Japan stocks rally as yen continues to weaken

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    Nikkei Jumping high when global markets are closed for Christmas Holiday :)

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    House Atreides

    The rise of Nomura's stock price is amazing. Nomura has surged 65 percent since August 1, 2012.

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    Green Panda

    This is good news for Japan. The Yen has been ridiculously over valued. I hope it continues to weaken even more.

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    Amazing how I got just 81.82 yen to each of the dollars I traded for yen today...

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    I'll be truly impressed when the yen weakens to a more reasonable 120 yen to the dollar...

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    Japan should have 115yen/1dollar, well. Thats what my father told me 15 years ago.

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    Western markets closed today because of holiday. Japan stocks rise, yen falls. Go figure! As far as I can see the yen figure is much the same as yesterday. Hey Japan Today - report back on Thursday when world markets are open. And if the delusional Abe thinks world leaders (U.S.) will tolerate his musings he's in for a very big shock - as is asleep at the wheel Japan.

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    You have to admit that the currency markets are skewed, reflecting only some abstracted formula that undermines the real economy by enable speculators to engage in transactions that simply feed off of the discrepancies in the finance system.

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