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    That's what Japanese companies are smart. They don't simply copy, they improve at least 20% on the product (benchmark for avoiding IP Infringement issues).

    If you click my handle and read my previous posts, I've already mentioned about China's rising wages on both skilled and unskilled labor. Even did an up-to-date salary comparison against Vietnam, the Philippines and India. But China is not the one under scrutiny on this particular article, Japan is.

    The so-called lack of reliable quality management philosophy or rather managerial skills in both service and financial sectors has always been a problem in China. Not just in China but the entire Asia. Japan has the same problem. If not, I wouldn't be assigned to trim the fat in Japan and make it lean and mean. Did the same thing in China and its definitely a persistent problem. So their resolution is hire Americans. You won't believe the type of offers I got from Chinese firms. Since I didn't like breathing all that toxic air, I didn't want to stay in Beijing. That's China' achilles heels. But at the very least, they are open to foreign management unlike Japan. With the type of global operations Japanese companies have, the amount of non-Japanese being on the executive levels and board of directors or managing directors are slim and none. IF there was such a balance, just look at the Olympus fiasco.

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    Without these regulations, Murdoch will own all of the free press and do whatever the heck he wants.

    Think of the character name Magnussen in BBC's Sherlock Holmes. That's a portrayal of Murdoch for his media influence in the UK.

    Now he wants to buy TW including his newscorp rival CNN and create one of the most sensationalizing news media in the world. That is against every bone in my body. There must be some form of anti-trust against what he's doing.

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    You don't mind paying 2 or 3 times more for made-in-Japan. I wouldn't either.

    But just because you and I don't mind, the majority of the working class and middle class of Japanese would mind. These companies cannot compete just for the domestic market in Japan. They have to compete against others. If not for the reason for expansion, simply for the reason for purchasing the raw materials to make these products would be a problem when pricing for commodities has gone up year after year. IF it takes more for you to create while taking back less profits, well, you see the picture.

    How can Japan compete with its domestic wages is higher than even US wages?

    Like I said, stop dreaming. Those good old days are over. And Abe and his cronies had back Japan into a corner by killing off the world's second biggest consumers market. Think about all those people buying German, Korean and US cars and electronic products instead of Japanese. Those nations' companies will only grow stronger while Japanese companies weaken by default. If you can't see the outcome of this, I don't know what to say.

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    Nowadays, who isn't too dependent on China. S. Korea is not there yet. Look at our economy, switch on the news and its China this China that. Every single day. Think 20 years ago, the only news about China is humanitarian issues, Taiwan or ping pong. In the Asian economic crisis, if it wasn't for China's engine running, Japan would've had a depression. It had all the writing on the wall. Ask anyone in the biz, China saved Japan in that era when it kept Japan's inflation down so that people kept on buying.

    Trades between Japan and US ran at $290 billion. So that's significant and Japanese brands are well received in US. But other than car brands, most of the electronics and computer brands has been overtaken by the Koreans. Same thing with white appliances, mostly US and Korean brands.

    Japan is diversifying on the backend, especially in robotics and bio-mimetics. However, those are long term R&D that are being dominated by US and the Germans at this moment. Fuel cell is a German specialty. Hydrogen is shaky and might not be well received. With the advent of shale gas and new tech to extract them cheaply, fuel dependency might not be as dire as what we foresee. That can directly affect the mass production of these very expensive R&D Japan has invested over the years.

    Plus, Elon Musk is killing just about every Japanese inventions on batteries and engines. So are the Koreans and Chinese. BYD and Samsung's batteries are pretty damn good as well. If Warren Buffet said so, it must be true. Tesla is going to dominate in the near future. Once it creates a econ size car, its all over for the Prius.

    The future is not bright for Japan. The only profitable industry is service industry due to the rapid aging population in Japan. Those robotic tech might come to good use as well as healthcare and pharmaceuticals. The days of Japan copying something WE innovated and then improving on them are over. China is doing the copycat and S. Korea is doing the improving. The Germans are a step ahead on precision and quality. Japan is stuck in the middle ground hedging on the good wills from US and its possible reconciliation with China.

    Honestly, since I am vastly experienced in both Japan and China's financial and capital sectors, China is Japan's only hope. Pride won't get you anywhere. Reality will sink in if not within 3 years, then 5 years. You should be scared when you pissed off the Chinese so much to the point that they all just say screw it. Forget you. What then? You honestly think that's not a foreseeable future? That if relations don't improve that you can't see the deterioration continue to the point of no return?

