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    Islamic State threat could stiffen Abe's stance on security

    Oh really, in which regard exactly?

    Will Abe send a bunch of amateur Japanese soldiers with absolutely no experience with the type of war that is going on in Syria and Irak to fight the barbarians of the Islamic State? No of course, no way. Let's be serious a moment, they will be eaten alive there.

    No, Abe has only his mouth with him and the only "stiffen stance" on security will be less freedom to the Japanese population for the sake of "protecting" them in a country already relatively oppressive.

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    This guy didn't only stole the patrol car, he drove for 30 minutes in the opposite direction in the highway. This is a miracle that he didn't make an accident.

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    > Airbus doesn't make sense, they were the ones that pulled the plug cancelling the contract and now they are sueing Skymark for the cancellation?

    No, no, no. Airbus cancelled the contract because Skymark tried to completely change the original and signed contract because they suddenly decided that they wanted less planes and thought with incredible arrogance that they could just change the contract that they have themselves agreed and signed upon with Airbus. You can't just come like this arguing that the business is tough and try to renegotiate a contract for your own benefits since Skymark even went as fas as to think that they wouldn't have to pay penalties for the cancelled planes.

    Airbus of course doesn't play this silly Japanese inc game, they are professionals and a contract is a contrarct so they decided to stop any deal with Skymark and ther are totally right. Airbus has asked (as again stipulated by the contract) penalties because Skymark didn't fulfill its duties so they are suing them now because Skymark refuses to pay.

    Airbus is just following legally the contract Skymark has originally agreed with. This is Skymark which is tying to extort Airbus by violating what both parties have agreed on.

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    The economy is said to be improving.

    Yeah, yeah, it just went into recession. But apart from that, everything is going well.

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    I live in Sapporo and I am starting to get very annoyed about the poor work the city is doing for the snow and ice covering not only the roads but also the side walks. They are basically running in minimum service but they are leaving places around the city with very dangerous conditions.

    The last few weeks, roads (and I am talking about major axis of traffic) were covered with ice bumps that made them dangerous not only because they are difficult to see in low light conditions but also even at low speed they are dangerous. The driver could lose control but also damage his/her car. Those bumps formed after a period of frequent changing temperatures and they didn't bother to remove the snow out of the roads before the bumps formed. People are having children in their cars, it's not acceptable that major axis of traffic are not properly cleaned up.

    It rained last Saturday, that's why the city became a giant ice skating surface. And again, they didn't do anything to reduce the risk and better guaranty the safety of people, I am not surprised that this accident occurred.

    I don't care that it costs the city a lot of money to clean the snow, I pay a lot of of local taxes. And it's not my fault that they are stupid enough to rely entirely on private companies for the snow removable. Those greedy companies all colluded together and fixed prices so that the city has not other choice than to pay more than it should.

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    “I am keenly aware of my responsibility for troubling a number of people,”

    Troubling a number of people? Well, a man died in this incredible mess and she calls it troubling people? I often think that this woman (like a lot of people in this country) is really immature and really doesn't understand or realize the horrible and utter mess she put herself in.

    She has some sort of disconnection to the reality that is very troubling. The fact that she still continues to use really doubt full arguments to protect herself is also really strange. How can she still throw the "secret technique" BS to us? Nobody can buy that, why then she doesn't show it even to her co-workers and managers. Makes no sense.

    I am willing to defend her if she would come up with real and solid arguments. But until today she has always come up with a bag of crap to defend herself and her work.

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    it's because the nuclear reactors have been off for so long they need the extra revenue to counter their losses whether or not they can restart the reactors.

    Makes no sense, those are private companies that happen to provide energy but they are still totally private companies. This is not the responsibility of tax payers to pay for their financial difficulties, nuclear energy or not. They are totally and uniquely responsible of their management and they screwed it up by putting all their eggs in nuclear energy in a country not only unsuitable geologically for such amount of nuclear reactors but also engrained with corruption which has turned (and continue to) a blind eye on nuclear safety. Again, they screwed up, tax payers shouldn't pay for that, this is crazy and only a docile population like Japanese can accept to be f.. so much in silence.

    It's win-win for these guys and they know it and are laughing their way to the bank.

    Oh YES!!! They do whatever they want.

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    “Revising the constitution… has always been an objective since the Liberal Democratic Party was launched,” Abe told reporters.

