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    the fan is probably more realistic than the wasted paper i get from US politicians on government paper when it comes to election day - all touting how well they voted.

    i think i would rather have something i could fan myself with and reuse than a newsletter that details the wins- when all the emails i get just tells me the failures of the same politician.

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    casino's are never good ideas, they leach funds from the people they are supposed to supply money to, they increase addiction and then you have the unsupervised children - left to the side as the parent(s) gamble. then come home and say- sorry no money for food today.

    you see people with little money and the elderly playing for the chance to win, but then gambling away all the savings and increasing credit card debt because they never hit the big time - almost- but never quite made it.

    Japan will be ripe pickings, and the tourist trade will swell the ranks as well, but if you want to see Japanese savings decrease then sure open a casino and fund the yakuza - just like the mafia over here still in charge of casino's

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    well actually censorship is already occurring, the fact that there is the possibility that you can get incorrect data about yourself removed is a positive thing.- about the only positive thing lately .

    thought there are other search engines most of the world uses google, bing is the far second runner. and the others trail far far behind

    this ruling is a good one, for the short time we'll see this in practice, governments will change it back again - or put in place caveats that they will have full access and the rest of the world will not see the results.

    it will be interesting to see what changes to the search clients occur in the next 3-5 years

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    this is a USA article so it makes a lot of sense - the US is way behind Japan in music

    cassettes and vinyl predate the restrictions places by the millenium act, so though the sound quality is considered :worse: you could still make copies of the vinyl record via the cassette.

    every cassette sold in the us still sends money back to the industry for "research"

    just like cd's do

    people are not buying- The cd's in record stores are not the new music people want to try out, and we have made it prohibitive to share music via mp3 to see what people will like. we have octogenarians still on the airwaves and in our big and medium venues - not the fresh music people want.

    i'm just glad no one is resurrecting 8 track

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    everyone lost here, the murdered child, the father, the teen who should have had counseling years ago, everyone...

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    AHH THE 1940'S conventions left by the US, made so that if the imperial family has only female children it will die out.

    like the constitution i believe it needs a rethink this brainchild of MacArthur;s

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    Pukey2 is correct in the analysis on HK- Beijing is taking charge and now is watching the world to see how far it can go. the Upswing of Shanghai for business and banking in recent times was in part to separate Hong Kong from being that haven for the west. the other move was the gutting of the Hong Kong film industry- now all film being released are part of the Beijing effort- even Jackie Chan has seen the light taking a high Party position and criticizes Hong Kong residents for not conforming to central party ideas.

    The Party understands that with time, other countries will shy away from lending any assistance especially when it affects lucrative business deals. - so Hong Kong is pretty much on it;s own.

    i expect this to be the last of the big protests- to die off with no real support from the rest of the world

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    actually feel a bit sorry about this, single mother - where is the boyfriend? no supporting family, so that means this was a disgraceful pregnancy to the family.

    she felt alone, isolated, gave birth at home - probably no prenatal care and her original plan was probably the baby hatch- then the baby dies.

    now she is arrested and her shame is presented to the world- i think there are several psychiatrists that are shuddering right now on how this woman is being treated.

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    the true focus should have been on the company and how it ran the ship- yet what happened with the investigation? this focus on the rescuers is insane, having been involved in water rescue- and relativley calm fresh water rescue only- i would never choose to monday morning quarterback this rescue based on a mocumentary

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    perhaps it is time to question the validity of the rule - only decades old though- wonder why it was put in place

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    most knee jerk reactions are what the name implies- knee jerk subconscious reactions. they mean people are not thinking. i remain bothered by the memories of police barging there ways into homes after the boston bombings without search warrants supposedly to protect people but treating everyone like a suspect.

    a whole city

    we are as a people across all our nations giving up our privacy, our freedom all for a false sense of security

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    it is very sad, this war is about proving if weapons work, removing old supplies and putting new troops to the test. very good to do when the foe is so weak in comparison.

    even the shots of the attack on the Oilfields were a joke - no derricks, or pumps but a man dipping a bucket of crude oil from a hole in the ground - and the USA saw a threat in that

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    it all comes back to oil,

    the USA only got in to the fight when the Kurdish oil fields were in danger, and now they strike the syrian held ones- i have no doubt there will be a small "independent force" installed to keep the pumps going but not for Assad.

    the Islamic State held no danger to the US or EU, to that area maybe - but Iraq gave them most of their arms just to remove a government without an election.

    and please don;t point to the hostages- the USA lost points when they refused to negotiate- they did for Bergdahl- a soldier who decided to go native, and then left those poor reporters go to their deaths- if the US was such a good policeman it would be helping the Ukraine instead of fighting camel herders

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    this is the world to come- China uses all avenues to push the party agenda, so where in other countries comments such as his would bring some complaint - in China it will bring him more honor.

    such a shame- a big country like China promoting bulling tactics... just like a kid in a schoolyard

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    actually pretty impressive, she is outspoken on two major policy points - she does not block people from facebook or other accounts- where in the US you are not only blocked but investigated /fined and jailed.

    she is open regarding how she feels- unlike the US where for some reason we expect political wives to lose all feelings, start wearing butch clothing and styles and act "just like one of the guys"

    as for how well she can speak English - does not matter - there will be an interpreter at the Japan Society ( oh BTW you can take lessons on how to speak Japanese there - novel concept I know....)

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    he is just following what the majority of polls are beginning to say- nothing unless 100 % and renewable will never allow replacement of fossil fuels. of course you also get the loss of your natural landscape- that will go down well

    but with everyone in the west still talking of Fukushima as if it is a radiation suit only zone all the time it is tough to get the truth out.

    people are living there again and not dying or growing third arms

    such a setback for Japan

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    actually 3 months is pretty quick for remains id - i suspect the police will do the same - try to get dna analysis- fail and then you will see the US Government get involved with the remains detail.

    next time you here about this it will next year some time

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    oh yes geothermal and wind- if there was true geothermal that could be controlled they would be using it- it would mean free money to the corporations- charge people for only the cost of sinking a shaft. but it is not so. as for Wind- sure you can line the whole coast of japan with wind turbines farms, all the mountains all the plains. - also watch all the tourists leave..... - and then start replacing the turbines every 12-15 years or so

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    i have some comments regarding the atmosphere in the country and the would like the president to tell the people something for once- oh wait - that's truth,,,, duh,

    but i understand the concern regarding knives- even a small once can hurt, but no-one would know he had it.

    the trick here is the unlocked doors- i expect card key locks will be installed.

    as for Mr Gonzalez- wondering if he is looney as everyone is painting him- might be his only defense actually otherwise it is prison for wanting to talk to the president.

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    well thank god for all that military training and hardware the police have, and the convenient forgetfulness of the need for search warrants when performing mass searches in neighborhoods.

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