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    actually Japan still approves 99% of drugs after they are already on the market elsewhere. i work in R&D sometimes with the Japan team.

    though i can only speak toward trial work - not the full process - i can say the work is done diligently and with care.

    Posted in: Shorter 'drug lag' in Japan leads to faster OK for medicines available in other countries

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    25 years in Japan: currently Israel is dealing with 46,000 some african refugees, on top of being the place to go if you are Jewish and need a new place to live.

    this Israeli refugee issue is because Egypt is pointing them in Israels direction because Israel will do something Egypt will not- follow the UN Refugee convention.

    so don;'t ask Israel to take on more - especially while in a state of war

    Posted in: Japan's tiny refugee community urges Tokyo to open doors wider

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    it i strange how there is a push for a small island nation to become a haven for refugees. perhaps the real idea should be to build a new island on a reef and resettle them there .....

    i think China has that island building program going on right now- they should be able to help.

    though it would be better if countries surrounding the one in question would actually do something- the current syrian issue is a perfect example. middle eastern countries taking refugees- zero, the rest of world ?

    Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR

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    turkey became very interesting several years back when the religious party won the elections: now turkey is a Muslim state and is doing all it can to erase the secular past - all the way back to the first world war.

    the US supports them in nato because of the bases, but in reality- no - you cannot rely on turkey nor really trust them.

    Posted in: Turkey says Russian jet violated its airspace, ignored repeated warnings

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    the UN is like any government - intrusive.

    so you must expect the UN to try to get a country to change to meet whatever is the current thought of a group of people (the General Assembly) that, well, only , sort of helps people.

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    that's what all us guys will say - the view of the women's side of the bath is always better!

    but usually we get smacked immediately!

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    the monmouth poll is correct in that mainstream america is not in tune to what the TPP is about- since the TPP is not discussed in mainstream media.

    here i see updates on a regular basis in other regional press there are discussions pro's and con's as well

    in the US - silence from the press

    so if the press- the supposed spokesperson for the common man- is silent- then the people remain ignorant.

    this did not make the CNN , MSNBC or Fox websites as a headline story, in fact i could not find any mention of the treaty at all.

    shame but an uninformed public means that the bill will pass without any type of look or even knowledge it was negotiated by the people

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    i never saw a government in this world that did not have "wasteful" spending

    the bigger the government - or for that matter bureaucracy whether government or business - the more money it spends; even if the known end result is not going to be what was wanted.

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    interesting, i guess he was leaving the country on business when they picked him up. which explained why he did not take his wife and children.

    and i imagine the car trip with the deceased was innocent enough- he was probably interviewing her for his business in dry goods- mainly sheets and rope.

    the collective shame i would feel if he had gotten away would be very great indeed. if found guilty i always felt that the punishment should reflect the crime a bit more.

    Posted in: American goes on trial for murder of woman dumped in bay

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    well actually Grungmasters comments have already occurred in the US to some extent, the 3 stooges are not aired because they are considered too violent. slapstick comedy it may be- yet we continue to show other forms of violence on screen as long as there is no blood and the Victim miraculously survives

    the recent group think surrounding the confederate battle flag has removed the dukes of hazard from the television screen- even though the show never pushed a White Power thought process

    i doubt seriously if Archie Bunker will ever be back on even as a remake- as the idea of someone using so many stereotypes on TV_ even though the show was teaching people that the use of those names was wrong- would never get past these same Thought Police that wish to police manga

    Posted in: U.N. envoy calls on Japan to ban extreme child manga porn

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    we do not know the situation, on the one hand you might think that the mother just needed some assistance with ADL's but otherwise fine.

    on the other hand- the mother may have had dementia, been totally bed bound and all the care was left for the one daughter - that was to be her life , forever.

    in the US we place our parents in care facilities - and pay for others to care for them - visiting on weekends and special days.

    this is a different world - tragic - neither solution is best- in the US we tend to not get around to seeing our parents, here - the drain on a family member is as tragic as the elderly ones physical and mental illness

    Posted in: Woman arrested for strangling physically disabled mother

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    in reality Germany and Japan both did horrific things during the war-- but so did the US with internment camps used for citizens of Japanese heritage, post war the British and the US kept the Nazi's in power as they needed bureaucrats and prison guards- the british were especially keen to place jewish people back into prison camps with german guards in the run up to the establishment of the state of israel.

    and of course there are the 2 Atomic Bombs -

    what all of us should have taken away from this was that war is not a good thing- instead you see a country (Japan) that REALLY wishes to stay in the peaceful world it has been in post Pacific War but everyone - and I mean the whole world - seems H%ll bent on forcing them to either re- militarize or capitulate to their neighbors.

    we never learn anything from our painful history on this planet do we

    Posted in: Taiwan president says country should remember good things Japan did

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    it is a shame - but speaking to a rabid democrat is not possible- once the Clinton hat is on- it is on.

