Aeon opens one of Japan's largest malls in Saitama


Major Japanese retailer Aeon Co opened one of Japan’s largest shopping centers in terms of commercial floor space Thursday in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture. Aeon Laketown, which boasts commercial floor space of around 220,000 square meters, is located near Koshigaya Laketown Station of East Japan Railway Co’s Musashino Line.

The shopping mall comprises two wings—Kaze, meaning “wind,” is home to clothing outlet Vivre and other Aeon group shops, and Mori, meaning “forest,” has the company’s Jusco supermarket as its anchor store—and houses over 500 specialty stores.

Aeon invested some 85 billion yen in the mall, which includes 4,000 square meters of solar panels, the most at a commercial facility in Japan.


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    typical - no info as to who is no. 1, no. 2, no. 3, etc.

    is this store bigger than the one in miyazaki?

    can anyone imagine what 220,000 square meters looks like? probably not - that's why a point of comparison would be nice

    get a job!

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    that's why a point of comparison would be nice

    I do not know how to measure the size, but for comparison sake i can tell you the ratio stands 40:1 i.e. 40 closures : 1 opening.

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    a link to an English website would be nice. Directions, etc.

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