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    Standard response. If legal firearms are restricted, then only criminals will have firearms and nobody will be able to stop them. Where I live, the head of house is legally REQUIRED to have a firearm AND ammunition. I like knowing that my neighbors all have firearms, should anything criminal happen. Our city crime rate is 30% lower than other, similar cities, around the USA. I've never heard of the law being enforced and some people do refuse to have firearms at home, but it is like immunizations - the herd protects everyone.

    In the USA, about 34% of all households have a firearm. that is a large group to convince any law changes are desired.

    This year in the USA, about 10000 people were killed by firearms.

    In 2013 in the USA, about 33000 people were killed by motorized vehicles on the roads. - clearly we need stricter laws about who is allowed on the roadways. After all, about 80% of all Americans own a vehicle. The simple math shows that vehicles are more deadly than firearms in the USA. Anecdotally, I've been in 8 car accidents in my life, one with serious injuries, but have never been involved with any accident related to firearms.
    I am much more concerned about death when driving than when shooting and the statistics show that is reasonable.

    Alcohol related deaths are more than 2x higher than vehicle deaths. We should limit who can drink - oh - we tried that. Didn't work.

    Hospital errors are listed in that last link as 23% of the deaths in the USA. Firearms are 1.3% and that includes about 2/3rds in suicides.

    Smoking causes 18% of deaths. We should ban tobacco smoking and save about 435000 lives annually.

    My point, if it isn't clear, is to solve the big problems which impact the most people. Firearms aren't even in the top 10.

    Posted in: Clinton pitches new gun control laws following Oregon shooting

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    I'm shocked. Purchasing a firearm is legal in the USA, just like buying a baseball bat or a car, but I haven't seen anyone suggesting that every purchase be recorded of those items and send a weekly report to the government every time a car is filled with petrol or a baseball is sold WITH THE NAME of the purchaser.

    Some people are against legal use of birth control in the USA. We should record them picking up their prescriptions and provide a weekly report of that activity to the city/state government too.

    Same for marijuana purchases. THAT drug is illegal for non-medical use throughout the USA- federal law, which is higher than the state laws which some localities have passed to allow recreational use. Video those purchases too.

    This is a slippery slope. Glad to know that so many people can decide what is right and legal for others.

    I don't mind if local communities would rather not have a gun store in their neighborhood. They are free to purchase the store property and use it in whatever legal way they like. However, the US Constitution is there to protect citizen doing legal activities, even if unpopular. Purchasing and owning firearms is protected by the US Constitution. If people don't like it, change the Constitution.

    BTW - I'm not a firearm lover, though do enjoy target shooting with friends once a year or so.

    Posted in: San Francisco's last gun store closing doors for good

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    Nobody complained about women having to wait for men to leave the elevator first? Ah - Japanese male survey.

    When I first arrived, I was trying to be extra polite everywhere, even in elevators. Got to the top floor with 3 women in the elevator, I stepped aside to let them off first - Mom would be proud. They didn't move and the door closed. We all went back down to the 1st floor and road up again.

    Posted in: Top 10 things even Japanese people think they’re too obsessive about

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    Only on lines that can support the ridership.

    When I worked in Tokyo, I recall some of the team members running to the train station to catch the last train almost daily and felt bad that we were all working late. They didn't always make it on time and took an expensive 2hr taxi ride home. At least my late nights were just for a few months at a time and the hotel was only a 20 min walk.

    Posted in: Do you think trains and subways in Japan should operate 24 hours a day?

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    Haven't seen the movie. I was a rocket scientist for NASA-JSC for 7 yrs. So far, the most realistic movies that I've seen are:

    Europa_Report - space scenes only - the launch parts from Europa are highly unrealistic. The stuff "in space" is pretty accurate.

    Apollo 13

    All the others are so wrong with the science as to be fantasy. I couldn't stop laughing at Interstellar. So much of the practical physics was wrong - oh - so wrong. Fuel and oxidizer tanks aren't sexy on film. There isn't anything like artificial gravity in the real world without spinning or constant acceleration and none of our spacecraft have that capability today. On a Mars mission, it would be very important to have gravity for most of the trip. Constant accel isn't practical - can't carry that much mass to throw out the back. Spinning is the only practical method for the rest of my lifetime.

    If they can't get the gravity correct - forgetaboutit. Mars gravity is 62% lower than Earths. 100Kg here is 38Kg on Mars. The math for how high you can jump is easy stuff. Nobody would walk like we do on Earth when gravity is that different. It would be more like how the moon landing people hopped around (though Moon gravity is about 50% less than Mars gravity). With lighter spacesuits, the stride would be longer if muscle was maintained to Earth strength.

    I look forward to NOT having to check my mind at the door of the theatre, but that isn't likely.

    Posted in: Space experts swoon over 'The Martian' despite inaccuracies

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    Solve 2 issues - 50K Syrians!

