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    There's only 1 thing that scares me more than President Trump, that is another President Clinton. There simply isn't any good choice. Both of these candidates are bad for the USA, bad for the World, and bad for all living things in the universe.

    "None of the above" ... but sadly, I'll probably end up voting for Mr. Trump. It isn't a vote FOR him, instead it is a vote AGAINST, Ms. Clinton.

    Posted in: Trump has a history of questionable behavior with women: NY Times

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    Mooooo. Proof that advertising works. I hear that chrome is a nice browser. Chromium is the non-proprietary version and also a nice browser without all the built-in tracking.

    Does nobody else think that installing a browser created by the largest advertising & internet tracking company in the world is a bad idea?

    Seems that MSFT wants to mirror that business model based on their default privacy settings in Win10.

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    Nope. I have a list of things to grab if I have to leave in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 days. Used to live in a hurricane area - back then I had most of the stuff ready to go, but now that I don't live in a place prone to natural disasters at all, just normal camping and travel stuff plus the list is all I have. Since I work from home, it isn't that unusual NOT to leave the neighborhood for a week at a time. Went without a working fridge last fall for a few weeks too. It isn't as convenient, but many foods we commonly refrigerate do not require it.

    Used to keep about 40 gal of water, but have since switched to $20 1200KL Sawyer filters which don't require anything more to make safe drinking water. Any halfway clean water (like rain runoff) can be made potable in a few minutes. They are amazing.

    The list: (hope the format doesn't get screwed)

    Life Needs:

    Plastic / rubber-made container (water resistant/floats) to carry this stuff Flashlight w/ batteries (200+ hr headlamps are nice) Travel/quick-dry towels 2 BIC Lighters / magnesium firestarter 3+ candles Roll of paper towels 3 Rolls of toilet paper (extra soft) AM/FM/TV Radio (crank powered would be nice) Multi-tool / leather-man Survival knife with sharpening stone 50 ft of cord/nylon rope Prescriptions / Drugs / Aspirin / other common home drugs Toiletries (contacts, glasses, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc…) Clothes Shoes (tennis, hiking, casual) Coats / rain gear / winter weather Paper / notebook / pencil / pen Cell phone / 3-day charger USB Thumb-drives with emergency info Web sites and passwords ENCRYPTED Work Badge / Identification / SecurID token (relocation is bad, but if I can’t work, then how do I pay for the hotel?) Drinking Water / Containers / cups (Water filter these days) 3 days of non-perishable food per person (ramen noodles and canned stuff) Camping equipment / tent / sleeping bag / backpack / stove(s) wood & alcohol burning. 12 or 24 Pak of AA Batteries

    Important Papers and Business

    Wallet w/ emergency cash & Passport & Keys Credit cards Address book / Paper emergency Contacts / Neighbor phone numbers Laptop w/ power cord (work & personal) Critical data DVD with server backup (encrypted) Firesafe with investment, insurance, birth cert, immunization papers Tax Papers (if not on DVD/laptop) ; losing all your tax information is a hassle. Paperback books on survival / natural living

    Car Items

    Gas (full tank if you can plan ahead) never let get below 1/4 tank so water and sediment content doesn’t get too high Maps Local / State / National Tools (wrenches, sockets, etc.) Spare gas can / siphon hose Duct Tape First Aid Kit

    Having a kit is fine, but everyone in the family needs to know the plan. Where will you meet if you are separated? Is there a family member who will coordinate keeping everyone notified/in-touch? Do the kids have this phone number memorized? Make it a game for them to call your sister weekly by dialing numbers. ;)

    Had friends in Nepal who we didn't know if they were alive or dead for weeks after the earthquakes. They were ok, but not knowing probably took 5 yrs off my life.

    Setup a way to contact each other and pass information throughout the family. Hopefully, some of the family would be outside the disaster area.

    If the disaster is THAT extensive, I'd just move somewhere else for a year or two. Fortunately, I can work from anywhere in the world with internet.

    Posted in: Do you have an emergency survival kit for use in the event of an earthquake or some other natural disaster? If so, what is in it?

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    I find streaming music to be a huge hassle. Just canceled a free google-play-music subscription a few days ago to avoid the monthly costs. Used it for an hour 2 months ago, once. Also have Amazon Prime music - tried to use it but found it too hard as well. Not worth the hassle, unless you treat it like a radio station. If you do that, why not just listen to the radio?

    Never used iTunes. Way to much bloat to have installed.

    Oddly, have lots of music on my LAN and find it very easy to use, hear stuff I already like, enjoy many different genres. Transferred 1,000s of CDs years ago. The CDs are in a box in the attic, somewhere.

    Adel isn't exactly the type of music I like. Guns-n-DC might be nice, however.

    Posted in: Streaming brings music industry first growth in nearly 20 years

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    Van-Hagar all over again. It will not be the same, but they had some good, new, songs too. I was a fan of Sammy before.

