Documents show Volkswagen resisted Takata air bag recall

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    I trust the Germans more than the Americans, that find every excuse to hurt foreign carmakers.

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    I am with VW on the German made inflators and highly doubt any of these are problematic. Mexican inflators are questionable and should be replaced.

    Another issue with all these Takata inflators is that the company is running at 100%+ just to make all these replacements and it seems the car companies must wait in line until they can switch production. =Seems like VW is last in line and every few months you see another company publicly acknowledge they are finally recalling/fixing these inflators.

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    VW hurt themselves

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    Chop Chop

    VW is worst customers service in Australia. A few weeks ago, the Australia TV ABC has found out how VW has treated peoples who claimed the VW Golf manual transmission car engine was suddenly stopping on road. The cars were secretly repaired by VW but it doesn't fix the problem. Also, VW Australia didn't let Government know about the problem and refused to recall and check VW Golf. One lady was killed when her VW manual transmission car was suddenly slow down or engine stop. VW Australia recalled it VW and Audi car with auto transmission sudden speed slow down after criticized in Medias everyday but Australia was last country to recall problematic VW and Audi car with auto transmission.

    I agreed with lostrune 2. VW is hurting themselves.

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    badsey3FEB. 14, 2016 - 07:27AM JST I am with VW on the German made inflators and highly doubt any of these are problematic.

    I wouldn't trust VW. Why did it take so long to test these cars in the real world? ICCT began to look into discrepancies in the emissions of several VW diesel vehicles in early 2014 with the sincere intentions. U.S. had stricter and more rigorously enforced emissions laws that VW’s TDI-equipped cars routinely passed without problems, the ICCT figured performing some tests on U.S. soil would provide them with a good control model. The real-world testing reveal the root of the inconsistencies. The results gathered from real-world testing were compared with the compliant numbers generated in the lab by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), it was obvious that something was not right. The Jetta exceeded the U.S. nitrogen-oxide emissions standard by 15 to 35 times, and the Passat by 5 to 20 times.

    I always wondered why VW didn't have to have a urea tank like BMW and Mercedes Benz. It was really strange that VW made 'cleaner' diesels then anyone else. We now know what actually happened. BMW and Mercedes Benz did the right thing and spent the money that they needed to. VW being the cheap company that they are, cheated and now everyone pays the price one way or another, this is going to affect all diesel cars in the U.S. The resale value is going to fall because of what VW have done. Feel sorry for VW diesel owners who have been lied to. its an absolute disgrace. VW should be banned from selling cars in the U.S. for ten years.

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