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    so funny- upper execs now under fire, middle execs have already experienced this in the USA and found that females can be just as good as males.

    it's just that you have to push to break the status quo- that's the issue, once there no one will give it a second thought.

    in fact to the common worker it will never matter- swap one big manager in for another? most won't even notice the picture was changed on the wall.............

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    a lot of things have happened over the last decade or so - Nafta, free trade, tax cuts for outsourcing, HI-B Visa's

    all put in place to ensure the middle class lose position and wealth.

    for a US company to build in mexico and outsource the jobs means lots of tax breaks- for a foreign company it means much less taxes, no unions, less cash to employees.

    quite frankly our government does not care if we are all working at mcdonalds - no matter what major party- the business runs the shop now

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    the jury awarded 9 billion US dollars , Takeda is ordered to pay 6 billion , Lily 3 billion- however the actual award was only 1.5 million - so expect that 9 billion to be overturned. it shows a jury that has lost it's objectivity.

    in fact by going so far overboard in punishment the initial award can be appealed by arguing the jury was not being partial and had already made up it's mind to punish the drug companies.

    oh yeah- the jury delivered the verdict with only 4 hours of deliberation - i think they had lunch first

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    actually if the levels were too high the alarms would have gone off on the ship and everyone would have been in nbc suits or locked below decks- that did not happen.

    and they monitor all the time- not just for a local nuclear accident- so yes this is a frivolous lawsuit - but a lawyer smelled money and these sailors want a piece.

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    this has industry and large government all over it. it is not something the people in the usa want, but then again- nothing president obama is doing this semester is done with the people in mind.

    the only thing TPP really brings to the USA is the IPP coverage- as if that will really cut out the counterfeits. the additional ability to gut out Japan's agricultural livelihood is a secondary - and nice- one .

    they wish to import in california rice, fruit from mexico beef from the usa, then start buying the land up in Japan.

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    even for Kyushu- 30 % is 30 %. and fossil fuels are not cheap- you need to transport them to the islands.

    wind power will never supply enough- sorry green team. and where does the much heralded beuaty of Japan goes once all the island is covered in wind turbines- and the seas are covered with them as well.

    Solar- same thing

    the whole Kyoto accords were based on Nuclear- sure they would continue to work on alternate ways- someday a way will be found without nuclear- but you could never cut fossil out and switch to wind/solar and meet the needs of society

    keeping the plants closed will not be good

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    the southern hunt was based on gathering enough numbers to bring in the required n for the data- with the interference they never caught the required number of whales per category- so though one or two years could be shrugged off you cannot keep saying the hunt is for science when you cannot meet the numbers needed to conduct research.

    however that was due to the research protocols set up- if they scale back the protocols they can start again. the ruling was never against the validity of the hunt only over the research set up.

    as for sidestepping the ban- it's not a true ban- if is a voluntary decision - it is not a ban. I would say Japan like a lot of things - made the decision based on respect of the USA- which is sometimes a bit dense in it's understanding of other cultures.

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    personally i am interested in knowing who these vigilante militia are? well armed well trained in counter- insurgency- they are the ones actually making the shots

    the police take the credit- yet they never complain- strange- sounds like someone got a lot of money- or a lot of external army personnel - quickly

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    an interesting read to a situation that was not driven by the west.

    it was driven by Ukraine - who of course do not wish to lose thier country, do not like being left isolated by the west- which is where they are right now. Half the army and navy cannot fight- sure they are now back in Ukraine but they were not allowed to take thier families- so the families had to stay in Crimea.

    the west will not sell arms (Jets, Ships, Tanks or small arms) to the Ukraine- and everything in Crimea now belongs to Russia.

    this will not be the end, it may pause for a bit- but the current push is for the ukraine to allow for free movement of troops through ukraine to trans-deniester. So what would be the feeling of Japan if china demanded movement of troops at will through the islands without notification to get to another country?

