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    actually - don't expect the US to do anything to North Korea or to China, as North Korea is sitting on nukes and China is too big a trading partner.

    The US had already tracked this back to North Korea but sat on it, afraid to cause waves, and now that Sony did the only thing it could do- well very easy to throw stones now- Darn if you do Darn if you don't they say....

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    appropriate tactics ? one gunman with a pump action and 7 hit 3 dead including the gunman?

    if the scenario reported is correct a flashbang went off first- not many people are going to get one shot off right away after a flashbang.

    a pump action also is not quick firing- so i think i will wait to see who the rounds came from first before declaring this a success.

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    ah onagagamo: that is the difference between the criminal mind and the mind of the innocent.

    she feels she needs to be punished, she killed her son, yet her son had lost the life he had 3 years before and became bedridden, and without other family it was up to the mother to care for him.

    Mothers do not want to outlive children, and they do not wish to have healthier lives, all her hopes disappeared and she felt locked into one course.

    such a shame

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    Toshiko's right, though this movie may be based on a true story it will be difficult for me to watch it. as for those fighting as to which army was less cruel than another during the war

    actually none were: all had their faults regarding prisoners, the US shot many when they had no one to take them back behind lines, the Russians did much worse, Germans may have treated some well but others went to the Gestapo- but at least they were considered human - unlike the Jews, Gypsies and Jehovah Witnesses in the concentration camps.

    Even today we here of France being party to sending Jews to be gassed

    In the US we even interred all Japanese- removing their right to freedom, property, right to vote, right to own items including bank accounts. they came out of the camps with nothing but the clothes on their backs

    then the US started dealing with the Nazis post war

    so who were the good guys?

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    i love a country that loves the language so much, when did your country have an event like this?

    all i get to look forward to in the states is a groundhog being pulled from a fake tree.. a bit disappointing....

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    this is very interesting, we have a country where all the values and mores of society were rewritten after a crushing defeat and by another society which was completely foreign to any eastern thought of the time.

    if you take time to separate out the diatribe and look at the issues you do in fact see the same issues in all westernized countries: Family disassociation due to the advent of the nuclear family, loss of religious values and the basic morality that came with them, finally simple patriotism.

    i read the column comments and see the old fears of a massive resurgence of a militarized Nippon, however i have never met anyone in Japan who supports that notion. so instead of looking at it from the western perspective where we go to war at the drop of the hat- look at it from the eyes of the only country that has sustained two nuclear strikes.

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    at issue for HR is the use of Banter: since that is what leads to issues such as this one in the workforce, i have to say however - before you throw that stone- the next time you are in work take some time to listen to how people talk during the" gossip" time.

    if you are also bantering , making comments you think everyone feels is funny but is on edge due to race, religion sex, sexual preference- well it is probably covered in your hR manual and usually by a law or two.

    Both parties in this will see disciplinary action, they both may resign, though it should not be because sharpton said so but because of the misstep with company policy

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    actually Germany does go to war cemeteries as part of Remembrance days activities, and a lot of German Nazi's were smuggled out by the various governments to be used to combat communism - or in France's case to feed the French Foreign Legion war machine post war.

    Even the Catholic Church had a hand in to help move Nazi's out of Germany post war- that is why you see Nazi's showing up in their late 80's after long careers in the states finally being "outed"

    Japan is being kept to a higher bar than Germany- it had no Rocket Program, no Nuclear Weapons Scientists and a racial identity that could not mix in with the Russians- so was not viewed as valuable enough by the allies

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    it will turn out to be an inside job in the end, someone with server admin rights who could get around security. such a shame, all this because of some insane idiot with an agenda

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    well true it is late, but for some reason the "abandonment" in wartime when Japan was pushed out is a tad strong.

    I also do not doubt that China needed to "research" the weapons first on it's own prior to releasing that excellent looking "Abandoned" warhead in pristine condition for disposal.

    so i guess when china became a signatory of the chemical weapons convention there was a sudden need to remove these items - 97 sign, negotation with japan- 99 agreement, then building of facilities etc...

