Tom Cruise has no intention of slowing down

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Tom Cruise may be 50, but he is not slowing down. He still likes to do as many of his own stunts as possible and he works hard – sometimes without sleep for 48 hours – to make sure he can make his films as entertaining as possible.

Unquestionably one of the most popular Hollywood stars in Japan, Cruise was greeted by 400 fans at Haneda airport when he arrived in Tokyo recently for a 24-hour visit to promote his latest film “Jack Reacher” (titled “Outlaw” in Japan). He spent about 35 minutes in the arrival lobby signing autographs and posing for photos with his fans. The next day, he attended a news conference, followed by the Japan premiere along with co-star Rosamund Pike and director Christopher McQuarrie.

The press conference was carefully scripted – questions were given in advance to selected “journalists.” All questions had to be asked in Japanese. One Fukuoka TV announced prefaced her question by telling Cruise she was so nervous that she was coming to Tokyo to see him that she couldn’t sleep the night before.

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    Movie's tagline: "The law has limits. He does not."

    There should be a sequel: Jack Reacher vs Jack Bauer.

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    sometimes without sleep for 48 hours

    I had 4 hours sleep last night and feel like crap!

    You go Tom.

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    Bully for Tom Cruise... but frankly his Jack Reacher was more of a Jack Reach-Around. The guy just doesn't convince in the quintessential "Big-Mans" role.

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    Robert Dykes

    Just change the oil and recharge the batteries. This robot may last for another 5o years. Just kidding. He looks amazing for 50. He may be a robot, or at the least a freak, but I don't care. Love his movies! Can't wait to see outlaw and his new sc fi coming ut soon. Oblivion I think it its called. Name one other AAA actor who does as many sci fi films as he does!

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    Just waiting for a 'Battlefield Earth'.

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    Dude looks like he did 30 years ago.

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    Go Tom! I think you are a great actor and nice guy. I don't care how much my daughters criticize you.

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    Jason Baugher

    Here in the USA, Tom Cruise is one creepy dude.

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    Don't know why people think 50 is the "fall apart at the seams" age.

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