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    Looks like Willie Pete (white phosphorous) fired by artillery in advance of their tanks.

    WP is pretty bad news for anyone on the receiving end.

    Impressive coordination between the artillery and armor.

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    they know he does business, has to do it with powerful people

    That isn't the whole story. These people are also greedy. The power they have is the power to make decisions to enrich themselves at the cost of investors. If a deal goes bad, the powerful people have been paid, and the investors get nothing in a bankruptcy.

    Have a look at the most recent polls. Looking bad for Trumph. No wonder he is saying the election is rigged.

    To quote John McCain "What [Trumph] did was he fired up the crazies."

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    I honestly think Khan was put there to agitate Trump and it worked a treat. Keep baiting this spoiled schoolgirl and he'll be like the cartoon Tasmanian Devil by November if he lasts that long. It's easy, just too easy. Perhaps to a point, but I wouldn't expect nothing else from the dishonesty tactics that are deployed in this campaign. Not surprised at all.

    "Swiftboating" became a word because of Republican's dishonest tactics. Granted, it was by a PAC group.

    Trumph and the words he speaks are fair game. The Kahn family had something to say, and the Dems gave them a forum to say it.

    Trumph created the controversy by speaking his mind. And what comes out of his mind was disturbing.

    (So called) success in business is the same laying your life on the line in defense of the country.

    Insulting a grieving mother whose son died in services of the country and while saving troops under his command.

    Later accepting a purple heart, which must have been a set-up in my mind, but he fell for it, and saying he always wanted one but didn't want the effort it took to get one.

    Comparing prep/military school for rich kids with serving in the military.

    Dodging the Vietnam draft and lying about it by saying his lottery number was too high and not called. He got out of the draft on a medical excuse for heel spurs, I believe.

    It is no wonder Republicans are constantly having trouble dealing with the things he says and want to distance themselves from him.

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    Easy, they were tired of the system and this president ruling as a monarch

    Everyone makes this slander of the current president. Anyone remember King George?

    Using Khan as bait to tempt and agitate Trump was thoughtless, calculating and racist as well as playing the race card, that's racism in itself and liberals are masters of the race card.

    It was like taking candy from a baby's small hands. It couldn't have been more planned. Expect more well executed plans to show Trumph's unfitness. This is no "swift boating". Trumph is doing it to himself.

    So what if Trump was married three times.

    There is almost no reason to bring personal lives into politics. The only time I could see it is if their personal life contradicts their policy agendas.

    Well, since the DNP roots are embedded in racism, created it, nurtured it, embraced it, then that is the party No one should support.

    You are talking about the early 1800's. Two hundred years ago. If you want compare parties of that era with this one, then it is clear the Democrats of 2016 are acting more like the Republicans of the 1800's, and the Republicans of 2016 are acting like the Democrats of the 1800's.

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    Based in Intel provided to him by holdovers from the Clinton administration. Even Clinton's on record saying Iraq had WMD's. . . .

    No, get your facts straight. This is more Republican lies. Now, the Republicans dismiss the faulty intelligence and say the world is better off without Hussein and then blame Obama for the mess in the middle east, which Republicans created. That takes some stones to make and even believe those lies.

    The trumped up intelligence used to support the Iraq war was provided by Rumsfeld and Cheney through their friend "Curveball" and Rumsfeld's DOD intelligence group. They knew it was a pack of lies an used it to support a war. Even Powell was mad about being duped by these people. Cheney wouldn't let the CIA or anyone else challenge Curveball's information.

    I respect Powell and bought their sales pitch too.

    The so-called Clinton era intelligence came mostly from UN inspectors, which turned out to be Iraqi bluster to make themselves look strong so Iraq wouldn't fall apart from within.

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    Rigged elections since going back to LBJ with Dems using the dead to vote

    Yea, not that I liked Al Gore, but the hanging chad and a Republican ruling at the state level to hand over an election to Bush, who lost the popular vote.

    Lawlessness of people wanting to shoot cops,

    You are suggesting what? Democrats are not causing people to act lawless. Cops shooting people are causing revolts. Just last month, a Miami cop shot a man lying on the ground with his hands up.