    You see you stupid Japan population where your apathy is driving you. The LDP has governed Japan for more than 50 years and now suddenly "Abe fascist" says us now that the LDP has always wanted to revise the constitution. And he tells us this just after organizing a masquerade of election where media have been ordered to talk about anything but Abe's nationalism and where half of the population didn't bother to vote giving the LDP only 24% of support. This guys really deserves someone to spit on his face.

    People making the difference between nationalism and patriotism, please stop the hypocrisy. In Abe's mouth, they are the same, Japanese politicians often use euphemisms to call uncomfortable things, a typical Japan thing which allows people here to lie to each other on a regular basis. For Abe, patriotism = nationalism, there is no doubt about it, what do you expect them to teach about as patriotism to children at school, about sushis?

    And even if patriotism wouldn't be nationalism, school is not the place to teach patriotism, makes no sense. School is a place to receive education and knowledge that build an intellectually free individual. Patriotism has nothing to do in schools.

    I won't put my child who is now 1 year old in a school that teach government propaganda, Japan schools are already good enough at producing robots. He will better deserved to be back to Europe and get a real education there.

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    Hold on please. Skype and FaceTime are very different. FaceTime does require an Apple ID in order to call an email address but you don't need to log in every time time to call with FaceTime like in Skype. FaceTime is an app, but it is also a system service available anywhere in the system so that one can initiate an FaceTime call directly without to launch first the app. And note that to use WebRTC, you do also need an app, that's the web browser that you need to launch first. Technically (communication protocols), WebRTC is really not better than FaceTime, the point is that it is cross platform which FaceTime isn't.

    I don't buy the everything in the web broswer mantra, brawsers are getting more and more complex and bloated and they really don't need to take that road. They want to do 3D (what the point really?) and now they want also video and audio communications all packed into multi million line of codes beasts that have shown to be the preferred road for security attacks. What I am saying is that the web browser shouldn't be some sort of operating system running on top on another one, it should let the main OS handle this king of low level tasks.

    In October, Microsoft committed to including a version of WebRTC on its Internet Explorer browser, leaving only Apple as the main holdout. An Apple spokesperson declined to discuss the company’s plans for WebRTC in detail.

    WebRTC is at this moment a working draft, that is a proposal for inclusion to the HTML5 standard. Nothing is finalized, even not WebRTC itself, so talking on who supports it or not is just plain useless at this point.

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    “The prime minister’s views are extremely close to our way of thinking,” Yuzawa told Reuters in an interview.

    That is, we mean a disgusting tendency for revisionism and regression.

    Let those maniacs drive Japan to the past while the rest of the population is just watching them doing so. Anyone left with some intelligence will leave Japan, well before it has become a land of fascists living in their island with their "culture" and beloved "emperor" and disconnected to the civilized world. And they can even maybe have some friendship with North Korea, it seems that they can be good friends...

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    “He had begun to complain about severe chest pain at about 7 a.m. on Nov 22, but instead of calling a doctor, immigration officials moved him from a shared cell into a single one,” PRAJ member Hiromitsu Masuda told AFP.

    A spokeswoman at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau told AFP a detainee was moved to solitary for observation after feeling unwell.

    It seems again the information is not fully provided here. They didn't just moved him to a single cell (and not calling a doctor), the guard present there specifically refused to alert a doctor, on the grounds that a medical facility inside the detention center was not open on Saturdays.


    Yeah it boggles the mind but they just let him die.

    I don't know what game Japan is trying to play here, but this is ugly and the nation is just not doing itself good with such a criminal attitude towards vulnerable foreign populations present on its land.

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    What a circus Japan is. I can't believe it.

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    Please point out where he has failed.

    Excuse me? What about the fact the country re-entered in recession? What do you want more as a reason of failure?

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    Abe, why don't you just quit? You failed.

    But commentators across the spectrum agree that Abe, who enjoys approval ratings around 50 percent, is likely to stroll home in the popular vote, and point out that the premier’s real target is rivals within his own fractious Liberal Democratic Party.

    If this is all about, does Japan need that kind of BS right now? Why are they so stupid? Please someone, send them a brain....

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    If people today aren't able to bear the tax burden to pay for it, it'll be even harder for the tax payers of tomorrow who will have to support a more aged populace.

