Cosplayers invade Kyoto subway system


The Kyoto subway was swarmed by mobs of cosplayers last weekend, alarming some commuters and intriguing others. Though Japan may be thought of as the “land of cosplay,” it’s actually extremely rare to see this many layers (shortening of “cosplayers”) out and about in public. Cosplay is all well and good at certain events, but a major no-no in areas where it can cause trouble for the uninitiated.

So what were all these guys (yes, mainly guys) doing on the subway? Why, promoting the upcoming Kyoto Manga Anime Festival and it’s connected cosplay event, GO-TAN! of course!

GO-TAN! is an active cosplay group that organizes events in and around Kyoto. This time, they’ve got quite an area staked out for the use of fans that wish to don the garb of their favorite characters and take some snazzy outdoor pictures. The cosplay space will span from Uzumasa Tenjigawa to Rokujizou, but be careful that you don’t stray out of the specified area while still in costume (It’s against the event rules and might get the organizers in trouble with the locals).

Online sign-ups for this cosplay photo shoot started on Aug 25. The main event is Sept 7 and 8 at Heian Jingu-mae Okazaki Park. It’s only 1,000 yen to participate as either a cosplayer or a cameraman, so those of you in the Kansai area looking to bust out your ninja headbands and keyblades should check it out.


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  • -17


    What an annoying bunch of idiots.

    Grow up.

  • -5


    must be a "women only" car. -Or maybe not.

  • 9


    If they were neither drunk nor unruly, what's the harm? Still, from the perspective of a spectator, I'd personally prefer to look at women than men doing this.

  • 10


    Grow Up? It's called being young at heart. Growing up does not mean you have to mature up, if you want to stay young at heart while being a grow up, then so be it.

    **On Topic: **Oh Japan, you and your awesome events. Wish I can be there xD

  • -2


    grown up***

  • 6


    Yeah grow up! Stop going things you enjoy that hurt no one just because some people are intolerant and don't like to see others have fun. Shame on you people.

    Here here.

    What an annoying bunch of idiots. Grow up.


  • 4


    It's "Hear, hear".

    But you're 100 per cent right.

    • Moderator

      Readers, there is no reason to insult cosplayers. They are just having fun.

  • 5

    Dennis Bauer

    Nice seeing people always commenting on how Japanese frown on people different than themselves and now do the same on Cosplayers, or is it because they are male cosplayers?

  • 6


    and who wrote the rules that only women can do whatever they want and be praised, yet men are derided for the same things? it's about time society wakes up to it's double standards

  • 5

    John Occupythemoon Daly

    If I walked into that train car in anything other than completely sober condition, I probably would have lost my sh*t. However, that would have been the most stereotypical "Japan" picture I could ever hope to take. I would love to have shot a Harlem Shake video with those bros. Party on, dues. Party on.

  • 2

    Aaron Loki Brummett

    I make a convincing sailor Moon (S), and yes, I am a guy! I hope I can find more photos from this promotion. This is very artistic.. Looks like so much fun!

  • 2


    You know when you have a dream about walking into a room somewhere and everyone stares at you? I get that feeling looking at the photo.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great, very surreal photo, and as long as the cosplayers are happy who cares? I just have a fear of situations like that (^ . ^; )

  • -1


    Everyone is wearing that mask, right?

  • 2

    Cortes Elijah

    I love it how people are hating on these innocent people having some fun. You guys sound like my dead grumpy grandfather.

    Keep up the fun Japan, its good to get an excuse to let go of all life's stress and relax for once!

    If you have been to Japan you would understand.

  • 0

    Fox Cloud Lelean

    Man, I wish I could be there for that. Maybe next time though. I might have to look aound for cosplaying outfits, depending on how much effort I want to put into it. There's a couple characters I could probably pull off. Hirano Kohta from Highschool of the Dead for example.

  • 0


    In this heat ??? And Kyoto is supposed to be far hotter than anywhere else, being in a "basin"...

  • 0


    lol. Wish I was there with my camera. Could have got some great photos.

  • 0


    Great picture. and yes they are having fun and it is all about fun. Life is tough no reason not to enjoy things. Anime, manga and cosplay help enliven and enlighten life and are a joy to see and to hear about. thanks for the coverage JT well done and thanks for those who defended our right to enjoy things. I hope I never "grow up" in that way, for that means losing the joy of life.

  • -1


    Some cosplayers put a lot of effort and skill into their costumes; they're amazingly detailed and well-made. The "heads" used by this group look a little creepy and seem too easy a way to make a costume.

  • 0


    This photo startled me before my brain reoriented itself. Young people pursuing fun. It would be a sparkle in my day to bump into a scenario like this.

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