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    It's nice to have links but some awkward facts remain: the rebels say they will hand the bodies over to a so-called international team yet they are denying the crash investigation team access. The black boxes have not been handed over yet. This goes against all protocols.

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    RUSSIA and the Russian-backed rebels. Putin has blood on his hands.

    U.S. Intelligence confirms the plane was hit by a surface to air missile (BBC newsfeed). The rebels are hampering the investigation. Zichi above says they are looting the wreckage. Putin is saying this wouldn't have happened if there had been peace on the ground, while at the same time he's arming the rebels and supplying military personnel to them. He has 12,000 or so troops massed on the border. He should stop interfering with a sovereign nation that is not part of Russia.

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    (sigh) China displays its desire for global thought control once more...

    The Global Times dismissed Abbott’s remarks as an “outrage,” and said that Australia should drop its critical stance on human rights abuses in China.

    Thing is, in case they hadn't realised, is that Abbott was referring to events 70 years ago whereas China's human rights abuses simply haven't stopped since the war ended and continue unabated to this very day.

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    A lot of the rockabilly scene has blended with the kustom kulture and greaser lifestyle. Mooneyes in Yokohama has a lot going on. The Chop Sticks car club regularly hosts hot rod nights. The Street Car Nationals in Odaiba and the annual Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama are two big annual events. Rockabilly, psychobilly, punk and garage. It's all good.


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    Xi, who has shown similar boldness at home since rising to power last year, is at the heart of the new strategy.

    He came to power calling for less corruption in government. Yet one of the first things he did was imprison those members of the public who were calling for less corruption in the government.

    I've read that he makes decisions by himself without consultation. Probably represents the hardline faction of the military.

    If you trust this man you're a fool.

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    Well said, Tamarama and OssanAmerica. Too many people still believe this is a simple Japan-China problem.

    The region ignores China at its peril (luckily, it isn't - though many of those commenting here will no doubt simply flee to the safety of their home countries should a war break out). While I would love for Japan not to amend its constitution, it would be foolish for any country not to change in the face of significant shifts in the region.

    China could become such a force for good in this world - look at its human assets: a clever people with a fantastic history, inventive, hardworking, resilient....all led, unfortunately, by a leadership bent on retaining control for its own benefit, paying lip service to anti-corruption, trampling human rights, ignoring international agreements. This extends to other regions: Look at its recent white paper in Hong Kong (protected by the international agreement of one country, two systems) and its proposal that the independent judiciary be 'patriotic', look at the stifling of free speech in the media at the hands of sponsored thugs - this, and the proposed national education espousing the 'benefits' of a one-party system are causing many their birthplace.

    China's leadership plans domination through soft power (making countries dependent on it through trade) and hard power (land grabs and military might). We can look back at history and see many nations that did similar things but that doesn't mean it's right for countries to do this today. Japan did unspeakable things in China in the 1930s and 40s, but if you believe China is still outraged by these things from a moral standpoint then you are being taken for a fool.

    Yes, really - taken for a fool. The Chinese leadership is very good at manipulating others' love of money and sense of morality and justice. (Japan did terrible things to China? Hang on, many of those the Japanese killed were nationalists, the very same people that Mao's communists were killing.)

    Ask yourself one question: do you honestly think the Chinese leadership shares the same morality as you?

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    Without denying the fact that horrendous things were done to the Chinese, this is clearly propaganda but will be of most importance to the 10 cent crowd here and China's other party members.

    Chinese people have of course been cruelly abused and murdered in more recent times - in every decade after the war, actually.

    So will China also release documents showing what Mao's followers did to its own people in the 1940s and 50s? In the Great Leap Forward? In the re-education (labour) camps? In prisons? In Tibet? Mongolia? Tiananmen Square?

    The 10-cent crowd should be concerned more with China's post-war history and current actions against its own people rather than harking back to something that ended 70 years ago in the defeat of the perpetrators.

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    This report is wrong in one detail - there were no tears "streaming" down his face. If he thought this tactic would win him sympathy then it simply underscores the bad judgement and deceit he's already shown in his short political career. Fire him now.

