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    He played his cards for the wrong team. Australia needs Chinese trade.

    Wrong, China needs Australian resources. Besides, China is ready to raze Africa for their resources, to include endangered resources in nature preserves.

    The Chinese government is also jealous of the Chinese nationals living in Australia.

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    PS3 has better games and does more than the PS4. You can also get a new PS3 for only about JPY25,000. So, PS3 is a better value right now. Subscribe to PS+, and there are about five decent free games a month. There are free games on PS+ for PS4, but they are much smaller games that you wouldn't get if they weren't free.

    Destiny is the only game of interest to me on the horizon, and it isn't out until September and is being offered on all consoles.

    Other games being released are just upgrades from PS3 versions, like Diablo III, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy (#?). Most PS4 owners already have them and don't want to pay again.

    The new Metal Gear needs to be released, but again, it is being released on all current and last-gen platforms. So, there is no incentive to buy a new machine.

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    Good idea but what exactly would China gain from agreeing to this?

    China gains by ignoring it. The rule of law and agreements apply to others.

    Posted in: U.S. proposes construction freeze in South China Sea

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    Businesses/employers are taking the opportunity to increase prices, which on the whole are increasing more than the tax increase.

    Employers also are expected to adjust (increase) salaries so that employees have approximately the same disposable income as before the tax increase.

    Both of these changes should increase inflation outside of just the tax increase.

    Technically, things should eventually balance and inflation would stop, but there also is low unemployment. So, there will be competition for scarce labor applies, which will increase salaries for those areas, e.g., nursing is commonly a scarce labor force.

    Then you have competition for products from the scarce labor pool with a relatively higher salary (and more disposable income) than non-scarce labor pools that increase prices/creates inflation.

    The additional increase in taxes next year will give inflation another push. One prominent economist in Japan suggested increasing the tax by 1% each year and not stopping as a mean to pay down government debt and create inflation.

    Posted in: Inflation hits 32-year high; jobless rate falls to 17-year low

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    "And now all the vultures are coming down from the trees" Dire Straits

    Posted in: Jackson's fortunes blooming five years after death

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    A trip to the bacta tank will make him as good as new.

    Posted in: Harrison Ford broke leg, not ankle, on 'Star Wars' set

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    Out of the 8.4 million households watching the game on NHK, how many paid the sales people demanding monthly subscription fees?

    Posted in: Japan's World Cup loss draws huge TV ratings

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    sangetsu03, I have seen some very grainy looking films in theaters that just looks terrible.

    I also hate the choppiness of a tracking shot in dimly lit scenes. It really takes away from the movie when I see these types of faults.

    Shooting in ISO 50 would be difficult without the scene being very very bright and any motion will blur. So, the claim of ISO 50 is better is a little overstated since I doubt it is ever used.

    Given these complaints, I am OK with digital. Prometheus looked great, and it was filmed not only in digital but in 3D.

    Posted in: Digital vs celluloid debate grips movie world

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    "This operation will continue till the surrender or elimination of enemy," Khawaja Asif, the Pakistani defence minister said.

    This seems to be my advice. Let's hope they follow through. 30,000 Pakistan troops are being deployed along with gunships, artillery, and attack jets.

    Posted in: Taliban warn all foreign firms to leave Pakistan

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    Pakistan needs to move their army from the Eastern border, where it is useless, to the Western border and crush the militants. It also needs to do a lot to change the current status. Otherwise, Pakistan will continue to turn into a larger and nuclear armed Afghanistan.

    Pakistan needs to shut down the Madrassas and imprison all the hardliners like Egypt did in the 70s, but the hardliners do Pakistan's dirty work. So, it hasn't and probably will not happen.

    Instead, Pakistan has played India as the big enemy at their Eastern border and has nurtured the enemy in their own borders. The government Pakistan also has played a double game for too long with America, Afghanistan, India, and the people of Pakistan.

    Pull out, sure. I want to see that. But we also need to be concerned with nuclear weapons falling into extremists' hands.

