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    Saw it two nights ago,.... Was a bit of a disappointment, mostly the same story, now kids with cel phones to torment Carrie. Save your money people!!

    Posted in: 'Carrie' retells cult horror tale in post-Newtown era

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    Yes our had earned tax dollars protecting the rest of the world as usual....

    We should just stay home and use the money on our own needy people here in the USA...., Let the Okinawans protect Japan!!

    Posted in: Kerry says U.S. will protect Japan from N Korean threats

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    Madonna’s charity has poured millions of dollars into the support of orphans in Malawi, which is ranked by the U.N. Human Development Index as one of the world’s 20 least developed countries.

    Sounds like she is doing good things there! Why is everyone down on Madonna??

    VIP area at the Airport?? Third world country, how VIP could it be???

    Posted in: Malawi launches stinging attack on Madonna

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    Renzie at Mar. 08, 2013 - 09:22AM JST Japan has to limit relationship with US Government, full of lies.

    Would you prefer the Okinawans protecting that part of the world? I'd rather have my tax dollars used in the USA then protecting Asia.

    Full of lies or not, show some appreation!!

    Posted in: U.S. reassures Japan, S Korea after fresh N Korea threats

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    Congradulations Ladies!

    Some of you can joke and put these and others like us down for marrying our same sex partner, but in the end how does it effect your lives??

    Don't be narrow minded, and please keep all your Holier then thou religious beliefs to yourself!

    Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort

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    Good for the teachers! I've been tempted to slap a student or two, when I see them acting out on the train or in public!

    Posted in: 72 Osaka teachers confess to hitting students in questionnaire

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    What is the problem???

    If you want them to fill it to the top, tell them "please fill it up!!"

    This isn't a Starbucks thing, this is a Japanese thing. When was the last time you got a full cup of coffee anywhere in Japan?

    Japanese people have to quit being so darn afraid to speak up...

    Posted in: Starbucks Japan reduces amount of brew in some offerings

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    We will be sure to bring you more information about this sad but infinitely dutiful dog. ??????

    Call the Japanese version of the "Animal humane society" for Christ sake!! Or print the location, so someone can rescuce the dog!!

    Posted in: Modern-day Hachiko waits over a week for its owner in snow and rain

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    What a joke, is this really news! Drunk is drunk, Japanese or American. How many times have we all witnessed a drunk Japanese guy staggering home? Is that news worthy too? If Japan wants the protection from the USA, they need to tell the Okinawans to just put up with these issues!

    Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for trespassing in Okinawa

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    Congratulations president Obama!!

    You have 4 more years to clean up the MESS the Republican Bush Administration left us with!

    How soon we all forget who caused all these problems!


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    What is a abomination, is narrow minded people! Obviously you don't have any Gay, Lesbian, Trans Friends.

    Japan has a Long way to go in regards to GLBTQQIA issues.....

    Posted in: Transsexual denied recognition as father

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    The pier that washed up on the Oregon coast has been a huge tourist draw, which has been great for the depressed coast economy.

    Today our state (Oregon) announced a hot line for us to report any unusual findings on the shore. Also the state will be providing dumpsters for people to use fori any cleanup.

    The funny thing is we/they are so worried about InvasiveSpecies that may hitch a ride on anything that makes it across the pacific.

    Posted in: U.S. gov't team completes Japan tsunami debris survey

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    Royalty loves Royalty!

    Posted in: Ready for lunch

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    All the okinawan's do is complain. Once North Korea attacks South Korea and it spills over to Japan, maybe then they will appreciate the roll the US plays in the region, and the need for the strategic location of that base. 

    Posted in: Okinawa marks 40 years since return to Japan

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    Sharpie, Unless you have something really special...don't flatter yourself. I doubt anyone will be looking at your "Junk"! You sound like a typical homophobic male.

    Posted in: With gay ban debate over, military impact in doubt

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    Paris Hilton is a Embarassment to US here in the USA. She is nothing but WT with a trustfund.

    Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan

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    Happy Mardi Gras!

    Wish I could have been there for the Parade......

    Thank you "Japan Today" for posting this kind of Story!

    Equality for Everyone!, MAYBE SOMEDAY......

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