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    These are the first baby steps to where humanity needs to get. The Earth is a death-trap. Our solar system is a death-trap. We need to get out of this part of the galaxy and spread out to ensure continued human life. It is a distance AND numbers thing. Spread the population as far and wide as possible for the species to survive.

    At any moment, an unseen supernova could start ejecting gamma rays in our direction sufficient to kill all life in this part of space - a GRB. All life on the closer side to that nova will die and a millisecond later, all life everywhere on Earth will die. Death-trap. Could happen today or in 20B years, but it is a certainty.

    Yes, this is exciting!

    Posted in: Destination Jupiter: What to expect during the Juno mission

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    Oh come on. And this unique to Japan? How so?

    In other places, she'd be on late-night TV pushing "As Seen On TV" products instead - probably beauty products.

    Posted in: Talent Becky officially returns to Japanese TV after affair controversy

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    Logged in to say something about this.

    Read the other comments first. Close enough.

    Decided I had nothing to say.

    Posted in: Man arrested for placing condom full of semen in high school girl’s bag

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    A little lemon and pepper plus either paprika or cayenne. Simple. Easy. Tasty.

    Never tried maple syrup - but it sounds delicious! The pineapple sounds good too.

    Posted in: Marinating salmon in juice can make a delicious difference

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    She was careless with her email system, and she deserves the criticism for it, and she deserves to be asked questions about it. By rational people.

    Careless? That is true, if it were only used for yoga classes.
    She forced other people to break US Laws and broke them herself. She's a laywer. She KNEW THIS. Based on the current evidence and her attempts to hide incriminating evidence, she needs to be put in jail for 5 yrs for treason. I would have been, if I'd leaked (even accidentally) classified information. We know the leak was from her server thanks to Russian hackers.

    Perhaps there is still some home for super-lefty Sanders. No hope for the USA if he's elected with all those wacky ideas, but at least he means well.

    Posted in: Clinton failed to hand over key email to State Department

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    HRC hasn't been found guilty of anything, yet. That needs to be decided by a judge and/or jury, but she does appear to have selective memory, difficulty following judicial instructions, and a belief that rules AND laws do not apply to her. She is arrogant.

    Can a President pardon themselves? Sadly, that appears to be what will happen.

    Sadly, I bet Mr. Trump has similar beliefs - at least when it comes to rules not applying to him and selective memory. Whether laws apply to him or not, I fear we will discover if he's elected. He will be entertaining, that's certain. Hopefully he be allowed to cause too much damage in the world or at home. He is arrogant too.

    So I'm left trying to vote based on who won't screw my family's life. No good choice available. Oh how did we get here.

    Feel really sad for people who's identities are somehow tied to which of these, cough, people, cough, is elected.

    Posted in: Clinton failed to hand over key email to State Department

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    Sander's hasn't dropped out nor has he endorsed rival Hillary.

    Sanders is even worse than Ms. Clinton. Fortunately, his campaign matters ZERO now. The world couldn't afford the taxation required to do all the things he claims he wanted to do. Way, way, way, way too far left. BTW, Ms. Clinton is only way, way, too far left.

    Don't get me wrong, Mr. Trump hasn't the temperament or skills to become President. Sadly, he does meet the simplistic requirements - over 35 yrs old and born in the USA. Pretty minimal, but at least he isn't an other lawyer professionally schooled in the loophole.

    Anyone recall the statement from Ms. Clinton's husband?

    It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.

    Slime. Plus the puss doesn't drain too far from the husband as we have been learning since Ms. Clinton came to public light.

    Posted in: Trump battleground plan relies on skeptical GOP leaders

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    Two liars running ... who to choose?

    The loudmouth with "New York" sensibilities or the soon-to-be indited criminal?

    Posted in: Democrats to give Trump 'rude awakening' in summer onslaught

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    California is a wonderful place to visit. Wouldn't want to live there. Half of my extended family lives in California and they have strange priorities and weird ideas compared to all of us who live all over the US and world.

    I'm with Homotenashi.

    Posted in: California surpasses France as world's 6th-largest economy

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    I'm torn. Someone tell me who to vote for.

    I'm a NEVER Hilary person. Also a NEVER Donald person.

    Wonder how the US got to this point of having two obscenely arrogant people running for the office.

    Seems there isn't any good choice who won't destroy the world economy with their stupidity. Think I'll end up voting for gridlock so that 1 person really can't do anything. Just hope I can guess which way to vote correctly.

