Lexus completes LFA production


Lexus announced Monday that the planned 500-unit production run of the two-seater LFA super car has been completed.

The LFA, produced at a pace of one per day, first went into production at the LFA Works in December 2010. In January this year, the LFA Works also began production of the LFA Nürburgring Package, a circuit-racing-oriented grade.

The final, 500th LFA was completed on Dec 14 and will undergo quality inspection and road testing before being delivered to its owner.

Lexus officials said future Lexus vehicles will reflect the technological skills gained during the development and production of the LFA — particularly the manufacturing know-how for carbon fiber reinforced plastic parts — as well as the car design philosophy for realizing exhilarating and stimulating driving performance.

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    Well, if you can overlook the hyperbole in the last paragraph, this is really sad.

    Good for the owners though, as prices can only go up from now on. A lovely car and I wish Santa would give me one!

    In fact I would take it over the winning ticket he promised me in the Jumbo Takarakuji next week. :8)

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