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    These kinds of articles always crack me up. I mean it even outlines many of the hoops you have to jump through to even attempt to learn Japanese. Just look at #1 on the "myth" list. All of those things that are supposed to be harder than learning kanji. Harder??? Is that supposed to motivate people???

    I learned how to read and speak Spanish with ease in a matter of months. In a classroom. With a crappy teacher. Because I had a very slight interest, not because I was highly motivated. In a non-Spanish-speaking country. And yes, I was able to take that on the road in Latin America and be immediately communicative without having any prior experience living there.

    Japanese? It's been years, despite having lived here all of the while, and despite having taken classes, and I still have lots to learn. Sure, I am much better at Japanese now, but that's only because I've had to make studying it a kind of lifelong hobby.

    For native English speakers, Japanese is at least in the top tier of most difficult languages to learn, according to the U.S. Department of State.

    Articles like this don't really do anyone any good except for the point about motivation. And that is really the only thing you can say. When it boils down to it, the author could have ended it right there. Motivation: If you're not highly motivated to study Japanese, it's going to be a really long, really tough ride.

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    I know her name, but have no idea who she is, even with photo. I used to think that I wasn't living under a rock somewhere, but now I'm not so sure.

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    I can't agree with the article's excusing of Brazillian booing. Lavillenie's comment was over-the-top, but it doesn't excuse bad behavior on the part of the fans. Ignorance of international standards of behavior is no excuse. The Olympic Games are not a Brazillian sport, but an international event.

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    The early years of the Internet spawned a lot of "me too" news websites just trying to make easy money, while exposing a lot of lesser quality rags for their general short-comings. There has also been a growing sense of entitlement that everything on the internet should be free. The NYT and WSJ, the Economist, et al, whether you agree with their politics or not, offer their news in a well-rounded, attractive, quality package. You know you're getting more first-hand, or at least more reliable news, without flashing ads, annoying pop-ups, mis-directions and all of the other negatives we so often associate with the internet. I pay for a subscription to an online "newspaper" because it cuts through so much of the second-hand, rumor-mill click-bait news that the internet has become awash with over the years. It lets me get my news fix, while keeping me from getting bogged down in the mire. For me, it's worth the money.

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    Lots of worldly comments here. Everyone is so wise...can nobody think beyond their own instant-gratification.

    Maybe the school has reasons for such a rule. Maybe the school has people who support this kind of thinking. And maybe those supporters pay 6 million yen to ensure this kind of thinking is expressed in clear and easy-to-understand language. "No sex." It doesn't get any simpler.

    Doesn't anyone wonder why it's the student who is suing and not his parents?

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    If it helps people and the economy, then great! I just hope that young people aren't losing out on job opportunities because of this.

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    The thing I don't understand is why transgender people don't understand why other people don't understand why transgender people feel the way they do.

    This assumption that the world owes you understanding is...well...difficult for me to understand.

    If your name is Bob and you used to look like a man but now look like a woman who wants to use the ladies locker room but keep the name Bob even though you changed your name to Lisa, you know, it really wouldn't hurt your case to go ahead and try to explain things a little to help people wrap their noggins around this. Not everyone automatically "gets" it.

    Just because people can't automatically intuit your feelings doesn't necessarily mean that they are ignorant, malicious or hate you. If you want people to get over it, try a little communication. Suing the company isn't going to win you any friends.


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    Whenever I read about this kind of thing, I remember something that I was taught at a very young age:

    Never toy with the emotions of others.

    Posted in: 6-year jail term sought for man who cut off love rival's penis

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    Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the only times nuclear weapons have been used to kill people.

    That is the significance. That's what makes it unique. There's no debating this. Nanjing has nothing to do with it.

    I think Japan deserved whatever it got as a result of their wartime attrocities, but it doesn't take away from the significance of the atomic bombings in a historical sense.

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    Its incredible how far China has progressed only if you understand that it was largely due to having unfettered access to U.S market and technology, while at the same time shielding its own. Much like Japan did in the immediate postwar period.

    Seen under this light, it`s not really that incredible.

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    Yes. Let's spread the love and equality of concussions and broken bones. And while we're at it, make the world a place more focussed on violence than it already is. Great.

    But seriously, this "crush stereotypes" BS is pure...well... BS

    Ronda Rousey already broke the mold.

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    No doubt they did it so they could brag to their friends back home.


    Posted in: 2 Japanese snowboarders suspended for marijuana use

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    Robert DeNiro is 72, his son 18. That means DeNiro was 53 when his son was conceived.

    That's some pretty old sperm. Hmmm...

    Posted in: Medical community is fighting a new germ: celebrities

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    Everyone wants to be some kind of tough guy (or girl), some kind of "beast."

    I agree with @PeaceWarrior. Admit your age, deal with your limitations and chillax. All of this fake bravado is so comical.

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    The future is now. I already have this Sony product and it's fantastic.

    The sound is amazing.

    Posted in: Sony developing audio player that delivers music to you without putting a device in your ear

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    Typhoon in a green-tea pot.

    Women want sole power to choose whether to have babies or not, and yes, they do indeed retain this right. Does that mean that men, the unempowered sex on this issue, should remain silent? Is a man merely a source of sperm, who should spurt out and shut up?

    That's the definition of sexism.

    I'm not saying women should or shouldn't have babies, but I am saying that as the weaker sex in the baby-making issue, men should not be silenced or shouted down. Women are still free to disagree and do with their bodies what they please, no matter what men say.

    In the end, we all live in this society together, and the birthrate issues is something that affects both women and men.

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    Interesting how many posters here, as well as commenters in the article, take this seriously.

    Posted in: Restaurant tells couples to stay away on Christmas Eve so staff won’t feel lonely

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    If the word "foreign" wasn't included, I would have assumed the men involved were Japanese.

    Does that make me a racist? Doh!

    Posted in: Man beaten to death after his car intercepted by gang of foreigners

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    The unanimity of opinion here is striking. Lots of excuses being made for why this UNESCO listing should be denied due process. Interesting.

    It seems that because Abe is evil, and little else, we should accept this UNESCO listing. That seems to be the argument most of you are making. Forget due process, Abe is evil. Is that the best you can do?

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    Steals black music denigrates black music.

    Now, now. Reverse the roles. If Jesse Norman came out and denigrated country music, would you still be all "steals this,denigrates that?" Even as a white person, I would agree with her if she did.

    Richards would be the first to laud the accomplishments of black music in the 20th century, which is why he copied it in the first place. He called Robert Johnson the "supremo." He also said this in reference to Howlin' Wolf: "We have been blessed by the music that we listened to, and let's see if we can actually spin it back around and make American white kids listen to Little Red Rooster."

    The guy is being honest about how he feels, and it has nothing to do with race. Note how he also put down the Beatles, the whitest of white bands ever.

    He likes what he likes. Don't bring race into it.

    Posted in: Keith Richards belittles rap, metal


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