    I'm sure many Chinese still want Japan's business and friendship since you guys are asians. But there is just so much hate between the two of you. Its deep rooted hatred not yet to the level of the Israelis and the Palestinians. But close to between the Turks and Armenians. Let go of your pride. This is not Japan's century. Learn when to take a step back in order to hedge and get ahead.

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    So many wrong in so many "places". Don't know where to start. A bit ironic isn't it. Why don't we let data speaks for itself.

    1. PRC reliance on export is less than 26% of its entire GDP (reference data worldbank.org). Meaning more than 74% of the GDP is produced domestically in China.

    2. SE Asia cannot afford most Japanese components unless they are built locally. Problem is they don't have the proper infrastructure to even keep the lights on. Where is the power source and water supply coming from all the new plants? Who do you think are the ones building those power plants and pipelines. Let me give you a hint. Starts with a C. In Philippines alone, 50% of its ENTIRE NATION's power sources are controlled by the Chinese. In Vietnam, guess who controls the Mekong River and downstreams to the Mekong Delta? Ding Ding Ding, starts with a C again.

    That's called strategic investments if you're unfamiliar with the term.

    1. Blah blah blah? Risk Index? Did you invent this? Short Answer? What the hell are you talking about? The PRC has already suspended exports of rare earth metals to Japan last year, the year before. If it wasn't the US that intervened and sat Japan and China down like little children, Japan would still be waiting for those materials.

    China can start a economic war against Japan anytime it wants. There is nothing Japan has that China can't get from anyone else. Unless Japan all of the sudden learned how to create oil, gas, metals, and foodstuff out of thin air of that island of yours, China, nor anyone else on earth don't need Japan's export to go on another day. That's a fact. Japan can be made irrelevant if China really wants to push it.

    1. China isn't the one asking Japan to stop investing or selling. Japan is the one that is thinking about shifting with all these propaganda. Name one company that has stop dealing or selling to China? Just because Japan is slowing down on investing in China NOW, doesn't mean anything substantial. Japan has been investing in China for over 30 years continuously. There are only so much you can invest. And with increasing hostility between the 2 nations, there is no doubt China will hit back at Japan.

    2. HERE ARE SOME ACTUAL POLLS. Taken by Global Times, Nikkei, Maeil Business News, over 60% of Chinese businesses and CEOs refuse to do business with Japan due to increasing political hostility. (Ref. Voice of America Jan 8th 2014). That is why Japan has to shift. Its not because you want to shift, its because you HAVE to shift since the Chinese don't want to do business with you. Guess what, neither do the S. Koreans.

    3. Do you know what will happen when Japan has to compete with both China and S. Korea in SE Asia at the same time? Not withholding EU, US, India and Austria's interest in the region as well? You think Japanese products can outpace all these competitions? What a joke. S. Korea is killing Japan in Vietnam. Thailand is basically China's most trusted ally, they are so close that they barter between goods instead of cash. And Thailand is one of few nations that uses Yuan to trade. Philippines is and always will be pro US. But in these recent years, its all about the Koreans. Just because Japanese built a few shopping centers and those outdated electronic plants around doesn't mean much these days. The Koreans are the ones dominating in the electronics sector.

    Indonesia is calling China its mentor and best friend. Plus, the Aussie and Dutch has Indonesia locked in for decades. Japan has no play there.

    What else you got? SamuraiBlue? You do know that the Samurais are extincted because they are outdated. This ain't the 70s or the 80s. Japan ain't it nowadays. Those top 100 companies in the world where Japan used to be significant? How many of those left? I counted 5 at the most. When I was heading my depart in Japan years ago, there were 13.

    If that doesn't catch you guys attention, then keep on dreaming.

    Guys who can't understand the ebbs and flows of the shifting of both hard and soft power in this day and age shouldn't be posting anywhere. Forget the bandwidth, you guys are wasting time and life. Always think before you opine.

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    I'm sure most Japanese in power either in business or politics understand this, which is no secret by the way that the only leverage Japan has on selling techs, and furnished precision products to China is price and proximity. Quality can be matched by most EU nations, US, Canada, and even S. Korea nowadays.

