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    However, Abe’s ruling Liberal Democrats have a solid majority and hope to further consolidate their power at a time when opposition parties are weak and in disarray.

    This is the key right here, kids. Abe is striking when he KNOWS he will maintain power, so he can later claim the "people" support his economic idiocy.

    This move is NOT to "check in with the voters." This is a CALCULATED consolidation of power, indicating that things are about to get pretty serious.

    Generally speaking, when political leaders "consolidate power" as the economy crumbles, it doesn't end well.

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    Wishful thinking from the mainstream media.

    The world's going down, and it's going down hard.

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    What'd she expect? Seriously?

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    Wow, they look at a camera and read from a screen right underneath it.

    And when they have real conversations, they have to look like they understand what's going on and when to interject the all important, "Sou, ne!"

    And sometimes, when things get really tricky, they need to crook their head just like and make it seem like their really struggling with some super important concept before spitting out a well thought out, "muzukashii, ne! ne!"

    Yep, that requires all kinds of moral fortitude.

    Actually on second, thought, that's EXACTLY what a hostess does.

    Posted in: Your history is not appropriate to work as an announcer, a position that requires a person of integrity.

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    China's got troubles as well.

    It's gonna be a rough winter. Hang on to your shorts, kids.

    Posted in: Japan's economy contracts 1.6% in July-Sept quarter

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    These will be the leaders of Japan someday. I can see it now. The PM has an important announcement to make about War, or an economic collapse or something, and his mom does it for him.

    This place truly is never-never land.

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    I'm not sure that becoming a beauty queen is the best way to demonstrate your education.

    Posted in: Beauty queens get political as 'world peace' mantra fades

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    It's only a matter of time before these gadgets come preloaded with proximity detectors.

    or something like Google glasses, which people widely misinterpreted as a spying device when it was really a look and walk at the same time device.

    Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets

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    That girl looks a little young to be prepping for the dirt nap. Model?

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    And that is how they roll.

    I think this expression is getting into the high echelons of overuse.

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    Of course this is how it works. The top 1% control most of the money AND they control government policy (democrats or repubs, they don't care).

    So naturally, any fiscal policy is going to benefit the top 1% since is THEY who control the government.

    Anybody who thinks the job of the government is to take care of poor people is in dire need of a reality shock.

    That's merely how the con works. They tell the "little people" that they've got their best interests in mind. Then they take money from the 1%, and do whatever they're told. Then they spin that to the "little people" to make it sound like it's for the poor's benefit, when it's really for the rich.

    This was true in the Roman Empire, and it's true today, and it will be true 1000 years from now.

    The most charismatic liars become political leaders. The most shrewd and evil business people become their controllers.

    They keep the con going as long as possible, until society collapses. We're overdue.

    Posted in: The top 10% or 20% are getting richer, on the other hand the bottom 20 to 30% are becoming poorer.

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    Fact is that the global economy has run up unsustainable amounts of debt that will either have to be repaid or defaulted on at some stage in the future.

    Actually what's being played out now is called "Financial Repression." It's when they keep interest rates below the REAL rates of inflation. This results in negative interest rates, or having to pay your bank to keep your money.

    It happens slowly so few notice it. The intention is to slowly make the currency worthless, so the debt is worthless.

    Posted in: The takeaway from six years of economic troubles? Keynes was right.

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    Worst Case Scenario:

    China tanks, poverty and social strife soars. In order to pacify the daily striking and often violent protests, a new, ultra strong, ultra nationalist leader is "elected."

    As in the past, all of China's problems are blamed outside of China.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. is hanging on to the petro dollar by a thread. They send armies around the world to enforce it's acceptance.

    The throw down of all throw downs begins.

    East vs West

    And it's on like Donkey Kong.

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    I like the one better with that cute girl in the red sweater.

    Posted in: Japan’s latest anti-piracy ad features new mascots Popcorn Otoko and Soda Otoko

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    I never have, so the logic seems flawed to me, but maybe others actually do think that way. Anyone?

    This is often the argument (excuse) given, that deflation kills spending, but it's false.

    Think of it this way.

    Somebody wants something NOW more than they want it LATER. (all else being equal)

    In order for this often trotted out excuse to be valid, the present value of a future good with a cheaper price must be HIGHER than the present value of a present good at a slightly higher price.

    Meaning the average consumer would compare something for 100 yen NOW vs that same thing for 90 yen a year from now.

    But that thing a year from now is worth less anyway, since it's way out in the future, compared to now.

    Also, please consider this.

    If EVERYTHING was getting cheaper every year, people would be MORE LIKELY to buy stuff NOW, because they would imagine the buying power of their yen in the future to be STRONGER, so they could buy more stuff, as if they have more money.

