Japan's pursuit of cute spawns $30 bil industry

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    Maybe Barclay's and some of the other British banks could do with a cute mascot to take people's mind's off of the LIBOR fixing scandal that is rocking the banking world.

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    If only they could figure out a way to export it.

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    @Stan lol Imagine if Lehman Bros. had one before they went a crashing down.

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    Just as McArthur said:

    "Japan is a nation of children".

    I despair...

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    @kittychosen please don't, overhere you're supposed to leave your inner child behind by the time you're fourteen, i dont think that's better and definitely not cute :p

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    I love the mascots! Hikone, Shiga has a great festival every autumn that has about 100 mascots from across Japan. It is great to go out and see them and learn about different cities, prefectures and companies around Japan.

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