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    The same time Apple posted losses, how ironic.

    You are totally wrong! Apple did not post a loss, Apple posted a decrease in revenue last quarter compared to the same period last year. Which is by the way not surprising, Apple can't grow indefinitely every quarter and it was arguably impossible for the company to do better than the explosive quarter last year.

    Now since you are totally confused, let's compare the two companies shall we?:

    1) Sony made $2.7 billion net profit for the ENTIRE 2015 financial year.

    2) Apple made $10.5 billion for the last quarter ALONE.

    Do you just realize the scale of differences between those two companies and how far off you are?

    Also the article above misses two keys points:

    1) The Xperia mobile division made an operating loss of ¥61.4 billion ($544 million) — that's 57.4 percent bigger than the company predicted a year ago. Sony mobile business is basically a disaster and should be considered dead.

    2) The devices unit, which handles things like image sensors, batteries, recording media, took an alarming dip to an operating loss of ¥28.6 billion ($253 million) after posting an ¥89 billion profit last year.

    You see with those two figures that Sony results are not that bright in fact. Also note that Apple has not business losing money whatsoever.

    Apple's demise

    Demise my a..., look above. And I should add that Apple earned more in the last quarter than Alphabet ($4.2B), Facebook ($1.5B), and Microsoft ($3.8B) combined.

    namely 3D virtual reality

    If you think that any company can generate with this thing the scale of profit that Apple does with its mobile products, you are out of your mind. This 3D virtual reality is a total gimmick.

    Basically the Apple magic had worn off and people are seeing that other smartphones and tablets provides the same functions at a lower price.

    Factually wrong, and I am not going to argue why. Just look at the facts. Apple sells more iPhones/iPads than any competitor. It does not happen with some magics. On the other hand, I can't only see some Chinese and Korean companies copying Apple design and trying to sell their junk at a lower price. I don't think that people should buy counterfeiting products...

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    One also should recall that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was involved in the construction of the San Onofre nuclear power plant in California and the all thing got into a gigantic debacle. The company is responsible of faulty steam generators that led to the permanent shutdown of the San Onofre nuclear power plant.


    I believe that the case is still pending in order to figure out how much Mitsubishi will pay in damages. There is no way that the Australians did not know about this by the way.

    So given this kind of dramatic failure of Mitsubishi, they should better shut their mouth up instead of claiming that " Japan’s capabilities were not sufficiently conveyed". This is incredible arrogant not to accept that their competitors offer was just technologically superior.

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    Yeah this silly behavior of claiming that Australia chose France instead of Japan because of China is just plain BS. Could we stop with this crap please?

    Some people shall really stop to be over sensitive with anything related to Japan and stop to always come up with the - this is the fault of Chinese that Japan loses. This is ridiculous.

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    The Japanese techology is probably superior

    Actually looking at the details, this appears not to be true at all. The DCNS pump jet propulsion technology is actually quite superior, this was a key factor in the Australian decision. Their technology is just better.

    Also they will provide their stealth technologies utilised on board French nuclear-powered general-purpose attack submarines (SSNs) and ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs). Another very convincing argument.

    By the way this is US which will be responsible for supplying integrated combat systems to the future submarines, as well as the submarine’s weapons.

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    These people are desesperetly stupid.

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    Well if Australia likes cheap and weak French products then so be it be don't hide behind a skirt to say it. Japan is the world's finest in submarine next to the US and Russia

    Hum well DCNS haven been building submarines for more than 110 years for different countries including of course France. This article describes well the company:


    From the article:

    DCNS boasts of being the only company in the world that can supply both conventional and nuclear submarines, having built more than 100 subs for nine nations. The company’s prowess dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and the earliest days of sub technology with the Morse and Narval classes in 1899.

    Given this kind of profile, there is no way that anyone rational would have chosen Japan with zero background in this field and particularly after the many scandals involving Japanese companies.

    DCNS is just too strong.

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    Boy they are just showing again that they have so much bad taste. They just managed to choose the ugliest design among the four designs which were considered. This is so ugly and completely fails to represent what it claims to do.