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    Well, let's see.

    Which would we choose?

    The totalitarian regime of China which throttles free speech and is blatantly undemocratic?

    Or the totalitarian regime of USA-puppet Japan which, with Abe in charge, throttles free speech and says it's democratic, but isn't.

    Totalitarian Japan? Makes a good tabloid headline or pub talk but that's all. How many people has Japan locked up for exercising free speech and democratic rights? How about China? Nuff said. Case closed.

    You're free to choose China if you like but I doubt you'll be free for long once you start getting critical of its government.

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    Kickstart the economy by relaxing the laws on loansharking? More than anything, I speculate that this move tells us which politicians have ties to the yakuza and their lobby groups.

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    You sound like the old Cold War propaganda films, playing on fears from the communist threat, lol. Both Japan and China's leaders are guilty of escalating these tensions, you are too blinded with hatred or national pride to see it.

    That's a wilfully naive sentence at best. Open your eyes up to what's actually happening in the South China Sea. It's more than just talk from China. China is physically grabbing land and building on it. BIG difference between China and Japan.

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    This was an excellent race. Dovi did a great job after changing bikes but Marquez was unstoppable. Moto 2 was equally as good, if not better. Dani Pedrosa came third.

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    Everyone knows public apologies such as the one made by Suzuki to Shiomura are little more than lip service. Behind the scenes there'll be no remorse on his part. I can almost hear the conversations behind closed doors:

    "Suzuki-san, thank you for taking one for the team. That woman, eh? Why does she have to make such a fuss? Well done for the apology, Suzuki-san. You're a real team player."

    Lip service, that's all. Abe needs to have him fired, and I'd like to hear Abe's wife speak out on this.

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    These women are just trying to put a softer face on fascism. The problem with scumbags like these is that they need scapegoats to make themselves feel better. They need to believe they're the victims. Their narrow-mindedness is especially betrayed with this quote (with regard to China):

    “Why should Japan keep being singled out?” Soyokaze member Harue Sato asked Reuters in an interview.

    If scumbags like these had a wider view of the world - or even just of Asia - they would see that Japan is not the only country having trouble with China, but for them it's always me, me, me.

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    For those who 'declined to comment', let them damned well answer to a court of law. Well done the investigative reporters, the union organozer and the workers themselves. I feel the labour standards offices could be more proactive. After all, who's going to make a fuss if your boss is holding your passport or you'll lose your job for spilling the beans.

    And the only way these brand names will take their responsibilities seriously is if they are named and shamed. It's no good saying certain conditions are written in contracts issued to suppliers and sub-contractors if they don't enforce them effectively.

    If the price of cutting out exploitation is that consumers have to pay a little more for their 'desirous' brands, then so be it.

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    Automatic transmissions are only in big scooters now but way back in the 1970s the Honda CB400 was an automatic (but not very popular)

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    the Chinese defense ministry said on May 29 that two Japanese fighter planes came within 10 meters of a Chinese transport aircraft over the East China Sea in late November last year.

    Lol, China and its revisionist history again. If it had really happened you can bet your house and car that China would have shouted loud about this at the time.

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    Japan has temporarily suspended official development aid to Vietnam over a bribery case, officials said Tuesday, dealing a possible blow to Tokyo’s efforts to shore up its relationship with Hanoi.

    No. This only affects this particular, narrow area. As it says later in the article, aid will be resumed if measures are put in place. Regardless, it won't affect the security relationship that is growing between Vietnam and Japan.

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    China “will never seek hegemony and foreign expansion”,

    China means this according to its own revisionist perspective, which doesn't tally with the reality of the world as it is today. China doesn't see its current actions of land grabs and re-drawn maritime borders as expansionist because it says these belonged to China in ancient times.

    China is delusional but it will start a war if not kept in check. The worst thing is for other nations to bury their heads in the sand. Once a war starts, any investments in China they were hoping to protect by appeasement will be gone in a flash anyway.

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    Yes indeed, RIP

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