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    Its incredible how far China has progressed only if you understand that it was largely due to having unfettered access to U.S market and technology, while at the same time shielding its own. Much like Japan did in the immediate postwar period.

    Seen under this light, it`s not really that incredible.

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    Yes. Let's spread the love and equality of concussions and broken bones. And while we're at it, make the world a place more focussed on violence than it already is. Great.

    But seriously, this "crush stereotypes" BS is pure...well... BS

    Ronda Rousey already broke the mold.

    Posted in: American women embrace mixed martial arts, crush stereotypes

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    No doubt they did it so they could brag to their friends back home.


    Posted in: 2 Japanese snowboarders suspended for marijuana use

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    Robert DeNiro is 72, his son 18. That means DeNiro was 53 when his son was conceived.

    That's some pretty old sperm. Hmmm...

    Posted in: Medical community is fighting a new germ: celebrities

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    Everyone wants to be some kind of tough guy (or girl), some kind of "beast."

    I agree with @PeaceWarrior. Admit your age, deal with your limitations and chillax. All of this fake bravado is so comical.

    Posted in: High-intensity workout injuries spawn cottage industry

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    The future is now. I already have this Sony product and it's fantastic.

    The sound is amazing.

    Posted in: Sony developing audio player that delivers music to you without putting a device in your ear

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    Typhoon in a green-tea pot.

    Women want sole power to choose whether to have babies or not, and yes, they do indeed retain this right. Does that mean that men, the unempowered sex on this issue, should remain silent? Is a man merely a source of sperm, who should spurt out and shut up?

    That's the definition of sexism.

    I'm not saying women should or shouldn't have babies, but I am saying that as the weaker sex in the baby-making issue, men should not be silenced or shouted down. Women are still free to disagree and do with their bodies what they please, no matter what men say.

    In the end, we all live in this society together, and the birthrate issues is something that affects both women and men.

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    Interesting how many posters here, as well as commenters in the article, take this seriously.

    Posted in: Restaurant tells couples to stay away on Christmas Eve so staff won’t feel lonely

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    If the word "foreign" wasn't included, I would have assumed the men involved were Japanese.

    Does that make me a racist? Doh!

    Posted in: Man beaten to death after his car intercepted by gang of foreigners

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    The unanimity of opinion here is striking. Lots of excuses being made for why this UNESCO listing should be denied due process. Interesting.

    It seems that because Abe is evil, and little else, we should accept this UNESCO listing. That seems to be the argument most of you are making. Forget due process, Abe is evil. Is that the best you can do?

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    Steals black music denigrates black music.

    Now, now. Reverse the roles. If Jesse Norman came out and denigrated country music, would you still be all "steals this,denigrates that?" Even as a white person, I would agree with her if she did.

    Richards would be the first to laud the accomplishments of black music in the 20th century, which is why he copied it in the first place. He called Robert Johnson the "supremo." He also said this in reference to Howlin' Wolf: "We have been blessed by the music that we listened to, and let's see if we can actually spin it back around and make American white kids listen to Little Red Rooster."

    The guy is being honest about how he feels, and it has nothing to do with race. Note how he also put down the Beatles, the whitest of white bands ever.

    He likes what he likes. Don't bring race into it.

    Posted in: Keith Richards belittles rap, metal

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    You reap what you sow. To each his/her own.


    Posted in: What do you think of adulterous dating sites like Ashley Madison?

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    Even if you believe the lawyer bears some responsibility (which as I've mentioned above, I don't believe he does), this is not a deserving punishment. It's way over the top, and the husband deserves life in jail.

    IMHO,what you think is deserving is besides the point. The point here is that a guy who was doing something he knew he shouldn't, got something bad in return. The moral of the story is not to do the bad thing in the first place. The potential to ruin lives, and the degree to which different people react differently should be deterrent enough.

    I hope you're not using your "deserving" calculations as your personal moral compass.

    Posted in: Man cuts off love rival's penis; flushes it down toilet

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    Spending money helps spread the wealth. There are companies and shops that base their entire business on omiyage. If you can afford to travel, then you can afford some little omiyage. Nobody's saying you have to buy everyone gold bricks.

    Being a cheapskate never really helps anyone.

    Posted in: 7 customs that Japanese people wish would just disappear

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    It's not even a robot. This is soooo stupid.

    Posted in: The demise of hitchBOT: 'Bad things happen to good robots'

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    legalize dogs!!!

    Australia is living in the middle ages!!!


    Posted in: Johnny Depp's wife charged with smuggling dogs into Australia

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    All the negative comments here are pretty lame.

    You wave your angry little fists about people enjoying fruit while promoting agriculture and tourism. Put this in perspective, is the money being used to buy arms or prop up dictatorships or even perhaps to even to slaughter endangered animals, pollute the planet, traffic methamphetamine?

    Nope. There are myriad other worse uses for money. This is not even close.

    Have a nice day.

    Posted in: Bunch of grapes sells for record Y1 mil

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    Boom! Been saying this for more than a decade, and before that ATMs barely even took Japanese bank cards! The only ones I know that accept foreign bank cards are the 7-11 ATMs, as none other will.

    Ouch! Been here for over a decade and you didn't know that all of the postal service ATMs take foreign bank cards? That may not be on the tourist brochures but still... yeesh!

    Well, there you go. You're welcome.

    Posted in: Japan's tourism boom lifts economy, but brings headaches

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    I don't know about you but I think that neighbourhood looks bloody awful.

    Right, because Japan's 3 executions in 2014 are directly comparable to the 60 in Iraq, the 90 in Saudi Arabia or the 1000 in China. Lol

    More realistically, Belarus also had 3 in 2014. Singapore had 2, as did Palestine.

    On the other hand, Russia has banned the death penalty despite politically sanctioned assassination remaining on the menu.

    What does it all mean? Nothing. Offing a few serial killers once in a while doesn't make a country a global pariah. In fact, the banning of such practices while supporting massive foreign arms sales (a favorite practice of the so-called enlightened countries) really means the whole issue is a joke. Pointing fingers at a Japan for keeping the death penalty, even though at present it self-restricts global arms sales is the hight of hypocrisy.

    Posted in: Japan needs to decide which side it wants to be on in the future - grouped with countries like North Korea and Iran, or join the majority of the world that say the death penalty is outdated.

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    Posted in: Actress Rei Dan appointed 'washoku' ambassador


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