Canada clears path for Japan traders with ban on state energy giants

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    This Alberta oil-sands pproject was i n the working for 30 years. . . .but Japan got the bid because Canadians know Japanese are EFFICIENT and RELIABLE, have the state-of-art TECHNOLOGY, are PARTNER PLAYERS and won't try to usurp the balance of power, ARE HONEST in maintainning their end of a contract. . . . . . . . . . . . and in spite of the state of economy for most of the J public, J Corporations have incredibly, insanely, a LOT of yen !

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    10 trillion yen for enery project, not including the actual purchase of energy... And then they said that using the 50 plants that were stalled was expensive.

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    Vast Right-Wing Conspirator

    Seems like a win-win situation. ANthing to minimize Chinese control is a good thing. Japan needs to diversify where it gets energy, especially if the no-nuke idiots get their way. Canada is a safe, stable, and democratic supplier of energy needs. Not like the hate-filled despots of the Middle East.

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    It makes a lot more sense to get oil from Canada rather than from Islamic fanatics in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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