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    +1 excusing pot so in vogue, people have stopped thinking rationally about it.

    Posted in: Casual pot use causes brain abnormalities in the young: study

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    Well played, Crimea.

    Those crafty Crimeans have finally found a way to stop their votes from meaning anything anymore: vote to join the Soviet Union.

    Er...I mean Russia. No idea what Japan is complaining about.

    Posted in: Japan to impose sanctions against Russia over Crimea

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    Surely any new drugs will end up being abused by both the obese "community" and the pharmaceutical industry. The latter will overprescribe and the former will gobble it up. The latter will tell everyone they have this gene, and the former is in denial enough about their own lifestyle habits to believe it.

    Posted in: Scientists find key 'fat gene'

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    Big mistake. I'm sure they'll keep some secret back door or something but I have never understood the logic behind this. The US basically invented and created the internet. Why give up the last bastion of control over something that is basically yours?

    Posted in: U.S. to relinquish key oversight role for Internet

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    For those interested in watching the final game, or last nights game... or for that matter a lot of content that hasn't been on the TV, go to the NHK Olympics website and click on 動画. You can scroll through all of their content and watch it on your computer. Also they have a lot of live broadcasts on the internet that they don't put on the TV. I watched the men's curling as well as the hockey (last night) on there. Yes, NHK is good for something, and they will broadcast the final game as well.

    Posted in: Canada to face Sweden in men's ice hockey final

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    I get this a lot in Japan, being white. I always thought it was natural. Whatever.

    Posted in: Jackson outburst shows problems with 'other' faces

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    @Edmund, I think you need you realize that perhaps it is your reaction to this man's behavior which may need rethinking. He lost his dear wife. He is human. Don't pretend to know what anyone else is feeling. @Darknuts, If this helps him, and isn't hurting anyone else, why does he need to do anything else? Do you think he has no idea how dead bodies degrade? More importantly, why do you think he would care about how badly her body is decomposed? I wouldn't. Have you enough experience to tell him what he should or shouldn't be doing?

    Posted in: 57-year-old man acquires diver’s license to search for wife lost in tsunami

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    @sighclops, you missed the point of @Eiji Takano's post. Actually, he is saying the same thing you are.

    Other than that I agree with Yamada's sentiments.

    Posted in: Filmmaker Yoji Yamada says Japan needs reminders of war's horrors

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    This is where the WW1 analogy fits. Germany had the same feelings of not only destiny, but deserving of world admiration, just like present-day China.

    Posted in: U.S. intelligence chief: Sense of destiny drives China's aggression

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    @Gobdhite, It's ironic that you mention the "we are all the same" mentality. In the west, the superficial motive for people to get tattooes is to show one's "uniqueness," but in reality the sheer multitude of people who get tattoes because they think they are "cool" shows the herd mentality to be in full effect. Fashion is nothing if not a cry for acceptance by one's peers.

    Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos

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    Smitjinjapan. You didn't answer the question, because you can't rationally do it.

    Ospreys are short-distance island hoppers. Fighters are anti-bomber. Drones are remote area monitors. Hardly the kind of stuff to attack China.

    Aircraft carriers? Submarines? Bombers? China? You can't rationalize these purely attack vehicles.

    Your argument is baseless, and your point of view on this issue, purely anti-Japanese for the sake of being so. In other words, you are wrong. Just admit it.

    Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences

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    Smithinjapan, do you even know what those vehicles are? Do you understand their purpose?

    If you did, you wouldn't be rudiculing them. Bombers? No. Missile launchers? No. Aircraft carriers? Submarine? No, and no. Anti-missile destroyers? Yes, and just like everything else, a primarily DEFENSIVE vehicle.

    China, on the other hand? Missiles? Yes. Submarines? Yes. Aircraft carriers? Yes. Bombers and fast-attack boats? Yes, yes and more.

    How do you explain all of this as Japanese aggression.

    Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences

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    I'm no fan of Abe, but the more China talks, the more I think he may be correct in his way of dealing with them.

    This is the same China who has refused to criticize some of the most vile governments in recent history, most notably North Korea.