    Posted in: Trump battleground plan relies on skeptical GOP leaders

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    The guy planned to murder gay people. Don't think he wouldn't. He was on a mission to harm other humans. THAT is unacceptable.

    The weapon used doesn't matter. He could have used many common utensils or vehicles with similar effect. Where is the call to ban all vehicles? More people are killed by vehicles in the USA than by firearms. Ban all vehicles! That would help more people than any gun control.

    Knee jerk reactions don't help anyone.

    Posted in: 50 dead, 53 wounded in Florida nightclub shooting

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    We've learned to ask 1 main question when it comes to study results.

    Who paid for the study? And who paid for the payers of the payers of the study?

    Without that data, it is impossible to determine whether any ulterior motives existed which swayed the outcomes. We just been deceived too many times.

    Posted in: Whole grain consumption could lead to longer life: study

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    Didn't watch and didn't read the entire speech. Seemed like his speech writers did a good job. Leaders of countries have to be careful what they say, so an apology wouldn't work back home. The bombings were terrible acts, but necessary is how Americans see it. We don't expect Abe to apologize for all the Americans, Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos and others around SE Asia killed during the war either. It was a different time with different motivations.

    Since Pres. Obama cannot run for office anymore, he can do lots of things like this without much danger to his political power back home.

    After all was said and done, America and Japan are allies and friends. Sometimes friends don't always agree, but we'll talk, seek understanding and look for win-win solutions. THAT is the lesson here. We need to both move on and accept the past as the past.

    Posted in: Obama visits Hiroshima to ponder 'terrible force unleashed'

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    Fining a government agency never works. It needs to be shut down and we need to go back to having the airports be responsible for security like it was for 40+ yrs. Making the airlines have to return airfare is a reasonable action. The airlines will scream at the government and something will happen.

    These days TSA officers are scary - like the way pro-life Nazis are. I'm afraid to exercise free speech at the airport. I miss the days of flying by showing up, paying cash, sitting in a first-come-first-served seat and having a free beer on the flight. AND not having to provide a name. Ok, very few airlines worked that way, but after deregulation, some DID work that way. Getting on an airplane was like getting on a city bus.

    Rana - you should be ashamed. Sadly, you probably don't understand why. People have bad days and good days. I have bad days too and suspect you have as well. We never know why someone is having a bad day - perhaps their mother died last week or their wife has terminal cancer. We never know. OTOH, some people are just mean, but not an entire ethnic group. Or perhaps they get the vibe that you don't like their ethnic group, so you are treated accordingly. Should also say that I've had excellent, efficient, help from all different ethnic groups. A smile goes a long way.

    Posted in: More than 70,000 American Airlines passengers miss flights so far this year due to airport screening delays

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    There's only 1 thing that scares me more than President Trump, that is another President Clinton. There simply isn't any good choice. Both of these candidates are bad for the USA, bad for the World, and bad for all living things in the universe.

    "None of the above" ... but sadly, I'll probably end up voting for Mr. Trump. It isn't a vote FOR him, instead it is a vote AGAINST, Ms. Clinton.

    Posted in: Trump has a history of questionable behavior with women: NY Times

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    Mooooo. Proof that advertising works. I hear that chrome is a nice browser. Chromium is the non-proprietary version and also a nice browser without all the built-in tracking.

    Does nobody else think that installing a browser created by the largest advertising & internet tracking company in the world is a bad idea?

    Seems that MSFT wants to mirror that business model based on their default privacy settings in Win10.

    Posted in: Chrome crowned top Internet browser by market tracker

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    Nope. I have a list of things to grab if I have to leave in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 days. Used to live in a hurricane area - back then I had most of the stuff ready to go, but now that I don't live in a place prone to natural disasters at all, just normal camping and travel stuff plus the list is all I have. Since I work from home, it isn't that unusual NOT to leave the neighborhood for a week at a time. Went without a working fridge last fall for a few weeks too. It isn't as convenient, but many foods we commonly refrigerate do not require it.

    Used to keep about 40 gal of water, but have since switched to $20 1200KL Sawyer filters which don't require anything more to make safe drinking water. Any halfway clean water (like rain runoff) can be made potable in a few minutes. They are amazing.