    As a quick comparison, Paris unveiled a few weeks ago its logo as a city candidate for 2024, it looks so much better.


    I am not a fan of Olympics as they are more a giant business machine than anything else, but at least Japan could have made sure to get the logo design right.

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    The misconduct has revived memories of a scandal more than 15 years ago in which Mitsubishi admitted to systematically covering up customer complaints for more than 20 years, bringing the company close to collapse.

    What customer complaints mean exactly? Why not say the plain truth and clearly explain what really happened since a lot of people may not know it. Saying just customer complaints sounds quite complaisant.

    The truth is that Mitsubishi Motors had covered up defects involving flawed axles that could lead wheels to detach. There were people who died from this in Japan and other were injured.

    Below is a Washigton Post article describing the Mitsubishi scandal back in 2004. What is also interesting is how the article describes Japan Inc with its lies, cover-up, outdated corporate culture and little punishments from the authorities whenever a company is caught violating the law. We are in 2016, and the situation has not changed at all, we are still dealing with the same sh.... over and over again.


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    the physical education curriculum to encourage teamwork and endurance.

    No it just encourages to become intellectually limited. They should better teach their kids to be more curious, to have a critical spirit, to be open minded and intellectually free. This is what kids should learn at school, not making silly human pyramids, which is an excuse to hide military-like education behind moreover a dangerous activity.

    On top of that, this has nothing to do with sports or gymnastics. Sports is used to make kids and adults bodies healthier. The idea is not to use sport to destroy people's body, particular the fragile one of our children.

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    Just Google 死刑 or 死刑制度, and you will find all kinds of debate that is going on in Japan. If you cannot read Japanese, that is OK. But if you can read Japanese and say that there is no debate in Japan, that is worse.

    No they are not. You are confusing a democratic debate with some reports on the state of death penalty in Japan, made by a narrow, almost confined circles of press and media. We are saying that there is no debate in Japan because the government is saying that essentially no debate is needed since dubious stats show that the population supports it.

    When was the last time you saw a debate on TV involving politicians, sociologists, philosophers, writers, movie makers, lawyers, etc talking about the death penalty in Japan? When?

    Be honest and just admit that Japan is not a country where debating about anything really is done, much less about death penalty.

    Actually I would not be surprised if someone finds out with a survey that people in Japan do not know that death penalty in Japan is inflicted with hanging.

    Hardly what we can call a civilized country by the way.

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    In the morning, I left the office, and I thought someone stole my bike, but then I remembered I rode it to the store. I went to the store - and it was still there, 8 hours later, unlocked, and untouched.

    Yeah, yeah, this kind of idyllic story is easily contradicted, actually by my own experience. I got my four summer tires stolen a few days ago. Actually they were paired with high grade 17-inch wheels so they were after those. They were stored outside of the house in a sort of closet. It was not protected by a strong locker, actually it was easily breakable, which they did and took everything. They actually knew that the wheels were stored there (as I use different wheels with the winter tires), they did not come to my closet just by chance. So no Japan is not Walt Disney where only good things happen. So when I hear some people who try to paint it as this, it simply makes me smoke.

    You know you’re in Japan when…

    You see everyday unsympathetic huffy people, always in a hurry moving in all directions, and not apologizing when they do something inappropriate like hitting you with the handlebar of their bicycle. Something that happened to me as early as today on my way to lunch....

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    with a history of nuclear risk management behind him.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know those so called experts in "nuclear risk management". They don't open their mouth to spread their immense expertise before a nuclear disaster occurs. Since we all know that the nuclear lobby makes sure that cases full of money are moving around in order to keep their mouth shut. But when a catastrophic nuclear disaster occurs, they all suddenly appear to the media explaining to people that everything is fine, no worries, business must continue as usual.

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    Total propaganda to minimize a catastrophic accident. They can't be serious, this is crazy.

    Not only recent scientific studies have found a severe increase of thyroid cancer linked to radiations, but another recent study has estimated a 10,000-66,000 excess cases of cancer due to the radiations.


    So how can they possibly with a straight face say that "no one should have been relocated in Fukushima"? Crazy nonsense.

