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    Blockbuster was the first to fall many years ago to Netflix and inexpensive DVDs. The networks are holding on to the same sinking ship.

    Apple is promising to sweep the networks up in the whole internet TV craze with the new AppleTV and a yet to come subscription service, but the networks are still holding out. Offering piecemeal TV like CBS will not work. People will not pay al a carte. If the networks wait too long to join an Apple type service, they will become as irrelevant as Blockbuster.

    Posted in: TV operators seek silver bullet to fight online rivals

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    Russia isn't bombing ISIS and is instead bombing rebels fighting against the cruel and corrupt Assad government?

    Who would have expected that to happen?

    Posted in: U.S. urges Russians to focus airstrikes on Islamic State

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    Hmm, lots of bluster, but no comments in response to Russia's Navy base in Tartus, Syria being the real goal.

    Russia is only interested in preserving Assad so that they can remain in Tartus.

    Russia doesn't want to target Al Qaeda or ISIS. They already have their hands full with Chechen terrorists and don't want new terrorists groups interested in attacking Russia.

    Posted in: Putin jockeying for deal with U.S. on Syria

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    The problem is the U.S. has adopted a policy of indirect intervention after Bush stuck American soldiers in Iraq. Afghanistan was the correct battle after 9/11 because Al Qaeda was there, but Iraq was gratuitous and caused serious issues in Afghanistan by drawing needed troops and equipment.

    As a result of the problems Iraq caused, the U.S. has only played an outside role in the Arab Spring, and they have been doing the same in Syria. Russia learned that caution after their invasion of Afghanistan.

    Turkey should the principal player to keep Syria, IS and Al Qaeda in Syria in check since they share a border with Syria, but Turkey is more interested in waging a decades long war against the Kurds in Northern Iraq and Syria. If someone should act against Syria, IS or Al Qaeda in Syria, it should be Turkey.

    The U.S. is training Syrian rebels to battle IS, but it hasn't been very successful because: (1) vetting our radicals, war criminals, and people who only want to attack Assad eliminates over 90% of the candidates, (2) viable candidates don't always pass the training, (3) rebel commanders are inexperienced and have failed to protect those who finished the training or their families, (4) Al Qaeda and IS have used more sophisticated intelligence operations against the rebels. The rebels that have been trained are in daily contact with U.S. controllers, and they direct U.S. air strikes against Al Qaeda and IS.

    The comments that the supporting Al Qaeda and IS is just absurd Russian propaganda.

    The Russians are only interested in their Mediterranean Navy base leased from the Assad regime. They are not interested in Al Qaeda or IS. They will only work to keep those rebels wanting to attack Assad in check to preserve the Assad regime, which keeps their Mediterranean base open. Russia wants to keep that navy base so bad that Russia will forcefully keep it (and point fingers to the U.S.' Guantanamo base as an incorrect justification) if the Assad regime fails.

    Posted in: Putin jockeying for deal with U.S. on Syria

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    I find this story pretty amusing. Good on them to change the name. President McKinley did not deserve the honor of having a mountain named after him, especially since it already had a name....

    My only problem is that the name Mt. McKinley is ingrained in my brain and the name Denali is ingrained in my brain as a huge gas guzzling GMC SUV, the Yukon Denali.

    I'll need to think of the big GMC SUV as a mental crutch when thinking about the mountain.

    Posted in: White House says Mount McKinley to be renamed Denali

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    “Constant brainwashing since day one in the education and mass media systems has played a key role in building and keeping alive these strong anti-Japanese sentiments,” said Jean-Pierre Cabestan, professor of government and international studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. “Larger segments of the Chinese society seem to really believe that the Japanese are still very militarist and nationalistic.”

    Scapegoat is a word I learned related to Nazi Germany's persecution of Jews and the Nazi's rise to power. Nazis conducted a very sophisticated and well developed advertising campaign to demonize and blame Jewish people for suffering felt after WWI . The result of this campaign changed many people's perceptions. The war time atrocities committed by Nazi Germany probably could not have happened without this campaign of hate.

    Japan as an enemy to China has not existed for 70 years. So, the Chinese government's actions can only be called a campaign of hate.

    As other posters have stated, everyday Chinese are bashing their government. So, one way for the Chinese government to create national unity and push attention away from their policies is to have a common enemy.

    Is the Chinese government equivalent to a Nazi Germany? Only history will tell, but we should not ignore the historical similarities if there is an opportunity to stop another atrocity like that committed by Nazi Germany.

    Posted in: China's leadership fans antipathy toward Japan

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    wanderlust. I had the same question. Why the long wait to confirm what should have been relatively simple to confirm?

    Plus, the photos should have been enough to easily confirm it came from a 777, and since no 777s went down other than MH370, the conclusion it came from the plane seems obvious.

    Posted in: Investigators scramble to analyse wreckage for MH370 link

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    yamashi: When we speak about "criminal actions or criminal activity in foreign countries" it is better for Americans not to open their mouthes at all. Because they are ultimate champions in that sort of "criminal activity". In short, Russia does it right by fighting back all that bunch of western bullies.

    "Ultimate Champion of Criminal Activity" Good one... and used in support of Russia shooting down a plane full of innocent men, women and children . . . after invading another country... again.

    Posted in: Russia's U.N. draft on MH17 crash doesn't call for tribunal

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    He gets a lot of great musicians to play for him, and his first solo album was very good.

    "Talk Is Cheap was released to a very receptive critical reaction (many reviewers half-jokingly called it the best Rolling Stones album in years)" Wikipedia.