    That's all the problem that Japan faces. How to fund an expensive social welfare system due to an agin population with a shrinking work force and a population that can't afford tax hikes any more? Again Japan is already expensive enough and it's difficult to convince people to pay more tax when in the same time the country where they are living is doing so little to help them raise their children for example.

    Tax hikes have now been proven unworkable, slashing spending will be too unpalatable for the Japanese voters.

    That makes no difference to the (few) Japanese voters. Slashing spending and tax hikes are both austerity policies.

    When it was 80 or so to the dollar, that was an anomaly. 105-112 or so is amount normal. With the strengthening dollar, well you can't fight that, as all currencies are weakening to it.

    Yeah, yeah, nothing is wrong. So imported goods (including food) and fuel didn't get too expensive due to a yen too weak. Prices jus went up by themselves then.

    That really is not Abenomics fault.

    Yes of course nothing is Abenomics fault, sure. Lets just continue with that. Japan is just in recession.

    So you think even companies like Toray, Toyota, Hitachi, Mitsubishi UFC bank and the rest will fall apart and die?

    So what? Of course they won't disappear just like that.

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    Abe adviser calls for stimulus after 'shocking' GDP

    Shocking? Is he nuts? How can someone with the beginning of a brain find that shocking?

    Abenomics is nothing new in the LDP's cook book which has been used since Japan was hit by the bubble collapse. That is spend tax payer money with no tomorrow on public works to satisfy the Yakusas behind the construction companies and do some currency manipulations (with Abenomics being the most aggressive to far) to satisfy the big "dinosaurs" Japans Incs left behind by the international competition in order to maintain them afloat.

    So what have been the results of these policies? Nothing besides producing an insanely high public debt while doing nothing to fix Japan's deep structural problems like the terrifying aging population and a middle class with less and less purchasing power. These policies have always resulted in a short economical stimulus followed again by a recession. Japan has been trapped in this cycle for more than 20 years, a trap that it put itself in.

    Abnomics have been a pain in the neck for all middle classes as it has only made their living cost more expensive (high importation costs associated with the weak yen) and absolutely nothing in Abe's future policy is going beyond the present Abnomics's policy, nothing, nada.

    Abnomics is a failure. The increase of the sales tax in a country as already expensive as Japan but with poor social benefits (tax return) was known to be a bad idea, but Abe's government played again the typical Japanese Oyaji stubbornness game and here they are now. Pathetic.

    It's not the sales increase tax that failed Abnomics, Abnomics was a failure from the start. Abnomics is a failure and for that reason Abe must quit. He has to leave, period. He has already made too much damage to Japan's population, that's enough now.

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    Patients suspected of being potential health threats will not only have information made public regarding their age, sex, symptoms, and possible persons with whom the patient has come in contact, but the government will also announce information regarding the flight they arrived on.

    Welcome to Japan.

    What don't they just also give their names while they are at it?

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    I told my young men three years ago sushi materials will totally change in five years,” he added. “And now, such a trend is becoming a reality little by little.

    What a hypocrite, this is insane. This is the man from the generation who has refused to listen back to the nineties, yes the nineties that an over-consumption of fish would bring major problems for the conservation of the species being consumed in this huge waste.

    Japan is the bigger consumer of bluefin tuna in the world (Japan ate 13,324 tons of the 17,651 tons of Pacific bluefin caught in 2011) and Japan has largely driven the situation seen today for the sake of japan's culture. This is the sort of guy who was claiming that protection of marine species being consumed for sushis was nonsense because the culture of Japan can't see limitations imposed from abroad and that those foreigners saying us to stop are just anti Japanese.

    And now he complains like he isn't responsible, what a jerk.

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    Only a few months ago, Japanese won international praise at the World Cup in Brazil when supporters of their national football team voluntarily picked up refuse at a venue. But this time, the crowds in Shibuya seemed indifferent to litter.

    This was a total premeditated action by the Japanese supporters because they knew that a camera will catch them and that it will be broadcasted all over the world.

    What Japanese pretend to be in front of the world is often radically different to want they really are in Japan.

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    Committee is better than a dictator enforce this rule as J is a democrattic country and money is not wasted as it is their job to decide.

    Japan a democracy, you are kidding right?

    How can you possibly argue this and that this committee is useful and not a waste of public money when in the same time the Japanese government (read law makers and bureaucrats) owns a significant amount of share at Japan Tabacco?

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