    Besides, incidents of police shootings are down, and statements like this is more feelings passed as facts.

    the unwillingness of the Dems wanting to create higher wage jobs,

    Hmm, this sounds like the Republicans. They don't want to support education that creates higher paid jobs.

    bring the deficit down,

    Clinton balanced the budget, but Republicans (Bush) thought it would be a good idea to start a war and created a deficit to do so. The most lauded Republican, Reagan, created trillions of dollars in debt and is the originator of the deficit you are attributing to Democrats. No to big government? Defense contractors are not the government?

    1.3 GDP

    +1.4%/year GDP annualized percentage change (Q1 2016), +3.3%/year GDP year over year percentage change (Q1 2016)

    racism out of control

    Are you attributing white racists who back Trumph to Democrats?

    Or, does two or three angry black men qualify as a movement worth getting scared about?

    Or, are peaceful demonstrations by Black Lives Matters scary?

    The racism is the same racism the U.S. has been dealing with for centuries, white on black.

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    , there cannot be prosperity in America without Law & Order

    More Republican "feelings" passed off as fact.

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    The fact is that Trumph is unfit to be my neighbor let alone the President. I would probably punch him (or at least have some heated words) for the things he said of the Khan family if he lived next door to me. I wouldn't want Trumph any where near my children.

    Trumph is so full of BS and lies, it isn't even funny. It is just scary. Yes, the people who support him are scary too. Who could believe that pack of lies. Maybe the people who buy his steaks....

    Obama has been one of the best Presidents and is certainly the coolest President. I can generally trust what he says.

    The only problem with his Presidency, white America kept electing Republicans to the legislature to protest having a black man as a President. The establishment Republicans couldn't defeat Obama, so they make every effort to attack him or block him.

    Republican's just have nothing good to say about a rival and resort to open political warfare that hurts the nation. Now they are even suggesting feelings matter as opposed to facts, "American's feels. . . "there are more murders." FBI statistics refute that, unless you believe Republican's cherry picked facts and supposed feelings.

    I am just waiting for the Republican party to self-implode. It has already begun. Not that I don't like Republicans, I just don't like the current brand. They are ugly as losers and self-righteous as winners.

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    Democrats are acting more Republican than Republicans.

    I am already smelling smoke coming from the Republican campaign as it starts to self-implode.

    Trumph vs. Stephanopoulos: I shake my head at the nerve of Trumph to think he can outwit Stephanopoulos or pass off his so called "feelings", which are all Republicans have since they don't have any facts.

    And, Trump attacks the Khan family and criticizes the mother who lost her son in Military service to the country for not speaking at the DNC. This is a family that deserves respect.

    Preposterous, but given Trumph's ego, it is understandable that he knows no boundaries other than his love of self. If he keeps this up, he will lose the election in the next couple of weeks.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina even said "This is going to a place where we've never gone before, to push back against the families of the fallen. There used to be some things that were sacred in American politics -- that you don't do -- like criticizing the parents of a fallen soldier even if they criticize you."

    They are sacred for a reason. People just don't criticize parents who lost a child to defending the nation.

    I can only think, what is next?

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    The McDonalds generation is starting to catch up.

    There is a lot of truth in this simple statement.

    Article Unavailable

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    "China should fund UN to investigate"

    Go ahead and ask for an investigation, but don't cry when they determine that China is the aggressor. By the way, you can't just buy an investigation by the UN. Otherwise, the UN would have ruled in China's favor when deciding China had no claim in the South Pacific and had damaged other country's sovereignty and natural habitat.

    "This will flush out US evil design on China."

    If only China could recognize the flushing sounds after the recent UN court ruling that China is a bad actor by forcefully claiming other nation's territory.

    Posted in: China criticizes U.S., Japan, Australia for 'fanning' tensions

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    So to say Islam has nothing to do with this shooting is just plain ignorance.

    Islam was an excuse to do what he wanted. That was the part Islam and ISIS played.

