Japan's growth hurt by dispute with China: World Bank

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    There are two major electron microscope manufacturers in the world, one Japanese and one American. A Chinese friend, with money to buy such a device, told me that before Japan started stirring things up each company had about a 50% share of the Chinese market. Now that Ishihara has opened his big mouth the American maker is favoured.

    One small example, but each machine costs $1 million, or more. Over the whole economy the loss is huge, yet nobody is holding Ishihara to account for the enormous damage he has caused to the Japanese economy. Instead, they elect him as an MP.

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    It's not just Japan feeling the bite. Now, finally, China is seeing that it is foreign investment that has kept its industry growing at such a rapid pace. That pace is now slowing and, far from reaching the promised 8% growth rate for 2013, China will see a mere 4% of sluggish growth this year.

    All these Japanese, American and European industries are moving out of China because of the mob mentality that the government unleashed in September against Japanese companies and nationals. The US and Europe will not allow their companies or nationals to be treated similarly, which is one of the reasons why our corporations are making plans to abandon China to its own greedy ends.

    The other reason, of course, is that war will break out this year between China and Japan over the Senkaku issue; and our generals and strategists assure us that Japanese capabilities in an air and sea war far surpass Chinese capabilities. Japan's victory will be decisive. As such, Japanese, European and American companies cannot allow their nationals to be used as hostages when hostilities begin this summer. For that reason, our industries are leaving China.

    Despite its vaunted efforts at increasing domestic consumption, China will not be able to sell what it can produce, since the world is fast learning to live without Chinese labor or cheap products. Soon all their warehouses will fill up with goods that will rot or rust; and the factories that produce those goods will shut down. Before the war even begins, China will experience massive job losses, such as in Guangzhou at the moment, and social unrest against the CCP that will mirror the mob mentality of Mao's revolutionary fervor.

    For the crime of arrogance in expanding across the South China Sea and the East China Sea, this is why we are returning the Chinese economy back to dung carts and dung stoves

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