    For me, GnR is like Sammy's band and AC/DC is like VanHalen. I expect to enjoy any new music they make. Sorry I missed them in ATL last time.

    AC/DC and VanHalen are pretty much my 2 favorite bands of all time. Gotta love the great riffs!

    Posted in: Axl Rose joins AC/DC as new singer

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    Mr. Trump is correct. The way that all political parties, world-wide, prop-up their candidates is fixed. Mr. Trump started caring about being a Republican for the last 2 yrs. Where was he prior to that? Contributing to both sides, hedging his bets. That doesn't make him a good candidate.

    It doesn't make Ms. Clinton a good candidate either. She is a bad candidate for many reasons, including her clear belief that laws apply to other people, not her.

    Mr. Cruz is too much a political insider to be elected currently - plus he seems to be a religious wacko to me. That tends to be an issue for 80% of the republicans.

    "None of the above" will be my write-in vote this year. None of the choices are worthy candidates.

    Posted in: Trump blasts 'rigged' rules on picking Republican delegates

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    Any competent IT professional knows how to setup automatic, versioned, encrypted, backups which make these sorts of things an inconvenience, not a business-ending problem. If your IT doesn't do this already, find someone that does. It doesn't matter how much you "like" your IT guys - do everyone a favor and fire them.

    Don't use Windows-shares. Use a client-server protocol. 30 days of backups at a minimal for low-risk systems. 120 days of backups for high risk systems.

    There are 100 other reasons to have daily, automatic, backups. Not having them inside any company just shows incompetence and a lack of management skills.

    Posted in: Researchers say new generation of ransomware emerging

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    What is this youtube thing and hashtag thing they require just to enter?

    Posted in: Win a trip to Japan

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    I'd like to see the S.K. to N.K. defection numbers too. Certainly there are people who prefer a dictator?

    Posted in: Senior North Korean military officer defects to South

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    An "English Courtesy Phone Line" would be appreciated more.

    I could call the line, speak a few sentences and the phone to an employee and get help. The translation service could be centralized for the entire country - as a service. The only issue would be trying to find a gift when I cannot explain what I'm looking for - common for all men, I think.

    Not really interested in dealing with a robot ... well ... except in a pron shop, perhaps.

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    Embarrassed politicians seems like a good thing. Perhaps it will teach other politicians that the rules apply to them as well.

    As for Mr. Putin - he's been shown for years to be cheating the monetary system. Does bringing his actions to light destabilize Russia? If so, then 1 man has too much power. There is an interesting USA PBS Frontline documentary from 2015 about Putin - "Putin's Way" which goes into all the ways that Mr. Putin has used to grab power in Russia.

    Americans have a hard time opening bank accounts overseas due to relatively new rules. A few Americans who have lived their entire lives overseas have been trapped by this rule and required to denounce their citizenship (which also requires a $2K payment) just to keep banking and paying local taxes like they've always done.

    Posted in: Why few Americans appear in the Panama Papers

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    I don't see the big deal. Words in different languages have different meaning. Crazy. That's the way of the world. Bad translations happen all the time too. Have an old shirt from Kyoto U - "A University with a good taste".

    "World-wide Pants" (underwear?) Chevy NoVa (No Go?) East Timor (East East) Certainly there are English words that mean something different in Japanese?

    Being childish is part of the joy in life. I enjoy a good snicker and there isn't any age limit on it.

    I need to get a Kinki U shirt, quick!

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    The scientific method is one of mankind's greatest inventions. It requires provable, reproducible outcomes for a substantial "population" based on predictions ... called a theory. There is a difference between believing and knowing why something occurs. That's called science.

    Anything that cannot stand up to those requirements isn't science. Simple. Homeopathy doesn't like science because it requires proof and large samples.

    A friend has an autistic boy. The entire family is always looking for "why" - sometimes there isn't a reason. Sometimes dog works in strange ways. Fortunately, the friend is a true scientist and doesn't fall for all the pleads and claims based on "antidotal evidence."

    I enjoy Mr. De Niro's acting, but I wouldn't want financial, medical, or computer advice from him. He shouldn't want medical advice from me.

    BTW, vaccines are one of the top 10 human inventions of all time. Anyone seen what polio does? I have. It isn't pretty.

    Posted in: Medical community is fighting a new germ: celebrities

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    Portable iOS and Android devices are NOT secure. This has been well known in the security community for many years. Attend almost any DefCon-like conference and someone will have a presentation on hacking these devices.

    Some fully encrypted real computers are not secure either. It is very hard to be secure and one, tiny, mistake, breaks the entire chain. Windows10 - encryption keys are uploaded to Microsoft servers - BY DEFAULT. Almost all other encryption systems are susceptible to the "evil maid" attack. There is a way to avoid that attack, but it is less convenient, so very few people actually protect their systems with it.

    As usual, convenience wins over security again.

    Posted in: FBI unlocks iPhone of attacker without Apple's help

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    A 12-minute video??? The message could have been delivered in 30 seconds!