    The fact is that this person was an American, and the people involved are Americans. He lived his whole life in America.

    No supposed policy of Trumph's to block Muslims from immigrating would have changed the result, and Trumph deserves no credit whatsoever.

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    Smug Trumph. He is an idiot, plain and simple. The only reason he is the Republican nominee for president is because the Republicans party and Republicans are so out of touch.

    The shooter was an American who had a grudge against gay people. His father said the shooter was motivated because he saw two gay men kissing in Miami. He was being radicalized by a former U.S. Marine and ex-convict who encouraged crimes against gay people. So, all the actors are domestic, and the real reason for the shooting is an angry homophobe.

    Trump's supposed policies to block immigration of Muslims would have never stopped this shooting since everyone involved were Americans. He callously congratulates himself, for what? Hate and policies that would have done nothing to stop this shooting. I'm just surprised he didn't congratulate the shooter, because I am sure he is also a homophobe, like the rest of the Republican establishment. They don't believe in liberty, except when it applies to policies that support their wealth.

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    “The exercises… do not contribute to an atmosphere of trust and security,” said spokesman Dmitry Peskov... “Unfortunately we are still witnessing a deficit in mutual trust.”

    Invading countries to annex desired locations creates a lot of trust and security. These exercises and countries like the Georgia and the Ukraine wanting to join NATO are a result of Russia's aggression in Europe.

    NATO hasn't used military force on other countries.

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    I don't like the whole super delegate system, let alone the whole election system.

    The primary system is archaic and meant to provide an illusion of voting for a candidate and allow the party establishment to retain the power to determine its candidates. Still, Clinton has more pledged delegates (not counting super delegates) under the primary rules they are working under.

    Sanders claims the super delegates taint the system (agreed), but then he says he should be the candidate because he has the best chance of beating Trumph. So, he decries the system, but then he thinks the system should ignore the popular vote and appoint him as the candidate.

    He should just resign from the race, but he is probably holding on until he gets a promise for a cabinet position.

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    The family of the woman in her 30s had asked police in neighboring Yamaguchi Prefecture early Wednesday to search for the three, they said.

    The police were looking for her, so that is probably the reason she was stopped. Pretty sad story.

    Article Unavailable

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    The tariffs are because the U.S. steel industry spent years creating the technology to make cold rolled steel, and now Chinese companies mysteriously have that technology and are selling the steel below cost. It is no secret that the technology was stolen by the Chinese military and provided to the Chinese steel industry.

    Chinese companies are also trying to hide the source of the steel by attempting to sell it through companies located in other countries, which coincidentally do not have a steel industry. Clever, but not clever enough.

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    This hit the sailors where it hurts. Sailors are known to drink like a fish.

    I am hoping they quickly come to the desired understanding and refrain from acting like .... drunken sailors.

    Posted in: U.S. Navy slaps drinking ban on 18,600 sailors in Japan, ends liberty

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    LGBT and Trannies....He'd be ashamed about LGBT and Trannies using any restroom they want. Didn't Abe say something like, " a nation divided cannot stand". Look at all the division obama created

    The U.S. has a diverse population. LGBT and trannies are real and part of the country. But you would rather divide them from the country and deny them a voice in their own country. The bathroom choice along with that whole community integrating into the nation is something that will evolve in time as issues are addressed.

    A nation divided? The Republicans have divided the nation by trying to make everyone accept their perverted vision of a judeo-christian state and saying no at every step. It goes to show the Republicans are not the same party as Lincoln's party. They cannot accept diversity and would rather divide the nation if it will not accept their narrow and antiquated religious agenda.

    On the topic of the article, Trumph is a petty confidence man writ large. I can thankfully say that I have never bought anything with a Trumph name on it.

    Now, the Trumph name is attached to the Republicans, a true reflection of the regressive state of the Republican party.

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    Republicans fought to rid the south of Slavery. The KKK was formed by democrats.

    This is hardly Abe Lincoln's Republican party. That was a long time ago and a lot has changed.

    Abe Lincon's party has digressed to elect the likes of Donald Trumph. Abe would be ashamed.

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