Dollar hits highest against yen since mid-2010

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    YESSSS !!!!

    keep going !!! come on 100 yen per dollar...DO IT !!!!

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    Admit it, all of you pushing for the yen to fall to 100 per U.S.$ are just doing so because it will be easier to do the currency conversion in your head. :-D

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    Jimmy Mills

    I don't know why peope in Japan fear the value of the Yen going down. You are an export country. Sony, Toyota, Nissan, Canon, and eveyone else need the yen to get to 100 yen to the dollar to make some profit. Would you rather pay a little higher price for imported goods or have no job at all?

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    Finally, the Yen drops to almost reasonable levels.

    Step 1 of Japan Inc. making a slow comeback and Japan digging out of the hole that many years of bad planning and recent back luck beyond its control got it into.

    Step 2...

    Step 3...


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    @Jimmy Mills I can't speak for others but I don't like the weakening yen because I am an importer.

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    This is a good start. Keep it going.

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    House Atreides

    I have a yen to buy some yen. 100 yen to the dollar makes converting between the currencies a snap.

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    So much for my dream of retiring early to the Mediterranean. Good while it lasted.

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    I have about $300 to buy yen with, so let that baby go back to 240!

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    before the end of March the yen will be back to 120 against the dollar , 1990s rate is coming back

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    @knowbetter very true, you can have a high yen making imports cheaper down side is exports become more expensive meaning cost cutting loss of jobs lowering of wages. yen is still way too high and doesnt reflect the state of the economy. now the US EU are printing money flat out to crash there currency, japan doesnt really have much choice but to join in or see more jobs/manufacturing going overseas. oh but the farmers can make up the difference since they make up a huge 1% of the economy. LOL

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    2 weeks is hardly a clear trend.

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    The savings of individuals are all quickly disappearing for the sake of huge profits for Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan.

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    No! No! No! This is not happening! Everyone knows the yen is, uh, a much more secure currency than the dollar. I mean, the US economy could sink at any moment, right? C'mon, people, don't be fooled! Buy Yen!

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