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    Well given that

    1) As I mentioned, pre-eruption earthquakes are known to be potentially very large with this volcano.

    2) An assessment proved that with big quakes which have taken place in "close proximity" to three nuclear power plants in Japan from 2005 to 2007, in each case, the ground motion (peak ground acceleration) caused by the quake was stronger than that for which the plants had been designed.

    Who is fear mongering again?

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    You want to try to argue with me big mouth? But I warn you. Since I have a PhD in geophysics, you will have a hell of a hard time convincing me that having a nuclear power plant near such an active volcano is a good idea, and that it's not sheer stupidity.

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    Indeed the volcano is located at only 50 km from the recently restarted Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai nuclear plant. Therefore it seems to me that people in this country are not really intelligent.

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    Oh yeah, open the pop-corn....

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    Google parent Alphabet passes Apple as biggest company -- now what?

    Well Google is back behind Apple. Alphabet is trading at $726.95, a decrease of 4.93 percent compared to where it was, giving it a market capitalization of $499.94 billion. Apple, on the other hand, increased by 1.98 percent and was trading at $96.35 at close, giving it a market capitalization of $534.22 billion.

    Which means that all those pseudo analysts and the media talking about this and making a big deal of it is just ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is listening them calling Apple in decline.

    Both Google's and Apple's size is based on a HUGELY inflated stock market more than anything else.

    Only Google in fact. But beyond that, they are still more than stock market, you know they are people using their brain to produce something. You know creating things using intelligence.

    As well as crafty off shore tax evasion, AND cheap labor based production.

    Yes sure, the usual big US companies are just the devil, blah, blah. Not only what you refer to is factually wrong because things are more complicated than that but also again, people like you and me are working in these companies. Your know, jobs.... You can't just see things from on side, this is silly.

    This means Samsung is a larger company than Apple and Google combined.

    You made me laugh thanks. Now, shall we compare?

    Apple last quarter: 1) $75.9 billion in revenue. 2) $18.4 billion in profit. 3) Apple has nearly $216 billion in cash.

    Samsung last quarter: 1) $44 billion in revenue. 2) $2.7 billion in profit. 3) Its possession of cash is estimated under $50 after debt.

    So which one is larger again? Next time be sure to check your facts.

    On top of that, it's strange that you take Samsung as an example given their weird culture of stealing ideas from others. They wouldn't be in the modern mobile business if they would not have ripped off Apple products. Hardly a model of company worth referring to.

    But, there are companies even bigger than this. They include Walmart, Sinopec, China National Petroleum Corporation ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell.

    Again you are getting it wrong....

    Apple finds a new growth engine soon, it will follow the same path as IBM did back in the 1990s.

    You better apply this advise to Samsung who saw its mobile business collapsed for the last two years or so. Their tactic of always copying what Apple does is not working anymore, people have noticed by now. Samsung must be happy though that Apple still uses its chip foundries to produce its A-series chips.

    And you seem to completely miss IBM situation by the way, so a quick comparison should help you see things better: 1) IBM market cap: 120.95B. 2) Samsung market cap: $136.9.

    I dont see with these numbers that IBM is in an awfully worse situation compared to Samsung, meaning that IBM still counts.

    Apple's dependence on the iPhone is starting to scare investors away, hence why it's stock value has dropped 30% since May 2015.

    The dependence argument is non sense because it's used with hypocrisy only with Apple. You could say the same with Samsung for its mobile business, Microsoft for Windows or Google for ads. The stock value is not the grail for everything, and the only reason that it has decreased is that it is based on speculation for incessant growth rather than on how really the company is doing.

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    Spot on...

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    Why the difference?

    The difference is called sarcasm. Charlie Hebdo uses sarcasm to approach the reality of our world. People may like it or not, understand it or not (obviously that's not your case as some other posters here), but this is their use of sarcasm. Use irony and derision to mock a situation that the journal believes it's unfair or intolerable.

    This woman (I am not sure if I should call her a woman but anyway) does something radically different. She does not use sarcasm. She uses cartoons to spread xenophobic ideas and her reactionist view of what Japan should be, about her contempt of foreigners living in this country, about revisionism of history, etc.

    Now I am not against that she does what she does provided that there is a conter argument to her rhetoric. However as I already mentioned above, she plays a double game by complaining that freedom of speech is not applicable to her but in the same time she for example condemns any debate concerning the system of women sex slaves made by Japan during WWII.

    Not only she does play this double game, the whole country does too.

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    Typical lefty responses here.

    No, no, typical responses of people who hate hypocrites.

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    She represents so well the lamentable intellectual level of the book industry in Japan.

    On top of that, she does a wonderful job in portraying Japan as a wonderful patriarchal society where a woman must be the one having skills to fold clothes and tidy up the house for mister husband, who contemplates her with delicacy as being so cool doing that. Welcome to 2016 Japan.

    Author of the international best-seller

    Numbers to back up that claim please....

    “make sure you put a lot of love through your palms,” she said.

    I mean, those people are unreal. Really.... What a hell this is supposed to even mean?

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    , but denies taking bribes

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Crickets are singing..

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    Hasumi said at the time that the press conference was tantamount to a “crackdown on freedom of speech.”

    Oh boy, the selective interpretation of freedom of speech of Japanese. Apparently it's ok to defend it in order to display disgusting and intolerable racist and xenophobic behaviors, but it's also ok to refuse it to anyone criticizing Japan. See the recent arrestation and detention of the activist Ric O'Barry....

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    Abe said he wants Amari to stay in his post

    Translation: ????

