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    Same fashion as Japanese military? The survival rate of these comfort women (mostly Koreans) was calculated at a dismal 30%. Majority of these Korean women didn't live long.

    Let me guess. This 'figure' was based on the following.

    "....These numbers are based on "a 1975 [sic.] statement by Seijuro Arafune, Liberal Democratic Party member of the Japanese Diet, that 145,000 Korean sex slaves died during the Second World War...."

    '...During the war, Koreans were told that they were now Japanese. This was to persuade them to place money in deposit accounts. They deposited 110 billion yen, and the money was all lost at the end of the war. Now they are demanding that the money be returned. They say, "Give us back Korea's wealth, the wealth Japanese bureaucrats held on to during 36 years of rule." They say Koreans were drafted by Japan during the war and taken from Korea to work, and those who worked well were used as soldiers, and 576,000 of those soldiers are now dead. There are claims that 142,000 Korean comfort women are dead, killed by the Japanese military's sexual abuses. Now they are demanding pensions for a total of 900,000 victims. At first, 5 billion dollars was claimed as compensation, but the sum has been whittled down and now they say they are willing to settle for 300 million dollars..."

    "During the Korea-Japan Treaty negotiations (up to 1965), representatives of the Republic of Korea stated that 1,032,684 Koreans had been recruited to serve as laborers, soldiers, and personnel attached to the Japanese military, and that 102,603 of these had been injured or had died. At the time, no mention was made of comfort women."

    "...None of Arafune figures have any basis whatsoever. It is most unfortunate that Special Rapporteur McDougal, who held a responsible position working for a United Nations organization, relied on such an untrustworthy source..."

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    You logic is twisted, nigelboy. Neither eastern Europe nor western Europe States commission and manage prostitution like the Japanese military did. They are not involved parties and they do not commit crimes.

    Not really. If the prostitution is legal in those states, the government of the said states regulates them much in the same fashion as Japanese military did by imposing regulations. Your double standards are simply appalling.

    To the contrary they do everything in their power to stop such crimes.

    Bias and subjective. If you want to argue that the Japanese authorities did not do enough to prevent such wrongful actions by INDIVIDUALS, then I agree with you. But that alone, as I stated on numerous occasions, does not mean the state should take legal responsibility.

    You missed my argument. I said that they didn't enquire the topic, so can they find evidence? I asked you to show us evidence that the IMTFE prosecutors did specifically inquire the comfort women issue and you couldn't provide such evidence.

    Investigations were done by the Allied units. It's the prosecutors job to prosecute based on the discovery of the such wrongdoings and the evidence found those investigations.

    Besides is there any reference to what happened if they refused service? No? Because they couldn't in the enslaved circumstances they were in.

    Speculation once again. Why on earth would you set up regulations if people are constantly not obeying them?

    No I don't believe so. As I stated before the Japanese military didn't care about humans...

    There you go again with "Japan bad, therefore I don't believe you" type argument.

    and so what does this have to do with the violence against women?

    Nothing. You're the one that automatically assumes that there were violence against these women in masses. Again, your lame attempt to shift the burden of proof.

    Oh that sound generous, how say that.

    The entry also includes operators depositing and wiring money on behalf of the these women, arranging for their return back home (travel permit, purchase of ship vessel tickets), had movie nights with them, sent telegrams back home on behalf of them, and even received a post card from one of them notifying that she had come home safely.

    If a pimp tells you his prostitutes are happy and enthusiastic about their work you take this for granted? Sorry, but I don't believe you are aware of what we are talking about here.

    Neither are you for you are simply taking the 50+ years after the alleged incident testimonies at face value.

    No, you are wrong, the central question is who was responsible for the crimes.

    The individuals that did those 'alleged' crimes. Thank you.

    I would put it like this:

    Magic leap there. As Prof. Pak Yun Ha states

    "...Any coercion, violence or confinement was exercised by Korean brokers against the orders. So if one wants to use the term "sex slaves" to describe former Korean comfort women, they were sex slaves of Korean brokers. They were not sex slaves of Japanese military. Japanese military personnels visited comfort stations only as customers. A diary written by a Korean comfort station manager was discovered in 2012, and it makes it clear that Korean brokers not only recruited Korean comfort women but also owned and operated comfort stations employing Korean women. The common perception in the West that Japanese military operated comfort stations is incorrect..."

    Sort of like the "Europe" example you gave or any other prosititution business which has some of these brokers/operators.

