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    whether 100 or 200,000 the amount of comfort women does not matter, it actually does not matter if the original ones were prostitutes - if they were denied the right to come home and died oversees- like many did.

    Japan needs closure- not a lawsuit trying to keep a laughable idea alive- if there is something i would like to see from the conservatives it would be better focus regarding the historical accuracy of the campaign. These were men, who died for the country- their story is not being told because these idiots are wrapped up in telling lies about girls skirts.

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    Smith in Japan - Germany Atoned? well on the surface - as long as no one really looks to discover what happened to the nazi's. most if they did not end up in the Soviet Union - or off to to SE Asia with the French Foreign Legion- lived till they were old and grey.

    no atonement really- you just did not talk about it.

    even the USA and the Vatican assited in moving Nazis.

    So to keep pushing Japan and paint China as the grieving child when it destroyed several generations and even today has no real freedom. no- you're scales of justice are so imbalanced

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    additional numbers will not matter- from a QA perspective this MD is an outlier, the hospital suspended operations, the on site inspection is just.

    what will come out of this is new procedures that will capture all of the issues for the MD. From the process side i will hazard a guess that each area was captured separately. so Laps were separate from operations etc.

    if they had all items collated they would have spotted the issues quicker and been able to stop one MD practice in that hospital until retraining was performed ( it is probably a breakdown of sterility) now the whole hospital is hurting and a large portion of the patient population was affected. Remember- with that amount of deaths - there were many more very sick people who were ultimately cured of the nosocomial infection...

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    way too suspicious at this point. sounds like cases McDonald's has two types of cases here: a} Intentional Tampering to destroy their business and B} MeToo Tampering from people who want the 15 seconds of fame from the news crew.

    though what happens in Japan will not affect other countries- it does have the potential to drive McDonald's from the Japan market. and trust me - they very much care how they source the food no matter where they have a store.

    So if they have high standards in one country - the standards for Japan must be through the roof,

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    Ha - even the local Chinese take-out - which is the type with the nice bright pictures on the wall, kid playing in the aisle while the parent cooks- is now selling SUSHI! and calls itself Japanese and Chinese Cuisine.

    I'll bet that raw fish is not really sushi grade, but hey - what we westerners don't know won;'t ...... oh yeah it might kills us.....

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    having spent time in India i can say this is a direct result of the decision to cut down on female births and encouragement of the rape culture that is now endemic in the country. this woman went with a tour guide from a trusted firm- not someone from the street- but in India even the police are not above reproach. though there were arrests - they were only done because of the foreigner being involved and probably will be left go quietly once she is out of the country

    i pity the women living in India now

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    Nice message, one asking for people to read history and try to learn from the past, to mourn the dead.

    So many die in wars, i read here and all i see is anger, anger about the past- but the parents of those who died would only want the war to end.

    there is no political message here- only someone crying out against the wasted lives and he asks for introspection, the second call is also timely after all the disaster that has struck the country- how to reconstruct to protect everyone in a timely manner.

    how many are still in temporary housing this year from the Tōhoku earthquake?

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    well ,Sony has twice the customers than Microsoft ( MS 43 Mil sony 110 Mil), Sony took more of the brunt of the DDOS attacks which meant they had to increase their server load to take on increased ip hit ( all those fake hits a thousand times a second saying :sign me in:). on the back of that DDOS attack is the payload- the secondary hack all hack gangs do - hoping to find a server that has crashed and is in the middle of rebooting.- so they are checking each server prior to letting it go on-line.

    Software security done correctly is not fast or easy, it is not a few key clicks and you are done. So yeah Sony is taking longer, will probably be free of any virus, but would rather triple check than release a server that could be infected.

    anymore listening to dweebs who do not read up on simple network security, the cost to maintain or what goes into DDOS or other hacks is very frustrating. the cost run here is not a few hundred bucks , you want to know what eats into sony's bottom line? this does....

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    Amazing, the head of a corporation does what he is expected to do but because he is Sony he is immediately labeled as a poor manager, yet when microsoft was having issues people waxed poetic over ideas of "if only bill would come back".

    Personally i still see no issue with the way sony handled the hack, how much more pain do you allow. how many more employees deserve to be subject to identity theft? and as for security on the network i doubt if sony's network had open machines, but then this was not a few script kiddies but a country going for the goods.

    finally- Sony Tokyo having more of a say in movies? well might be a good thing- we might actually see China in one of the movies instead of having a script rewritten to remove references to that country. ( World War Z anyone?)

