Dreamliner problems pose threat to Japanese suppliers

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    Is it known if the Japanese companies that supply the lithium batteries manufacture them in Japan, or are they outsourced to China?

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    Well, the American FAA has just grounded all U.S. Dreamliner Flights. They seem to be focused on the battery issues. These batteries are supplied by GS Yuasa Corporation, but I couldn't tell you where they are made.

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    Like the article says. Focus is being put towards the batteries and circuits involved, no decisive action had been taken and no definite result of the cause had been named.

    If its the batteries then the planes will be out of service for a few months. If its a much more complex design and assembly issue with the plane itself the even longer

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    The parts made in Japan were made to Boeing's 'specs' . . .the problem lies with Boeing .

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    US Government has grounded all 787 as well Japan.

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    GS Yuasa makes the batteries for this plane. Is someone going to ask if the Toyota accelerators were made by a Chinese company next?

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    Droll Quarry

    Kind of ironic that the FAA banned the transport of lithium batteries by air and then allowed Boeing to install a hefty one in the aircraft as an APU starting battery.

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    Never underestimate the power of sleazy lobbyist.

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    GS Yuasa’s Li-ion technology offers some key advantages over the existing nickel-cadmium solution used in commercial jetliners. With 100% greater energy storage capacity, lithium-ion offers two times of energy from the same dimension nickel-cadmium battery. The battery can charge from 0 to 90% in only 75 minutes and comes with battery management electronics which guarantees multiple levels of safety features. The rugged prismatic sealed battery design is capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions far greater than those normally seen in commercial aircraft operation and requires absolutely no maintenance.

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