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    Can you prove us that this is not your fabrication?

    Yeah. "Teishintai" is not "comfort women".

    I read enough to know that both, Nishioka and Sakurai, are on an ideological mission and not unbiased scholars. They are more interested in stirring up emotions then in a decent discourse and they are both members of known revisionist groups and Nishioka uses personally insulting terminology that is not acceptable in a scientific context.

    I don't think you read the column written by Nishioka nor Sakurai in regards to their respective view of Uemura's articles.

    Then show us evidence. I don't know of any serious IMTFE inquiry into the comfort women issue.

    Because they found no evidence of wrong doing. Why are you repeating the same fallacy over and over again?

    It doesn't talk about how the women were actually coerced to become prostitutes, but we know that this happened at some point. The whole story sounds just like the same sort coercion and human trafficking that we can observe in eastern Europe nowadays where women are "recruited" under false pretences and then enslaved as soon as they arrive in brothels in western Europe, just that here it was commissioned and organized by the military of a big nation.

    Thank you. According to your logic then, state of "eastern Europe" then is legally responsible for conducting the recruitment and the state of "western Europe" is by default responsible as well since these states allow prostitution and regulates them.

    There is absolutely no reference to if and how the wellbeing of the comfort women was checked, but there are plenty references to strict medical checkups concerning venereal diseases, something I would believe to be a rather degrading procedure for the women if compulsory and done frequently.

    Of course there is. There is a reference to regulate that the women can refuse service. They also had the freedom to socialize with the military outside like pick nics and to go shopping.

    What we can read out of the document is that the Japanese military created, managed, oversaw and regulated the brothels in an almost absurd bureaucratic manner, but that there was absolutely no provisions in place to check whether the women were happy, really treated well and there on their own free will.

    Do you think the soldiers and doctors who were assigned there were happy, treated well (enough supplies), and there on their own free will? Is anyone claiming here that these women's living standards increased while they were stationed there?

    The "house masters", speak pimps, who where commissioned by the Japanese military, had almost absolute power over the comfort women.

    Of course they did. They are the ones that kept the earnings and gave certain percentage to the women. As the recent diary of the Korean operator indicates, he even arranged for wiring their money back to their relatives. He even goes on to say that on certain days "women were not happy" since the customers (soldiers) weren't showing up.

    There was no mentioning of any kind of ombudsman or independent institution where an abused women might have gone. So the women were complete at the mercy of traitors that often had tricked them into the situation

    This is war time. I don't think the soldiers nor the medical doctors who were stationed there had that luxury as well.

    So all together a careful reading of the ATIS report actually backs up the story that Korean women were tricked in and then enslaved mainly through financial dependency in a foreign country without any structure to enforce their rights and with direct involvement of the Japanese military.

    No. The central issue of this whole debate and the controversy is "who did the coercing".

    Remember the narrative?

    ".. The Japanese army forcibly recruited, conscripted, and dragooned as many as two hundred thousand women age fourteen to twenty to serve in military brothels, called "comfort houses" or "consolation centers".

    In other words, it appears you agree that this narrative (which is the one from the McGraw Hill textbook) is completely off the mark.

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    Being critical and claiming someone is lying and fabricating facts are two very different animals.

    Not really. They are being critical due to his fabrication.

    The two you mention are not known for unbiased research, but rather for ideological crusades. Yoshiko Sakurai is a member of the Nippon Kaigi - an organisation that promotes a revival of the fundamentals of the Empire of Japan, and the return to Imperial Japan's monarchy and State Shinto with a restoration of the Emperor's god-like status - and she denies that the Nanking massacre happened. Great company!

    There you go again. Did you even bother to read their papers? I doubt it.

    So can you tell me which international public opinion this lawsuit is addressing? "Non academic feminist groups"?

    There is no such thing as an 'international public opinion'. That's my point.

    I don't know what your are talking about. Except for one case non of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East cases were about comfort women. As explained above the prosecutors didn't know about the extent and seriousness of comfort women issue yet.

    Of course they did. They found nothing except for the misconduct in Semarang.

    The Allied reports you love to mention so often were mere interviews of PWO, didn't do any first hand research and, as you are so worried about cross-examinations, they didn't do any of that either. The Allied reports were not interested in the facts surrounding the comfort womens' situation and rights. They were conducted to get a general understanding of the enemies situation. If they had done a more thorough inquiry and had asked other questions they surely could have revealed the reality in the comfort stations.

