Japan's jobless rate down at 4.2%; prices fall further

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    I fail to see how 'deflation' is worse for the economy when first of all everything is overpriced in the first place and with little choices for consumers, and the fact that salaries are at the lowest levels ever, with no signs of improvement, How can you push for a inflation and a tax rise????? Is that the best Abe can do? How about changing or at least talking about Immigration policies that restrict 'working foreigners coming in?

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    Old men waving red light sticks in the street up 4.2%

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    So disappointed prices keep dropping. I want to pay more for my goods just like Abe -nomics demands. Please get with the programme and hike your prices, Japanese shops.

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    4.2%..................................yeah right I believe you! NOT!

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    how about getting rid of the bonus system the employers use as a way to keep wages stagnant and also the ridiculous amount of workers in the same company doing the same job redundancy is good for safety but not good for business

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    And, it's only gonna get worse once the sales tax increases. People will spend even less. Abe's economic policies are going destroy this country. He needs to get the money out of the banks and into circulation. Australia is a good example of how inflation solidifies the economy. Yeah, living expenses are high as is the price of commodities, but people only work 8-10 hours a day, five days a week. Japan should follow Australia and increase the import taxes to promote Japanese made products within Japan, thus getting the money out of the banks and keeping it in the country.

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    Deflation is bad for the economy because it encourages consumers to put off spending in the belief their intended purchases will be cheaper in the future,

    for how long? people have stopped buying for over 20 years? ok, get it corrected with Abenomics, if Japan can !

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    I never believe any official figures in Japan somehow, whether it is inflation, joblessness or even life expectancy. I always think first and foremost, how are these figures arrived at, and how does that method differ from other places, or from an ideal method.

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    "old men waving red lightsticks" Thats awesome:) i explain that to Americans and they dont believe me.still safer than yellow caution tape

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    Deflation is bad for the economy because it encourages consumers to put off spending in the belief their intended purchases will be cheaper in the future, softening demand and hurting producers. -

    No, I think people are just tired of their own country ripping them off and are refusing to splurge their hard-earned cash on overpriced crap.

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    Please take a look at this graph of CPI. I wonder how Japan finds the way out of deflation to hit 2% inflation target.

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    an interesting perspective from those in charge here: http://www.mof.go.jp/english/international_policy/others/vmi020921e.htm

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    Knox Harrington

    Greece and Spain should send delegations here to see how they too can doctor their unemployment rates. Wonder what the criteria is for someone to be considered "employed"? 2h/day on shotengai holding a placard? 4h/day waving people through at some road construction, saying "dozo" and using your red light stick?

    4.2% unemployment rate sounds very low.

    On the flip side, though, I'm wondering if Japan hasn't got it right. As much as I think there are heaps of ridiculous and pointless jobs in Japan, having people employed, activated and making money must be better than to have 25% of youths roaming the streets, penniless and upset.

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