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    Pretty grubby comment.

    Yes, the truth about PRC is very grubby indeed, I agree.

    @Loki and 5petals

    Seems the lattest trend is that Japan was justified in WW2, they were saints who did no wrong, all the attrocities were fabricated by Chinese and others

    and one wonders why Japan suddenly become a saint and says that all comfort women are paid prostitutes.

    Nobody is claiming to be a "saint", and nobody, not even the biggest "denier" you can point to, says that all comfort women were prostitutes. Nor does anyone contend that all atrocities were fabricated by PRC. You cut the legs out from under your own position when you resort to gross exaggerations of this sort.

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    Japanese look down on Chinese

    Its a natural reaction. There's a lot to look down on, starting with the fat dead communists they still worship in the PRC.

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    A thief like China only benefits if others abide by the law.

    A clear and concise summation of the history of PRC. Almost everything PRC is today has been built on thieving from others. And this is the sort of disgraceful, shameless country that has a permanent seat on the UNSC. Unbelievable.

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    It is just outrageous that a serving government member would go there

    No. What is outrageous is your attempt to deny the man his rights to freedom of religion just because you don't like (or understand) his religion.

    Instead of these ministers going in a group and upsetting everyone once, they are now going individually and upsetting everyone once a week, and keeping it on everyone's event horizon.

    Going individually, every week, is an excellent idea. People will get tired of complaining if visits to the shrine happen more frequently. And even if the die hard complainers don't tire of repeating the same nonsense every week, the rest of the world will certainly tire of hearing their complaints and move on to talk about something more worthwhile.

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    Oh dear, I have been expecting the anti-Korean crew to come out eventually

    And I had been expecting the pro-ROK crew to come out with excuses as to why their government refused help from neighbors and then botched the "rescue". And sure enough ...

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    You have re-framed my point to fit your conspiracy theories. Germany is in the same position, Australia, English the US and New Zealand (among others) are in the same position.

    I re-framed nothing. You said that Japan was going to have to "maintain and attitude of remorse and regret in action and words forever". That's the kind of thinking that does nobody any good, and runs counter to the way we expect to be treated in society. Nobody has to grovel forever. Once a court mandated settlement and punishment has been complied with the matter has been concluded. An apology is nice, but not required.

    Your list of countries is incomplete, and ridiculously lopsided (how does NZ make your list but not PRC?). You certainly need to fire the name of every communist country up there, and all colonial powers (not just the English). You'd be better off compiling a list of countries that aren't "in the same position".

    They committed great horrors of oppression and violence on another people and so must maintain a respectful remorselessness and regret for these events in history. It requires little action, simply the expression of a genuine attitude of remorse. Apart from the US and Australia these countries manage this well - why can't Japan?

    Really? You list five countries and then concede that half of those have failed to live up to your ideals. Not exactly a great success rate is it? I'm interested why you think the Brits, Kiwis and Germans have somehow managed to accomplish something the Americans and Aussies have failed to do.

    I have lived in several of the countries you mention and visited all of them. I don't notice that any of them (except maybe Germany) are living in a particular state of "constant respectful remorse" for things that happened hundreds of years ago. In fact I think all those countries have pretty much moved on - just like japan is trying to do. If only the ROK and PRC would grow some dignity we could all be done with this issue.

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    Well if by "army" you mean "a larger self-defence force" then I'm okay with that.

    You're "OK with that", but you will call Abe a "warmonger" anyway?

    That seems like something of a double standard to me.

    Mr Abe has hinted that Article 9 could be reviewed or scrapped. He has also lifted the self imposed restraints on trading military tech. Do either of those actions, or indeed both of them taken in concert, rise to the level of "warmongering"?

    Its worth noting that the Abe administration has shown remarkable restraint in the face of repeated territorial incursions (now thats warmongering) on the part of the communists.

    There are very very few "warmongers" in Japan, and I see no evidence that the Abe administration is inclined in that direction.

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    Japan would implement the measures after confirming with South Korea that the issue “has been completely settled,” so that South Korea will never bring it up again

    Surely Mr Abe is not dumb enough to believe this. Time and again the ROK has accepted apologies and money only to turn around and start the bleating all over again. Its begun to feel like Groundhog Day. No more apologies and no more compensation.

    So they hope it will lead to a diplomatic thaw huh? If Japan's position remains to dig its heels in and deny its wartime atrocities that won't solve a thing. The whole world knows what happened. It is not in dispute - except by a handful of right wing revisionist Japanese historians everyone agrees on what happened. So what is there to discuss? Confess already.

