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    legalize dogs!!!

    Australia is living in the middle ages!!!


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    All the negative comments here are pretty lame.

    You wave your angry little fists about people enjoying fruit while promoting agriculture and tourism. Put this in perspective, is the money being used to buy arms or prop up dictatorships or even perhaps to even to slaughter endangered animals, pollute the planet, traffic methamphetamine?

    Nope. There are myriad other worse uses for money. This is not even close.

    Have a nice day.

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    Boom! Been saying this for more than a decade, and before that ATMs barely even took Japanese bank cards! The only ones I know that accept foreign bank cards are the 7-11 ATMs, as none other will.

    Ouch! Been here for over a decade and you didn't know that all of the postal service ATMs take foreign bank cards? That may not be on the tourist brochures but still... yeesh!

    Well, there you go. You're welcome.

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    I don't know about you but I think that neighbourhood looks bloody awful.

    Right, because Japan's 3 executions in 2014 are directly comparable to the 60 in Iraq, the 90 in Saudi Arabia or the 1000 in China. Lol

    More realistically, Belarus also had 3 in 2014. Singapore had 2, as did Palestine.

    On the other hand, Russia has banned the death penalty despite politically sanctioned assassination remaining on the menu.

    What does it all mean? Nothing. Offing a few serial killers once in a while doesn't make a country a global pariah. In fact, the banning of such practices while supporting massive foreign arms sales (a favorite practice of the so-called enlightened countries) really means the whole issue is a joke. Pointing fingers at a Japan for keeping the death penalty, even though at present it self-restricts global arms sales is the hight of hypocrisy.

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    Me, Mom and Morgentaler. Clever name, but a little bit too cute for comfort.

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    @warispeace, Japan IS an island country with virtually NO immigration policy and a fairly nationalistic education policy. Intergrated into the world economy or not, these three simple factors trump everything else. Just selling your cars in the U.S. and buying bananas from Ecuador isn't going to make you feel "international" now, is it? And how much impact would articles about Ecuadorian bananas have on the average Japanese psyche? How many Japanese DON'T know that much of their produce and 90% of their household goods come from China? I'd venture to say very few that actually buy things. Doesn't change much, though, does it?

    Be realistic. Japan is geographically isolated being an island, and its culture has a history of insularity. Ipso facto.

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    Divorce should not be a stigma any more these days

    Right...It's hardly something that pushes you to the front of the class, though now, is it.

    In our "anything goes" world these days it seems that just about everything that shows a lack of forethought, judgement or morals is nobody's fault. Nobody is willing to take any blame for mistakes, and yet just about everyone who makes them demands the right to be forgiven.

    Divorce doesn't just happen on its own. People have to screw up first. Royally.

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    The real origin of Hallowe'en gaining popularity in Japan can be found at TDL.

    This is no secret.

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    What qualifies you to make 90% of what you write on this site? Offering an opinion to a gossip rag is hardly illegal. Where is your evidence that it is, in any case, or is that just your opinion? If you had read the article properly, you'd see that the psychiatrist obviously does have a good idea about the sociological factors at play here. Could it be that he, despite being a psychiatrist, has a background in sociology as well?

    You're hardly one to be making judgement calls here.

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    Some posters here are taking this baseball thingy even more seriously than the players do. And yet they don't even see the irony...

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    The kid was putting bleach in her classmates' food well before her mother died.

    She is a sociopath, and no doubt was born this way.

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    katsu, well said.

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    @zichi, @marcelito

    maybe you missed the part about evidence being necessary for indictment.


    there is no evidence for your statement regarding Japan INC and the justice system. there is evidence, however, that many Japanese harbor no illusions about who's best interests are, or are not, being upheld, so you're wrong there too.


    You would rather TEPCO to be foreign owned? Being a quasi-private Japanese firm is bad enough. Just because a French firm may be performing better on French soil means only that French laws are stricter. Being completely accountable only to foreign share-holders would be no less of a nightmare than what we have with it being owned by the Japanese government. it might even have been worse.

    this recommendation for indictment is far from meaningless. yes, there are major ongoing troubles at Daiiichi, and yes, it would be nice for everyone at fault to get their just desserts, but sometimes you have to take what you can get. one case at a time. otherwise you just start spouting meaningless hyberbole, like @Zichi.

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    Drug addiction and the behavior it leads to can be far more barbaric than a quick death.

    One fewer idiots on rhe planet, and it was over in the blink of an eye. I'd say he got off light, and it's for the greater good.

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    Japan is safer than Canada in my experience.

    I was attacked 3 times in Canada, once by a steroid-pumped a??hole, once by a pill-popping hoodlum, and once by a mugger.

    Japan? Nope.

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    Not like the sport is dominated by cry-baby primadonas or anything..."salt in the wounds" Wtf?

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    And do all these members sleep with hordes of young ladies and eat like kings while the masses toil starve and eat their neighbors' daughters' bodies out of desperation a la Chairman Mao?

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    Relax. It's only a game.

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    Well, I hope this at least makes you think.

    Hmm. Thinking about physical attributes in regards to a sport...

    Nope. No thinking necessary.

    Btw, where in the article is the intellectual superiority of the Japanese team insinuated? In case you're not familiar, the word "finesse" means skillful, not smart. The Ivory Coast player Drogba is the only one referred to as a "genius;" Honda and Kagawa are merely "imaginative."

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