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    wow !!! So funny, I hope she will not lose her job because of it...

    Looks like forced retirement, or transfer to a night school or bad school is in her future.

    Posted in: Teacher criticized for attending son’s entrance ceremony instead of her own school’s

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    The last movie was terrible - that was the longest airport runway I have ever seen....

    STOP WITH THE CGI and go with real stunts

    I like Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift

    Real car stunts and real drifting !!!!

    Posted in: Dead star's brothers to finish 'Fast and Furious 7'

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    They don't look happy !!! SMILE PEOPLE !!!!

    Sea of bodyguards !!! I wish I had that many bodyguards !!!

    It's cool !!!

    Posted in: Kennedy visits Ise Grand Shrine

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    Let's be HONEST here....

    America is becoming a different country... The ideal of freedom is changing !!!

    It's very silly but watch " Captain America " you can actually hear the politics in the movie about so called, " American Freedom " and etc.

    You look at the 1980's & 1990's and you can see the big difference of freedom we used to have and the current so called, " freedom " we have today.

    Especially the airports !!!!

    Now Obama is RIGHT !! Things are changing !!!! America is changing to a more control the people control who votes and who has the right to vote...

    What else will change in our future ?

    English language will change too in America...

    Posted in: Obama says right to vote under threat in U.S.

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    Nothing Newsworthy here:

    Same stuff happen to all countries around the world..

    What I do not understand is why teenagers are using vapors (electronic cigarettes) ?

    REALLY ? Is it that stressful ?

    Posted in: 23 people in Kanagawa face charges for allowing minors to smoke, drink alcohol

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    What a mess !!!

    Just dump it into the sea already.... it will sit out on the sun and evaporate and go back into the atmosphere...

    Just dump it into the city and that's it !!!!

    Posted in: Contaminated water leaks from container at Fukushima plant

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    throw this guy in jail for a long long time

    Posted in: Two men arrested for forcing 18-year-old girl into prostitution

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    Sick freak

    Article Unavailable

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    Mortar Attack in Japan ? The media should open up the ears and eyes of people who think amaerican military is here to destroy Japan. They need a wake up call...

    Posted in: Rocket launchers fired near U.S. base at Yokota

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    Maybe this old guy was fighting and didn't want to do what the caregivers were instructing him. I have seen that before.

    Plus, alot of stubborness from the staff and patients (oldies).

    Posted in: Report finds serious abuse of disabled by relatives, caregivers

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    Well, the police will let him go after he says, " Gomenasai " to much and beat his wife up.

    His wife should file for divorce !!! And disappear.

    Posted in: Driver held after car hits 5 students on bicycles

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    Yaks back in business !!! Good news !!!!

    Posted in: Casino lobby prepares to submit bill during current Diet session

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    Do not see that NEW George Clooney & Sandra Bullock movie.

    It's crap !!

    Don't watch such crap !!!!

    Why make the asteroid angry ? What did the asteroid do to us ?

    Posted in: Asteroid-blast space cannon on track, say scientists

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    Oh no !

    Posted in: Dozens flee Izu Oshima ahead of new typhoon

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    Not really ! ! !

    The whole country ?

    Hmmmmmm, that's hard to swallow

    Posted in: Tokyo Olympics could seal Japan's revival

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    fight or flight

    depending on the situation

    They have pens that have mace or pepper spray buy thoughs or ask your family to mail it to you from your home country.

    always spray there eyes or nose.

    hold the spray tightly in your hand or switch hands keep spraying person in the face until the can is empty

    Most sprays look like underarm deodorant spray. Buy as many as you want...

    If you are afraid carry it in your hand or readily available in your purse.

    Again spray in the eyes and nose area.

    If the guy can't breath you have an oppotunity to call the police or get somebody.

    Nose and eyes.

    Posted in: Practical tips for dealing with stalking in Japan

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    Advice to parents and the mentally ill:

    Don't buy this game for children under 16 years old.

    Don't buy this game if you a mentally ill child & have assorted guns and thousands upon thousands of rounds (bullets) in your house or personal ammo depot on your property.

    Don't buy this game if you cannot have personal control of your attitude and emotions. If you do not have 45% or more self control in your life don't buy this game.

    Don't give money to your child if you don't care what kind of video game your child is buying. If your that kind of parent it's time to reconsider your parenting skills.

    Don't buy this game if your mad at the world and you want to see it burn

    If you have disgruntled feelings towards anybody seek professional medical advice or talk to somebody about your feelings.

    Posted in: 'Grand Theft Auto V' hits streets in wild debut

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    I have lived in Hawaii for several years. I have seen some prison tattoos, backyard tattoos, TIK TAC TOE, scribblings on the face and weird stuff.

    If they can prove they had a TB test, and hepatitis test. They are allowed to swim in the onsen.....

    Posted in: Hokkaido onsen bars Maori woman over her face tattoos

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    If I was the judge she can get sterilize, also never to touch a kid again and walk out jail free or get 30 years in jail.

    Posted in: Woman arrested for strangling 3-year-old daughter to death in Saitama

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    Some students and teachers are nutz... I have seen students breaking teacher's bones and etc.

    I have seen some students cause bodily injuries to the teachers.

    I have seen some teachers abuse this children they are supposed to nurture.

    Anything goes, while the 85 year old BOE supervisors watch and look and go, " Nani Nani allllll day. "

    Posted in: Volleyball coach seen beating schoolboy in YouTube video

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