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    actually nation states including china are big with hack attacks, i don;t doubt that they will be able to trace the attack origin to the country and potentially the group.

    the big issue is if they can identify the cause, so if China is doing it for NK how do you prove it.

    In the US there are as WA4TKG states hacks on a near daily occurrence, these include defense contractors, infrastructure systems, the US Post Office and now that health care must report to washington- physician offices,

    so we are probably not looking at a viral publicity campaign, or a bunch of teenagers in a basement

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    i thought albino's were a gene mutation that you did not want to propagate in the wild.. usually did not anyway in wild species

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    Immigration is always an issue for a country that has deep roots, where the US is a country built on immigration and just needs to update it's plan so the people already living in the US are not threatened, in other countries the threat is more substantial,

    in Japan with low birth rates the threat is loss of racial identity, loss of language and culture, the same can be said for countries in the EU where some laws are quite strict (Denmark for example)

    Immigrants can be helpful for a society to continue- but they cannot be looked on as being the answer to all the ills of one, if you flood a current society with immigrants then the cohesiveness of the main society is lost, and what you liked about the country is lost too- as the country tries to find it's new identity using the new Society that is now in place

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    unexpected event- read between the lines- he was in charge of the destroyers- defense screening for the aircraft carrier- so sub duties, AA and missile screening. so one of the three. i would pick sub attack- the Chinese have already started to hound our fleet.

    the unexpected event might have been a real one.....

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    one of the pillars for Abenomics was the expectation that consumers would open their savings accounts and spend, Japangal actually is voicing the thoughts of most of Japan, I Live Simply

    Other than hobbies, some artwork, etc - most homes will not have large extravagant spends like the west- will they get into the idea of remodeling the kitchen just because the cabinets are not the same shade as the new curtains?

    in fact what will the cost of remodeling a kitchen in Japan cost? not the same as in the USA!

    You also have to figure in the Tōhoku earthquake, which dampened the purchasing effect of the populace followed by this long period of raised energy costs due to the lack of clean cheap energy.

    The Printing People thing is the last bit- given because the people are still saving, Not reproducing, and unless changes are made will not in the future.

    It is not Shinzō Abe fault, he had the vision, it is a collective disappointment that they are failing the vision

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    oh this is the can of worms that has been waiting to be opened for way too long, publishing houses and royalties.

    many people do not realize that an artist is way far down the line in the payment scheme as all royalties must be paid to the royalty house- of which all the publishers are part of.

    all the royalty house schemes were set up in the days of vinyl and radio, and work hand in hand with the outdated record contract scheme that is in place today - so imagine the wait and the final amount all the artists get.

    you would think electronic downloads or streaming with ad revenue would speed up processing time and cut out the middle man- think again- they are still paying out the full amount just as if CDs are being pressed and paper adverts are being sent out with newspapers.

    but of course no one wants to really talk about it..

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    interesting response from the readers today, just as educated as i expected whenever something about the rights of a woman comes up.

    it really does not matter if the person is a celebrity or the girl next door, the action of taking a picture illegally - then posting it - is wrong.

    i would not wish for it to happen to my sister, my aunt, my nieces or any of my friends children- why would i justify it happening to someone based on how much money they make?

    how could you?

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    this could have gone very badly, this was not a married couple or a couple that were checked into the room together. where people stalk with GPS devices this is not nice news indeed. the humor in the story is not well placed

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    hah! all goes out the window once love bites anyway.....

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    actually never quote understood starbucks, the coffee is not that great, very strong, different from store bought or the junk in convenience stores - but not great. biggest pull is wifi

    if you are putting it all to the ability to have smoke free to non- smoke free- i am unsure if that is the pull either, it still remains atmosphere and coffee.

    one is a global leader for those who only had bad coffee before has much more money that the mom and pop stores, they have a single plan. I am unsure if the Trendy Starbucks will be able to pull it off and be the sole KING of COFFEE once the trend passes away

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