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    Who keeps $2K in the house? Heck - we might have $50 here now - maybe. How did Somali immigrants get $2000 saved? This isn't baby sitting money, is it?

    Also - how does anyone under age 18 get onto an international flight without a legal guardian? Guess I'm very naive? 3 of them? Someone at the airline needs to be fired.

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    The Chinese middle class are the only real hope for full democracy across China. Too bad they don't see any of the protests in Hong Kong in the state-run media.

    Sadly, I think the HK students are about 40 yrs too early to have any effect, but democracy will come, eventually.

    I don't see how China can change anything different and still save face. Direct elections just isn't part of the current plans for anyone in China. More outrage must happen in more places first.

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    An IP Address is NOT a computer or a person.

    Whatever idiot thinks this is true doesn't have a clue.

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    Ms. Clinton is unelectable for many historical reasons - nothing to do with her sex. Many people remember the things she has and has not done.

    I am not a democrat, nor a republican. Neither of those options provides choices that fit my morality. Both are guilty of allowing the NSA to continuously violate the 4th amendment.

    Abortion isn't an issue that matters to me. Let the woman+husband choose. Keep wacko religious people out of office.

    I care more about government slowly removing our rights and all the herd animals not noticing. Mooooo.

    Don't know what I'll do in these next elections, the smear campaign has begun in my state for governor. None of the above isn't an option, sadly.

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    Overall no, it is a bad thing. Humans have been disconnected for 50,000 yrs. We make connections by talking, sharing REAL experiences, not virtual, touching each other. Hard to maintain the birth rate if men and women don't touch.

    Being always connected has changed something about our lives - mostly for the worse, IMHO. I've seen families at dinner texting each other rather than talking. Sad.

    Sure, technology has some great, helpful, uses too. Being able to reach a parent when a child is sick - perfect example. Being able to call police or fire departments in an emergency.

    Chatting about nothing or texting funny jokes all-the-time ... not so much. Some people feel the need to be texting when on a train and can't seem to stop. Look out the window. See the world go passed. Smell the air.

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    Well said - I think that is the treatment from NOVA. Unknown to me if the US military is working the same or different treatments.

    I knew China had huge investments in parts of Africa, but didn't think they had much in west Africa. Did find a few articles about supplies ($200K + $5M + $32M) from China since April going to the 3 main countries with the outbreak. Not a trivial amount, so China deserves credit. The article I found also says that over 1,000 Chinese medial people are currently in African countries working in teams. If these articles are the truth, seems like the Chinese are all-in fighting the outbreak to me. We need their continued help and it is appreciated greatly.

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    The way of the world is that countries with the greatest economic ties will help. Don't know whether China or Russia have many ties to west African nations. No they?

    Liberia has ties to the USA, clearly. The American people and government are helping. I suspect this will get much larger than 3000 soon. We should learn from our lack of AIDS response in the early 1980s and throw whatever resources are needed at this sooner than later. I only know 1 person from Liberia; worked with him for 5 years and consider him a great friend. I know his wife, family, and have meet some of his family who live in Liberia. I want to help, just as I helped financially with all the recent disasters across Asia the last 15 yrs.

    People are people everywhere. We should help, if we can.

    Other countries can and should help. This will be a global issue very quickly. Just imagine what happens as this terrible disease spreads to our lands. Hopefully none of the people send will bring in additional diseases by accident for the local populations.

    Don't know about the treatment/doses the US government is providing, but did see a PBS-NOVA episode THIS week on surviving Ebola and a highly experimental treatment that uses infected tobacco plants to create special proteins that prevent the virus from reproducing as much. It is a highly labor intensive product (manually injecting into each leaf) requiring multiple weeks. In 20 days, at least 1,000 more people will have been infected.

    Now is not the time to criticize President Obama on this stuff regardless of your personal politics. There are plenty of other things he can be criticized about anyway.

