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    I'm scared by almost every politician in the USA - democrat or republican. They have an equal share of idiots at 99%. In my industry, jobs are still an issue - most companies want to allow h1-b Visas to lower the pay when there are hundreds of thousands of qualified people unemployed still already here. I'm under a non-compete clause that shouldn't be allowed (but has been upheld by state courts here) - to get a job, I have to move to a different state.

    ObamaCare - my monthly health insurance costs doubled in January. Of course, I think President Obama sucks. He's costing my family over $1500 more per year! That's real money, his mandatory healthcare act forces people like me to spend and my coverage is less than it was. Hardly "progress." He isn't just a threat, he is already attacking my monthly budget. Can't take another one of his taxes.

    We can blame both parties for the rogue NSA, rogue FBI, rogue IRS, rogue EPA, rogue DoEd, rogue DoJ, and rogue FTC. There are examples of each of these departments doing crazy things to Americans in their own states and cities.

    President Putin is half a world away and attacking my next door neighbors family in Ukraine. I'm not worried he will fire any nukes this way or invade the USA anytime soon.

    I don't care that he's black or purple or red or yellow or white or ....

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    Guess I'm the only person who sees this as a way for Japan and the USA to celebrate our common successes and our few differences?

    I honestly don't care about the internal politics everyone else is sighting.

    No relationship is perfect. The best way to improve relations between any peoples is to travel and exchange ideas. I don't need/want any more apologies for something done by our fathers and grandfathers. It was a war caused by the leaders from many different countries. The people can learn to get along so our stupid leaders can be reigned back before doing anything so foolish again with any other countries.

    Japan isn't perfect and neither is the USA. We can both learn from each other.

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    Diapers? If someone in the cockpit wants to crash a plane, they can. Same applies to bus drivers, truck drivers, personal vehicle drivers. Or people walking on bridges, overpasses, streets. There are millions of ways to kill yourself.

    I can't think of any real fix that is 100%. Talking about this isn't helping.

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    Both Presidencies have eroded the rights of US citizens beyond belief. Both have small items to be proud about. Both administrations need to be held accountable by history for all their illegal acts around the world and at home.

    Oh - and the TSA needs to be shut down.

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    I have to agree with the women on most of these, but telling someone she is cute or beautiful is something I only do when I think it is true. Not believing me is a sign of insecurity. Further, being cute 1 day doesn't mean you are always cute.

    Telling a girl I love her depends on the situation. Are we in bed with less than a month of dates OR have we been exclusively dating 2-3 months? The first is a man trying to get laid. The second is my heart talking.

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    Something that most people don't understand about the US Gov spying. Any data is NOT shared with corporations - this is different than most other government spying around the world where they feed local companies the information for competitive reasons.

    For the people who do think that giving up a little privacy to be "more secure" is a reasonable trade, especially if you have nothing to hide. - that is the wrong argument. Even if you don't have anything to hide, someone you know probably does and there are real safety considerations whether they live in a small town nearby or in a hostile nation around the world. Everyone needs for every government to protect our privacy.

    Today, I do NOT feel free to exercise my freedom of speech in the USA. There is simply too much surveillance happening here by tracking us online, as we drive, as we travel, and as our mobile devices move around the city, state, country and overseas. Smartphones truly are personal tracking devices.

    Still think we don't need privacy?

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    The Chinese know we will a) sell them our highest technology b) help them learn to install it c) expect them to steal it d) expect them to shut our companies out of their country - after fines for made-up charges

    Why do we do it? Seems dumb to give away the store for 1/100th of the value provided. Just ask Loral, Semens, GE, Qualcom, Cisco, Intel, ...

    Their technique is well-worn yet we keep falling for it.

    Western software companies have been training Chinese in all aspects of software lifecycle and design. Eventually ZERO software will be sold from outside the country.

    Is it smart for China, but dumb for everyone outside to go along.

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    For all the people here complaining that we don't care ... why did you even click the link to this story? I did just to see a photo of a "talent".