    Interviews with POW which included comfort women. You're just simply frustrated that they didn't run to the arms of the Allied soldiers. The problem with your line of thinking is that you automatically assume the wrongdoing (taking 50+ years after the alleged incident testimony at face value) when common sense is simply that there exists no such wrongdoings hence the Allieds didn't prosecute what didn't exist.

    And btw. could you give us some evidence that the strict regulations were strictly obeyed? We have many testimonies that regulations were largely not obeyed, but from what I know we don't have many accounts of how rules were enforced in the military brothels.

    Again, testimonies 50+ years after the fact are merely accusations and the burden of proof is on the accuser. Better question to you is why have regulations in order only to be disobeyed?

    Pathetic how they tell the floor that foreign correspondents in Japan need more education... the way the two talk with and about foreigners exposes them as prejudiced, insulting and xenophobic. They show us with their high-handed arguing how shallow and selfish their cause is.

    No. It exposes these foreign correspondents of how clueless they were and it exposes their prejudiced, insulting and xenophobic nature for their repeated BS narrative I quoted above.

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    Japanese media self-censorship grows under Abe

    I.e. anti-Abe rants not helping the ratings.

    An outspoken guest commentator will also be replaced, the sources said. Former trade ministry official Shigeaki Koga, who sparked a flap last month by criticizing Abe over a hostage crisis that ended with the killing of two Japanese captives by Islamic State militants, told Reuters he had been told he would not be asked to appear as a guest on the show after March.

    Yep. Bunch of viewers complained that Koga was merely using his usual anti-Abe diatribe at the expense of the hostage crisis.

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    This is purely your prejudge and a personally insulting claim. In the heated up atmosphere we are observing now in Japan in doing so you are becoming an accomplice to the Uyoku people who are assaulting and threatening Uemura and his family.

    There you go with the "Uyoku" reference. Those acadamics and professionals (including Nishioka, Yoshiko Sakurai) are simply being criticial of Uemura's handling of the article after several had pointed out the errors and ommissions waay before Asahi's retraction. Him playing the 'victim' card when the walls caved in is just plain pathetic.

    History is not a law suit and the vast majority of historians and the international public opinion believes that the testimonies are not mere allegations, but prove that the Japanese military was directly involved in crimes against humanity.

    Don't confuse non academic feminist group members as "international public opinion". Your attempt to label them as such and use them as some sort of 'shield' to deflect my argument is also rather pathetic. And again, crimes against humanity falls under Class C of the London charters in which those who were responsible, as in individuals, were arrested and tried under IMTFE.

    Anyway the international investigators, Dutch, Philippine and others thoroughly checked the testimonies and clearly stated if they couldn't corroborate the information through other channels.

    They did not 'thoroughly' check the testimonies for validity especially the Phillipines. They merely took their testimonies as a 'given' since that was not the organization's role.

    And if we consider the circumstances in which the comfort women were coerced and confined to ask them to identify their perpetrator is very cynical and not realistic suggestion. Most comfort women never met the Japanese military officers that were responsible for the actions agains them.

    It is not. That's how the 5,700+ were arrested and indicted in IMTFE held throughout parts of Asia.

    We also have many testimonies by former Japanese soldiers that do corroborate the comfort women testimonies.

    No they do not. What the 'soldiers', in China had seen or witnessed, has no bearing on the allegation of a comfort woman in the Phillippines. Different time, different place.

    We know that the "strict regulations" were not that strict at all, except for the health check of the comfort women, which was meticulously implemented to prevent the spread of venereal diseases. The working hours, the number of customers and many of the other regulations were not strictly imposed and habitually breached, especially after 1942-43 when the war got out of control and the Japanese military command was struggling to keep up fighting morale.

    The 'strict regulations' include not allowing soldiers to enter the premise if he is intoxicated, ordering to carefully screen through back ground checks (police issued) the operators for some are recruiting underage girls under false pretenses, issuing adivisement to the soldier to pay for the property damage incurred at the brothel to the operator, prepaid ticket to be paid in advance, and women can refuse services for certain conduct such as persons carrying liquor, refusal to wear protection, or 'persons who may exert bad influence'. Those are all there from the Allied reports and archives.

    No, I don't believe at all that Japanese are inherently bad. Nor do I believe Germans or any other population are. But I know that humans are capable of doing really horrible things and that we need to look at those instances without window dressing if we want to prevent them from happening again.

