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    I wanna be sedated.

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    No. If that were the case, you wouldn't find 99% of the scientists studying the matter in agreement.

    That might be another myth in logic. You maybe can explain why the polar ice caps are THICKER This year than last?

    At any rate, when the climate changes, it's going to change, regardless of what scientists and the politicians who support them think will happen.

    And if the climate decides to get warmer, places like Japan are going to feel the consequences, regardless of any carbon tax scheme people come up with. But warming climates generally means it's easier to grow stuff. But either way, what's coming is coming.

    I think it's incredibly egotistical for scientists and their political buddies think that humans can actually CHANGE climate change.

    If warmer weather IS coming, and it IS bringing bad things with it, the best thing to do is MOVE. Not stand around and try to claim human authority over the weather.

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    Kids don't know they're any different until adults tell them.

    That unlimited acceptance for one another is inside everybody.

    Why not let it out?

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    In an ideal world the insurance companies would be the ones telling people which areas were more dangerous, as the home owner's insurance premiums in mudslide prone areas would be HUGE.

    But fat fingered governments makes such free market price discovery pretty much impossible, which makes tragedies like this MORE LIKELY.

    Posted in: It's necessary to take measures to prevent newcomers from living in dangerous areas by coordinating the designation of areas as caution zones and through urban planning. It's also important to keep residents informed of the risks of mudslides.

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    Corn has got to be one of the most rigged markets ever. Big Ag + Big Gov tilts everything so that only the rich benefit, while the vast poor of the world pay EXTRAORDINARILY high prices for all grains.

    Shady farm subsidies (To large corp farms) High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn based Ehtanol, all government backed scams that are artificially and significantly increasing the price of corn (and every other grain) around the world.

    That being said, I love me a big tub of hot buttered popcorn.

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    Why are there no people in the background? Did he "clean" them all?

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    What a ridiculous question. The range between good and bad in both genres is waaay to big to make sweeping comparison.

    Breaking Bad >> Transformers 4

    Prisoners >> Land of the Lost

    Fringe >>> Plan 9 from Outer Space

    Inception >> Beverly Hills 90210


    Posted in: Do you think TV programs these days provide much higher quality entertainment than movies?

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    Jeeze, you'd think a tennis player would be able to swat a bee. She's crouched like she's fighting a kangaroo or something...

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    Reversion to the mean. Expect more.

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    There's no question he took Brown's life by firing at him from about 25 feet away. There is no independent eyewitness that has Brown making any aggressive move against the officer while the officer is firing at him.

    You're kidding, right? There are plenty of witnesses that say the cop was getting beat. You ARE aware he went to the hospital for fractured eyeball socket afterwards, right?

    Posted in: Justice system finds little trust among African-Americans

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    Yellen is Johnnie Bravo. She's just doing what she's told. So are all these other "bankers."

    You can try to spin this any way you want by calling it different names (raising rates, lowering easing, stimulating, etc) but it's all the same thing:

    Interest Rate Manipulation By Printing Money

    The exact same thing that got the Romans in trouble 2000 years ago. Debasing the currency to give governments free money to use to protect their power.

    Central Bankers have ONE thing in mind:

    Global Domination

    They will continue to buy up all the claims in wealth (mortgage deeds, company stock, treasure bills, etc,) until they own EVERYTHING.

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    white police officer who pulled the trigger might never face justice.

    a police officer for six years, might get off scot-free.

    Both of these statements presuppose he's guilty. Then he laments the justice system after presuming guilt with ZERO evidence.

    Posted in: Justice system finds little trust among African-Americans

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    bolstered by forces from its British alliance.

    The often mentioned fact about a significant portion of pre-WWI success (including vs. Russia)

    By 1918, gross national product had tripled in just six years, and 30 percent of the budget was driven by exports.

    Again, this was only made possible by industrial revolution mass production, imported from Britain, as well as plenty of money printing

    Rapid inflation took hold with rice prices tripling between 1916 and 1920

    A natural outcome of money printing (bringing those GDP numbers into question: nominal or real?)

    That sowed the seeds for greater militarism

    A significant factor was that the military, largely paid for with this printed money (not backed by natural economic expansion) was in serious danger as the government wanted to reduce money supply (raise interest rates) and "cool off" the economy, which basically meant no more money for the military.

    a war that it could not win

    Because Japan was fighting with borrowed technology, printed money and invading lands that were scarcely protected.

    Sadly, many Japanese leaders KNEW they couldn't win and were silenced.

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    This makes ZERO sense, and I suspect it's just flim flam to cover up the impending collapse.

    If you own the printer that prints money, why would you print an extra trillion THIS YEAR and set it aside for NEXT YEAR when you can just as easily PRINT MORE next year?

    Posted in: Gov't considers setting aside Y1 trillion for stimulus next fiscal year

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    Another backhanded "we Japanese are special" study.

    Anxiety makes EVERYBODY stingy, not just Japanese. It's just that the Japanese economy is less hopeful (they've got the most debt/GDP ratio and the worst demographics) than most others.

    Posted in: Anxiety makes Japanese stingy, says psychologist

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    Nearly 5% of Japanese adults are addicted to gambling, a rate up to five times that of most other nations, according to a study.

    Never would have guessed it with a pachinko house every ten feet...

    Posted in: Gambling, Internet, alcohol addictions rife in Japan: study

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    The deficit was worse than a market median forecast of about 700 billion yen in the red and extended the run of shortfalls to a 25th straight month.

    Gotta love media spin. They could have said:

    Trade Deficit Larger Than Expectations


    Trade Deficit 25th Straight Shortfall

    but instead they try to make it sound like good news.

    Posted in: Japan's trade deficit narrows on export pick-up

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    we are thinking of consulting with earthquake prediction experts…

    Glad to hear they're on the ball.

    Posted in: New volcanic isle may collapse, create tsunami: study

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    As far as Ebola jokes go, this was pretty bad. I mean, really, really bad. Not bad taste bad, just very unfunny bad. Not unfunny because was insensitive, but unfunny because it doesn't even meet the basic structure of humor.

    Hey, this word that means something terrible is slightly different from this other word that has nothing to do with the first word!

    That being said, making light of horrible things is human nature. It's one way to not go crazy.

    But a whole nother issue is being so stupid as to post them on Facebook and be surprised when there's a backlash.

    Posted in: Hospital head hit for Ebola pun on Facebook

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    I have ZERO idea of what happened (nor does anybody else that wasn't there) so I can't begin to suggest what should be done.

    That being said, there's no shortage of youtube vids and liveleak vids of cops shooting people with no apparent reason.

    Bottom line is police are getting away with a lot of unnecessary violence. Whether or not this is another case remains to be seen.

    Situation is similar to the riots in London a couple years ago.

    Posted in: Fresh violence in riot-hit Missouri town; new autopsy ordered

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