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    actually - don't expect the US to do anything to North Korea or to China, as North Korea is sitting on nukes and China is too big a trading partner.

    The US had already tracked this back to North Korea but sat on it, afraid to cause waves, and now that Sony did the only thing it could do- well very easy to throw stones now- Darn if you do Darn if you don't they say....

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    appropriate tactics ? one gunman with a pump action and 7 hit 3 dead including the gunman?

    if the scenario reported is correct a flashbang went off first- not many people are going to get one shot off right away after a flashbang.

    a pump action also is not quick firing- so i think i will wait to see who the rounds came from first before declaring this a success.

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    ah onagagamo: that is the difference between the criminal mind and the mind of the innocent.

    she feels she needs to be punished, she killed her son, yet her son had lost the life he had 3 years before and became bedridden, and without other family it was up to the mother to care for him.

    Mothers do not want to outlive children, and they do not wish to have healthier lives, all her hopes disappeared and she felt locked into one course.

    such a shame

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    Toshiko's right, though this movie may be based on a true story it will be difficult for me to watch it. as for those fighting as to which army was less cruel than another during the war

    actually none were: all had their faults regarding prisoners, the US shot many when they had no one to take them back behind lines, the Russians did much worse, Germans may have treated some well but others went to the Gestapo- but at least they were considered human - unlike the Jews, Gypsies and Jehovah Witnesses in the concentration camps.

    Even today we here of France being party to sending Jews to be gassed

    In the US we even interred all Japanese- removing their right to freedom, property, right to vote, right to own items including bank accounts. they came out of the camps with nothing but the clothes on their backs

    then the US started dealing with the Nazis post war

    so who were the good guys?

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    i love a country that loves the language so much, when did your country have an event like this?

    all i get to look forward to in the states is a groundhog being pulled from a fake tree.. a bit disappointing....

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    this is very interesting, we have a country where all the values and mores of society were rewritten after a crushing defeat and by another society which was completely foreign to any eastern thought of the time.

    if you take time to separate out the diatribe and look at the issues you do in fact see the same issues in all westernized countries: Family disassociation due to the advent of the nuclear family, loss of religious values and the basic morality that came with them, finally simple patriotism.

    i read the column comments and see the old fears of a massive resurgence of a militarized Nippon, however i have never met anyone in Japan who supports that notion. so instead of looking at it from the western perspective where we go to war at the drop of the hat- look at it from the eyes of the only country that has sustained two nuclear strikes.

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    at issue for HR is the use of Banter: since that is what leads to issues such as this one in the workforce, i have to say however - before you throw that stone- the next time you are in work take some time to listen to how people talk during the" gossip" time.

    if you are also bantering , making comments you think everyone feels is funny but is on edge due to race, religion sex, sexual preference- well it is probably covered in your hR manual and usually by a law or two.

    Both parties in this will see disciplinary action, they both may resign, though it should not be because sharpton said so but because of the misstep with company policy

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    actually Germany does go to war cemeteries as part of Remembrance days activities, and a lot of German Nazi's were smuggled out by the various governments to be used to combat communism - or in France's case to feed the French Foreign Legion war machine post war.

    Even the Catholic Church had a hand in to help move Nazi's out of Germany post war- that is why you see Nazi's showing up in their late 80's after long careers in the states finally being "outed"

    Japan is being kept to a higher bar than Germany- it had no Rocket Program, no Nuclear Weapons Scientists and a racial identity that could not mix in with the Russians- so was not viewed as valuable enough by the allies

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    it will turn out to be an inside job in the end, someone with server admin rights who could get around security. such a shame, all this because of some insane idiot with an agenda

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    well true it is late, but for some reason the "abandonment" in wartime when Japan was pushed out is a tad strong.

    I also do not doubt that China needed to "research" the weapons first on it's own prior to releasing that excellent looking "Abandoned" warhead in pristine condition for disposal.

    so i guess when china became a signatory of the chemical weapons convention there was a sudden need to remove these items - 97 sign, negotation with japan- 99 agreement, then building of facilities etc...

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    actually nation states including china are big with hack attacks, i don;t doubt that they will be able to trace the attack origin to the country and potentially the group.

    the big issue is if they can identify the cause, so if China is doing it for NK how do you prove it.

    In the US there are as WA4TKG states hacks on a near daily occurrence, these include defense contractors, infrastructure systems, the US Post Office and now that health care must report to washington- physician offices,

    so we are probably not looking at a viral publicity campaign, or a bunch of teenagers in a basement

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