    Actually, they delivered the message that Tokyo is a full of all sorts of dangers and our police will act like TV stars trying to solve the case.

    What I need to know as a foreigner visiting Japan is: * What do official vehicles look like - are there any fake vehicles? Do flashing lights of a certain color mean something different? In certain states in the USA, only Blue lights matter - red lights can be on can vehicle legally. * How do I get help from local police if I need it? Is there a police-approved translation service? * How do I ask, in Japanese, for the police to use a translation service? * How do I file a police report in English should that be necessary? Are there specific stations where this is possible? * How should I expect all police officers to behave towards me? * What "rights" do I have, if I happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get stopped? For example, in some parts of the USA, police cannot force me to provide any ID, while in other parts, I must comply. * Any local laws that foreigners seem to be confused about? * How do I know I am being detained vs being asked to hang around, if I have time?

    THOSE are the things I need to know as a visitor to Japan, not that the police have trillions of yen in equipment and always get the "suspect." BTW - is a suspect the same as a guilty person in Japan? I don't know.

    Flashy video doesn't answer any real questions that I need to know. Also - who makes a video these days any doesn't include a URL in it - prominently - to get more details?

    Posted in: Tokyo police release PR video in English to assure foreign visitors Japan is safe

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    12 minutes? Won't watch it - my attention span for something like this is 2-3 min tops. If they play it when I'm stuck in a line, might catch a few more minutes.

    Watched the first few minutes - seemed like a movie trailer, but didn't say anything important. "strong passion to arrest the suspect" - why not "the guilty" instead?

    But I've been to Japan many times and never experienced any crime. Police aren't something I really consider helpful in most countries when we don't speak the same language. Once, in a hurry, left my wallet at a little shop - came back 10 hrs later and it was there, with everything still inside. Untouched. I like to think that wasn't a special cases. There are kind, polite, people, all over the world. There are nasty people everywhere too, but I like to think there are fewer in Japan than most other places.

    I wouldn't expect Japanese police officers to speak anything other than Japanese, but I would expect them to have a cell phone and the ability to call a native speaker "hotline" to help get to the bottom of an issue in 2 minutes. "English translator" would be worth knowing. "Please/You must stay here." another phrase to know. Heck, as a traveler to any country that doesn't natively speak my language, I will always have the English "hotline" saved in my phone contacts. English is common around tourist areas, but that is a bonus, not a requirement as far as I'm concerned. I am a guest in other countries and try to treat everyone with kindness and respect ... until they show some other treatment is deserved. Just like at home.

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    Wow, only 1 out of 3 statements was stupid from Mr. Trump. Amazing. He usually bats 80% stupid.

    SK and Japan should be allowed to make their own weapons - of any sort - if they chose. I don't understand why this is an issue at all. Fine if they don't want any too.

    NATO brought Europe together and a combined European military keeps the war-seeking parts in check. Having the USA and Canada involved keeps our ties together and that is a good thing.

    Posted in: Trump criticizes NATO; says he's OK with Japan, S Korea having nuclear weapons

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    How about the candidates talk about issues? What an idea?

    Name calling is immature. I expect my President to be more mature than a 6 year old child .... Mr. Trump.

    Don't know much about Mr. Cruz - scanned his list of accomplishments and I disagree with many of them, so he isn't likely to be my favorite candidate.

    Posted in: As Cruz rises in U.S. presidential polls, Trump calls him 'maniac'

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    But when will women be allowed to drive in SA?

    Posted in: Saudi voters elect 20 women candidates for the first time

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    I live in Georgia and have worked with a Japanese company who were our clients. We'd take turns traveling to each others' locations. Atlanta's climate is similar to Tokyo's, though some of our more severe thunderstorms can be scary to a visitor.

    No earthquakes here. Well ... not entirely true, but someone from Japan wouldn't "feel" the one we have every 50 yrs. We do have tornadoes, but not enough to worry too much, plus The Weather Channel is here, so you'll have almost an exact path and plenty of warning to get out of the way or take cover.

    The hardest part of the travel for our Tokyo-based friends was that our offices weren't anywhere near MARTA (the subway system in Atlanta), so finding a taxi was always necessary and out in the suburbs, taxis really only work if called. Plus the different foods, though we do have excellent Japanese restaurants, they are on the expensive-side. I understand that after a week in a foreign country, normal people really do miss the comfort foods from home.

    For companies located walking distance from a MARTA station, I think most Japanese visitors wouldn't have too many issues, provided they avoided the not-so-nice parts of Atlanta. Most places are safe and love visitors. Plus we have a great work life/home life split. Not too hot nor too cold. Snow happen 1-2 days a year and is usually light, though it will shutdown the entire city. ;)

    I don't golf, but we have some great bowling and go-kart racing! Plus DragonCon if you are into that sort of thing along with 60K other people. There is always something to do every day of the week here.

    Come on down and let me fix ya'll some grits or BBQ. Everyone likes BBQ, right?

    Posted in: Japanese culture takes center stage for businesses expanding in Georgia


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