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    tough crowd: as they say in Vegas......

    you try to come up with a catchy slogan, some say it smacks of militarism - while others say :" too low a number"

    should he have said "125.6 million?" or maybe came to the stage with a display behind him and say - we will have a society where " read number" ..............

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    not really just a stop button. by using an access switch that is only available to maintenance it really messes things up- a stop button would be easy.

    i can just imagine, middle of rush hour in the city, full elevator and "stop"

    now everyone waits, how long can you stand? how long until you need to "use the facilities" how long if he also switched off ventilation.....

    Posted in: Ex-Schindler employee arrested for deliberately stopping elevator

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    as has been quoted many times here to remove firearms from the people of the United States you need to remove the second amendment.

    on top of this is the FACT that there are a lot of laws already in place by the government- these are good solid laws with mandatory sentencing guidelines yet are rarely prosecuted. that is why the US does not need any more laws- just the wish for someone to prosecute the ones we have.

    As for the NRA ; as a group it has always been agnostic to race battles , it focuses on marksmanship, freedom to own, conservation works, and yes SAFETY.

    do you really think things would change for a landbound country with insecure borders compared to an island with a nearly homogeneous population?

    so go ahead and point to Australia, Britain and Japan as success stories, (please note the UK is not so successful as you think)

    Posted in: Gunman opens fire at Oregon college; at least 9 killed, 7 wounded

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    ahh - how long will it take for me to go through 15 seasons in a row on netflix? ,,, will i be sane after....

    last time it was Battlestar Gallactica - took me weeks to to stop "fracking" and stop humming "all along the watchtower"


    Posted in: 'CSI' ends its 15-season run with 2-hour reunion finale

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    sigh, i wonder what out president wants anymore... when you look at the refugee issue facing the EU and now the announcement that the US will take on Syrian Refugees - yet the middle eastern allies take "zero" refugee's support Isis.

    it makes you wonder why the US or any western country is in the region

    it is not Oil- the the US does not need oil- it did not need oil contracts for the last 10 years,

    it is not to train troops- we do not need need to train the fighting force of the US trooper

    i guess it is to get more refugees/terrorists onto our home soil - like the boston bomber....

    Posted in: Russia sends tanks, artillery to Syria

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    as with the movie industry in china the goal is to bring the world's cinema to heel with China's thinking of world history.

    Hollywood is now moving to China's tune, very much aware of not only potential audience- but more so of the movie making might of china once they get enough directors to combat western film

    Anime would be next, for there they can see a way to directly influence Japan's youth and early adults as well as the rest of the world.

    but right now they have mostly :in -betweener's and not the true artists.

    i am more concerned they signed the voice talent and music artistry

    Posted in: China hopes for anime buzz as 'B.E.E' takes flight in Japanese

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    the world of intellectual property is big money- so though the Belgium has no real claim it' s enough in today's world of social media to ruin one's career and even potentially get a settlement just to get the "the thing to go away"

    unlike other searchable IP content - this is not an area that can be easily found - so i am unsure if any copyright search would have discovered the 2011 logo unless they go to the theatre in Liege

    Posted in: Olympic logo designer says he endured unbearable harassment

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    lol, i find it so amazing that no one in this class of people can keep their email accounts separate when everyone else can

    big business is studious in this regard- but politicians ( oh it is too confusing, computers were just invented... oh i am sooo confused)

    as for why you should care- she is a US Ambassador, privy to state secrets , and able to set the level of secrets - so if she wants to send secrets via personal email she will just decide it is Sensitive - and viola! the Launch codes go forth in plain English!

    Posted in: U.S. Ambassador Kennedy used private email for business: report

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    Parents everywhere are having the same issue, children at that age are tech savvy and usually have a ready excuse to explain why they are not where they stated they would be.

    the phone- which is given to protect the child- actually gives the child a better way to hide where they will be.

    and like all teens the sense of Invincibility is high- they never believe anything will harm them, stories in the news are just that stories.

    such a shame

    Posted in: Police believe murdered girl, missing boy were taken near train station

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    Frungy is correct, there is so much misinformation regarding epilepsy that people with the disease do not report it , do not discuss it and do not tell anyone.

    people even restrict relationships - do you want pass on a disease to children?

    but if you have stayed on medication for that long frequently you are told to retake a sleep eeg and then you are offered the choice- come of the medication or remain on it.

