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    Sorry. No more apologies for you.

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    Oh yeah, cry me a river. I bet for every intern that got to come to Japan there were ten applying. Somebody save the poor exploited trainees.

    "Cheap labor"? Uh, that would be the case in the country they escaped to work in Japan. Whatever the trainee salary is in Japan I can bet its a lot more, and the job a lot easier, than what the worker could ever hope to earn in their home country.

    Trainee periods don't last forever. But in typical labor lawyer style, this goof is going to set the world right.

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    Maybe some of the people forever posting about how much they hate Mr Abe and the LDP, and how "embarrassing it is to live in Japan" will take the opportunity of this massive landslide LDP victory to recognize that they have no idea what the people of Japan want, or what might be good for the people of Japan. Leave the politics to the citizens.

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    “Now that Japan has agreed to sit down with China to talk about crisis management, it is equal to admitting that the disputes over the Diaoyu Islands’ sovereignty have become the new reality,” the Global Times propaganda dispenser said in an editorial.

    Sigh. Does anyone see anything in that comment that would indicate goodwill or even decent intentions?

    It was nice that the commies managed to include one of their three favorite phrases ("face history squarely") in the joint statement. I'm sure they were relieved.

    Cops are out in full force protecting the PRC Embassy tonight.

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    And that would accomplish what?

    Well for one thing it would remove the opportunity for the communists to do what they are doing right here in this instance. And by that I mean tossing out thinly veiled threats and ultimatums on the eve of the APEC summit - during which they have "promised" to be "good hosts". When PRC is given the right to hold international events its raises their already soaring god-complex to heretofore unseen heights.

    Speed is correct in stating that PRC deserves to host nothing. But actually that isn't going near far enough. The real problem is that this belligerent loudmouth has a permanent seat on the UNSC. That's like asking a crook to sit on your Supreme Court. They should be stripped of that position asap. It will never happen of course, but it would be the logical course of action given the constant stream of threatening nationalist rhetoric spewing from the various propaganda organs of the CCP.

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    More than 8,600 people have entered China’s southern Guangdong province from Ebola-affected areas since August, and there are dozens of flights a month.

    Scary. Does anyone believe for a minute that PRC has proper protocols in effect? And further, were an outbreak of Ebola to occur in PRC, does anyone believe that PRC would be forthcoming in sharing that information with the rest of the world?

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    Please, use that logic you claim to have and add two plus two.

    Two plus two says that a vanker who lives in the US doesn't know much about the IHA or Japan.

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    On the other hand, maybe she had some mental health issues in the past that weren't disclosed. Or she could have ended up depressed regardless of her lifestyle.

    Oh stop bringing logic and common sense to the bashfest.

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    With regards to international FOREX, the stock market has not changed that much. Just the local share holders got reacher in Japan

    J-gov has no control over things like FOREX. That gets manipulated by countries far more powerful than Japan. The Japanese stock market has done extremely well since Mr Abe came to power. Its like night and day. And yeah, "the local share holders got richer in Japan". Isn't that kind of the point? If the stock market had been doing badly you can bet all the LDP haters on this site would be trumpeting that as a factor in Abe's "failure". So why not give him some credit for the solid returns Japanese investors are enjoying?

    while Joe Tanaka must pay more for imported goods.

    Cry me a river. Japan has gone from one of the most expensive countries in the world to one of the most affordable countries over the last twenty some years. Joe Tanaka should be paying more.

    The sales tax increase that the leftist coalition government advocated? It's done very little good to anyone

    Yeah, the sales tax that the leftist coalition government was going to squander by handing out money to the poor willy nilly in the form of child credit payments and social welfare. You say the tax increase has done "very little good". How do you know that? Please share with the board the breakdown on how the LDP has put those funds to work. I'm just common folk, so I'm not privy to that sort of information. Face it, the sales tax increase was necessary to bring Japan into line with tax levels in other developed nations.

    Who cares about that except a few rich people

    Spoken like someone who didn't have the stones to invest in Japan. Anyone, rich or middle class, could have made money on this stock market. Your characterization of the gainers as a "few rich people" is false. Oh well, when you miss the chance, don't expect me to feel sorry for you when you come on JT crying about a "few rich people".

    It could just mean less registered unemployed people or more temporary contract workers barely making the minimum wage

    Right. Better that they have no job at all and just collect welfare payments from the leftist coalition government. Amirite? Look, the ratio of job postings to applicants is at the most favorable levels I've seen in at least ten years. That's a fact. Why is it so hard for you to acknowledge some progress here?

    Window dressing. Nothing more.

    Again, you seem to have information that the rest of us don't have. I recall the overwhelming majority of socialists on this site declaring that Abe would never sign the treaty. As soon as he made it a priority and signed it quickly, the chorus turns to "window dressing". Pitiful.

    If that's the case he can clearly do no wrong, can he?

    Never said that. But at least his stance is better than the grovelling capitulation we saw from goofs like Hatoyama.

    Three years of utter incompetence on the part of the DPJ, who richly deserved to lose most of their Diet seats.