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    When I first came to Japan doing consulting work, there were 2 daily meetings - * AM - what are we doing today. What is the status. Fairly short. * PM - what did we actually get done. What is the status. Did we learn anything new. Longer. Management just wanted to ensure we were all on the same page and that surprises were minimized. They wanted to tap the brains from people in the room to make the best decisions possible (usually). Perhaps this was an unusual company?

    Back in the USA, my job had many more meetings daily as I worked many different projects - usually 10-20 at a time. Some days, I'd have only 1 or 2 hours that didn't have meetings scheduled. Fortunately, these were all conference calls as the different project teams coordinated tasks, so I could work at my desk and have the call muted most of the time after my design portion was handed off to the many deployment people for work (the real physical things). Of course, on newer projects, I'd have to run the meetings to capture the vast knowledge of the other members in to a cohesive plan.

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    This is like asking which color is better - red or green or black.

    It is a matter of taste.

    CDs usually contain more audio data than the other formats.

    Extremely high quality downloads can contain this same amount, but that is not the usual situation. Most digital downloads are compressed somewhat - commercially purchased are 256Kbps which is more than enough for portable players and average ears. When I ripped my huge CD collection years ago and storage was expensive, 160Kbps was enough for my ears (too many years listening to loud hard rock).

    Records have a distinctive sound that some "ears" prefer. Nothing wrong with that and there is something soothing about moving the needle onto the record to listen.

    In the end, "good enough" sound that is convenient is all 99% of the people want. Larger audio files is wasted on people listening in noisy environments, on consumer-grade headsets.

    For me, the best sound quality that is usable comes from ripped CDs into FLAC files (lossless format) or slightly compressed OGG files played back through a nice receiver with excellent speakers in a quiet neighborhood away from exterior noise. There is not any difference in audio quality between the CD and lossless FLAC files, so either is the same. Most portable music players don't handle FLAC, so that is not practical.

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    Being marked as a tourist is very handy for thieves. In FLA, USA, some rental car agencies found their vehicles targeted by thieves just by having the rental car bumper sticker.

    Common sense when traveling is necessary. Being drop-down-drunk is never a good idea - even in your home city.

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    You had me at "miniskit-wearing doctor". ;)

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    I'm torn. There are legal reasons to own shoes like this.

    In both Texas and Massachusetts , taking upskirt videos was found to be allowed by each state's Supreme Court if it happens in public. Photography is considered protected speech in the USA. In Texas the anti-perv law was found unconstitutional.

    If you don't want to be photographed or video taped, don't go into public places and don't wear clothing that invites the pervs. Wear pants.

    OTOH, should my daughters have to change what they wear to avoid this behavior? Personally, I rather they did, but I know telling them NOT to wear revealing clothing won't work at all. I can here is now, "Oh daddy ...."

    Perhaps there is a middle ground? I dunno. I do know that as a photographer, taking photos of public places needs to be protected.

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    Based on my groups experience in Barcelona, there are 10,000 people just in that city who should have been arrested and probably 500K across Europe.

    In 2 days in Barcelona, people in my small group had $5K in cash stolen and 2 smartphones, which later turned up in central Africa and Indonesian cities (cell phone tracking). These are world travelers and one of the guys has lived in 10 different countries. Sure, he should know better, but ...

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    As an American, my only question for this decision is ...

    will the corporate tax rate be lower than elsewhere? and how easy can my company relocated legally to the new Scotland?

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    Until we have forced integration, people will not understand that we are all basically the same. We want the same things; to raise our kids so they can have a little better life than we did, with hard work and to live without fear that anyone we know will be harmed. If that isn't the opportunity provided, then groups feel cheated and loose hope. That leads to violence as the only solution they can see. There needs to be opportunity for a better life for everyone in bad situations.

    We have to mix the children of the groups who are fighting. Mandatory for decades so that the people learn these "others" are just like them, for the most part. The parents will be against it, so it has to be government mandated and sponsored. Distrust will slowly go away as the older, unmixed generations die off. In 30-40 yrs, the hatred will be mostly gone. If we allow separation to be a way of life, nothing will get better.

