Japan slips back into trade deficit in October

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    Japan has also been importing more fossil fuel to run thermal power plants

    As in geothermal plants? Confusing

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    In another story JT reports 1.5 million cars exported to the USA. If Japan would stop giving away its future in donations in the form of foreign aid to countries like NK and China, the budget would be balanced.

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    Decent and Detailed Description for Dismal Data.

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    There is no question in my mind that global economy can't rise from stagnation at this level of oil prices, but the group of Corruption / Greed holds back renewable energy growth.

    We continue to notice oil prices suppress and dampen economic jump-start, as we know, oil & coal businesses have taken reign of U.S Congress, just the way health insurance industry has done, As a consequence, the ongoing economic troubles seem to come down only to the other cause, specifically speaking, the financial stability (I guess it is not a root cause, but a phenomenon).

    The group of corruption / Greed dislikes the righteous changes due to vast amount of subsidies and profits, nevertheless, the global economic structure might be equal to the Internet system, so I suppose the collapse of mainstreet leads to the fall of all classes.

    Again, we are obligated to develop alternative energy, or the bridge to future, for both us and our lovely generations so that we, the current & future generations, can survive together.

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