    Well, at least we agree on that. The LDP is the only party in Japan with the accumulated brain power qualified to run the country. Until a viable alternative appears, we are all better off with the LDP.

    The ailments of Japan were brought on not by an acknowledged sloppy DLP, but the very same party Abe presides over - the gob-smackingly incestuous LDP with all it's pockets of vested interests festering over the decades.

    Or maybe, the world financial collapse had something to do with it? Ya think?

    Look the LDP makes mistakes like any government. But they are the best of what we've got to work with. I hope I never see another DPJ government as long as I live.


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    And the way Biden said to Abe by phone "I told President Park that you won't go to Yasukuni"

    Even in America nobody takes Biden seriously. Its fine for the Japanese to just ignore him. Look, I agree that the Americans should have just kept their mouths shut about Yasukuni, but look at who is in the White House. Obama is a closet socialist who would sell his own mother to PRC if he thought he could get a good price. Considering that, I think the comments about Yasukuni weren't too bad.

    What does this mean? Russia does not trust Abe because of the sanction?

    Abe made some real headway when he attended the Olympic opening ceremonies while most of the other G7 leaders stayed home to protest about gay rights or something. Putin strikes me as the kind of guy who has a long memory for stuff like that, and no doubt in my mind that Abe gained some respect in the eyes of Russia with that move. I don't know if Putin lost trust in Japan because of the sanctions, but I think its safe to assume that Abe has lost some of the goodwill he had built up with Russia by following along withe the (mostly useless) western sanctions.

    What do you mean "US is aware"?

    I just mean I think the US is aware that by engaging in sanctions (at America's request no doubt), Japan lost some of its momentum in building a better relationship with Russia. I think Abe gains some points with America as a result. Maybe he even gets to call in a favor in return.

    Posted in: What’s difficult for Japan is that the alliance with the U.S. is the centerpiece of its security policy. How can Japan maintain this alongside relations with Russia? This is an extremely important problem for Prime Minister Abe now.

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    Success? What success?

    Japan was in a right mess after the leftist coalition government. Abe has provided much needed stability. Instituted necessary increase in sales tax. Stock market is at levels unseen in a decade. Unemployment is at near record lows. He signed the Child Abduction treaty. Built up a decent relationship with Russia. Has opened the door with DPRK regarding the abduction issue. He doesn't take shit off the commies. There have been more than a few successes if you care to notice them.

    And he's popular?

    Prior to these flimsy "scandals" he had 60%+ approval ratings. Unheard of for a mid-term PM in Japan since the days of Koizumi. So yeah, he's popular. Of course he's not popular with left-leaning gaijin on JT. But I doubt he spends much time worrying about that.

    the ldp are the masters of "cheap political gamesmanship" and have used it to full advantage to rule the country for the best part of 6 decades.

    Its a fair point. The LDP are just as bad at playing the made up scandal game as anyone else. I don't deny that. Doesn't change the fact that trying to bring criminal charges for passing out paper fans is a shameful waste of the governments time. About as useful as complaining because someone wore a scarf on the floor of the Diet. Anyone judging Abe's administration based on the likes of these types of "scandals" is most likely someone who never liked Abe or the LDP in the first place and is just looking for an excuse to complain about them.

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    I thought you'd give me a better one

    A better one? I think you under-estimate the damage Hatoyama did to Japan's credibility. I've been in Japan a long time, and that move was the most unbelievable thing I've seen and j-pol do.

    but Obama administration started critisizing Yasukuni and other things of Japan, which hurted J people's feelings a lot

    Meh. The criticism of Yasukuni was extremely muted. Americans believe in freedom of religion. Compared to Hatoyama's blunders the Yasukuni comments (not made by Obama as far as I know, but rather made in an unsigned State Dept press release) are minor. No reason for Japanese feelings to be hurt.

    I thought you'd say about Russia.

    My view on Russia isn't very popular. I think Putin is probably one of the smartest leaders in the world. And I think Abe should realize that and try to deal with Putin as much as he can within the context of Japan's relationship to the US. Abe lost a lot of points with Russia when he went along with western sanctions. I think the US is aware of that.

    Posted in: What’s difficult for Japan is that the alliance with the U.S. is the centerpiece of its security policy. How can Japan maintain this alongside relations with Russia? This is an extremely important problem for Prime Minister Abe now.

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    There is a difference between accidentally bumping your bag and pushing someone onto the tracks

    I think you failed to read this part of the story .... "after the train arrived at Futako-tamagawa Station, the two continued their argument on the platform."

    So the train was stationary. And the altercation continued on well past the point where the one guy bashed the other with his bag (you seem to have misread and believe that the younger man's bag was bumped when actually it was the older man's bag which was used to bump the younger man).

    Pushing the guy onto the tracks is dangerous and foolhardy. Unfortunately I've seen enough entitled middle aged businessmen to know that some of them deserve a good shove. Too bad for him he bumped the wrong person and was too proud to just say sorry.

    Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for pushing man off train platform

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    What motivates someone to point out those illegal actions is NOT the cause of the problem.

