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    star trek was a big event as till then you had outer limits and the twilight zone - both showing individual short stories with varying casts.

    but even then Nimoy already had a name - having appeared in many TV shows since the mid 50's and he had supporting parts in movies. i remember seeing him in reruns of Zombies of the Stratosphere at the movies (when they still had saturday matinees - 2 movies and a filler)

    great actor, will be missed, but i am glad they found someone he was happy to pass the torch to

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    interesting response here, a country where the norms are set decades in the past- i guess that is why so many western writers are pining for those "good old days"....

    however- there is no place for those comments in today's society, as for the comments from Peacetrain- well he must be TV material- since i never had the same attention given to me that he apparently had to him.

    but I have seen the constant harassment in the workplace given to the ladies

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    i am still amazed by people making comments about Iraq who did not go, would not go and would never defend the country anyway.

    i am equally amazed by people who label soldiers murderers when they just do their job; for their job entails taking life.

    as for this poor soul- i am hopeful that upon appeal that a better sentence with treatment is found- however as someone pointed out- he will not face death and he will not be on the streets roaming free.

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    the TPP would bring an end to Comiket and Doujinshi as western puritan values and sense of copyright show up in the market place.

    it would not show up overnight- as first they would need to navigate the law framework of Japan- but once done and once the first notices went out- well the whole convention circuits would shut down overnight.

    from the US perspective it would be wonderful - not that it did anything for a US property mind you- just that it allows for support of US ailing patent and royalty laws.

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    I find it interesting to read the amount of hatred people have for the film and for the individual it was about. I have not seen the film- i find watching a film of the one person on the battlefield who will always remember everyone's face he ever killed- and will always regret each one he missed - a very tough one to watch.

    PTSD is a very real thing- it is tough enough to come to grips with being responsible for a death after the shooting it over- but in the case of a sniper- you are there to ensure the safety of the team- so the kill happens- you see the individual and you remember- i cannot imagine what amount of stress that puts them through.

    to make comments that America views non americans as subhumans- is also wrong- because in war- most people need to separate feelings from the day to day reality.

    It appears as if there is a sudden urge to treat war vets like it was done post vietnam- we cannot fall into that trap of blaming individuals for us sending them to war

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    interesting- in the USA the NRC is a supposedly independent agency of the US - but all commissioners are appointed by the president and the NRC has been found to cozy up nicely with business

    and of course the French are appointed by their government as well

    so the only thing that is being given up is foreign oversight of the nuclear power agencies in Japan- this will mean that contracts will go to Japanese companies instead of foreign ones - which is what would happen if the oversight stays outside.

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    someone here made the right comment: You Men have such high opinion of yourselves


    yup- this is classic men (mars) women( venus or whatever wonderful planet they came from)

    Great article!

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    the European theater brought into play the idea of total war- that civilians were just as culpable and just as much as a target as the military in modern warfare.

    they would look at a map and say- well that factory/training ground/rail yard makes it strategic- the people should not be living there anyway- all their fault

    Japan was already beaten by the time the nukes were dropped, the country was starving, the two cities were spared firebombing so they would be pristine for the Nuclear blast. Afterwards - US Medical Docs watched and took notes- no care given- they took notes- as it was all an experiment.

    I cannot talk for the people who were bombed as to why no one officially asked for an apology- but i believe individually they cried out why?

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    like many here i wonder with amazement if there will EVER exist technology that will prove the Paternity of the child

    sigh - I guess that does not exist- so the only way is by the Throwing of the Bones - the old traditional root doctor technique.......

    perhaps that will satisfy some of the backwards thinking going on here

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    well in the states you could just reverse the statement and say it is to get men to buy chocolate- but the thing is Girls love chocolate.

    so to guy['s in Japan who do not get any chocolate - you must be doing something wrong when your co-workers are not even giving it to you- lighten up - be nicer people- and remember- Girls like chocolate more that us guys do- so be sure to offer them some.

    and remember white day!!!