    Posted in: Keith Richards to release first solo album in 23 years

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    It took almost three hours today, plus the time to get there. It took over an hour once they had the documents.

    There already were over 90 people there shortly after 9AM when it opens. People must have gotten in early before they opened the shutters. The ticket count was in excess of 230 by 12PM.

    Overall, the whole idea of getting a residence card issued by immigration is pretty stupid when previously I only needed to visit the local town hall. I thought I was through with the Regional Immigration Bureau, but now I need to go back again when it is time to renew this new version of the same card (7 years from now, but there is nothing to enjoy about a trip there).

    Posted in: Wednesday deadline for foreign nationals to get resident cards

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    Was not properly vetted? OK. How about vetting it instead of removing it wholesale?

    I am sure many of the things cited were correct, although it was harshly stated.

    Reality is harsh but hard to come by when critiquing China.

    Posted in: World Bank removes critical section from China report

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    At the end of the war Japan acknowledged all their crimes and their inhuman attack on the world when the Emperor of Japan sign a UNCONDITIONAL Surrender. The USA, the British and Australia were all signatures on this documents which demand Japan apoyigise by signing the document. IF you have problem with that I suggest take it up with your government for not wording the Unconditional surrender that Japan has to apoyigise whenever ask do so again again and again.

    The apology is worth nothing if you deny the reason for the apology or act like Japan didn't act like barbarians. These men were subjected to horrific treatment, and their problem is Japan denying that it happened.

    Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans

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    To everyone claiming that the U.S. was harsh to Okinwans, remember that the Okinawans were subjugated by the Japanese and treated like slaves. The U.S. did not target Okinawans, who were not apart of the Japanese military.

    The Japanese instituted mass suicides of Okinawans before the invasion to hide their crimes and scared them into suicide by saying the Americans would be worse than they were. Anyone pointing at Okinawa as a measure of US aggression clearly doesn't know what the heck happened or what their country did during the war. Oh, and they are clearly not Okinawan since Okinawans who survived Japan's occupation do remember first hand what happened.

    Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans

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    Japan was ruthless during WWII, and people now complain because America did something ruthless but decisive in return to end that ruthlessness. If one side takes their gloves off or becomes barbaric during a fight, the other side must take their gloves off and become barbaric or they will die.

    No, Japan got what was coming to it. Japan is responsible for everything that happened to other countries and to its own citizens during the war, whether they want to admit it or not.

    If you start a fight and are ruthless in conducting that fight,you can't complain about what happens to you when you lose the fight. Japan would have done much worse. If they had the bomb, it would have been used indiscriminately on civilians and military.

    Japan today is not the Japan of WWII. But, denying the guilt is like a murdered not showing remorse and makes them look like the Japan of WWII.

    Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans

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    I like RDJ. He's a great actor. Some of his best stuff was before he put on the iron suit. And when he did, he basically saved Marvell's butt.

    I wish him the best and hope he can avoid further tools like this so called interviewer. RDJ should have been so nice to the guy.

    Posted in: Robert Downey Jr walks out of TV interview as questions turn personal

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    Failure to act “will embolden religious extremists,” they added.

    Anything that happens now will embolden extremists.

    Posted in: Malaysia urged to punish Muslims for forcing church to remove cross

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    Nessie, you must be reading Warren Buffet. Buy when the market is fearful and sell when greedy

    The maket almost always overreacts to news.

    However, you have to worry about the company losing its but and liquidating. It only works if Asiana's business doesn't get killed and ceases to exist.

    Posted in: Asiana plane hit antenna on runway, footage shows

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    scipantheistAPR. 13, 2015 - 09:54AM JST There's a lot of things to hate Turkey over (the recent cowardliness in taking on ISIS for one), but the Armenian genocide is now in essentially no one's lifetime.

    True, but the comment was about history, which is true. Turkey is trying to deny it happened and stop the Pope from commenting on history.

    If you need something more current and in our lifetime, look to the Turkish treatment of the Kurds. Not as bad as Armenians, but still on par.

    Posted in: Pope sparks row with Turkey by calling Armenian massacre genocide

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    recherche88APR. 12, 2015 - 12:55PM JST How can one watch Thrones in Japan?

    Get U.S. iTunes account (only need a U.S. address) Get HBO Now App (free for one month (no upfront payment), after that $15 per month (buy U.S. iTunes gift cards online to pay from third party websites if you don't have a U.S. credit card)) Get VPN or DNS service to spoof HBO (usually about $5 per month, some setup required, but its not hard)

    You get the HBO's back catalog of series, movies, comedy shows, etc. to include all seasons of GoT.

    Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' makes an epic return

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    U.S. Vets who lived through the war have gotten over blaming Japan. They know the differences between the Japanese people of WWII, and its leadership at the time.

    Plus, Japan has really progressed in the post-1946 WWII era and in the post-1980's unfair trade war era. They are now a responsible actor on the world scene. They still need to improve in a lot of areas (e.g., incarceration without charges, forced confessions, xenophobia, etc.), but they are not now known for military aggression.

    Trade is still unbalanced between the U.S. and Japan, but it isn't totally because of government policies. (rice and beef are exceptions... basically, government based smear campaigns against free trade of U.S. rice and beef, resistance to the TPP). Japanese rice is better than all other rice??? I understand the need not to lose domestic rice production capacity, but the Japanese PR campaign against U.S. rice is just too much to believe . . . and swallow.

    The Chinese government on the other hand has clearly been a bully internationally and domestically, and people around the world know it. The poling reflects this general opinion.

    Posted in: U.S., Japan trust each other but both wary of China: poll


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