    And this lawsuit is essentially removing the parts that contributed to western media and so-called academics to inflate the narrative of, for instance, ".. The Japanese army forcibly recruited, conscripted, and dragooned as many as two hundred thousand women age fourteen to twenty to serve in military brothels, called "comfort houses" or "consolation centers". The army presented the women to the troops as a gift from the emperor,.."

    As to the remedy itself, I believe the financial part is frivolous. But I do agree to their move to publish an advertisement for their mistakes much like Asahi wrote a retraction article. While many Westerners who read it will be mostly be unaware nor care about such advertisement, at least these western media journalist will think about coming up with a new narrative which is different from their usual boiler plate paragraphs they have used in the past.

    Last year's Kono Statement report and the subsequent retraction by Asahi changed the atmosphere of the comfort women issue in Japan for in general, those who were sympathetic to the cause have now turned against them. This is why such lawsuits are coming up.

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    Are you talking about the Prof. Tsutomu Nishioka who is accusing a former Asahi journalist of fabricating articles? Nishioka's views on the comfort women issue are in line with Abe, but what he says about the Kono statement is purely his interpretation not yet the official position of the Japanese government, but of course Abe want's to change that. As we could read in a previous article Nishioka is now a defendant in a defamation law suit as he openly accused the Asahi journalist of lying and lead a right-wing media witch-hunt against the journalist. Not exactly a credible academic position, but we will see how that works out.

    Is this your best defense? Uemura did intentionally fabricate the articles. Any person with common sense would realize that Teishintai and comfort women are two diferent things.

    Difficult to guess what you are trying to say here, but I believe you are trying to brush away several hundreds of testimonies by the victims here.

    Brush away. Not put weight. Yes.

    So you "place weight on evidences" from a time when the comfort women issue was not seen as an issue. How can you call that evidences? Obviously thats good for your argument, but doesn't help us with what really happened.

    There is a reason why comfort women system was not an issue. It's simply a private brothel attached to the military.

    Everybody who deals with sexual abuse crimes knows that it usually takes years if not decades before victims are able to come forward and speak about their ordeal. Ever heard of this? It's commonplace knowledge in criminal justice.

    And it will simply remain as 'allegation' unless the alleged victim identifies the perpetrator which they had a chance to do so when the Allieds were investigating such crimes.

    Therefor I believe the most comprehensive official reports that deal with the comfort women issue are the ones from the Dutch and the Philippine governments and they both have clear reference to direct involvement of the Japanese military in many instances. And the testimonies those reports are based on have not been refuted by the Japanese government.

    The Dutch case is the Semarang case which is very detailed. There are reports of Manila brothels in the U.S. report (awf site) which gives the details of the operations as well. (Amenities in the Japanese Armed Forces pg. 143-146) which details the strict regulations imposed on the operators as well as the soldiers.

    We know why most of the former comfort women didn't come forward earlier and we know that testimonies from decades ago can not be consistent in every respect, but what we get from the large number of very similar testimonies from various nations is a very clear picture of horrible abuse with direct involvement of the Japanese military. In a court case you would call that overwhelming testimonial evidence.

    No it does not. Just because hundreds of people all over claim that they have been abducted by aliens and give similar testimonies to their alleged incidents does not prove that such events happened.

    It is only the revisionist historians in Japan that keep saying all testimonies are false, fabricated, lies, etc., but those claims, that are obviously also your claims nigelboy, in their entirety are baseless and dishonor the victims once again

    Never stated as such. I stated that I don't place weight on them for they were not corroborated or were subject to cross examination.

    Taking into account that far more then 20 million Asian civilians died as a result of direct and indirect violence from the Japanese military, we can guess that a large number of guilty Japanese military personal managed to avoid indictment.

    Again, with the "Japan bad, therefore this must also be true as well" type argument.

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    Note that even the Japanese government admits that: at times, administrative/military personnel directly took part in the recruitments.

    As Professor Nishioka states in his papers.

    "...In the statement, the wording that “at times, administrative/military personnel directly took part in the recruitments” is the passage that most strongly invites misinterpretation. Japanese government officials in charge at the time, when asked about the meaning of this particular part of the statement, responded that it derives from a “war crimes” case in Indonesia where some Japanese Army units forced Dutch women in a prisoner-of-war camp to work in a brothel for some months.After the war that incident was submitted to the War Crimes Tribunal conducted by the Netherlands, at which the judgment was taken against certain Japanese military officers and civilians who were sentenced to death and executed..."