    99.9% remain on the medication for life with a negative sleep eeg- scared that one missed dose would do them in

    this was probably just him falling asleep- still a bad act, just as criminal as anyone falling asleep at the wheel instead of taking time and resting- but probably not the result of epilepsy

    but now i can see the push - sounds like special markings on the license, perhaps revocation of all licenses - the feeding frenzy has started

    Posted in: Ikebukuro fatal accident puts spotlight back on epileptic drivers

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    hmm, the US states we never have war criminals- war criminals are tried by an international court - and we do not allow US military to be tried by the Hague

    so we can try in our military courts, but you'll never get branded a "war criminal"

    Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse on WW2 anniversary

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    i hate to spring it on you , but constant baiting of a pacifist society regarding a military past that they do not relate to, that only they have the "honor" of experiencing the horror of nuclear war.

    may actually bring the change that i hear voiced in these pages

    right now Japan wants to continue it's pacifist course, but how much baiting can a person and country take?

    at this point 70 years on it looks like a bunch of bullies with sticks poking at a child on the ground

    Posted in: Mixed world reaction to Abe's WWII statement

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    the sins of the father- a ever present meme circulating around the world, in Japan it is hitting a generation where some people do not have relatives who lived in the era alive.

    in the US a wide swath of the population have been thrown in with others when their parents were not in the country when slavery was around, who never lived in a jim crow state and never lived a life of privilege

    when the people have passed- the guilt is gone, all you have is the memory. we should be concentrating on keeping the memory alive that war is wrong, nuclear weapons are wrong and keep close to our heart the memories of the innocents on both sides that died

    Posted in: China says Japan should have made 'sincere' WWII apology

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    Ferguson was a different case, a majority of black owned business, a pretty thriving community, a diverse political base with black leadership.

    Ferguson was sparked in part by MORE (( the new version of ACORN), irresponsible political comments by government leadership and a continued decision that the police are simply bad.

    in the year since the original shooting, riots, looting and burning the local economy still has not fully recovered, the outside rabble rousers are still there. Ferguson also managed to find a good police chief- instead of falling for a political appointment

    yet we just had another round of massive demonstrations with shootings- again with help from MORE - so when does it stop? the Police Officer was not at fault, though his life is ruined, his family is in hiding and i doubt he will work again

    the US is more segregated in tone now but not by choice of law, by choice of the people. our parents wanted integration- the current generation talks of Segregation and Cultural Integrity. not understanding that if you have a country of immigrants that you have to allow interrelationship exchange or as a country you will breakdown into the tribal and religious based fights that occur in the middle east and Africa

    we should be above that , above the thought that someones religion, race, sex anything makes one superior- we are all human

    Posted in: What U.S. hasn't learned about race relations: From Watts in '65 to Ferguson in '15

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    hmm - if we need to be correct with the way we treat communication and advertising with minorities, LGBT, religion and such- why not just go the extra mile and look what the auto translator pushed out on the anniversary of one of the only two A bombs of human beings.

    easy to stop a mistaken message from ever getting out

    if you get upset over "victim" mentality - well having a relative being a-bombed might give you that right- just saying.

    as always- war might bring the end to a current aggression- but does not bring peace- only breaking down barriers, fostering understanding between peoples brings peace

    think about that

    Posted in: Disney apologizes for tweet on Nagasaki bombing anniversary

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    smithinJapan, please do not put the western view onto this act . everything about the case was a tragedy, and a s zones2aurf said, the he paid the ultimate price.

    Posted in: Man whose electrified fence killed two men commits suicide

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    what has always surprised me is why we never learned from the bombings of these two cities; lip service is paid stating " No Nukes" by various politicians, while they always work to keep nuclear weapons.

    yet in classrooms very little of the bombings are presented, only that they were "necessary" to end the war. no real mention of the human cost, of the need never to use them again

    no mention of how today's bombs and missiles are so vastly deadlier

    they should find a way to contaminate the production process so that nuclear grade can no longer be made.

    Posted in: Nagasaki marks 70th anniversary of atomic bombing

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    i find it a shame that 70 years after the US still does not send a high ranker to the ceremony.
    and i wonder what will happen to Ms Gottemoeller for making such a statement, as it may be misinterpreted.

    Posted in: U.S. diplomat: Hiroshima A-bombing should never be repeated

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    this :"deal" is being made just to embed a presidential legacy and to ensure mr oboma lives up to a previously given peace prize.

    but it is neither a strong, or wise deal, there is no real oversight, and, Iran will have the bomb in 10 years instead of 5.

    Korea is the next one on the checklist- Cuba, Iran - Korea is next- i can really see how everyone will be real happy when President Obama pulls a Nuclear Agreement with no oversight out of thin air.

    Posted in: Obama warns rejecting Iran deal would spell war

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    Kallikattu Sivarama Parthasarathy praised the research done by the US allies after dropping the bombs, stating that only this research allowed for the setting of standards and understanding in healthcare and industry when dealing with radiation.

    There has been a lot of similar arguments to use the German Camp Medical tests on Cold Water Drowning and high and low atitude testing. in fact there are lots of old Nazi testing on live humans that equal what the allies did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Observe, take notes and photos- but render no aid

    I am sorry - the argument is not a good one, the country was in ruins and blockaded, it would have fell in a few months. the bombs were not necessary- not for Japan- maybe to stop Russia from Europe but nor for Japan

    Posted in: By The Numbers: The atomic bombing of Hiroshima


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