    This sounds like a comment from someone who couldn't be bothered to read the article before dashing of the same old reply.

    The article states that the Abe government is actually considering another apology and more money. This is what folks such as yourself have been demanding on this site for years now. Instead of posting something positive you just carry on with the "right wing revisionist" rabble rabble "deny" rabble rabble "confess" rabble rabble posts. Well done.

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    A genuine apologetic and remorseful attitude must be maintained, probably forever

    And there it is. The fervent dream of communists and their boot lickers everywhere. Keep Japan down in a position of grovelling capitulation forever while they run roughshod over Asia, taking whatever they want from weaker neighbors.


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    It is also likely that Abe, as the President, would be called on to receive the award on behalf of the Japanese people, and that could shame him into stepping down his warmongering agenda.

    I liked your post Frungy ... except this part. Please elaborate on what you see as Mr Abe's "warmongering agenda". Given that you agree Japan is surrounded by "hostile, saber rattling" nations, do you not think it would be prudent to establish an army?

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    But repeated wavering since then on the issue among senior right-wing politicians has contributed to a feeling in South Korea that Japan is in denial and is not sufficiently remorseful.

    Can one enforce remorse? Does one have the right to expect continual, never ending shows of remorse? Does showing remorse actually help anyone? Can we agree on a definition of what remorse looks like?

    No, no, no and no.

    Utter and complete waste of time to meet the Koreans for discussion on this matter. Junichi Ihara should stay home.

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    But the point he is missing is that there is something to blame Japan about.

    Agreed. Nearly a century ago. In the interim, Japanese conduct on the international stage has been among the most blameless in the world. The barrage of criticism and accusations leveled by the ROK and PRC is akin to your neighborhood persecuting the grandson of an executed murderer. Its indefensible behavior given the track record of Japan since WW2 - after all, don't actions speak louder than words?

    if Japan would deal properly with the issue

    There is no such thing as "properly". , it would go away. Stop pretending that there is a consensus on issues like this. Even you and I have much different definitions of what is "proper" when discussing current events. How can you expect various and diverse nations to come to a measured consensus on the events of generations gone by? This is why we had various trials in the aftermath of WW2. This is why documents were signed, monies were paid out, and apologies tendered. At that time. When it was relevant and fresh in the minds of everyone.

    I suspect what you mean by "properly" is nothing short of abject capitulation to all/any charges or criticism the communists and their lap dogs can dream up. I further suspect you know and understand that day will never come.

    But the constant denials of things they have done wrong

    Exaggeration bordering on falsehood. There have been a few denials by goofs like Tamogami and Moomi. Not even close to "constant". Furthermore, what you like to call a "denial" is simply j-pols responding to the gross exaggerations and petty whining (on any given topic) that wafts this direction across the Sea of Japan.

    just gives further ammunition for China to attack them with.

    The communists require no ammunition, figurative or otherwise, from Japan. Their propaganda arm is actively churning out the former while their war machine readies the latter.

    Takao Harakawa is spot on with his evaluation of the (mostly) lazy and left wing media. Its about time someone pointed out the facts. Well done sir.

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    Modern humanity is trying to move away from the US vs them mentality which is so counterproductive and dangerous.

    Someone forgot to tell the Koreans. They move to the USA and still all they can think about is the ethnic Korean "us". Your attempts to purify the ulterior motives of these ROK lobbyists are falling well short of the mark.

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    There is a huge Korean community in the US, and like the Jewish community, their contribution economically and culturally, has been significant.

    Beg to differ. One cannot compare the staggering contributions of Jewish Americans to American culture (since day one) with the insignificant and altogether recent efforts of ethnic Koreans.

    But that's not even the point. The point is the specificity of every thing being done by these lobbyists on behalf, not of America, but of their "homeland" and its eternal squabble with Japan. If these lobbyists are indeed motivated by a purely altruistic desire to see victims of sexual slavery, rape etc dignified with remembrance (and who could argue against that) then they would erect generic monuments to the suffering of women in all wars and from all nations. But no, they rather intend to bad mouth Japan and exalt their victimhood over that of others. Its as plain as day.

    The fact that American state legislators are only to happy to extend, in return for votes, that "special recognition" the ethnic koreans feel they deserve is yet another symptom of how sick American society has become. The disgraceful spectacle is made only the more absurd when one considers the misery and suffering dealt out by both the Americans and the ROK to various victims throughout the years. Guilty fingers pointing at the guilty. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    And the attempted hijacking of accepted English nomenclature for the Sea of Japan, is just so silly and mindless that it beggars belief. 1% of the population does not get to dictate the content of scholastic materials to the other 99%. No change to the status quo should ever be enacted by such a minuscule segment of the population.

