ANA cancels 681 more flights over Dreamliner grounding

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    The latest I've read is that both the ANA and JAL battery packs exhibited damage consistent with thermal runaway. That's about as bad as it gets with lithium batteries before you have an out-and-out fire. I'm glad nobody was hurt.

    I wonder if this will make Tech Briefs? It ought, IMHO

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    ANA appear to be really p*ssed off at Boeing over this one. Do a flight search on their website, and this is the first thing that pops up:

    Apology We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and concern of cancellations and aircraft type changes caused by the recent safety issues of the Boeing 787 aircraft [].

    Calling it outright a "safety issue," etc, love it. ANA should be demanding a refund and buying Airbuses. And Boeing from now on should keep control of its own production, rather than handing it off to variety of different foreigners.

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    I am getting confused here. Are they continuing to 'book flights' in order to maintain reports of cancellations? I mean, this plane has been deemed not flight worthy since, what is it? January 15th? Are 'all' these cancellations from bookings before the blanket grounding of the plane? Further, confusion, is this not then indicative that prior to the use of the 787 there were not enough flights to cover these 100,XXX (pick a number) of alleged passengers?

    I understand the airlines are not pleased, but this story, as I see it written, seems to be fudging the data - perhaps.

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    I've booked a flight for June on one of these. The airlines draw up their schedules at least a year into the future (though they sometimes change, of course). If it's not up and running by then, I'll get re-routed. Big deal. There is no point completely rewriting the timetable only to reinstate it when the planes start flying again.

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    50 planes grounded? These problems should of been worked out in test flight's, instead of putting so many people's live's in danger, and putting everyone at risk in order to meet deadline's and putting profit at the forefront...Safety should be the first concern every time...

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    putting everyone at risk in order to meet deadline

    and yet... they DIDN'T even meet the deadline... They were three years late...

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    They are still late!...there grounded, and making no money!............good point, FightingViking...!

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    All Nippon Airways (ANA) said Thursday it would cancel 681 flights in March,

    681 flights for 17 planes, that comes out to 40 flights per plane per month, which seems high considering half their planes are used for international, once per day flights. Most domestic flights can easily be switched over to other hull types.

    Flight cancellations since the grounding now stand at 1,887 and affect more than 126,000 passengers, the carrier said.

    Looks like the idiot that wrote this article never bothered to actually check up the real story behind the numbers. The numbers come out to just 66 passengers per plane. Even the 787-8 three class (which isn't used in most domestic routes) has 242 seats, so these planes are getting absolutely horrible usage rates. The flight cancellations aren't because of the plane, they are because ANA finally has an excuse to do away with under-performing routes!

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