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    i thought albino's were a gene mutation that you did not want to propagate in the wild.. usually did not anyway in wild species

    Posted in: Rare albino dolphin captured in Japan's 'Cove'

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    Immigration is always an issue for a country that has deep roots, where the US is a country built on immigration and just needs to update it's plan so the people already living in the US are not threatened, in other countries the threat is more substantial,

    in Japan with low birth rates the threat is loss of racial identity, loss of language and culture, the same can be said for countries in the EU where some laws are quite strict (Denmark for example)

    Immigrants can be helpful for a society to continue- but they cannot be looked on as being the answer to all the ills of one, if you flood a current society with immigrants then the cohesiveness of the main society is lost, and what you liked about the country is lost too- as the country tries to find it's new identity using the new Society that is now in place

    Posted in: Aging Japan struggles to make immigrants feel at home

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    unexpected event- read between the lines- he was in charge of the destroyers- defense screening for the aircraft carrier- so sub duties, AA and missile screening. so one of the three. i would pick sub attack- the Chinese have already started to hound our fleet.

    the unexpected event might have been a real one.....

    Posted in: Japan raises military profile in naval war games with U.S.

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    one of the pillars for Abenomics was the expectation that consumers would open their savings accounts and spend, Japangal actually is voicing the thoughts of most of Japan, I Live Simply

    Other than hobbies, some artwork, etc - most homes will not have large extravagant spends like the west- will they get into the idea of remodeling the kitchen just because the cabinets are not the same shade as the new curtains?

    in fact what will the cost of remodeling a kitchen in Japan cost? not the same as in the USA!

    You also have to figure in the Tōhoku earthquake, which dampened the purchasing effect of the populace followed by this long period of raised energy costs due to the lack of clean cheap energy.

    The Printing People thing is the last bit- given because the people are still saving, Not reproducing, and unless changes are made will not in the future.

    It is not Shinzō Abe fault, he had the vision, it is a collective disappointment that they are failing the vision

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    oh this is the can of worms that has been waiting to be opened for way too long, publishing houses and royalties.

    many people do not realize that an artist is way far down the line in the payment scheme as all royalties must be paid to the royalty house- of which all the publishers are part of.

    all the royalty house schemes were set up in the days of vinyl and radio, and work hand in hand with the outdated record contract scheme that is in place today - so imagine the wait and the final amount all the artists get.

    you would think electronic downloads or streaming with ad revenue would speed up processing time and cut out the middle man- think again- they are still paying out the full amount just as if CDs are being pressed and paper adverts are being sent out with newspapers.

    but of course no one wants to really talk about it..

    Posted in: Sony takes hard look at streaming after Taylor Swift snub

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    interesting response from the readers today, just as educated as i expected whenever something about the rights of a woman comes up.

    it really does not matter if the person is a celebrity or the girl next door, the action of taking a picture illegally - then posting it - is wrong.

    i would not wish for it to happen to my sister, my aunt, my nieces or any of my friends children- why would i justify it happening to someone based on how much money they make?

    how could you?

    Posted in: Jennifer Lawrence: Privacy loss takes heavy toll

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    this could have gone very badly, this was not a married couple or a couple that were checked into the room together. where people stalk with GPS devices this is not nice news indeed. the humor in the story is not well placed

    Posted in: Man arrested for breaking into woman’s hotel room, spanking her with shoehorn

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    hah! all goes out the window once love bites anyway.....

    Posted in: Many Japanese women’s new image of the ideal man

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    actually never quote understood starbucks, the coffee is not that great, very strong, different from store bought or the junk in convenience stores - but not great. biggest pull is wifi

    if you are putting it all to the ability to have smoke free to non- smoke free- i am unsure if that is the pull either, it still remains atmosphere and coffee.

    one is a global leader for those who only had bad coffee before has much more money that the mom and pop stores, they have a single plan. I am unsure if the Trendy Starbucks will be able to pull it off and be the sole KING of COFFEE once the trend passes away

    Posted in: Japan's dated, smoky cafes unfazed by Starbucks success

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    it is a form of protest used by people who feel they no longer have a voice

    so sad

    With China rising i see the need for the expansion, yet i do not wish to see Japan change - for change it will even with the limited expansion of the law.