    Semarang case.

    This case have been used over and over but again, this operations was closed down and the responsible officer was reprimanded by the Japanese authorities once this was discovered further proving that such conduct was never condoned by the top.

    There is plenty of testimonies and evidence all over the awf site.

    More testimonies that cannot their events could not be confirmed other than the Semarang case.

    I really don't know what you mean if you say there is no evidence for direct involvement of the Japanese military authorities, nigelboy

    You cited one and I agreed that there is one in Semarang case @ Feb. 22, 2015 - 03:52AM JST

    Everything else you provided are testimonies 50+ years after the alleged incident and as I alluded to in the previous posts, there are many versions of their testimonies 'on record' with interview in the press, speaking engagements, published accounts, and for some, actual civil court testimonies in which they testified that they were sold by their parents. That alone is not worthy of discredit nor validation.

    You probably only read what fits your view and regard the hundreds of former comfort women testimonies as fabrication.

    No. I place weight on evidences that are primary which are the Allieds' reports on captured units and post war criminal investigations that followed which resulted in the prosecution of individuals under the following set forth by the London charters

    (b) WAR CRIMES: namely, violations of the laws or customs of war. Such violations shall include, but not be limited to, murder, ill-treatment or deportation to slave labor or for any other purpose of civilian population of or in occupied territory, murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the seas, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity;

    (c)CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: namely, murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war; or persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.

    Over 2,300 cases and over 5,700 individuals indicted. To say that these Japanese military personnels at that time were able to avoid the 'allegations' stated by these former comfort women is simply horse $$$$.

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    coercing and trafficking a large number of women either directly or through henchmen

    Nope. If there were any coercion, this was done by the middlemen/operators alone. As evidenced by the Kono Statement review, there were no evidence whatsoever that suggested the military authorized such actions to these individuals.

    keeping those women often agains their will constrained in inhumane conditions

    Nope again. This is another claim where you need to show evidence for their living conditions and their movement were on par with the military personnel at whatever locations they were stationed.

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    And even just briefly skimming the <> site, being funded by the Japanese government not exactly an independent source, can we find many more pieces of evidence, testimonies, documents and statements by Japanese politicians, including prime ministers, that prove your arguments here incorrect.

    I don't see anywhere that it agrees with the narrative of "more than 200,000 Asian and Dutch women who were removed from their homes in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, East Timor and Indonesia to be coerced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Armed Forces of Japan between 1932 and 1945" or similar.

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    nigelboy, are you actually thoroughly reading the posts that you comment on?


    If you always repeat the same 3 arguments again and again, apparently without noticing that counterarguments already addressed your points, it doesn't make sense to engage in a discussion with you here.

    You really haven't countered anything. Prostitution was legal at that time. It was the private operators who recruited these women. If they recruited them illegally (against the law), it's the individuals that are responsible. You cannot get any simpler than this.

    For some unknown reason, you want to extend what these indivduals allegedly did to that of the Japanese military who took no part in the illegal recruitment. Those few Japanese military units that did so were punished accordingly by the Japanese authority and subsequently the Allieds during the IMFTE. (Semarang case) This was an exception and not the 'norm'.

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    I don't know what nigelboy has been reading, but it's proven by world historians that it was the Japanese military government which created the comfort stations, and ran the stations to their liking, preventing the women from leaving. The very act of holding them and preventing them to leave, is called kidnapping and forced confinement - doesn't matter who recruited these women and how they were recruited. This is my last post on this subject, I don't want to argue in circles with Japanese nationalists.

    Nope. Once the debts were paid, it was the discretion of the brothel owners to make those decisions. This is verified from the U.S. archives and the recently discovered diary of Korean brothel owner. Some continued to stay on and others have operated their own shops.

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    No, we're not talking about one brothel but about hundreds. It was not individuals who decided to build up a system of military brothels, it was a decision taken by the military command and as such a decision that the leader of Japan (either the prime minister or the emperor) had to take responsibility for, with all its consequences.

    Like I said, the system of private brothel attaching themselves to the military is not illegal at that time. The state, in no way shape or form, should take responsibility for an illegal act that may have been conducted by individuals (i.e. private operators). This applies to any 'system' where it does not prevent an indivdiuals from committing individuals crimes.