    Posted in: China steps up appeal to West in Japan propaganda battle

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    "I don't want to be nasty but images like this are the reason that Japanese tend to be found slightly amusing when overseas."

    And yet: "Organizers suspended play for an hour in the afternoon."


    Maybe this kind of attire is only a natural reaction.

    Sometimes when you don't want to be nasty, maybe it's best not to say anything.

    Posted in: Beat the heat

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    "Japan is a far inferior nation when it comes to sports" "European soccer is top-notch, unlike Japanese soccer"

    Why are you all surprised that Japanese people want to do so well in international sports? I mean especially if Japanese sports is as bad as some of you think, it makes even more sense that Japanese would be excited.

    This is your line of thinking: "Japanese suck at sports. Why are they excited when they win anything?"

    Does this make sense to you? Think about it.

    Posted in: Happy Honda

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    All commercial activities including whaling in the Antarctic should be banned or very restricted to protect the environment. If an environmental disaster happens then it would be impossible to clean it up.

    Then should a scientific mission, like the one above, in which publicly funded, PAID scientists attempt to perform research, be banned from the Antarctic?

    Posted in: Ice rescue sparks Antarctic tourism debate

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    I have had numerous friends come and stay, and none of them complained about the lack of English. I don't go in for whiny friends.


    still, language is a factor for some who may re-consider returning to Japan for another trip. I think they need more tourist friendly ATMs, personally because that's what my friends who have come have complained about. more should be on the interac system. I know the post office is, but how many tourists know to go to the post office for ATMs?

    Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan in 2013 exceeds 10 mil target

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    love the negative comments here. some are just always looking for a way to stick it to Japan. lol

    raising kids here has been a real eye-opener. the number of good quality parks and opportunities for kids and parents to explore the great outdoors is surprisingly high. loads and loads of hiking, camping, athletic parks, sports arenas, swimming venues, botanical gardens, museums, zoos, ski slopes, beaches etc. No matter where or when i take my kids anywhere, i always notice how active the kids are, and how many there are of them enjoying the great outdoors. fishing, biking, swimming, boating, skiing, playing soccer, baseball, unicycling, jumping rope, playing badminton, tennis, surfing, you name a sport, and there are oodles of kids all over japan doing it.

    japanese kids actively catch and keep insects. i'd never seen any kid do that in canada. go to any park in the summer here and you can't spend 30 minutes without seeing some kid with a butterfly net trying to catch a cicada or a cricket or a moth or something, that they then hold it gently in their hand before either releasing it, or putting it in a special insect box. for me this was the stuff of fairy tales until i saw it for the first time.

    a lot of westerners in Japan have trouble finding their way out of Shibuya and Roppongi, though, so it's not surprising that they have negative views. and no matter what they see, they tend to twist things to be more in line with how they expect things to be. kids study? they must study TOO HARD. kids play sports? they must play them TOO MUCH. kids play computer games? that's ALL THEY DO. some kids in the news commit suicide? ALL KIDS COMMIT SUICIDE. some kids in the news are bullied? ALL KIDS ARE BULLIED. and so on. it's ridiculous.

    some people here really need to get out more and take the blinders off. japanese kids living in tokyo get out of tokyo much more often than the average foreigner does. TOKYO IS NOT JAPAN.

    Posted in: Japan ranked 6th in quality of life for children

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    This makes complete sense.

    Those who call this discrimination fail to recognize any difference between citizens and non-citizens. It's as if applying for a visa is some kind of "burden" on the applicant who should automatically be admitted to whatever country he or she desires. Everyone bow down to the holy immigrant. Lol.

    What planet are these Green party members living on?

    Posted in: Australia posts code of conduct for asylum-seekers

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    Nothing to do with transexuality, but what happens when the child asks who his/her real father is. This kind of case, ivf, is just an unopened can of worms.

    Yeah, sure, it's a feel-good, new-age case. Progress? Rights of the "parents" put above rights of the child. Men become nothing more than bags of sperm, women, bags of eggs. Whatever happened to adoption?

    Forgive me for not applauding.

    Posted in: Top court says transsexual is father of IVF baby

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