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    Don't be hatin' on the money. The guy could've easily marry a hot actress or model.

    With that being said, let's see that pre-nup. That will tell you how much love and trust is there between the two of them.

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    Well, she's going to need a master degree to be considered for a curator, interpreter, archival, collection... positions. That's really about it and many of the positions are volunteer basis on smaller museums. I used to date a girl doing this in MMA. Lousy pay, long hours. You have to do it for the love of the work. But she's a princess so more power to her.

    University of Leicester has one of the best history and arts programs in the world. It is absolutely not a rubbish institution.

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    I LOL at the comment that China's PLAN can dislodge USN in SCS. Its not even a remotely fair comparison.

    I also LOL at the comments that says China is a bully or aggressor. That's like saying the sky is blue. China is the biggest nation in Asia. That almost mandate them to be the bully or aggressor similar to what US is to our foes. Its simple Darwinism. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what the Chinese do in their own perspective. Its what Americans do in our own perspective and what Japanese did in its own perspective years ago.

    Additionally, its not Japan that holds the legitimate position on those islands. Its Taiwan that really holds the most legitimate claim since they are the rightful gov't and administration that were not included in the relining of territories. And its the ROC that protested at the earliest points in history on the legitimacy and sovereign rights of those islands. Japan is merely an administrator or a property that belongs to Taiwan. China is pushing into the claim based on the One-China Policy. Technically speaking, Japan has been the bully against Taiwan on this matter along with the fishing rights in the area. The only reality is Taiwan is too weak and dependent on US-Japan alliance to stay secure. That's why Japan can still hold on to these islands. If and by some unforeseen circumstance that Taiwan reunites with China, then there is no more dispute on the sovereign rights on those islands.

    But let's not exaggerate the military reality here.

    Unless China has at least 3 carrier groups with reasonable air and sub support, its no match for USN in SCS. First of all, there will always be 1 carrier group in maintenance or refit. China has a vast coastline and oversea needs for support. So 1 CG will be needed most likely in the middle east or eastern Africa. If not oversea, then in the ECS. Then that leaves 1 CG in the SCS against the 3rd or 7th fleet.

    That would be the best scenario for China on what they can build by 2030. However, as I speak, they don't even have 1 CG available, no air wing, and limited long range support. Just what kind of a threat is that? It takes about 10 years to build, test, train, and ready 1 carrier. And that is on the fast track. Let's just say China goes all in with this and build 2 at a time which is highly unlikely per their principle, that will still take 10-15 years to ready 2 groups.

    We're talking about 2030 at best. And mind you, these are untested CG without any battle experience. Against a ready to go and battle tested USN. That's not including the naval capability of Japan and South Korea.

    Philippines is our ally, Japan is our ally, Australia is our ally, South Korea is our ally. Vietnam is a communist state which we don't care much for. And there are on-going disputes on the same islands between Vietnam and Philippines as well as them against China and Taiwan. So the disputes in the region are never going to go away even if you take China out of the equation.

    Again, what military threat? China doesn't have the capability to take on USN in the SCS. ECS maybe with all the short range missiles available to them. But SCS is another thousand miles away. This is not happening.

    The main concern is in the ECS against Japan and Taiwan. These 2 nations are the ones that need to double their military spending to form a ring encircling the Chinese. Japan is on the right path on purchasing more advances weaponry from us. Philippines is too poor to do anything. Vietnam is too close to China, the Chinese can simply march over to Vietnam and its all over. Japan is one that needs to man the station and its doing the right thing.

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    Who is the independent research company and which rival newspaper or organization contended this issue?

    Has that Japanese writer been put on a fMRI Lie Detector as one of the barometer to test his testimonies?

    Why did Asahi Shimbun take so long to come forward? Is there any political or financial pressure on them?

    Also, for the peeps who said sex slaves were in fact highly paid prostitutes. Prove it. Show me the actual financial allocation from Japanese gov't to these brothels or organizations supervising these brothels and payments were ACTUALLY provided and received by these sex slaves. And if you post an ad hiring for a maid but in fact force her to have sex, she's not a prostitute, she's a kidnapped sex slave.

    And if you point a gun on her head or her family to give her a "choice" to have sex or see what happens, and then called them highly paid prostitutes after the fact, then you have some serious mental problem.

