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    ok conclude the investigation - it never should have been reopened anyway- additional reparations are probably not legal at this time due to earlier agreements- but it appears as if emotional blackmail has it in for the Japan.

    But i also have to agree with comments regarding other countries that make up the UN- including the US- if no one really faces the sins of the past but is quick to point the finger to loser of the war - how can we continue to stand on the high ground.

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    i personally like the british way- convict the murderer give them life- act surprised when they walk away from work release 10 years later and kill again- give them life a second time- act surprised again when they walk away from work release 5 years later and kill again and arrest them a third time-

    of course life in GB is not really life most of the time, that costs money....

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    ahh0 so marriage was only a consideration because the children wanted it, but gay marriage would have made it an issue.

    nice ....

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    I am deeply impressed with the misinformation presented as an article here- i guess Putin is of course the injured party here, the Ukrainians are the fascists as portrayed by the Russians and the pro-Russians Ukrainians- and of course the information reported immediately after stating - we shot it down by the pro -Russians and indicating the unit is of course now lies.

    everyone else is of course at fault- so easy to say if you listen to RT, but if you look at facts- when Crimea was taken by Russian forces then turned over to the pro-Russians (even Putin says so now), when the pro-Russians have equal or better arms than the Ukrainians- and for some reason the leadership to support an extended defense - this is not some independent farmer revolt, these are individuals seeded with professionals.

    what makes this tragedy shameful is that the EU has not lived up to the original agreements, and that aid - including weapons are not available to the Ukraine- unless they pay- while Russia is allowed to do whatever they want. that is where the power of a security council member comes in play.

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    bertiewooster- the got bucks routine works for all countries for the elites- but not for all, having come from the normal demographic from the Other Side of the Tracks - i can say that majority of kids that went to my high school have gone to jail at least twice, not an overnight lock-up mind you but at least county prison. Blacks were not a high percentage in the area.

    Complaints of police brutality due to favoring those from the other side of railroad tracks or from the highway (yes these were used as excuses) were always prevalent - never was the idea that there was another path other than drug running, thievery etc...

    you can always find an excuse, you can always push people to the edge then blame them but in reality- why are you there? are you really innocent?

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    Ah party (pun intended ) Politics- really cross cultures i see. but it is unfortunate that with this slip Hashimoto will probably need to step aside, Takahashi will keep moving forward.

    the truth may come out in the future- who knows what it is- but it will not matter by then. the truth never does when the media hype is going

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    makes sense, current practice is to pay the US , the US dilly dallies around while costs soar, the end result is something that is not in the Japan spec- including cockpit size- and Japan must wait for congress approval before it can get a single jet, oh - and the jets are usually tied to more base concessions.

    so build your own, shop your own around to the Philippines and Vietnam and such in lower cost variants

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    Japan4life is correct in that most people on post do not come off post anymore- all their needs are met - unless they want someplace off base to "shack up".

    even with that - from people based in Japan they still frequent the base for most of their needs.

    it has been an uneasy relationship- Japan has been kept virtually defenseless by the imposed constitution- oh yes there is the defense force but that will only last a couple of days. The USA was supposed to take care of all defense for Japan- thus preventing Japan from having to become a military force again.

    but that has it's price - i think the price should be a little bit negotiable in 2014

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    hmm , good for the world?, evidence of how far we've fallen- we actually for the USA Babymetal breathes a breath of fresh air- since most acts are not new but old stars from the 60's through the 80's - new acts don't get much of a chance.

    there is a band- and front singers- and no one is covering pieces from the crop of known groups.

    so is that really bad? - i think it is good!

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    so site integrity is gone- it lies in the hands of the people who probably shot the plane down- the black boxes will end up in Russian intelligence hands - no doubt be doctored or disappear,

    and the EU will continue to do nothing- sure 154 dutch - but not their plane, all this tells us is that the war has escalated and Russia will eventually win.

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    6 men in minisubs- that is a bit against the odds- but then again - China is probably about ready to announce that a new "ancient" document has just been discovered that shows that Australia was part of one of the old dynasties- so i guess Abbot should change his tune....

