From the start, Dreamliner jet program was rushed

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    Absolute disgrace. BUT Well done on telling some truth!

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    how many airbus crashes were there before they fixed the problem.score is still boeing 1 airbus 0

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    "the humidity in the cabin ( of a Dreamliner ) could be as much as 16%, double that of a typical aircraft"

    No wonder I feel bad whenever I fly ( not on Dreamliners ) - in my home, the humidity is around 40-50% ( with the help of my steamer-type humidifier ).

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    Really fascinating read, I never understood the big huge deal about the Dreamliner until now. I just assumed it was a newer, bigger jet plane, but now I see that it was more on a par with Concorde (in terms of publicity, that is).

    A global network of suppliers would develop, and then build, most of the parts in locations as far away as Germany, Japan and Sweden. Boeing's own employees would manufacture just 35% of the plane before assembling the final aircraft at its plant outside Seattle. The decision haunts Boeing to this day.

    In other words, outsourcing was to blame?

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    Haunting article. It reminds me of 'Columbia's Last Flight' text that was so scaring that I had up read it in one take, guess it's because of details that we don't notice. With Columbia it was the horrifying tale of the physics of how it desintegrated 400km above Earth. With 787 it's the outsourcing production and assembly details that is chilling to the bones. A 0.3 inch gap in fuselage? My goodness..

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    “It seemed like the Italians only worked three days a week. They were always on vacation. And the Japanese, they worked six days a week,” said Jack Al-Kahwati, a former Boeing structural weight engineer.

    No wonder Southern Europe is in such financial bad shape. Point is: doesn't Boeing have a contract implying penalties to these faulty suppliers? My guess is that Japanese, British and German were nanometrics about their parts.

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