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    that it suppose to basically be an emulation of galaxy S5 features

    This is fascinating. Samsung has been ripping off Apple since the first iPhone reached market, and we still hear this sort of lunacy.

    Apple's iPhone success may be reaching its peak

    The all point is itself meaningless. Some dudes living in their finance bubble want Apple to grow regardless of laws of physics. Even if Apple continues to make huge profits, the only thing they want is growth, growth, growth without limit.

    But beyond that, there are cycles anyway. Even Apple can't sustain a strong growth every year particularly after introducing big new versions at some point of time. We heard the same BS during the age of iPhone 5S, until Apple introduced the iPhone 6.

    Apple hasn’t commented on iPhone sales since last fall

    Apple never does anyway, what's the point? Apple officially reports them during earning reports. It has never reported anything between a new model launch (besides indicating first week end sales) and the last quarter earning report.

    the company is suffering from its own success

    I can't believe what I am reading here. Basically they are starting to blame Apple to be successful.

    None of those new products have sold like the iPhone itself, however. Sales of the iPad have been declining for two years.

    What the point? The iPad is a $25 billions business. Hardly negligible or is it? A Japanese company would kill to have this only business.

    Apple still has a lot of value, a lot of cash flow, so it’s not to say the company is in trouble. But it’s difficult to say that it’s on the cutting edge

    Here we go again. The usual Apple is doomed BS. I mean the medias are really ridiculous with Apple in that regard. We don't hear things like that for Google (whose business model is highly questionable) or Microsoft (which has completely missed the mobile revolution) for example. Nor we hear the same BS for Samsung which saw its mobile business collapsing the last few years. The Galaxy S5 and S6 are total flops...

    And what cutting edge means? What exactly other company is on the cutting edge?

    Others say it’s premature to count Apple among former tech giants

    No sh....

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    Study a bit more about Japan, there is only one Penis festival left after most were forbidden after WWII.

    Again off topic. No one forced Japan to stay so conservative. Again, most of Europeans country have moved on past religion and conservatism since the last 60-70 years to become very liberal. Why not Japan?

    And I do note that although the country has a Penis festival, it has more roots with the patriarchal nature of the society here. Since again, anything related to sexuality of women is taboo.

    Me and my friends don't drink, neither did the people I met in Hospitals.

    Let me say it in a another way. Your limited personal experience do not reflect the mores in a society.

    Study a bit more about Japan

    Thanks, I have been living here for more than 15 years. The difference with you is that I am not closing myself in a limitless adoration of Japan that prevents debate and saying what is wrong with this country.

    Japan is a very conservative society. Period.

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    So MacArthur made no rules about communal bathing, etc. Love Hotels are not openly advertised, etc.

    What the hell are you talking about? This has nothing to do with the topic.... Find better arguments.

    Advertising love hotels is nothing special in a country which does whatever for making money. Now, business and mores in society are two different things. Again go to ask Megumi Igarashi about what she thinks about the topic.

    I often joke with my J-Friends both male and female about sex and similar topics. Found them quiet liberal, granted not as liberal as us Europeans but more than my American friends.

    Sorry conversations among some drunk people do not picture the reality of a society.

    But hey, I do agree with you. US is also very conservative with sex.

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    Sex is not taboo in Japan as it has nothing to do with religion being shoved down the throat of the said evil doers.

    Non sense. Sex is taboo in Japan. Even woman sexual organ is still a taboo in this society. Talking freely about sex is not common even within people of similar gender. Japan society is really conservative, by the way largely because religions like Shintoism and Buddhism are indeed present deeply inside Japanese socity.

    Sex is not taboo in the mainstream world of Japan. Take a look at the art of Shunga and double think that taboo.

    Totally bogus example as it does not correspond at all to the current Japanese society. Just look at what is happening to Megumi Igarashi, arrested and brought on trial because she used her vagina for art.

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    Bla, bla, bla.....

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    Quick comparison:

    Pamela Anderson shows up with Paul Watson (you know the guy leading Sea Shepherd, the group named as terrorist by Japan) in Paris in the french Assembly to condemn force-feeding of geese. Whatever you think about her action and how she does it, she was allowed to open a debate and express her thinking. France did not arrest her in Paris and deport her in order to defend producers of "foie gras" or the culture of France.

    Ric O’Barry, an actor who played in a movie (Academy Award for best documentary) that raised rightfully concerns about a violent and cruel practice in Japan against dolphins for the unique sake of making business, tries to enter in Japan. He gets arrested and will get deported....

    Make your own conclusion about which of these two countries is the one called civilized and forward thinking with respect to freedom of people.

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    This country is just full of scandals involving Japan Inc.

    This adds up to the road-paving firms raided over suspected bid-rigging for Tohoku repairs, and the recent scandal involving vaccines and blood products.

    What a nice country...

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    Scandalous waste of money for a country which is already horribly indebted. We all know that what they are doing here is just a political tactic to buy some votes but will have zero benefits for the economy and all people in general. Zero!

    To support pensioners who benefit less from the prime minister’s drive to raise wages as part of his “Abenomics” stimulus measures

    Most people don't either.

    including support for child-rearing and nursing care services.

    Great idea! To feed a greedy system where people pay a fortune for everything, give to a few people some tax payers money. Genius!

    and a more competitive farm sector.

    Yeah yeah the farm sector. Are we talking about the same farm sector which has for decades ripped tax payers off with governmental subsidies, and in the same time sold to the same tax payers low quality vegetables, fruits, meat at ridiculously high prices?

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