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    If Japanese woman were trained how to wiggle when they walk rather than giggle when they talk, there would be a lot more Japanese models for the runways around the world.

    Exactly. I love seeing Japanese women in both traditional and western clothes. It is a shame that the local fashion scene doesn't see that too. Sure - have a token white chick, but especially for the domestic market, please show the local beauty.

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    Seems like getting a visa would be a good idea if you are Thai before flying to Japan.

    Lots of 1st-world countries have this same issue. Perhaps there needs to be a 1-person-leaves before the next person enters from the same country under the same type of entry criteria?

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    Putin? Look in the mirror for the killer.

    I can't think of anyone who is more corrupt ... in the world ... assuming this documentary is even 10% accurate:

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    The parents are at fault for shielding their children from the real world for so long.

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    Nobody alive today caused the war. I don't need an apology.

    Everyone in the world can learn something from history and try hard to live in peace and prosperity with our neighbors world-wide. Nobody's parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were perfect. Put yourself into their place during any war and think about how you'd really have acted. Can you say that you wouldn't have behaved the same way, under the same situation? It was a different time and they had different values.

    I can accept the history of my friends from around the world and hope that our leaders don't make poor choices which lead to any harm anymore.

    Readers here know that the best way to create international friendships is to travel, live abroad and get to know the great peoples of this world. Forgiveness is also a great trait for everyone to have. Try it. It feels good.

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    That means adultery has become legal.

    I think it means that the state doesn't care - that's a huge difference in my mind. I want a state out of my house and out of my religion or freedom from religions. Just because something is legal, that doesn't mean the state encourages it.

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    This is a "wardrobe malfunction" that I can believe was an accident.

    I am not a fan, but much respect to her. She kept going after realizing it wasn't anything serious. We've all had something like this happen - often with the help of friends, family, coworkers joking around. Embarrassing moments can be huge or nothing - all depends on how we deal with it immediately.

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    So ... the 2005 Lord of War movie made it to the Dear Leader?

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    It was an entertaining action movie and showed how 1 man was moved to join the military after seeing 2,996 people killed inside the USA.

    Whether the 2nd Iraq War was just isn't the place for a soldier to decide. The President says "go" - they go. They are provided a mission.

    I think the USA had no business being in Iraq either times, but that has nothing to do with this entertaining movie. I do find it hard to believe that our hero was really this honest. Men all have weak moments. The movie showed how he avoided his wife after returning home.

    Oscar? I hope not - Spy Game was a better movie if this sort of stuff is what you like.

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    I worry about the integrated computers that hackers love in all these systems. - they can control not just the brakes, but the windshield wipers too!

    My Honda wasn't impacted by the airbag recall and is 14 yrs old, still running like new. It is just a little noisier than it was as new but a fresh set of door seals should solved that. A nice wax and it still looks brand new - inside and out. The only issue I've had in years was a seat belt sensor - replaced for free in year 13.

    I used to work for an American car maker but not making cars. Over the years, every American branded vehicle I've owned got loose, faster, and to a greater extent than my Hondas did/do.

    I know nothing about current prices. It has been 10 yrs since the last vehicle purchase and expect at least another 5 yrs left of zero-issue use.

    Family members have Japanese hybrids - mostly for status. They are not cheaper to run than equivalent gas-powered vehicles and their cars have had the same standard, stupid, issues - failed headlights, broken electric wires, or refusing to do something because the vehicle was in motion - that one really bothers me. It isn't like a passenger can't work the GPS when the car is moving.

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    I take this for what it is - fun for many different generations!

    I can't believe those abs on a 65 yr old! Amazing!

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    I hope he isn't the only conservative choice. He's already posted thousands of people's sensitive data accidentally.

    How to take them out? * chemical castration. * physical castration.

    No offspring should limit the thousand years of hatred that seems to occur in Islamic parts of the world. I'd rather these crazies just die out in 1 generation. It can be a plague from god.

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