    China can procure anything Japan can make from EU or even Canada. China might have to spend more and wait longer to get the same products. But so long as those companies in EU and Canada are willing to invest in China, which is what those Germans and Canadians are doing to supplant Japan's investments, then China can hold out on Japan for as long as they wish. Its a lose lose between China and Japan but ultimately, if both sides are piss at each other, a weaker Japan means greater leverage by China. Which is what's happening right now.

    Another problem for Japan to simply "shift" investments and sale of goods from China to SE Asia. If you combine the entire SE Asia all together, its doesn't equate to half of China's consumer's market. And Japan is not the only player. China is extremely strong and influential in SE Asia as well as S. Korea. So simply by shifting to SE Asia is not going to cover Japan's losses in China. And the purchasing power in SE Asia is no where near what China can do.

    Additionally, once Japan retreats from China, someone else will take Japan's place, mainly S. Korea and maybe even US. The products that Japan were selling in China will cease to exist because if Japan no longer produces domestically in China, Chinese will no longer purchase or the Chinese gov't can construct a policy to cause Japanese production sales cease to exist in China. One way is to suspend or refuse to renew your business license. Or like the article says, refuse to allow you to expand or open new stores or plants.

    Just look at Nissan, look at the dwindling dealerships since this fiasco. Look at Mazda which used to be one of the most popular car makers in China. Then look at Angela Merkel's visit to China with Volkswagen's head. Guess what happened there. More licensing, plant production, from Germany. Same with Siemens.

    Japan shifts away, Germany immediately moves in. Japan shifts some more, someone else will immediately move in.

    The only loser is Japan here. There is always a buyer and seller that wants China. But you can't really say the same about Japan because Japan is mostly a seller of furnished goods and tech instead of a buyer. And Japan is completely dependent on others to import raw materials to sustain its own production. Which makes Japan's economic extremely dependent and vulnerable to international politics and regional influences.

    One example. If China labels Japan as a hostile or enemy state which will circumvent WTO agreements which China can stops selling the simplest things like vegetables and fruits or rare earth metals to Japan, there will be an immediate chaos much like the toilet paper and oil panic in 73. Its really that easy to affect Japan. That's how vulnerable Japan really is.

    So all this huffing and puffing is superficial at best. There is no question Japan needs China in the most desperate way. Can't say the reciprocal is the same. Which is why Abe desperate wants to get back in China's warmth. He knows the pressure that's cooking behind. Even his staunchest neo-nationalist backers need to make bank.

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    Dude won't survive one day here on JT. Talk about weak intestinal fortitude.

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    Since gold is about USD$1300 per ounce. 15kg is about 530ounces. So the value of Gold on this Godzilla is worth about USD$690,000.00

    Meaning the sculpting of the gold into the Godzilla cost about USD$750,000-800,000.00. 115-120% more than the value of the gold itself.

    Its about right. The labor cost is should be around 40-60% of the value depending on the quality. Since this piece of "jewelry" is one of a kind, doubling the value of the labor cost is reasonable for the right buyer. But the value is really around USD$1-1.2mil at the most.

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    Grant aid is NOT ODA. Two different concept. Get is through that thick skull of yours.

    Read my comment. I said NOT ALL ODA are free. Meaning some ODA are free.

    In relation to ODA given to China, most of them are low interest aid for the specific use of building infrastructure and clean tech. In the earlier years, most are free grants but they were part of the agreement that China will forgive most indemnities to Japan. That means it was a trade, not exactly free.

    Claiming 90% of SCS has nothing to do with ODA. China was claiming that for decades and Japan still provided the grants and loans.

    Just because you are a willing party doesn't give you any higher stance. Japan knew what China was. China was exponentially more as a communist and totalitarian state back in the 70s 80s and 90s than now. And yet people are complaining about some ODA given back in those era as some sort of barter that somehow China should repay or show appreciation of?

    That is ridiculous. You got what you want and China got what it wants. Its a fair game. You don't like it, stop providing ODA to China. You don't want China to take over SCS, then ally with yourself with Vietnam and Philippines and stop China militarily. That's the only way since none of the SCS belongs to Japan or remotely disputable with Japan.

    Just because Japan's lifeline and trade routes crosses the SCS doesn't give you any rights of ownership. You still can travel through international waters which is what you're doing anyways.

    So this whole SCS thing is irrelevant to the ODA.