    People in the rest of the world do not understand how much Japan has turned away from the sword, and are now being, by events surrounding the country, being forced to embrace it again

    so sad

    Posted in: Man dies after setting himself on fire in Tokyo's Hibiya Park

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    only the true cynic would put Nikon at the level of looking for additional Company Good Will to impress the stockholders. I doubt they need it. It was a minor expense for the repair and recovery of photos to the corporation yet it meant a lot to the family.

    that is all - not a publicity stunt

    Another thing- the video- i cannot say enough about the Firefighters, Mountain Rescue or the JSDF; the dedication and service constantly astounds me.

    if anyone states- it's just a job- think of doing that remains recovery for a day instead of sitting in the office - then state it's just a job

    Posted in: Nikon repairs Mount Ontake victim’s broken camera, returns photos to family

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    yes probably brass strait nozzles, companies bought them years ago and forgot about them, updated nozzles are plastic, fog nozzles much better for firefighting

    however companies are only concerned over the insurance premiums and replacement costs and the thief does not care about anything- including people who get caught in a fire

    Posted in: 3 men arrested for stealing fire hose nozzles

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    the fall of the DDR; Deutsche Demokratische Republik. We watched on the television in the Arbeiter Club, i saw grown men cry as the wall came down. Many were veterens of WWII from the German side. This wall to them was the final symbol of the wars end - when their country was reunited - and true rebuilding could occur.

    the beginning of the end for Russia's influence- and now we need to be concerned of a revitalized Russia and a new wall - just not in Germany.

    Posted in: Germany marks 25 years since fall of Berlin Wall

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    sorry Doyle me'boy - they said Single Malts- not those blends with all that grain alcohol you gents like out in fields

    Posted in: Japanese single malt whisky named world's finest

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    mock it if you like, but how many men do you think there are in Japan who are sitting out there who wish they could have married.

    i don't know, unless something is put in place to allow people to keep a career if they are men - not drop down to a lower one if they have children, not leave the workplace completely if they are female- i think you will see the birth rate and things like solo weddings rise

    Posted in: Solo wedding service for single women who want to be brides for a day

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    ha the Irish did not celebrate it until about 10 years or so ago, this is a true american made up holiday.

    all hallow's eve was never the same as this, and wikipedia is not the source of all knowledge BTW

    so stop the whinging - this is all about fun - it's what the day was always aboot.

    Posted in: Thousands of Halloween revelers descend on Shibuya

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    wow very interesting since you are not nurses,

    she does understand the disease, and she is concerned that she was being treated as a pariah, with an armed guard and kept in a tent in 12 degree weather (at night). as for the idea of internet access- well if their network goes that far and they allow such things in - but the government tends not to allow much to get to prisoners, (ooops - patients) since they feel it will upset them.

    she had more sense than a soldier would in dealing with the disease, and please Sensei258- SPOCK - you quote SPOCK?

    Posted in: U.S. nurse quarantined over Ebola criticizes her treatment

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    the 50/60 ghz is not Abe's fault, neither is the lack of power in Japan. which could be easily rectified if nuclear was allowed back on.

    but as it is you are now looking at building out more fuel generators - and in whose neighborhoods will they go?

    once the power issue is solved then they can look at building out last mile to allow for a common band - whether 50 or 60 i don;t care.

    the main lines don't really need it- they are transmission lines- but the step down transformers need to be in place to allow the proper power to go to the homes.

    Posted in: Japan's power failure: Bid to forge national grid stumbles

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    the fan is probably more realistic than the wasted paper i get from US politicians on government paper when it comes to election day - all touting how well they voted.

    i think i would rather have something i could fan myself with and reuse than a newsletter that details the wins- when all the emails i get just tells me the failures of the same politician.

    Posted in: Justice minister undone by cheap paper fan

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    casino's are never good ideas, they leach funds from the people they are supposed to supply money to, they increase addiction and then you have the unsupervised children - left to the side as the parent(s) gamble. then come home and say- sorry no money for food today.

    you see people with little money and the elderly playing for the chance to win, but then gambling away all the savings and increasing credit card debt because they never hit the big time - almost- but never quite made it.

    Japan will be ripe pickings, and the tourist trade will swell the ranks as well, but if you want to see Japanese savings decrease then sure open a casino and fund the yakuza - just like the mafia over here still in charge of casino's

    Posted in: Pro-casino lawmakers to tweak bill to let Japanese gamble

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