And the Oscar for Best Nap Time goes to ...

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    "It was somewhere with the boat and the water and the lion, and they had settled into the story, and I just had this feeling that, 'I'm just going to listen to the movie for a while and I'm just going to close my eyes,'" she recalled of her 15-minute break from the largely symbolic action.

    Jennifer Thomas must've been sleeping from start to finish and missed the book and the previews. It was a tiger, not a lion!

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    I fell asleep during The Hobbit, just for a few minutes. I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything.

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    I can't believe I just read a whole article about people napping in the movies without falling asleep!

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    Never get seated at or near the front row seats in an IMAX.......... Falling asleep would be the least of your problems, ha!

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    Hobbit is totally snooze worthy !!!!!!!

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    Why are theaters so cold.. wasting electricity. Movie popcorn is GMO. Lincoln first put me to sleep with all the talking and blackened lighting and just slow and boring story .. that I actually got up and left.. a waste of $16 and time.. gawd what a bore.. when you know the outcome.. could not even find an American actor to play honest Abe. Le Miz was great but you have to like Opera .. HObbit was a rip off knowing that there are still 2 more installments to go.. so many Hollywood films today are just bad or remakes or bang bang moron films... and what has Japanese movie makers made that has been good other than Miyasaki and Disney tried to destroy his creativity.

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    Life of Pi was great. The rest all snoozers. I know better than to go see Lincoln. I'll be out cold.

    The Academy should have a new criteria for Best Picture. "They snooze, you lose".

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    Surf O'Holic

    Aside from being factually inaccurate, "Lincoln" was highly acclaimed by the cinema critics, which makes it even more dubious. Remember all the acclaim for "Dancer in the Dark"? THAT was the most awful, torturous movie experience imaginable. I kept thinking, "Ok, it's got to get interesting at some point." And then it ended. Phew! I wanted a refund.

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    Mainstream movies are montruosities in comparison to the ones in the indie stream. If you like real good movies, watch the ones that make to the Sundance festival.

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    The Hobbit was great. Lincoln and Batman were boring.

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