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    Toronto is on my list of places to visit, just haven't been there yet, but not in winter. Hope this lasts at least until late-spring. Flying to Toronto is always expensive, but perhaps flying thru Toronto on the way somewhere else would make it less.

    Posted in: Air Canada begins Toronto stopover promotion

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    Communist government in Beijing

    isn't attacking the US government or companies. That isn't the same as saying no part of the Chinese government, Chinese military, multiple Chinese spy agencies, or any one related to any Chinese educational institutions are NOT attacking the USA over the internet.

    Posted in: China's Xi arrives in Washington for first U.S. state visit

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    The pope should say 2 things:

    be kind to each other

    be kind to the planet

    and I suppose ... to love god, so 3 things.

    Anything after that is politics to maintain power and money. Think about all the money spent on fancy churches that could/should have been used to help humans.

    America loves legal immigrants. People who jump the fence, jump the line, and abuse USA laws shouldn't be here and deserve to be treated as criminals. They ARE criminals.

    Legal immigrants who wait in the line, get to the USA following the rules, are most welcome!

    Posted in: Pope, after historic speech to Congress, arrives in New York

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    Don't think about it much at all.

    Never been there.

    Don't plan to go.

    Being anonymous online is hard, very hard, even for experts. It is easy to make a tiny mistake that blows everything.

    Or ... it is easy - just use the system for NOTHING ELSE except your anonymous stuff. Never use any accounts used on any other system on this "anonymous" system. Using 2 different network cards is important if you dual boot.

    Posted in: What do you think of Internet forum 2channel, where anonymous netizens can post anything, including death threats?

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    There are cultural differences in every part of the world. This just happens to be one.

    Call it crazy, call it wasteful, it is definitely something many of my software nerd peers are into. We've brainstormed ideas for programs and HW that would get google's attention so our little company might be bought out. "Google-money" was the goal.

    Decided that building something useful for our users was a better idea. That is what we are working on today. Don't think google will ever be interested, but people with high incomes and a technical slant will - definitely.

    Posted in: Why Europe isn't creating any Googles or Facebooks

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    I travel with an 8in tablet. Can't imagine going back to books. A single-use device like a book just doesn't fit my travel needs anymore. Also, there are many free sources of ebooks (fiction, non-fiction, and reference) these days - so I'm buying fewer ebooks AND fewer paper books. Obviously, reading the latest NYT best seller is NOT high priority. There are lots of great ebook sources on the internet - including my local library which has an Android app to let me check out books.

    I love the control over font sizes the tablet reading programs provide, so no reading glasses are needed. Can't do that with a paper book. Plus my Calibre server has more ebooks than I can read this year on it already and automatically pulls local news into an ebook so keeping up with local events when on extended travel isn't hard.

    Posted in: After sizzling growth, e-book sales cool

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    As a former "alter boy" and long reformed Catholic, I hope the Pope speaks of being kind to people and keeps his nose out of everything else.

    Long live GRAVITY!

    Posted in: Pope Francis arrives in U.S., faces a polarized country

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    Data that needs to be private shouldn't be anywhere near the internet.

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    There's no solution for stupidity.

    I have long arms, so a selfie stick to capture that once in a life-time photo isn't used much, but I do have one and use it 1-2 times a day when touring famous world sites. 0.3m long is plenty and I don't have to bother someone nearby or put up with really bad photos taken by someone else. 20 sec with a selfie stick and I can get a properly composed, in-focus, photo of myself with some world heritage site in the background. Mom likes to see those. I've been really amazed at how poor the photos taken by a random person can be, got an entire collection.

    For years, I didn't take any photos of my travels - zero. I regret that. Years ago, sites would sell a card deck of photos of the location - have one from my Dad's trip to Versailles. It isn't the same. Sure, the photos are better and don't have any people in them, but that is what makes a photo special - the people. My family thinks I'm special and since we can't all travel together everywhere, a selfie is a nice thing - especially if it is from my better half.

    Posted in: Use of selfie sticks banned at 1,195 stations in Japan

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    These are humans looking for a better life. Economic migrants should get in line. War refugees move to the front. It saddens me to read so many negative comments aimed at 1 group here. Sure, care should be taken on background checks, but we don't convict an entire group based on the actions of a few people. My parents taught me that lesson.

    The USA is a nation of immigrants. My family (both sides) came from Russia around 1900. They made a life, raised their kids, integrated into the American culture, while keeping some of our German roots (pre-Russia lives). That is all these refugees want - to get away from the war and build a better life for their families. That is fairly universal in my world travels for all humans.

    1st and 2 generation immigrants work very hard. They don't have any other choice. I see lots of families here from the 1700s who are very poor - it is called "feeling entitled." That isn't good for anyone.

    I'm amazed at how mean these posters can be. I bet most claim to be Christians too. Nice. Glad that hate lesson didn't rub off on me.

