Asian stocks extend global rout as traders flee to safety

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    It appears that Band Of Japan's Negative interest rate virus has spread all over the globe, BOJ chief Kuroda has turned everything red...!

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    Kobe White Bar Owner

    This is what you can expect when the photocopier is left of printing money.

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    Or we can look at it as a much needed correction in the market. Stocks have been run up on the access to free money with little concern of the actual valuation of the companies. It was a free ride that is now over. We are getting back to the real valuation of stocks. It's not a bad thing.

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    N225 is still more than double its low in Feb 2009, so that is a rate of return on an index fund of over 15% a year. What is all the fuss? The markets always rise and fall and we are just seeing the wind being let out of the recent QE inflated stock bubble.

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    When are some governments going to have the b**ls to bring in some regulations to govern these banks and scaremongering traders.We all know that a lot of people are making a lot of money out of this confusion in the markets. Where are the concrete figures about the downturn in trade , everyone looks at China, they are on a week long national holiday,plus they don't do much business/manufacturing in the run up to the holiday. They , lust like India and Brazil have a huge untapped domestic market that they haven't even made a dent in yet. The US and UK seem to be on a roll,new jobs created, good exports figures Seems there are just a few reckless traders who sole aim is making money at any cost, and that's all it needs, just a few to start a panic.

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    BOJ & MOF should decisively take advantage of the very strong Yen, and sell lots of Yen and buy US$. Get the US$ and purchase US stocks & bonds & oil, foreign assets. In this way 3 benefits are obtained: 1. Yen will weaken, helping the economy & markets. 2. Increased in foreign reserves. (Just print more Yen if market players still want the Yen to appreciate). 3. Increased in higher yielding foreign investments and assets.

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    BOJ & MOF should decisively take advantage of the very strong Yen, and sell lots of Yen

    You can't be serious.

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