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    Perhaps the US needs to get “embroiled” in its own problems before looking elsewhere. It's got enough.

    Nailed it Wooster. I'm no anti-American, but for the biggest merchants of death on the planet to be caving in to minority special interest groups on topics like this is shameful. Not to mention hypocritical.

    As Mark Keam, a Democratic state legislator said, this is anon-issue for Americans. He should represent the majority of his constituents (who by his own admission don't care a fig for the ROK) and stop buying minority votes in return for political favors.

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    That clearly includes food items already prepared. And those don't qualify for any exemptions no matter where you live.

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    One has learned not to expect much from ROK on this topic, but this is disgraceful stuff on the part of the USA.

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    I think the minuses on that post listing the tax rates are because it intents (sic) to deceive people.

    No it doesn't. Its a straightforward list. If you buy a Playstation, or a new coat, or a bunch of flowers for your girlfriend you have to pay the sales tax. It is significant that there are many (most) countries with double the tax rate of Japan on that list. Double. That's a big difference.

    There are already many hidden taxes, tariffs and price distortions etc. in Japan.

    Like what? The only thing that I see as different is the extra city taxes in Japan. In my home country generally only property holders pay a separate tax to the city. In Japan everyone has to pay. Unless you own property, its a piddly amount anyway considering the safe streets, clean parks and convenient transportation provided by the cities of Japan. Beyond that, what "hidden" taxes and tariffs are you talking about?

    Also thse other countries usually don't tax food or tax food at a lower rate.

    Let me ask you, what percentage of your income is spent on buying unprepared food from a grocer? People making a big deal about the lack of exemptions on food are acting like food is their biggest monthly expenditure. Keep in mind that there are no exemptions for dining out in any country that I'm aware of. Yes, an exemption on unprepared food items would be nice, I agree. But I know that I'd rather pay 8% on everything including grocery store purchases, than live in say the UK and pay twenty percent on everything except for unprepared food. Its a no brainer that the 8% across the board is going to be less money over the course of the year.

    These are just budgeting facts, no intent to mislead anyone. Some people seem to be arguing that they aren't getting their money's worth in Japan because Japan is not a socialist country, and that's a different conversation altogether.

    Go bruins!

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    It seems hidingout is living in the parallel a universe/world; however, his comments, from time to time, are quite entertaining though . :)

    Glad to be of assistance in brightening up your day. I bet you liked the one about aliens landing on your roof.

    I'm guessing that hidingout is a 20 something healthy adult with no dependents.

    Well I've lived in Japan for more than twenty years, so you do the math. And yes, knock on wood, I do have my health. As for dependents, that's none of your business. I would say that as a general rule people with dependents chose to have dependents and don't get to cry "poor me" if the dependents turn out to cost more than expected. They also don't get to expect other people to be taxed through the nose to pay for their dependents.

    Look, people can give me the minus all day long on this topic and it won't change the fact that Japan's taxes are still lower than almost any other first world nation. Amazing that some people are so bent on complaining that they won't recognize that simple truth. Fifteen minuses for a post that simply lists the tax rates in other developed countries - many that are double, and some even triple, the 8% we are all so worked up about.

    If anyone feels the tax burden is too great in Japan they are free to return to their home country where the tax rate is almost certainly higher. Or stay, and keep complaining when it goes up to 10% in a few years time.

    Hiking taxes across such a wide swath of the economy is rather an inelegant way of raising revenue, it's 'capture all' principal can smother growth in the a blink of the eye.

    Inelegant? You must be kidding. The problem with most of the tax code in any country is that it tries to be altogether too elegant, and ends up a complicated garble that nobody can understand. Simple taxes are better, and fairer. A sales tax is arguably the fairest tax of all because it only applies to people who wish to spend money. Spend more, pay more. So it requires the rich to pay more without punishing them for being successful by fleecing them at an arbitrarily higher rate than everyone else. Buy a Porsche and pay a hell of a lot more tax than someone buying a Vitz. Or buy a bicycle and pay very little tax. Or ride the subway and pay no tax. Very fair, and gives people choices. I agree that it would be nice if certain staples were exempted from the sales tax, but that's not the way Japan decided to go. What can you do? I stand by my assertion that nobody is legitimately suffering because the price of a bag of carrots went up by 10 yen.

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    Korean issues are naturally going to be heard more loudly than Japanese issues.

    How about if people who immigrate to America leave their insignificant cultural prejudices at the door and start prioritizing "American issues"? That would be nice to see for once.

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