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    Because what followed those bombings was kid gloves compared to what occupying Soviet forces inflicted on the areas of Germany they occupied

    You think the ordinary Japanese knows about the above?

    Again, how quickly how this thread evolves to "why Japanese do not deserve to hate America" ex pat version.

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    If you run a brothel and the police finds coerced, trafficked or enslaved women in your brothel you are responsible in any nation with a working legal system.

    Thank you. It's the INDIVIDUAL who did those things that are responsible. Not the nation itself.

    Besides we all have read the numerous accounts of direct involvement of the Japanese military in actions of coercion, trafficking and enslavement of women. Something you try to downplay as individual exceptions.

    Just one. Semarang case.

    So, you accept that the Japanese of 70 years ago did commit crimes against humanity? Then we're already did a big step forward, as you're usually always trying to obfuscate that fact.

    Some did. It was called the IMTFE. They were punished for it. I stated that very clearly in another related article.

    And again, nigelboy, please note that individual responsibility for crimes works fundamentally different from national responsibility. As long as atrocities committed by a nation live on in the memories of people they are connected to that nation and if the nation likes it or not it will be judged according to how it positions itself towards the acts of its forefathers.

    Magic leap there sir. I'm still questioning why is this a national responsibility for an alleged individual crime 70 years after. If the crime has been committed, you go after the individual that coerced you.

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    Oh I got your lame attempt at discrediting the War Crimes tribunal. What part of cherry picking as it suits you and having the nerve to criticize another poster for audacity when he referred to the tribunal did you not get?

    Lame? How can you possibly not discredit "mock trial with no defendants present, no defense counsel, and no cross examiniation to the plaintiffs"?? It's essentially a 'rally' disguised as tribunal.

    What do you imagine I'm demanding, nigelboy?

    Pipe dream. A bar that's unprecedented.

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    nigelboy, you are omitting the most important part of the story: the Japanese nation was the "godfather" of the prostitution business in question.

    It was legal at that time. There are many nations still that allow prostitution which includes developed nations. And as a result, there are many women who are sold or are forced to enter the profession due to economic necessity.

    You make no point here other than your infatuation to target the Japanese of today for what the Japanese of 70 years ago did. Find another angle. This was covered in another article with you already.

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    I didn't say it was a trial and it didn't call itself a trial. I didn't say it proves anything; I said it put hundreds of pages of testimony on record. If you want to discredit the comfort women and show that they're all liers, you have a lot more work to do once you've finished with the Asahi's Yoshida stories.

    There are many versions of their testimonies 'on record' with interview in the press, speaking engagements, published accounts, and for some, actual civil court testimonies in which they testified that they were sold by their parents. That alone is not worthy of discredit nor validation. That's the point. There are no evidence to support the narratives which I will state later.

    Furthermore, even if we accept that not a single comfort woman was tricked or abducted by the Japanese, that every last comfort woman was sold into it by their father, that still would not absolve Japan of its blame

    That's not what the debate or the contention is about. It's the narrative of "more than 200,000 Asian and Dutch women who were removed from their homes in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, East Timor and Indonesia to be coerced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Armed Forces of Japan between 1932 and 1945" and many other similar narrative that is being challenged and rightfully so.

    What you are demanding can only happen if Utopia was the norm in the world for I cannot find any nation in this world today where a state takes responsibility for their citizens decision to sell their daughter for prostitution.

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    Typical arrogant right wing attitude - funny how you refer to International institutions and the decisions they made when it suits your arguments and dismiss them as farce when it does not. You cherry pick and then talk about "audacity"? Next. *

    What part of "mock trial with no defendants present, no defense counsel, and no cross examiniation to the plaintiffs" did you not get? I even called it a mock trial even though the process was far from it. It doesn't take any brains to predict the outcome.

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    If you want a Decisive Engagement, how about taking it to The Hague? But someone already did that: the War Crimes Tribunal on Japan's Military Sexual Slavery put hundreds of pages of testimonies on record, none of it from Seiji Yoshida.

    A mock trial with no defendants present, no defense counsel, and no cross examiniation to the plaintiffs and you have the audacity to put this up??

    Furthermore, even if you could prove that not a single comfort woman was tricked or abducted by the Japanese, if you could prove that every last comfort woman was sold into it by their father, that still would not absolve Japan of its blame.

    Probatio diabolica type BS once again. These people need to get a clue as to whom the burden of proof goes to.

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