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    What a circus Japan is. I can't believe it.

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    Please point out where he has failed.

    Excuse me? What about the fact the country re-entered in recession? What do you want more as a reason of failure?

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    Abe, why don't you just quit? You failed.

    But commentators across the spectrum agree that Abe, who enjoys approval ratings around 50 percent, is likely to stroll home in the popular vote, and point out that the premier’s real target is rivals within his own fractious Liberal Democratic Party.

    If this is all about, does Japan need that kind of BS right now? Why are they so stupid? Please someone, send them a brain....

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    If people today aren't able to bear the tax burden to pay for it, it'll be even harder for the tax payers of tomorrow who will have to support a more aged populace.

    That's all the problem that Japan faces. How to fund an expensive social welfare system due to an agin population with a shrinking work force and a population that can't afford tax hikes any more? Again Japan is already expensive enough and it's difficult to convince people to pay more tax when in the same time the country where they are living is doing so little to help them raise their children for example.

    Tax hikes have now been proven unworkable, slashing spending will be too unpalatable for the Japanese voters.

    That makes no difference to the (few) Japanese voters. Slashing spending and tax hikes are both austerity policies.

    When it was 80 or so to the dollar, that was an anomaly. 105-112 or so is amount normal. With the strengthening dollar, well you can't fight that, as all currencies are weakening to it.

    Yeah, yeah, nothing is wrong. So imported goods (including food) and fuel didn't get too expensive due to a yen too weak. Prices jus went up by themselves then.

    That really is not Abenomics fault.

    Yes of course nothing is Abenomics fault, sure. Lets just continue with that. Japan is just in recession.

    So you think even companies like Toray, Toyota, Hitachi, Mitsubishi UFC bank and the rest will fall apart and die?

    So what? Of course they won't disappear just like that.

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    Abe adviser calls for stimulus after 'shocking' GDP

    Shocking? Is he nuts? How can someone with the beginning of a brain find that shocking?

    Abenomics is nothing new in the LDP's cook book which has been used since Japan was hit by the bubble collapse. That is spend tax payer money with no tomorrow on public works to satisfy the Yakusas behind the construction companies and do some currency manipulations (with Abenomics being the most aggressive to far) to satisfy the big "dinosaurs" Japans Incs left behind by the international competition in order to maintain them afloat.

    So what have been the results of these policies? Nothing besides producing an insanely high public debt while doing nothing to fix Japan's deep structural problems like the terrifying aging population and a middle class with less and less purchasing power. These policies have always resulted in a short economical stimulus followed again by a recession. Japan has been trapped in this cycle for more than 20 years, a trap that it put itself in.

    Abnomics have been a pain in the neck for all middle classes as it has only made their living cost more expensive (high importation costs associated with the weak yen) and absolutely nothing in Abe's future policy is going beyond the present Abnomics's policy, nothing, nada.

    Abnomics is a failure. The increase of the sales tax in a country as already expensive as Japan but with poor social benefits (tax return) was known to be a bad idea, but Abe's government played again the typical Japanese Oyaji stubbornness game and here they are now. Pathetic.

    It's not the sales increase tax that failed Abnomics, Abnomics was a failure from the start. Abnomics is a failure and for that reason Abe must quit. He has to leave, period. He has already made too much damage to Japan's population, that's enough now.

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    Patients suspected of being potential health threats will not only have information made public regarding their age, sex, symptoms, and possible persons with whom the patient has come in contact, but the government will also announce information regarding the flight they arrived on.

    Welcome to Japan.

    What don't they just also give their names while they are at it?

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    I told my young men three years ago sushi materials will totally change in five years,” he added. “And now, such a trend is becoming a reality little by little.

    What a hypocrite, this is insane. This is the man from the generation who has refused to listen back to the nineties, yes the nineties that an over-consumption of fish would bring major problems for the conservation of the species being consumed in this huge waste.

    Japan is the bigger consumer of bluefin tuna in the world (Japan ate 13,324 tons of the 17,651 tons of Pacific bluefin caught in 2011) and Japan has largely driven the situation seen today for the sake of japan's culture. This is the sort of guy who was claiming that protection of marine species being consumed for sushis was nonsense because the culture of Japan can't see limitations imposed from abroad and that those foreigners saying us to stop are just anti Japanese.

    And now he complains like he isn't responsible, what a jerk.

