Gov't starts accepting income tax returns


The government on Monday officially started accepting income tax returns nationwide. Anyone filing an income tax return must do so by March 17.

As in previous years, the National Tax Agency is encouraging people to file their tax returns online. Helping to promote e-tax applications on Monday morning were actor Hideki Takahashi, his wife and their daughter, freelance TV announcer Masa, who showed up at the Shinagawa tax office in Tokyo.

Anyone who is self-employed, who earned more than 20 million yen in 2014 or who earned more than 200,000 yen outside their regular income in 2014 needs to file a tax return.

Consultation corners have been set up at tax offices to help people file their tax returns.

Japan Today

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    Guess I don't have to go thru this process?

    20 million Yen? What's that anyway?

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    It's sad that too great a portion of the taxes we pay will be used to service the debt from years of overspending for porkbarrel projects and for corporate welfare. Taxes rates are also not progressive enough as Japan continues to see widening income and wealth gaps, and the super-rich avoid paying a fair share by offshoring their earnings in tax havens.

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    Reza Rahman

    I have several jobs. So I have been doing this for 7+ years. Last year I tried the on line service. Wow! So much better than queuing up at the community centre for an hour. Took 10 minutes to fill in then popped into said centre and handed over the documents. I will be doing to the same thing again this year. I don't understand why so many people don't do it this way! Oh, the other thing I don't understand is that it can be done on line, but you still have to give a copy plus tax payment slips to the tax office!!

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    @Reza In order to file online here, don't you need to purchase some gadgets? In the states, I filed by phone (sadly no longer as of a couple of years or so ago) for state and online for federal. Easy peasy.

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    Please fill me in on the tax payment slips to the tax office at the Embassy, Reza Rahman?. Is this necessary if my income is much less than the exemption and I have zero tax to pay. I am having a major flashback that I have done that in the past, but since retiring, I have not. Hmm?

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