Hitachi opens Yangon branch


Hitachi Asia Ltd on Tuesday announced that it has established the Yangon Branch of Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co Ltd in the city of Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar enjoys geographic advantages due to its close proximity to China and India, as well as its fellow ASEAN member states. Home to a population of about 62 million, the country also offers good prospects as a consumer market. With high expectations for strong economic growth, companies from various countries around the world are planning to enter the Myanmar market. Against this backdrop, the country has been making progress in the development of various forms of infrastructure.

Hitachi has long contributed to the development of social infrastructure in Myanmar. Notably, the company has supplied power generation equipment to local power plants since the 1950s.

In order to strengthen its ability to gather information locally and conduct local market research, Hitachi established the Yangon branch. 

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    Kobuta Chan

    Burmese peoples have a lot of money and they only want use quality products from Japan. Daewoo open the car show room and sale new car but Korea car is not good enough for them. They prefer Japanese car but they can't buy new car. Second hand Toyota Land Cruiser will cost them $ 150,000 but they can't get enough car because ex Gen family control the importing car business. Hitachi Electronic and Panasonic Electronic goods is popular in South Asia country. I think Japanese Company should invest in Burma. Currently, the market is flooding with cheap Chinese, India goods and a bit better quality Thai goods. I have been there 3 times. Electricity is one of the big problem.

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