    How Japanese women wish to voluntarily service its own kind is their prerogative. How Japanese invade others and mistreat women of another nationality is a completely different case and standard. Just the fact that you invaded others and caused them to lose their home, livelihood and ability to live, and then leverage their necessity to live through luring them into prostitution is somehow legit?

    And what proof do you have on whether those women were paid or volunteered or not? IF those women said they were raped and forced into sex slaves, I will take their words as direct testimony. And I will bet that if they are put on fMRI Lie Detector test, they will pass with flying colors.

    How about Japan unlock those "secret files" and let use see what they said. You guys are good at documentation within the military, open up that vault.

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    I am not familiar with Korean law and only know Corporate and Finance laws in Japan. I don't know if the article is correct or not on the 7 years jail sentence. But I will say with great confidence that civil case should not carry any jail sentence.

    My gathering on this criminal libel suit in Korea is more about Korean tradition on Saving Face. I do know this is important in East Asian cultures but bringing that into the code of law is borderline injustice. For ex. if someone call public official P as a liar and a cheating heart in a scathing article published by media D, the use of criminal libel suit is a violation against freedom of expression under western law or US law. But apparently in Korea, according this article and others, its a triable penal issue. I disagree with this but if that's the law of the land in Japan and Korea, so be it. My comments are purely based on western and US law standards.


    I agree its a political farce. But with the political atmosphere between the 2 nations, couple with the fact that Sankei is a Japanese media company publishing a scathing article in Korea on its President which many accusations or insinuations are false with indisputable proof and evidence. One do wonder about the MOTIVE and you really can't blame the Koreans for being upset. But I do get it, she's a public figure and she does need to develop some thick skin.

    I often called our president Oduma. And a ton of US media often criticize our president, some calling him a Kenyan and a Muslim. Oduma almost file libel suit against several media. That's a Civil matter even he's the president. No such thing as Criminal Libel Suit in US as that violates the freedom of expression. So you're right, its a 1st amendment issue as defamation often is.

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    @highball7: My comment was based on current legal action. Not from paranoia ignorant mind. You did not write Park can file in any of your comments.

    highball7SEP. 10, 2014 - 11:52AM JST She's a public figure, and the newspaper is for profit public media. If the intent of the media is to slander her without just cause or without doing its due-diligence, or there is malicious intent by the Sankei bureau chief on publishing false information against Park, then Park can absolutely file a libel suit against Sankei. This type of tort law is very common. See NY Times v. Sullivan for reference.

    I did not write what? What do you think a libel suit is? Or tort law for that matter? Ignorant much?

    SamuraiBlueSEP. 11, 2014 - 10:38PM JST highball7

    IF you understand the law, whichever department of justice in Korea can file civil case against a corporate entity or a private person. Just because its the prosecutors from the state, it doesn't necessarily mean its a criminal case . Learn the difference between the two.

    Your words not mine.

    I think it's you who needs to re-study THE LAW.

    What's wrong with what I wrote? Did they file criminal charges against Sankei? All its being said is investigation, when did they file criminal charges? WHEN they filed charges, then it would be a criminal case and the result will be most likely argued by Sankei as malicious prosecution.

    Clearly, you need to understand the difference between investigation and OFFICIALLY CHARGED. As far as I know, those prosecutors can INVESTIGATE all they want and this still won't be a criminal libel suit because there is no such thing as a criminal libel suit. Libel suits are CIVIL suits. And since prosecutors does not have the authority to prosecute CIVIL SUITS against private individuals or PUBLIC FIGURE. There is no standing by the prosecutors in regards to this case.

    Therefore, as I said, Park can only file a CIVIL SUIT against Sankei as a Public Figure. She can't even file as just a private person since she has the power to influence the media and she is the most prominent public figure.

    I think my understand of THE LAW is just fine. You on the other hand need to PAY ATTENTION on the WORDS, LANGUAGE, TERMS, and CONTEXT being used.

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    So what if Korea is pursuing a criminal investigation? That's their law and that's their rights.

    I'm saying Park has ABSOLUTE rights on filing a CIVIL CASE against Sankei.

    What part of a CIVIL SUIT don't you understand? Park is President of SK and also a CITIZEN of SK. She has every right to BE a plaintiff and file a Libel suit against Sankei.

    This is the basic right for every citizen in any civilized world and democratic nation.

