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    The parents are at fault for shielding their children from the real world for so long.

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    Nobody alive today caused the war. I don't need an apology.

    Everyone in the world can learn something from history and try hard to live in peace and prosperity with our neighbors world-wide. Nobody's parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were perfect. Put yourself into their place during any war and think about how you'd really have acted. Can you say that you wouldn't have behaved the same way, under the same situation? It was a different time and they had different values.

    I can accept the history of my friends from around the world and hope that our leaders don't make poor choices which lead to any harm anymore.

    Readers here know that the best way to create international friendships is to travel, live abroad and get to know the great peoples of this world. Forgiveness is also a great trait for everyone to have. Try it. It feels good.

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    That means adultery has become legal.

    I think it means that the state doesn't care - that's a huge difference in my mind. I want a state out of my house and out of my religion or freedom from religions. Just because something is legal, that doesn't mean the state encourages it.

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    This is a "wardrobe malfunction" that I can believe was an accident.

    I am not a fan, but much respect to her. She kept going after realizing it wasn't anything serious. We've all had something like this happen - often with the help of friends, family, coworkers joking around. Embarrassing moments can be huge or nothing - all depends on how we deal with it immediately.

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    So ... the 2005 Lord of War movie made it to the Dear Leader?

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    It was an entertaining action movie and showed how 1 man was moved to join the military after seeing 2,996 people killed inside the USA.

    Whether the 2nd Iraq War was just isn't the place for a soldier to decide. The President says "go" - they go. They are provided a mission.

    I think the USA had no business being in Iraq either times, but that has nothing to do with this entertaining movie. I do find it hard to believe that our hero was really this honest. Men all have weak moments. The movie showed how he avoided his wife after returning home.

    Oscar? I hope not - Spy Game was a better movie if this sort of stuff is what you like.

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    I worry about the integrated computers that hackers love in all these systems. - they can control not just the brakes, but the windshield wipers too!

    My Honda wasn't impacted by the airbag recall and is 14 yrs old, still running like new. It is just a little noisier than it was as new but a fresh set of door seals should solved that. A nice wax and it still looks brand new - inside and out. The only issue I've had in years was a seat belt sensor - replaced for free in year 13.

    I used to work for an American car maker but not making cars. Over the years, every American branded vehicle I've owned got loose, faster, and to a greater extent than my Hondas did/do.

    I know nothing about current prices. It has been 10 yrs since the last vehicle purchase and expect at least another 5 yrs left of zero-issue use.

    Family members have Japanese hybrids - mostly for status. They are not cheaper to run than equivalent gas-powered vehicles and their cars have had the same standard, stupid, issues - failed headlights, broken electric wires, or refusing to do something because the vehicle was in motion - that one really bothers me. It isn't like a passenger can't work the GPS when the car is moving.

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    I take this for what it is - fun for many different generations!

    I can't believe those abs on a 65 yr old! Amazing!

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    I hope he isn't the only conservative choice. He's already posted thousands of people's sensitive data accidentally.

    How to take them out? * chemical castration. * physical castration.

    No offspring should limit the thousand years of hatred that seems to occur in Islamic parts of the world. I'd rather these crazies just die out in 1 generation. It can be a plague from god.

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    This always confused me too.

    History really isn't black and white, but I'm happy that America and Japan can get along most of the time. Sure, we have disagreements - I think that is healthy, but we need each other.

    Embarrassing another government seldom leads to peaceful coexistence.

    Most of the people in the USA would think - they started it, we ended it. No apology. Similarly, I don't think an apology for Pearl Harbour today would be useful either. Let it go, but never forget.

    Posted in: How come Japan has never demanded an official apology from any U.S. government for the dropping of atomic bombs on two of its cities? In fact, why don't Japanese hate America for dropping the bombs?

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    This is just sad.

    Something was mentally wrong with this man, clearly. His ex-wife, her boyfriend, sisters, kids, ... it is just sad. The object used for the killings cold have been anything - a knife, a car, a barbell and it would still be sad. has many more details.

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    It is impossible to protect against stupidity, especially in a free society and for adults.

    Let the guy go.

    Get him on tape saying he understands x, y, z and that if he is captured, tortured, killed, and/or harmed in any way, that he was warned by the Japanese government.

    So Japan, it is time for a decision. Are you a free country or not? This is one of those times when you show it by letting an adult do what an adult wants to do.

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    Sorry - isn't this what parents are for?

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    This is funny. I spent 2 hrs playing Grand Theft Auto on a PS2 today. For the uninformed, it is a game about carjacking, picking up hookers, and generally being a thug. In my gameplay, I prefer jacking a taxi for the smoother ride of the vehicle and being able to still pick up and deliver 3 "hos" in a single trip to the annual police ball.

    Perhaps Kenji Fumi is a GTA player too?

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    After watching my father waste away and die from starvation due to esophageal cancer, I applaud this decision. Humans should be allowed to die with dignity.

    The person, their family, their doctor and their god should be part of the decision.

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    Jetlag much?

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    I don't know a solution. My next door neighbours are from Ukraine and I worry for their family still there. This feels like Vietnam all over again. Russia == China;

    If we don't help, Russia will eventually take over the entire country, which isn't good for anyone. If we don't provide advisers and equipment, Russia will overpower the locals.

    If we do help in a way similar to Afghanistan ... well, that didn't turn out well either.

    I don't have any answers. The good people of Ukraine will be in my thoughts and hopes for a quick resolution that doesn't leave their country in a dictatorship.

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    I had just assumed Disney needed more time to print all the free passes required for "party members" demanding free access for themselves, family, friends, dogs, cats, livestock, etc ... in exchange for permits. Could be wrong, of course.

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    since records began in 1880.

    That is the key part. It definitely is not the hottest year on Earth. There is proof all around that the Earth was hotter in the past. Look at Florida's history. There were times when 2/3rds of the state were underwater because sea levels were higher (less ice stored at the polls).

    Climates change over long periods. Seems we are helping now, but the article title leaves out the "since 1880" part, which is absolutely critical for understanding. OTOH, it doesn't sell papers.

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    For what it was, it was better than normal.

    I only recognized one line from one song, clearly not a fan. Her voice is fine, not great. I found the show entertaining for the most part. I loved that they had fireworks outside the park, surrounding it, timed with the music.

    There was a section with rap that we skipped over. Didn't know the singer or the music and the show at that point didn't hold interest.

    Found the star riding to be entertaining too.

    Guess I'm easily amused, but so are most Americans. Thumbs up overall.

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