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    5th grade is a bit young i must say, however - there comes an age when the truth needs to be acknowledged. Right now a video comes out and is couched in language " not verified" " needs to be checked to see if it is real" and "we won't show anything " at the same time a message goes out regarding sympathy to the family.

    what it leaves is a sense of disbelief that anything actually occurred, so no one wishes to commit any resources to fix the issue- all because " the video cannot be verified"

    between IS and the Ukraine there are a lot of Unverified fighters walking around killing people - and we don't show graphic images because it might throw someone off from their Ramen bowl or MOS burgers

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    the difference here is Adults vs Children, a 12 year old does not have the lung capacity of an adult. SInce this occurred a week ago and the child just came out of the coma, has limited mobility and no speech you can safely assume she stroked out. she will need extensive rehab, will never sing again, will probably become a recluse - life has become much bleaker at 12 years old

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    a horrendous death, and by being able to date the death prior to any "offer" to release for a prisoner exchange it shows that the exchange would not have occurred.

    they thought they could get their fighter out, and they would have still killed Goto.

    Isis is a bit larger than the UK now, troops move in to swell ISis ranks through Turkey on a regular basis. money is being pumped into the cause somewhere- because you do not get money to run a country and a war from nowhere.

    they have police, they are printing propaganda, they are delivering film, video and web based propaganda - all of this takes money. not something you just pick up off the street

    the current air campaign is not working, you need to understand the logistical side- starve that and then send air and ground troops at the same time.

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    Crickey is correct- for this to be pulled off you need a special forces unit trained for the Job. but to get a group set up you need it to be approved. Current training in Japan leaves much to be desired - it is still a peacetime disaster recovery service.

    currently Japan is not ready for an attack on it's own soil let alone staging a rescue

    for those with hatred toward PM Abe; what did you want as a response? a withdrawal of all aid? a withdrawal from the world and fences put up around the island walling it away from the world?

    The PM must look to defending the country- no matter who is in place i would expect the same type of an answer

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    i want to say something important here - but instead all i do is CRY, CRY CRY.

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    starting to see lower quality chinese sets in the US now, shame if that is the wave of the future

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    sidesmile is probably correct, and if anyone has noticed, Goto-san has not been seen on video since as well.

    the audio tape will never be able to confirmed proof of life either

    i am afraid there will be a few more attempts to get a release on faith, but not on substance, and failing that isis will just fade away not mentioning the two again

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    oh yeah a nice indiscriminate carpet bomb, why not go for the gusto Todd- neutron bombs, kills everyone but no real damage.

    of course tons of innocent people who live under the rule of ISIS will die if you decide to bomb.

    the only way to defeat isis is to go to war - and the Arabs in the area do not wish to do so- the only people who are truly upset are the western countries. that's the issue here, so in reality a travel ban should be placed on western travel to that area, including border countries such as Turkey, and then wait.

    eventually ISIS will wish to expand further than Syria and Iraq - into the tribal lands of Jordon and Turkey- - maybe move further into Iran or the Saud- let's see if they get interested then. but right now- no one in the area wishes to do anything.

    Jordon wanted some combat experience- they never expected someone to get shot down- i expect they will stop flying soon.

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    interesting - a lot of criticism but yet what do you do when the kidnappers hit?

    if you are lucky and have a lot of money - you can pay like France does if you know where they are and they can be justified for a seal team- you will go for them - that is the USA way. - otherwise you say - no negotiation

    but here- we have a country that states no independent foreign intervention - this goes way beyond assisting the defense of the islands or a base with other countries.

    so unless you want the Article re-written or struck- Abe is doing all he can in this difficult situation

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    whether 100 or 200,000 the amount of comfort women does not matter, it actually does not matter if the original ones were prostitutes - if they were denied the right to come home and died oversees- like many did.

    Japan needs closure- not a lawsuit trying to keep a laughable idea alive- if there is something i would like to see from the conservatives it would be better focus regarding the historical accuracy of the campaign. These were men, who died for the country- their story is not being told because these idiots are wrapped up in telling lies about girls skirts.

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