    This isn't a game between commentators on the board. I am voicing my opinion on this situation and you have no right to put words in my mouth. I have never stated this should be a criminal suit. MY entire premise is Park has a legitimate CIVIL SUIT and she SHOULD pursue a CIVIL SUIT against Sankei.

    It is ABSOLUTELY possible for PARK to act as a CITIZEN and a PUBLIC FIGURE to file a CIVIL SUIT against SANKEI.

    George Bush did. Bill Clinton did, and Obama was about to while they were all in office as President of United States.

    If you don't understand the law or have no legal background, please get some references before comment on my post.

    AND FOR THE LAST TIME, PAY ATTENTION TO MY WORDS. I have NEVER said the KOREAN GOV'T should file a criminal suit against Sankei. My entire premise is PARK can file a CIVIL SUIT against Sankei.

    Do you understand? Wakarimasu?

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    SamuraiBlue and Toshiko:

    So? I'm saying Park CAN file a civil claim against Sankei. I don't care for the Criminal Libel Suit which makes no sense. My comments are not of what the Korean gov't should do but what is the most legitimate action Park can take.

    As I said, this is a CIVIL CASE. Meaning its NOT a criminal case. I don't care for the criminal element because that would get thrown out of the court under any reasonable circumstance.

    Again, PAY ATTENTION TO MY WORDS. I don't have to comment on the criminal element. I'm commenting on what Park SHOULD do under the code of law.

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    Here is the reality:

    If China attacks Japan or gets tricked into attacking Japan's sovereignty unilaterally, US will blow China back into the stone age.

    If Japan attacks China or gets tricked into attacking China's sovereignty unilaterally, China will eliminate Japan off the face of this planet.

    The likelihood of either scenario is slim to none. Who cares about an unscientific poll says. War between the two is never going to happen so long as US stays on top. NO one is crazy enough to go to full scale war over a few disputed islands. Don't forget, China's position is demanding Japan to acknowledge there is in fact a dispute. That is one of the easiest thing to compromise.

    No one is going to war over something so trivial. Take a chill pill and calm down.

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    I am referring to civil case scenario where Park can file a civil claim against Sankei. That's why I mentioned its a Tort Law. Which by definition, is a civil matter.

    Whether the state wish to prosecute is up to the Korean gov't, which is irrelevant to what I was suggesting. No where did I say or support on criminal charges being filed which isn't the case with the prosecutors. IF you understand the law, whichever department of justice in Korea can file civil case against a corporate entity or a private person. Just because its the prosecutors from the state, it doesn't necessarily mean its a criminal case. Learn the difference between the two.

    And in no terms did I mention whether she will win or not. I said "she absolutely can file a libel suit against Sankei", which is a civil case. If you pay attention to the language I wrote, it meant she has the rights to file a claim, not win a lawsuit.

    Pay attention and do not try to twist my words.

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    I think this is a great idea. The Tomahawk CM will definitely be a good deterrent against any nation. Sometimes a good offensive weapon serves a better defensive purpose. Several thousands of these couple with a few hundred F35s will definitely halt any aggression against Japan. These missiles are not that expensive, I think Japan should really look into acquiring them. Honestly you can't be concerned about what China and Russia do since they have their own weapons programs. And they are catching up fast. So Japan should do the most sensible thing by rearming itself to the point that others will think twice before doing something stupid.

    1 missile for export is about 2mil usd. 1000 missiles only cost 2 billion. With system and command supports, 10 billions tops. Adding the cost for refitting on sub and surface fleet, at most another billion. Japan can afford this. Raytheon might even provide a discount for bulk purchases.

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    She's a public figure, and the newspaper is for profit public media. If the intent of the media is to slander her without just cause or without doing its due-diligence, or there is malicious intent by the Sankei bureau chief on publishing false information against Park, then Park can absolutely file a libel suit against Sankei. This type of tort law is very common. See NY Times v. Sullivan for reference.

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    Where are the jobs located? So long as corporation shift to the burbs, jobs will follow. All you need is the right incentive at the right time.

    Look at the State of New York, right now, they are offering 10 years of tax free incentives to new businesses and the right type of businesses to move into NY. Texas started that a few years ago and they definitely saw results.

    California is controlled by the union and a bunch of liberals so business had been moving out. Recently, Toyota and Tesla are 2 big firms moving out or building plants where the right condition apply. Tesla is building a 5 billion plant in Nevada because of the tax advantages there.