    The list: (hope the format doesn't get screwed)

    Life Needs:

    Plastic / rubber-made container (water resistant/floats) to carry this stuff Flashlight w/ batteries (200+ hr headlamps are nice) Travel/quick-dry towels 2 BIC Lighters / magnesium firestarter 3+ candles Roll of paper towels 3 Rolls of toilet paper (extra soft) AM/FM/TV Radio (crank powered would be nice) Multi-tool / leather-man Survival knife with sharpening stone 50 ft of cord/nylon rope Prescriptions / Drugs / Aspirin / other common home drugs Toiletries (contacts, glasses, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc…) Clothes Shoes (tennis, hiking, casual) Coats / rain gear / winter weather Paper / notebook / pencil / pen Cell phone / 3-day charger USB Thumb-drives with emergency info Web sites and passwords ENCRYPTED Work Badge / Identification / SecurID token (relocation is bad, but if I can’t work, then how do I pay for the hotel?) Drinking Water / Containers / cups (Water filter these days) 3 days of non-perishable food per person (ramen noodles and canned stuff) Camping equipment / tent / sleeping bag / backpack / stove(s) wood & alcohol burning. 12 or 24 Pak of AA Batteries

    Important Papers and Business

    Wallet w/ emergency cash & Passport & Keys Credit cards Address book / Paper emergency Contacts / Neighbor phone numbers Laptop w/ power cord (work & personal) Critical data DVD with server backup (encrypted) Firesafe with investment, insurance, birth cert, immunization papers Tax Papers (if not on DVD/laptop) ; losing all your tax information is a hassle. Paperback books on survival / natural living

    Car Items

    Gas (full tank if you can plan ahead) never let get below 1/4 tank so water and sediment content doesn’t get too high Maps Local / State / National Tools (wrenches, sockets, etc.) Spare gas can / siphon hose Duct Tape First Aid Kit

    Having a kit is fine, but everyone in the family needs to know the plan. Where will you meet if you are separated? Is there a family member who will coordinate keeping everyone notified/in-touch? Do the kids have this phone number memorized? Make it a game for them to call your sister weekly by dialing numbers. ;)

    Had friends in Nepal who we didn't know if they were alive or dead for weeks after the earthquakes. They were ok, but not knowing probably took 5 yrs off my life.

    Setup a way to contact each other and pass information throughout the family. Hopefully, some of the family would be outside the disaster area.

    If the disaster is THAT extensive, I'd just move somewhere else for a year or two. Fortunately, I can work from anywhere in the world with internet.

    Posted in: Do you have an emergency survival kit for use in the event of an earthquake or some other natural disaster? If so, what is in it?

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    I find streaming music to be a huge hassle. Just canceled a free google-play-music subscription a few days ago to avoid the monthly costs. Used it for an hour 2 months ago, once. Also have Amazon Prime music - tried to use it but found it too hard as well. Not worth the hassle, unless you treat it like a radio station. If you do that, why not just listen to the radio?

    Never used iTunes. Way to much bloat to have installed.

    Oddly, have lots of music on my LAN and find it very easy to use, hear stuff I already like, enjoy many different genres. Transferred 1,000s of CDs years ago. The CDs are in a box in the attic, somewhere.

    Adel isn't exactly the type of music I like. Guns-n-DC might be nice, however.

    Posted in: Streaming brings music industry first growth in nearly 20 years

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    Van-Hagar all over again. It will not be the same, but they had some good, new, songs too. I was a fan of Sammy before.

    For me, GnR is like Sammy's band and AC/DC is like VanHalen. I expect to enjoy any new music they make. Sorry I missed them in ATL last time.

    AC/DC and VanHalen are pretty much my 2 favorite bands of all time. Gotta love the great riffs!

    Posted in: Axl Rose joins AC/DC as new singer

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    Mr. Trump is correct. The way that all political parties, world-wide, prop-up their candidates is fixed. Mr. Trump started caring about being a Republican for the last 2 yrs. Where was he prior to that? Contributing to both sides, hedging his bets. That doesn't make him a good candidate.

    It doesn't make Ms. Clinton a good candidate either. She is a bad candidate for many reasons, including her clear belief that laws apply to other people, not her.

    Mr. Cruz is too much a political insider to be elected currently - plus he seems to be a religious wacko to me. That tends to be an issue for 80% of the republicans.

    "None of the above" will be my write-in vote this year. None of the choices are worthy candidates.

    Posted in: Trump blasts 'rigged' rules on picking Republican delegates


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