Carmakers lure youth with gadgets, sleek design

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    The kids of today are environmentally conscious - that is why they aren't buying cars.....

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    offering drivers a way to turn their car into both a video game and a DJ, using a joystick to help navigate the chrome circular display.

    This will make the roads safer.

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    Why don't we just try to make the whole process of life a video game instead.

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    Lets distract the driver from actually driving... I'm sorry officer I was playing with my DJ booth and talking to my car and didn't see that....

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    I'd like my car's head's-up-display on the front windshield play like the ol' Grand Theft Auto!

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    Andrew Matthews

    Let me see - there are people in the USA calling for the banning of texting while driving (seriously, how can that be LEGAL?) and the complete banning of all cell phone usage in cars. Because it affects the concentration of the driver.

    And 16 to 19 age drivers have a higher than average percentage of automobile accidents (I am pretty sure this Californian set of stats would be reasonable accurate anywhere.)

    So what do the car manufacturers offer? Video games to play while driving, in order to bring in the younger driver.

    The difference between parasites and the automobile industry is that most parasites prefer to keep their hosts alive.

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