Japan's auto giants warn on China dispute, strong yen

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    You have to understand that the Chinese media is controlled any sensitive thing about china domestically is cut from the news but if its going to distract the majority of the population such as the disputed islands then it turns it into propaganda this not only affects Japanese businesses but Chinese that own businesses which deal with Japanese goods or Restaurants, what would happen if Japanese went trough Chinatown in Yokohama and destroyed shops? It would not because they know when politics are in play which unfortunately the majority don't in china, one example is when all the shops in china ran out of salt after the nuclear disaster in Japan and rumors went round that Japan set of the disaster by blowing up the fault with a large nuclear device, the Chinese are a very gullible nation and the Chinese government love it.

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    Vi Le

    I believe the boycott will not be just limited to Chinese from China but extend to many Taiwanese and overseas born Chinese who are opposed to the rise of right wing political influence and obnoxious views by leaders such as Ishihara Shintaro, Hashimoto and the rest of these leaders. I have stopped buying Japanese goods (now that we have many alternatives e.g. BMW over a Lexus, Lenovo over a Sony PC, Samsung over sharp TV). I guess the Koreans also have major issues about territorial disputes and 'comfort lady' (more like sexual slaves). The worship of Yasakuni shrine and other half hearted (probably insincere) 'regrets' indicate that much of the Japanese society has yet come to grips with her war-time atrocities and imperialistic ambitions unlike post-war Germany. Japan is sinking economically for the most stupid reasons. China may not be the only global market but it will continue to become a more significant market as urbanization and higher personal income are set to rise as domestic consumption grows. Europe, the US and South Korea are all gunning for more action (at the expense of Japan). A main reason why Japan is faltering (e.g. declining electronic champions going bust) is her obstinacy (despite a lot of self-inflicted self pity as a victim) in the face of ever changing global and economic order. If only Japan do more soul searching and becomes more pragmatic and nimble. I truly wish for a long lasting restoration of the ties of these two great nations.

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    Seirei Tobimatsu

    Ever the gullible feed the unscrupulous thus LKY 's fear of democracy - the people will destroy themselves.

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    Kobuta Chan

    Chinese customers avoid buying Japanese car is not boycott. My Chinese friend told me simply the car owners do not want vandalize and destroy their car by hooligans. His family has one Toyota Land Cruiser and one Nissan sedan. They like Japanese car because Japanese car has better quality. Whatever reason Chinese customers are boycotting Japanese car or not but Japanese Companies need to think twice about investment in China.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    China needs Japan technology and Japan needs Chinese cheap workers and Chinese with $$$ that are hungry to be high quality Japanese goods, rice cookers etc..Chinese actually really trust MADE IN JAPAN as opposed to stuff made in China for the Chinese market.

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