    Oh really? So am I correct in assuming that you believe handing out paper fans and visiting a bar (to the tune of $200) are serious "problems" worthy of consideration? Laughable.

    The opposition is grasping at straws. They are in full blown panic mode because they see that Mr Abe is being successful, and that he is popular. So they resort to the kind of cheap political gamesmanship that would be more appropriate in an election campaign for junior high class president.

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    Words are cheap.

    Yeah, I think we know whose words are the cheapest.

    When Chinese fighters made fly-overs of the Senkaku islands the US did nothing.

    More falsehoods. Its a shame I can't embed the photo of the two B52s flying right through the commies little make believe air space zone of "control".

    The US is fine talking tough, but when it comes to putting US citizens into any sort of danger to defend Japan the tough talk disappears, and the US forces stay well away.

    Yeah right. That's what the US is known for worldwide. Talking tough and then failing to back up their words. Honestly, have you been paying attention to history at all?

    The Fukushima thing is a total red herring. The USA is not obligated to assist in disasters. That's not covered in Article 5. For all you know they were told to stand down by the Japanese government who believed they had it "all under control".

    You're clearly reading some very, very odd newspapers

    So far you've posted three things that are easily proven false. And I'm the one reading odd newspapers. Alrighty then.

    The US propaganda machine is already laying down the groundwork for the excuses when the US reneges on its security agreement... while ignoring the actual agreement, which REQUIRED Japan to not have a military and to not engage in warfare, and just to pay protection money.

    Your talk of "propaganda" and "excuses" is just so much hot air, and reminds me of your opening comment. Hot air is cheap. And that brings me around to your third falsehood (bolded part of your comment above). How you failed to notice that the US is the biggest champion of Japan scrapping their pacifist constitution and calling their army an army, is beyond me. Have a look at this article from Stars and Stripes, or any of the many others a quick google search would turn up.

    Japan’s reinterpretation of its pacifist constitution through a cabinet resolution adopted Tuesday drew criticism from Beijing, plaudits from the United States and generally muted support from Asian countries trying to balance their interests with those of the region’s biggest power.


    How so? Could you show me any evidence for it, hindingout?

    Oh, I don't know. How about your former crackpot PM Hatoyama trying to arbitrarily shut down base relocation agreements that had finally been concluded after years of negotiations? The idiot based his campaign on the promise that he would shut down Okinawa bases. And he won. And then actually tried to do it. Made the Japanese look like liars. Is that example good enough for you.

    Posted in: What’s difficult for Japan is that the alliance with the U.S. is the centerpiece of its security policy. How can Japan maintain this alongside relations with Russia? This is an extremely important problem for Prime Minister Abe now.

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    Again and again the US has been decidedly ambiguous about what it will do if China actually does anything (not that I think this will happen), but the smart money is that if China actually does something then the US reaction will be like Fukushima, they'll pull back and decide it is a "Japanese" problem.

    Demonstrably false. Again and again the US has said that they will honor their security agreements with Japan (in spite of the fact that Japan has proved to be a most ungrateful partner). When Obama visited Japan he said clearly and unequivocally ... “Let me reiterate that our treaty commitment to Japan’s security is absolute, and Article 5 covers all territories under Japan’s administration, including the Senkaku islands.

    Please read the odd newspaper before making unfounded and foolish claims. The USA honors her security agreements. Unlike some countries I could mention.


    Posted in: What’s difficult for Japan is that the alliance with the U.S. is the centerpiece of its security policy. How can Japan maintain this alongside relations with Russia? This is an extremely important problem for Prime Minister Abe now.

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    I cannot believe how the "developed" world is botching this crisis. Sure hope Japan has the right protocols in place ... but somehow I doubt it.

    Posted in: Canadian journalist in Japan tests negative for Ebola

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    I once found a wallet in the park containing 230000 JPY. No ID. I turned it in at the nearest koban. Never heard a peep about what happened to it.

    On the flip side, I once left my bag on the shinkansen. About two minutes later I realized what I'd done and rushed back to the train which was still sitting in Tokyo station being cleaned. No bag. Nothing at the lost and found. So I started going to every exit in Tokyo terminal. Sure enough, some honest person had dropped it off at the exit as they were going out. They never left a name, but I sure wish I could have thanked them and offered some reward.

    So yeah, I'd turn the money in.

    Posted in: If you found a large sum of money in a secluded spot, would you keep it or hand it in to the police?

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    Its so sad watching Obama mess up one issue after another. What a tool.

    Posted in: Obama authorizes Guard, reserve call-up for Ebola fight

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    "De-shrine" or remove the A class war criminals from there and no one would have any issue for these law makers to visit this shrine.

    Respectfully, that's bull**** and you know it. There are what, a dozen war criminals enshrined there? A drop in the bucket compared to all the common foot soldiers and cannon fodder whose souls have rest there. In ROK they build statues to their convicted (and executed) criminals and wave flags in honor of at least one of them during sporting events. Compared to that, a quiet prayer is far from provocative.

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