Africa risky but too crucial to leave, say Japanese firms

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    GIving money to third- world nations is a financial black hole.

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    The Japanese are very weak when it comes to working in hostile environments. They always pay kidnap ransoms and cannot protect their own people. The Chinese on the other hand just ignore any kidnap or staff deaths.

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    Mike Critchley

    Algeria may be "Africa," but it's the Arab world. So the problem in this case is not about doing business in Africa, it's doing business in North Africa, and a particularly dangerous part of North Africa at that.

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    I wonder how many of these workers went to Algeria voluntarily and how many were told they have to go or lose their job.

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    That particular plant in Algeria has been there for at least 8 years and is rather isolated, it might be worth noting. No doubt security was in line the perceived threat and anyone going there would have thought the risk was manageable.

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    About 85% of the platinum Japan uses—mainly in the auto industry—and 67% of manganese, a key component of batteries, are imported from Africa, according to JETRO.

    That's like saying that Grizzlies are found in Mexico. No, metals mining is from South Africa and nearby countries, nothing of that in the northern parts of Africa.

    Japan has no business in Algeria other than the oil business, and no need for it was it not that some idiots decided to ban nuclear power. Well, guess what? a decade's worth of deaths from nuclear power happened in just one week due to Japan's oil interests. Oil is not the answer for Japan's energy needs.

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    Well, then, don't demand answers and ask why when it happens again.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Algeria is a good country, it has its problems but Japan needs to keep sending engineers to Algeria, they have OIL Japan does not but has lots of top class engineers to help them with their oil and improving their infrustructure, no nuke plants gonna help run Toyota cars, trucks, right???

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    Elbuda MexicanoJan. 28, 2013 - 12:44PM JST

    no nuke plants gonna help run Toyota cars, trucks, right??

    Guess you missed the article in the tech section that said toyota's making all-electric vehicle battery research with BMW. Not to mention toyota and most competitors have plenty of plugin hybrids (which can be set to use no oil for first 40km, enough for most users, but need electricity), and nissan has full electric cars on the market. Japan doesn't need african oil to meet domestic demand outside power generation, since plastics industry uses heavier oils and not that much lighter oil is needed to drive the cars when you add in fuel production from the heavy stuff.

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    People will go anywhere if pay is good enough!

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