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    so strange that only a few months ago we were reading articles about the positive image mascots gave to the military and other agencies. Even Zoos!

    now all of a sudden they are a waste of time and money- or is it that there is a need to cut spending and the projects of real waste are not going to be touched- but these will be ...

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    oh SemperFi,,, Tianenmen Squarewas nothing compared to other massacres and purges over the years- of course none of them happened either.

    and as for EthanWilbers comments- true Germany does not openly support the Nazi regime- however it has supported the myth that the military was not involved and moved very slowly with investigations, prosecutions and the return of property- to the point that most property never was returned to the Jews, most Nazi's lived full lives and died peacefully in their sleep and prosecutions did not happen.

    and don't even get me started on France......

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    wow tough crew, the only person who actually addressed the mentally ill correctly was Farmboy. I state that information after spending 13 + years as an Emergency Nurse in Trauma hospital with a Pysch ER.

    Psych patients would come in - get 2 weeks inside and be forced out- i remember some crying saying they could not make it, they could not keep it together out there. and sure enough something always happend. the lucky ones were stopped by the police before things got too far.

    the unlucky ones hurt themselves or ones they loved or some innocent bystander, I could never find it in my heart to hate someone who was so disturbed and wanted to stay inside where they could do no harm and yet were put on the street with no access to counseling or medicine or more importantly the oversight of someone making sure they took the medicine.

    with the exception of the home-grown terrorists we have several cases of a failed mental health system and gun check program which by HIPPA law cannot check to see if someone has a mental health issue.

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    Bergdahl is different from both the writer of the article and what Zurconium even places in the post is bit farther from the truth. When you go awol because of your belief system - and don't moan- there are other ways he could have gone conscientious objector but instead inserted himself into a combat zone and then left his post.

    oh you can say he is innocent until proven guilty- even a military man should get his court martial-but remember their initial search was to do that, bring him back and courtmartial him.

    so is he "thinner" now- probably - rations are not as good with the terrorists (or are they now being called an ARMY now)

    and since we do 5:1 swaps it should be easy to clear out Guantanamo Bay now- then we can get down to what the french do really well- PAY MONEY!!!. this will not make things better- but more difficult

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    Bravo Sony!

    I do hear Microsoft is better if you are looking for a home theater experience, now that MS has embraced Blu-Ray (remember when they said NEVER to Blu Ray)- but also if you really big with cable TV.

    but for me- I watch netflix and play games, have not had tv channels in my home since they went digital and i lost all the local stations. Still got cable for internet- just not wasting 100 bucks a month to get the one or two channels i really want.

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    it's all ((( this G7 stuff, it means nothing to Russia or the Ukraine, G7 makes a statement to Russia and in back room deals all the world leaders (who make up the G7) meet with Putin to ensure their trade agreements are not being upset over that Silly Little thing called the Ukraine.

    they just say - Ahh Vlad- we understand you need a bit of Lebensraum, that Ukraine is not really a country that it is only Velikorossiya ,, just play along a bit and don't get too greedy and we will let it happen.

    i feel ashamed that our countries are acting in this manner

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    was wondering what he was doing since the residuals for the show ran out

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    how do you think Japan was going to meet the goals of the Kyoto Protocols? it was the nuclear energy that was driving the initiative to cut greenhouse gasses. you cannot build enough windplants to power the island, and if you want Japan to stay independent you cannot keep cutting power- it is not just homes affected but business.

    like it or not - until another source of energy is discovered nuclear is the cleanest one out there- and the safety record is better than the others.

    where the companies have failed is training the people correctly and being transparent as to what to do and when to do it.

    the failure rate in Japan is much higher in the rest of the world- and that is process/people related- not equipment.

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    to be expected- the USA has proven to be toothless when it came to Russia and its continued takeover of the Ukraine, the Asian pivot never materialized as President Obama decided not to get China upset. The first lady was more worried about the Chinese people so visited them rather than coming to Japan.

    So of course China looks at this information and makes the decision that the USA will not move to protect treaties, agreements or any other previously agreed upon deals. To them the USA is has already given up

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