    Of course, we should test this out with the Israelis and Palestinians first. Short 2-week programs where they mix teens from both sides have created friendships for over a decade since that first meeting. It worked wonders across America in the 1970s-1990s. Some of my best friends are not like me in skin or culture or religion. We still have farther to go and there will always be a minority of haters, but complete distrust between the different peoples is gone for the majority of the population. OTOH, I'm in the "white mans club" according to my black friends, so I can't see the lack of equality in the same ways they see it daily.

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    I wish the average American was as outraged over this as I am.

    It is time to amend the constitution to provide the same protections for electronic communications as we have in the postal and phone communications.

    While we are at it, secret courts need to be outlawed - period. If it is important to do, then it can and should be done in public - or delayed 1 yr at most. If the government cannot have an operation public in that timeframe, then they shouldn't be doing it at all.

    It is a matter of trust.

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    More power to those guys. Perhaps if the pay rate was higher, more people would try?

    I know I couldn't do it - let alone 4000/70 (about 57) times a month!

    Perhaps if the industry had contests to get 100 amateur men performers at a time for a long weekend of sex and let them wear masks they'd find 1 or 2 who could do it long term?

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    I've been sexually harassed at work twice, but never in Japan. Fortunately for me, it wasn't my boss doing it.

    Once just a simple written letter to the person made it clear her advances were unwanted and she stopped. This was after at least 10, clear, "I'm not interested" statements were made over a week period. This was before email was common.

    The other time, she refused to listen and ignored both a written letter and highlighted company policy paragraphs. She showed up outside my home late one night and phoned for a booty call. I notified her boss, who reassigned her to a different floor, then at her next review she was let go. There were lots of inappropriate emails from her as proof.

    Nobody needs to be subjected to unwanted sexual advances, especially at work. It is bad for the subject, bad for the company. That doesn't mean people at work can't hook up - just be clear if you are advancing to listen to the response and act accordingly.

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    Meh - battery life is too short.

    Come back when it is a * wireless * portable storage device * that doesn't require any outside services to work * connects to local mouse, keybaord, and video; * securely, automatically, and becomes "my desktop" wherever I am * with a week or more battery life. * 2TB of storage should be enough

    I'd pay $200 if there aren't any outside services required. Or $30 if they are mandatory, since I'd have to be extremely selective and constantly worry about privacy concerns.

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    I chose my first sentence poorly. Sorry for the confusion it caused. The topic was why foreign films don't do well in the American market, right? Sorry to have stayed on topic, but not being clear that I was.

    Do I know any Americans? THAT is just funny. I'm surrounded by them daily for the last 40-something years, except for the occasional trips overseas - usually only 6 times a year these days. ;) Oddly, both my neighbors are NOT native Americans, but the rest of the neighborhood is. I live outside Atlanta, ya'll.

    When Americans want to watch TV/Movies, we are lazy. We don't want to work at reading, understanding, and translating non-native sentence structures for understanding. With Asian films, often the historical and cultural aspects of a plot are completely lost too. That is too much work for little payoff. Action movies are easier to understand, so they work better. Asian gore films translate too, but have smaller audiences. I am describing the majority of people in the "fly-over" states where people may have never traveled outside the USA. My Mom had no interest in going overseas - except to Australia, but she loved hearing about my trips everywhere and seeing the photos.

    In my extended family of US university educated people - in mostly science and engineering degrees - 4 of 23 will watch a foreign film. We are light on liberal arts in the family. We 4 (the folks who would watch) enjoyed God of Cookery over Xmas together as the rest of the family did other things.

    BTW, I'm American - AF-brat and never lived overseas. I worked 80-100 hrs for a few years as my business grew. Now I work much less - and have time to enjoy movies more. Was I lazy - definitely NOT - in relation to my work and business. I enjoy strenuous outdoor activities too, so I'm not lazy then either. However, there are times when watching the "boob-tube", reading subtitles is just too much effort.


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