    Posted in: Japan's star sushi chef warns of raw deal from overfishing

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    Only a few months ago, Japanese won international praise at the World Cup in Brazil when supporters of their national football team voluntarily picked up refuse at a venue. But this time, the crowds in Shibuya seemed indifferent to litter.

    This was a total premeditated action by the Japanese supporters because they knew that a camera will catch them and that it will be broadcasted all over the world.

    What Japanese pretend to be in front of the world is often radically different to want they really are in Japan.

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    Committee is better than a dictator enforce this rule as J is a democrattic country and money is not wasted as it is their job to decide.

    Japan a democracy, you are kidding right?

    How can you possibly argue this and that this committee is useful and not a waste of public money when in the same time the Japanese government (read law makers and bureaucrats) owns a significant amount of share at Japan Tabacco?

    Posted in: Tokyo to consider public smoking restrictions in preparation for 2020 Olympics

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    What no? I know that Japanse like this kind of silly cardboard, and that's the point, this is ridiculous. It's not because it would be a tradition (one could actually argue about calling this tradition) that it isn't ridiculous. And allow me to doubt about you trying to come up here with the tradition excuse when the dude in the photo is in fact trying to talk about modern economics in 2014. What has tradition having to do with anything here?

    Now you mentioned the news reporters using carboards and actually all sort of hand made sculptures. I also get enraged about that, this is so pathetic and childish. These reporters should better do their work of journalism and do real investigations instead of spending their days with childish activities cutting and pasting peaces of paper like mentally limited adults.

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    This dude pointing his pen to a ridiculous cardboard in what is supposed to be a press conference organized in a modern country just shows what Japan is today: a country led by a bunch of dinosaurs stuck in the past.

    I mean look at him. People in Japan are so screwed.

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    Love it! Bring on winter!

    Hate it!

    The snow is a pain for anyone driving a car or living in a house. Living here for almost 13 years and I am really starting to get fed up of it. I didn't care much when I didn't have to often deal with snow, but really this is a pain now. And the winter is just too long in this island, the snow was still melting in some areas in Hokkaido back in June......

    Anyway, I woke up this norming and there was no trace of any snow in Sapporo, so it's good I haven't had to see it. That would be quite depressing.

    Posted in: Major cities in Hokkaido get first snowfall of season

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    The economy is doing fine, slowly recovering after having been subjected to an absurd sub-100 yen/$ rate for way too long.

    Here is something that can help you:


    You are welcome.

    Posted in: Abe's troubles may not end despite resignations of two ministers

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    I must say, I laughed watching this. That was very colorful.


    Totally agree, this pile of pooh wanted a fight with Hashimoto from the beginning, we could see it as he started the whole thing haranguing with limitless arrogance the media staff.

    I am not a supporter of Hashimoto but he did good at having a firm attitude towards this ugly moron. However, I would have preferred that he avoids to even talk to him. The thing that he could have done as a responsible public servant is to come with a couple of police officers, show up at the door, and just say arrest this guy.

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    I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the fuss created by my private matter

    Your private matter? Oh sorry Obuchi, please forgive us, we didn't want to disrupt your activities of corruption, they are surely a total private matter and who dare to interfere with your private life?

    So now, just make sure to pass the message to NHK so that they explain to the sheep living in Japan also called Japanese people that they shouldn't give importance to the corruption of Japanese politicians because it's their private matter. The will surely listen very carefully and throw a big そうですか before to go to sleep!!

    Posted in: Obuchi apologizes after political funds misuse reports

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    The utility, which received a government bailout earlier this year, had applied for a rate hike of 17.03% to cope with rising costs from importing record amounts of liquefied natural gas and coal to run power stations.

    Wait, wait and wait. The utilities complaining about the cost of running their non nuclear power plants could have had a significant reduced burden if the government wouldn't have gone into a stupid and totally useless policy at reducing the yen value which has considerably increased the price for importations including energy.

    So people are directly paying for a completely failed policy, this is insane, totally insane. Of course the old boys at the government approves the rate, that's the least they can do to their buddies at the power companies. This country is totally corrupted, a bunch of gangsters is holding the country and the people of Japan are paying the bill. This is really disgusting.

    Plus, the total absence of competition in the power providing market gives no choice to the citizens than to pay these gangsters and people are paying today for the bad strategic decisions in focusing on nuclear energy of one single company owing the energy market in Hokkaido (and this is also true for other regions in Japan). The consequence from it being that the people of Japan are now also paying for the incredible incompetence of power companies in Japan by supporting these companies in bringing the nuclear plants in acceptable security levels.