    The point is, Japan made its bed with China years ago. Knowing exactly what China was. China has improved dramatically and you are pissed now because now China has overtaken Japan. Why don't you blame your own gov't, people and country for falling behind. How is it China's fault or anyone else's fault that Japan bubbled for a decade and remain stagnant for another two? If you people didn't over-leverage yourselves and grow within your limits, you would still be sitting pretty.

    Stop being so petty. No one else cares about what Japan thinks. Only the few of us who still got love for Japan would comment here and hope you people correct this wrongful turn on neo-nationalism and move back to the moderate. Nothing good will come out of this in the long term.

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    You seem to not understand the concept of the ODA. They are not all free. Interests are required upon repayment.

    And the reason Japan HAD to provide ODA to China is because US told Japan to. And with the added terms that China will forfeit all indemnities (other than the clearing of biological and chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction in China caused by Japan) payable from Japan. That's exponentially more than the trillions of yen Japan has provided interests based ODA to China.

    But that's besides the point since both sides agreed. I just don't like people here keep on stressing the ODA and thinking that's some altruism done by Japan.

    Its not. It came with clauses and terms that are insanely favorable to Japan.

    So don't ever bring this up as some kind of a gift from Japan to others. Even the current ODA Japan is giving to Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam came with interests and terms. Plus, Japan get to put Japanese names as stamps on all these countries which gives Japan huge projections of soft power.

    This is not done of kindness. Its done with profit in mind.

    And all of us can hit China on being a communist state anytime we want. Its a cop out.

    The correct way is to compare what China was 50years ago, 30years ago, 20 years ago and how it looks now. Calling them commies, killers, aggressors are just stupidity personified. We look for progress. Has China progressed after all these years? If the answer is yes, then we cope with them in a tug-o-war manner.

    If the answer is no, we try our best to bring them out of the runt because the world needs China a whole lot more than most other nations. Imagine a failed China that export weapons of mass destruction, hunger, crime, or worst, the marxist/socialist ideology. That's the real fear.

    Talking about China's aggression is like talking to a wall. Most of their disputes are inherited by history. They are not making new claims that they haven't disputed in the past.

    SO long as they are not projecting expansion like what Russia is doing, they are manageable and tolerable.

    What's intolerable is Japan dragging us into this mess. We don't want to be there for your mess. Deal with it on your own since you have the amended article 9. Draft your own citizens or volunteers into the military and fight your own conflict.

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    Ha, try doing that on my neighborhood. Everyone is watering their front lawn at least 3 times a week to keep them pristine in this hot weather. Do you know how much it cost to replace our lawns? Who will pay for the damages and replacements? This is a stupid fine. Just about everyone in the neighborhood has a giant swimming pool and rolling lawns. How about fining the businesses that are wasting water.

    But don't worry about us washing our cars. That's what car washes are for.

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    Deny what? Go away child.

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    That's a nice sentiment. I just wish all Japanese feel the same way. Problem is, with how often your citizens and leaders revise history and ignore those horrific atrocities, especially under Abe's regime and the tolerance by the supporters of his faction of the LDP, this sentiment is a bit ludicrous.


    What about those 6 Japanese sub sailors? What did you think they signed up as Imperial soldiers for? Hugs and kisses? And Abbott would come out to talk about this when Australia is negotiating to purchase sub tech from Japan?

    You think this is a coincidence? This is a calculated speech to gain favoritism from Japan for a better deal. And to do this at the expense of the memories of the fallen is simply deplorable.

    There is no balance and maturity to any of this. Its a pathetic display that shouldn't have come from any leader.

    1 person, 3 person, 6 person, a million...etc. it doesn't make a difference. Its the principle that counts. And Abbott said what he said for tech and money. Circumspect much?

    The United States of America and Germany have a existing policy to hunt for any surviving Nazi members/soldiers/politicians that contributed in crimes against humanity as we speak. Just last year a 93yo former Nazi soldier was caught and brought to justice. That's how we do things. You won't hear any praise that come out from our mouths.

    Its good news that Japan and Australia have a strategic military and economic partnership. But don't play this game by bringing painful memories of that part of history for some lousy sub tech. If you are from Australia, read the freaking news. No one is happy about what Abbott said and many WWII Vets came out blasting him about those comments. Abbott's own cabinet officers are trying to put out the fire. Sound familiar? Abe 2.0?