    At issue for all of us in the general public is that we get slanted news from the US Press Corps. couple that with a private email server that was trashed before being handed over to the FBI and you have a problem.

    what makes this fiasco really unfortunate is that we are so far along trying to sort out the issues, i am afraid that the primaries will pass before any information is available from the FBI either pro or con on the email matter- including Benghazi emails.

    Even if the email's came back as being clear ( or nothing recoverable) why does it not stop the shear stupidity of writing an order to keep security low in an area where there is no real government. - even if you deny all knowledge later of events on the ground while your policy is in place.

    that's the president you are likely to get.. so think about it

    Posted in: Clinton revels in signs that Democrats are coalescing around her

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    interesting Harvey - not sure where you got your information regarding the USA from - was unaware of any recent Polls being out regarding the viability of Okinawa and pulling our troops out of the far east.

    Middle East would be a different matter

    AS for Bertie and others who wish for a for a Swiss type peaceful solution- do you really think that would happen post the Pacific War? When China uses Japan as the excuse to focus the common folk's ire each time they need to divert attention from something that is going wrong internal to their country?

    sorry- that would not happen, in 10- 20 years Japan would have Chinese troops based on their soil to "advise" them, Chinese police to "help" the regular police find "subversive" elements

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    what is truth? it will be interesting to see, i pulled this from Unesco's site- the actual documents are not available yet - the first part would be interesting, the second part read with a grain of salt (victors run war crime trials) but there will be some information in it. third part i would not believe as it is a set of documents created by a group that was not part of the struggle.

    Documents of Nanjing Massacre

    Documentary heritage submitted by China for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2014.

    The documents consist of three parts: the first part concerns the period of the massacre (1937-1938), the second part is related to the post-war investigation and trials of war criminals documented by the Chinese National Government’s Military Tribunal (1945-1947), and the third part deals with files documented by the judiciary authorities of the People’s Republic of China (1952-1956).

    Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents

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    tough crowd: as they say in Vegas......

    you try to come up with a catchy slogan, some say it smacks of militarism - while others say :" too low a number"

    should he have said "125.6 million?" or maybe came to the stage with a display behind him and say - we will have a society where " read number" ..............

    Posted in: Abe's new slogan stirs memories of wartime rhetoric

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    not really just a stop button. by using an access switch that is only available to maintenance it really messes things up- a stop button would be easy.

    i can just imagine, middle of rush hour in the city, full elevator and "stop"

    now everyone waits, how long can you stand? how long until you need to "use the facilities" how long if he also switched off ventilation.....

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    as has been quoted many times here to remove firearms from the people of the United States you need to remove the second amendment.

    on top of this is the FACT that there are a lot of laws already in place by the government- these are good solid laws with mandatory sentencing guidelines yet are rarely prosecuted. that is why the US does not need any more laws- just the wish for someone to prosecute the ones we have.

    As for the NRA ; as a group it has always been agnostic to race battles , it focuses on marksmanship, freedom to own, conservation works, and yes SAFETY.

    do you really think things would change for a landbound country with insecure borders compared to an island with a nearly homogeneous population?

    so go ahead and point to Australia, Britain and Japan as success stories, (please note the UK is not so successful as you think)

    Posted in: Gunman opens fire at Oregon college; at least 9 killed, 7 wounded

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    ahh - how long will it take for me to go through 15 seasons in a row on netflix? ,,, will i be sane after....

    last time it was Battlestar Gallactica - took me weeks to to stop "fracking" and stop humming "all along the watchtower"


    Posted in: 'CSI' ends its 15-season run with 2-hour reunion finale

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    sigh, i wonder what out president wants anymore... when you look at the refugee issue facing the EU and now the announcement that the US will take on Syrian Refugees - yet the middle eastern allies take "zero" refugee's support Isis.

    it makes you wonder why the US or any western country is in the region

    it is not Oil- the the US does not need oil- it did not need oil contracts for the last 10 years,

    it is not to train troops- we do not need need to train the fighting force of the US trooper

    i guess it is to get more refugees/terrorists onto our home soil - like the boston bomber....

    Posted in: Russia sends tanks, artillery to Syria


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