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    the government has Zero business trying to tell people what to do

    I generally agree with this statement, but in this case, it is the government telling the government what to do.

    Posted in: Michelle Obama takes on Republicans over school lunches

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    My problem is, I just hate the BIG GOVERNMENT trying to dictate what we can or cannot eat.

    In this case, the government is already involved by feeding children at school. If so, then the government should do it correctly and should not be subject to the whims of a local school board looking to save money or to pay their friends for the cheap processed food that is fed to children.

    The rules require government, which is already involved, to give nutritious food to children rather than claiming french fries and catsup are a vegetable. That doesn't seem so wrong.

    The republicans are just trying to make an issue for the Obamas and talking points for Fox news. They have no interest in the school and certainly not for the health of the children.

    Or, do you think local schools should continue to buy from "BIG (caring) CORPORATIONS" like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Heinz?

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    In other reports, the Chinese "fishermen" rescued the men. It must have been tense after the so called "rescue".

    Wouldn't Chinese "fishermen" be . . . fishing rather than harassing, ramming, and sinking a Vietnamese boat? Why are 40 "fishermen" acting together?

    The answer, they aren't fishermen.

    Posted in: Vietnamese fishing boat rammed, sunk by Chinese ship

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    I always liked this one:

    City Bank: Shiti Bank.

    Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name

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    Gaijintraveller, I would disagree.

    A thief can not be a thief unless others play by the rules. If everyone is a thief, there is no profit from thieving.

    The U.S. plays by the rules and does not share its intelligence with private companies. "Period" There has even been a history of duplication of spying efforts because one U.S. spy agency (the NSA) will not share its intelligence with other U.S. spy agencies.

    China on the other hand does everything possible to give its domestic industry every benefit not provided to industries in other countries. It makes for an uneven playing field, similar to thieving from honest people. In addition, a state sponsor has nearly unlimited funds, so state sponsored industrial spying like what China is conducting is obviously destabilizing.

    It needs to end, but China has never shown a willingness to comply with norms of free trade. So, it will only result in more bluster and accusations of unfairness, when it is really China that is acting unfair.

    Posted in: U.S. files first charges on hacking, infuriating China

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    This is just another waste of time by impotent Republicans. If they can't win fair by debating policy, then they try to attack credibility with the flimsiest and most trivial things, which the tea party and right wingers eat up.

    As if Karl Rove knows anything about her condition at that time. She was treated and left the hospital.

    Just more smoke and no substance from the good old Republicans.

    The other smoke and no substance question is Benghazi. A respected group has already investigated, but that apparently wasn't enough for the Republicans because it didn't implicate Clinton. So, they keep squeaking like hungry birds for a worm knowing there isn't one.

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    Very lucky.

    I wonder if he will get to see Hawaii or if he will only see the inside of a detention center.

    His problems back home are not going to get any better after this stunt.

    Posted in: Teen survives five-hour flight to Hawaii in plane wheel well

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    Medieval land grabs and hostage taking.

    A thief like China only benefits if others abide by the law.

    So, the world needs to stop treating China as a rational actor and isolate them. It will be painful for everyone to be without their electronics made cheaply by slave labor, but it is a necessity given China's consistently medieval actions.

    Posted in: Japan lodges protest against China's seizure of Mitsui O.S.K ship

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    It is a good movie.

    More importantly, kids love it. They love the songs and want to learn how to sing them. Not many movies have that kind of power.

    The singers for the English version are outstanding. Yes, it is a musical of sorts, but that isn't bad when you have Idina Menzel singing. She is off the charts awesome. I was also very pleasantly surprised with Kristen Bell's singing. I didn't know she sang, let alone so well.

    Posted in: 'Frozen' tops box office in Japan for 5th consecutive week

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    Sfjp330, maybe you can explain why China routinely challenges spy planes flying in international waters? In most cases, very aggressively.

    Posted in: Japan's scrambles against Chinese planes hit record high

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