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    While Abbott is free to opine his pov as the head of Aussie gov't, I HIGHLY DOUBT that any American president, vice-president, speaker of the house, plainly any legislator in any type of local or federal gov't will ever come out to say that we admire those Japanese WWII soldiers, fighter pilot to display such courage, honor and skill to carry out their duties to ambush and kill thousands of our men. Those kamekaze pilots must be praised and honored. We particularly are pleased with those prison guards who murdered and buried and burned out POW alive in the march of Bataan. Those Japanese soldiers were loyal, honorable to their duties and directives and were extremely diligence on carrying out their orders to murdered thousands of our defenseless POWs.

    You will never hear that. No American politicians or legislator or lawmakers will be caught saying that, ever because they know better. We know better.

    But those Aussie must be a liberal bunch even Abbott is supposedly to be a conservative. How little can they forget that over 100 sorties and bombing by Japan on Darwin and its allied troops stationed there bear so little memory. It was Pearl Harbor style attack but on an Australian naval base. Kudos to the technical skills of the Japanese sailors and soldiers. They are honorable and courageous indeed. What has Australia ever done to Japan to warrant such enthusiastic respond?

    But hey, Japan is selling some high tech sub tech to Aussie, what not better to sweeten the deal by praising a few dead Japanese WWII sub sailors so the Aussie can get a better deal. Right?

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    LOL! Its like 2 children screaming and fighting.

    China: Chu shutup. Japan: No, YUIII shuutuupp. Aussie: I got some money to buy some sub tech and some cheap ore available, who wants it? C'mon say pretty please. China and Japan: Meeee... meeee.... pick meeeee.... no pick meeeeeeeeee. Aussie: there you go now... stop fighting the both of you and stfu and let me count my money and rebuild my navy in peace.

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    I want to see a silver back gorilla torn denim. Especially if it tries to put one on itself. Forget the jeans, I will donate just to see that.

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    I'm sure Abe wants a lot of things. I want a rainbow bridge filled with fairies and a magical unicorn.

    So what do I have to give to get them?

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    That's original! I often wonder what type of people would make this type of comment. You are way too childish for me to make a witty comeback. So I will refrain from having to embarrass you since they have no substance and irrelevant to the topic discussion and debate.

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    Xi is probably the most popular president/leader since Deng/Hu were in power.

    Outside of Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Xi is probably the most popular Chinese president among the international communities. France, Germany, England, Russia basically rolled out the red carpet with unforeseen reception ceremonies greeting any Asian leaders. Some nations are begging, literally and figuratively, for Xi or Li to visit their nations. Whether or not they like China, Chinese or Xi, it doesn't matter. The only thing matter is can you be such a force that others who don't want to respect you but with no choice must respect you one way or another. Everyone is competing with everyone on one level or another. Ask any Japanese, if Japan can be strong and powerful without US's occupation and influence, you won't be able to name a single Japanese to support what US is doing to and in Japan.

    Are you even paying attention to what Xi is doing inside China? He's rooting out the institutional corruptions. Then he will install parameters to combat these corruptions so that he can do what he has always done before he became president, that is reforms on all levels. Its part of the reason why he got appointed. He's a fixer.

    Xi is also one of the most pro-western leader in China. Look at all the newest reforms for finance and banking in China. Just now, China is loosening its regulations for non-Chinese banking and financial institutions to obtain greater access and shares into China's consumer market. Mainly the US, UK and France. His daughter goes to Harvard should tell you something. She could've gone anywhere her father told her to go but he chose Harvard for her. That should tell you where he's leaning.

    Japan could've got on China's good side but your leaders and the citizens who elected those leaders chose poorly. You could've taken advantage of the rise of China and build a strong economic alliance with China and S. Korea and formed the greatest Economic Powerhouse in all of Asia and counter EU and North America.

    But Japan failed by stressing on these useless islands, shrine visits, and sex slaves issues that your neo-nationalist controlled gov't and zaibatsu just couldn't let go. Its such a shame but hey, now that you can never get back in with your neighbors, you still got the US which you will forever be dependent on. So. one for US, one for parts of Japan.

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    White collar crime affects just as much if not more since the effects are often widespread among the mass and long lasting. Killing a guy affect hims and his family. Monetary fraud against a system affects everyone inside that system for years to come. Some loses decades of pensions and homes..etc. Often the end result is suicide.

    The write of this article really need to put things into perspective.

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