    I am calling Hokuden tomorrow, they will hear me.

    The employees from the president on down at Hokkaido Electric Power (or Hokuden as it is known in Hokkaido) will not receive a winter bonus this year. Granted none of them will starve but they are making an effort to share in the pain.

    Bonuses are peanuts, this is PR BS. Hokuden hasn't made any clear restructuring plan in order to reduce its operation costs, nor it has taken any tangible action in reducing the money lost to corrupt locals and bureaucrats in the government, nor it has made any decisions on reducing the enormous financial advantage of its executives and senior employees, nor it has taken any action in reducing the costly social benefits to its employees, nor it has made any clear action in promoting reduced energy consumption (there is a farm in Hokkaido producing mangos in winter, guess who is providing the juice to heat up the thing).

    So please, no they are not sharing the pain, they are shamefully putting all the burden on the citizens, a 12.43% increase is scandalous.

    Posted in: Gov't approves Hokkaido Electric rate hike

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    This is literally priceless.

    Posted in: Nobody at subway station in Tokyo for first train after two staff oversleep

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    Why be swayed by a few bad apples. Go and honour all of the others that fought for their country. All other nations do it too.

    Well then why Japan doesn't stop the hypocrisy and removes the war criminals enshrined in Yasukuni? That would be already a big step towards honesty from Japan in accepting its crimes during the WWII.

    And be careful about the "other nations do it too" argument. They (modern democracies) just don't "honor" anything particularly in countries which have been responsible for the WWII tragedy. Germany is surely not honoring the Third Reich's army and Japan as an ally of nazism during WWII should learn from the present Germany and should surely stop any honoring of its past imperial army.

    I simply don't see the point to honor war making people.

    Posted in: Dozens of lawmakers expected to visit Yasukuni Shrine on Friday

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    The most well-known example of this is the mobile phone, where Japan was initially streets ahead and had polyphonal, full-color flip-top mobile phones in the late 1990s.

    This is plain flat wrong. Japanese phones were not better, they just sucked less. But in fact they were full, but full of features that no one could possibly find, all packed in awful, horrible user interfaces. The iPhone was a deliverance, I had two Japanese cell phones before the iPhone came out but they sucked sooooooo much, to such a level, sky high. They came with this huge manual book that nobody, absolutely nobody would ever read, being Japanese native or not. And those features that were advertised but it don’t work at all, like you know internet (more on that later) or some clunky implemented features like TV. You had a huge antenna on the side of the phone, this is was clunky, horribly ugly and not functional. The best you could get is a blurred image. The Japanese tech companies could not innovate, actually they didn’t need to do so, the market was so saturated with junk and they could just sell it to customers that didn’t have any other choice. Instead of packing their phone with useless, totally unusable features that nobody really knew about (you know like Samsung does today), they could have worked and fixed their awful user interface to any part of the cell phone that was mostly used by people. Emailing, messaging, call, localization (they had completely un-functional GPS modules backed by completely buggy software), listening to music or watching videos. Not only most of the Japanese cell phones didn’t provide some of these features, but the ones which did, did it with totally un-usable interface and software. Anyone remember typing anything other than Japanese on the keyboard of this phones, my lord, it was just silly. And what about the battery live of those things, don’t get me started, let’s just say that this is behind us and that the world is full of crap. To this you have to add that Japanese phones didn’t support Wifi (again a carrier like Docomo was absolutely against phones that could connect to anything without going through their network), their screens were totally bad (you hardly could read any text without putting it in front of your face), they were very slow, they were bulky, they are all made of cheap plastic, they would overheat quickly if pushed in doing intensive tasks, their OS was a mess, a total disaster, and you know things like sending rich attachments in emails were a no go.

    These units were Internet-capable as far back as 1999.