    Clearly, Japan would just stop with this stupid Abenomics and enact some useful policies to bring companies and jobs to the right places at the right time, a lot of these problems would be avoided.

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    I've said this Abenomics will fail a year ago. Everyone in my profession had seen this coming.

    I don't know how so many Japanese can't foresee the hollowness of his ill-advised planning. Its absolutely mind-boggling.

    Another question I have posted in over a dozen related articles is, since Japan is re-upping its military, and in the same time lacking the energy source to sustain its future planning, just how the hell can Japan afford all this with raising tax significantly?

    Then here comes the hypothesis, are Japanese so "patriotic" and "self-sacrificing" that Japanese voters are willing to continue to follow this slippery slope blindly? Are Japanese voters so uninformed and naive that they actually believe Abe's hogwash policies would work?

    There's a term that Abe likes to use, "Hope". Well, that is as hollow of a word as you can possibly use. Abe is supposed to be an ultra conservative. Raising taxes shouldn't be in that equation but yet, that's what he's been doing and will be doing for the foreseeable future.

    This is worse than Senior Bush when he said "read my lips, no new taxes". That made him a one term president. But the structure of the Japanese appointment system is so messed up that so long as Abe creates fear and an apparent self-reliance image, he will continue to hold position and bank on his empty promises on the economy.

    After all, without a strong economy, what else can Japan use as leverages to the rest of the world?

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    This isn't news. Both cabinet members political history are clear as day. If I, a non-Japanese who's not even resided in Japan already knew who they are, then there is no question that everyone in the Diet including Abe should know who they are.

    Their political affiliation is not a secret. So I know know what the fuzz is all about. Abe made his bed with ultra-right wing nuts a long time ago. He and his party took those nutjobs' support and money and now Abe is rewarding their support by appointing two of their fervent members into the cabinet.

    How is this not clear to anyone? And why are people surprised?

    I personally don't blame these 2 at all. They are who they are. I blame the people who constantly find ways to support them or find excuses for them. And the people in power who support and appoint them into position of power with media influences. Those are the evil ones. These ladies can have their bigoted ideology. Its their rights. But others who are in accord and support them and then pretend to be some enlightened leader looking out for the good of the people and nation of Japan are the deplorable ones.

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    Americans are the the biggest producers and consumers in the world. We can't be lazy to achieve such thresholds. Just because we only need to work 40-50 hours a week on average doesn't mean we are lazy, it means we are efficient. It means we don't have the peer pressure to force others to OT just because its a common practice which adds no value to production.

    Those are the faux pas misunderstanding on Asians being more diligent than us.

    Plus, we make much better movies than the rest of the world. Most of the rest of the world copy our scripts and music and make them into their own. If there is something interesting and worthwhile, of course we will pay attention to them. La Vita e Bella won an oscar for Benigni. This was a foreign film that became mainstream in America. It does happens.

    Make something good and we will watch. All these stupid scary Japanese movies and drama cliche that makes no sense aren't worth a minute of our time. With all this money and creativity, the Japanese film industry really does a poor job on the international scenes.

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    Problem with her is she defended those who advocated that there is no such thing as sex slaves during Japan's invasion and occupation in much of Asia.

    I don't blame her since she has been a neo-nationalist from the get go without hiding the fact that she disagree with history even admitted by her own party. Meaning she's a ultra right wing racist nut from the core.

    That's ok.

    What's not ok is Abe knowing who she is and what she advocates and represents still appointed her to an important cabinet post. There are better candidates that has the skill-set and experience for this post but Abe chose her.

    Meaning Abe supports her pov and what she represents.

    And that's not ok.

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    Hot Damn! These east asian women can stay hot and young well into their 40s. Without knowing she's 41, I would've guessed she's in her mid to late 20s.

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    Sniffer dogs in China routinely sniffs for drugs, explosives, insects, and even certain types of metals and contraband.

    They even have sniffer dogs for termites and different types of insects on departure terminals.

    You CAN google about this. There is such a thing called the internet.

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    Talk about laying it out on the field. Jesus, 50 innings is crazy. Give those pitchers several weeks off while at the same time conduct a 3 a day practice on those hitters. If you can't score against the same team in 49 innings, something is seriously wrong with the mechanics and mental makeup on your hitters.

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