    Posted in: Kerry: U.S. to accept 85,000 refugees in 2016, 100,000 in 2017

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    International peacekeeping isn't a great thing. It is a chore. Peacekeeping is a thankless job. With a law on the books preventing it indirectly, Japan can help more with humanitarian needs and comfort. I can see where nearby countries may reject Japanese peace-keepers for "unfortunate historical" reasons.

    Defending allies is a good thing. Wording for that exception would be helpful. Peacekeeping inside the borders of allies would be allowed then, correct? Some SDF help in Baltimore would be appreciated.

    Plus, think of all the uniforms with SDF that would need to be replaced! "Self-Defense Force" doesn't work in other countries.

    Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the proposed new security legislation would allow Japan’s military to defend its allies even when Japan isn’t under attack, work more closely with its allies, and do more in international peacekeeping. What's your view on this?

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    Trump is a joke. He embarrasses me.

    The Republican party has been taken over by fundamental religious zealots. That turns off younger voters and older voters who disagree about social issues - gay marriage, health care, compassion towards immigrants, woman's right to choose what is best for her and any potential offspring. The "hate speech" from Republicans is boring. I've had enough.

    Trump attacking others is also hate speech. I've had enough. Every time Mr Trump tweets something negative about another person, I'm more convinced he isn't a leader.

    Leaders explain their vision and show a plan to get there.

    OTOH, Ms. Clinton is unelectable. She has lied so many times, I'd rather have Mr. Trump than her. Probably will write in a vote for "None of the Above"

    Posted in: Pressure grows on Republicans to take on Trump

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    Compassion. Compassion for other humans. Let's start there.

    Obama, like many in the West, is still stumbling under the liberal delusion that Islam is “just another religion,” to be assimilated into the great American melting pot. It it not. Islam is a medieval culture and system of law that is utterly incompatible with Western ideals of democracy, freedom and tolerance. Read the Koran and Hadith, and look at history and recent world events, and you will understand this.

    Way to show the compassion that American citizens are known to show. If we want to talk religions - Christianity is also extremely violent throughout history and recently. Just ask Iraq - the 2nd Gulf war with them was started by a "Christian." Didn't that first guy say something like "turn the other cheek?" All religions have wackos. Christians near me like to threaten medical doctors. That seems like terrorism to me. Buddhists and Hindus have also done terrible things. Islam doesn't have a lock on being bad. I think you are just afraid of normal Muslims and don't know why. Radicals exist in every group.


    Out of 10K refugees, how many do you think will try to harm anyone? 5, 10? Sorry - that isn't enough for me to throw out a single religion ... well, not without throwing all of them out. The other 9,990 people are simple trying to leave a war zone. You would do the same. These are people. Humans.

    The USA took in 130K Vietnamese. I think that is a starting point for Syrian refugees with proper checks and documents. In 30 years, their kids will hate their parents, just like normal American kids. All will have to struggle, it will be hard, but they will make a life and have a slightly less chance of being killed due to violence in the USA. Some of them will NOT make a life and will fail, if previous refugees to the USA are any guide. Vietnamese, Cambodian, Mexicans, Cubans, and people from Central America have all resettled here. Some "make it", some don't - the same applies to every 1st generation that came to the USA - Germans, Russians, Brits, Spanish, and Irish - some fail. A few were bad people, most were not.

    "when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me."

    Posted in: Taking in Syrian refugees heightens risk of terrorism: U.S. lawmaker

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    If the choice is being shot or being allowed to bring my family to Japan - I'd want to move to Japan.


    They will learn Japanese. Their kids will learn Japanese. Sure, some of their culture will mix and both cultures will be better for it. There will be some disagreements too. Think of the great middle-eastern foods, groceries, and clothing that will be available to all of Japan after they arrive? They will start businesses, raise their kids, become part of the local community. In 1 generation, this will be history and Japan will be better off for doing it.

    The refugees start in camps and as they learn, they are moved to different communities around the country where families offer to help them learn Japanese ways and culture. My family did this with Vietnamese refugees in the early 1970s. I still recall the scared look on the family of 4 who stayed with us for a week as their housing was lined up at a camp. Mom yelled at them - thinking that would help understanding English. They didn't speak ANY English, but a smile and pointing goes a long way, as anyone here knows.

    Japan is too afraid of outsiders "infecting" their country. The internet is doing more of that than 20K refugees from Syria would.

    China, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, South Africa, Russia should all be accepting of these people too. Europe doesn't have any choice; same for the neighboring countries. The USA will end up taking a huge "share", just like they've done previously. When Syria calms down, many will return, but most will stay in their new countries and only visit "the old country" every few years. But we have to start with "compassion."

    Posted in: Would you like to see Japan take in asylum-seekers from the Middle East to help alleviate the crisis in Europe?


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