    This is also flat wrong and I am staring to question the honesty of the author. Basically most Japanese cell phone (and I don't count the one which were supposed to work with the full internet but asked you to wait 5 minutes every time you wanted to scroll a page ) couldn't display anything from the internet, the internet that people knew and were using on their computers. All of them were only able to display a very limited mobile version of a site if available at all with an incredible limited bitmap based drawing with pages essentially filled with text. Absolutely unusable, this is not internet, sorry. Or the users were locked to the iMode system owned by Docomo which was even not internet. It was a sort of intranet at the scale of Japan, totally text based that has just contributed to isolate more the Japanese population from the rest of the world. This is was a pathetic system, a disaster in technology, that only exited because Docomo had a monopoly and would force people to use it. Docomo has actually tried to force Apple to use their iMode system and Apple gave them the big finger. They were right, they chose to go for the user experience not with the biggest carrier in Japan. And it worked, Docomo has lost and now they distribute iPhones without this bizarre iMode.

    Natsuno, who is now a professor at Keio University in Tokyo, says Japan should have looked into overseas expansion of its cutting edge contactless payments system much sooner.

    How could they have done for that? This is utopia. Do you know why most of Japanese tech products don’t export abroad? This is because they are clunky, there is no way on the world that any mobile payment in Japan could have worked abroad. No chance, this is just too bad. And really, let’s be fair here, these Japanese companies don’t understand what people abroad want and like, they try to sell their phones packed with useless features for the sake of a check list, all packed in awful designs with today’s phones still still bulky and very ugly. Japanese don’t get good design, they really don’t get it. They really can’t produce something good looking, something literally beautiful. Just look at their cars, houses, interior furnitures, clothes, and so on. They just can’t sell abroad with such bad taste and poor understanding of what people outside of Japan want. Making a pokemon phone don’t sell abroad, they are a lucky that they can sell it here, in fact they can sell a lot of crap here. A lot of things are just poor quality.

    Now, to conclude. Lets welcome the first easy to use, well designed and secure cell phone based mobile payment and lets hope that Japan won’t make everything to stop Apple bringing it here. Forget everything else, it just sucks.

    Posted in: Apple a decade behind Japan on mobile payment curve

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    The author of this article really doesn’t get it, it's almost laughable.

    What is the problem of the author here, some anti-Apple complex or something? Why suddenly focusing on Apple and why not having wrote the same BS when Google introduced Google Wallet? Why putting Apple in a decade time frame, Apple has not been in the cell phone or mobile business for a decade anyway? What a bizarre statement.

    Plus, the Japanese government with the complicity of the Japanese tech companies and network providers have done everything to lock out competition on the cell phone market during more than a decade (remember Nokia in Japan?). Even if a company would have came up with a mobile payment solution in Japan integrated in a cell phone, the Japanese busyness world would have made a hell of a life for this company.

    However something changed, and it was the iPhone with the help of Softbank whose CEO is enough forward thinking to have understood that the Japanese cell phone market was not going anywhere. Everything has changed back then. You know why? Because for the first time in Japan, Japanese buyers could vote with their wallet and choose a far better phone than what was available in Japan (more about this later). And for the first time, the power has been taken out from the hand of Docomo who was basically doing everything to kill the competition on the network provider market with the blessing of the government (the old boys were getting their monthly checks I guess). Apple was smart enough not to play with these greedy pigs and go with Softbank, it changed everything.

    This is flat non sense. Introducing a technology doesn’t mean that it is usable. This is a typical comment from people who really don’t understand what technology is supposed to do. Technology is supposed to be easy to use, otherwise it is useless. This isn’t what happened to mobile payment and NFC in Japan. Mobile payment here is just a jungle of different systems totally incompatible between themselves. They are all clunky implementations (like the FeliCa chips) that really is awful. I have been living living here for 12 years, I really really don’t see a lot of people use mobiles payments (even less with phones) in a country where everything is done with cash (I saw people bringing cash to the car dealer to pay for their car, this is that bad). Mobile payment here is a joke, there is no centralized system which is intuitive and more importantly secure. Security is an after thought in his country, so are the mobile payments here that would need to provide a transaction with your bank and I am not talking about the cards that you load with money and that you can use to pay, they are useless (what is even the point). In fact systems that directly allow to use your credit card for mobile payment are rare and again absolutely not trustable.

    Now either one live in a denial like the author who wants to claim that Japan is so an advanced country but which still relies a lot in fax and paper documents (anyone has received one of this ridiculous book for recording the medicines that you buy? Yes the one that you have to stick a peace of paper in it? Hopeless…). Or one looks at the market frankly and honestly and recognizes that mobile payments are a joke in Japan, only a fraction of people use it and that the country is really not the technology hub some people believe it is (yeah those bank books, those Hankos and so on….)

    Posted in: Apple a decade behind Japan on mobile payment curve

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