    It would be the same as somebody expecting a ten percent raise in the future and going out to buy stuff now in expectation of having more money later.

    More money later or stronger money later is the same thing.

    So this government "deflation stops buying" is pure nonsense, The desire for inflation is NOT TO HELP THE ECONOMY.

    It's merely to make it easier for the government to pay off their debt. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON.

    Posted in: Cheaper tomorrow? BOJ battles entrenched 'deflation mindset'

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    All nonsense.

    Inflation is good for debtors, horrible for savers.

    Who is a traditional saver? The average Sato on the street.

    Who is the biggest debtor, perhaps the biggest the world has ever known? The Japanese Government.

    Who does the mainstream media support, the government or the average nearly broke dude on the street?


    The idiotic and blatantly false articles like this.

    I can see it now. World class economists are surveying the supermarkets in small towns and countrysides. They see people barely scraping by choosing what to buy, and what not to buy.

    Naturally, they come to the conclusion that if only prices kept going up, everything would be peachy.


    Posted in: Why excessively low inflation can damage economies

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    A shock move by the Bank of Japan on Friday to expand its massive asset-buying stimulus program - in the hope it will stoke inflation - could boost the chances of a rise in the unpopular levy from October, especially if followed by promises of added fiscal stimulus to help offset the pain.

    In more financially oriented sites (not mainstream media types like this) Oct 31 is already being called "The Day Japan Committed Suicide" and is being likened to a drunk about to die from cirrhosis opening his last bottle before dying from years of abuse.

    Keep in mind these statements are being made by guys who make their livings understand and trading the markets, and managing billions doing so, not financial journalists who only pretend to know what's what.

    Bottom Line: Japan is doomed. Japan has officially jumped the shark. Going forward, fully HALF of Japanese government is spending PRINTED money. (Gov sells bond to BOJ who give freshly printed money to Gov)

    NEVER in history has this ended well.

    When people realize this won't end well, all yen will flee.




    For those who don't know what that means, it means hyperinflation. What costs 100 yen today could easily cost 10,000 yen in a year or so. And then 100,000 yen a year after that.

    Hyperinflation tends to happen when printing money is all that's left in the economic playbook.

    Not good if your income doesn't rise at the same rate.

    Not good at all.

    Posted in: Abe grapples with tax jinx after BOJ surprise

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    This is what happens when people believe government lies.

    the whole "sell your extra electricity back to the power plants" was just a con by get people to buy solar for the home. It was never ended to be a money making scheme, where people just set up MASSIVE amounts of solar panels thinking that the power companies HAVE to buy the electricity.

    A TRUE venture of this sort would INCLUDE the solar panels, the storage, the delivery system AND enough willing customers to make it work. AND the government would have to DEREGULATE the industry so ANYBODY could set up their own solar shop and deliver to customers. THEN they'd have to compete with each other (solar energy company X vs. solar energy company y) in order to fine tune the technology.

    I suspect if anybody did that now, the energy they provided to homes would be WAAY more expensive than it is now, so, from an economic standpoint, it's simply not feasible.

    If there truly IS a green future, it will HAVE to be based on free market competition. Not a bunch of subsidized flim flam.

    Anything else is just a government-cronyist con.

    Posted in: After Fukushima, Japan gets green boom - and glut

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    The idea that a weaker yen will increase exports and therefore strengthen the economy is an outright scam.

    It increases the cost of raw materials, which ALL producers need, exporters or not. Since most, if not all, of Japan's energy is imported, this will increase the cost of doing business across the board. Individuals who need to buy gas, buy food that's transported by trucks and ships that need to buy gas, heat their homes with imported energy, will be hit the hardest.

    Last year there were 140% MORE bankruptcies due to increasing costs of business than the year before.

    The ONLY people that benefit from this are debtors, of which the J-gov is the BIGGEST ON EARTH.

    Weakened Yen will make the debt worth less, as it makes the money worth less. (worthless).

    This is a CON driven by the bankers that run the Fed.

    How does it work?

    Do you think it's a coincidence that the BOJ starts their increased printing two days after the Fed ended theirs?

    The idea is to FORCE the J-economy to collapse, so domestically held Yen will FLEE.

    Where will it go?

    U.S. Debt, that's where.

    The END GAME is when the banks that control the Fed OWN every asset on EARTH.

    The BOJ AND The Fed are mere pawns to that end.

    Posted in: Q&A: Why Japan's economy needs more juice

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    part of the anti-deflationary strategy

    I guess this is Orwellian-speak for "inflationary strategy" or the "covert stealing of wealth from citizens by the government" strategy, or the, "hey the economy sucks, let's fix it by making everything more expensive" strategy.

    Posted in: Sick swine, looming transport squeeze, Ebola fears poised to send prices skyward

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