Anime fan treks the globe with cardboard cutout wolf bride


Eternal anime fan and Eurasian student Fabrice Requin is on a mission; a mission to transport his cardboard cut-out “bride” Holo around the planet and visit as many scenic locations together as possible.

Having already visited Singapore, Indonesia and China as well as many European locations, brave traveler Fabrice has recently caught the attention of the Japanese media who can’t get enough of his wacky adventures and admire his brazen, anime-loving spirit.

Project Holo, named after the character of the same name from anime Spice and Wolf, sees Fabrice visiting world-famous sites with his friend, sister and, most importantly, a life-size cardboard cutout of character Holo dressed as a bride. Caring not a jot about the stares and giggles he receives, Fabrice poses in front of sights like Kyoto and Nara’s Kinkaku and Todai temples, fashionable Ikebukuro and the famous “scramble” pedestrian crossing as seen in Bill Murray’s now legendary movie and Japanophile favorite “Lost in Translation.”

“Several months ago, I purchased a cardboard cutout of Holo from Spice & Wolf out of curiosity,” explains Fabrice on his website Fateful Encounters. “Thinking that it was a waste to just display it in my room, I decided to create Project Holo along with my friend and sister with the intention of taking her to as many places around the world if the opportunity rises, and put together a photo album with different country landmarks and everyone that she has met.”

Fabrice says that he was inspired by this short scene in the anime Durarara!! in which two characters are seen carrying a cutout exactly like that Fabrice found online.

With his bags packed and his bride broken into easily reassembled pieces, Fabrice was ready to begin travelling. And travel he did.

As Japanese website IT Media writes, during their time in Tokyo, Holo and Fabrice paid visits to all of the popular sightseeing locations, but also made time to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka and the otaku mecca that is Akihabara, calling in at Good Smile Cafe and Karaoke. Fortunately for them, their visit coincided with the final day of a special Puella Magi Madoka Magica event; an animation that Fabrice is a huge fan of.

Quizzed further about his choice of anime and manga, Fabrice lists titles including Girls and Panzer, Bakuman and the story of astronaut wannabes Uchuu Kyoudai as his favorites, with the latter being a title that has recently spawned a highly successful live action feature film.

Like many anime fans living outside of Japan, quirky traveller Fabrice bemoans that lack of official sources and distribution points in his home country, and is often frustrated that many titles are sometimes edited or have entire scenes removed. Thankfully, thanks to the existence of websites like anime and otaku haven Crunchyroll, he and like-minded people can watch an enormous array of videos online and engage in chat and discussions via the site’s vast number of forums.

There’s no news yet regarding the next geographical location the pair have their sights set on, but we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on Fabrice’s incredible honeymoon adventures from now on and be sure to bring you news as soon as it comes in. In the meantime, any animé fans out there should definitgely pay Fabrice’s homepage a visit and check out some of the other locations that he and Holo have visited.

Until the next time.

Source: IT Media Images: Fabrice Requin

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  • 5


    This is why there is such a horrible stigma towards people who like anime...

  • -7


    What a manchild.

    This is why there is such a horrible stigma towards people who like anime...

    Anyone over the age of 14 who reads comic books and watches cartoons deserves horrible stigma.

  • 3


    Anyone over the age of 14 who reads comic books and watches cartoons deserves horrible stigma.

    There are much worse things a person over 14 could do than those. Have a look at the crime section.

  • 1


    Nothing new here..whats the big deal..? .People have been doing this for fun with all kinds of toys / characters for ages...taking their favorite fluffy toy or figurine and taking photos of it or with it in front of famous travel spots. The only difference here is this guy lugs around a cardboard bride for kicks....( each to their own ). Of course J-media thinks this incredibly cool and this will no doubt feature in all kinds of articles / shows trying to promote the " cool Japan" jingle and serve as a "proof" how anime / maga culture is spreading around the world. Gosh.

  • 2

    Peter Payne

    Probie, some of us do it for a job. It's not bad work if you can get it... ^_^

    Really, though, this is just one visible aspect of otaku culture. I also collect Star Wars figures, and have hundreds on display in my office. (It was quite a mess to manage after 3/11.) Should I stop doing this, and instead devote lots of time to managing my 401(k) instead? Actually I do that too.

  • 1


    There are much worse things a person over 14 could do than those. Have a look at the crime section.

    He's right. Reading comic books is a lot safer than joining the police.

  • -2

    Zen student

    Oh, how sweet. Let's hope he finds a real woman one day who will guide him back to the land of reality.

  • -2


    I would like to see this guy go out and try and date any respectable woman while holding that anime cutout. I like anime and manga myself but there is a fine line where I cut all of that nonsense out. I would not or do not spend my hard earn cash buying semi naked or half naked figurines or plaster my room with girl anime pics and photos. There is "real women" for that. :P Some people just take it a bit too far and make us people who are into anime and manga look like weirdos. But on another note there is weirdos out there. Just go to Akiba and you will see a lot of them. Some of them look right out creepy :(

  • 0


    Hahaha, buddies and I once went around the country taking photos with a cardboard cutout of Wayne Gretzky we picked up at a store we happened to be when they're just about to throw it away! Fun times, fun times.

  • 3


    Morning folks, wow cant believe our project is featured on Japan Online!

    Im proud that so many people have read and are interested about this very special project, all I can say is that I hope at least everybody who has written here or read has a passion in life which mine is to travel around the world and exploring beautiful, exciting places and learning their culture. I must say that during my last travel along with my friends and companion Holo, It was a wonderful experience and that is was easy to travel as her ticket was free and she didnt bother me! ;)

    Here is my page about the real purpose of the Project have a read about it if you have time and want to know more.

    Cheers from cloudy london! Fabrice

  • 0


    @monolocco I'd call myself a "respectable" (whatever that means) woman and I would have no problem with a guy who does that. It's a cute idea (even if not new) and he's probably an open and fun guy to hang out with, considering how much he gets around. There are of course some fans who get a bit insane and lose all sense for reality, but buying figures and having posters is pretty harmless, as long as it doesn't dominate your life.

    Seriously though, is being arrogant and looking down on others (and their lifestyle) supposed to make a guy look more attractive? Because it doesn't work, sorry.

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