    On top of that, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is pro-nuclear as one can also see in their open support of nuclear energy on their web site. As many such entities, they are shameless in showing a total disdain to intelligence of people. They think they can just throw any BS to people face and they just expect people to believe it.

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    Message from Japanese old boys to Japanese women: happy International Women’s Day!!!

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    The list was pulled together by working level officials at Sharp and forwarded, without top officials seeing it, to Foxconn as a goodwill gesture to make the buyer aware of worst-case scenario risks

    This sounds as a comedy joke until one realizes that it is coming from a Japanese company.

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    The cronies managing this country are dying to restart those peace of crap to satisfy their ego and greediness at the cost of rationality and intelligence.

    Those clowns don't known want they are doing, really it's baffling. This incident again occurs after we were told that the NRA has checked the safety of this reactor and its conformance to "modern" safety standards. Well this NRA is a joke and represents so well how this country is corrupted.

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    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has won international acclaim for his acknowledgement of Japan’s patriarchy problems.

    Silly propaganda for Abe and it's sad to see it happen here. Abe has won nothing, he has rather shown that he is a typical Japanese leader as being ultra conservative in modernizing this country. He is the leader promoting even more tights and behind the door decision making (read corruption) between the government and the Japanese companies, he is the leader promoting a return to an even more authoritarian government, he is the leader promoting a return to what they call family values (as a way to promote public order) and so on. So how is this making Abe acknowledging Japan’s patriarchy problems? He is actually making it worse.

    Japanese paternity leave laws are already the most generous in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, at up to one year.

    The author seems to intentionally forget to indicate that this is one year of unpaid paternity leave from the point of view of the company. The salary may be covered by employment insurance at 2/3rds of monthly salary for the first 6 months and then 1/2 of salary for the final 6 months. Which is very low and really not interesting in such an expensive country. So of course there is only 2.3% of new fathers who took any leave last year. The naivety of the author here is actually baffling given also that spouses often do not work or don't have a well paid job.

    This one year paternity leave is so Japanese in the sense that it is here only for appearance. Japan Inc does not want people at home, they want them at work, working or not in fact. It keeps controlling them an easier thing to do. So they write somewhere that there is a paternity leave but make sure that it's so unattractive that nobody would really consider to use it. So it's a win-win for the companies, as they don't have to pay for paternity leave and they don't have people absent a long time.

    For comparison, a lot of countries in Europe provide much shorter paternity leave (Norway has a generous 14 weeks though) but they get paid 80% to 100% of their salary.

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    What is the impact on cars in Japan? Are they being recalled as well? If so, which brands and how many? It would be nice to know. I assume Takata supplied the airbags to local cars as well.

    My wife had her car recalled to change the airbag. She owns a Honda. In Japan they are trying hard to do low profile on the matter. When she was contacted to take an appointment, they did not say for what exactly problem they wanted her to bring the car for. They only mentioned a technical problem. Once she went there, they would not mention exactly the problem only to refer to an airbag issue. She then insisted to know whether this was related to the Takata airbag inflators and they finally admitted. She then asked why she was not told that her car was recalled for this problem, those clowns responded that they did not want to worry her.

    She then asked if this problem was widespread with Honda cars, they admitted that it was a massive recall of cars.....

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    reported it even though they didn't have to

    Of course the power companies have to, please stop to pull nonsense arguments straight from your bottom. They have to report any incident resulting to a leak of radioactive water even even if a small amount of radiation is detected (although I would be careful with the numbers they gave since they are know to just plain lie).

    And people like you often stop themselves mentioning that this incident occurred after what was called a severe, flawless, super strict safety evaluation conducted from the NRA and Kepco. What you call a test run to check a problem is actually a clear sign of incompetence as they missed something as silly as an insufficient tension in a bolt.

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    Wasn't the NRA responsible to make sure that the reactors to be restarted must pass stricter safety measures before to do so?

    It seems to me instead, that the NRA is giving those authorizations without any serious professionalism but rather under the pressure of power companies and the government.

    Posted in: Radioactive water leak suspends Takahama reactor restart


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