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    hmm so if i understand this correctly - if Japan had caught the needed amount the scientific justification would be met- because the ships are interfered with so much they cannot make the catch - so they cannot- thus the catch is no longer scientific.

    no mention here on the right or wrong of whaling- this was purely if Japan met the needs of science- and because of the interference was unable to do so.

    this is the real issue- so is this justification for sea shephard? not really - the court skirted the sea shepard and environmental stuff completly

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    interesting- the US does not make light trucks- but charges a 25% tariff, the us does not make small cars- very true a small car is actually medium size- even in comparison to UK cars so all are a bit large for the Asian market.

    the us wants Japan to open up all agriculture and drop all attempts at a higher standard- you might laugh at current standard in Japan - but when you no longer see blemish free fruit and all the rice is long grain, when the rice farms are distant memories- then you might rethink the deal

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    wow a lot of russians here, though i do like watching newsclips of russian troop carriers flying russian colors busting through the naval headquarter compound walls- most footage was removed by the troops so all you saw where unarmed civs entering.

    the whole thing was military occupation, removal of the ability of the ukraine to fight (most of the airforce was in crimea , almost all the navy and a good part of the armoured brigade.) though the troops were allowed the leave- their families had to stay behind. - so those troops are not going to fight.

    all the arms are under russian control- they just left the troops leave- think of that - leaving your wife and children under the control of your enemy .

    and the west won't give- or sell- arms to the Ukraine- so Putin is just playing a waiting game.

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    oh god, punishment must fit the crime- 6 months of public service during weekends working in a waste treatment facility.......

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    the ruling will probably go against japan but it is only due to emotion- this whole idea of the whale being the new god of the sea only started in the 70's anyway.

    does it make any real difference? no- the small amount taken by Japan and the other countries are not destroying the population of whale. this is do or die for the Greenpeace movement- it is a good thing they have such great friends with Australia: in their eyes if they can win against the evil Japanese then there is a better chance of forcing the Evil Scandinavians of changing.

    then it is off to force the couple Native American and Inuit Tribes to stop too ( they should become veggies anyway)

    and in the meantime whale population rates will stay about the same

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    in reality there are no leads, but this diverts us from the issues in europe and elsewhere. in reality no one really knows what happened or where the plane flew. but you can easily search over international water- you cannot so easily mount searches over land.

    i doubt if they will find the plane in the water, and years from now- when safe- one of the countries in the land flight path will report they have now " found" the plane.

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    ah ye barbaric death penalties- as if the killer will ever be truly reformed. as if you want to attempt to believe the person is reformed - especially if he moves in next door to your family.

    might be ok somewhere else- but when the person moves into the neighborhood- then all of a sudden it is an issue.

    Amnesty issue is that they cannot organize protests if they do not know when the execution occurs. - they do not care if the person is guilty or not. they do not care if the person is reformed or not, all they want is for executions to stop and life imprisonments to end because these are "inhumane"

    but acts of murder are not i guess- well as long as it is not next door

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    Superlib- Russia needs to capture as much arms as possible from the Ukraine, so right now most of the Ukraine air force and navy are now in russian hands, all army in the area lost all weapons and heavy equipment.

    it is simple- you do not let your enemy have any arms - you take them , especially when you will be taking more of the country soon.

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    well i guess since they would not provide any medical care or any other relief to those areas the residents will feel better with being "Pacified"

    i guess that means they cannot afford a ticket to the games.,......

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    this is actually President Obama's reaction to China not anything else, the material was Japan's , both the original amount paid for by Japan the additional amount created by their reactors. China however has been pressuring the US to control Japan - even though it is not considering building any bombs- the concern is that Japan may sell material to another country in Asia,

    China would not like that

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    don;;t be too harsh- kinect was first released on Xbox 360 only, this is proof of concept work here.

    as for Oculus rift- if might have a chance- might not- too early to tell- but i expect there will be another kickstarter soon.

    the big difference here is oculus is more apt to motion sickness than morpheous

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