held for drugging women with diuretics

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    They advised Imura to change her address and job but she said she could not because she had two sons to support.

    Classic. In other words, "We cops are so incompetent and our system is so broken, there is nothing we can do to intervene and help you. You'd better just take matters into your own hands, even if these means inconveniencing yourself to no end." I understand it's odd she declined to file a criminal complaint, but it's a shame a verbal plea for help to the officers wasn't enough for them to do anything other than "issue a written warning," which obviously doesn't deter folks like the cops think it will. I'm sure there are dozens of reasons a harassed woman, scared for her life and alone with 2 children, will decline to go through the probably cumbersome (and maybe even public) process if filing a criminal complaint.

    Posted in: Woman stabbed to death by stalker on Osaka street

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